HA!! Found It!

For those of you who read the last post know that I set out my trail cams to try and catch photographs of the new bear cub that is wandering in the trees surrounding our house. Mama and cub come around daily. So, I put two trail cameras out somewhere in the 10 acre spread […]

Well Now……….

Y’all know I have my trail cams in different areas around the outside of the house.  I have gotten so many amazing shots. Deer, turkeys, bears. I love my wildlife photos. Well, with the work on the deck and the new roof being put on, I had a BRILLIANT idea. I will move the cameras […]

The Best Ways To Strengthen Your Client Relationships

Image Courtesy Of Thomas Drouault It is no secret that having a strong client base will help your business thrive.  But, the key to having strong clients is to develop even stronger working relationships with them.  The goal is to acquire clients, keep them coming back, and get them to refer others to do the […]