April 5th Photo-A-Day LOVELY

Today my LOVELY daughter Selena turns 42. I can’t think of a better LOVELY!

Selena is LOVELY inside and out.  She’s a daughter, a sister, a wife to the Golden One Dan. A Mom (yes, to my perfect Granddaughter Alice)

Selena is a college graduate. Graduating with honors while working full time and raising a kid!!

She is a Property & Evidence guru for the Police Department in Escondido CA.

She is partial owner of Chain of Custody Pro; an organization that teaches a class for fellow officers the importance of correctly impounding evidence.

She is a U.S. Navy Veteran.

Selena is a Volunteer for the Sexual Assault Response Team/ DV response team

She hikes, she paddleboards, she camps and she manages to make me smile everyday. I am so very proud of my LOVELY daughter Selena. (Now, I need a nap!! Her life exhausts me!)

Happy Birthday Selena!!




  1. Typical Mom. Telling the whole world that Selena is 42!!! She’s not going to thank you for that 😉

  2. Sandy Pincombe says

    Have to laugh as my 40 something daughter would not like her age posted either. BUT as a Mom I would see nothing wrong with it!

    • Sandy, I probably shouldn’t have annouced her age. But, dang! If I looked that good at 42 I would have posted it EVERYWHERE!!! I’m just hoping she doesn’t read the blog.

  3. Selena sounds amazing! I wouldn’t have any buttons left on my shirts or jackets if she was mine, as I’d be so proud I’d have busted my buttons off. I thought that was you, Connie, til I read the story!

  4. Cathy French says

    Happy Birthday Selena!!

  5. Tamra Phelps says

    Lol, 42 is not old. I wish I was 42 again! I hope Selena has a great birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday Selena!!

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