April 30th Photo-A-Day REGAL

Let’s end the month of April with a picture of the most popular member of the family. No, not me (Yes, I DO think I am funny.

Bear! She seems to have captured everyone’s heart. Right Miss Barbara??

This puppy is such a sweet, smart fur baby.

Bear is a 9 months old Bernese Mountain Dog. Okay, technically she isn’t 9 months until tomorrow May 1st.

She weighs a TON! I imagine she is close to 90 pounds. She is solid! When Bear decides to sit on your lap I can barely breathe! Yes, she still believes she is a lap dog.

One of Bears favorite places on our walks is a huge moss covered rock. When Bear stands on HER rock she stands so REGAL and I get the impression she is surveying her domain.

She looks so REGAL! So much so I ordered a canvas and it came out so great!!

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