Attention Audio Book Fans!

I’m a big audio book fan. I listen on the treadmill (HELLO!! ME! Treadmill! 4 times now. It’s a start! I’m slow as molasses in the winter but I’m doin’ it!)

Anyway, I listen on the treadmill, in the car, earphones at night to go to sleep, sitting here typing this post! I love ’em!

I found Chirp. I don’t even know HOW I found Chirp. Everyday they email me with a new set of deals. Some as low as .99¢

If the title or cover of the book appeals to me I click Learn More


Then I hit play sample. Now, if you are like me you KNOW if the reader’s voice is one that will annoy the #$(*#$ out of you or not.

chirp books

The app is free on your phone. There are tons of books. Tons of different genre’s. TONS of deals and way cheaper than Audible.

This isn’t a sponsored post, however, I get a coupon with every purchase and I thought well, why not post it on here so you the Peanuts can enjoy a good book too. Then come back and tell me if you loved it or hated it?! OHMYGOSH a Peanut book club! Anyway, here it is a link to Chirp


Hey, check out Chirp! They have fantastic deals on audiobooks and a huge selection of titles to choose from. I think you’ll love them too – and I’m giving you 20% off your first purchase! You can thank me later 🙂

Okay, back to listening to my newest book; a cozy mystery called A Ghostly Undertaking by Tonya Kappes. It was slow in the beginning but it’s picked up and I can’t wait to hear to DID it!

10 thoughts on “Attention Audio Book Fans!

  1. I regularly listen to plays on the radio and enjoy them but I’m not sure I’d have the patience for a whole book!

  2. I’ve not heard of this before. I’ve not yet listened to an audio book. I know seniors who do this to give their eyes a break, sounds like a great idea. I’m not too good at multi-tasking, but it would be good to try it when I’m relaxing.

  3. That is just so cool! It takes me back to the time when I was in elementary and the teacher would read about Old Yeller! I couldn’t wait to get to school to hear what happened next. Oh by the way I am so proud of you on the treadmill. That is awesome.

    1. Diane, I should put Old Yeller on my list. I haven’t read (or heard) that in years! Thanks on the Treadmill comment. I can’t wait for the energy part kicks in. Right now it’s just KICKING MY ASS and I’m tired after I walk I want to crawl in bed and take a nap.

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