August 2019 $50 Your Way Giveaway!! #giveaway #paypal #GC

I am still road tripping around California but I wouldn’t dare forget to post my monthly giveaway! So, my monthly update will be rather short. I am thoroughly enjoying my time with my kids and of course Alice. Yes, in between I am still complaining about traffic. I am sorry for everyone in Southern California […]

Happy June!! $50 Your Way Giveaway!

Happy June! Hopefully we are all done with the snow! RIGHT?!?! For as far north as we are here in Idaho it’s been down right HOT here! I am NOT complaining! 80+ degree temps has me doing the happy dance. Of course, I just looked out the window and we have a mighty dark sky […]

Blumhouse and Universal Pictures MA Party Pack Giveaway!! #MAmovie

I loveeeeeeeee scary movies. I love ones that make you think “I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!!” Just the previews are giving me goose bumps!! It’s 5:00 o’clock somewhere!-MA  Oscar winner Octavia Spencer will send chills down your spine in the new thriller from Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Entertainment, MA coming to theaters May […]

December 2018 $50 Giveaway!

Happy December little Peanuts! I am going to make this intro very short because, welllll basically I got a little lazy at the end of November and didn’t have this post written before I came to California for the annual Elf Returns Breakfast. So I will update y’all soon, just not laying in bed typing […]

COMET & CHARGE! November Giveaway!

Thanksgiving is on the horizon and COMET TV has an amazing marathon of the original Flash Gordon serials! Perfect to binge Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 22 starting at 1/Noon C and every Sunday starting at 5/6 C There’s also Area 10! For the best in cult classic films, look no further than Comet TV! If you’re looking to […]

Happy November! $50 Your Way Giveaway!!

Happy November little Peanuts!! October flew by!!  The carpet and flooring is done. The DOG got renamed because she resembles a is cute like a little teddy BEAR.   Little did I say little? This puppy is growing by leaps and bounds! Right now Bear is only 13 weeks old! She’s gonna be huge! My daughter […]

COMET & CHARGE! October Giveaway! Hushaween!

It’s the sound… of silence! Y’all know I LOVE Halloween!! I love the scary movies! I love the decorations. AND I LOVE my COMET TV!! This Halloween tune in to COMET TV as they bring you the horror classics that will send shivers down your spine. Before Buffy, before Edward, and before a certain Count, […]

D.A.D.S Giveaway!! The Ultimate Personal Protection!

One of my favorite blogs out there is Sonya’s Happenings and I am thrilled to be a co-host for this great giveaway. You have to check out this device!! Talk about ‘peace of mind!’ Although, Sonya’s Happenings… has written this review, Peanut Butter and Whine and My Silly Little Gang are Co-Hosts of this awesome […]