Day 30 Photo-A-Day During

A Photo-A-Day for the month of March! AND I managed all the pictures to be of just my craft-room. DANG!! Do I know how to draw a story out or WHAT!??!

My idea was to end the challenge of before, during and after construction. So today’s prompt is DURING!

Incase you haven’t followed along, when we bought this house 2 years ago the room that I claimed for my craft room was supposed to be for my mom. A huge area that would have been a great living area of her own. It has its own bathroom and a bedroom too. The room has a walk out to a little patio. It would have been perfect. (except maybe the fact that the room is always cold!) She would have loved her little apartment! Then just before the move God decided he needed my Mom more than I did. Personally, I believe he was wrong but let us not tell the BIG GUY that!!

So, naturally I called dibs on the space for myself. I mean hellllllllloooooooo wouldn’t you have??! This space is HUGE!!!!!

If you read yesterday’s post you had a video walk through of the house before we owned it. (NOT our video) The house had been empty a long time and needed (still needs!) a lot of work.

We hired Ponderay Home Depot to install the cabinets, that’s a choice I would NEVER, EVER make again. Like NEVER E-V-E-R!!! My cabinets look like crap. As a matter of fact I did a whole video about it; which I feel the need to repost. I know… it’s bitchy….. I just want anyone, EVERYONE that is even slightly debating going with Home Depot Ponderay-Sandpoint for installing cabinets, remodeling kitchen or bathrooms NOT TO DO IT!!! Paul is THE ONLY installer and he sucks!! He couldn’t be less professional or do a worse job if he tried!! He seriously has no idea what the hell he is doing. Whew, I guess I am still a little bitter!! (YES, I did go back and remove several lines and A LOT of very bad words!!!!) Now, on the other hand Ponderay Home Depot carpet, counter installers are amazing!!

Breathe deep, relax……. let it go……….. breathe………. okay, I’m better.

Do you SEE how easily I get distracted?!?!?  Geeeeshhhhhh so, here are my during pictures. Then I’m going to go clean my room for my AFTER pictures because…… ummmmmmm well, yeah you’ve see the pictures this month! My room is a MESS!!

I think my counter tops deserve a quick mention because they are AMAZING!!!!!

This counter top reminds me of my Dad’s welding table. It also goes withe industrial look of my room. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!



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