Day 7 Photo-A-Day Low Angle

Day 7! Oh my very own personal Photo-A-Day challenge.  For the month of March I am posting pictures from inside my amazing craft-room.

Today’s prompt is LOW Angle 

I want to point out that my craft room has 16, yes count them SIXTEEN recessed lights!!

I also want to point out that laying on the floor of my craft-room means that Bear the puppy goes INSANE. She bounces around barking as if to say “Play time MOM?!?! MOM!! MOOOOOm whattcha doin? Can I help?!!? Can I get you a rag? WHAT IS HAPPENING!?” Ahhhhhhh the life of a puppy! A spoiled puppy at that!

So, now I’m off to paint! Or cook, maybe I’ll just go veg on the couch. So many choices!!

If you have a LOW ANGLE picture that you want to share email it to me at  If this catches on I’ll do a weekly post of all the pictures!! In the subject line write LOW ANGLE

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