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The Whine report for February is short and sweet. I am getting better. I am making a conscious effort to find my BLISS again.  However, finding my BLISS while cleaning and packing for the move to Idaho is EXHAUSTING!!  My bliss is NOT under my Mom’s bed. Or in her pantry.  It’s certainly NOT in my endless cupboards of crap…. but I’m still looking.

Good Luck!!!


  1. Saundra McKenzie says

    Well, my day went great. It is now 4:20 AM and I still can’t sleep. And that is bad because I have a long day today.

  2. I wish I could say great but it is early so I do not know yet. Hopefully great.

  3. Traveling back home from a conference today, then I have an update on my progress ay gym followed by a class. Next is a coaching session followed by a noon deadline on an article tomorrow. Busy but all good!!

  4. A new month…Another new beginning….Cleaned drains today and sanitized the dove house…They were my husbands pride and joy ….

  5. My day is going good. I got back from shopping and had lunch. Getting some chores done.

  6. Judith Watson says

    So far my day is going good. Got my son some money back from IRS ( I always have to pay in), so that’s great!

  7. Judith Watson says

    I love your reviews. They are always entertaining and informative.

  8. Today was errand day. I had to make at least a dozen stops! One of them was Dunkin Donuts where I proceeded to drive away without my coffee and didn’t realize it until my next stop. Luckily they remembered me and made me a fresh cup!

  9. Our day is going great so far. We are having a fun day. The weather is a bit milder than usual.

  10. I am having a great day today even though it is so cold outside! But it is warm inside!

  11. DailyWoman (Lacey) says

    My day has been pretty good so far. I had some grocery shopping to do. I am getting ready for the Super Bowl snacks.

  12. Had a breaded tenderloin at a local restaurant…Ya’ll probably don’t eat tenderloins in Southern California…do you?

  13. Quiet day at home before a busy weekend.
    Thanks for the contest.

  14. I had a meh kind of day. I got stuff done that needed doing but that’s about it.

  15. Have had a sinus headache all day. Yuck. And I’m almost out of milk which is awful but I hate to go to town lol

  16. Took the day off from work and kicked back…..needed this!

  17. Lissa Crane says

    My day was not so good today! I found out a friend lost her mother to cancer. Even though she knew she was ill, it was still so sad!

  18. I have a headache and I am tired. Spent allllll morning and afternoon doing yardwork. Still not finished… have more to do tomorrow….

  19. This day has been very long, second day of missed school with illness. One child down and I can only guess the other seven will come down with it.

  20. Kelly Kimmell says

    Day isn’t starting off well, it was so cold when I took my daughter to school that when I opened my car door the rubber seal came off around the door. I’m ready for Spring!!!

  21. Day is going good. Got up early so getting some things done earlier than I would have. Freezing rain etc outside trying to stay in.

  22. The day is going pretty well. I have a headache today but at least it means that I get to chill a little with my grandson and not worry about getting as much done.

  23. Had my morning coffee,shopping done,going to fix lunch,getting ready for the weekend and the Super Bowl!

  24. It poured today really bad so Mom and I decided after our work yesterday to take it easy since we couldn’t finish anyway… so we enjoyed the day and watched music videos from the 80’s… so fun. lol

  25. I have had a great day! I can’t wait to Super Bowl!! 2 more days!!!

  26. Buddy Garrett says

    My day went great. I woke up feeling good because I had good dreams not bad dreams. Ever have one of those days where you don’t feel like doing anything. I only did chores arou nd the house and fed the pets. Tonight my stomach has been hurting like it has for days. I had colon cancer in 2012 so I don’t feel good about it. The weather wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible.

  27. Great swim class today. More people than there have been.

  28. Kelly Kimmell says

    So far, today is going a bit better than yesterday started out. I’m hoping for a good day.

  29. Day is going good. It is still really cold out, so I’m doing some things inside, will go out later in the afternoon when the temp has risen a little.

  30. Thinking about my husband today.. miss him very much…..

  31. So so so tired. Finished the outside work that I couldn’t do yesterday due to the weather. Now I am just going to eat a chicken burger and watch tv. LOL. 😀

  32. I got a lot of errands done. So it was a good day!

  33. Long day at work and am glad to be home relaxing and doing emails.

  34. Went to a wonderful concert by a chorus I used to sing with.

  35. My day has been long, but good. Kids are all feeling better.

  36. It is a beautiful Sunday morning. I plan to relax and enjoy my day (and plan my week).

  37. Kelly Kimmell says

    It is a snowy Sunday morning. We plan to go to church and enjoy what is left of the weekend.

  38. Quiet day so far. Weather not good, not going to church. Going to do a little cookin’!!

  39. The weather today is awful. It’s been raining all morning and of course it was the morning I truly needed to go to the grocery store.

  40. Having a bad few days…. he was my whole world and now he is gone….there are times that I still cannot get my head around the fact….this will pass and tomorrow will be better…

  41. My day is bad. It’s super bowl Sunday and I should be excited and prepping food. Instead I’m praying my heart out for my youngest grandson who has been readmitted to picu with severe RSV.

  42. Quiet day at home. Surprised when I woke up and it was only 17 degrees.

  43. Kelly Kimmell says

    Another snow day, no school, so it looks like a quiet day at home.

  44. Day is going good. Got up early and getting things done. Chipping away at the “to do” list!

  45. I have no idea where this day went….spent the day baking and juicing all the citrus that came in.. buckets and buckets of oranges, grapefruit and lemons…..

  46. Good swim class with 2 new people. Snow expected tonight.

  47. Today was…ehhh. The Super Bowl was last night, and my husband and I ended up staying up too late, which meant that one of us (the one typing this comment!) overslept and felt confused and groggy all day. It wasn’t a bad day, it just wasn’t awesome. But not being bad is worth celebrating, right?! 😉

  48. Kara Vaughan Marks says

    My day has been quiet–it’s my day off from keeping my 20 mo. old grandson. So I just rested up for the coming week!

  49. My day has been going ok, it is still pretty early, it seems I wait hours and hours before anything is open and can get things done!

  50. Another busy productive day….Transplanted seedlings…moved other plants up and in the ground..Now a cocktail and some lunch…

  51. So tired…… Been doing a lot of chores in the outdoors and it just drains me.

  52. My day is going really well the sun is shinning and the birds are singing.

  53. Quiet day at home. Did not get any snow, but it’s cold today.

  54. My day is going pretty well. I got a visit from a friend and was able to get some house chores done.

  55. I think I’m getting a cold. My head has felt woozy all day

  56. Diana McDonald says

    I’ve been having a great day because I took a vacation day from work.

  57. Today was MUCH better than yesterday! Got stuff done and everybody’s in a good mood. Hope your day was just as fabulous…or better! 🙂

  58. Day is going good. Going to be snowed in today, looking up a couple of recipes, and making a list of chores to get done.

  59. Today can be summed up with one word…snow! Lots and lots of snow!!! Which means lots and lots of shoveling later!!!

  60. Making all my lists for tomorrow.. Not a bulk shop just groceries and the hardware to buy more paint…I am back on a painting binge…

  61. Still very tired and a little down. Not enough hours in the day to everything and sometimes I just get so overwhelmed. 🙁

  62. Two hour volunteer summit at the Gardens to hear about all the new things happening this year.

  63. Sab Edwards says

    Our motto at work is “Everydays a shit show”..seriously,I’m 99% sure that it says that in latin on the certificates!!! EVERY single day some major piece of equipment breaks down. Seriously hope the new owners put some needed money into the place soon or at least let the manager hire some staff so that the maintenance man can fix stuff instead of doing production ….LOL, YES, thats how my days’been and every day for the last 14yrs of working at this plant, going through three owners and 4 plant managers….

  64. Day is going good. Getting some chores done, everything in town was closed for a few hours due to ice, so not sure if I will dare go out. Fell 2x already this winter, police went by one of the times and helped me get up.

  65. Today is pretty good! Some sunshine and good moods here. Dentist tomorrow, though, so…ugh!

  66. Had a great day out today..Shopping went well and I stayed in budget!

  67. Trip to Costco for a few things including a roast chicken. Then took half of the chicken to a friend.

  68. Went shopping with my mom. Prices were good and we had a great day! 🙂

  69. Day is going good. Plan to be going out to get some errands done, hope it is not icy.

  70. Kobi Hensley says

    It’s going okay. I’m glad it’s Friday since it’s been such a stressful work week.

  71. Was going to clean upstairs today but got caught up outside and in the garage area.. the patio is clean and the garage area is clean so I guess that was it for me today.. tomorrow I will conquer upstairs….thank goodness we clean everyday so there is never a need for a big clean.. that would drive me crazy….

  72. Argh…dentist today! I need a root canal! 🙁 Very bad news, especially financially. Hope YOUR day has been much, much better than mine!

  73. Got some cleaning done… not all of it but a good bit….. Now I am resting and enjoying my evening.

  74. Good swim class with lots of people and laughing and singing.

  75. Terri Quick says

    The day hasn’t been the best but I’ll live lol! I’m dealing with a back issue at the moment.

  76. Bracing for heavy rain. Last weekend almost 8 cups of water came down. Luckily I had buckets and tarps out. The property management says they can’t fix until spring. This has been going on since last March, almost one year. I don’t know what to do.

  77. Today is pretty great! Got some things done, so now I’m just relaxing on a rainy day!

  78. Quiet, cold and snowy day at home. (14 degrees right now)

  79. Carnival Saturday here so flights are coming in with all the tourists and revelers…. I delivered my Valentine cakes and am settled in until Ash Wed….don’t get me wrong I am going party also just in my way…When my husband was alive we, in the earlier days, used to do Jouvert morning and carnival Monday and Tuesday in the stands…never played mass…..

  80. Cleaned livingroom and did some rearranging. I watched Bambi this afternoon. I haven’t seen the movie in years, I think really stood the test of time. Beautiful classic! 🙂

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      Aw, Bambi always made Dad cry! And Dumbo!

      • Watched with CJ and cry.. oh yes…brings back the days of my childhood when mum took me to the cinema..
        Dumbo and Bambi made me bawl… my father always said that if Michele did not cry the movie was worthless…..God love him he so knew me…

        • Kate Sarsfield says

          Fathers and their daughters, eh? BTW, where’s Tamra? I messaged her when I got back online but no response yet? She ok?

  81. Surprisingly, I got the house cleaned up, took care of a few little things hanging around & made our valentine’s mailbox for school

  82. Cheryl Chervitz says

    It’s been a long day and I’m ready for bed! Hoping for a great nights sleep.

  83. Day is going good. Supposed to rain hard all day. Can’t go to church, can’t leave the buckets/leaks.

  84. Maria A. Malaveci says

    Not too bad, although the weather is really bad. It has been snowing since Thursday of last week, and we have so much!

  85. I am taking the Sunday off!!!! Dimarche Gras here but if I want I can watch it on the television….but truly all I want to see is Murder on the Orient Express…..

  86. Sunday Sunday my fun day and do nothing day! LOL. The next Disney classic on the watch list is Cinderella! 🙂

  87. Day isn’t too bad. I had a terrible week. I lost my pet companion, Luke. But watching some Hallmark on TV and doing okay right now.

    Diana C

  88. Kelly Kimmell says

    Not going great, I have a head cold and I am all stopped up!

  89. Sun is out but roads are still ugly so I’m staying home.

  90. Not good so far, I’m the only one working in the house, so I’m the one trying to pay all the bills, all the loans, three sets of bills with one paychq

  91. The day is going well.. Monday mass going on in town with ole mass characters but no time even to watch on the telly.. electrician here to see about 2 dead switches and updating our 12volt for when current is gone….

  92. Today was crazy, and not in a great way. Friend and co-worker of my husband’s was refused entry to the country from the Netherlands, despite a perfectly valid ESTA that he has used 28 times in the last 2 years with no trouble. Nuts! They put him back on a plane and sent him right back whence he came. Big problems for their company now that he can’t come back to the United States. No idea what they’re going to do. Yikes.

  93. Good swim class today. But it’s very cold out so I had to blow dry my hair before leaving.

  94. Today was a very productive day. The electrician came to fix all the things that were wrong in the house, which alleviated a lot of my stress. lol. Good day, good day. 🙂

  95. Happy Mardi Gras to New Orleaneans and Happy Carnival to the countries around the world that celebrate. As for me, I did some work on the house in the morning but I am taking the rest of the afternoon off. Yesterday was so busy that I guess I don’t have a lot of drive to do much more. LOL. 🙂

  96. Carnival Tuesday!! Bands on the streets of Port of Spain…Mass Mass Mass….love it but those days are gone for me… the crowds are too much….made a carnival Tuesday traditional Pelau and the house is full of music and love.. wish my /Christopher was here to enjoy it… know I should have calypso and steel band on but dancing around to old school disco….

  97. Wonderful DBG outreach program this afternoon. Then a great massage.

  98. Happy Valentines Day to all !! Love your partner, famiy, friend whomever and most of all love yourself.. you are great!!

  99. Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Taking today off. I am gonna eat food watch tv and eat chocolate! <3

  100. Day is going pretty good, Happy Valentine’s Day if you celebrate it!

  101. Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Another great DBG WinterGreen outreach program. We made seed art valentines.

  102. Back to work!! Continuing the painting hat I started at Christmas.. the kitchen cupboards are really looking good….by tomorrow all the coats will be done…..

  103. My day is going OK. I’ve been managing to get some things done and crossing them off the long to-do list feels great! Feeling very sad about the Florida school shooting. Firing off emails to everyone like Trump and my elected officials.

  104. I worked out for the first time since my Dad got sick, and boy am I sore. I am so out of shape it’s pathetic, but i am determined to get back to where I used to be (health-wise) before all the drama of 2017

  105. Quiet day at home. Then tonight a meeting of the Music Advisory Committee to pick out music for our next concerts.

  106. Day is going good. Getting ready for snow coming in tonight. Doing some paperwork.

  107. Sad today… thinking of all the losses of 2017 and it got me down….but tomorrow is another day and it shall be brighter…

  108. Good swim class with new people and many returning. Then a quick trip to the library for some books.

  109. Could very well be a very good weekend, Family day long weekend in my province, so getting paid to stay home is wonderful. Hubby has a potential job lined up in the industry he actually likes and it actually pays more then min wage although not as high as he usually makes.

  110. Day is going ok. Getting some errands and chores done!!! Yea for weekends, even if just doing the usual.

  111. I fished for the first time today. Granted it was a man-made small pond and I used a net instead of a fishing rod and hook – but hey! – I did something new! 😉

  112. Ok no depression today.thinking happy thoughts only.. listening to old school jazz and yes having a cocktail…..

  113. Fun afternoon putting the packets of music together for tomorrow’s first rehearsal of this season.

  114. My day is A-OK!

  115. Sunday morning… I am enjoying my coffee and surfing a bit online and listening to music. My mother has never seen The Jungle Book so that’s the next movie on our Disney list. (She didn’t care for The Sword & The Stone… lol)

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      We had the original soundtrack LP record for years till it got too scratchy! I know every word to every song!

  116. Oh yes Sunday….chicken in the oven with roasting potatoes… veggies chopped and ready.. wine chilling….I am so ready for this day.. LexBaxter on the stereo Quiet Village all I need is my book…..

  117. Day is going well. It snowed quite a bit, it is supposed to warm up and start melting. Decided to stay home, don’t want to take a chance on falling again by going out when I don’t absolutely have to.

  118. YAY I slept in today…usually I’m up at 6am which SUCKS as I only work at noon!! so it was nice for once to be able to sleep in so very late

  119. Shannon Mitchell says

    My day is going pretty well. I had out patient surgery yesterday and I’m recovering, trying to get over soreness and swelling.

  120. its gotten cold again, -28C feels like -39C …still hoping we’re going to get warm here soon…I have my morning pot of coffee though, am surrounded by my sons cats and everythings purring up nicely

  121. Day is going good. Getting my “Monday” things done! Finally a little warmer! Yeaa!

  122. Working on the windows.. painting the frames… doing 2 windows a day….tomorrow the 2nd coat on the dining room and the upstairs guest room….looking good… they needed it but husband got sick so moving on….looking at 2 6 gallon buckets filled to the brim with lemons.. have to wait to juice them until tomorrow…..

  123. My back hurts today… probably overdid it with the work I did on Saturday but I am feeling it today for some reason. Rested today and didn’t do much.

  124. No swimming today. Not because of the holiday, because of the snow and the very cold temps. 68 degrees yesterday and currently 13 degrees with snow.

  125. I’m awake, I have coffee and hubby will be coming home soon from the first day at his new job and we’ll see if he’s decided to do it and if the company also wants him

  126. My day is going good. I’m excited it is supposed to get up to 60 degrees! whoppee! I’m also happy I’ve had my maidenhair fern for about a week and a half, looking up care for it calls it the diva of houseplants, is still doing good. I love I can fuss with it, unlike some other plants I had that didn’t like my helicopter “parenting” of over spritzing and over watering.

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      Good luck with it Rosie! I’m blessed with green fingers & have always had far too many houseplants but the Maidenhair Fern beats me every time 🙁

      • oh oh, that spooks me. I will try to not get my hopes up too much. Now I feel I have to go spritz it – right now!!

  127. Had a wonderful morning today.. went shopping.. yes non practical fun shopping.. also stopped by the plant shoppe and bought a lovely begonia… no one ever has them here so no matter what the cost it was mine…and plant lady did not kill me with the price….still got back in time to do the 2nd coast on the windows.. tomorrow is a planting day and I want to do the windows in my bedroom…

  128. Today is awesome! Great weather, no big chores that need to be done today, so I’m nice and relaxed and everybody’s in a great mood!

  129. We had 3 inches of snow overnight. Current temp is 15. I didn’t go out.

  130. Went shopping today with Mom. Stopped at Payless and I bought this super cute bag…. 🙂

  131. After being unemployed for almost four months, my husband has a job. Monday was his first day, its driving again, which he enjoys. Its only 3 days a week because of the long hours and its $400/day so it will pay the bills.

  132. It is 70 degrees and sunny! Whoppee, sure beats snow from a few days ago. It isn’t going to last, so I’m going out for a while today, have to dig out something springy to wear but keep the long johns for a couple days from now!! Wore my sun hat for the first time since summer yesterday!!

  133. Christina Englesakis says

    I had a great day today. Sun is finally out so yeah, its all good!

  134. Great day.. re-arranging furniture in my bedroom and almost done painting the windows….I should be done way before Holy Week so I relax and really do Easter right…

  135. Good swim class. Warmer today than yesterday. Set a record for lowest high temp yesterday of 13 degrees. (normal high is 47 degrees)

  136. Today was okay… didn’t do much. My father’s birthday is tomorrow and he’s on my mind i guess.

  137. My day didn’t go too badly.

  138. Its -36C outside so it could be warmer…seriously hate february…longest facking month of the year….. every day, -35C or colder (like yesterday)

  139. Christina Englesakis says

    I’m having an ok day so far. I’ve been very productive which feels good.

  140. Today would have been my husbands 70th birthday.. When we celebrated last year who knew that in 6 months he would be gone…..Making his favorites today…..

  141. My day is going OK. I just found out if you have a pending order with Peapod (grocery), they take the money out of your gift card BEFORE you place the order. Even though you don’t complete the order, your gift card has been charged and they cannot put the $ back onto the card. They have to give you a credit to Peapod. I’m trying to get them to credit my charge card, third call this morning! Never heard of any company doing that, withdrawing the $$ BEFORE you place an order!!!

  142. Jerry Marquardt says

    My day is going well for a Thursday. I cannot wait until spring is here.

  143. Not bad to say the least, lousy weather, but other than that it’s been a good day.

  144. Went out to get a haircut in the snow. Brushed car off after haircut. Drove home in the snow.

  145. Today was my dad’s birthday so he was on my mind all day. Also I am having trouble with my bottom tooth so I have to go to the dentist tomorrow… *sigh*

  146. Off to the dentist today….by the time we get home the day will be shot so no projects today….

  147. Christina Englesakis says

    Every day I’m alive is a great day! But TGIF!! 🙂

  148. ok so my hubby started a new job on monday and I knew it was him and another guy who are both sharing this job. Its a delivery job and its a 12 hr drive every day of the week so my hubby was supposed to be M, W, F but yesterday the boss asked if my hubby would be the trainer for the new guy LOL…so he worked M,W,TH and works tonight as well, he’s happy to get the extra $ for the extra day of work!! Things are REALLY looking up

  149. My day is going ok, I’m getting things done on the long to-do list, that during summer you feel there are better things to do.

  150. The dentist visit went very well! Had a cleaning and my teeth look as good as new! 😀

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      I’ve got a root canal job first thing Monday morning casting a cloud over the weekend!

      • Oh NO!!!! I was afraid that something was seriously wrong with my teeth but it only ended up being calculus. I have to be better about going to the dentist. I let 17 years go by without going…. LOL.

      • Hope you made out ok Kate….

  151. Good swim class, but some people stayed away because of the cold temps and snow on the ground.

  152. yesterday we got to have chinese food for supper..yay. and still some leftovers, and this morning I woke up before 6am (well ok not so yay) but I will have an afternoon nap cus its the weekend and I pretend to be a cat on the weekends lol

  153. Good day- getting a few things done then running out before we are supposed to have a downpour. I’m tickled my maindenhair fern has sprouted a bunch of new shoots and is flourishing! So far so good, but not going to take it for granted.

  154. Done for the day….All chores finished and lunch today will be BBQ so a glass of wine and my book….the most interaction other than my daughter will be my dogs….

  155. Christina Englesakis says

    I’m having a great day. I get to spend a nice Saturday with my hubby.

  156. Today rained and rained…. made me sleepy and dopey. SO I didnt do much.

  157. Fun time at the Home and Garden Show staffing the DBG booth.

  158. Sunday is a fun day gonna relax and enjoy myself. Gonna watch The Great Mouse Detective… I have never seen that Disney movie before… 😉

  159. All is well..A lovely Sunday.. reading and making lists for the week….Grateful for all I have…

  160. My day is going ok. It has been raining hard for a while, and is supposed to continue. I’m watching the buckets, so far no water has come down. Plenty to do here, so don’t need to go out, not to church, either.

  161. The day is going good, just wish the weather would clear up, but other than that, having a good day

  162. i DON’T work weekends so of course I got up both days before 6am….nicer thing is both days I’ve already had an afternoon nap…cats are all sleeping and not bugging me while I have more coffee…high of the day is actually going to be -10 but low still -17C ..but thats WARM compared to what it was

  163. Quiet day at home, then off to chorus rehearsal tonight.

  164. Christina Englesakis says

    I’m having a great day. Taxes – check.

  165. My day is going alright. I cleaned out my freezer so I’m feeling productive.

  166. I’m a little off today. We travel for work and it’s time to pack up once again. I had a couple of days of Springish weather, only to hit the road in the am.

  167. Thanks for asking! It went well as a bonus the sun was out!

  168. Christina Englesakis says

    My day is going great! The sun is shining and its going to be a great, productive day! 🙂

  169. It is starting to warm up, up to 50 degrees today! And no rain! Good because I’m walking to the town center later.

  170. The day is going okay, hopefully the sun will make an appearance today, I’m tired of the gloomy weather

  171. Dana Rodriguez says

    Back to the grind! Weekends go by too fast!

  172. I took a “Me” Day today! lol… I have had some grays coming in and my mom was kind enough to dye it for me. I started getting grays since I was 29 and I didn’t mind before but now it’s just too much for my liking. 😉

  173. Cut and dyed my daughters hair today.. looking great!! Transplanted seedlings and some plants outside today.. also reaped some US sweet potatoes…. now I can relax for the remainder of the day….

  174. It’s pretty routine! Watching cartoons with my 2, almost 3, year old! 🙂

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  176. Julie Bickham says

    My day was nice and relaxing. The kids went back to school today!

  177. Good swim class then lots of grocery shopping and a quick stop at the library.

  178. Christina Englesakis says

    I’m having an awesome day and its still early. Isn’t it great when you have a good sleep and wake up refreshed?!

  179. It is a gorgeous day, and I’m luvin’ every minute. I can now see the dustbunnies that were hiding during the last week of dark & gloomy, better get on it, before darkness descends with more storms predicted in a couple of days.

  180. Another day of spring weather for the moment. Hope it sticks! Sunshine always brightens my day.

  181. Good day so far….I’m heading out to meet friends for free pancakes day at IHOP. 🙂

  182. Good day so far….I’m heading out to meet friends for free pancake day at IHOP. 🙂

  183. Getting all my Easter linens ready to go up.. I so enjoy changing the house over to pastels and “bunny” decoration.. from dishes and mugs to ceramics…

  184. Good day so far, glad the weather finally cleared up.

  185. Good massage this morning. Then a quiet day at home entering the end-of-the-month contests.

  186. Christina Englesakis says

    I had a great day yesterday. The sun was shining and the weather was unusually warm for February. So I went for a very long walk in the afternoon. It was amazing!

  187. sheila ressel says

    It’s early here but so far my day is going good. Got a great night’s sleep and feeling good.

  188. It’s a going. Still having some coffee!

  189. My day is going good. Nice and sunny, getting some things done, nothing special.

  190. today is a good day. It’s beautiful… The sun is shining and the sky is blue. I am taking a break from cleaning before I start back up again. 🙂

  191. Baked today loaves of bread for the freezer and doughnuts…. just filled them and tonight do not count the calories….

  192. Kate Sarsfield says

    To anyone who believes in the power of prayer or positive vibes, please spare a thought for Tamra Phelps who is ill in hospital & send her some virtual good wishes 🙂

  193. The day is going good, nice and sunny, it feels like spring is just around the corner.

  194. Good swim class with one new person. She has had a stroke and is learning all over again.

  195. Laurie Nykaza says

    I was at the dentist today but it was a good visit so it was a great day

  196. Jerry Marquardt says

    My day was a good one, especially early when the weather was very spring-like.