February 2019 $50 Your Way Giveaway!

AACKKKK!!! I’m late! I’m late (everyone chime in here………) for a very important date!

Yes, my monthly update is late posting. Mostly cause I’m retired and can’t seem to remember what day it is!!

Monthly update includes physical therapy. Yup, the foot and lower back continue to hurt after the fall down the stairs in October. So, twice a week I drive down the mountain and actually see PEOPLE!! It’s so exciting! Foot is feeling so much better, lower back too! AND get this! I FOUND I have abs!!! How do I know this? Oh, no not because I can see them but because they hurt!

Next up is crafts! Oh holy moly I’ve been a crafting fool! I love that I can turn off the light when I’m done and leave everything out on the table if I so desire. (AND of course I do desire!)

I finished my second Diamond Painting. I am officially obsessed. I already have my next one set up and ready to work.

The Husband spoiled me yet again with an amazing Valentines Day gift (being as spoiled as I am I did get it early!) The Husband bought me the Cricuit MAKER!!!!!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!! If you haven’t seen the Maker yet this thing does everything from cutting out material and MARKING it at the same time! to cutting out leather, wood I can even etch on metal! My first project will be a cover for my newest baby. So, the next Diamond Painting will have to wait. I have pillows, t-shirts, covers and stuffed animals to make!

Last but not least I have to share a picture of Bear and the deer at my craftroom door. Bear is such a good girl!! No barking, no jumping at the door, she just sits and stares as they stare back!

Now for the real reason that you are here…….


My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated.

We are going to try Gleam this month. If you like it we keep it and if not we go back to Giveaway Tools. I’d love to know your opinion!

Gleam went over like a lead balloon. A big ole fat lead balloon. Since we are only in by 2 days I’m moving all the entries over to Giveaway Tools. PLEASE! PLEASE!! PLEASE if I missed moving yours email me, Connie@PeanutButterAndWhine.com I will add them right away.
Added bonus for you early birds I added a couple extra entries.

Thank you!! Good luck little Peanuts!


  1. The start of another new month – may it bring you peace and happiness. Love that piccy of Bear & the deer, by the way, Connie!

    As for things this side of the Atlantic, well, we’re pottering about as best we can and looking forward to Spring.

  2. Connie check out your Pinterest button: this is where it leads: https://www.pinterest.ie/?show_error=true

  3. Connie, darling, the Pinterest button leads to this https://www.pinterest.ie/?show_error=true
    as for which form I prefer, Gleam is definitely quicker but you might lose out on contributions to your FB page and I’d miss that!

  4. Gleam is easier I think.

  5. I am actually having an alright day today and when I go home I am making Harvest potatoes. My son loves them and they are so easy to make.

  6. Today I’m really tired because my 3 year old decided to wake me several times last night. Hopefully the weather will warm up and I look forward to exercising outdoors.

  7. I like Giveaway Tools a bit better.

  8. The weather is warming. I was able to go out . It is sunny out. Beautiful.

  9. Joan Kubes says

    It was so cold earlier this week but the weather is beautiful today!

  10. Bad things about Gleam: no daily tweet; no daily FB; no daily IG. Doesn’t require people to join your IG. You are not getting the exposure that your site needs with this. And we are not interacting with your stuff.
    Also the retweet may be hard for people new to this form. You have to click on a white part of the tweet, then it opens in twitter and you click the retweet button.
    Just my nickels worth (more than 2 cents)
    Your lowly part time editor…..

  11. Dana Rodriguez says

    It has been really cold here for SC standards but 70s next week! I hope you feel better soon and I just LOVE the diamond paintings you made!

  12. Dana Rodriguez says

    I have to agree with Sarah L. Gleam is not the greatest but I don’t really have a preference either way.

  13. AND, we still can’t reply to comments etc. I hadn’t noticed that there’re no daily tweets etc. Oh dear, what a miserable lot we are ;

  14. I slightly prefer Gleam, but their both pretty good….no strong preference.

  15. ….you should set it for daily tweets though.

  16. It’s usually a good day when you get to have lunch with a friend 🙂

  17. Love that picture of Bear looking at the deer. She is indeed a good girl!

    I think Gleam is easier to use.

  18. I’m doing ok today. I had better sleep than the night before.

  19. I like Gleam better.

  20. The first Saturday in February means only one thing: the start of the Six Nations Rugby – YAY! Wales have beaten France, Scotland are pummelling Italy and later, Ireland take on England in Dublin. COYBIG (come on ye boys in green), and I’m English!!

  21. Shelly Peterson says

    I prefer giveaway tools

  22. Shelly Peterson says

    My day is good so far. I am excited for my daughters baby shower today.

  23. Woke up to a frozen pipe and then blew my hairdryer trying to thaw it, so not the best day.

  24. Kim Pincombe-Cole says

    January is FINALLY OVER, the polar vortex has passed, the sun is out and the snow mounds are melting!

    • Kim, we are supposed to get a tiny taste of the polar vortex this week. Supposed to be minus temps this week. I have plenty of crafts lined up and ready to go.

  25. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, since February is here, it feels like you can sense Spring lurking around the corner, lol. At least I hope it’s Spring and not some horrible March blizzard. I had to go have a blood transfusion yesterday. Man, it leaves you kind of queasy and tired. I feel a little better today. Hopefully we will find out what’s going on soon.

  26. Judy Thomas says

    It is a lovely sunday morning and ,as the heat wave has stopped for now , I seem to have slept in .So all in all my day is going great so far 🙂

  27. I agree that Gleam is easier for entering, but you did lose so much interaction with your followers. I’m glad you changed back.
    Had Teacher Assistant training today at the Gardens. So much fun to help with a class and get to take it for free.

  28. Happy Groundhog’s Day to my fellow Americans! I spent most of my day outside taking care of my fruit trees and working on my lawn.

  29. I have a broken ankle. So, a lot of my days are tiring trying to get stuff done on crutches.

  30. Shannon Mitchell says

    I liked the Gleam it’s much easier to use especially with the twitter option. I think my entries still need to be carried over.

  31. Shannon Mitchell says

    My day was fine but boring.

  32. Shannon Mitchell says

    The twitter option on Giveaway Tools is a bit of a pain, it flies by and you have to go to twitter to get the verification status, it’s fine other than that. Gleam is so much more user friendly.

  33. My day is going pretty well. We had a nice dinner out as a family after I finished work.

  34. Wow, I don’t get it! Gleam is so much easier! I don’t understand how other people think, apparently.

    My day is going ok so far.

  35. Going well so far! I’m getting ready for church with mom then super bowl 🙂

  36. Ireland lost the match against England … change the subject quick! The weather’s milder, evening’s are longer and it’s already feeling Spring-ish with snowdrops, daffodils & crocuses all out. And weeds, lots of weeds. The bird feeder I cobbled together is working a treat and I’ve stocked up on toilet roll, catfood and wine so we’re ready for snow if it happens again this year!

    • Kate I’m sorry!! Quick back to subject change! We have big huge flakes falling right now. We’ve started calling them Hollywood snow. I want to make a bird house this summer with Alice when she comes out. We have A TON of birds! I can’t help wonder where they go when the weather hits minus temperatures

  37. The diamond painting came out soo nice… I just might have to start a new craft! I hope you do get 100% better from falling down the stairs. I never tried Cricut, wow, that is a nice Valentine’s gift – esp to get it early!!! I didn’t realize how versatile it is. It is overcast today, not good for crafts, but looking around for some recipes. Want to try making some crackers with the cheddar cheese powder I have. Not feeling too good today, so not planning on doing too much.

  38. My day is sucky! We are not going to my son’s hockey game because of icy weather. Staying home & cleaning instead.

  39. Michele Soyer says

    Lovely day today.. oh Sunday a day that I can relax totally and plan the week ahead…heard from someone that I was so shocked to get an email from this morning.. years gone by and memories… pleasant start to the day…

  40. shelly peterson says

    Today is good so far. I am just spending the day relaxing.

  41. Tamra Phelps says

    Hmm, I have to admit I feel much more like myself than I have in a year after that blood transfusion Friday. Maybe, the blood loss really was what was sapping me of all energy and strength. Now, they just need to figure out why I’m losing blood.

  42. Good rehearsal with the SAGE singers. It hit 65 degrees today.

  43. Today was a very relaxing Sunday. I enjoyed having dinner with Mom.

  44. My day is going great so far. We enjoyed time with our family. Our weather has been okay also.

  45. shelly peterson says

    I had a good day. I went to coffee with my daughter and did some cleaning.

  46. Michele Soyer says

    Tamra glad that you are feeling better but the cause is what they should be working on…I am sitting here doing nothing but browsing and reading emails should get in gear and get to work but no ambition ….I will move soon promise LOL

  47. Nice and sunny and warm, too! Good day to get some things done! Hope to check a few things off the list.

  48. Tamra Phelps says

    So, I can walk about 40 feet (comfortably), turn, pivot, get my own behind out of the chair. I get out of bed in the morning with the walker instead of the lift. We are working on lifting the feet (like you would to go up a stair.) I really hope I can be home by March. Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but not long ago I couldn’t see way home, lol.

  49. Tamra: Wow, just wow! That’s such an amazing improvement in such a short space of time, although I know from when I had my accident that every step hurts. You’re certainly sounding more positive 🙂

  50. I spent the morning organising my car insurance and appointments for Mum to see the doc & phlebotomist before we head to Dublin for a top-to-toe check up. I got a lot ticked off this week’s list!

  51. Got a very nice surprise from the company I used to work for. I had paid enough into their pension plan to get a check every month. Not a big check but will still help.

  52. Today was a good day…. Very good mood and got a lot of my work done. 🙂

  53. Michele Soyer says

    Have to organize things today for a trip out tomorrow.. Going to the registry office for a copy of a birth certificate.. there is always a long line and always complications….need to get outside also and do some garden work… never enough hours or hands….

  54. I was supposed to go into town today but it’s wild out there & pelting down, and I have to go out in it tonight anyway, so I made the executive decision to put it off till tomorrow what could be done today, thereby breaking my New Year’s resolution.

  55. Nice weather today, getting ready to go to town to do errands!

  56. Ok. Thank you. Hope yours is well.

  57. Dana Rodriguez says

    I literally LOL’d at your photo on IG of the frozen clothing. It has been in the 80s here this week! I am loving it. But that will change by the weekend.

  58. Had my infusion today. Slept through it as usual. Will feel better soon.

  59. Tamra Phelps says

    I can now get my butt out of the wheelchair on my own! I can walk about 40 feet with no problems (a ‘functional distance.’) I’m definitely getting closer to going home.

  60. Day is going good. Working on re-decorating a room, mostly by moving things around! Got some ideas from a magazine. Now I want to paint it, too, but not now!

  61. Dana Rodriguez says

    Nothing exciting today. It is laundry day.

  62. I’ve just got back from a committee meeting for Calamity Jane & the chorus master wants me to do it. Agh – what to do? I really want to as I love the singing but I’ve got to look after my health as well and right now I just don’t have the energy …

  63. Bunch of snow today so I’m not going swimming. Tonight’s low -2 with dangerous wind chills.

  64. shelly peterson says

    Today was a bit busy. I went to dialysis had an appointment which I didnt get very good news.

  65. Day is going good. Did some on the re-do of the bedroom yesterday, today, took out the drapes that had been taken down. They are silk (that I made) and even though lined an interlined, the sun rots the silk wherever the rays touch it, so I have to make new tie backs. Cooking up some of the ingredients to make bean/lentil burgers today. I was reading how good lentils are for you, and I love they don’t have to cook endless hours like dried beans even when pre-soaked.

  66. Brrrrrr . . It’s so cold here again. When will this winter stop!

  67. There’s a major storm heading in off the Atlantic so I spent some time making sure everything was secure outside then headed to Dublin to collect my niece.

  68. Tamra Phelps says

    Made it to the urologist today. Good news. Kidney function is normal, so he thinks the blood is just due to the UTI from hell, lol. He’s putting me on a prophylactic dosage of an antibiotic until I’m able to care for myself. I can get my own behind up from the wheelchair now, and walk about 40 feet with no problem (a functional distance, lol.) So, hopefully, I’ll be home before much longer.

  69. Dana Rodriguez says

    It was 82 degrees here today! My fiance’ wore shorts to work lol

  70. Susan Smith says

    My days was spent shoveling snow (is it Spring yet) running errands and doing laundry. It’s so cold here and I’m keeping warm drinking hot chocolate and sitting my the fireplace.

  71. We’ve been having our version of the Polar Vortex today. Wind chills below zero for most of the day.

  72. Lissa Crane says

    My day was good, I learned a lot today while on an adventure! I love the picture of the deer at your door. What a beautiful view you have and how lucky you are to be able to enjoy nature like that!

  73. shelly peterson says

    I had nowhere to go today so it was a nice relaxing day!

  74. Michele Soyer says

    Electric company is shutting us down for the day to upgrade the lines and poles.. they do this all the time and I wonder where is the improvement?? anyway trying to get everything up here done then working outside rain or shine!

  75. Traffic was bad today because it snowed and it is very slick. Other than that I am excited it is Friday!

  76. Thanks for the site! There are some really cute ones, I love the kitten, and the one of the dandelion fluff reminds me of one of my favorite photos you took. I bookmarked this, and prices are so much better than I had guessed. Wow!!!!!!

  77. Today consisted of running, well hobbling on my stick, around town getting lots of errands done before Storm Eric hits later this evening.

  78. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, it’s stopped raining, but it’s colder than a well-digger’s uhm, behind…as my Dad says. Kate, take care with that storm coming! Stay safe and secure and bundled up at home. Michele & C.J., I would go bonkers if I had to deal with the electrical down times you guys do. I’m definitely one of those people who would be babbling in the streets if the ‘grid’ ever went down, lol.

  79. My day has been alright. Not too exciting, not too horrible. Not very interesting.

  80. Sunshine and a whopping 24 degrees today. Went swimming and saw friends.

  81. shelly peterson says

    I am glad its Friday but its cold here. We are getting a lot more snow over the weekend.

  82. Day is going good, sunny, but cold out. A big storm coming in a couple of days, but don’t feel like going out to get things I need to tide over. Doing a little more decluttering and tidying up.

  83. Thankfully the storm passed without injury or major damage but a couple of thousand were left without power. Ireland’s beating Scotland and as soon as it’s half-time I’ll be whizzing down to the corner shop for the papers then back for more. Wales against Italy later …

  84. Thankfully the storm passed without injury or major damage but a couple of thousand were left without power. Ireland’s beating Scotland and as soon as it’s half-time I’ll be whizzing down to the corner shop for the papers then back for more. Wales against Italy later …

  85. It is still a bit early. I do hope that things go better than they have in past days.

  86. Michele Soyer says

    To Kate glad that the storm passed you by w/o drama…enjoy your game watching!.. Finished all my chores..ready to make lunch…..made batches of cookies this morning choco chip and almond shortbread….have to get my Valentine cake orders together for Thursday morning delivery…Have a wonderful w/e all…

  87. Quiet day at home. No errands, no meetings. Resting up for a busy week ahead.

  88. Tamra Phelps says

    Saturday can be so slow around here. I actually find myself looking forward to Monday, lol.

  89. shelly peterson says

    I had a good day doing nothing. Its too cold to go anywhere.

  90. Michele Soyer says

    Sitting here trying to organize my off day.. organize jeez just relax Michele! Happy Sunday all….

  91. Day is going good. We are having a much larger than usual owl population, our local FB group has tons of sitings – they say it was the milder winter, earlier in the winter this year.

  92. Rosie: I must keep an eye & ear out for them around here. One flew overhead as I was driving into town recently & I ducked. It’s wingspan was HUGE!

    More rugby on ‘de telly’ so basically what I’m saying is that I haven’t budged for 2 days!

  93. Tamra Phelps says

    Sometimes, things happen here that just make me sigh. With disgust, lol. Last night, an aide was passing out ice. (They are supposed to do this once every shift. They don’t, but they try.) She came in this room, got distracted by my roommate needing something, then proceeded to empty my roomie’s bedside commode and pick up her dirty stuff, ya know..hey, it’s a nursing home and the roommate is 96. She did this without putting on gloves…big no no. Then she took my water pitcher, used her hand to clean it out at the sink and put ice in it. Yeah. First, I don’t want her using her hands to clean out my pitcher ever…but especially not after playing in my neighbor’s poo. After she left, I rolled to the sink, dumped the ice and scrubbed the pitcher good myself. Should I report this??? I like this aide, she’s sweet, but she’s doing a job she’s no longer physically able to do. She’s had several serious illnesses since I’ve been here…she’s very weak physically, very forgetful. (Other aides have to remind her to put on gloves a lot. Several residents have fallen when she was trying to assist them alone.) Ahhh, I don’t know. I don’t want to make trouble for her but I don’t want a resident to get sick or hurt either. I might just try being a little vague, like ‘without naming names, this happened, maybe remind all the aides of the importance of gloves, etc.’

  94. Alison King says

    My day has been pretty good. Mostly just a lazy day. I’m wishing my husband was off work.

  95. Good rehearsal with SAGE singers. We now have about 30 members.

  96. Plan on walking to town today, list of errands to do and also get ready before the storm Tues. Lots of paperwork to do, too.

  97. Michele Soyer says

    Tamra .. I know that it is difficult and you don’t want to make trouble but someone could get really ill from the unhygienic way the aide does things…seriously ill in a place where everyone is already incapacitated…you have to say something in my opinion… Today I have many seeds to start and better get up and start moving.. the garden awaits!

  98. Tamra:
    You really are between a rock & a hard place but I agree with Michele, patient safety has to come first. Is there a way you could report this anonymously? Let us know …

    Talking about wearing gloves, I’ve just drained a huge abscess on the cat’s ear … without a scratch, I might add! I don’t think it was a fight, looks more like the damage barbed wire would do. It was like squeezing toothpaste!!! As you can probably tell, I’m not a bit squeamish when it comes to minor surgery!


    My day is going great hubby and I went for a car ride this morn after coffee . Now Off for a run round the lake and then home to spend the afternoon with Hubby and our pup DIA.

  100. Alison King says

    Today was okay. I went to work and nothing exciting happened there. I’m glad to be home now and spending time with my husband and puppy dog.

  101. Tamra Phelps says

    I mentioned the incident with the aide to a few people here and they agree with Kate and Michele. It needs to be reported. Sigh. I admit I agree. I’m going to have to say something.

  102. Swimming with friends. I miss teaching. Today I got The Ballad of Callico by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition. Ordered in on Ebay. Playing right now on my new turntable.

  103. shelly peterson says

    Its been an ok day. I am tired and heading to bed.

  104. I’m tired today. I’ve got a bit of a sinus thing going on but other than that all’s well. Off to choir tonight. We’re learning the a capella version of ‘Only You’ so no words for us altos, only oohs & ba-da, ba-da. It’s tougher than it sounds! Check out The Flying Pickets version on YouTube … that’s our goal!

  105. Storm is going to start rolling in shortly, hunkered down to wait it out. Just started the slow cooker and laundry. So many chores to do, I don’t mind when it is bad out, less tempting to procrastinate and go out.

  106. Robyn Bellefleur says

    We have just been hit with another winter snow storm, Schools are closed and we are all just hunkering down until we can safely go outside.

  107. Today has been pretty good. I’m glad to have made it home from work. I am so hungry though. I have been so hungry all day even after I just got done eating. lol.

  108. Had a fun WinterGreen outreach program this afternoon. 12 people decorated little pots and then planted an ivy plant.

  109. shelly peterson says

    This snow is killing me. School was closed today and we are getting more snow tonight. 🙁

  110. Michele Soyer says

    Watching the news and seeing all the winter storms..must selfishly admit I am glad I don’t have to deal with snow anymore.. cannot t take the biting cold and the shoveling… Baking for Valentine’s Day tomorrow….then to wrap all the orders attractively….

  111. We were up early to get to the Doc.’s for 9am blood tests. Mum’s napping now so I’m just catching up on a few chores then I’ll start peeling veggies for roasting later. The sky has that heavy, ‘pregnant’ look about it – brrr!

  112. Tamra, I would say when you get out research where and how to inform about the lack of proper hygiene regarding the aide – to a government agency, etc, that investigates. I’d try to be anonymous if possible. Doing it while you are there, it may not be handled properly, complaining to their administration, and also, you don’t know if someone might not be as nice to you, etc.

  113. Everyone is digging out from the snow and ice. Lots of chores to do today. Still gray and cold out, so I’m not missing much by being inside.

  114. Tamra Phelps says

    So, I can walk about 50 feet pretty easily (with walker), get myself up…now we are starting to work on going up a step. And we’re working on something called a Berg test…you get a score based on balance, etc. Yeah, it’s nuts. Stand up, let go of walker, close your eyes…for 30 seconds. It’s harder than you think when you haven’t been standing that long, lol.

  115. Alison King says

    Today is going well. I’m currently watching Pitch Perfect 3 and eating some jalepeno poppers.

  116. Fun seeing friends at the pool. Still miss teaching my class.

  117. Day is going good. Have paperwork to do today, so plan to be home today.

  118. Michele Soyer says

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone…. hope you all have a wonderful day… I am taking the day off…. totally….

  119. Tammy: The Berg Test is really hard! You think you’re doing really well then find you can’t even stand up straight. Wait till they get you standing on a balance ball 😉

    Just boring ol’ housework today then sticking a veggy lasagne in t’oven & heading to Dublin to collect my niece at 7pm after a v. long day of lectures & meetings.

  120. Kim Pincombe-Cole says

    Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥️♥️

  121. Tamra Phelps says

    About the Berg test, which scores you based on your balance, etc. I think the highest score is in the high 50’s, and right now I’m just an 11. That basically means I can stand up without falling over, lol. What do you need to do to get a 50-something??? Maybe, that yoga pose where you stand on one leg and raise the other up and wrap it around your neck?? Lol, no danger of me ever doing that.

  122. Alison King says

    It’s Valentine’s day! My day is going well. I can’t wait for my husband to get home from work. I am planning on a shrimp dinner for the two of us.

  123. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I am single so my Valentine is my Mom. We spent the day together and had a good time. I am very lucky to have a wonderful mother like her.

  124. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Quiet day at home. Tomorrow half price candy sales…..

  125. shelly peterson says

    Happy Valentines Day! I didnt do much today. I had an appointment.

  126. Happy Friday, Whiners (and Peanuts too)! I woke up absolutely convinced it was Saturday, switched off the alarm and woke at noon. The main thing to do today is to clean all the inside windows. That’s the worst thing about Spring sunshine – everything looks grimy!

  127. More sleet, rain, snow today and tomorrow. No plan to go out, have lots to do. If I need to get chores done, having something to do that I don’t like to do serves as way to prompt me to do all kinds of chores so I have an excuse to not get the thing(s) done I don’t like. At least I don’t procrastinate by totally goofing off, it is still getting some things done.

  128. Michele Soyer says

    Back to work today… finally got to the grow beds by the pond.. cleaned them out and tomorrow I plan on drilling holes for drainage and making them a lettuce/greens bed….time to relax now..

  129. Dana Rodriguez says

    Happy Belated Valentine’s Day. I hope you had a nice one. I am glad it is Friday because it has been one crazy week and I have been fighting a terrible cold.

  130. Alison King says

    My day is going great! It’s FRIDAY!! And my hubby is off all weekend, so excited to spend quality time together. We went for a nice walk around our neighborhood with our dog and are planning to go out to eat a little later this evening.

  131. Fun WinterGreen outreach today. The a good swim with friends.

  132. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m getting close to being able to go home! I walked the length of the hallway in therapy (60 feet) and got myself up out of the chair, did some ‘get up & walk over there & sit down & get back up to walk back here and sit here’ things, lol. Now, I’m working on steps. At this point, I could get around inside my house fine, but I need to be able to get in and out of the house…which means a few steps.

  133. shelly peterson says

    I am so glad its the weekend. I am looking forward to sleeping in.

  134. Alison King says

    The day is just starting, but it’s been nice so far. I’m so glad to have the day off from work. I got to sleep in a bit later than usual which is nice. I’m watching 60 Days In right now, interesting show.

  135. It is a good day, sunny. Hope to get out for a while later!

  136. Michele Soyer says

    Cannot believe I still have not gotten to work.. LOL… well moving now grow beds await..

  137. I’m on a cobweb hunt today. How do they suddenly appear, without a sign of a spider? One of the great questions of the Universe, I think! I’ve won a lot of books in the last 6 months so I’ll have to do my annual ‘keepers’ versus ‘tossers’ quest to make space on my shelves.

  138. Tamra Phelps says

    Today, for the first time, the physical therapist brought up the idea of going home soon. I think I’m pretty much ready. I could definitely get around the house, no problem. At this point, they just want me to master going up steps.

  139. Bittersweet morning. A group from my chorus and I went to sing for a lady who was in the chorus for 20 years but is now in hospice.

  140. Tamra: I am so happy for you & your continuing recovery. Doin’ good, girl 🙂

  141. shelly peterson says

    Today was a good. I was able to relax most of the day.

  142. My day is going great! I’m almost at a point where I can quit the daily grind and work on my own digital business at the comfort of my own home! *crossing fingers* Life is good and so are you! Thanks for this worldwide giveaway!

  143. I had planned to wash all the outside windows today but although it’s lovely & sunny it’s just too windy and cold. I may have to just do nothing but read & ‘Brief Encounters’ has just started on telly! Masterclass in ‘under-acting’.

  144. Nice and sunny out. Been procrastinating, so trying to get some things done that have been put off too long…

  145. Wonderful Sunday… just finished baking bread and the house smells wonderful.. it usually smells of something baking but bread smells the best to me…Sunday roast lunch is in the oven and now its time for a cocktail it is after noon you know… lol…have a pleasant Sunday all….

  146. Today is nice day. The weather is beautiful. I went out to lunch with my hubby at a Mexican restaurant.

  147. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m just sitting here trying to think of anything I can do to speed up the process of getting home. I’m going to start trying to go through the various things we do in therapy, like standing, pushing up out of the chair— on my own several times a day. (No worries, it’s okay with therapy. I’m steady on my feet.)

  148. Quiet day at home. It’s currently snowing but not as much as in Idaho….

  149. shelly peterson says

    My Sunday was good. I did some grocery shopping and took my grandson for a haircut and then relaxed.

  150. Angela Saver says

    My day was good as we spent most of the evening decluttering and getting donations ready to be picked up.

  151. Snowed all night, and supposed to now have sleet etc for the day. Going to keep working on the “to do” list!

  152. Nasty gale last night and now it’s glorious out there but I hurt my wonky knee over the weekend so won’t be doing much today.

  153. Tamra Phelps says

    Tomorrow, in therapy, we are going to try walking without the walker–me holding the wall rail with one hand and a person on the other side. Xi literally have no idea how it will go. But I trust Barry, the physical therapist. If he wants to try it, I’m game.

  154. Michele Soyer says

    Well another pipe to fix out by the barn.. but Kate thanks to you I now know what jubilee clips are and where my husbands stash is…..I will win the broken pipe war….

  155. Alison King says

    Today is not going so well. I fell down on my patio and scraped my knee. And it huuuurts!!

  156. Another quiet day at home. Roads too slippery and temp only 18 degrees so I decided not to go swimming today.

  157. It’s 4 in the morning & Mum’s been vomiting since 11pm. Thankfully she’s sleeping soundly now while I’m washing bed linen, towels, clothes etc. Yuck! Poor thing, she’s worn out. Luckily I’m a night owl 🙂

    Michele: If it comes to a battle between you and a pipe, I know who I’d put my bet on to win!

    Tamra: Good luck with Barry today! So proud of you 🙂

  158. shelly peterson says

    Today has been a long cold day. I am ready for bed.

  159. Michele Soyer says

    Going out to fix that pipe after breakfast….Then trimming and cutting back vines growing on some of the trees ….someday in my fantasy world I shall have a groundsman…LOL

  160. I’m still washing but I did manage a couple of hours sleep. A man’s coming to service the ride-on mower at lunchtime then I’m hoping to have a nap before choir tonight. Mum’s fine today, just tired.

  161. Sunny but cold out. Getting ready to walk to town. Having a problem with my foot that needs surgery, but can’t afford it. Not sure what I can do to get around if I can’t walk places.

  162. Tamra Phelps says

    Kate, I hope your Mum is better. Vomiting is no fun!
    Today in therapy, we tried walking with one hand on the wall rail, and it was a weird sensation, lol. I did manage a few steps. It’s sort of like starting over again, lol. But at least I don’t need to master that before going home.

  163. Alison King says

    My day is alright. I was back to work. I’m enjoying my evening by relaxing.

  164. Cold & snowy again but made it to the pool. And the library.

  165. shelly peterson says

    It was an ok day. I went to breakfast with my daughter and relaxed at home for a while.

  166. Michele Soyer says

    Thought I would get more done yesterday but chatted with my neighbour and an hour passed me by…breakfast and if the weather holds back out to do some more cutting and trimming….

  167. I’m soooo tired! At least Mum is better & I’ve just about caught up with all the laundry. Haven’t tried the electric blanket yet though – here’s hoping it still works! I have to get into town later for a few bits & bobs and take a big box of books to a charity shop. Knowing me I’ll come home with more than I brought in!

  168. Going pretty good. Had coffee and am working on blog stuff before my work day ahead.

  169. Day is going OK. It will start snowing pretty soon. Went to the store yesterday, so hunkering down, then it is supposed to be many hours of ice. Have plenty to do, so happy to be stuck to stay inside!!

  170. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, 5 days until I see the doctor who’s going to do the next colonoscopy. I am not looking forward to it. But it has to be done.

  171. My day’s going good, pretty productive so far.

  172. I did not go out today. No reason, just feeling grumpy.

  173. Alison King says

    Today has not been a good day. I have been having horrible hip pain. I cannot stand it. I’m going to the doctor in the morning. Hopefully, I can get some relief.

  174. Michele Soyer says

    Glad I worked outside yesterday today is rainy and gray….perfect time to get comforters and drapes washed and pressed and ready for March changeover….

  175. Day is going OK. It is sheer ice, there was an ice storm overnight. I’m hoping I don’t have to go out today, don’t think it is going to melt enough to be safe. Lots to do, though!

  176. Alison King says

    I’m doing well this morning. Just been hanging out around the house and waiting to go to my doctor’s appointment later this afternoon.

  177. Just as I thought I’d finished washing Mum’s bedding, last night/this morning her ‘bag’ leaked so now I start all over again! Thankfully it didn’t affect the electric blanket which amazingly still works! Hey ho, such is life 🙂

  178. My day is going great, I just finished lunch. This morning I got in a run before the rest of the family got out of bed and then we all enjoyed breakfast.

  179. Went to the pool and then to Costco. Am currently eating the roast chicken. yum.

  180. shelly peterson says

    Today was a bit of a stressful day. So it wasn’t the greatest day.

  181. Up half the night trying to get the cat to come home … where was he? Shut in the spare bedroom …

  182. Michele Soyer says

    Today is my husbands birthday…Miss him so very much and contrary to all the best intentions of family and friends it doesn’t get easier at all….to be very honest after my chores I plan on sitting down and listening to some of our favourite music and read some of the poems he wrote to and about me back in the day….A dear friend called early this morning to let me know she remembered him and missed him….

  183. Day is going good, got some of the chores mostly done, now need to finish up the biggies. Trying to figure out the weather, to know when to walk to town, probably today, as more storms Sat & Sun. Spring is coming, yeah!

  184. My day is going very well. I’m glad it’s Friday because I get to see my 2 grandkids for the weekend.

  185. Tamra Phelps says

    I’ve had a pretty good day. I can step up onto the step and then come back down, lol. Did you ever think that would be something to brag about??? I have a tentative date to go home: March 15th. It may be a little before or after (they have to arrange certain things like getting a walker, my own wheelchair, a home visit, etc.) But I am just weeks away from going home!

  186. Alison King says

    TGIF TGIF TGIF!!! I am enjoying my Friday. The weather is beautiful out. I think I will take a walk around the neighborhood with my dog in a little bit.

  187. Expecting 2-5 inches of snow later today. I’m being a hermit.

  188. Go Tammy!!! You’ll be home for Paddy’s Day 😉

  189. Michele Soyer says

    To Tamra good for you! Best of luck…It is dark and rainy…hydroponic gardening in the garage and patio today…then breakfast for lunch…

  190. shelly peterson says

    My day was a bit different but ok. I am ready for the weekend.

  191. This is why you should never go to the Doctor: all I did was pop in to collect Mum’s blood results (all excellent – yay!) and now I feel like rubbish. Sinuses, head, neck glands, sore throat, cough … and feeling very sorry for myself. I had no definite plans for today and I’m sticking to that! Blankets beckon …

  192. Day is going OK, no snow, so getting ready to walk to town. Big controversies now starting over the proposed state budget, my state is in deep doodoo, unfortunately many thing impact seniors terribly.

  193. Alison King says

    I am enjoying this lazy Saturday morning. I need to get myself up and go to the grocery store today. Also, I’m trying to decide what to get there to make for dinner. I can’t decide what would be good.

  194. Stephanie Grant says

    My day so far has been amazing. It’s a lazy Saturday here in North West Arkansas but the weather is finally decent. I’ve got the windows and door open letting in some fresh air after this mornings thunderstorm.

  195. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m fed up with the side effects of the iron they have me on. It makes me feel worse than I felt before taking it. I told them, no more. Find what’s wrong with my gut and fix it…no more treating the symptoms.

  196. Went to a friend’s house to meet her 3 cats. I will be cat sitting for them next week. Then shopping at Sprouts and a quick trip to the pool.

  197. shelly peterson says

    Today was a good day. I went shopping with my daughter and to dinner and a movie.

  198. Michele Soyer says

    To Kate and Tamra both of you are receiving good health vibes from one sitting here sneezing and coughing too!! Is this mango flower allergy or a new cold… who knows but tomorrow is an outing day so I better fix up…..

  199. Alison King says

    Enjoying another beautiful day. I’m planning to make some blueberry muffins this morning.

  200. Oh Michele! Mango flower allergy? How very exotic!

    As for me, ughhhh just about sums me up. I’m going back to bed to watch Black Narcissus on the BBC.

  201. Day is going good. Got the crockpot going, and it is raining cats ‘n dogs. My niece is having her first baby on the way to the hospital.

  202. Tamra Phelps says

    Michele, I like the idea of mango flower allergy. It does sound exotic, like Kate said.
    I’m sitting here with the same old gut pain. I have an appt. tomorrow about that colonoscopy they want to do. I just want to get it done.

  203. Good rehearsal for SAGE singers. We have our first performance next Sunday for the church service where they let us rehearse.

  204. shelly peterson says

    Today was a good day. I did nothing. 🙂

  205. Michele Soyer says

    Off to do some shopping then the eye doctor.. Arghh…better fix my negative attitude to one more positive….everyday has a bit of rain ( some more than others) then the sun shines thru…channeling my mum…..

  206. Day is going good. Strong winds all day today 50-60 mph, so not going to town. Made some hummus, and going to make some flatbreads to go with it, thinking of trying seeded.

  207. The sun is shining and I’m feeling a bit better and the wonderfully talented Olivia Coleman won the Oscar! She’s probably not well known over in the States but here, if you want your tv show or play to be a hit then she’s top of the list! And so unassuming.

  208. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, I had my appt. with the gut doc, lol. Considering how bad things went during my last colonoscopy (right lung collapsed, wound up intubated with chest tubes in), he wants to first get a CT scan of my lower abdomen/pelvic area to see if there are any anomalies he can find without the colonoscopy. That’s fine by me!

  209. Alison King says

    Today has been pretty good. After work, I made myself some grilled cheeses for a snack and then went for a walk around the neighborhood with my husband and dog.

  210. I’M GETTING A NEW CAR!!! (OK, used car). 2016 Toyota Corolla with 35,000 miles. Test drove it today, fell in love with it. Picking it up tomorrow after I get the insurance for it.

  211. shelly peterson says

    I had a long day. I had a medical procedure and then dialysis today.

  212. My day went okay. Didn’t do much. but that’s ok! LOL.

  213. Day is going good. Looking at weather for the week, snow tomorrow and next day after, but wasn’t expecting to hike to town today because of weather later this week. We’ll see. Notice it is getting lighter earlier and staying light a little later – spring is coming! Yea!

  214. We had an absolutely gorgeous day today thanks to weather coming in off the Sahara. It was like June. I’ve just spent the last half hour watching & listening to the noisiest thing to happen in the village ever: hundreds of starlings gathering in nearby trees. Honestly, it was deafening and then whoosh, they all flew away at the same time. Got to hand it to nature – she certainly knows how to put on a spectacle!

  215. Alison King says

    My day is going well. Nothing exciting to report. lol. I just had a typical work day.

  216. Tamra Phelps says

    Kate, that does sound pretty spectacular!
    Well, I finally have a bit of an answer to my UTI from hell, lol. Turns out, it is anti-biotic resistant e.coli—so I have to have an IV of antibiotics twice a day for the next ten days. Hey, whatever works. Maybe it’ll help with the gut issues, too.

  217. Melissa Storms says

    I had a pretty good day. I hit my local thrift store which was having a bag sale on clothing and found a brand new with tags Columbia fleece vest in my size, a silk and angora sweater in perfect condition (even though I will be unraveling for the yarn) and a Pendelton wool jacket.

  218. I GOT MY NEW CAR!! (sorry for yelling but I’m really excited.) I drives very similar to my old car so wasn’t hard to get used to. It is a few inches longer than my other car but still fits into the garage. So pretty. So shiny. So BLUE.

  219. shelly peterson says

    Today was a good. It was breakfast and coffee day with my daughter.

  220. Sarah: Good luck with the new car! It really is exciting, isn’t it?

    Tamra: Another antibiotic resistant strain – will we never learn? Least it’s been ID’d though. Onwards & upwards 🙂

    As for me, I’ve still got the head cold (I never want to see guacamole again – think about it) but a bit better so time to hit the laundry mountain while this weather lasts.

  221. Michele Soyer says

    Well the eye doc visit went very well.. the bleeding behind my left eye has healed over.. doc was amazed.. more surprised than I was…placed Nov scan up and the bleed was very large.. new scan completely closed over with scarring…thank you grace of God and the saints….Tamra you are one complicated gal.. grateful that new treatment is being given… Get well Kate…

  222. Day is going ok. Trying to catch up on some things. More storms off and on not just next two days, but over the next five, not sure when I’ll be able to go to the store.

  223. Tamra Phelps says

    Michele, I’m so glad your eye is better! And Kate…I’m doing some ‘hoicking’ myself…now all I see is guacamole, lol.
    I started the IV today. I’m hoping this finally is the answer!

  224. Alison King says

    It’s hump day! It’s raining outside and I wish it would let up. My husband also starts his time on night shift tonight, which I am not too fond of. sigh.

  225. Had fun driving my new car today and showing it off to friends at the pool.

  226. shelly peterson says

    Today wasn’t the greatest day. I am super tired and ready for bed.

  227. Michele Soyer says

    Well it is the countdown to carnival here…big events weekend coming up….I remember the years when we flew down and spent every night and the days going to some fete or other.. Jouvert morning chipping down the road in a steelband…those days are long gone…I make the traditional foods and desserts..have a few drinks and take the days off!

  228. Shhh! I’m making a special St. David’s Day arrangement for Mum for tomorrow. She’s fast asleep so hopefully I can get it finished before she awakes. March (and all it’s associated madness) here we come!

  229. Snowplows just finished up, wasn’t too bad, but sidewalks still slippery and not shoveled so hunkering down. Have plenty to do, although cabinets are just about empty! Good to use up winter rations, as sometimes they get pushed to the back and forgotten!

  230. Tamra Phelps says

    I can sort of feel Spring lurking off in the distance. It has to be there somewhere, right???

  231. It’s been a beautiful, sunny day here but temperature is only 29 degrees going down to 13 degrees tonight. I am longing for spring…green grass, flowers and leaves on these bare trees around me. ???

  232. Alison King says

    I came home to find my husband making chicken wings and they were delicious. Now I am watching the TV show when calls the heart. It’s a sad and emotional episode.

  233. I love my new car. It fits in my garage very nicely. Just a couple inches wider and longer than my old car.

  234. shelly peterson says

    Today was a great day. I got great news from the doctor.

  235. I’m doing ok. I’d be doing even better if this damn rain would stop!