Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn #ReadLoveLettering #ad #SheSpeaks

If there was ever a book that screamed out to me Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn is it. I truly enjoyed this book. First, it’s a love story. Yeah! I am a huge romance reader. Oh how I love me some mushy stuff. Second. Letters. Letters as in fancy script, funky script. Frilly script, skinny […]

How To Tell If Your Water Is Contaminated

pexels There are several ways to tell if there’s a problem with your household water. Strange Taste When your water is contaminated it won’t taste right. If you notice an odd new flavour it probably means it’s contaminated. This could include an oily, bitter, fishy or metallic taste. So if your drinking water tastes like […]

How To Have A Productive Company Meeting

Pexels A company meeting is a perfect opportunity to get management and your employees together and on the same page. Keep in mind that meetings are pointless unless they’re properly planned and executed. Be glad to know there are ways for how you can have a more productive and insightful company meeting in the future. […]

Why Your Business Might Need More IT Support

There are often areas in your business that start to flag behind, and that’s normal. It’s being able to pull your focus and effort onto it to make sure it’s keeping up with everything else that’s important. Here’s why your business might need more IT support. Image Source Your Staff Are Sharing Their Concerns When […]

Trail Cam Friday

I moved the trail cam to the left of our garage door instead of outside my craft room.  My thoughts were: A. easier to get too (true)  B. better variety of pictures (false) So, these are not the best pictures for the week. Granted, it’s been icky outside. It’s either snowing or raining or both […]

Income Streams That Work Even When You Don’t

Pixabay – CC0 Licence If you were offered the chance to take your salary for a year, or five, or ten, without going into work, would you take it? The vast majority of people surely would, because it would free up time in which we could do other things that we wanted to do, without […]

Need Help In the Kitchen? Ask Your Toddler! (5 Life Tested Tips)

Image by FamVeld As a busy mother, I totally understand how challenging it could be to make meals and watch your kids simultaneously. And the smaller the baby, the harder it is. Particularly if it’s your first kid! I do my best to make meals as fast as the flash and serve it right away. […]

Use Your English Degree as a Social Media Manager

Do you often find yourself surfing the internet looking for the best vape websites and wondering if there is any way to use your internet skills to get a job? One of the hottest jobs going right now is digital media manager. People in this profession use digital and social media to attract customers for businesses […]