December 2018 $50 Giveaway!

Happy December little Peanuts! I am going to make this intro very short because, welllll basically I got a little lazy at the end of November and didn’t have this post written before I came to California for the annual Elf Returns Breakfast.
So I will update y’all soon, just not laying in bed typing on a cell phone.
I promise to add more entries to the giveaway next week. For now I am goin’ to sleep!
Good luck little Peanuts!

229 thoughts on “December 2018 $50 Giveaway!

  1. I am doing good today. Had a busy day, went with hubby for his cancer treatment. Trying to keep him uplifted and positive. Never know what someone means to you until you are faced with the “C” word. I just pray the New Year brings better health our way.
    Hope you and yours have a Happy New Year!

  2. Today has been a busy day! We’ve been cleaning house, catching up on laundry & getting our kids packed to go to their grandparents tomorrow for a couple days. We are scheduled to be admitted Wednesday morning at 5am to welcome our sweet baby girl into the world.

  3. Day is going good. No big plans for tonight, happy to stay in and safe, and we are supposed to get a downpour soon – amazing not snow!

  4. My day is going great. My husband woke early and made some pancakes for breakfast. Now I am off to go help him in the shop. The weather has warmed up, which is great it was quite chilly, so I am looking forward to some outdoor time.

  5. Yes here we are at NYE again…remembering the last one.. this old years night I can say is much better….getting ready our traditional lunch then hopefully watching a concert this afternoon…last night we watched a wonderful one….everyone have a safe and Happy New Years Eve!

  6. So here we are on the last day of 2018, a year of sadness and joy, of goodbyes and hellos, of routine and turmoil, and guess what? We’re still here! A Very Happy New Year to all of us πŸ™‚

  7. Not a great day, health wise. There comes a point where there are just too many antibiotics in your system and the side effects kick in. Today was that day. Feeling a little better now, though.

  8. My day is going great! I had a nice, relaxing day at home, cleaning and reading the newspaper. It has been a very nice Sunday!

  9. Nice and sunny today, hope to do a little crafting while it is still bright, doing some organizing. Catching up later with a visiting relative!

  10. Had our 12v repaired yesterday so if the current goes we are fine…Sunday again wow where does the time go? All this week I had no idea of what day it was.. the holidays do that to me..Making a Sunday lunch then another day of relaxing.. I could so get used to this!

  11. Today we had an electrician come and do some repair work on our wiring. I am glad that job is done as it was on my mind a lot to get it fixed… One job done, and more to go. I just remind my mom and I that we will get things done one step at a time….

  12. Today’s been really lazy. It would have been Mum & Dad’s 62nd wedding anniversary and we always looked forward to their day as it broke up the time between Christmas & New Year. Back to Panto rehearsals tomorrow so I suppose I’d better prep a dinner for Mum to heat up…

  13. Kate hope all is well with your sister….Had company yesterday late afternoon and the visit was very pleasant.. a good deal of laughter…today.. well…still enjoying the holidays so that says it all!

  14. My sister’s family spent the holidays with us which was so nice. They had to go home today which was really disappointing. I’m glad we got to see them though.

  15. My day is going great. I got to spend time with my husband and granddaughter playing and just relaxing the day away. I am now entering and reading your blog so it is ending well too!

  16. Another day in paradise, lol. Walking a little farther, hoping that ;i will get home really soon. I don’t want to still be here February 5, meaning a full year away from home.

  17. I’ve just got back from taking my sister to a hospital in Dublin for a small procedure that required a general anaesthetic. It took 5 hours of waiting – I may never get the feeling back in my bum! Thankfully all went well though, just waiting for results of tests now.

  18. Planned on going out into the garden this morning and doing this and that but it is pouring so I guess I will have to stay inside and relax!! Have my relaxing game plan in action so off I go..

  19. I’m feeling jazzed today, lol. I finally see that light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter. Today, my longest walk was 17 feet, then 15, then 10 with a turn (’cause life doesn’t always guarantee straight paths, lol.) So, improvement is going quicker. My shortest walk today equaled my longest on Monday. (No p.t. on Christmas or Wednesday.) Hoping it gets even better! ???

  20. Day is going good, getting ready for my dial-a-ride to go to the grocery store. It is sunny out, and cold, but will bundle up.

  21. Nothing planned for today at all other than doing something with turkey & wild rice for dinner. I’ve to take my sister to Dublin early tomorrow so just getting ready for that and making sure Mum has everything she’ll need.

  22. Going out into the garden to water then back to my chair to make lists for the coming year.. to-do’s and grocery and feed store…have to start the New Year right….so glad to have the at home vacation….

  23. Happy Boxing Day to all!!! Had a wonderful Christmas yesterday and today is more celebrating….there are loads of leftovers in the frig so I can do nothing but relax.. did water my flowers but thats it…we celebrate the 12 days of Christmas so the party continues !!

  24. Merry Christmas everyone and PB&W…. Mom and I had a wonderful day together. We had company over in the afternoon, and we had a lovely day…

  25. May your days be merry and bright …
    Christmas morning update: Idris, the cat, woke me at 5am so once I sorted him out I was wide awake. I put up all the little white lights in the front windows (I put them in crystal & glass bowls/vases etc. along with old baubles, tinsel) and they’re shimmering beautifully. Doris the happy turkey is in the oven along with the veg (no washing pots & pans for me!) now so I’m having time out with a mug of tea before setting the table. My sister’s ill so it’ll be meals on wheels for her and just Mum (who’s also ill), my niece & I for the sit-down.
    Be kind to each other xxx

  26. Happy Christmas to all! enjoying the morning and plan on having a bit of company today nothing stressful with lovely conversation.. music playing… tree blinking… happy times..

  27. It’s Christmas morning and I still have no lights up but managed to get all the dinner prepped yesterday and my wreath is gorgeous. My sister’s got the tummy bug now and Mum has a cold so it might just be the niece and I, Idris the cat and Lolly their dog sitting down to enjoy the festivities! Who cares? We’ve a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, food if we need it, and love in our hearts. Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  28. Merry Christmas Eve! Today was a good day. I delivered the goodies my Mom baked to my neighbors and we enjoyed the rest of the day. Looking forward to tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  29. Well, people’s nerves are on edge at work on Christmas Eve, I think. There’s currently a screaming argument going on in the hall between a nurse and an aide. Merry Christmas, y’all, lol.

  30. Getting a good amount of baking and cooking done, and started the dishes, a good excuse to take a break, and have a few “tastes,” too!

  31. To Kate please feel better. . sending you positive vibes and tons of good wishes… to all here a very Happy Christmas…. may it be filled with love and joy + a generous dose of sugar and spirits……

  32. I’m having a great day – it’s Christmas eve – so I’m chilling at my mom’s home and handling a few last minute holiday things. Glad to be having a relaxing holiday (so far).

  33. My day is going okay considering all this last minute stuff. I have to wrap 2 more presents and make food for tomorrow.

  34. 2 days until Christmas! Cannot wait! πŸ™‚ I enjoyed this beautiful Sunday by relaxing and drinking egg nog. Boy do I need to work out in the new year….. lol πŸ˜‰

  35. I didn’t manage to get carolling yesterday; a couple of hours at Panto rehearsal and I was ready for bed again. Shaky, headachy and the glands in my neck are sore. At this stage I don’t care if Christmas happens or not!

  36. Just finished up for the day…had to dye those roots girls…. Made the Buche, carrot cakes, carrot cupcakes and carrot cookies…the bunnies hate me….anyway some like it with the pineapple some without so thats that..6 panettone….brownie heart cookies, ginger cookies and old fashioned cranberry shortbread….packed all up nice and pretty and in gift bags tomorrow my lovely daughter will do all deliveries but one…why folks want carrot cake at Christmas I don’t know but they do!!!

  37. Been busy crafting like mad today, very sunny so I could see what I didn’t do good yesterday, fixing and doing more!! Wow, the holidays seemed to come up quick!! Have to make my cinnamon hots tea in a bit!

  38. Not gonna lie, Christmas in a nursing home is just depressing. Don’t get me wrong, they try, lol. People from churches, girl scouts, etc., bring in treats and everything…that’s nice. But when you’re sitting here just wanting to get well enough to get home and you haven’t quite gotten there yet–well, it’s a downer. ?

  39. I’m obviously still not completely better: I started to feel a bit hot/cold & wobbly on my way back from Dad’s grave yesterday & went to bed. Woke up 4 hours later and by that time it was dark so I didn’t get the wreath done. Ah, well.
    I’m up early today as Panto rehearsal is from 10 till lunch then singing carols in a nursing home till 4 followed by carols in a couple of pubs round town, maybe a bite to eat then home.

  40. I finished all my Christmas work this morning and afternoon so I am relaxing tomorrow and I am ready to celebrate Christmas! πŸ™‚

  41. This has been one of those days where anything that can go wrong has gone wrong. First, I still have trouble reaching my feet in this wheelchair, and after a month of asking that someone clip my toenails (they were longer than my fingernails, so long they hurt in shoes), I decided that I would find a way. I opened a bottom draw on a chest, lifted my foot onto it and was able to reach my feet, sort of. But on one toe, I screwed up and cut too far—toe bled like ‘a stuck hog’ as my Mom would’ve said. Now, no one can track down my mail from yesterday, including an Amazon package. I’m just fed up, honestly. I WANT TO GO HOME!!

  42. Right, today’s the day for 1) Making/hanging the Christmas wreath; 2) visiting Dad & cleaning the grave etc.; 3) buying the tv guide & some duck eggs; 4) delivering token presents & cards to the locals; and 5) getting Christmas out of the wardrobe & spreading it round the house!
    Also, the battery in one of the smoke detectors needed replacing at 3 this morning so note to self: check all batteries …
    Oh, and learning some new songs for Aladdin …
    AND, locally grown strawberries (!) and my yoghurt for breakfast.

  43. Up and moving.. baking today.. lots of different cakes..prepped last night even the fondant for the Buche De Noel….I do love baking days!

  44. Happy Winter Solstice! I am finishing up a few things in the house and I received my last packages for Christmas in the mail. So I just made it! πŸ™‚

  45. Day is going good. It is torrential rain for the next 90 min, up to 4 inches and dark. I can’t do my crafting but doing some other chores, might lose power, with wind gusts up to 60 mph. Glad it isn’t snow! Very unusually warm. Hunkered down and staying cozy.

  46. Back to work today.. so glad that I don’t have to leave the house until Jan 3rd.. way too many people about…touching up paint in the kitchen today then who knows i might finish scrubbing the back steps .. we shall see….

  47. I’m trying to get myself motivated to head into town to buy the groceries and a couple of little prezzies. I’m not succeeding so far but I will get there!

  48. I went to the dentist, did some shopping and came home and wrapped them. Did some laundry and cleaning and watched a couple of movies.. I’m done Christmas shopping.

  49. Went to the doctor with Mom, and then went to the grocery store to pick up a couple of items for the express line. It was a madhouse in there. People everywhere…. and aggressive too! I couldn’t wait to get out of there….

  50. Finally back in the land of the living – whoop! Mum & I had lunch & catch-up with ‘old’ friends and it really was lovely to have a good belly laugh again. On the way home from town I made a quick detour and collected Doris, our happy free-range turkey from Tom, the turkey man! Christmas is loading!

  51. To Kate hope you are all better! Went to the health center today for a doctors appt.. NOT BY CHOICE.. have not been to a doc since 2001 when I had pneumonia and couldn’t treat myself!! Anyway my opthalmologist sent me because I have bleeding behind my left eye and since I have had 3 eye Sx’s.. before we discuss any eye treatments he wants to make sure I do not have any medical issues…I told him I DO NOT but he wouldn’t take my word LOL so this was not an option…not a bad experience at all battery of tests scheduled after the holidays all blood tests thank goodness that I can handle… Came home and baked an apple pie that made my day great…

  52. My day is going very well. This morning I baked another batch of Christmas cookies. This batch was gingerbread men. My grandkids love them.

  53. Getting ready to go grocery shopping, the dial-a-ride service I pay for should be picking me up. Sunny and not too cold, not long after I get home torrential downpours are supposed to start, so glad to be able to get a few things before that happens!

  54. Today there was no power so I just took the day off and read a book and lounged around. I go to the doctor with my mom tomorrow so it’s gonna be a busy day….

  55. Hoorah! It’s gone 3pm & I haven’t retched or had to dash for the loo! Things are on the up & up! Got Mum to her hairdresser earlier as we’re meeting up with some ‘old’ work colleagues from the special school where we both worked (well, she was Vice/Head and I a lowly teacher) for lunch tomorrow. Hope dry toast is on the menu (yay, Blues Brothers!) .

  56. Cancelled yet another Christmas meal this evening, the choir this time & carols in the local community hospital. Managed to keep a bowl of soup down today.

  57. Off shopping today…. well not totally.. to the bank then the phone company to clear up an error….But then groceries and some fun shoppes….

  58. We decorated the outside Christmas tree…. Now our yard looks nice! We’re doing our last bit of christmas shopping tomorrow….

  59. Kate at a great thing to wake up to..wonderful… productive day today.. used my bucket of chlorine and cleaned all the concrete surfaces around.. walkways.. by the water storage tanks.. very happy about that.. and we hung more outside Christmas lights..yes.. great day so far…

  60. My day is going good. I finally decided on a lamp, and I got it from Amazon- used. I’m amazed it was considered used, it was wrapped in so much plastic, and in perfect condition. Saved a good amount and no charge for the shipping, and now using my first LED light bulb. Yea!

  61. I had to get up around 3 this morning (you don’t want to know) however, on my way back to bed I drew up the blind to look at the sky and my gosh, the stars were so low I could have touched them. Clear as anything and then whoosh … and another whoosh! An absolutely beautiful meteor shower! So rare to see them in Ireland with our weather and if I hadn’t needed the loo I’d have missed out. I just lay there in bed looking at the wonders of the universe till I fell asleep.

  62. Day is going good. Getting a little more holiday crafting done. Raining and cold so good day to be in. Having some tea with my homemade chai spice blend – so good!

  63. 1st job of the day: change Mum’s colostomy bag;
    2nd job of the day: throw up …
    ah, the sweet cycle of life! Back to bed …

  64. Kate I hope you are feeling better today! Got all my work done yesterday .. it was bright, windy and hot so all my outside painting accomplished….today I plan on baking cookies and eggnog cinnamon rolls….finishing my book and maybe having a wee bit of that eggnog….

  65. I had a good day. I went to a wood workshop with family and made a sign and went to dinner and did some shopping with my daughter.

  66. Tomorrow I start the plan set in motion by the new stomach doctor. She thinks that all those months on antibiotics due to sepsis has really mucked up my system. They wiped out the good bacteria as well as the bad, and so far it’s not straightening itself out. So, she’s starting an antibiotic that isn’t absorbed by the body but will wipe out anything bad in it’s path as it goes through the digestive system. I feel like she really listened, and I have a lot of hope this will work.

  67. Tamra: Great news! Almost a year later but what the hell, if she can sort you out.

    Mum & I have both had a horrible tummy upset for days now. I’ve had to just stay in bed & near a loo, but Mum’s much better today. I just hope it wasn’t my cooking πŸ™ I do feel a wee bit better so I’ll pop out for the papers then back to bed. There are trees down from storms but most have been cleared.

  68. Day is going good. For some reason could not get into the giveaway form yesterday. The slow-cooker is going, and I’m going to do a little crafting soon.

  69. I am exhausted. Spent the whole day outside doing work and it took me forever because I was on the phone with the bank and I had to call them twice because we got disconnected…. Anyways I got it all done and our lawn looks decent for Christmas. Hopefully if all works as planned we can decorate our fir tree in a couple of days…. πŸ™‚

  70. Tamra Kate will wear her thigh high boots ( hopefully with stiletto heels) and corset for Santa this year…..sure as hell hope this doctor finds all the right answers for you.. it has been one challenging ( to say the least) experience for you this year….looks like a rainy day here so no painting maybe just starting some flower seeds…doing some compost work….

  71. I for one can’t wait to know when Kate wears her corset and tutu!! I saw a doctor today at UK in Lexington. She was the first doctor to insist that I tell her the whole story and really listen. She has a plan in motion, tests, etc., to figure out what’s going on with my gut. She said I was basically as sick as you can get without actually dying back in February, lol.

  72. Kate they will come in handy….another busy day outside..if the weather holds I am going to do some outside painting tomorrow.. but for now show me the shower….

  73. It’s very hard to feel festive when it’s so wet outside! Guess what arrived in the post today, Michele? A black corset & tutu!!! I’m going to try to get a bit of a waistline for Calamity and got them really cheap on eBay. Besides, you never know when they might come in handy!

  74. Today was a very productive day. Cleaned out the downstairs bedroom and it is spic and span. Tomorrow I have a lot of work to do so I am gonna go to bed early and get a good night sleep…. πŸ™‚

  75. Kate back up and going strong….last night watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir special and I am fine….Enjoy your outing this evening… so to you again Kate as Bab’s said on Broadway all those years ago ( third row with mum on the opening week) as Miss Fanny Brice..”oy what a day I had today” planting, slepping dirt and compost..trimming bushes…throwing out old suitcases…sorting out piles of old curtains…then the wacker man came!! thank goodness….ready to read my papers….

  76. Michele: Maudling is allowed, enjoy it, but don’t wallow in self pity. You still have a life and one that you should be proud of.

    Today I have done bugger all. Can’t make choir tonight as I have to go to Dublin again to collect R. after a late lecture. Bah humbug! Going out to dinner with the Musical Society Committee tomorrow night though and sorting out what to wear.

  77. Listening to albums from my husband and my first Christmas back in 1970…Should not have done that feeling very maudlin and sad….will get out of it by tonight I hope….

  78. Day is going good. Another sunny day, getting some chores done around here, and looking at my lists. Too many lists! Feels good to cross things off, though!

  79. It has been a pretty good day so far, even though I have to work. It is bitter cold, but I am grateful that it is not snowing or sleeting.

  80. I’m sneaking in today’s post early since I will be away from home for the next 9 days. I’ll be Steve sitting. (the 99-year-old-guy)

  81. Finally got the MRI results. Arthritis, bursitis, inflammation. Pretty much as expected. Good news is it’s all things that can be dealt with. Bad news, it doesn’t explain the numbness and heaviness of the leg. Actually, I didn’t expect it to. I think that issue is in my lower leg. But, insurance demands these things be done first. Crazy. They’d save money if they let doctors & patients decide what needs to be done.

  82. Snowdrop.. long time I haven’t heard that word….well our lawn/wacker man still has not come by…we live in the country and there is bush but the place looks like a jungle!! LOL

  83. Day is going good. It is sunny out, so I’m getting ready to do some mending by hand, that I need the good light. Doing more holiday prep, too!

  84. I gave this list to Mum today so she could remember Sunday:

    1. Kirk Douglas is 102!
    2. The house insurance is up for renewal next week;
    3. She has to make a hair appointment;
    and, finally
    4. We have our first snowdrop in the garden!

  85. We sang our little hearts out yesterday afternoon (followed by a little mulled wine) in aid of the LauraLynn Foundation, Ireland’s children’s Hospice movement. A local hotel threw open it’s doors, held a Christmas Fair, meet & greet with Santa etc. all for free plus any profit from the day’s takings went to the organisation. Hopefully we’ve made things a little easier for some children and their families.

  86. Day is starting out good. Too cold to want to go out, so staying in, have some shopping and recipes to find for holidays will try online.

  87. Lawn man never came so changed my itinerary and worked outside… maybe he will come today…plan on having a nice quiet Sunday today.. my granddaughter is 19 today…bless her heart hope she is having a great day….

  88. My day started pretty bad, but has improved. Family can be difficult, but we have talked it over and all is well. The day itself was gorgeous and I enjoyed some time out in nature, which always makes my heart happy.

  89. Beautiful sunny day! Did some work outside and now I am chilling and relaxing and enjoying my Saturday afternoon. In a good place… πŸ™‚

  90. Have outside work to do but the lawn man is coming today to cut and wack and I don’t want to be in his way.. oh well so sad.. I will just have to stay inside and cook and listen to music and read!!

  91. Today was not a good day at all. so many things went wrong. One of many my fistula for dialysis quit working so I will go in Monday to the hospital to get it fixed.

  92. I never want to see another mince pie or chocolate chip cookie as long as I live (well, at least a week)! Our coffee morning & cake sale raised almost 500 Euro (about $570). Not bad but it’ll costs around 40k to present Calamity Jane – eek! Having a well-earned rest now and practicing my harmonies for tomorrow’s charity children’s party (bring on the mulled wine!).

  93. For Kate.. you are amazing.. a bird table… Had a wonderful time out shopping.. got some much needed lounge . of which in 2019 I plan to do a lot.. clothes…. raining so inside today..

  94. Well, I had the MRI yesterday. It might be okay for those in good shape, but when your hip hurts and they need you to hold it in an uncomfortable way for about 45 minutes…well, it is not pleasant. At least it’s done. Hopefully, I’ll get some result information tomorrow.

  95. I am my father’s daughter! Today I made a new bird table using the aerial and pole from the old internet provider that they never collected and I hung onto knowing that I’d find a use for it! Rot & rust-proof and no way little rodent claws can make their way up this one! Off to Dublin now to collect my niece at 6pm then home to get ready for a cake sale & coffee morning tomorrow in town.

  96. Day is going good, grocery day, so I’m getting ready for the ride service I pay for to come pick me up. Sunny but cold out today (although probably not as cold as Sandpoint)!

  97. Thank you Kate.. had a wonderful day….off to the village shopping today..lots of shoppes and all my lists are in order….glad to get out a bit…

  98. Day is going good. Doing some upcycling for some items, and need to go through more. Just got the status for my thredup bag. You don’t get much for your items, but a little pin money still helps, and sending things there helps give jobs to some people. Their items on the site aren’t too expensive, but I have gotten anything, just sending things. I’ve also done some donating locally of items, and getting more ready!

  99. Michele: Have a wonderful me day for your birthday. Much chocolate & booze!

    It has now been raining for 21 hours – at least the roads and gutters are clean but I should have gone out with a mop & washed the windows! Committee meeting tonight then a mad dash round the supermarket.

  100. Kate I am with you dress up whenever you can… Today is a “me” day all day.. not even walking the dog! She just looked at me like what the….. coffee and emails then into my book…..

  101. Even if it’s raining on you, Kate, I’m jealous of the warmth. It’s been cold here, with the occasional snow or rain.

  102. SPARK program this morning, but the wind chill was 12 degrees and it kept most of the regulars away. So we only had 2 people for the program and 4 volunteers.

  103. Kelly: I hope all goes to plan for your Mother.
    Tammie: Good luck with the MRI tomorrow!
    Michele: It has rained for 11 hours solid. I’m so jealous of your sunshine!

    My sister has bronchitis so I had to collect my niece from Dublin at 7pm then onto choir for a last run-through before a charity Christmas party for children with special needs in a local hotel on Saturday afternoon. It feels too warm & wet to go carolling but at least I get a chance to dress up again!

  104. My day is going well. My mother had chemo, which was cancelled due to her health. It is frustrating but I am so thankful that she has such great care, and people that are dedicated to making sure she is as healthy as possible during this process.

  105. Day is going good. A day with a lot of phone calls. My new landline phone came in, so I don’t have to worry about the recharge time as much. It was sunny out today, that was nice it is easier to see good to get things done.

  106. Kate I understand.. we have an older dog up here…painted the cistern today.. just a touch-up looks so bright and white in the sun….transplanted some flowers and started some lettuce and greens….relaxing then lunch.. a great productive day….

  107. I’ve been trying to walk in a more normal way in physical therapy rather than the shuffle I do now, lol. You know, actually picking my feet up. I have an appt. Wednesday for an MRI on my right leg. Trying to figure out why it swells and gets numb.

  108. I am enjoying my day. It is Monday and I have gotten so much done so that always makes me smile. I am planning on making gingerbread houses with the kids, so I am currently baking the gingerbread for walls. The house smells amazing.

  109. Time to put the glad rags away & roll my sleeves up – the cat’s puked all over the kitchen floor. Feel a bit like Cinderella!

  110. Day is going good, making my “to do” list for today, and waiting for some places to be open to make some calls. Going to fire up the slow cooker pretty soon.

  111. Well here we are at Monday again….getting myself geared up to do some flower transplants and then outdoor touch-up painting…. laundry is looking at me also!!

  112. Wow, what a show! It was wonderful, even more so considering these are all amateurs. Drove home on an absolute high but still managed TEN hours sleep! Being very lazy today πŸ™‚

  113. What a great day today….after cooking this morning I kicked back and did nothing.. zero.. zip.. nada….do I feel guilty NO…. hope everyone had a great Sunday….Kate I hope you enjoyed the theatre ….

  114. Today I am sitting by the fire and watching movies. There is a blizzard in my neck of the woods and I am not going out in it! Time to start a fire and get some brownies in the oven πŸ™‚

  115. Lol, Kate we all need to see a picture of you and your kinky boots!! Well, December is here. I have lost nearly a year. Well, at least I’ve learned a few life lessons, lol.

  116. hi! i had a pretty good day today. we’re getting over being sick but a friend dropped by with some food from the store she works at and had a beer with me, and then my daughtergot invited to a party, which is SO exciting because she is socially awkward! so now i have time to hang out with my sons!

  117. It’s December! I love Christmas so I enjoy the season with the music and the Hallmark Christmas movies. Cannot believe 2018 is almost over…. Time is flying….

  118. Happy December to one and all! Tonight I’m off to see My Fair Lady in a nearby small town. Am-Dram is alive and kicking in these parts! So it’s off with the leggings & sweatshirt and on with the sequins and kinky boots!

  119. Got off to the gym for some Crossfit this morning, conquering my goal of 5 visits! making the kiddos some chocolate chip Paleo pancakes before I being my hustle day. All is good, God is great, and I chose joy today even with the difficulties in my life!

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