6 Savvy Ways to Feel More Content in Your Life

If you were to peer into your own life with a magnifying glass would you be content with what you are seeing? You might simply plod along with your day to day activities without overthinking your habits. However, you could be missing out on a lot of important aspects without even realizing. Whether you’re looking […]

And Down Goes The Trees!

We had several trees that when worried us each time we had high winds up here on our little mountain. Trees that were way too close to the house and leaning toward the house. In my mind I could see th e house completed, new roof, new deck and a downed 80 tree right down […]

Starting A Home Business: What Should You Consider

Photo by Burst from Pexels Making the decision to stop working and make a move into a home role as an entrepreneur takes not only courage and confidence but also a good solid plan. You need to be sure that it’s going to be worth your while trying to make a success of a business […]

6 Tips to garage door repair in San Diego

Finding the best garage door repair service in San Diego depends on the degree of damage you have on your garage door. The success of the work also depends on the company you choose. A reputable and certified garage door repair company with a qualified team can handle almost any problem you may have on […]

4 Ways Your Tech Is Holding Your Business Back

These are modern times we’re living in, and things are changing for businesses at a pretty fast pace. While it wasn’t so long ago when tech was a peripheral aspect of running a company, today it’s integral. But of course, it’s not enough to simply have computers and internet and all the other staples of […]