Hello October! $50 Your WAY Giveaway

Well, September sure left like a LION! Snow! High winds. What kind of high winds? The kind of wind that tore the door off the BRAND NEW John Deere Tractor!!!!!! BLEW the door RIGHT OFF!! Other than that September was a pretty calm month. Made a new friend at the Goodwill store of all places. […]

Cook’n now!! Review

I figured after all the Christmas cooking and baking it would be the perfect time to tell you about Cook’n Recipe Organizer. Because if you are anything like me you spent more time LOOKING for all the recipes to use for the holiday’s than was really necessary! Honestly, my Grandmothers recipes were in one spot, […]

Natural House Review and Giveaway!!

I have to admit two things.  First, my sense of humor is such, that I would buy these cleaning products for their name alone.  Sinky, Trashy, Flushy.  Seriously!  I would leave them out on the counter just so people would see them. I love the names.  Next confession I’ve always had it in my mind […]

Home Organization 101 Notebook Review

Home Organization 101 Notebook  A simple guide to simplifying your life! I was given the opportunity to review the Home Organization 101 Notebook.  I tried the system for a full 2 weeks.  I have to say I’m impressed.  This isn’t a big book. There aren’t tons of pages to read.  There aren’t a million and […]

iCaught Santa Review and Giveaway!!

How much FUN is THIS?!?!  Yes, that is my tree!  Yes, those are presents for Christmas (Let’s not tell Emma or Eli please!!) AND yes, that is Santa!!!   I’m so excited about this picture!!  I’m having prints made at Walgreen’s!  Then I plan to have Norgan our little elf with his camera ‘catching’ Santa. […]

Piczzle Puzzle Review and Giveaway!

Sponsored by Tomoson.comSponsored by Tomoson.com Christmas is fast approaching and if you are like me you are always needing stocking stuffers!!  Ohhhh wait till I show you what I have today!!!  Piczzle Puzzle!!  SO cute!!  So perfect for any holiday!! First you can’t believe how easy the ordering process is!Super fast turn around time. Custom […]

I forgot……

Since my ‘baby’ is 31 I have long forgotten what it’s like to care for toddlers.I miss the kisses and the hugs.  I miss the giggles and smiles.  I love my Grandbabies so much!!!  But I had completely forgotten everything else that comes with toddlers.Like…. that high pitch scream because someone took away someone else’s […]

Wordless Sunday