Day 12 Photo-A-Day My Desk

Day 12 and looking forward to continuing with my very own personal Photo-A-Day challenge. For the month of March I am posting pictures from inside my amazing (HUGE!) craft-room. I thought this might help me get motivated to blog everyday again. Sooooooo, my big idea was to show the inside of my amazing craft-room from snowy Sandpoint, Idaho. My room is HUGE! It’s a space full of possibilities. It’s full of “what shall I create TODAY?!” space.

Yes, I did copy and paste…… y’all know I truly am LAZY at heart!

My pictures show you what a hoarder, collector and wack-a-doddle I am sooooooooo, I am sharing 31 pictures of my very own craft-room.

Today’s prompt is My Desk.

As I keep telling you, my amazing craft-room is HUGE! So, when I saw the prompt ‘My Desk’ I had to laugh because I designed this space to have several desks.

Of course, my roll top desk where I write and I also take care of my Daughters business blog Chain of Custody After I write, I play. I have spaces set up for Cricut work.  Another for sewing, yet another for Diamond Painting and then a whole big cutting board work space. Each one has plenty of elbow room. Each one (though it may not look it) is organized. Well, okay as organized as I can be…. that hoarder thing and all. Someday I will show you whats in all these cupboards. Ohhhh it’s like a craftstore in here!

BTW, yes! I KNOW I am spoiled!!

Today’s photo prompt is Your Desk

What does your DESK look like?   If you email me your picture I’ll post them on a weekend round-up post! In the subject write MY DESK


  1. Mine (well, Dad’s) is cluttered but I know where everything is while my proper desk in my room is now buried under clothes & books because, well, what’s the point in putting clothes in cupboards when I only have to take them out again?

  2. Dana Rodriguez says

    Mine is pretty cluttered a s well. I really need to get more organized!

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