$50 Your Way #Giveaway!! February 2021

February Single Blog Giveaway $50 Your Way

Do you Little Peanuts remember when I use to be so organized?? Yeah… it’s been so long ME EITHER!!! I woke up this morning THE 1st! Realizing I didn’t add my monthly giveaway. Ackkkkkkk!!! HOW is this already FEBRUARY 1st?!?!

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Hello 2021 $50 Giveaway #giveaway

Win $50 your way Ends 1/31

Happy New Year little Peanuts! Wooooohooooo GOODBYE 2020!! I am racking my brain trying to have any kind of an update for my giveaway post. Man 2020 really screwed things up, right?!? I didn’t travel, I didn’t do anything exciting.

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Faith Under Fire Movie Review #FaithUnderFireMIN

A movie with Kevin Sorbo AND Dean Cain? Well, of course you can count me in! Faith Under Fire I don’t know if you’ve seen previews or not, personally, it’s a title I hadn’t ever heard of. However, since I

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$100 Your Way Giveaway December 2020 #giveaway

$100 giveaway

I decided to do one more $100 giveaway. It may help someone pay down some of those holiday shopping bills. January I will be going back to my normal $50 giveaway. Being stuck at home means my monthly update is,

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Before The Wrath Movie Review and #GIVEAWAY!! #beforethewrathmovie

before the wrath

WOW! I just have to start with WOW! Before the Wrath brings interviews with experts and mixes them with a beautiful reenactment and in depth teaching of the Rapture. The Husband and I truly found this movie intriguing and fascinating.

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Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Mind Blown All True & New #giveaway

Ripley's Giveaway

Okay, SERIOUSLY how does Ripley’s Believe It or Not! FIND THESE STORIES?!?!  REALLY, I need to know how is it possible that Ripley’s packs a new book every year with such amazing stories? Just like last year and the year

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Winning Moves Games #Giveaway


Since I started blogging wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back when, one of my favorite companies to work with was Winning Moves Games. Over the years I have been spoiled with so many amazing games to review. Winning Moves Games has TONS and MORE

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Hot Cherry Pillow #Giveaway!! #coupon

Win Hot Cherry Eye Pillow

Remember back in September I introduced you to Hot Cherry Pillows?  We’ve already established it’s NOT a SONG!!  Nope not sung by Neil Diamond or Warrent. It’s a hot cold therapy pillow. I can not even begin to tell you

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NOVICA $50 Giveaway!!

Novica giveaway code

If you’ve been around Peanut Butter and Whine for a while you KNOW how much I adore NOVICA!! OHMGEEEEEE!! Talk about a site that makes me squeal with delight every time I shop there. So many treasures in my home

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$100 Your Way #Giveaway November 2020

$100 Giveaway November

Hello little Peanuts!! This month to help a little with your holiday shopping I’ve upped the regular “$50 Your Way Giveaway” to $100. My way of saying thank you for visiting. Coming up I have some great giveaways coming from

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