$50 Your Way #Giveaway October 2020

October Giveaway

I am still alive and kicking. Whining all the way! Here is my quick update for October. September 21st I had carpal tunnel surgery. 1st, did you know that is now an office visit surgery!??! 2nd did you know you

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$50 Your Way #Giveaway September 2020

September? I can’t tell if 2020 is screaming by or if it’s crawling by. (Okay, that makes absolutely NO sense!) If you are new here the monthly giveaway ways starts with an update on life on a mountain in Sandpoint,

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Check it OUT!! #MaskMarket GIVEAWAY!! #facemaskselfie

Aren’t we living in the weirdest of times? I read today that some governors want to extend the quarantine for 18 months?!? EIGHTEEN MONTHS!? Are you kidding me?! Quarantined and bored out OF MY MIND (sorry, did I type that

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$50 Your Way Giveaway! April 2020!

$50 Your Way Giveaway. PayPal, Gift Card or?? You choose.

Here we are with another monthly giveaway. This months update though is gonna be super boring. Truly, could our lives get any weirder??  This is like being sent to your room (which is where I always wanted to be anyway!).

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TV Store Online To The RESCUE!!! @TVStoreOnline GIVEAWAY!!

Virus or not birthday’s happen, holiday’s happen and the Easter Bunny is still on the horizon. I’m sure the last thing parents want in those Easter baskets is candy!! I’m really sure that daughter Selena would have my hide if

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$50 Your Way Giveaway March 2020!

Pleaseeeeee somebody tell me spring is on its way!!? Seriously, I wish I could get a good shot of the HUGE snow flakes that float from the sky. The they look fluffy! We actually had two days in a ROW

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