Comet TV: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Giveaway! Blast Off This April!

I hope your April is out of this world! This months swag bag is kinda cool!! From 2 LIMITED EDITION MST3K Pint Glasses: Share with a bud, or keep them both, yes we’ll judge you but in this day and age does it matter?

Comet TV swag giveaway!! Ends May 2nd 2017

You can only get these glasses in this pack!

My favorite is the Moon stress ball: When your stress gets out of this world, just squeeze this stress ball to get it all out… GET IT OUT! Seriously, who doesn’t want a stress ball? One shaped like the moon?! Count me IN!!

A custom MST3K flyer: Designed for the discriminating fans of MST3K.


13 classic MST3K episodes airing Sundays, starting at 8/7C.

On Earth Day, COMET is airing a movie marathon that’s perfectly suited for a planet in peril. But this time, it’s not Earth that’s in trouble — it’s us. Saturday April 22 at 12/11c, we’re bringing you four films where the Earth strikes back.


Frogs (1972)
Saturday April 22 at NOON/11AM C

Die, Monster, Die (1965)
Saturday April 22 at 2/1C

Empire of the Ants (1977)
Saturday April 22 at 4/3C

Contamination .7 (1993)
Saturday April 22 at 6/5C


Stargate SG-1 is back on COMET! Your favorite gate-hopping action series returns with back-to-back episodes Monday through Thursday at 8/7C, with encores of both episodes airing at 10/9C. That’s two chances, four times a week, to catch Jack O’Neill and his squad on their adventures across the galaxy. Indeed.



The Crow (1994)
Friday April 14 at 6/5C
Sunday April 23 at 4/3C

The Crow II: City of Angels (1996)
Friday April 14 at 8/7C
Saturday April 15 at 8/7C
Sunday April 23 at 6/5C

Gattaca (1997)
Friday April 21 at 8/7C
Saturday April 22 at 8/7C
Wednesday April 26 at 6/5C
Sunday April 30 at 4/3C

Cherry 2000 (1988)
Friday April 28 at 8/7C
Saturday April 29 at 8/7C

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Now on to the GIVEAWAY!!

Giveaway open to the U.S.  Only one prize package per giveaway no matter what blog you enter on.

Good LUCK!!!!!!!

Thank you CometTV for providing the programming and the prize package!!
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11 thoughts on “Comet TV: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Giveaway! Blast Off This April!

  1. This does sound so fun, and I’d love a stress ball shaped like the moon. The flyer is cool, too. The program must be really good!

  2. I’m a big fan of any sci-fi with some humor. Stargate: Atlantis is a favorite of mine, along with any Star Trek series.

  3. I loved watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 in first run. I’m a fan of snarky comments from machines, I guess.

  4. My favorite sci fi series would have to be The Twilight Zone. They used to have a marathon on the 4th of July when I was a kid and I loved it! 🙂

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