Happy June!! $50 Your Way Giveaway!

Happy June! Hopefully we are all done with the snow! RIGHT?!?! For as far north as we are here in Idaho it’s been down right HOT here! I am NOT complaining! 80+ degree temps has me doing the happy dance. Of course, I just looked out the window and we have a mighty dark sky […]

The Firecracker 500 Giveaway!!

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Say WHAT!?

It’s odd to me that exercise wakes me up. Days when I don’t exercise I am tired and sleepy all day. How does that make sense? Work hard….. sweat up a storm…… have energy all day long. Sleep in and all I want to do is sit on the couch or nap. Soooo trust me […]

Decisions… decisions….

What to confess blog about today? That I cleaned house and sweated up a storm? Ohhh good job!! That I ate grilled chicken and only a small amount of potato salad? Great JOB me!! Or that I had 2 pieces of carrot cake? Nooooo I should leave out. I’ll leave out the potato chips and […]

Ouch Oouch Ouch!!!

Today was a major workout day!! I walked with Kaki, then did yard work. Mowing, weeding and sweeping. On the plus side……pushing the lawn mower over very uneven ground was much easier than in the past. Yea, push-ups! I got me some upper body strength going on!! I also have 2 blisters, several scratches and […]

HOLD the phone!!

That last post caused quiet a stir…. I am up POINT five as in 1/2 of a pound. NOT 5 pounds! I ate a LOT but not that MUCH!! I’ll spell it out next time. 5 pounds!??! Seriously?!?!?! NO NO NO!! (please no!) I had my weekly conference call with Tyler at WellStrong Fitness. Tyler […]

4 week update

First I have to say I am SO READY for this week to be OVER!!!!!!!!! Kaki is on vacation so I didn’t walk. Yes, I know I could have walked all by myself, but what if I got lost? What if a pack of wild dogs………. okay so you get the point. I took the […]

Old habits

When it rains it pours! Today was one bad phone call after another!!! (Watch out I’m about to let loose with some major whining!) My son has to find a new house to rent buy August 15th. My mother’s mobile home just won’t sell and now the realtor wants it painted and new carpet (we […]