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If you are my friend on Facebook you’ve probably heard that my oldest daughter, Selena, is engaged. (Good JOB Dan!!)  So, now we start the planning.  (Which, seriously, would be so much easier if we had a wedding DATE PEOPLE!!!
I’m so excited that I’ve been looking around and I found a capture pod.  OH MY GOSH!!!  Seriously!! Can you imagine MY family and our friends with access to one of these?!!?
This photo booth rental is in Fort Lauderdale but I think they have a place near me.  I can only imagine the photo’s that would come from this. Seriously!  This would be a crazy fun photo album keepsake to make after the wedding.  This is so much better than the wedding photo booths I’ve seen before, this one is white and sleek looking.  It looks so much more appropriate for a wedding!
I want a box of props for guests.  I’m loving this idea!! They offer customized logos and texts with the names and dates!  Custom back drops! You can have 2 to 6 photo’s per strip. Black n White or color prints.  I want!!  Oh wait…. I’m only MOTB, dang it….. I guess I have to ask first huh?  Oh heavens! There may be a new tv series to watch out for, move over Bridezilla…. here comes  ‘MotherZILLA’.

Anyway, Selena…. Dan ….. can we will you have a capture pod??  

3 thoughts on “Capture Pod

  1. Having a Capture Pod is a great way to remember that “special day” as the couple will be able to capture a photo (in a personalized manner) of each guest in attendance at their wedding – which is rarely captured by their photographer.

    You can use “my reasoning” when suggesting a Capture Pod to you daughter. LOL 🙂

  2. Too funny! Enjoy your time and don’t get stressed out. I am happy for you all! Congratulations! I am sure it will be just beautiful. 🙂

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