Happy June!! $50 Your Way Giveaway!

Happy June! Hopefully we are all done with the snow! RIGHT?!?!

For as far north as we are here in Idaho it’s been down right HOT here! I am NOT complaining! 80+ degree temps has me doing the happy dance.

Of course, I just looked out the window and we have a mighty dark sky right now! I’m okay with raining all night and then blue sky all day. Yes, I am a greedy girl. I want it all.

Today June 1st, Alice turns 8!! MAN! Time is going at warped speed isn’t it?? Happy Birthday to my favorite person on earth!!  I love this sweet, bratty, funny, smart kid SO MUCH!!  (She is definitely my reward for allowing my daughter to live through her 13th year on earth!)

I got a chuckle out of Alice’s wish list! A straight out of the 60’s kind of wish list!! (Tell me this kid isn’t my granddaughter!)

A mood ring. TyeDye kit and t-shirts. Dresses and a camera.  I swear this is me in a much younger, cuter little body.  A MOOD ring?! I didn’t even know those were still around!

Anyone else wanna know why the picture takers is letting Alice have that stick so close to her eye?? I swear I raised my daughter better than that!! Must of been the Son-In-Law. Right??

I hope all the Little Peanuts are feeling stronger and healthier each and every day! Here is to no more snow until December!

Now for the real reason you are here.


I truly am thankful you stop by!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts!

381 thoughts on “Happy June!! $50 Your Way Giveaway!

  1. Steve sitting for 6 hours while his daughter and her husband went to a Rockies game. Watched some golf.

  2. My day is going ok, no big plans or anything today, just trying to relax and recharge before the new week – new month

  3. June is over.. where did it go?? Up next July.. an eclipse month…with a second new moon on the 31st.. send out all your hopes and wishes this month!! Happy Sunday all….

  4. End of another month and still no closer to international fame and fortune! Good (although a little bit in the bank would be lovely)! Mum’s being taken out to lunch by some friends from Dublin so I’ll have a couple of hours to myself 😉

  5. I had a good day. I went to breakfast with my son and daughter. My son and I rented a movie for tonight.

  6. For some reason I cannot reply directly to someones post so to Tamra the lasix will help you a lot.. To Kate flowers for dad’s birthday perfect.. Connie stay away from the roof!!
    The storm passed us by.. I swear we live in a little nestle of a valley and seem to do all right.. we are all up high but between mountains .. I do feel for the people below us where all our water runs….Outside for a bit of garden work which always turns into hours….

  7. Spent the day in bed with fever, very sore throat and severe coughing. I caught this bug from hubby who came down with it about a week ago. Looks like I’ll be seeing our Dr soon too.

  8. Lol, I think you got it, Connie! Today, they put me on two doses of lasix a day. Oh joy. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it makes you pee, lol. Yep, they are determined to get that fluid off of me.

  9. Feeling a bit better today – thankfully! So happy it’s almost the weekend – rest sounds amazing right now

  10. Today is Dad’s birthday so Mum & I took him a gorgeous big bunch of roses from the garden. He couldn’t tell the difference between a dandelion and a chrysanthemum but he had the touch when it came to growing roses!

    1. Michele, there are parts of Idaho that had 70 MPH winds! At one point one of the roofers was taking stuff off the roof (via the man life) and it got away from him. I saw this beige streak go past my window I’ve never moved so fast in my life! To get to the window. I swear I thought the roofer fell. I ’bout had a heart attack! Nope just a piece of plywood. I must have looked scared to death cause he laughed and gave me a thumbs up. GESH my heart is beating fast again!
      Stay safe!

  11. So, the bed hurt my back so much, I was sleeping in my wheelchair. But the effect of that was my legs swelling up like you wouldn’t believe. They were becoming concerned. They weighed me. In less than two weeks, I put on 32 pounds. Now, if I gorged on cheesecake and ice cream, I couldn’t gain that much. So they put me on lasix to take off this fluid. Guess we know how my weekend will be spent, lol.

  12. My day was actually pretty great! We are remodeling our kitchen and hand making our cabinets so getting some of those installed today made it wonderful!

    1. Sarah, It’s been nothing but rain all week so seeing the sun today made me so happy!! I am praying for nothing but sunshine for Saturday and Sunday. The guys that are doing our deck only work on weekends. So, this is taking a VERY long time. I miss my deck!!!

  13. There’s a heatwave on it’s way! Mainland Europe is having the worst of it but even the UK and Ireland are due for higher than normal temps. There’s a lovely breeze though and low humidity so it’s really pleasant out there 🙂

    1. Kate, I’m hoping your lovely breeze continues. I picture your home like I see on television. A rock cottage, covered in moss. A wooden split rail fence. A lovely arch of flowers at the gate. A bright green yard full of flowers and a sheep. Now I’m not sure where the sheep came from but she is there. She has a bell. Her name is Daisy.

  14. Day 3 with the sore throat and crummy feeling. Other than that I’m alright, just wish I were feeling better.

  15. My day is going great so far. I do have to make a trip to the laundry mat which I’m not looking forward to in this heat especially since I don’t have an outside clothes line!

    1. Kim, The only thing good about the laundry mat is that time wise it’s one load. I hate doing laundry but the idea of leaving the house to do it makes the day long load after load bearable.

    1. Sarah, I really need to look and see if Sandpoint has a pool. I miss going swimming. Although we did go bowling the other night with some friends. I haven’t bowled in YEARS! But it was fun.

  16. We had the ‘care plan’ meeting today. They do this every so often, bring in any concerned family, in my case, my brother and sister-in-law, and discuss any concerns anyone has. I finally got them to actually feel my mattress, which has a weird drop just where my back incision is. They agreed to do something about that.

  17. I’m about to head into town to take not one, not two, but three sacks of clothes & shoes for the charity shops. I’ll probably come home with a ‘bargain’ though!

  18. Kate, don’t feel bad. I have a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans from the 80’s. I bought them without trying them on…of course, I’ve spent over 30 years telling myself I will fit into them someday, lol. I WILL!!!

  19. I think I’m almost ready to restart physical therapy. The back seems to me ready to stand it. It’ll feel good to move forward again.

  20. I spent yesterday evening going through wardrobes & so far have 2 sacks of clothes for the charity shops. Honestly, why do I hang on to things I know I’ll never wear? Hope you got thoroughly spoiled yesterday, Connie!

  21. Woke up this morning with a sore throat and feeling all around crummy. Hoping it’s just allergies cuz I cannot afford to be getting sick right now. And I have asthma so when I do get sick it aggravates the asthma

  22. Pretty sure my day can’t get any worse. After being up most of the night with a sick dog I poured my first cup of coffee. Set it on the edge of the counter and down to the floor it went! So my kitchen floor got mopped!

  23. Connie Happy Birthday!! If I could send balloons and flowers I would!! Pooped from working in the yard and garden.. time to shower, have a nice glass of wine and read my papers….

      1. Seriously Why can’t I get these comments to nest? Ackkkkkkkkk maybe it’s time to find a new theme…. y’all know what that means. I usually break it soooooooooooo hold please….. let’s try this…….

  24. This is one of those days when I’m fed up. I’m tired. I’m tired of something always being wrong. I’m tired of having to rely on others for the simplest of things. I’m tired of working so hard too get well only to have it all ripped away. I guess this is just one of those days when you feel like you’ve hit a wall. I’ll get over it.
    Hey, Connie, have a great day! Happy birthday!

  25. It’s just one of those plodding along, do nothing different, same old, same old, kind of days. Or, if you were from here and were asked “wotcha up to?” you’d answer “ah, divil a bit, shure ya know yourself!”.

  26. I am very grateful for the rain we got here yesterday because it got the house to cool off quite a bit. The new filters arrive today thankfully so it shouldn’t be a problem now. Our AC is weird, none of the local hardware stores apparently have the filters we need so had to turn to Amazon. Looking forward to not having to have fans going constantly

  27. Today was a good day. I relaxed for a while ad them went to see Toy Story 4 with the family.

  28. My poor hubby has been sick all weekend suffering with fever, sore throat, cough and sneezing. He had an appointment on Wednesday with an ear, nose and throat doctor regarding a hearing aid. The waiting room was filled with about 20 patients and many were coughing. After waiting an hour and being told the wait would probably be another 2 hours, he made another appointment and left. I think he caught this bug there. ?

    1. Sarah, I LOVE asparagus in the oven. The tips get black and crunchy. UMMMMM I put mine in the oven with 4 spears together wrapped in bacon. Lightly sprinkle with brown sugar. Dang it…. now I’m hungry!

  29. Ugh, I have such a bad headache today. It’s so nice outside but I’m stuck inside with this. I feel like I’m wasting the day, but I can’t help it!

  30. I tried all weekend to find a plug in that would allow us to post under the original comment. Like WordPress USE TO DO!! I tried several different options. Either my site froze or there was no submit button.
    If anyone here runs a WP site and has fix please let me know. Either on here or email me at Connie@peanutbutterandwhine.com

  31. It’s been a slow Sunday here. No big news of any sort.
    Kate, I bet a Shed Festival is a lot of fun. But if you can hear it miles away, then I bet it’s deafening up close!!

  32. My day is going. I’m not feeling well today and very tired. The ac in our house is on the fritz so I’ve got a new filter arriving tomorrow and hoping that will fix the problem

    1. Kim TOMORROW!! Have your daughter hold off till tomorrow!! That’s my birthday and I grew up to be sweet and kind and scarca…. nevermind…. maybe today is a good day!! Congratulations!!

  33. Last night was the Annual Shed Fest. Never heard of a shed fest? Neither had we till we moved here! I honestly thought it was some sort of sales convention for sheds (and not antlers!). No, it’s a big music festival with different genres on different stages and boy, is it loud. We live 8 – 10 miles away but we could hear it till the early hours and then all the cars/taxis heading home. Still, it’s only once a year so can’t begrudge them some fun. Bet there’s some sore heads today, though!

  34. Got really tied up outside yesterday so got no baking done.. Fired up the oven early today and baked 4 loaves of bread, a banana pecan sweet bread and muffin, a blueberry lemon sweet bread and some muffins.. ready to wrap and freeze most….now to sit back and enjoy the day!

  35. I did a whole of nothing for most of the day. I did go to the mall with daughter and grandson for a little bit.

    1. Sarah, you aren’t getting snow too are you? My friend in Vail is. I did not laugh. It was actually more like a cackle. Yeah, I know… Karma it’s comin’ for me.

  36. As the new day has come to show its presence; its up to me to make it the memorable day! Maybe my life will begin to show a new light or some other noticeable change in that of what has held me since my accident. If anything I am having a prior planned schedule to which I am helping family, clean, dust, volunteer/mentor activities and preparing a meal for my parents – that of whom celebrated their anniversary but my father has COPD and mother recovering from a 2nd foot operation we had to postpone till tonight.

  37. Moving early today.. cleaning out the aviary, bathing the dogs, transplanting some Blue Lake beans and setting up another bird house for those trying to make nest… Have a great weekend all…

  38. More rain today ? I binged watched The Spanish Princess series and indulged in a bowl of chocolate ice cream. Had to cheer myself up from all these days of rain we’ve been having.

  39. Today’s not going that great for me, to be honest. Not feeling well. AC in my house is having issues and it’s hot in my city right now, so not fun

  40. It’s the first day of summer & the rain has stopped! Today I will be out pulling weeds then firing up the grill for supper!

  41. Yesterday had a visit from my neighbour..she brought me calla, day lily and anturium plants…. in fairness gave her coxcombs ..cucumber.. eggplant seedlings….great conversation too!!

  42. Today is going alright for me. Yesterday was really rough. It was like everything that could go wrong was going wrong for most of the day. But today seems *knock on wood* to be a better day

    1. Michele, we had a heavy rain for about 23 seconds then all gone. YEAH!!! One of the bushes in front of my craft room door was a tasty snack for the Moose and Baby in the middle of the night. Noisy eaters!!

  43. Bit of a pain today. Have an RA flare in my left knee. Saw the doctor, got meds. But I did have to cancel helping with a Sensory Garden tour.

    1. Sarah, I hope your knee is better today. Baby girl Bear is having her first period. I SWEAR to you I am having sympathy pains!!?? WHATTHEHELL!??! My lower back is killing me and I have cramps?!?! Yes, I think am telling you I’m synced with the dang DOG?!?!

  44. Finally, some good news. The infectious diseases doctor says I probably only need about 2 more weeks of the I.V. antibiotic, then I can switch to the pills. That’s better than six more, lol.

  45. My day is going very meh. I quit smoking 6 weeks ago and today had to take a step down on the patch program and can definitely tell the difference so in a pretty meh mood until I get used to it

    1. Veronica WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! 6 weeks is AMAZING. The Husband quit smoking, he knows the day and date. Course his ended in a Heart Attack with a pace makers…… so it’s REALLY drilled in his head. 6 weeks! GREAT JOB Veronica!!

  46. Oh Tamra, it’s just as well you got to see him. You can live without cartilage!

    I’m back shifting grass today before the rain starts again later. Mum’s almost back to her usual self, thank goodness!

  47. Well it has been pouring now for a few days and I lost all my zucchini plants.. tomatoes and peppers look alright but zucchini gone.. Back to the starting point….

  48. We had nine grandkids over the weekend until today. They went home and we are getting our deserved rest!

  49. Went to the orthopedist today. He said there has been infection in the knee, it has eaten up the cartilage, but the good news is it appears to be gone. So, I’ll take that.

  50. Bank today with letters of administration and grant of probate….that is finally done…to be honest when I saw all things relating to my husband I cried in the office…just couldn’t help it…..

  51. My day is going pretty good. I have been sick the past several days. Today I am feeling better. Now catching up with housework.

  52. I shifted what felt like tons of old cut grass yesterday and will try to finish the job today. There’s a meeting tonight to decide which musical to do next year. And that’s about it, really!

  53. Kate hope mum is doing better since you have a diagnosis.
    Tamra praying no infection in that knee…
    Went to the lawyer today got a good bit of paperwork sorted out.. Now that is off my plate can seriously think about sub-dividing the back acres and selling them off….would gift 2 lots to my sister-in-law and keep 2-3 acres around the house and barn but sell off the rest….

  54. The back is sore today. I have an appointment tomorrow with a doctor about my right knee. Hoping that goes well and the infection hasn’t gotten in there.

  55. My day just officially started so hopefully it will turn out to be a decent day – it’s rainy and dreary here though so it’s making me exceptionally sleepy

  56. I did a whole lot of nothing today. My daughter brought me coffee this morning, that was nice. I haven’t been sleeping well lately so I am tired

  57. My day has been ok, we went out and celebrated Father’s Day, it was mostly ok but the little one is in the stage where she does not like to listen and wants to try and run around the store so a little frustrating

  58. My day is going ok but it would be better if the rain would stop. I really feel sorry for the farmers who need to get their crops planted and cannot access their wet fields.

  59. Happy Father’s Day! The torrential rain (and tornadoes) has ruined our outdoor baseball game plans – boo…

  60. Tamra: We always wish you good luck & good health. I can’t say speedy recovery because, well … but you will get over this hurdle so dust off your dancing shoes!

    Today was the annual blessing of the graves in the village. Mum didn’t want to go and it’s probably just as well as it started raining and didn’t stop. Mum’s so much better she managed a shower on her own today – yay!

    1. Kate, I LOVE the idea of an annual blessing of the graves. I’m sad that we don’t do something like that here in the states. (At least I don’t think we do!)
      Kate anytime you want to share pictures of your village your garden I would happily share in a blog post. ACTUALLY, ANY of the Peanuts that want to share I will post.
      Send to me at Connie@peanutbutterandwhine.com

  61. Woke up to another rainy, chilly day here but the weather won’t dampen my spirit. My 2 kids, their spouses and 2 granddaughters are here to make this Father’s Day special for my wonderful hubby. ?

  62. Today was a rough day. Normally I would sleep in and relax a bit but I watch my grandbaby from 7 am to 330. 3 month olds are a lot of work.

    1. Shelly, OH MAN 3 months old are a lot of work. It always makes me shake my head when I hear about people in their 50’s and 60’s that have babies. UGHHHH! I’m way too tired!

  63. Today’s been alright for me, looking forward to taking my husband out tomorrow for Father’s Day

  64. I’m feeling excited, because most of our immediate family is coming over to celebrate Father’s Day with us. Dad is barbecuing- yummy ?

  65. Kate, my roommate here is 96 and she has a UTI. For days she has been out of it, not recognizing people. You’d think she had dementia. They hospitalized her yesterday. I definitely know how scary it is when they get lethargic like that. I’m glad your Mum is on the mend!
    As for me, The back is sore, but I have three appointments with the surgeon, infectious disease doctor and orthopedist this week, so hopefully it’ll be good news all around. Wish me luck.

  66. Hoorah, huge sighs of relief all round, folks! Mum has a kidney infection. That sounds really mean but it is such a relief to know that there’s been a reason for her ill health & lethargy lately. She’s on day 2 of antibiotics & is already so much better – the clouds have lifted!!!

  67. Our 2 kids arrived last night with their spouses and our 2 granddaughters to stay the weekend and celebrate Father’s Day. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I feel blessed by our Lord.

  68. Will you be traveling to California this summer? (today’s word). Had a good swim and then dropped off my ballot for our special election.

    1. Sarah, I am so excited! My daughter will be flying up here and we are going to take a scenic drive to California. I found a bunch of stops for us, including an abandoned prison. It will be so good to hang out with Selena. Then I’ll stay in California for a few weeks. Then head home. I love a vacation that has no definite plans.

  69. I’m having a great day! I took my little girls to the splash pad and met up with some friends. We had the best time! I am enjoying my little girls before they go back to school as much as possible! 🙂

    1. Amy, I can’t wait till July, I get to spend time with Alice before she goes back to school. I love Splash pads. I wish they would have had those when my kids were little.

  70. It’s been one mishap after another today, and it’s not even 10am yet. So glad it’s almost the weekend!

  71. Another cold/windy day here in New York. But I went to add money to my Wal-Mart Pay and found I had $6+ on it! Score!!!

  72. Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Or month, that would be nice! I’m taking Mum to the Doc today to discuss her general health & if she needs her meds reviewing.

  73. My day just started…6 am. I’m up with my music playing to get me going. Lots of things to do for the weekend. Our kids (son & his wife, daughter & her husband with our 2 granddaughters) will be visiting to celebrate Father’s Day. ?

  74. Is it me or is it impossible to take two kids with you to the grocery store and leave with your sanity in tact?

    1. Nancy, two kids…. nope, you aren’t never leaving the grocery store with your sanity. I lose mine with my husband. UGH! I would rather do the grocery store alone.

  75. Just realized that the last two days I have accidentally hit my brothers name on the autofill thing, lol. Uh, Connie, where it says Robert Phelps on June 12 and 13, that’s me!!

  76. So, we’ve decided to halt physical therapy for a week or two because it might actually be hindering the recovery of the back. Hopefully it will help the back heal quickly, and I can get back to therapy.

  77. It’s a windy, cold , blustery & rainy day here in New York! Good day to bake and make a casserole for supper.

  78. Come on summer, where are you? Honestly, the middle of June and it’s grey, misty and raining. On a brighter note, I’m meeting two ‘girls’ from the choir for afternoon tea in a local garden centre at 3 so that’s something to look forward to!

  79. Kate hope you got a bit of rest…you need some Kate time…..gloomy out but I have to start some hydroponic seedlings if I want lettuce and other assorted greens and veggies….
    going to the shoppes tomorrow to get some dye to color my fondant for the Father’s Day orders I have to fill.. cakes away!!!

  80. We went to the library today. Daughter, age 7 was all in. She got a ton of books and then had a book party outside on a picnic blanket. My son, age 6, didn’t want any books and ran around the yard. ?

  81. Ugh. Yesterday was supposed to be the end of six weeks of I.V. antibiotics.They did all kinds of blood work. So, today, I get word that the doctors have decreed that I need six more weeks of I.V. antibiotics. Oh, well. If it works, I’ll do it.

  82. Oh, Michele! My to-do list gets longer by the day but I’m just so tired … it’s been a bit of a tough week. Not ‘Tamra-style’ tough but just draining. I have to go out this evening so I think I’ll just do the bare minimum or I’ll fall asleep during the meeting!

  83. It is the middle of the week and my to-do list is finished….I can take the day off with no guilt! Do have to water the garden and check the hydroponic levels but other than that the day is mine…..

  84. Oh, Tamra/Robert, you do have much to be grateful for and yet you’re right, it isn’t fair. You’ve been through so much this past year (and counting) but it should be a doddle to an old hand like you 😉 WE care xxx

  85. I keep telling myself I have so much to be grateful for, I’m still kicking and going to get back to where I was. But, I admit I feel so tired and overwhelmed and frustrated at having to do everything all over again. I sometimes want to scream ‘it’s not fair!’ Like the Universe cares, lol.

  86. So far, so good today.. Hoping it stays that way! Hoping to get around to starting a new book today

  87. I’m so excited for today! Our local farmers market opens! Can’t wait to start buying fresh fruits and vegetables!!!!

  88. After all the hoo-ha of the previous night I slept like a log and don’t feel like doing very much today. I probably will get into the garden for a bit though, just to blow the cobwebs away!

    1. Kate, my garden is a lost cause for this year. With all the workers trodding through. Roofing and decking material everywhere I give up. I may clean it after everyone is finished…. or maybe I’ll just let the deer enjoy.

  89. Oh Kate…do hope mum feels better as you said what a night.. maybe you can get some rest today….motivated and moving so off outside…finished my list yesterday so today I can stop and smell the flowers a bit….

    1. Michele, I actually got the house sorta cleaned today. It felt good to get that accomplished. I really just wanted to get to the craft room and create. Oh well, have to be a grownup ever so often.

  90. Hey Connie I just saw you asked about what we used to apply stain to the deck. We used Behr “deck over” which is more like really viscous paint than stain. In fact, when we were putting it on, it was almost exactly like smearing chocolate pudding around. Anyway, we used a small roller with a half inch nap and for edging we just used a regular paint brush. It looks pretty good!

  91. Had to go downtown to get my infusion today. Very noisy place. I want to get some noise cancelling headphones for next time.

  92. “Slept” in my wheelchair last night. And I guess I will tonight, too. I just can’t bear having my back touch the bed. Hopefully, it’ll get better soon.

  93. busy this morning very hot here today so I really try to get everything done early and just wait for the cool of the night to come . its gonna be cooler Wednesday so were looking forward to that !!

    1. Birdie, it’s so weird 2 to 3 in the afternoon it’s hotter here than the midday. I’m used to noon HOT 3 cooler. Idaho is an odd place. I’m SO very thankful we had a second screen door put-in for the bedroom now at least we get a great cross breeze at night.

  94. I am doing alright today, better than I was doing yesterday thankfully. Hectic weekend surprisingly makes me happy for Monday – so that’s a new one for me lol

  95. What a night! Mum phoned at 3am saying she was cold – well, she was teeth-chatteringly cold. Then she vomited. Sorted her out and then an hour later her colostomy bag started to leak. Anyway, by 9 o’clock she was much better, had eaten and is now fast asleep. And we’ve had hailstones and now the cat is trying to lie on the keyboard, demanding attention! It’s not even 10am …

  96. Sitting here with my coffee looking at the grey day…my to-do list on my lap..the lawn man is supposed to come today and give us a good cut so cannot be in his way….will probably prune and find myself in the flower garden…

  97. I start my mornings listening to my playlist of songs provided by Alexa so each day starts on a happy note for me. Right now I’m listening to Thomas Rhett. ?

    1. Terri, that is a great idea. Just get a song list going of upbeat happy songs. GREAT IDEA!! Maybe I can get my craft room cleaned up that way.
      I do love Thomas Rhett, but Gary Allan is still my favorite.

  98. Exhausted today. Had to take my son to the ER last night. He woke up in the middle of the night coughing horribly and vomiting and he couldn’t catch his breath. I thought we left all this sickness behind!! We’ve never been to the ER with either of our kids so I guess we’ve been lucky until now. It was croup, as I suspected, and he got some steroids and is doing better today. But I’m sleeping on his floor tonight, just to be sure.

    1. Oh Crystal, how scary is that! When my daughter Selena had croup when she was about 9 or 10 months old and had to stay in the hospital for a week. It was so scary!! I’m glad he is home. Hopefully, feeling much better today.

  99. SAGE singers had a great concert with friends (my best friend came) and then a big pot luck dinner with lots and lots of yummy food. I love to sing for friends.

  100. Not feeling very well today, luckily I really don’t have much to do today, so hopefully rest will make it better

  101. Tamra: Listen to your body. If it hurts you need to rest. You WILL get there!!!

    While Mum’s glued to the French Open men’s final, I’m hoping to get out into the garden. I need fresh air! Then crosswords & chilling for the rest of the day (that’s the plan anyhow, whether or not it becomes reality is another matter entirely!).

  102. Kate turn on those fairy lights! Tamra as always my best wishes are with you..
    So glad today is a day of rest.. a bit tired…off to early mass then chicken parm for Sunday lunch and my music and book… Happy Sunday everyone…

  103. Today was a good day. I relaxed for a while and then went to lunch/dinner with my family and then went grocery shopping.

  104. Not a great day. I was down most of the day with back pain, but hopefully things will get better soon.

  105. Hi Connie, I’ve been away for a while but have been enjoying your blog! Kids are growing up so fast….
    Hey, I retweeted for entry but can’t get to a URL to post as proof bc Twitter is on my app. Is there a way to do that?

  106. Went to a wonderful concert downtown with the Denver Woman’s Chorus and DGMC. I parked in a lot on campus and when I entered the guy said it would be $6.50 on my way out. OK, I thought. I was leaving and pulled up to the ticket thing. It was off and the gate was open. Saved me that money.

  107. I’m recovering from strep throat that landed me in the hospital with dehydration. The worst!!

  108. I’m just sitting here enjoying a few minutes solitude and birdsong till I wake Mum with coffee & toast. Then my day begins and won’t end till … anyway, homemade brown bread/carrot base pizza tonight with homegrown baby spinach (I may even switch on some fairy lights to celebrate)!

  109. Had a yard sale and it didn’t go very well! Very few people stopped by. Hope tomorrow goes better!

  110. Well, the ambulance had to cancel this morning, so my doctor’s appointment was rescheduled. This is a tiny county, only two ambulances. If one is on a run, the other can’t leave the county. Makes sense, but frustrating. I asked the nurse to please arrange for me to go in the wheelchair, on the van/bus next time.

  111. … and the rain’s back … and the cat brought home another baby rabbit but I managed to save this one & set it free about a mile from home. Heading into town later for groceries but enjoying the Nadal/Federer semi-final for now.

  112. Another glorious sunny day.. looking at the farm equipment we have and deciding what to sell off.. no way am I ever going to use it all… maybe the chipper but the rest gone….

  113. Spent all day getting ready for our yard sale tomorrow. I’m beat and it hasn’t even started!

  114. Did Steve sitting for most of the day. On my way home I stopped at the other pool to pick up the swimsuit I left there last Friday.

  115. Well, I have doctor’s appointments tomorrow with the back surgeon and the wound clinic. I think they’ll like that the incision is healing okay. I want this thing to heal quicker!

  116. It’s a miracle – it’s stopped raining! Even the birds are singing their thanks! Stripping the beds like a mad ‘yoke’ (‘thing’ to non-Irish), opening all the windows and getting out into the garden.

    1. Crystal, what did you use to apply your stain to the deck? The Husband did the small porch off the back door with roller, but didn’t do long even strokes. So it looks like……. insert bad word here.

  117. My day was very nice. Met a friend for lunch at a cute restaurant called Chat Noir and I had the tea service with a pot of Pear Green Tea, Scones, Pastries and Finger Sandwiches. Everything was delicious!

  118. Tough day in therapy today. I’m really feeling it in my back when I stand up. But, it does get easier every day.

    1. Darlene, we had sunshine for 34 seconds this morning then the rain rolled in again! I feel so bad for the roofers that are trying to hurry and finish in the rain. UGH!!

  119. Aside from a headache, my day is going alright – hoping caffeine and Tylenol take care of that part

  120. Just saw your comment – sorry – and I agree! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and my husband, but solo shopping is always so nice!

  121. Nothing much to report today. Mum’s still in bed at 3.30 in the afternoon, watching the French Open tennis, and yes, I have tried to get her up. Anyway, I need fresh air so I’m going to do some transplanting in between the showers.

  122. Good job with the chimney Kate…work never ends.. hope mum is better.. Had a good report at the eye doc so return after the holidays. thank goodness.. looks like the whole eye debacle is over after 4 years….rainy today but a good transplanting day so off I go.. Eid Mubarek….

  123. Today wasn’t the greatest day. I spent all day with the transplant team and didnt get the greatest news.

  124. I have to tell you – every time I come to this page, I think little Alice has a LIZARD on her face. It’s just a stick but I swear it looks like a big brown lizard, hahaha.

  125. I’m surprised to find out from Sarah that the Amazon entry might be illegal??? Like you, Connie, I see it all the time in other giveaways. Maybe it’s not allowed to require a purchase in order to enter AT ALL, but as long as there are other free entry methods, then you can do the Amazon entry? Because purchase is not required that way.

    1. Tamra, I wrote to Amazon, who knows if I get an answer or not. BUT! I’m agreeing with Sarah and removed the entry. BUT! I can be a little tiny bit sneaky and leave the entry asking for opinions. That may trigger shoppers to remember to go through PBnWhine. HA! Sneaky! AND an extra opinion entry for you guys.

  126. Nope. Can’t have that Amazon entry. You cannot require a purchase to enter a contest! Or even to get an extra entry for that contest.
    Asking entrants to purchase a product or spend money to increase your chances of winning is illegal. This is why if you read the terms and conditions of the giveaway you’re entering, you’ll see the phrase ‘NO PURCHASE NECESSARY’ so often (it’s the very first disclaimer you’ll read in our terms and conditions boilerplate)

    Connie, you can put that link in your sidebar so people can go through your link and get stuff at Amazon. You just can’t give an extra entry for it.

  127. Ughhhh! I’m very tired today after having to get up to look after Mum a couple of times in the night. Ah, well, the show must go on, as they say … I cleared the chimney (what I could reach) of a crow’s nest. Every time I heard something start to make it’s way down I had visions of Hitchcock’s Birds invading the house. Thankfully just twigs and sheep fleece, moss etc. Just have to wait & see now if that sorts the problem or if it’s something expensive!

  128. My day is going alright. Got a little more sleep last night. Think the new puppy is growing more accustomed. Slept wrong and my neck hurts today but at least I slept lol

  129. Finally had nice weather, and my almost-5-year-old is really getting the hang of this bike riding thing!!

  130. Pretty intense nerve pain this morning, so I was down for the count for a while. Feeling better now.
    Kate, be careful sticking your head up the chimney. I always have paranoid thoughts about rabid raccoons when I have to go around the chimney.

  131. Today, I am exhausted. We got a new pup last night and it was SO good until it came time for sleep then proceeded to whine all night. Coffee is a necessity.

  132. Last night as I was checking the windows & doors etc. I noticed one, then a second picture had condensation inside the frame/behind the glass in our ‘green room’/parlour. Took them down & 2 big damp patches on the wall. This is an inside wall beside the fireplace. Thankfully the mould was fresh so came off without staining but where’s the damp coming from? Today’s a public holiday in Ireland & while the rest of the country is putting their collective feet up & chilling, I’m going to have to stick my head up the chimney …

  133. Connie 90° wow.. that is just like here!! Kate glad you got the filters.. very important with a well…
    the wave was not too bad at all.. tons of rain but no wind and the sun is shining brilliantly now…. Off to the opthalmologist then to the shoppes….

  134. We had a fun day at our local animal shelter they were having a big event with animals for adoption.

  135. I mostly just worked from home today while my husband did yardwork and hung out with the kids 🙂

  136. Good rehearsal for SAGE singers. We had a substitute director today since our usual director is in NYC performing at Carnegie Hall.

  137. Today is a good day! Started by getting up early and meeting a friend for athletic yoga, which de-kinked my sore arm. Then church, which I’d missed the last 2 weeks, a good sermon & communion, and picked up a bunch of packages. Hubby off to pick up a new cafe set for our sunroom. And the sun hasn’t hidden yet!!

  138. My day is going fabulous! Yesterday we found out that after 4 grandsons & 2 step grandsons we will have a grand daughter in October!

  139. I’ve finally got my hands on new filters for the well. They were delivered to the wrong address but when I opened the box, attached to the compliment slip was a small packet of sweets! I shall eat them when I’m down the well – just have to wait for the rain to stop first!

  140. I’ve had a crazy busy day today. Tired. Went shopping for a good part of the day and with a 3-year-old that is not as easy as it sounds. So yeah, rough day

  141. I’m with you on NO MORE SNOW! We had a great day – friends over for homemade pizza and cookies 🙂

  142. Well, I keep waiting for the back to heal completely. The surgeon did tell me it might be several months. It’s definitely, well, a pain in the back.

  143. Happy birthday to Alice! I had a mood ring back in the 70’s. It always seemed to be dark brown or black, lol.

  144. My day is going great! Nice warm weather, plenty of great free and low cost events to attend, and I found a real gemstone at the local Flea Market!

  145. It’s a beautiful, family-filled summer day, and I’m not nearly as sick I was the entire Memorial day weekends, so it’s a good day 🙂

  146. Hard to believe it is June 1st! My day is going well. I have been doing some tidying up and some shopping too.

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