August 2019 $50 Your Way Giveaway!! #giveaway #paypal #GC

I am still road tripping around California but I wouldn’t dare forget to post my monthly giveaway! So, my monthly update will be rather short.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time with my kids and of course Alice. Yes, in between I am still complaining about traffic. I am sorry for everyone in Southern California that drives the i5, 15, 215……. wait, let me reword that; I am sorry for anyone that has to DRIVE in southern California!

I’m enjoying pool time a lot! I am really going to miss swimming everyday. Sarah, now I understand why you hate missing swim class. Ahhhhhh it’s so wonderful being in the pool. Speaking of which; Alice the mermaid is ready to hit the pool again. TaTa for now!!


I truly am thankful you stop by!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts!

230 thoughts on “August 2019 $50 Your Way Giveaway!! #giveaway #paypal #GC

  1. I’ve just sat here all day. Bored. Trying to lose this excess fluid so they’ll let me go back to physical therapy. Last week I dropped 11 pounds, so it is coming off.

  2. The link to add this giveaway is not updated. Still has the July one. If you update it before tomorrow, I’ll add it to my blog.

  3. At every months end one wonders where did the time go? Before you know it Ho Ho Ho time will be here.. have a great weekend and if you are in the states Happy Labour Day weekend…..

  4. Got up early to take my new car (6 months old) in for an oil change. I’ve been going to the same place for 25 years and trust them to take good care of my cars. Frank checked under the hood and found that it takes synthetic oil and only needs to be changed every 5,000 miles. It will cost $65 instead of $20 but I’ll only have to do it every 6 months for the amount I drive.

  5. Weeds weeds weeds…. jeez it seems like half of my time is pulling them….so that is first on the agenda.. when I see one in my flowers I go nutz… after that filling a cake order…..

  6. I started mother/child swim lessons with my daughter today. So much fun! Looking forward to doing it again next week.

  7. Yesterday was 2 years since my husband passed….very hard time….today going out to his favourite part of the land and remembering all the times.. good .. bad.. happy.. sad….all the adventures.. the morning coffee/tea in the gallery talking…..

  8. My roommate here died a month or so back. Since then, her call button has gone off about five or six times. The aides come back here expecing that I need something…but then we see the light flashing on Eleanors side. Someone must have reported it because maintenance just came in and changed the wall unit that controls the buttons. What do you want to bet it doesn’t work, lol??? I’m just saying, maybe she has some unfinished business.

  9. Today is a stressful day. Have to take my dog to the vet when my husband gets off work. She’s not feeling well and not eating. We took her yesterday, said she had something upper respiratory, prescribed antibiotics and said if she doesn’t start eating by today and won’t take her meds to bring her back. I am so beyond worried about her.

  10. It’s the last day of summer for us here! Back to school tomorrow. We made the most of it by grilling and eating outside.

  11. Good rehearsal for Sage Singers. Then stopped of at the DWC rehearsal to officially retire as a singer from there and to say hello to friends.

  12. It’s a slow Sunday. I’m getting impatient, frustrated by the wait to feel well again, able to walk and take care of myself completely. But I’ll get it done. Hopefully, lol.

  13. It’s not raining again today -whoop! Catch-up on all the weeding and change the sheets then chill time with some of the 10 songs I’ve got to learn for a concert on the 5th October.

  14. I was hoping to change over to my new computer but my internet connection was very flakey most of the day. Will try again on Monday.

  15. All I’ve done today is catch up on the mountain of laundry that never seems to go away! Homemade pizza tonight; cheese & ham for Mum and jalapeno chicken with caramelised onions for me!

  16. There are days I want to throw away my wellies and garden clothes and put on a lovely dress and heels to go out with my husband…. laugh and enjoy….have to rely on memories….

  17. Good swim, then a stop at the library. I won a $200 GC to Amazon a couple of weeks ago and just bought a new computer. I’ll be spending the day tomorrow trying to get files and stuff moved from the old computer to the new one. I’ve worked with computers for most of the last 20 years and am having a hard time getting my mind around the fact that my new computer will have 1 Terabyte of storage. There are 1,024 GB in 1 TB.

  18. Have to take down all the drapes and curtains and change them for the fall season coming soon.. granted there is no fall here but I still go with tradition….a big job so i will do it over days in stages.. the garden still calls….

  19. Electric just came back on after being out over an hour. Odd that the emergency generators didn’t kick in…I mean there are people on oxygen, etc., here.

  20. A great day! I’m having a good time training our new dog and trying to get her to warm up to men a little. She’s such a great pup, but she’s a little shy!

  21. Heat wave here, and severe thunderstorm warning in effect. It is 88.64 degrees with the fan on, 95 degrees outside. So, I’m trying to stay cool, and not too far from the fan!

  22. After a busy hectic weekend I’m kind of glad to be getting back to the normal day-to-day. Very tired though. Was up til about 3am last night so coffee is my friend

  23. “It’s raining again …” Isn’t that how the song goes? Almost 3 times the usual amount of rainfall has fallen so far this month. Other news: my niece started exams this week as she was allowed time off in May. A cousin of hers committed suicide and, although she didn’t know him well, it hit her hard and right in the middle of her 3rd. year exams. She has 2 this week and 3 next week so they’re nicely spaced and fingers crossed, so far, so good.

  24. Things are doing better today. I was down because I temporarily had to stop physical therapy. (I put on about 40 pounds of water weight in a few weeks because my back hurt so bad from nerve pain that I was sleeping in the wheelchair rather than lay on my back in bed.) But the legs are doing better, going down in size, since I’ve been able to get back in bed and put them up. I mean, it was bizarre how huge they got from sitting in the chair, letting them hang down.

  25. Day is good, I made peach preserves and a huge pasta salad. I made the beans from scratch in the slow cooker. Just finished all the dishes. Pretty hot out today, but not like the record-breaking July!

  26. Still raining but I went to get my hair cut to cheer myself up and got some great thrillers in a charity shop as well as a gorgeous leather shoulder bag for roughly $5! So happy day, and no I didn’t need a new bag!

  27. Spent 4 hours outside today working on the pond.. things are up to snuff now.. don’t want to have to do that work again.. if there is no bad weather tomorrow plan on doing some painting outside…have a great weekend all!

  28. Day is going good, nice weather, too. Fights last night at the condo board meeting, owners yelling at the investor owner on the board and others, too, over many things. I didn’t say anything, and they are still playing games with the 100 fire code violations, this is the second time they’ve been written up about the same things, they are supposed to come up with a plan (since January) and haven’t yet, and now only have one month, and they didn’t even discuss it. The bad part is if/when they assess fines, they will be each of us, unless we sue the board. I want to have a tiny house, no more condo baloney.

  29. Well started to work outside and actually got a bit done before the black clouds came in and it started to pour…. thats that .. so.. up shower put on the coffee and relax .. house is clean and the laundry and pressing is done.. guess i will have to relax!

  30. Feeling a little blah today. Insomnia strikes again. And I awoke with a sore throat. Hoping the day looks up from here

  31. I’m getting ready for my ride service to pick me up. It is a beautiful day out, sunny and cool enough to be invigorating.

  32. And it’s still raining but as we’re down to living off cans of soup from the ’emergency/power cut’ cupboard, I’ll have to head into town. This time last year it hadn’t rained for 6 weeks!

  33. Kind of dark and damp out today, but I had plenty to do, and just very, very glad no more heat wave!! Made a nice soup in the slow cooker, and just got finished putting everything away.

  34. Such a wonderful evening with Judy Collins. The sunset was as beautiful as her voice. A very great end to my birthday. She sang my 2 favorite songs of hers: Send in the Clowns and Both Sides Now.

  35. Kind of rainy out today, getting the ingredients prepared to make a soup in the slow cooker tomorrow. I see going through some old boxes, a set of dishes I was going to give away is getting a good price used. Maybe I will try to sell them, I could use some pin money. Hope Connie has a safe trip home, thinking of you!

  36. Rainy day here, better than yesterday. The heat index here yesterday was insanity. SO hot and humid. So glad for the temporary reprieve.

  37. My back is having some nerve pain issues. Still, not as bad as it was before, lol. I’ll push through and get back on my feet. I keep telling myself that!

  38. Already to go out and work some more on my new planting area.. wellies on….wheelbarrow and tools… here come the black clouds…I still persist…figure I could get some work done.. then the first large drop of rain and back I go.. I guess I will have to take the day off….

  39. My husband, my little one, and myself all seem to have came down with something that seems like a summer cold or something. NOT fun!

  40. Getting ready to walk to town and do some errands. Nice day out today. Stopping at Whole Foods on the way home, only buy milk and chips. I don’t have Prime, I just get a couple things to tide me over til I can go to a regular grocery store. The store is still really, really busy since Amazon bought it, they are going to expand the store soon.

  41. Fun getting back together with the Sage Singers. Then my best friend took me to the Texas Roadhouse for my birthday. I got salmon and it was very good.

  42. Today has not been the best. I had to spend 2 hours in an online chat with Boost Mobile, my phone company, today. The really sad part is this is the 3rd week out of 4 weeks I have had to contact them with an issue. It’s ridiculous. It truly seems they don’t know what it is they are doing and I am highly contemplating moving to a different company even though I’ve been a loyal customer for 5 years.

  43. Day is going good, just finished making up a spice blend for BBQ, the recipe is to make crispy BBQ chickpeas, you dry them in the oven, then roll in oil and maple syrup, roll in spice blend then put back in the oven. I want to try this idea with popcorn, too. Nice day out today, but I have lots to do here. Trying to help my niece, a military family, they have to move soon.

  44. Hallelujah!!! It has stopped raining at last so did a week’s laundry & then spent the rest of the day weeding paths & the driveway. I got some buckets of manure to rot down and then put on my roses.

  45. Wonderfully productive day….sanitized the aviary..been looking at a piece of land in the barn area that was so overgrown it was making me nuts…had the area cut down and now I see a great place for more veggies to plant….can’t use the tiller so I used the hoe and did not even have to enrich it due to all the green manure… next good planting day I have to make sure my seedlings are ready to go in….have a wonderful weekend all!

  46. Day is going good. Just finished up making blueberry preserves, first time I ever tried it. I didn’t see anything I wanted at the store, and it dawned on me to try making my own. So good! They aren’t the kind that you boil the jars, just use within a couple of weeks and keep in the refrigerator, they won’t last long, need to make the scones to go with the preserves.

  47. Day is going good, and trying to figure out who/what, etc. for a couple of repairs. Local FB group has recommendations, then others are saying some who were highly recommended were so bad when they used them (without saying which ones) that they could be considered “criminal,” so I’m digging around. Nice day out, but was inside, altho I appreciate it was cool enough I could think straight! Taking some dishes out I had in storage, forgot how cute they are! Love summer!

  48. I’m glad it’s Friday. I need a mini break from therapy, lol. Michele, I envy you having that garden with the tomatoes. Nothing beats a homegrown ‘mater’–as my Granny said.

    1. Tammie I throw them in a bowl with fresh chopped basil and cubes of mozzarella.. top it all with olive oil and a bit of sea salt.. cut a piece of bread and sit down and have a party!!

  49. We are enjoying the sunshine and cooler weather today. Last night got chilly which reminds me that Fall is around the corner.

  50. My day is going tired. I’m so glad it’s Friday. Barely got any sleep cuz I got woken up really early by a sick child. Fortunately, she is feeling much better now

  51. Had a lovely time at the Indigo Girls concert at the gardens. Forecast said lots of rain, but we only had about 5 minutes of sprinkles.

  52. Have no idea where the day went….pulled out drying flowers and re-planted the bed.. Moved on to another bed and did the same….transplanted all my veggie greens.. started some new cucumbers and voila my cherry tomatoes are coming in lovely….tomorrow is another day….

  53. Another day, another battle around here to get something done. I want my legs wrapped to help control swelling, but they won’t because they say it makes the feet swell more…but the feet were swelling anyway. This is all because I’ve been sleeping in the chair instead of the bed. I can’t stand my back touching the mattress (nerve pain from the surgery.) So, I’ve asked to speak to a person in authority, lol.

  54. Day is going good, getting ready for the ride service to pick me up so I get groceries. We had tons of flooding last night, cars stuck and ditched. Nobody got hurt that I’m aware of, four inches of water in a short burst, with the thunder and lightning!

  55. Day is going good. I just shut my windows, it started raining, could be thunderstorms. Just visited with my neighbor, too.

  56. Totally not feeling well today – I think the heat here is kind of getting to me, been really hot and humid

  57. It stormed yesterday and last night. At one point yesterday, hailstones were banging against the windows. Weird weather here.

  58. My kids are at church camp this week and are having a lot of fun with their friends. I’ve been able to catch up on some cleaning.

  59. Hump Day & I’ve still got a pain in my belly, it’s raining again, I was woken by a cold call at an un-Godly hour, wait a minute, hold the front page, the rain has turned to hailstones (in August???) and I have to take Mum to get her hair cut … I wanna go back to bed and start again!

  60. Had a lovely morning in the village going around to the shoppes.. By the time I reached home I had no motivation to work in the garden so I took the day off.. oh a small bank problem which after I was on hold for quite awhile and was promised it would be rectified by days end shock of all shocks it was fixed.. will wonders never cease…

  61. Had a very fun SPARK adventure today out at DBG Chatfield. We wandered the grounds a bit then everyone did flower arranging in the barn.

  62. I ended up having to walk to town again today, to finish up more errands. At least it wasn’t as hot as last week nor raining, so not too bad. Then home today, chipping away at chores.

  63. My day hasn’t been so bad for a Tuesday, looking forward to some new release books I have showing up today

  64. Connie: I’m posting my daily home page comment here because I can’t think of anything else to write about starting one’s own business!
    What I want to know is, amidst all your gallivanting and highway hell, how is poor George?

  65. Well, I’ve still got a pain in my kidney area so I’m drinking gallons to try to flush out the pesky beast and to top it all, I’ve been blocked from FB for 24 hours for trying to share a funny on Connie’s page! I mean, a male ballet dancer in hold with a beautiful woman and with an erection … what’s offensive about that 😉

    1. Hope you start feeling better. I’m getting a chuckle you got blocked on FB, you don’t seem like the usual culprit!!!

  66. Saw the infectious disease doctor today. She agrees with the surgeon, doesn’t think there’s still infection. in back. Both say that the infection did ‘significant damage’ while it was there, we are hoping the bone will start to fuse on it’s own because I definitely don’t want more surgery. It’s a time will tell situation.

    1. Oh, no. I’m sending you good vibes!!!! Bringing offerings to the God or Goddess of kidney stones. Seriously, I hope it’s just a 24 hour bug.

  67. My day is going exhausting.. we had a couple little puppies wander into our yard yesterday so we took them in while trying to find their owners, assuming they have any. Then I had insomnia last night so was up pretty late only to be woken pretty early to the pups. They are adorable as can be but tiny little handfuls lol

  68. Day is going good, getting ready to go to town for errands. I can’t believe it is August already! Wow. I love fall, though, so I’m looking forward to it.

  69. Had a great birthday brunch at the Fresh Fish Company. I ate crab and shrimp and mussels and oysters and more crab and some key lime mousse for dessert. I’m full.

  70. Day is going good, getting a few chores done, nothing heavy duty. Putting together my “to do” list for tomorrow. Glad Connie can have a nice vacay and get in all that swimming.

  71. I’m watching the film of Oklahoma! (again). Dad had the LP so I know every blooming word. We were going to do it as our musical but it’s on Broadway & the West End of London so we can’t (there are rules about this sort of thing, who knew?).

  72. The main street in the nearest town is closed to traffic for a music/arts festival this weekend (it’s a public holiday on Monday) so I dashed in last night to get the groceries & meds etc. I’ll take Mum to visit Dad’s grave later other than that not a whole lot happening …

  73. Went to see back surgeon today. Long story short, the infection did a lot of damage. He hopes the bone will begin to fuse itself. If it doesn’t…well, I don’t want to go there. If they have to go in and fuse it, it involves an eight hour surgery. And he felt that my past infections and trouble with wound healing would make it potentially life threatening. So, it just has to fuse, end of story! In 6 weeks I go back for x-rays to see if it is.

  74. Very grateful that today is Friday! It’s been a long irritating week .. no real plans for the weekend, a little shopping with the family, and then just hopefully some good relaxing times

  75. It’s been a decent day! All the schools started back today in the Indianapolis area – I swear you could hear parents celebrating… ?

  76. I can’t believe it is already August! Extremely hot today but got a little relief since it started raining this afternoon. Supposed to do more of the same through Saturday. I am ready for a little cooler temps.

  77. Physical therapy is going pretty well. The right leg is getting back to where it needs to be slowly but surely.

  78. My day is going fine so far. It is hard to believe that it is now August? Where did the summer go? I am cooking a brisket for dinner, so we are looking forward to that!

  79. Not having such a great day…husband’s car is dead so he took mine to work. I had promised to take the kids out for ice cream today but I have no car. We’ve had a ton of unexpected expenses this year, and we did not need another one. Boo!

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