Evening Primrose Oil, Exercise, and Ginger: 3 Natural Pregnancy Remedies

Pregnant Woman
Every woman is different, and though every pregnancy is also different, there are some similar needs that most women experience while pregnant. Since you’re carrying a fragile, precious being inside you, the thought of putting chemicals or unnatural substances can be even scarier. It seems that no matter how developed modern technology gets, there are constant recalls on the very things that are supposed to keep your baby safe and healthy. That’s when it’s time to return back to the basics, and seek out the time-tested recommendations and natural remedies of our grandmothers and mothers. Here are a few great natural remedies that many women report made their pregnancy more comfortable, all the way to the delivery of a healthy baby.
Evening Primrose Oil
Evening primrose oil is an excellent substance to help your body go into labor. Many women have reported that repeated doses helped ripen the cervix and triggered their body into the first stages of labor. Many OBGYNs recommend it. Talk to your doctor to find out if it’s right for you.  Go to Seven Seas to purchase tablets, which many women have found to help trigger their labor after several days of consistently taking it. Some women who required a membrane sweep during previous pregnancies to begin labor reported that evening primrose oil eliminated the need for this invasive and often uncomfortable procedure.Ginger and Vitamin B6
Many women experience nausea during pregnancy, which can be a daily battle and affect your work, home, and social lives. Unlike the popular stigma, morning sickness doesn’t just happen in the morning, and there may be times that you need to find a remedy in order to get through that important work day, or that high-power meeting. Ginger and Vitamin B6 are great natural remedies that many women have reported to help stave off their nausea. Be sure to also keep food in your stomach, even if you don’t feel like eating. Having a bit of protein every few hours has also been shown to help with pregnancy nausea.
Pregnant or not pregnant, you know that exercise can benefit your health in countless ways. The movement helps clean out sludge from your body by getting the blood pumping and can help you feel energized rather than exhausted at the end of your day. Inactivity contributes to high blood pressure and puts you at a higher risk of a cesarean section, which is a costly procedure and can tremendously increase your recover time. Get moving – your body will thank you.Sage is currently pregnant and is looking for natural pregnancy remedies to help her throughout her pregnancy.

5 thoughts on “Evening Primrose Oil, Exercise, and Ginger: 3 Natural Pregnancy Remedies

  1. Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job girl, keep it up.

  2. Indeed it is, healthy diet, necessary vitamins and proper exercise are the key points related to healthy pregnancy. Proper breastfeeding with normal feeding helps a child to protect from malnutrition, not even WHO many other world’s reputed institutions also promotes breast feeding as the best source of nourishment for infants. Apart from that you can add some homemade food to your child’s diet. Many parents prefer to rely on homemade baby food when they begin feeding their baby solids. You can Aromatherapy too, it is very effective in pregnancy days.

  3. I wish I would have know these interesting facts that I could have used when I was pregnant. It is great to know that these remedies can help women when they are pregnant. I like the Ginger and Vitamin B6 for nausea!

  4. I experienced the worst nausea ever, right into the final months for both of my pregnancies. My gag reflex was working overtime all day! Yep, nibbling ginger biscuits helped but I wish I had known about vitamin B6 too. Shudder…..!!!!

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