COMET & CHARGE! November Giveaway!

Thanksgiving is on the horizon and COMET TV has an amazing marathon of the original Flash Gordon serials! Perfect to binge Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 22 starting at 1/Noon C and every Sunday starting at 5/6 C

There’s also Area 10! For the best in cult classic films, look no further than Comet TV! If you’re looking to Rage, there’s The Rage: Carrie 2 to fire up your night, or how about horror master Clive Barker’s Lord of Illusions? If you’re looking for some family fun break out the boom box and head down to Mcy’D’z because we have Mac & Me!

Check out the full schedule and get your groove on weeknights on COMET TV!

COMET TV continues to be the home of the sci-fi classic Babylon 5 which airs every day at Noon/11 C and every night at 9/8 C!

The Terminator
The Rage: Carrie 2
Space Probe Taurus
Mesa of Lost Women
Mad Max
Cherry 2000
Dangerous Game
Steel Dawn
Night of the Living Dead
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
Mac and Me

And CHARGE! has the classic series CHiPs! Join Ponch and Jon as they cruse the freeways of Los Angeles solving crime… Back when you could cruse the freeways of Los Angeles!


The Comet TV and CHARGE! November Prize Pack has:

1 – Limited Edition Babylon 5 Hat: Only available via this promotion, this hat emblazoned with the iconic Babylon 5 logo will make a spacey addition to your collection

1 – COMET TV Flash Gordon Clamshell Pack: If you’re getting ready to check out the original Flash Gordon serials, this clamshell pack, stuffed with binge worthy popcorn will make even the Ming Merciless’ diabolical plans seem like fun.

1 – COMET TV Babylon 5 and Space: 1999 Confidential Lithograph Set: This set of lithographs are fun exclusives featuring the iconic ships from the COMET TV Space Block. Packaged in a confidential envelope, this set will give you the insiders info on your two favorite spacey shows.

2 – Exclusive CHARGE! CHiPs Aviator Sunglasses: How you doin’? When cursing down Pacific Coast Highway pop on these aviator sunglasses and get into the CHiPs spirit!

Good luck my little Peanuts!!!


  1. Kate Sarsfield says

    Oh I wish I could enter. I loved Babylon 5 & the wonky sets!

  2. Marilyn Nawara says

    My favorite is Start Trek.

  3. I really enjoy lost in space from the good old days but battlestar gallactica is a more current fave

  4. Susan Gillam says

    X-Files and Lost

  5. Susan Gillam says

    Lost and X-files are my favorite all time favs.

  6. Tracy Shafer says

    My favorite sci fi series is Star Trek! When we were kids we had one tv. And my dad had control of it. So I grew up watching all the classics. Wild Wild West, Bonanza, and of course Star Trek. I love it to this day.

  7. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I like Night of the Living Dead. It has been my favorite scifi for years.

  8. Babylon 5 and Space 1999 are both favorites and I am happy to see them on Comet TV. I would also like to see them get Farscape and some of the old fun Sci-Fi shows that didn’t last very long like Automan and Otherworld. Thank you for the chance to win. Happy holidays!

  9. I liked the original Star Trek movie. I also like the original Start Trek TV series. My favorite episode was The Trouble with Tribbles.

  10. I really can’t makeup my mind which sci-fi movies are my favorite. I am a huge sci-fi fan!
    I like Aliens, the Star Trek movies & shows, The Matrix, The Terminator, Serenity, The Thing, & many more!!

  11. Michelle Fuller says

    My favorite sci-fi move is 2001:A Space Odyssey.

  12. kathy pease says

    My favorite scifi series was the twilight zone it was so creepy

  13. Laurie Nykaza says

    X-files has always been my favorite love to see it on there too. My kids love Start Trek.

  14. Laurie Emerson says

    My favorite has always been Firefly. I would love to see it on Comet.

  15. I love The X-Files and Guardians of the Galaxy. I’d love to see The X-Files on Comet.

  16. Derek Miller says

    I am primarily a Trek watcher but I really miss Babylon 5, it certainly had its merits. I think it will be my next binge watch while I work. Firefly was great too but short lived, if only it lasted longer.