August 2019 $50 Your Way Giveaway!! #giveaway #paypal #GC

I am still road tripping around California but I wouldn’t dare forget to post my monthly giveaway! So, my monthly update will be rather short. I am thoroughly enjoying my time with my kids and of course Alice. Yes, in between I am still complaining about traffic. I am sorry for everyone in Southern California […]

A Movie Star in The Making! Thanks to Brooke Byler Acting School!

My little movie star in the making!! Alice went to a week long acting camp with Brook Byler. She has working actors taking her acting courses! For instance Alice’s BFF Olive! Who stars in the series I’m Sorry (BTW I put a licp below so you can see Olive. AND a big congratulations for getting […]

Should You Give Your Child A Cell Phone?

It’s difficult to imagine life without cell phones, but when you were a kid, that’s almost certainly the case. Now it seems as though kids are getting their first cell phone at an even younger age, and it’s something that’s usually top of the wish-list. Deciding when to give your child a cell phone is […]


Just a quick check in. Yes, still in sunny California along with 987 BILLION other people. I do not know where all these people have come from!! I feel like all I’ve done is park on the freeway. I know I always complained about California traffic when I was here but after you move away […]

How Secure Is Your Business Premises?

Image via Pexels  There’s a lot of focus these days on the constantly looming threat of cyber crime. And although that is a huge factor in ensuring the safety of your business and livelihood, forgetting about the security of your physical premises would be a huge mistake. If you haven’t already taken proactive steps to […]

It’s Never Too Late For A Career Change! You spend a long time working. A long time. Whether you leave school early and get a job, or you leave college in your twenties and start out in your career, you could spend forty or fifty years of your life working – if not more. And when you’re dedicating so much of your […]

Careers For The Big Thinkers Out There

Picture Source Finding the perfect career is no easy task. It depends on your personality and your talents. Someone could be technologically-gifted, for instance, but find that certain IT roles don’t appeal to them because they have a social personality and need human interaction. It’s important to weigh up both your characteristics and your skills […]

10 Things You Can Do To Improve Yourself As A Business Owner

Whether you’ve just started out on your own or you’ve already successfully managed to create a team for your business, then there’s plenty of things that you can do to build on your experience and the way you lead as a business owner. Here are ten things you can do to improve yourself as a […]