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Howdy little peanuts!! Yup, I’m back again with my monthly $35 Your Way Giveaway Single blog giveaway! Yup, just me! Still my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! March was another very successful month!! Congratulations goes to Nikolina!!

So, same spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I can’t help myself! I LOVE my FANS!! This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements are always appreciated.

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704 thoughts on “April’s $35 Your Way Giveaway!!

  1. what make me happy today is its getting close to where i can start planting my garden. I Believe in my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ so i am alway hopeful. nothing has hapen to make me mad.

  2. My 2 year old not having a good attitude, not getting what he wanted, and then crying about it made me frustrated today. I don’t think it went so far as to make me mad though.

  3. I heard the mourning doves outside my bedroom window early this morning, before the sun came up. It’s one of those sounds that brings instant peace to me…

  4. Seeing people being compassionate and kind. I hear stories around my town, where people pay for someone else’s lunch…

  5. Now that the days are getting longer I am hopeful that this cold windy and snowy weather will come to an end soon!

  6. I am very happy today because the laxative I took last night worked. I also took a few stool softeners to make sure it wasn’t too difficult of a task. I’ve done my duty for today! (TMI??)

  7. What made me MAD today was my brother waking me up at 5:15am……as he shuffled heavily past my door. Steven, learn to pick your feet up when you walk, for the love of God!

  8. What made me HOPEFUL today, is seeing that maybe, just maybe, spring is coming. We got 4″ of snow on the first day of spring (OMG)…..but now it’s just about melted away. Die, winter, die!

  9. I am mad because our wishes that we have been making for the last 15 years has not come true yet. Patience is a virtue and I need lots of it.

  10. Today, I’m hopeful that I can stick to my new healthy eating plan better than I have this week. It’s not easy!

  11. Today, I’m happy that I have managed to drop some weight since New Year’s Day. At least I haven’t totally abandoned my New Year’s resolution, lol.

  12. So, why be mad today? Well, I’m aggravated that I haven’t lost more weight recently, but at least I haven’t gained.

  13. What made me happy today?!? Waking up to the weather being a little on the nice side & it is also my day off!! AWESOME!! 🙂

  14. What made me MAD today?!? My oldest daughter (who is 9 years old) broke her wrist today by playing baseball with my son!! It is her right wrist (which is her hand she writes with) They had to put a cast on it. She is in baton & now she is going to miss 3 out of 4 of her competitions 🙁 The doctor said its going to take 6-8 weeks for it to heal 🙁

  15. I am happy because I have been into crafting and repurposing lately and I am really enjoying seeing what I have been able to make.

  16. I was happy to have another warm day for going outside & seeing that my lilacs are starting to bud.
    Hopeful that I’ll have a good outreach program tomorrow.
    No mad today.

  17. Watched my niece look for eggs yesterday. There’s nothing like being a part of a child’s joy to lift one’s spirits….

  18. I was happy today because I caught up on the latest episodes of two of my favorite shows. One of the episodes wasn’t shown last week so I was anxious to see it.

  19. I am happy today because I am going to be having grilled chicken as lunch. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  20. Today I went shopping with my aunt to help her find a dress but we didn’t find one she loved. I was slightly mad about all the walking we did.

  21. I made a few hummus recipes today and my family enjoyed them. I’m hopeful they’ll start to snack on hummus more now.

    1. knowing that I have helped to raise young men who are productive considerate kind young men treating women with respect despite the fact that I was a teenage mum makes me hopeful for the youth of tomorrow and to come

  22. seeing people go out of there way to be cruel to someone wether it be online or in real life It takes effort to be abusive rather than keeping your nasty thoughts and abuse I dont think I will ever understand

  23. Well, today I’m happy that the weather is really getting better. The skies are blue & the temperature is getting warmer.

  24. Why be mad today? I’m a little fed up with not sleeping well & waking up feeling more tired than when I went to bed!

  25. I’m happy because I actually managed to get 4 hours sleep last night so I’m feeling a little bit better,

  26. The TENS machine certainly seems to alleviate some of the pain. It may be the placebo effect but anything is worth a try. I hope I manage to get some more sleep tonight.

  27. I’m really getting weary from the pain and lack of sleep. If this keeps up I think I need to contact my GP about getting a stronger painkiller.

  28. I was very happy to get my mail today: 4 different prizes that I’d won.
    Hopeful that I’ll win a trip.
    No mad today.

  29. Going for a drive with my family and finally enjoying a local tourist attraction instead of saying ‘it is too expensive’

  30. One thing that made me happy today was receiving my scavenger hunt prize. It was a basket of chocolates and it won’t last very long in the house.

  31. I have a goal to read forty books this year. Today I checked my tracker and I’m behind schedule. I’m going to set time aside to read and I’m hopeful I’ll get back on track by the end of April.

  32. I am happy today because I am going to be having tiramisu at tea time with my man. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  33. I am hopeful dogs from shelters are adopted as soon as possible. They all need a new loving home. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  34. I am mad today because you have changed the twitting option to once per hour. I prefer to twit all at once. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  35. Today I was slightly mad and scared when I walked through my neighborhood and a neighbor’s dog followed me on the road and kept barking at me. There were two boys that came out of the neighbor’s house and even they looked scared to bring the dog back.

  36. What made me happy today, Tuesday, March 24, is that it is my sister’s birthday. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. What made me hopeful today, Tuesday, March 24, is that I have a roof over my head. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Today I am hopeful that my husband will get his official job offer letter soon. It has been 5 days and he has yet to get it. Until he gets that, the new job offer is not set in stone, even though he has a verbal offer and start date!

  39. Last night I managed to get a couple of hours uninterrupted sleep – not much but I’m happy because ANY is a bonus!

  40. I’ve been using the TENS machine almost non-stop and it is definitely reducing the pain level as well as the swelling. I’ll keep on using it in the hopes that it will continue to make things better.

  41. I can’t find the little booklet of instructions for the TENS machine and it’s really annoying me because I never throw things away! I know that it does more things but I just can’t remember how to programme the darned thing.

  42. My idea is…. Add more bloggers -IF- they’re reliable. Nothing is worse than winning a prize and then not getting it in a timely matter because some of the other bloggers haven’t added their money yet. A bigger prize is great, but only if you actually receive it 🙂

  43. I did see two old ladies apparently racing their mobility scooters when I went out to buy my lunch.Dangerous for the pedestrians nearby, but I was on the other side of the road so it made me chuckle…

  44. I was happy I didn’t cook dinner tonight. Family had some pizza from California Pizza Kitchen that we still had a gift card for.

  45. I read eleven chapters today on my current book read. I’m more than halfway through the book and I’m hopeful I’ll finish within two days.

  46. I am happy today because the gym session went well yesterday and I was refreshed. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  47. I am hopeful one of my best friends will find a good job after a long time commuting to work. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  48. I am mad today because the stupid boyfriend does not even know how to make breakfast properly. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  49. Today I was mad because I bumped into the corner of a drawer and I definitely have a bruise on my leg. I haven’t gotten a bruise that way in a long time and I shouldn’t have rushed to pick up the house phone.

  50. Today I am happy because my partner’s official job offer letter came to him yesterday afternoon, so it is 100% set in stone official that he is getting that promotion. WOO HOO! I am SO excited for him and for our budget! LOL

  51. Today I am mad because ANOTHER one of my teeth broke last night. I swear, I hate my teeth. I was in tears out of shear frustration last night. At least it is not painful.

  52. Today I am hopeful that my broken tooth will be like it was last time and only require a large filling. I am hoping beyond hope that I don’t have to have another root canal. ugh. I am scared.

  53. So, why be hopeful today? Well, even though cold weather just keeps hanging on, & we only see a warm day about once a week, I’m hopeful Spring will get here!

  54. Why be mad today? Hmm, it is just one of those days where everything piles up & goes wrong, lol. Argh! I’ll be mad about that.

  55. Today I’m hopeful I can make pork chops for dinner. They have been in the fridge for several days because boyfriend had some dental work done. Need to make them soon

  56. The only thing that made me mad today was looking at the bills I had to pay. Got my check today so bills now paid

  57. Today’s little bit of madness comes from having had little or no sleep again last night. I’m going to have to wear a whole leg brace to stop me moving it. I am so tired that I’m avoiding chatting with Mum & Dad because I’m afraid of losing my temper.

  58. Today I’m glad because Dad & my niece took the Tommy Cat to the vet today – he’s been sneezing horribly since the weekend & there’s yucky mucous on the worktops, windows etc.

  59. Tommy Cat’s now on antibiotics so I’m hoping that this will clear up his awful sneezing. Getting tablets down his throat is going to be difficult though.

  60. I was happy today because I talked to one of my daughters on the phone . I love hearing from my children . I get to be a part of their lives vicariously enjoying their experiences.

  61. I was happy to have snow but even happier when the sun came out this afternoon.
    Hopeful that it’s the last snow for a while.
    No mad today.

  62. My spirits were lifted after a doctors appt where blood tests showed my cholesterol levels have significantly improved which made me hopeful that I will continue towards good health

  63. Nothing made me mad today not even robo calls . I had a lovely day with no disturbing news or encounters with annoying people.

  64. Talking to my parents. Something about talking to them every once in awhile just makes my day that much better

  65. I am hopeful the restaurant is not full today so I could finish early and go to the gym. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  66. Today I am hopeful that everything goes OK with our “free” tire rotation tomorrow night. They have some pretty strict language on the warranty that said it must be when we hit 5000 miles from our last rotation to be free. It will be a few miles (less than 50) over that. Hopefully they won’t be stupid about it.

  67. Today I am mad because my hubby’s current boss is playing nasty about his new job transfer. 1st she is keeping him the full 30 days she is allowed to keep him, even though she is fully staffed and could let him go. Then she had the audacity to question why he needed 1.5 days off for his grandmother’s funeral 5 hours away when company policy states he can have up to 5 days of bereavement! She is such an idiot.

  68. What makes me happy today is watching some good anime on the net
    What makes me mad is that Kissanime has a broken vid of the newest anime dub-HOPEFULLY they’ll fix it
    What makes me hopeful is hopefully doing well at an assessment this monday

    So looking forward to spring and summer! :3

  69. What made me happy today? Well, that one’s easy! I went back to bed because I was feeling cold & sorry for myself and actually slept for 5 hours! I feel so much better.

  70. Nothing made me mad today apart from the fact that the whole day’s gone & I’ve nothing to show for it but could be so much worse, so I’m not complaining.

  71. I managed to get the antibiotic down the Tommy Cat’s throat without being scratched. The problem is that as he improves, the more he’ll struggle and there’s 6 more days to go! Hopefully I’ll get through them relatively unscathed!

  72. Happy to have done 5 loads of laundry because now I’ll have clean clothes for a while. (need to win a washer&dryer).
    Hopeful that I’ll find a good warm water pool to swim in the next 2 weeks while my pool gets a new roof.
    No mad today.

  73. I am happy today because I am going to be having great good soup for lunch. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  74. I am hopeful that it’s not so packed today in the restaurant so I won’t have a headache after work. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  75. I am mad today because work is pouring down on my head on this last working day of the week. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  76. Today I am hopeful that my giveaway winning streak keeps up. I have won something almost every day this week! WOO HOO! After not winning for over a month when I was used to winning at least once a week, this has made me very happy. 😀

  77. I’m hopeful that the weather will get more Spring-like soon! I’m tired of cold, wet days with sick people feeling miserable.

  78. Today I’m happy because I managed to stand up without using my crutches or leaning on anything. I didn’t last long but it’s a start, right?

  79. I hope the weekend brings some fine dry weather. It’s been overcast & with a really cold Northern wind lately. I want to get outside!

  80. I’m mad that I’m putting on weight. I knew I would, being in a wheelchair and not being able to get exercise but I can’t cut any more food out or I’ll keel over! I know it’s only short-term but I hate it.

  81. I was happy to get an email saying I won the Raw Spice Bar box. Love spices.
    Hopeful that the weather will be fine and the pool roof will get fixed quickly
    Mad just a bit that it was Spring break and the pool I went to had zillions of screaming kids.

  82. I thought I had set a plastic plate on the table so it wouldn’t fall, but it fell and made a loud ass clatter and it just irritated and stressed me out so much…..

  83. Today I am happy we are going out for a nice dinner to finally celebrate our anniversary. It was on the 20th but couldn’t go last weekend.

  84. Today I’m hopeful I can get thru the whole day without a headache. Seems having them more than usual lately.

  85. Today’s little bit of happiness was being able to take a shower! Sounds so simple but when you’re in a wheelchair even the little things we take for granted take time, planning & energy to accomplish.

  86. The only thing that made me mad today was the fact that I practically flooded the shower room. Well, a bit of an exaggeration (I’ve always been a bit melodramatic), but it did take longer getting in & out of the shower than it did washing myself.

  87. All I’m hoping for today is for the pain in my leg to ease up a bit. It looks ok apart from being swollen but it feels very hot to the touch around the wound area so I hope there’s no infection going on inside. I think a visit to my Doc asap is called for.

  88. Today, I’m hopeful the KY Wildcats will win their basketball game tonight! I’m hoping they get their perfect season this year!

  89. I was happy to see the sun shining this morning. It has been a long month of so many snow storms and then the last 2 days with rain.

  90. I am hopeful that spring is really on its way now. After seeing the sun this morning and seeing the driveway softening up and the snow banks melting.

  91. I was happy that the temp hit 80 degrees for the first time since Fall.
    Hopeful that winter has gone away.
    No mad today

  92. Why am I happy today? well, it’s Sunday, so my niece & nephews have school tomorrow! So, no getting up early to babysit, lol.

  93. I’m not really mad today. I guess it’s been a fairly decent day. I’m fed up with the overhead light in our livingroom. It has blown every day this week within hours of putting new bulbs in! Obviously, it has an issue!

  94. The dawn chorus was beautiful this morning – how could you be anything other than happy when listening to that?

  95. I’m getting a bit concerned about my scar – the whole area around it is definitely hotter than the rest of my leg. I’m going to ring the doc in the morning & hopefully get an early appointment.

  96. Last night the hour went forward so I got an hour less of the little sleep I usually get & now I have a headache – grr!

  97. Happy to have a quiet day at home with lots of sunshine.
    Hopeful that I’ll get into a swim class tomorrow.
    No mad today.

  98. I’m hopeful a family member of mine will fully recover from her gout very soon. She’s got gout on her foot and she’s been moving quicker and more smoothly lately.

  99. What makes me hopeful, hubby had his surgery, and he is fine! What more could I ask for. Love him to pieces. Just praying he sticks around ( lives ) for a long time!

  100. The only thing that made me mad in any way, is really a joy. There are 3 bars within 2 blocks of us. Two of them are closing, and they had a closing party this weekend, 2 days of it, the mad part – no parking for 3 blocks. The joy – there will not be any LOUD parties meaning a nice sleepy summer. The one that is left is a family dining place more than a bar, and they keep it quiet.

  101. I am hopeful the weather will get warmer this week for my stomach cramp. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  102. I am mad today because I am having so aching limbs sleeping on my stomach last night. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  103. Today I’m happy that I got all my household chores out of the way early so I can surf the web all the rest of the day. Yay

  104. Today I’m hopeful I can get away with putting a frozen dinner in the oven for dinner. don’t want to cook and he is so picky

  105. The only thing that made me mad today is that even tho its sunny outside it is still too cold. I want to start walking but the wind and cold make it darn impossible.

  106. Well, today I’m mad at Spring. Lol. It needs to just get here already! It’s the end of March, and here in KY we can’t seem to get 2 nice days in a row!

  107. I’m hopeful that my youngest nephew isn’t going to get sicker! He had to come home early from pre-school today, feeling puny. I hope it’s just a 24 hour bug.

  108. I’m really getting fed up with the pain in my leg. At night it seems so much worse, just lying there in the dark, in pain.

  109. I was happy to have a Spring day and to see some of the trees getting blossoms.
    Hopeful that they won’t get frosted on Thursday.
    No mad today

  110. I am happy today because the new pizzeria is open near my work place and I am so excited. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  111. I am hopeful today because it’s already half of the working week, only half to go before the vacation. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  112. I am mad today because it’s been snowing hard since last night and now it’s all covered in snow. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  113. Tomorrow I’m going to put in my request for my vacation days. I’m hopeful it will be approved and quickly too.

  114. I was mad today because I found out a favorite youtube channel was deleted. It was a dining show and I liked to watch it while I was cooking.

  115. I was happy today because I tried a Birthday cake Frappuccino. I wanted to try one because it was only available for a few days.

  116. I am so happy to see the sun shining so bright this morning. And the snow is melting so quickly – Yay! I can’t wait for my spring flowers to start popping through the ground.

  117. Today I got an lovely unexpected surprise: an e-card from a dear family friend in Australia wishing me a speedy recovery. What’s even sweeter is that her husband of 50+ years died less than a year ago. Now that’s real kindness.

  118. We’ve had really bad winds lately – speeds of up to 110 miles per hour. I just hope that we don’t have any power cuts and that we don’t lose any trees. Keeping everything crossed!

  119. The only thing that’s made me mad today is the continuing pain in my leg post-surgey. It’s been 6 weeks today and I had hoped to be up & about by now. I’m so impatient & tired out.

  120. Today I am happy because last night it was warm enough to sleep with the windows open and I slept better than I have in weeks with all that fresh, cool air! Love it!

  121. Today I am hopeful, when we are at Granny’s memorial service, that no one feels the need to mention how fat my partner and I have gotten since the last time they saw us. I know that I will not react well and will embarrass my partner, if anyone says a thing to us.

  122. Today I am mad because the gas leak across the street STILL has yet to be fixed. Last week, in another neighborhood, a house was destroyed when it blew up because of a gas leak and 30 other house in that neighborhood were damaged. I am furious that Columbia Gas thinks it is OK to wait up to 15 months to fix these things.

  123. Why be mad today? Well, it’s been a crappy day so far. You know that feeling you get when you make a big change in your life & then start to think it was a big mistake? Yeah, I’m there, lol.

  124. What makes me hopeful is looking for a house within our means. It is difficult to find in this area, but we will find one!

  125. I am hopeful today because we plan to visit an uncle in hospital this weekend. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  126. I am mad today because I already got prank at work for April’s Fool. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  127. I was mad today because it was really traffic going home. It usually takes me less than 30 minutes to get home from work.

  128. What made me mad today..Myself. I had plans to do a lot on my day off but I used bad weather as an excuse to just lay back..

  129. I am hopeful that my husband’s surgery will go well. Poor guy is a ball of nerves. Men seem to be so much more sensitive about things like that or even getting sick in general.

  130. Spring is well under way here in Ireland’s (so-called) Sunny South East. Flowers are blooming, birds have paired up & are hectically nest building – yes, folks, the Spring has most definitely sprung! Happy days!

  131. I’m hopeful that with the start of another month my recovery from knee surgery will start to show a marked improvement.

  132. Today I’m just happy I can hear the birds singing. Still too cold to open the windows but know spring is on the way

  133. Today I’m hopeful my boyfriend has a good dr appt. He’s been in such pain lately and I think they will be giving him a shot. Hope it works.

  134. I was happy to get an email saying I won an eco-friendly Easter basket.
    Hopeful that tomorrow’s cold and forecasted snow isn’t too bad. (after 75 degrees today)
    I was a bit mad that neither this giveaway nor the newest candle one have good embedded code to put on my blog.

  135. One thing that made me happy today was that it got to 82 degrees! It has been so long since it has been that hot!

  136. I am happy today because it is the last day before a long Easter vacation. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  137. I am hopeful today because this Easter holiday I’ll be able to sleep long and party. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  138. I am mad today because it took 10 minutes to take the ice off the car. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  139. I was happy that I found out I won a few raffles on crowdtap. March was my first month on the site and I was excited about the results.

  140. I’m going to put a little more time into crowdtap. I’m hopeful I’ll have similar results like in March.

  141. I was slightly mad that I forgot about the clothes in the dryer until hours later. I was very tired when I got to it and I didn’t put the clothes away.

  142. Studying my anatomy notecards thinking I had it down, but flipping it backwards and realizing that I have a lot of to do

  143. I’m hopeful that tonight will be relatively pain-free. Apart from the dull ache, last night wasn’t too bad at all.

  144. I almost fainted earlier this afternoon. It’s something I’ve never done but my blood pressure must be low again plus lack of sleep, I suppose. It lasted abouut half an hour and was a horrible feeling. I was on my own in the house and felt so helpless and that’s what made me mad today!

  145. Why be happy today? Well, I got a big bag of candy from Tootsie Roll, lol. I won a little Facebook contest. Yay, candy!

  146. Why be mad today? Well, it’s April, but it’s still chilly enough that we have been using the heat, which leads to allergies & congestion. Ick!

  147. I was happy today when I went to the grocery store and saw a sale bin full of Covergirl products on sale for only $1 each. There was foundation, eye shadow, pressed powder, nail polish, lipstick, lip gloss. I got about $75 worth of products for $10 that made me happy.

  148. What made me mad today is when I’m out driving around running errands and people are just so lazy they don’t use their turn signals. Not that big a deal really but when people are turning left it’s kind of is a big deal.

  149. I am so happy that my husbands surgery went wonderful today. And all tests are clear. I am so glad he got through this, he has been a nervous wreck all week.

  150. I was very happy to get 3 winning emails today: $25 Target, music CD and a $50 GC to ToysRUs.
    Hopeful that today’s snow will be the last of the season. (I can HOPE)
    No mad today.

  151. I was slightly mad because my laptop’s flash player kept crashing and my internet pages were loading slowing. I enabled the flash player integrated into my browser instead of the one on my system and see if that takes care of the crashes.

  152. I got a recipe from a friend for her overnight oatmeal. I’m hopeful my family will try it and it might become a go-to breakfast option.

  153. I was happy because I went grocery shopping and the pantry is fully stocked. I also liked that the parking lots and grocery stores were practically empty.

  154. The weather is making me so happy today. The sun is shining bright and the temps are in the 50’s. The best sign that spring is springing!!

  155. I am hopeful that the snow will quickly melt around my outside clothesline in the next couple days so I can hang clothes out. #1 I need the exercise #2 I love the fresh spring air dryed smell #3 It will save on the electric bill!

  156. I am mad that the cord on my new tablet (1 month old) is not working. Plugged it in yesterday to charge it so I could take it to hospital to use while my husband was in surgery and when I turned it on the battery was at 1%!!! Now I have to deal with getting that replaced. Ugh.

  157. Why be hopeful today? well, it’s dreary & rainy, but at least it’s not cold! Hopefully, Spring has Sprung.

  158. Why am I mad today? Well, I’m not really mad, but it would be nice to see a real, sunny, warm Spring day, lol.

  159. Last night I got an email to let me know that I’d won €20. I immediately went onto eBay & bought a new top and have been smiling ever since!

  160. I’m sure I’m beginning to smell! That’s what gotten me mad today. Although I have a good bedbath everyday and am sick to the teeth with baby wipes, the effort of taking a shower means that I can only manage one or two a week.

  161. I was happy to see an old friend at the swimming pool today.
    Hopeful that the sun will shine tomorrow.
    No mad today.

  162. It made me mad when I was stopped at a crosswalk to let a pedestrian cross and the woman in the car behind me started honking!

  163. I was happy to discover that the hotel where were staying tonight offers free s’mores fixins to use over the fire pit on the patio! yum!

  164. My family went to work on decluttering but I’m slightly mad there are lots of stuff in the hallways. The hallways are like an obstacle course and we’ll definitely work on clearing them tomorrow.

  165. I’m going to my niece’s soccer game tomorrow. I’m hopeful there isn’t much traffic going to the game because she in the starting line up.

  166. I am hopeful today because I can feel the effectiveness of working out even just a little bit. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  167. I am mad today because Skype call quality was so bad I could not have a proper conversation with mom. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  168. Spring is definitely here! Today was glorious: the sun shone, the birds sang, the flowers bloomed, the farmers are busy ploughing their fields, all-in-all a smashing day!

  169. The meteorologists have just announced that the weather is to be good all weekend so I hope I get a chance to go outside & do a little bit of weeding.

  170. The only thing that got me mad was completely outside my control so there’s no point crying over spilt milk, as my nana used to say. It’s just that my shower took so long & took so much out of me that I didn’t have the energy to make my way outside. Still, “tomorrow, tomorrow… it’s only a day away!”

  171. Today I’m happy to see how sunny it is today. listening to the birds sing but thru closed windows, still too cold.

  172. To I am hopeful I can put a big dent into a new book I’m reading. It is not necessarily a quick read so hopefully I get some quiet time later tonight.

  173. Today I’m mad I forgot about the laundry. I now have to rewash a load and then finish what should have been finished days ago.

  174. Why be mad today? So far, I haven’t really been mad, other than when I had to haul my self out of bed, lol.

  175. I am happy because I purchased the cutest little leather mocassins for my 7 month old granddaughter! Why didn’t they have all these cute little shoes and slippers when my children were babies. We were always lead to believe they needed the straight walking shoes to protect the ankles and have hard soles.

  176. I received the jojoba oil I ordered in the mail today. I am hoping that I will find the time this evening to whip a little shea butter, jojoba oil and maybe a few drops of lavendar in a nice lotion for my overly dry hands.

  177. I was happy to get an email saying I won the set of Disney CDs. Love Into the Woods.
    Hopeful that the roof on the pool will be fixed soon even if they missed 2 days due to snow.
    No mad today.

  178. I made a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting last night and my husband ate half of it already today!! This made me frustrated because #1 – its not healthy for him #2 – he’s been trying to loose weight and this didn’t help #3 – it was supposed to last through this next week for snacking. Ugh!

  179. I walked to Target today and I was slightly mad at myself for accidentally taking the long way to the front entrance. I learned my lesson and took the much shorter route home.

  180. I’m hopeful the weather will turn more breezy and cloudy. It has been really hot lately and my electric fans are definitely being used.

  181. Roadworks, airplane delayed just about everything has made me mad today yes we are known as a nation of moaners but sometimes we have every reason to be mad…..

  182. I am hopeful that this dry scratchy feeling in my throat is from not turning on the humidifier last night and not the start of an illness!

  183. We’ve just had a lovely Easter Sunday dinner with my sister & her daughter joining Mum, Dad & myself. Roast leg of lamb, mint sauce, roast potatoes & veg followed by a scrummy homemade meringue & caramel roulade & chocolates – OMG I don’t even want to think about the number of calories consumed!

  184. I’m mad because I slept in again. I know I need sleep, but because the pain in my leg keeps me awake in the early hours I end up missing half the day. It will get better but I had planned on doing some little chores that now have to be put off till tomorrow.

  185. Hopefully I won’t sleep so badly tonight so that I wake at a reasonable hour & get things done tomorrow. I really want to get into the garden to start pottering about!

  186. Today I am hopeful because the sun is peeking out from the clouds. Looks like we can do an Easter Egg Hunt after all for our grandsons.

  187. What makes me mad today is that my daughter & her family are all sick with colds. They won’t be able to join the rest of the family today. Feel Better!

  188. I was happy seeing the cake shaped like a rabbit that my nieces and nephew made. It was adorable and tasty too.

  189. Today I signed up for a trial of kindle unlimited. I hope that most of the books that I’m interested are available on the program.

  190. Today I looked into more information on prime pantry. I was slightly mad to find out it isn’t available for my area.

  191. A giant wasp flew into my house and I was forced to spend the entire day locked in mortal combat with it..

  192. I more than just a liitle mad. My boyfriend has a habit of putting energy drinks and sodas in the freezer then forgets about them. There is a huge mess where a cherry drink exploded and did he clean it up? Hells no, thinks I’m a gonna do it. Not likely

  193. I am HAPPY that Easter candy was 50% off today because I did not get a chance to make Easter baskets for my nieces and nephews in Nebraska yet and they will never know that I paid half price for all of their candy!

  194. I had a lovely day today: the sun was shining again & I managed to get outside, did a bit of weeding in the garden & cut some daffodils for indoors.

  195. My exercise regime is going really well: I managed to walk for a little bit today. Today I’m aiming to do a bit more so am keeping my fingers crossed all goes well.

  196. Nothing got me mad today, well, just my own impatience. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person and having to take my rehab programme so slowly is killing me!

  197. Happy to have another beautiful Spring day. I ran into the pool supervisor and he showed me a picture of the work in progress at the pool. Should be done on time.
    Hopeful that it will be done on time.
    No mad today.

  198. I am happy today because this week is going to have only 4 working days. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  199. I am hopeful today because the dress I ordered online should arrive any time soon and I can’t wait to try it on. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  200. I am mad today because I found out I have to go to work on Saturday. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  201. I was slightly mad that I didn’t get to the laundry today. My family took over the washer and dryer for most of the time I was home.

  202. I’m going to the dentist tomorrow. I’m hopeful it will be a quick visit and I won’t need extra procedures for anything.

  203. I was happy today because I found some nail polishes I had gotten for the holidays but hadn’t used yet. I did my nails and they are a very nice pink color.

  204. I’m happy today because I actually went out! Admittedly it was only a trip to the pharmacy, but I haven’t been out or spoken to anyone other than family since my op. back in February.

  205. Now I’m imaptient to get out again but as I’m still in my wheelchair I am totally dependent on others to drive me. I’m one of nature’s loners so I don’t mind the isolation at all but this enforced dependency is maddening!

  206. I hope that I can persuade my Mum to go to the doc. She’s got a couple of issues that need sorting out but is hopeless at getting herself checked out. Her Dad died from stomach & bowel cancer so it’s vital that she does get checked out, but she doesn’t want to know.

  207. I am happy to see that the one inch of snow we got last night is melting so fast today! Can’t wait for the snow to be completely gone and have the trees and lawns green once again.

  208. I am hoping that the swelling in my lower legs this morning is caused from being on my feet to long yesterday as I was cleaning and enjoyed doing alot of baking and that its not caused by a medical problem!

  209. I am mad at the guy next door for spinning up our driveway. The ground is so soft and muddy right now where everything is melting and the frost is coming out of the ground. He has made terrible ruts now that we will have to go smooth out. GRRRR

  210. I am happy today because I am finalizing a long haul project at work. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  211. I am hopeful today because it is sunny outside and the temperature is finally above zero. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  212. I was happy that I didn’t need extra procedures at my dentist appointment today. I really like morning appointments because I didn’t wait long before I was called.

  213. A friend of mine in the midwest had some hail in his area today. I’m hopeful the weather in his area will be better tomorrow.

  214. I was slightly mad today because I had waited on a visit from my sister. Turns out she forgot and I couldn’t reach her until she was done at the gym.

  215. Not much, pretty melancholy day. Microsoft Word formatting probably made me more mad than anything else..

  216. What made my day today is that is my day off work and I got to spend some much need me time. I am just relaxing and enjoying life.

  217. Today I’m mad because I am absolutely exhausted from going out to the pharmacy yesterday and my leg is really sore, swollen & feels hot around the scar.

  218. I just hope that the pain in my leg gets a bit better because I have to have a shower tonight ready for an early morning appointment tomorrow morning.

  219. Because I’m so tired I haven’t been able to get out into the fresh air today but I woke this morning to the sound of the lambs bleating in the farm up the road and it’s such a happy little sound!

  220. Why am I happy today? well, I’m happy that the temperatures are going up even if it comes with thunderstorms!

  221. Today, I’m hopeful that Spring will eventually bring nice, sunny days instead of rainy, dreary days. It will happen!

  222. I am so happy that the swelling in my legs are gone today and everything looks fine. Dealing with health issues as you age is hard to accept sometimes!

  223. My cat is 12 years old and he does not seem to be himself today. He’s not eating and doesn’t seem to be as loving and cuddly as usual. I am hoping it is nothing serious.

  224. I was happy that it didn’t rain today so work can continue on the pool roof.
    Hopeful that the pool will open next Monday.
    No mad to day.

  225. What made me hopeful today was I tried to talk myself out of going to the gym today. I just thought go and get it done and I’m glad I did.

  226. I am happy today because I am going to be having the best chicken soup ever. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  227. I am hopeful today because I got a job offer and it sounds good. I should really consider it. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  228. I am mad today because it is again a cold bleak day even though it’s spring time. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  229. I was happy to find out my friend had no report of hail in his area today. Unfortunately, the southern part of Wisconsin has a threat of severe thunderstorms tomorrow. I’m hopeful the weather there will settle down very soon.

  230. I was slightly mad for reading the wrong starting time for a virtual book release party. I confused the time that the event ended with the actual starting time so I missed lots of chats and games.

  231. I was happy today that I was selected for an ebook prize despite being hours late to a book release party. I received my ebook after the event and I’ve really enjoyed the book so far.

  232. I am happy as I just finished making plans to visit my oldest son and daughter inlaw for the weekend. I can’t wait to see my grandchildren!

  233. I am hoping that the weather is going to cooperate this weekend and be nice like the reports are saying and not change at the last minute!

  234. I was mad this morning to wake up and see that it snowed another 3 inches during the night. UGH!! Come on, it’s spring already – stop snowing.

  235. Well, today I’m happy because I managed to get to my GP about the hot area around my scar. He managed to get hold of the consultant who advised a course of antibiotics & anti-inflammatories. I’m so glad I went as I was beginning to worry.

  236. I’m hopeful that these new meds will sort out any deep infection at the site of the wound. I’m seeing my consultant on Monday for a review so I’m hoping that all’s well.

  237. I’m only mad at myself (as usual) – I really should have gone to the Doc sooner but it’s only in the last week that I’ve been able to get washed, dressed & out of the house. Hey ho, what can you do?

  238. I am hopeful today because it is finally Friday and I get to go to the gym tomorrow. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  239. I am mad today because I can’t still relax my mind on a Friday due to overload amount of work. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  240. Tomorrow I’m going to harvest the pigeon peas on the tree in the backyard. I’m hopeful I will have some helpers to shell them.

  241. I was slightly mad that I missed a box delivery today. There was a note left that I could wait until next week Thursday for another delivery attempt but I’ll probably call and pick it up.

  242. I was happy because I won an ebook today from another virtual book release party. I’m about halfway through the ebook I got yesterday.

  243. I am upset because after the snow we received yesterday we walke up today with freezing rain! What nasty travel it was for those headed to work this morning.

  244. I am happy that it Friday and that means only 1 more day before I get to go see my grandbabies. I have lots of surprises for them.

  245. Why be hopeful today? I’m hopeful that the bad storms in the area the last several days don’t turn into tornadoes!

  246. Dad took me for a drive today and it was lovely! I saw a Forsythia bush in full Spring flower and it was glorious!

  247. I’m relieved that Mum has made an appointment to see her Doc at last. I’m hoping that the health issues she has can be sorted quickly.

  248. What made me mad today was that my leg is really sore again & kept me awake for most of the night. I’m trying to keep my mood ‘up’ but it’s a little bit of a struggle. I feel like just curling up under the duvet except that I can’t curl my bad leg!

  249. I was happy to go swimming today.
    Hopeful that the research panel I”m going to tomorrow will be interesting (for $50, I’d take boring)
    Mad that my regular pool will NOT be back open on the 13th, maybe the 20th.

  250. I am happy that my cat let me finally cut his nails. He goes through periods where he don’t want anyone to touch his toes at all. Then it’s like all of a sudden one day he lets you cut all of them while he just lays there purring!

  251. I am hopeful that all of our daily ratings are going to push Peanut Butter and Whine back up to the #1 rank on Top Giveaway Blogs!

  252. Why be hopeful today? Well, I’m hopeful I can get through the weekend, and then on Monday Spring Break is over & my niece & nephews go back to school, lol.

  253. I’m so mad at myself: My knee was really sore & swollen again last night so I got hardly any sleep. When the alarm started buzzing, I switched it off & the radio on, raised the window blackout blind and promptly fell asleep. I woke up at 4.30pm and am so annoyed because the whole day has passed me by.

  254. I’m happy because I managed to shift a mountain of ironing that had been steadily building up & up. I loathe ironing but it is a great feeling when it’s finally all done!

  255. I’m seeing my surgeon on Monday morning so I’m hopeful that he will be pleased with my progress. I’m making a note of any concerns I may have so I don’t forget to mention anything,

  256. I was happy today going to get a 7-11 slurpee. It was “bring you own cup” day and it was fun seeing what other cups people brought.

  257. I am mad today because flight ticket to anywhere is too freaking expensive for summer vacation. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  258. Today I’m happy because I’m seeing my surgeon tomorrow morning about my progress since the operation to reconstruct all the ligaments in my right knee.

  259. Today I’m just a teeny bit mad because having a shower is such a palaver! It takes me 20 minutes just to get in the cubicle & longer to get out, never mind trying to keep my balance while I’m in there. I have to have one ready for my appointment tomorrow morning but I’m not looking forward to it at all.

  260. Today, I am hopeful that Monday actually comes soon. That means my niece & nephews head back to school after Spring break & all the weekend company has gone home, lolol.

  261. Today, I’m just happy that the skies are clear. Some good weather sounds good! we went from snow to thunderstorms in March & April.

  262. Happy to have a quiet day at home, and got an email saying I won an Easter Basket.
    Hopeful that the pool will be open after this last week.
    Mad that it won’t be opening tomorrow.

  263. Happy! I’ve been so happy all day, I visited all day with my 4 year old grandson and 7 1/2 month old granddaughter! We had so much fun but I have to admit I’m am plum tuckered out! They are so much fun.

  264. I am happy today because it’s Welsh week and I love to celebrate with the country. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  265. I am hopeful today because we agree a trip to the south this summer so now I have something to look forward to. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  266. I am mad today because the weather temperature is dropping again and it’s cold in the morning. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  267. Sleeping in and the lovely sunshine made me happy today. I also got some much needed chores done which didn’t exactly make me feel happy but they did take a weight off my shoulders!

  268. My hubby and I had a really good, fruitful discussion this afternoon and it made me really hopeful about growing closer in our relationship. 🙂

  269. I got mad today when I flipped my pepsi over today. It flew up into the air and came down all over my desk and keys and the floor too. But then I had to laugh it off. I am such a clustsie person.

  270. Today, I’m happy to spend a few hours with my youngest nephew. Hmm, maybe I wouldn’t choose to watch Umizoomi, lol, but that’s ok.

  271. Today, my Mom goes back to her doctor, so I’m hopeful she gets good news. I hope she doesn’t have to wait for hours, too.

  272. Hmm, why be mad today? well, if my Mom has to sit & wait at the doctor’s office for hours, that will get me aggravated!

  273. It made me happy today to wake up to blue skies and sunshine. The birds are singing and spring is here. Looking forward to a great summer.

  274. I got mad at myself today for drinking 3 cups of coffee with extra creamer. I will not lose weight this way!! Sigh

  275. Today I’m hopeful I can check a couple things off my spring cleaning list. Got a lot done yesterday but have so much more to do.

  276. The only thing that made me mad today is all the noise outside while my windows are open. Was looking forward to listening to the birds but seems everyone is outside making noise.

  277. Today’s little bit of happiness came when I saw my surgeon – he’s delighted & very impressed with my progress and he put my mind to rest regarding some issues I’d been experiencing.

  278. Well, obviously I’m hopeful that I can keep up with my rehabilitation and that my Dad’s little procedure toorrow morning goes according to plan. He’s got arthritis in one knee following on from an old rugby injury and at 81 has health issues. If the steroid injections work he’ll feel so much better.

  279. Well, back to reality with a literal bump. The Tommy Cat went berserk when I got home and leapt into my lap. Now I’m in really bad pain in my knee – maddening. There’s me thinking I was doing so well.

  280. The mail made me very happy today: $25 Arch card, 4 oz of peppermint oil, Mia Mariu Relax oil.
    Hopeful that this will be the last week the pool is closed.
    No mad to d

  281. What made me mad today is that I forgot to turn on the dryer after I put a load of clothes in it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  282. I am happy today because I am hosting a training today and the customers were nice. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  283. I was mad that a flat iron I received wasn’t very effective. I’ll return it instead of trying a replacement.

  284. Today I received blackboard sticker labels. I’m hopeful they will helpful with organization all around the house.

  285. I am hopeful today because I will be going home early to do some jogging. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  286. I am mad today because snow is here to stay and it’s just everywhere. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  287. I was happy today because I’m back on track for the workout calendar I’m following. I had taken an extra break day which threw off my schedule.

  288. I am happy for living my life without any stress, the freedom to choose where I want to go each day, for having found true love and for having learned how to love myself with all the good and all the bad.

  289. I am so happy that the sun is shining and the temps are up. I have windows open for fresh spring air and it put me in the mood for spring cleaning! I love Spring, now to watch for all my pretty flowers to come to life.

  290. I am hoping to accomplish alot today. I am so behind on housework, I have a huge pile of papers that need filing in the office, and I want to go outside and enjoy the sun and nice weather also.

  291. Dad is home after the little procedure on his knee. The consultant drained a lot of fluid off and injected steroids into the joint. He’s able to move around so much easier now & that’s what made me happy today!

  292. I didn’t sleep well at all last night so I’m hoping that tonight I’ll be able to manage a couple of undisturbed hours. Tune in tomorrow for another update!

  293. I managed to vacuum & mop the kitchen floor today and it’s an effort when you’re in a wheelchair only for The Tommy Cat to throw up his breakfast – agh!

  294. I was happy that it was 73 degrees today before the snow comes on Thursday.
    Hopeful that it will be the last snow of the season.
    No mad today.

  295. Reading the news made me mad! There are so many good people in the world, but those few bad ones do some really horrible things sometimes….

  296. I am mad because I was put in FB jail today and cannot post anything! It just don’t make sense that facebook is made for socialization and posting and sharing but yet every once in a while the ban you for doing just that! I hope I will be free tomorrow so I can post to your FB page!

  297. My happy puppy made me happy today. the cleansing rain made me hopeful today (I like rain!), and the fact that I got my thumb really good with a knife made me pretty mad today!!

  298. I am happy today because I am going to work early today to eat 2 apples as breakfast. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  299. I am hopeful today when I think about being with my favorite dog for the whole weekend next month. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  300. I am mad today because the exchange rate of currency is too low I can’t send money to my family. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  301. I had recently tried some sweet potato turnovers at a bakery. Tomorrow I’m going to try a similar recipe and I’m hopeful they will turn out very well.

  302. I was slightly mad today because I was using a new app that kept freezing. I had reinstalled a few times and I still have the same problem even though my device is compatible to run it.

  303. I was happy I went grocery shopping and got some fresh sweet corn. Steamed sweet corn is one of my family’s favorite things to eat.

  304. Why am I mad today? Well, I get a little fed up with myself & having such a hard time losing some weight, but I don’t think getting mad really helps at all, so I’ll just try to stay hopeful, lol.

  305. Finally finishing my taxes and getting a refund made me happy today. The fact that my husband starts a new job next week made me hopeful. Dealing with Federal Free File e-file glitches totally made me mad today!

  306. I am hopeful that you will add more topics to your Klout page as I was unable to give you any Klout today! Plus I wasn’t able to get that extra 10+ today.

  307. What made me happy today? Well, I got a tax refund from the Govt. as I’m now unable to work for (probably) the rest of the year after my surgery in February. Not a huge amount, but every little helps, right?

  308. I managed to walk 3 lengths of our hallway on my crutches today and I’m hopeful that I can make 4 lengths tomorrow.

  309. I’m just mad at myself for being so impatient. I really am hopeless – it’s always all or nothing with me. I mean, compared to last week, those 3 lengths is a huge improvement so I really should be happy, but it’s never enough. I want to be able to climb mountains NOW!

  310. Happy to get an email saying I won a $25 Target GC. Always use that.
    Hopeful that pool will be open on Monday.
    No mad today, just whiney about differing tweet times on your giveaways.

  311. I am happy today because I am having the best wiener melange drink ever. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  312. I am mad today because my boyfriend used up all the milk and did not buy another can. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  313. I was happy today because a friend came over to visit and also brought flowers. I don’t usually have a bouquet of flowers in the house so it’s a nice sight.

  314. I’m watching the Stanley cup playoffs right now which is something I’ve never done. I’m hoping to understand a lot more about hockey by the end of the championship game.

  315. Happiness today includes the sun shining brightly, the temps are now in the upper 60’s, the snow is melting so fast, I am full of energy for once, looks like its going to be a wonderful day for me!!

  316. Looks like the winter season was rough on our marten bird house that is used every year. I am hoping my husband will have the time to get the roof shingles on it fixed before the martens come and start building their nest this year.

  317. Mad is such a harsh word! I feel like I rarely ever submit an entry for this one. Angry or upset sound much better. However – I was upset this morning when my husband made coffee. He dropped coffee grounds all over the counter, in between the counter and fridge, and on the floor without wiping it up. But yet I bit my tongue since I usually have the coffee all made before he is up and he was thoughtful enough to at least make it.

  318. Why be mad today? Well, today Facebook told me I can’t like any more pages for a month! Yes, we all know they don’t really like those of us who follow bloggers on Facebook & enter contests/giveaways, but how is it any skin off their back why I like/follow a page?

  319. Today I managed to have a shower with only a little bit of a flood and although my leg is sore after it, it’s such an improvement since my last shower on Sunday night. Slowly but surely I’m getting there folks!

  320. I was mad today because I had spent ages persuading Dad to drive me to the nearest town as a supermarket had advertised a ‘special’ on crossword books. When we eventually got there it was to find that the store is closed for refurbishment. All that hoo-ha for nothing. Poop!

  321. I’ve just phoned another store in the supermarket chain & their second-nearest shop still has the crossword books are still in stock. I explained my predicament, being in a wheelchair etc. and they said that they’d keep a couple aside for me in the manager’s office. Dad has agreed (albeit grumpily) to drive me there tomorrow. Mum is a x-word & codeword addict, while Dad & I prefer cryptic ones so I’m hoping that there’ll be a couple of birthday presents out of this haul! Things like the actions of the shop staff renew my faith in humanity.

  322. I was happy to have a massage today.
    Hopeful that Spring will return after we have snow today & tomorrow.
    Mad that the pool still isn’t open and now they’re waiting on parts so who knows how long it will be?

  323. What made me happy today was that I got to eat out in a nice restaurant with my brother. He had prime rib, I had twin lobster tails. Bring on the melted butter, boys!

  324. What made me mad today is that they ran out of baked potato at the nice restaurant I went to. Who the heck runs out potato at 2 in the afternoon? Is there a potato shortage? Coleslaw is a poor substitute! Ggrrrrrr!

  325. What made me hopeful today is that my brother only knocked over one drink. We had to go to the bank after eating in the nice restaurant, and they have a Keurig set up (which I always eye with lust in my heart). He made a cup of coffee, set it down at the table while we waited to speak to a rep, and then knocked the whole thing over – on the table, the floor on his good pants. What is hopeful about this, is that he usually knocks over 2 or more drinks of water, or juice, or soda or coffee a day.

  326. Hanging out with my friend’s month old baby made me both happy and hopeful today. He’s such a peaceful little sweetie! Having a killer headache has made me frustrated but not quite mad today.

  327. I am happy today after watching some videos of beagles being freed from laboratories. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  328. I am hopeful today because I singed the petition of stop dog meat trading for Vietnam. I hope it will stop soon. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  329. I am mad today because I woke up exhaustively and my nose is running . Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  330. I read about Starbucks releasing a smores frappucinno today. I’m hopeful to try it during its limited release.

  331. I was happy because my facial serum order arrived today. I’m running low on my current serum and I’m glad the product shipped quickly.

  332. I am HAPPY today because my in-laws are hosting a long weekend for the family in Sarasota. They even booked us a dog-friendly room so we can bring our dog. I am happy to be able to spend the time with my husband and dog and also my husband’s sister and her husband as well as his two stepbrothers and their families. I know that a lot of people do not get along with their in-laws but I am lucky that I love mine!

  333. Today, I mad at Facebook again. For the 2nd day in a row I got a notification from them saying I can’t like/follow pages for a month. Is this going to be an everyday thing? I know they don’t like people who like pages because of giveaways, but if I didn’t like a blog or product would I be entering that contest? They need to wise up.

  334. Today I’m happy because I managed to collect the crossword books for Mum. I gave her one & will hide the other until her birthday (82nd) in July. She was born at 7 minutes past 7 on the 7th day of the 7th month (1933)!

  335. What really made me mad today was that as I was heading back to Dad’s car my wheelchair hit a pothole & the weight of the shopping made it topple backwards. There I was, flat on my back with my legs in the air. I wasn’t embarrassed or anything just sore & angry. I mean I’ve got plenty of padding on me and had a driver waiting for me, but what if I’d been on my own? What’s the point of providing disability parking spaces if this is what happens?

  336. I just hope that I haven’t damaged my leg in the fall. It really hurts now and there’s a bruise on my back that wasn’t there before,

  337. My sister-in-law stopped by which made me happy today. The sun is shining and looking forward to a weekend of rest made me hopeful today. Stubbing my toe this morning made me a little made.

  338. Happy to see the sun this afternoon after 5 inches of snow and rain.
    Hopeful that my lilacs will recover.
    No mad today.

  339. I was upset/mad today because I had to spend yesterday outside mowing our lawn. I guess I got a really bad sunburn when I was out there and now its pretty painful…

  340. I was slightly mad today that I forgot my lunch at home. I had it all packed up and I left it on the kitchen table.

  341. I am happy that the whole front lawn is now clear of any snow! Yay, now comes the raking and mowing. I love spring.

  342. I am happy today because I got off work earlier than usual and there were not so many customers. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  343. I am hopeful today because I made some good money on a Saturday and I finished the gym before work. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  344. Sleeping in made me happy today. Waking up to a bright sunny day made me hopeful. Opening up a new bottle of vitamins only to discover there were two @$@#&^%*$ seals made me mad today!

  345. I’m mad that I will have to clean our freezer since my boyfriend refuses to. He set a can of pop in there and it exploded everywhere but he doesn’t seem to think he should have to clean it. Like living with a child at times.