Day 11 Photo A Day! BLOOM

Day 11 and going strong with my very own personal Photo-A-Day challenge. For the month of March I am posting pictures from inside my amazing (HUGE!) craft-room. I thought this might help me get motivated to blog everyday again. Sooooooo, my big idea was to show the inside of my amazing craft-room from snowy Sandpoint, Idaho. My room is HUGE! It’s a space full of possibilities. It’s full of “what shall I create TODAY?!” space.

To show you what a hoarder, collector and wack-a-doddle I am sooooooooo, I am sharing 31 pictures of my very own craft-room.

Today’s prompt is BLOOM.

As I told you yesterday, my amazing craft-room has three picture windows. Each one is recessed 20″ and 60″ wide. You know what that means?? It means THAT’s IS ONE BIG shelf! (times THREE!) OF COURSE I took it as a sign to completely fill with knick-knacks. AND OF COURSE BLOOMs!! Each window sill is unique with no rhyme or reason to what is on each shelf. HOWEVER! Each and every window sill does have flowers. All are silk but they still brighten up my creative space.

Today’s photo prompt is Bloom

Yes, that is still piles and piles of snow outside the windows. We are supposed to get MORE snow this coming week! ACKKKKK! Where will we put it all!??!

What is your bloom?  If you email me your picture I’ll post them on a weekend round-up post!


  1. How long does it take to dust all your lovely treasures?

  2. Tamra Phelps says

    Hey, silk flowers count. You need something bright like flowers to brighten gray Winter days.

  3. Dana Rodriguez says

    Those are beautiful honestly.

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