Happy July!!!! $50 Your Way!! #GIVEAWAY!! July 2019

I am so excited about July! Selena is on a plane as we speak heading to Idaho for a GIRLS road trip! We are doing the Idaho Haunted Road Trip!! I am so giddy! No definite plans, no have to stops and we have until the 9th to be in sunny California. How cool is THAT!?!

We invited Zachary. He declined saying he truly couldn’t think of any thing worse than being trapped in a car with his sister and his mom for any amount of time; let alone 9 days. So ya know we will be talking trash about him for 1364.2 miles.

AND a big shout out to The Husband HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! While I’m gone, do not make a mess in my kitchen. Face-time me so I can see the dog! (I MEAN your smiling face!) STAY OUT of my Craft room!! And Happy Birthday! I love you.

I’m hoping to update with pictures or at least a short post often enough for the giveaway comments. Feel free to keep commenting on the same post that is on top and count it as a new post. Just in case I don’t have anything.

Now, for my favorite little person in the entire world……. ALICE updates!!! You guys pointed out that it had been awhile. BAD NON!!!

Seriously, look at this kid GO!!!!!

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH which reminds me!! Look at what I made for Alice and I for our mini vacation! I am so funny!!

Now, I’ve got to go pack!!

Now for the real reason you are here.


I truly am thankful you stop by!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts!

277 thoughts on “Happy July!!!! $50 Your Way!! #GIVEAWAY!! July 2019

  1. So glad to hear your daughter is on the way….You will have a fabulous time…Pouring rain here so I have to take the day off.. When the ITCZ Intertropical convergence zone is activated there are no windows to run out and do anything….so oh my a day to do nothing!!!!

  2. My day is turning out to be a crazy stressful Monday and not a very good way to start the new month. Hopefully things will even out by day’s end and July will turn out to be a good one

  3. Geeze, I’m coughing today thanks to allergies, and it is not helping the back. How is it July already???

  4. It is HOTTTT! Such an abrupt change from a cold, rainy June. But summer is here. And I’m ready for it!

  5. We went to the pool as a family. Aubrey was super proud of herself bc she can do somersaults underwater now, lol.

  6. Here’s my comment on the home post. Connie, I hope you’re not encountering too many ghosts on your haunted road trip!

  7. Had the first Tuesday SPARK group at the gardens today. We toured the annuals and then they planted vincas to take home.

  8. I work up at 4:00 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep, ugh! Hopefully I will be able to sneak in a nap later in the day.

  9. Cleaned out the palm tree at the end of the drive.. fertilized and composted it.. raked away the dead debris and leaves…am feeling it today….working on hydroponics today and taking it a bit easy….not as young as I used to be.. lol….

  10. It’s going to be a crazy busy day today. I will be starting the salads and other preps for tomorrow ! Got to make sure I have everything so there’s no last minute surprises!

  11. Didn’t get much sleep last night, so pretty tired today. Other than that today is just another day

  12. Happy 4th of July! For some reason I can’t get the giveaway form to load on my home computer or phone but I can on my tablet.

  13. Happy 4th of July! It’s a relaxing day for me. We are doing a cookout and watching the fireworks. Husband does the BBQ’ing.

  14. Well laundry is staring me in the face.. better get moving and there are cookies to bake….raining so no yard today except to sit in the gallery and enjoy the flowers…..

  15. It’s Friday so that is always good! Plan on doing some yard work today and finishing the laundry.

  16. My day is going ok, glad that it’s Friday! Probably going to be a lazy weekend binge watching Stranger Things

  17. Hope no one is in the areas of California hit by that earthquake. It’s been a slow day here. Really, not much to report, lol.

  18. Yay me! I fixed the washing line (thank you Dad!). I’ve ticked off quite a few little jobs of the ‘to-do’ list & now I’m going to settle down with the cat & a book. Tonight, after she’s gone to bed, I’m going to make a lemon meringue pie for Mum’s 86th Birthday tomorrow.

  19. Knew you could fix it Kate….always have faith in you….as for me.. cleaned the aviary today ( chlorine and black detergent ) so it sparkles…chlorined all the drains and the bridges that go onto the land….I do love granular chlorine!!! pooped so now I plan on watching some of Victoria ….

  20. My day has been rather decent – tired though – probably go to bed early and catch up on some sleep

  21. I’m playing catch-up with yard work. I broke my ankle last fall and spent 4 months not being able to do much of anything. Talk about deferred maintenance! But, I’m slowly getting there.

  22. My day is fairly quiet so far. I plan on doing a little shopping and maybe do some yard work if the rain stays away.

  23. For a few days at least the humidity seems to have decreased. So happy about that . It is hopefully going to be a good day. Relax and enjoy.

  24. Today was grocery shopping day! It was crazy out there! Guess everyone traveling home from the holiday! Now relaxing and enjoying the cooler weather today!

  25. My day is going great! I listened to a podcast I’ve been looking forward to all week, and later I will be Netflixing!

  26. I’ve been kind of down today. I feel like I’m not moving forward and that just eats at me. I know I can’t pick up physical therapy until the back heals, and then I will move forward, but right now it eats at me.

    1. Oh Tamra, I feel so sorry for you but remember, it was a slow weekend, you had too much time on your hands so … I know you’re probably sick to the back teeth of us saying ‘hang on in there’ etc. but you will make it, I just know it!

  27. Today’s one of those days where it seems everything that can go wrong is going wrong. I despise Mondays..

  28. It’s really quiet here today. Maybe the farmers are on strike! Swallows have built a nest over the front door! It’ll be a bit muddy but how amazing to see them hatch & fledge up close!

  29. Kate.. Happy Birthday to mum… all 7’s…..Tamra I know that to say it will get better makes you sick and tired of hearing it but it really shall….all my prayers are with you..
    this is late for me to be finishing up today but I decided this morning to take all the china and crystal out of the buffet and breakfront and wash them all and put them back…. then I decided to touch up the paint on the kitchen cupboards and again take everything out all the dinnerware etc…..could not stop there so went on to the cooking/baking cupboards and now I am done since half 6 this morning.. it is half 6 this evening and I still feel energized .. but tomorrow is another day….

  30. It’s Monday. Has there ever been a really good Monday, lol?? Well, what can I say except, another day down…maybe it brings us all a little closer to what we want.

  31. My day is going alright, glad to be past the Monday slump. Hoping the rest of this week turns out to be a good one

  32. I’ve just been hopping around online and half-way watching TV today. I agree with Kate the teenage tennis player, Gauff, that took out Venus Williams, etc., is amazing.

  33. I hate it when my hair gets too long and starts sticking out in strange places. So, I got a haircut today.

  34. I’m putting off watering the veggies etc. because there’s this HUGE black cloud that’s very slowly heading this way. In the meantime I’m doing little fix-it jobs around the house.

  35. So far so good. Trying to stay off my ankle as much as possible. I hurt it recently and then my dog accidentally wrapped his lead around it last night and made it worse. Also, my toddler has found her way onto my ankle 8 times in two days. So ow..

  36. I got to start physical therapy again! So, it went pretty well. Hopefully things will go more quickly this time around.

  37. Today I got shot! Oh, ok, it was just my rheumatologist injecting my knee. Wasn’t too painful and I could still go swimming after.

  38. Tamra good for you…. sitting here figuring out what to do today.. paint upstairs or paint outside….just touch-ups but nothing brightens things up like a fresh coat of paint.. my daughter says everything is bright and shiny but I disagree!!

  39. The heavens opened 2 hours ago and it has been bucketing down ever since. Vertical torrents and there go our plans to go out to buy a new kettle! It’s about time someone invented a wheelchair with self-drying tyres!

  40. Getting ready to hunker down for some severe thunderstorm today. Had plans to run errands but they can wait.

  41. My day is going pretty well so far today but it is still early. I’m going to try and get started reading a new book this afternoon

  42. Well, we finally went out & bought a new kettle! Mum’s been wanting one for ages and she’s very happy now. It’s shiny red, lightweight, and small – perfect for her to manage from her wheelchair.

  43. Today, thus far, has been AWFUL!! I woke up to two irritating text messages. One was from my mother-in-law “reminding me” of something she never informed me of in the first place. So TONS of fun. Second, was that we had an internet outage in our area, when I had things that needed to be done first thing online. Internet is finally back. I have no need to converse with my mother-in-law any further today. So I am completely determined to make the rest of this day go as well as possible or lose my mind trying. SOOOO happy it’s Friday.

  44. This has been a horrible week honestly. The tranny went out in our vehicle, woke up Monday night/Tuesday to a huge clap and pop that rocked the whole house from the typical storms in the summer here.. fried 2 cable boxes, the wide screen tv in the LR, surround sound.. been an expensive and frustrating week. Therefore we drink tonight lol. Have a nice weekend Connie.

  45. Perfect day to start my relax and reflect weekend.. Dark and rainy outside.. cozy comfy in here.. getting ready to read and listen to old school jazz.. Wes Montgomery…Gabor Szabo and Sam the Man Taylor….great weekend to all….

  46. OMG it is broiling out. It is 98 and high humidity. Despite that we went to a sidewalk sale and had some cool drinks.

  47. My day is completely hectic. It’s supposed to be a nice relaxing Sunday but my mother-in-law sure has a wonderful way of making it turn sour… So fun.. Hopefully the rest of the day will go better

  48. I am sad, because Friday, I was telling my brother happy birthday, and that’s when he informed me that he and his family are moving out of state, because of this state’s fricking taxes!! He told me that he pays $800 a month in real estate taxes on his home!! The government is still ruining my life and I’m paying for it!! I’m sure their families don’t have to move, because of them!! I wonder why?? Sorry for venting on your page ? TY

  49. I spent Sunday with my family bbq’n and playing games. It was a lot of fun and got home kind of late.

  50. I’m back in the physical therapy grind, which makes me happy, lol. Hey, every day is a step closer to home.

  51. Today was a pretty good day for a Monday. Even though I had to go back to work, I got to spend time with my boyfriend and his son after work.

  52. It’s going to be a very long, excruciatingly hectic day today and I am not looking forward to it. I want to curl up in bed and just hibernate

  53. My excitement for today was getting the new noise cancelling headphones I bought on Amazon Prime day. Got them up and working and connected to my phone.

  54. Standing is going much better in p.t. I’m hoping that next week we can start walking again. I really want this to go much quicker than the first time around, lol.

  55. I was up early to get my sister’s car to the mechanic again. The AC’s been playing up apparently. Why she can’t just open a window is beyond me, I mean it’s not like we live in Texas, but there’s no charge as it’s still under warranty. I was full of good intentions for doing outside chores then the heavens opened. Ah, well, guess I’ll just have a mug of tea instead!

  56. Oh Kate the night sky has been lit up with all the planets and stars! Wondrous sites….well today is a bleh day rainy and cool.. I am sure I can get into something up here…

  57. My day is going ok so far. Coffee and I have been pretty good friends this morning. Wishing it wasn’t so extremely hot outside

  58. Well, doctor’s appointments are driving me bonkers today. I got an email from University of Kentucky Hospital telling me one of my appointments had been canceled. Okay. Do you want to tell me which one??? I have an appointment tomorrow…or do I?? I don’t want to go all the way down there only to find out it’s canceled. GRRRRR!!!

  59. Once again I would tell you to try and be calm Tamra…Mercury is Rx communications are mixed up.. there are delays and cancellations August will be better….
    Getting ready to go out today…looking forward to hitting the shoppes….

  60. So far, so good today. Very grateful that it’s almost the weekend! Still wishing it wasn’t so hot outside though, looking forward to Fall

  61. I got a lot of running around done today: an early doctor’s appointment, the weekly shopping, Mum’s meds from the chemist, a visit to a book shop for crosswords for her, I managed to find her a fancy new shower cap and was home before she woke up at noon. All that walking’s made my wonky knee play up so I’ll slap on some tiger balm and take it easy for the rest of the day.

  62. 97 yesterday, will break a record today at 100. Bleh. 100 tomorrow. Might cool off a few degrees by Saturday when I go to the lavender festival.

  63. Sounds like you had a good day Kate! As for me a wonderful day yesterday shopping…. went into all the shoppes.. bought some things I needed and some I didn’t…feel like I can be home for at least a week now….

  64. We’re in for some horrible rainy, windy weather this weekend so I’m getting a load of laundry on the washing line while I can. Planning a homemade quiche for this evening, trying to use up the glut of fresh spinach & peppers from the garden.

  65. What to say about today…? I’m just glad it’s Friday. It’s been a rough week for me – in more ways than one. I’m just really grateful the weekend is almost here.

  66. I’ve calmed down, Michele, lol. Turned out it was a September appointment with the gastroenterologist (spelling????), whic?h she has rescheduled for January 2020. Wow. She is fully booked until then. But I’m on a waiting list in case someone cancels. Good thing I’m not dying! Geeze.

  67. Currently 102 degrees. Entirely TOO HOT. Did go out and get a massage and then a quick trip to the pool. The water felt cool after being outside.

  68. Today was a usual Friday. I went to dialysis and will be heading to the casino tonight with my daughter. Wish me luck. 🙂

  69. Had a good time at the Lavender Festival. Did teacher’s assistant for a DIY lavender facial class. Ate a corn dog. Bought some lavender body butter and some earrings. At least it was 10 degrees cooler than yesterday.

  70. Big day tomorrow: Mum’s getting her meds reviewed. Stands to reason (to me) that if half her insides are missing then she shouldn’t be on the full dosage, especially blood thinner and BP drugs. Thankfully her Dr. agrees. We’ll spend the day getting ready!

  71. I think today after being cooped up because of the unbearable heat the past couple days I will be venturing out to do some shopping!

  72. Nice, calm, relaxing Sunday – just wish the hours weren’t flying by so quick! Not looking forward to Monday

  73. My day is going relatively slow for Monday. Stormed here last night so cooled the temperature off some which is nice

  74. I did not get a good night sleep. I hope that it is a good day. The heat and humidity have seemed to have lessened.

  75. The heat has finally broken here. This week we’re having Fall-like temps, which is good by me. My p.t. is going really well, so we’re going to go ahead and increase the time I spend there every day. Also, good by me.

  76. Alice is growing up so fast! Did she like the shirts you made her? I had a good swim today and a trip to the library.

  77. Kate fingers crossed for mum.. Tamra good girl! Knew you could get on well with the PT.. as for me kinda blah today.. have to go to the lawyer tomorrow and then on to Inland Revenue..there goes the day tomorrow….

  78. Today seems like it’s going to be a very tiring trying day.. Not a good sign when you wake up with a headache. Little one doesn’t seem to want to listen today either. It’s 10:37am here and I already want a nap

  79. The heat broke and the weather is nice and we have the air breezing thru the house. Nice day to take a walk.

  80. Not much happening here. I’m half watching Jeremy Wade on one of his hunts for big man-eating fish and half doing this.

  81. Today is going ok so far. Still not blazing hot here at the moment since it stormed this weekend, thankfully.

  82. Tomorrow will be two years since Mom died. Not a day goes by that I don’t think I wish she was here, or I wish I could tell her something. But you do get better at coping as time goes by.

    1. Oh, Tammie, it is horrible, isn’t it? All that’s left is the love and the memories that surround you everyday. I talk to Dad all the time – it’s the physical presence I miss most. But yes, it does get a bit easier. As Mum says, life is for the living, so make the most of it.

  83. I was using the stepladder outside yesterday & left it out because the forecast was for a warm, still night. At 2.30 the wind picked up, carrying the ladder down the garden so up I got in case it blew into the car. I stood on a snail … in my bare feet …

  84. My day isn’t really the best of days. I don’t feel well. Feel like I’ve been hit by a train. Glad it’s almost the weekend.

  85. Having a great day! Got my lashes done, met my son for lunch and getting ready to take the pups for a walk because the weather is gorgeous!

  86. So, I had a CT scan today. They want to be sure the MRSA is gone from the spine this time. Today is the second anniversary of Mom’s death. So, that’s in the back of’ my mind today.

  87. Tammie so sorry about mum…Memories flood back….. All went well at the lawyer yesterday yeh….even reached back home before noon… today was an outside working day pooped by now….

  88. Looking forward to this weekend and binge watching the final season of Orange Is The New Black – going to be sad to see it end

  89. Mum decided she wasn’t able to get up today (she hit her ankle bone last night & it’s a bit swollen) so I spent the day cutting back brambles and nettles. I’m tired out but in a good way.

  90. Fun volunteer appreciation luncheon for the Library. Then almost 2 hours at the DMV getting my driver’s licence renewed. Then a good swim with friends.

  91. Friday is here. Weekends can be chaotic here, with staff not coming in and residents angry that what they want/need isn’t happening quickly. Bring it on, lol.

  92. Idris the cat smashed a piece of Mum’s Waterford crystal last night trying to get out a window so clearing that up is the first job of the day. Mum was very philosophical about it: “Kate, it’s a thing. It doesn’t have feelings. People and animals are far more important”.

  93. Mum has a great attitude Kate.. can’t say I would be that easy going.. my husband always said that if he broke anything he might as well jump out the window…..Up already from chores have a spinach quiche in the oven and 3 sets of cooky dough in the refrig to bake tomorrow….have a glorious weekend all!

  94. I just got some results for some health tests. I wish they were better because now I have to have some biopsies. I hope that all comes back benign.

  95. Biscuits and gravy for supper tonight. Yep, I’m in KY, lol. You can’t beat biscuits and gravy, though.
    Kate, Michele is right. Your Mum is incredibly wise and more forgiving than I would be!

  96. Aside from an issue with my phone this morning, my day hasn’t been too bad. Glad it’s the weekend. Went out and went shopping a bit, pizza for dinner, and tomorrow just laying around the house with the family

  97. Today is my husband’s birthday! We will be celebrating by making him all of his favorite foods. I’m surprising him with having all the kids & grand kids coming over for cake & ice cream this afternoon!

  98. Bake 6 dozen cookies this morning.. roast is done with pots and carrots…string beans done..brown rice and a pasta dish whew.. tomorrow they announced there will be no current so there is food enough to handle that….Thought about 12 noon mass but decided to stay quiet and relax…

  99. Very very tired today – I was up entirely too late binge watching on Netflix lol. Coffee is my friend and am very happy it’s a lazy Sunday

  100. There’s a huge match on today involving this county, Wexford, against Tipperary. Honestly, even the farmers have taken the afternoon off. There’s not a sound of civilization out there! Oh, and it’s the national sport of hurling, in case you want to Google it. Very fast & furious!

  101. I’m staying indoors today, as we’re having a few days of a heat wave, and I just don’t do well in the heat!

  102. I am reading an excellent book today: Strong Voices: The Story of the Women’s Chorus Movement Paperback – June 12, 2018 by Rita M. Kissen (Author).
    The author will be speaking at the Sage Singer’s first rehearsal next month.

  103. My day is going great! I’m one of those rare people who happen to like Mondays… and it’s Monday, so I’m looking forward to the day. I’ll be doing some fun things with my daughter and making one of our favorite meals for dinner… might even get some “me time” in because it’s a day off from work for me… yay!

  104. For a moment there I thought I was going doolally then realised it’s another Kate S. who commented above. I don’t like Mondays and don’t have a daughter!
    Back into the garden for me, I’m hoping to clear debris from the cattle grid now the water level’s dropped.

  105. It’s Monday. I don’t like Mondays. Not to sure what else to say about it because so far it’s uneventful, but is it sad I’m already waiting on next weekend? 🙂

  106. My day is not going fantastic, but it is Monday. Hoping the rest of the week is better! The weather should be better – less humid and nice!

  107. Finished physical therapy for today and now I’m planning to just watch TV and relax. Or Netflix and chill, lol.

  108. It’s the first thing in the morning so my day is going great so far. I have my first cup of coffee and the animals are fed and it’s a bright sunny day.

  109. My allergies are kicking my butt today – feeling really crummy. Other than that just doing the SAHM thing

  110. Hunting slugs is enough to do in a day Kate! Had a wonderful time out in the garden today.. transplanted flowers and ginger plants.. picked some fresh produce and fruit and even managed to kill a snake.. which prompted me to move all the work tables away from the walls and chlorine then malathion…..not on my to-do list but………

  111. My day started out stressful, but things turned around after I got home from work. Now having a relaxing night!

  112. My day is going fine so far. I haven’t done anything except get ready for my day. I willbe going to yoga, the library, then the dog park.

  113. My days going good. It’s actually pretty cool here so I turned off the air conditioning and opened up the windows.

  114. Well, it’s been an all around bad day. My roommate here passed away early this morning. I got a phone call from the surgeon who did my back saying he needs to see me about the CT scan—the doctors here can’t rule out osteomyelitis (infection in bone), so they want him to look. Great. Well, hopefully he says he doesn’t see it.

  115. Hey Connie,
    I wish to complain about the Instagram contest you put up. Instagram hates me and kicked me off and will not tell me what I did wrong. So, no instagram entries for me. sigh.

  116. Day is going good. Just finished up trying to help a relative with health insurance stuff. Walked to town today to do errands. Sunny but hot, but tomorrow is more thunderstorms (!), so got the errands done today!!

  117. Day is going good. Alice is adorable in these new pictures!!! Wow, a severe t-storm just ended, and the downpour was unreal, flooding everywhere, damage, power outages. I’m OK here, whew! Made a strata today, with a ton of eggs and lots of good ingredients, first time I tried making it.

  118. Day is going good. Getting ready for the ride service to pick me up. 15% chance of rain, so I will shut the windows, just in case…. !!

  119. I got sick last night and am still very nauseated, etc. I can’t concentrate, so just doing one or two, of course, I need my daily peanutbutterandwhine fix!

  120. We had a good day. The temperature outside is cooler. and we love it. We got some rain. There was a touch of a cooler autumn in the air today.

  121. Finally starting to feel a little better! It felt good just to be able to get up and move around. Not doing too much yet, as I didn’t sleep hardly at all last night, but I’m just thrilled to be better, when you get older, you never know if it is the start of something serious. So, yeah!

  122. I love The Non tee – Bad Influence, ?!! I’m cracking up!! I’m feeling better today, enough to get some chores done before it got out of hand. Nice day out today, starting to feel those tingles of fall in the air. Kids back to school in this area, today, too.

  123. Went to town and got back a little while ago. Have a lavender candle going, and now need to get down to chores. It is really starting to seem like fall, and I can’t but help I’ve been having pumpkin spice coffee every morning! Nice!

  124. Day is going good. The tropical storm Erin is passing by shortly, so we are getting ready for downpours into the late night. Getting the flashlights, etc ready, and need to make dinner asap in case we lose power!

  125. Getting ready to get picked up by the ride service. Getting shots and groceries. Nice day out today, have to enjoy this nice weather!

  126. Got the cutest light blue tiny canning jars. I wanted to make kiwi preserves, but the store didn’t have any of the kiwis on sale – so next time. Nice day out today, just right!

  127. Nice day out today. Just finished making spaghetti and sauce with peppers, it came out good. And used whole wheat pasta. Hopefully a quiet night, watching Dorian, have relatives that will probably have to evacuate.

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