Cricut Joy Giveaway!

First, this is NOT my giveaway. This is a giveaway on Daily Dose Of DIY  But, y’all know how much I love my Cricut Maker machine. It’s ssoooooo much fun! Well, Cricut just came out with a smaller, more portable machine called the JOY!! It’s so CUTE!! What I really love is the card making […]

Sunday Prayer Group Post Your Needs, Even Unspoken

This is the 3nd week of the Sunday Prayer Requests. I am co-hosting with my friend Sonya over at Sonya’s Happenings. I hope you will go over and see Sonya’s site! She’s a sweetheart! Trust me Sonya has a great sense of humor and A TON of Giveaways as well!!! She’s got it goin’on over […]

Can You Sue Your Child’s Daycare?

  When you think about lawsuits for negligence and personal injury cases, you might think about car accidents primarily. For example, if someone hits you when you’re behind the wheel, you might hire a lawyer to ensure you get paid after an accident.  There are other situations where you might want to hire a lawyer […]

Six Exciting Canadian City Breaks to Put on Your Bucket List

Just across the US border – you can walk, drive, fly, or take a train – and you’ll find yourself in Canada. If you thought the United States was fun, this legendary location promises a huge amount of amazing and memorable things to see and do, not to mention stunning natural beauty you’ll never forget.  […]

Trail Cam Friday!

Trail Cam Friday is late going up because truthfully I thought today was THURSDAY!!!! It’s 11:15 in the morning and I caught a glimpse of something on TV and it said Friday blah blah blah and I looked at The Husband and the conversation went like this:  “Is this DVR’d?” “No” “What day is this?” […]

Must-Know Bus Stop Safety Tips

Statistics show that pedestrian injury is the second-leading cause of accidental injury-related deaths among children between the ages of 5 and 14 in the U.S. This means that risks can occur when your child is walking to school, walking around your neighborhood, or waiting for the bus. School bus safety is critical for parents and […]

Ideal spots for some R&R

Feeling that the world is a little bit too much with you and you need some R&R to recharge your inner engines? Here are some wonderful places that you can visit to revive those run-down psychic batteries!  Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada Image source Banff National Park was established in 1885. Its stunning mountain […]

Find your next romantic retreat here!

If you are lucky enough to have found that really special someone, why not give love a chance to grow and blossom in some of the most romantic retreats in the world? Here are some of the very best destinations for love, romance and relaxation!    The City of Love, eternal Paris, France Image source […]