Raising a Healthy Family: Tips for Dealing with Frequent Business Trips!

Before you had children, traveling may have been one of the biggest perks of your job. In fact, it may be one of the factors that made you decide to accept the position. After all, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of all the awesome experiences traveling can offer? However, now that you have children, […]

6 Creative Baby Shower Ideas and Themes!

Becoming a new mother or father is challenging – no doubt about that. From figuring out childcare schedules to purchasing supplies, there is a lot to manage. With all of that in mind, sometimes you, as a friend of the expecting parents, can choose to throw a baby shower to help out the parents-to-be. However, […]

Amazon Prime Day is HERE!!

It’s like Christmas in July…. only Amazon style! So many deals!! So many things to try!! This might be my favorite deal!! Audible!

Rise and Shine Peanuts With Davina Wellness!!

It’s Sunday! I hope you are doing exactly what you want to do today! Really, wouldn’t that be the perfect day? Doing exactly what YOU want to do. No worries about anyone or anything. Of course, I think this will have a HUGE impact on what I want to do when I win the lottery! […]

5 Appliances that Help You Eat Healthily!

In today’s world of ever advancing technologies, kitchen appliances have seen amazing growth over the last few decades. All these appliances have helped us cook food faster and more efficiently, and they save us time, money, and energy. There are many kitchen appliances that can also help you make and eat healthier food. Many of […]