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Hello Peanuts!!! HOLY GUACAMOLE Batman Idaho get’s HOT in the summer!! Temperatures in the high 90’s and 100’s. With no air conditioning……… Yup, started this post right off with a whine. I really shouldn’t whine at all, the guy that is replacing the siding is outside all day in this heat!! YOUCH!!!

Alice was delivered by Uncle Zac on Saturday. We drove him back to the airport the 31st. Alice and I get our three weeks together now. I’ve missed this baby!!!!!!!!!! She flew into my arms and I got the best hug EVER!!!

This post isn’t making much sense because THIS kid has no patience for The Non working on her blog so I’m making this short and sweet. I will update the blog with pictures of the remodeling process later on. Just not while someone is giving me the stink eye saying “COME ON NON”………. so gotta go!!!  Wish me luck little Peanuts! I think it’s going to be a LONG 3 weeks!!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you stop by. THANK YOU!!! (Yes, I do just copy and paste the remainder of this post. I’m lazy! AND tired!! Moving is exhausting!)

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated.

Win $50 Your Way! Tons Of Ways To Enter The $50 Your Way Giveaway!! Comments get you the most entries!! I LOVE COMMENTS and SHARING!! Hint hint!! Okay, so technically, I love all the entries and I’m thrilled you do any of them!

Every once and awhile I may add a new entry so be sure to double-check occasionally.

Since I’m the sole sponsor of this giveaway, you can expect that all of the entries are about me, me, me, me and of course ME!!

I am so thankful for my wonderful followers here on Peanut Butter and Whine!! I really do feel blessed that you stop by!!

$50 PayPal or Target or Walmart or Starbucks, Amazon Gift Card, OR?? Your choice!!

Thank you all so much for your support!! GOOD LUCK!!! Don’t tell the others but I really hope you are the WINNER!!!

Good Luck!!!


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332 thoughts on “August 2018 $50 Your Way Giveaway!!

  1. I’m still sore from the kidney stone so I’m going to go back to bed now I’ve done the chores. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day 🙂

  2. Taking a day off today again.. what a bum I am.. but I did work in the garage from 9-11.. changing things around… stormy last night and another stormy day today….chicken pot pie and brown rice.. Easy then a fruit salad for dessert….

  3. My day has gone fantastic! I actually got all my errands and shopping done plus paid bills before noon! I’m broke but I was a big responsible girl !

  4. Today I’m busy making lists of all the things I need or want to get done by the end of the month. Man, this list is getting long lol.

  5. Wow. It’s August. Unbelievable. I can’t believe I have spent this year in hospitals and nursing/physical therapy joints, lol. That was not my New Year’s wish!

  6. I cannot believe it’s August already. Before you know it, it will be Halloween… lol. Summer is just flying by….

  7. Was a good day. Good swim class then I came home to find that I won your July $50.
    YIPEE!! Thanks for great contests (and for picking ME!)

  8. I am tired since this day started 37 minutes ago it turned to Aug 2nd! Yesterday, I learned that some friends had to be evacuated due to a forest fires…I so hope their ranch isn’t consumed by the fire…It is past my bedtime now…I need sleep.

  9. It’s my niece’s birthday today so I smuggled her her annual secret treat: Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups! She let a bucket & string down from her bedroom window & up they went. We’ve been doing this since she was 4 and she’s now 22. I’d love to know what her neighbours think!

  10. Cannot get any gardening done in this.. but the hydroponics are working well… all the greens are growing brilliantly…cucumbers and tomatoes also in another set….All my zucchini are lost to the rain though…so new seedlings are coming up to try again….next goal re-establishing my husbands aquaponic system….

  11. I have been kind of lazy today. I think it is the rain making me that way. I hope your new house shaping up the way you want!

  12. It’s hot & sticky today (well, for Ireland) so I’ve cancelled my plans to drive into town and I’ll just have a lazy day instead!

  13. Sick most of yesterday, just the ulcerative colitis I was left with after my illness. Still, one of the more painful days I’ve spent with UC. Blech.

  14. Beautiful sunny day. Worked outside and then came in. Now I am watching the 80’s classic Body Heat. Very good movie! I think it aged well.

  15. Yes the day is sunny and just plain gorgeous… have my to-do list ( very short) then a Sunday to relax, reflect ( who am I kidding) listen to great music and read….Have a bit of sewing to do which I am terrible at but a patch is a patch not a ballgown and a letter to write….love the fact that there are some people to whom you actually sit down and hand write a letter.. old school I know but I do enjoy it.. Have a glorious Sunday all!

  16. I am tired. I had a long but great day yesterday at my grandsons birthday party. Today we are heading to the lake.

  17. It’s hot & oppressive, great for headaches and not much else. Still, got sheets to wash & dinner to prep and like Michele, some sewing to do. I bought the most wonderful black knee-length dress that is covered in sequins of different sizes & some of them need a bit of attention. Black nail polish works better than thread & is much easier too. Especially when the dress cost less than the postage!

  18. am I the only one that gets anxiety on Sundays..all I think about all day is ughhh tomorrow starts a long week ahead 🙁

  19. Taking a shopping day today… out and about to a few shoppes especially the garden and feed ….brilliant sunshine and a cool breeze….

  20. Can I vent Connie..last night I talked to my brother and asked him if he started the paperwork, you know what he told me?? I have to do whats best for her and she told me she wants to go home. I said she is 6!!!! OMFG this poor child has idiots for parents and the state does nothing. She leaves me in 2 weeks to go home and I am sick with worry

  21. Today is going to be another hot scorcher of a day so I’m heading out early to run my errands. I’ve decided laundry can wait! Surely don’t want to be in a laundry mat today!

  22. I’m taking Mum to Dad’s grave later to give it a tidy-up and then we plan to paint some outside furniture.

    1. It’s just another day of the usual humdrum routine … however I am going to the theatre on Thursday so that’s something to look forward to!

      1. Sorry, put my comment in what should have been a reply to Tamra. I want to see some vids of you giving it all you got! Last time I saw anything of you was a picture of your feet in ‘charming’ socks!

  23. Spent the morning and early afternoon re-doing the garage.. I know cleaning and tidy up is not really sorting thru and re-arranging.. well I took my time and did that…eventually I will paint the concrete floor but not this month…moved on to painting some outside work tables and using some old never opened vinyl tile to cover the top of the workbench.. pleased with the results….

  24. I guess I can say it’s good I’m alive! I have had a terrible week so far due to a window air conditioning unit that leaked & soaked the bedroom rug! Used every spare towel & blankets to soak up as much as I could….so glad my husband is a pack rat this time! BUT it’s been raining ever since & said towels/blankets are never going to dry on the line outside!

  25. I have a day off!! Well not really but I gotto sleep an hour later :p I have to take my 19 year old for her permit, she is finally wanting her drivers licence. Then I have to come home and catch up on bills, make a few important phone calls and clean my room lol

  26. A little under the weather today (thanks, ulcerative colitis, lol.) Am I the only one or has anyone else noticed there are no share buttons on p. b. & whine–you know, at the top or bottom of the page, to share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.??? Have you decided to get rid of them, Connie? Or is it just my browser??

  27. I woke up really late (even for me!) after a bad night but still managed to catch up on chores & finished painting the outside furniture.

    1. You have to learn to take it a bit easier.. in this case “the show does not have to go on ” take care of yourself Kate…

      1. My ‘bad nights’ are euphemisms for Mum needing help at all hours and she won’t remember anything about next day. So you see, for the time being at least, this show must go on!

  28. Welll l did not sleep a wink last night. Told my brother he needs to step up and any father that would allow their child to be terrorized by another man to the point that their 6 year old child needs therapy is sad. Then I was told I would never see my niece again 🙁 I hate the state does nothing, the ware presented with video proof of child abuse (the baby being thrown into a cold shower fully dressed as the mom recorded it and laughed as this little thing stood crying) She has such bad night terrors is terrified of her step father cause she witnessed the mom beaten so bad by him she was left bleeding on the floor, yet the state does nothing. Sorry Connie this is my only place to vent but thank you for allowing me to share my sadness and outrage

    1. I have no words for this…..this must not go on.. where are the agencies that can help…so sorry to hear this….

    2. Sweet Jesus, this is appalling. I’ve worked with children from abusive homes and the damage caused is enormous, as you know. Do not give up, plague the authorities with phone calls & messages until someone there sees sense. I hope you get some release at least being able to share on here, I know the rest of us do!

      1. Thank you guys so much! Sometimes I just get so sad so frustrated that I dont know where to turn to and thank god for this blog because I know I can vent here without the fear of my brother or her mother could see. I appreciate the support. After that video was posted child services was called by 11 different people. CPS has been called to the home 9 times for different instances, my state CPS has recommended that the child be taken away from the mom but her state CPS does nothing 🙁 My state CPS worker says they have no jurisdiction, its just so sad and she goes home to that mess in a week and my brother will not let me see her anymore because I called him out for allowing his child to be abused

  29. By the time I cam up yesterday I was a bit tired but today will be an easier day… the only work I have to do is start seeds and fill the hydroponic systems.. now on to the aquaponics!

  30. What’s the difference between hydro & aqua, I wonder? Anyway, my turn… Another ‘bad night’ but managed to get back to sleep afterwards and, once Mum’s had her dinner, I’m hopping in the shower & getting ready for a night at the theatre! Can’t wait!

    1. Hydroponics utilizes fertilizers in a rain water base with the seedlings in small baskets net pots…aquaponics utilizes our fish pond as the fertilizer with the same net pots feeding the roots.. both are totally soil free but only for small and medium plants… no zucchini or melons but you can go as large as eggplant peppers and tomatoes….pH adjustments in both make the roots grow brilliantly!!

        1. Yes.. and when the the tilapia get very large we catch and freeze them for a fresh fish lunch…Careful watching of the pH and ammonia levels keep the pond fresh, clean and the proper level of nitrates and nitrites….+ it is fun….

  31. Thunderstorms! Lightning! Drama! lol. We didn’t lose power though (sometimes we do). I cleaned up the downstairs, and mopped the floor. Wish it could stay this immaculate forever, but that is never the case… lol.

  32. Quiet day at home. Got a blood pressure thing since my dr. wants me to take it for 3 weeks since my last one was way low. I got a semi fancy one from Amazon that has bluetooth and sends results to my phone.

  33. So…today I stood up, sort of, lol. It was more of a crouch, like a quarterback calling ‘hut, hut’ before they snap him the ball. (That’s an American football reference, Kate, lol.) I had a person on each side ready to catch me…and no doubt giving a lot of support…but I was off that damn wheelchair & putting weight on my feet. First time since about February 4th. No mater what, it can only get better, right??

  34. Last night’s play ‘Once a Catholic’ was absolutely hilarious! My face aches from smiling & laughing so much. Honestly, there is huge talent out there and for a small town to have it’s own theatre is such a plus. Full seats every night; annual holiday makers to the area always make it part of their plans so there’s always a great mix of people.

  35. Over the last couple of days I have been “purging” my pantry and getting rid of things that have long since expired. I also have three totes completely filled with items going to expire in the near future that I have to find room for in my kitchen now. I may not have thought this through lol.

  36. So tired of having this gut problem. Told the nurses today that I am through with the meds. If it doesn’t help, what’s the point?? I’ll just try to control it through diet.

    1. I don’t express it all the time but I do think of you and your plight daily… you are making progress and slow and steady always wins the race.. chin up..take charge of your own care.. you are more then capable of handling your own diet….

  37. Cannot believe how late in the day it is… started early but after doing the hydro and aquaponic work I decided to spruce up some buckets with a coat of paint and re-do the flower conservatory.. there was a mish mash of different pots and that was driving me crazy.. now we have a lovely line of the same color, same size containers.. then of course I had to transplant new flowers in….just enough time to BBQ some burgers and make a no churn mango ice cream for tonights dessert…heading straight into the shower to read my nightly papers…..

  38. It’s raining! Real, honest to goodness Irish rain – never thought the entire country would have a smile on their collective face due to rain! I’ve got to go out & get some shopping in & collect Mum’s meds then it’s pizza in front of the telly – ahhh!

  39. I have expressed that I am not an eclipse fan at all.. well proven right again.. a snake in the gallery on the banister….yikes!! my daughter was the lucky person who saw and handled the situation…. OMG….

  40. After months of struggling with the meds they put me on for ulcerative colitis…I said ‘no more.’ If they can find one that works, fine, but until then I am no longer willing to endure the side effects (horrible, painful gas, stomach pain, vomiting.) Today was the 1st full day without them (last time I took them was yesterday morning.) so far, it hasn’t been as bad as when I took the meds.

  41. Quick trip to the library to return Black Panther (such a good movie). Then a stop at Smashburger to get my birthday Salted Caramel shake.

  42. Like my mother reported, I encountered a snake this morning crawling up the front steps. I got rid of it… but it freaked me out. It made me think of my Dad though. He hated them – worse than Indiana Jones – if he encountered it he would have gone nuts. lol.

  43. Glorious Sunday to all…..Trying to get my chores done as soon as possible then a day of relaxation….if I see something that I perceive doing .. walk away Renee.. wait
    some here may not know that oldie but goodie…. …Baking though.. breads and cookies….that is not work!

  44. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. In plan on binge watching AHS today with my daughter and living in my pajamas

  45. Happy Sunday… I am not doing anything. Just surfing the net and then I plan to borrow some books on KU and catch up on some reading. 🙂

  46. I woke up to no newspaper this morning. 2nd time in a month they failed to deliver my sunday paper. Had to ask boyfriend to get one at Kroger. He had no idea how expensive they were until this morning.

  47. The big bathroom mirror fell off the wall today & shattered into gazillion pieces. It’s taken me almost two hours of tidying up but no walking barefoot for me now, just in case! And no, we told ourselves it’s not 7 years bad luck because it broke itself!

  48. Getting a really early start today… into the garden to work for about 2 hours then getting ready to clean and paint the guest room….moving all the furniture out first….big plans but taking my time….

  49. Was awoken about an hour and half before I normally wake up with a text. People know I’m not a morning person so why they be calling so early? Ugh!!! Sets the tone for the day and now its early afternoon and I feel like I can go back to bed already.

  50. Horrible weather lost power and everything. It’s back now but I just want to cuddle up and go to sleep. No energy at all….

  51. Well, physical therapy goes on…and I’m at a point where I can get so frustrated at it when progress is slow. But hey, progress is better than nothing.

  52. Not much happening today other than Mum drove the car! She’s not allowed to drive since her stroke affected her peripheral vision but she misses it so much that I got her in the car and let her loose around the back garden (really a field). She’s now having a nap & is smiling in her sleep!

  53. Well I can honestly say I am done in….we looked at the hedges this morning and decided to take them in hand…so armed with 2 tree saws and a machete I chopped down one small and one larger one down to the bone…..limed the small stump… put urea around the bases of the good ones and then my partner in crime trimmed them with the electric trimmer.. looking good I must say.. so to hold that edge we put large planters of tropical foliage that match the hedges….my neighbor wanted to know what the hell we were attempting.. we attempted nothing we accomplished something!

  54. There’s a storm heading our way & you can feel it in the air. It’s given me a headache so the sooner it hits us the better (as long as no-one gets hurt)!

  55. Out in the garden all morning….had quite a lot of flower cuttings to put into media….took up more time then I anticipated….have a very large bunch of bananas hung to finish ripening….” come …..Mr Tally Man tally me bananas…daylight come and me wanna go home……anyway bursting into song at any opportunity around here…..

  56. Beautiful sunny day… Did some work outside and then inside. After the days of rain it’s nice to have the sunshine back. 🙂

  57. Yesterday, I tried to eat supper and had the worst episode yet with my stomach. Horrible pain, vomiting, cold sweats, low b.p., feeling like I was going to pass out. Nurses were in the room, trying to decide if I needed to go to the E.R. We all agree this cannot be the ulcerative colitis causing this because it starts 20 minutes or so after eating…before the food even leaves the stomach. It’s no where near my colon.

  58. I found a heavily sequined black cocktail dress in a charity shop the other week for next to nothing. How to make it look (almost) brand new, I hear you ask? One bottle of black glitter nail polish & several hours of your life! That’s the Christmas party frock sorted!

  59. Trip to the eye doctor. No change in prescription so no new glasses. Cataract has not gotten bigger, eye pressure good. However my pupils are still dilated.

  60. Soo I want to share a story with you. My teen daughter has autism. She is a beautiful model, but she is on the spectrum. Her name is Caitlin.
    Caitlin and I on the couch talking and she turns to me and says you know whats sad that parents would rather their kids DIE of a disease then the possibility of having an autistic child. I said what do you mean? She says, they rather not vaccinate because they are so afraid of their kid having autism,. BROKE MY HEART! To feel that your own disability is viewed as worst then the possibility of death. It never even occurred to me her seeing these news stories and the damage it does to a kid with autism and how they feel people view them. My poor kiddo..It broke my heart

    1. I never thought of it from that perspective, but she has a point. It must seem like that to anyone with autism. Heartbreaking. Sounds like she’s smarter than the non-vaccination people!

  61. Back out to do some weeding and start some lettuce and greens….planted flowers yesterday so today is veggies only….mixing my pro-mix with compost and a bit of sharp sand to fight all the rain with more container drainage….all I really want to do is keep us eating from the garden….

  62. Today I woke up with a terrible migraine. Meds have reduced it enough to function but still having pressure so I’ll probably nap most of the day.

  63. I’m sitting here just staring into space & trying to put off going into town ‘cos I’m tired when I hear my heartbeat really pounding. A little bit of panic sets in, while I tell myself to calm down. Then I realise it’s the horse’s hooves in the next field as she gallops away from the horse flies! Right, time to go buy paint and a new bathroom mirror!

  64. Moving along at a great pace this morning.. doing laundry and checking emails then out to the garden… put in some grapefruit and cashima seeds to set then mixing hydroponic fertilizer…..getting ready to start painting on Monday…

  65. I’m having a good day. I got up early to walk my dog, run errands, do laundry, clean and cook some meals for the week. Later on I plan to spend time at the pool.

  66. Taking my little peanut niece shopping for more clothes. Last night took her down the shore where we rode rides, ate ice cream and chased waves. Tomorrow we are off to The Musuem of Natural History!

  67. We’re expecting another storm tonight so I spent some time in the garden emptying the summer pots & planting some Autumn crocuses & cyclamen. Then made sure everything was safe against the wind. It’s still warm though.

  68. Day is going good. I rushed out this morning to get my errands done, and big storm this afternoon. Looking online for ideas to upcycle a tee that I should have returned it is too small but never did.

  69. Glorious Sunday! After early morning chores.. cook Sunday lunch eggplant parmesan NOTHING…. reading relaxing and listening to classic Aretha…

  70. The storm came & went without any damage so I’m back out in the garden again. It’s very hot, with no breeze – real headache weather. Anyway, after that, cook dinner, do a bit of hoovering when it cools down & some more sewing/mending.

  71. Day is going good. Skipped church b/c it was supposed to be bad weather, but so far, it hasn’t started. Got some cooking and laundry done, and right now hoping to find a good bargain for tax-free week here.

  72. Quiet day at home. Going out in a few minutes to get my $1 Arby’s sandwich since the Broncos scored 2 touchdowns yesterday (but didn’t win)

  73. Mum went to the fridge this morning to get something for her breakfast and somehow managed to spill a whole bowl of strawberry yoghurt all down her front, including her feet in sandals. She was paddling in it and we laughed so much we both wet ourselves! Back to the shower & start the week all over again!

  74. For a monday, today isn’t too bad. Got a lot of chores done yesterday so today I can be on the computer all day and not feel guilty.

  75. Did the first coat of paint on the guest room.. 2 shades of rose…..I so like a contrasting wall.. anyway tomorrow up on the 20 foot ladder and then on Wed the 2nd coat and voila new look for the room…..the garden is crying for me… after 5pm will go out and show my face!

  76. Today is not going good at all. We just found out my mom’s boyfriend has stomach cancer. They are going to run more tests later this week but doesn’t look good.

  77. Well, going to practice standing all this week. That might be the weirdest sentence I ever put together. Who thinks they’ll ever need to practice standing???

  78. Mom starting painting the guest room today… it looks good so far. I spent my morning working outside. It was a good day. 🙂

  79. Dear Diary: Woke up this morning and all I wanted to do was cry. Over nothing. Is it the moon? Hormones? I don’t know, I’ve just been feeling miserable lately with no real reason at all. I blame having to put on a happy face for Mum every day. See, too much of anything is bad for you! Deep breath and carry on … think I’ll go and attack some weeds!

    1. After the eclipse effects.. Rx planets…..kill some weeks you will feel better….hope you are able to feel a bit better soon….

    2. oh boy, been there. If you need to cry, let it rip…then get up and carry on, lol. Did your garden therapy help?

  80. Day is going good. It is cooler today, and loving it! I had gotten a huge amount of Granny Smith apples from reduced produce, and they are perfect, I’m getting ready to make a mile-high apple pie!

  81. Second phase of painting done… tomorrow the last bit and then moving on to the study after I pick out the colors… cooking today… sandwiches….

  82. Stood for 20 seconds, rested, stood again. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to stand for twenty seconds…lol. But it gets a bit easier each time. Each time I’m a little straighter, a little longer on my feet. Just standing like that leaves you shaking (leg muscles mostly) like an hour of intensive exercising. But it feels good…well, you know what I mean.

  83. Helped mom with the guest room, and then did my own project. There’s some problems with our pond. Roots of some plant are clogging the pipes, I think I was able to clear it before it caused more problems.

  84. My day has been spectacular soooo far . We’re lovin that its cooler and we can open up the house. I clipped the bushes in the front yard and it was soooo nice to do in between sips of coffee.

  85. My day’s gone fairly well. I was on call for jury duty and was maybe going to have to report in this afternoon, but my group wasnt needed so yay!

  86. Today I’m painting the skirting board (you call it something else in USA) & other woodwork in Mum’s ensuite that my niece was supposed to have done months ago. It’s much cooler & fresher today so it shouldn’t take too long, just the fiddly bit behind the toilet. I’ll have to lie down to do that – if I’m not here tomorrow you’ll know I couldn’t get back up!

  87. Day is going good. I was supposed to be raining and thunderstorms, so I canceled plans, but the sun just came out. Probably won’t last! Getting some “inside” chores done!

  88. Ran to the grocery store to stock up on a fabulous price on Mountain Dew just to get a lecture from the cashier about how many I was allowed to get. Funny, he said only 4 will give you the sale price and the other two will ring up full price….they all rang up at the sale price. HA HA

  89. Yesterday at @ 5:40 a 6.8 quake rocked the country.. well the epi center was Venezuela but we sure as hell felt it……all is well… no damage at all ( this house is built like a fortress thanks to my husband) 2 after shocks one at 1:30 in the morning I was out like a light and another at 9:30 this morning that by the time I thought I felt something it was over…..never a dull moment

    1. That’s so scary! We’ve had a few little baby ones here over the years but nothing more than the alarm clock falling over & one very confused looking goldfish!

    2. Yikes! I’ve only felt one tiny earthquake here in KY. Years ago, My nephew and I were sitting on the couch when we felt it shake, a few dishes rattled, my sister-in-law was lying on the bed and felt it shake—but everyone else was up walking around and they felt nothing. We learned on the local news that it was a tiny earthquake.

  90. I have a bad headache… probably from the paint fumes… I am very sensitive to chemicals. Watching the latest season of Homeland with my Mom.

  91. Good Morning,

    The dreaded day has little Kay Kay is leaving me 🙁 I think its gonna be a hard day at work cause she will be leaving while I am at work

  92. Day is going good. I’m getting a ride from our dial-a-ride today, so getting ready to leave. Watching the hurricane situation in HI, have friends there.

  93. Spent the morning outside working on hydroponic planting….it is amazing that one minute it is 8am then it is almost 1pm…. time flies when you are out in the garden.. tropical storm Don passed by us last night.. lots of torrential rain and the usual lightening/thunder drama…

  94. I managed to get Mum out to do a bit of weeding from her wheelchair today & she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She’s having a well-deserved nap now while the dinner’s in the oven & I finish painting her ensuite.

  95. Haven’t gotten a ton accomplished today but it is still a good day. It was actually in the 50’s this morning here in central OH

  96. Am I the onlyperson who gets completely fed up with doctors??? Lol, they won’t let me take Aleve (an over the counter, pretty mild arthritis med you can buy at any store) because it might upset my stomach more (I have an endoscopy scheduled to figure out why I’m throwing up everything I eat.) But you know what they’re willing to give me for arthritis?? Tylenol 3. If you don’t know, that’s a prescription med with codeine in it…a narcotic. CRAZY!! Well, I guess I have no choice . If I’m going to grind through physical therapy and get walking again, I have to control the arthritis in the knees. It’s only for a few weeks. Took the first one at supper time, knocked me out for several hours, lol.

    1. Tamra, do they have a hydrotherapy pool you could use? That would certainly relieve the pressure on your knees and other joints. I wouldn’t worry about the codeine. It’s pretty good at easing joint & bone pain. Think of dental surgery where it’s prescribed all the time and it is gentle on the tum. My guess is that it eased the pain and allowed you to get the sleep you need to let your body rebuild itself (we have the technology!).

      1. Oh, I wish they had hydrotherapy! That would feel great. I’m taking the codeine at night and it helps me the next day. It still zonks me out, though, lol.

  97. Had our lawn cut today. We really lucked out, about five minutes after the man left we had another storm. Spent the rest of the day inside all cuddled up. Rainstorms make me lazy… lol. 😉

  98. I’ve just about finished Mum’s ensuite and am now trying to keep the motivation going to start on my room. I did it a couple of years ago & then tripped while carrying a bowl of black cherry yoghurt which ended up splattered on the ceiling. I scrubbed & scrubbed but there was no shifting the stains, then Dad died & Mum got ill ….

  99. Day is going good, really nice out, hope to take a walk later. Got my pneumonia and flu shot yesterday, looking at what shots to get next. Glad I didn’t have more shots than two at one time, as both arms are a little sore.

  100. Stood 4 times in physical therapy today. You pull yourself up, stand as long as you can and as well as you can, rest a few minutes, do it again. I’m still not completely upright, lol, and it takes all I got to stand 30 seconds…but it gets a little better each time.

  101. These are the last few days of my husbands life and this one was a rough one…Ambulance to hospital at 4am….Casualty sent me home because they had no idea when a room would be available….called me at 5pm to let me know he was in a room but visiting hours were over so come in the am….. 10 pm phone rings and he wants to go home please come and get him…..took out his NG tube, catheter, and IV’s…..I know he was driving them crazy but my God have compassion the man has only days left…..came home and he collapsed after our taxi driver carried him up the steps…..shocked he made it thru that night….

    1. Ah, Michele, it’s just so hard to get your head around, isn’t it? Would you like me to light a candle for him? I have to pop into the RC church anyway to check on the organ. Thinking of you xxx

    2. Michele how absolutely heartbreaking. I pray God gives him peace and makes it a pain free transition and that he grants you comfort during these times.

  102. Raked the grass from the lawn and put them in piles… It was hot today too. I was very tired when I was finished, tomorrow I will bag it up and discard…

  103. More painting, drive into town for groceries, laundry, gardening … then pizza! That’s Saturday sorted 🙂

  104. Walked to town today. It is really nice out. The items I tried to get at CVS didn’t come up as covered, even though I had gotten them before. So I am online trying to figure out why they did not ring up as such. Can’t call the health ins co until Monday. Also plant to walk to town again tomorrow and see if I try again what happens.

  105. Well, I took another Tylenol 3 this morning and and zonked out until noon, lol. Okay…now I know I have to take that at night so I can be awake during the day. Anyway, it’s only for a few days. My stomach is doing much better. I haven’t lost my supper since Wednesday. Since there’s no physical therapy today, I figured it was the right time to test out eating normally again…and it has gone fine! No pain. No vomiting!

  106. I forgot it was moving in weekend at the local college & went to Wal-Mart. Shelves were pretty picked clean & workers were trying hard to restock!

  107. I have said this before but I believe it bears repeating… this forum for venting good bad and indifferent is a wonderful way to release what is going on inside….Connie thank you, and thanks to all the lovely people I have met here….tonight at this time my husband was hallucinating .. traveling is what people here call it…..seeing all sorts of things….told my daughter that she was beautiful and that he loved her….as always telling me I was and always will be his girl…….ah life……

  108. Finished bagging and discarding the grass and leaves. It was hot today and I am pretty tired. Just gonna relax and enjoy my evening.

  109. Today has been a busy day. I spent the day organizing and cleaning, to get ready for my mom to come stay for a week.

  110. Staying quiet today….chores, then cooking….going thru my mum’s things today…she was so warm and funny….hen going to look at pic of my husband gone 1 year today….

  111. Nice day out today. There’s an event at the town center and will be going to that in a while. There’s a country fair today I love, but can’t get there. I’d love to be able to submit pies to see if I could win a blue ribbon.

      1. good! I still have so many apples, I’m trying to figure out what else to do besides applesauce! Maybe another pie!!!

  112. Still painting, then I’m heading to Dad’s grave to put some yellow roses there and pop into the RC church to check on the organ for Mum. No cooked dinner today, Mum’s not hungry so no peeling veg (yay!). It’s the little things, folks!

  113. Day is going good, got up early and was getting a few things done. Big heat & humidity wave starting, but need to walk to town to get some things done. At least no thunderstorms.

  114. Out early to do some weeding and seed starting… all the rain has killed a good bit of my garden veggies so pull them out and start again…

  115. I had a good day, spent time at the pool with my daughter. I also did laundry cleaned and cooked dinner for the family.

  116. So annoyed with myself: I set the alarm for 6am so that I’d be ready for an early start tomorrow, Wed., only to hit the ‘off’ button instead of snooze. Woke up at 10, grrr! Oh, well, Wed. will come along whether I’m ready for it or not.

  117. Heat wave is here, almost 100 degrees. Had to go to town so went earlier. Now I’m making some peppers, onions and mushrooms for sauce.

  118. Quiet day at home with only clear liquids. Now comes the fun part of getting ready for my colonoscopy tomorrow. (will spare you the details….)

  119. My roommate here at the nursing/physical therapy place is about to drive me batty. Today, I had to ask about another room. She has some psychological issues, tells me she ‘sees things that aren’t there sometimes’—well, okay, not her fault. But she sleeps all day, gets yelling mad when people go about normal daytime activities and wake her up, mumbles to herself that my TV is too loud (it’s on 2, lol, I can hear her TV over mine, and her TV goes 24/7) –won’t turn out the lights on her side of the room because she’s afraid of the dark. Everything makes her ‘nervous.’ Well, I’m trying to be tolerant but I’m at a breaking point. I’m not equipped to babysit her, and it feels sort of like I am doing that. She’s been getting worseover the last few weeks, more confused and angry. I’m afraid a meltdown is coming and I don’t want to be in here when it does!

  120. Went to the passport office to renew… it went well. Then we went to the animal feed store and came home. Got another headache… but it seems to be gone now…. It was a good day. 🙂

  121. I just got up I have to go shopping . I hope its not to busy as the holiday weekend is comming. I hope its a cooler day than yesterday tired of the heat . I’ll keep on truckin.

  122. Laying low today, another scorcher. I mix tangerine and lemon essential oil with water and keep it in a spritzer in the refrigerator. I spray it on and it is very refreshing. Use the lavender with water to spray the room. Not too heavy, just enough to be lilting. Looking for some sandals online, haven’t decided, but need ones that you can walk a lot.

  123. I’ve just got home from Dublin & I’m really tired so I’m going for a nap! Might start putting masking tape up in my bedroom ready for when I start painting.

  124. Went shopping yesterday so still putting away some of my garden things.. Coco Peate and pro-mix lots of miracle grow for flowers that type of stuff…..Today spent the late morning once again out in the garden with my flowers..the jumbo marigolds are really jumbo now! Lovely huge yellow flowers.. the sunflowers are also coming up very well…up all the fencing the morning glorys are flowering brilliantly no complaints at all…begonias and coxcomb flowering also .. I truly feel very pleased….

    1. I love the smell of the coco stuff but we haven’t been able to get it here for a couple of years for some reason.

    2. For those of you that do contest may I ask how much time do you spend entering? In the past 2 months I spent an average of 4 hours a day entering contest. 248 hours!! I have won 1 25.00 giftcard and tickets to a circus lol..just wondering if I am doing to much time or not enough?

      1. I’d say it’s only too much time if there’s something else you’d rather be doing, lol. If you weren’t entering contests would you just be watching TV or playing Candy Crush?? I sort of seek out some giveaways with low entries once in a while to up the odds of winning, but I still enter the long shot contests, too. Once in a blue moon you win those! Last year, I won the grand prize of $5,000 in an NCAA March Madness contest. I may never do that again, but it felt good. I probably spend a few hours doing this every day, but I consider it a way to relax at night.

      2. I probably spend about 3 hours but that’s instead of watching telly. If it gets to the point where it’s interfering with stuff I have to do then that’s when it’s become an obsession! I’ve found some sites/blogs that I enjoy reading and that have nice g/aways and I tend to stick to them. I just wish more gave PayPal rather than Amazon. That guy earns more in a minute than I do in a year & treats his staff appallingly.

        I’ve won almost $400 Amazon, £125 Amazon UK plus €100 PayPal and ‘stuff’ since Christmas. I use the Amazon for birthday/Xmas presents for the family & P/Pal for myself. And Tamra’s right: don’t enter everything that’s out there, try to find ones with low entries. I avoid sites that aren’t secure; it’s just not worth it. Most of all though just enjoy!

    1. Definitely. Been there, done that (several times) and never want to do it again! Fingers crossed the results are good x

  125. Last night my roommate announced she was seeing things that were not there. Today, I was moved to another room, and I think it was just in time. I’ve been telling them she was getting worse. I guess they can see it, too, now. For now, I actually have a room to myself. That could change at any time, of course, but for now it’s nice.

    1. The poor woman must be in torment. However it means that you are now (the rightful) Queen of your own little Kingdom so enjoy!

  126. No current today.. working on upgrading the lines.. yeah right… anyway out in the garden with my tools and music… and yes a smile….

  127. Mum’s been getting really itchy sores lately and put it down to an allergy. I thought they looked more like bites and stripped her bed just in case there was anything lurking – lo and behold a tick. I got covered in them once as a child after playing in long grass (70 Mum picked off me) and detest the little buggers. Anyway problem now sorted (and I haven’t mentioned Lyme Disease to her).

  128. Last day of scorching heat. I’m looking through my patterns for baby items for a shower, baby’s due date is February. Found a couple things to make for baby boy, and now looking through my fabric – fleece and fake fur – too hot to sew that kind of fabric right now!!!

  129. A bit stressful today as I had to complete some paperwork about my ongoing disability. Took me over 2 hours. They don’t make government paperwork very easy do they.

  130. We had a planned power outtage today so I got everything I needed done with electricity done early and then worked on projects that didn’t involve it. Power came back by 3pm and I enjoyed the rest of my afternoon.

  131. Stood 5 times today, and for a little longer than last time. Hey, progress is progress. Sloe but sure is better than nothing at all, right??? lol

    1. What’s that saying about ‘nice and easy’? Oh, no, hang on, that’s an ad for hair dye! Anyway, I’m really pleased 🙂

  132. It is a nice day out, a real surprise, it feels like fall! It is supposed to last for a few days before another heat wave kicks in. Going to get some fall organizing done today!

  133. I am so glad this month is done..not that I am pushing time away but it is not the best month for us.. so September here we come..even though there are only 2 seasons here dry and rainy I still do the 4 .. so out with the fall things…changing curtains and comforters tablecloths and all dinnerware… this theme stays up until November then all the Thanksgiving things come out! Have a great weekend everyone….

  134. Started clearing books and ‘stuff’ (i.e. what my Mum calls clutter) out of my room & washing down the wardrobe & shelves ready for some serious ceiling painting over the weekend. Not much else going on in Monamolin today …

  135. So over August… glad September is coming tomorrow. This summer felt a bit restrictive, I am hoping the autumn will be a better for me and my mom! 🙂

  136. Here’s hoping we all have a really good September. And that in the Fall we all get something we really want. For me, I want to walk out the door of this nursing home on my own two feet.

  137. Great massage, then good swim class. Then a treat for me: the prime rib dinner at Boston Market paid for with a gift card.

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