Keeping To A Blog Schedule When On Your Travels

If you’re someone who runs a blog, and you’re very dedicated to the business of keeping it updated on a strict and constructive schedule, taking time off might be quite hard for you. You relish in your work, and you love to get on with it, and taking the time to go on vacation or […]

Tips From Industry Professionals For Blogger Outreach

Link building is an indispensable practice that no SEO professional can ignore. The only feasible reason is the need for connecting with influencers and seek backlinks from them. Whether you need to outreach bloggers for your personal gain or for your clients, there are three crucial steps to do it the right way. Creating an […]

6 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Earning

Whether we want to admit it or not, most bloggers would like to earn money from their work. You might not have gone into blogging to earn money. You might not even have realized that it was possible in those early days. But you’ll have since learned about bloggers who make a full-time living from […]

A to Z April Challenge Letter B

B obviously has to be for BLOG! I started the blog as part of Channel 10 San Diego weight loss challenge. I kicked butt!  I won! The challenge ended and well, you might say I’m highly competitive I only lost weight during the challenge. The challenge ended, there was no one to race, and…..well, that […]

Happy Birthday!!

I have officially blogged every SINGLE day! For one full year!!  Yea ME!!  HA!!  I told ya I had a lot to say…… wait…. I mean I can talk A LOT …. sometimes about nothing at all! Now… who was in charge of bringing me cake?  Balloons?  Flowers?  COME ON!!!!!!  a cupcake?  Fine.  Never mind… I will […]