7 Reasons To Cut Out Sugar Aside From Weight Loss!

It’s no secret that sugar is bad for you and you shouldn’t eat too much of it. If you have a very high sugar diet, you are likely to gain a lot of weight, and it can be difficult to lose that weight again unless you cut back on the sugar. But weight gain isn’t […]

A Guide To Healthy Teen Food Choices

One of the best courses of action regarding good teenage health is to create an environment that makes the consumption of healthy food easy for children, but without placing pressure on them to choose healthy food.  Does this sound confusing?  This article provides information on how to make this work. Stocking The House With Healthy […]

90 Day Weight Loss Challenge with Creative Bioscience!!

Skinny! How weird is this…..today I posted the very first blog post… ya know, from when the blog was all about weight loss 7/1/2009!! Then this afternoon I find a blog post over at Blog By Donna and she has started a 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge with the help of Creative Bioscience.  They are looking […]