Oh yeah baby, I get to host ANOTHER Ugly Christmas Sweater GIVEAWAY!!!  Can I get a whoop whoop!!  Y’all know that I’ve been a fan of the The Ugly Christmas Sweater store for YEARS. I’ve been lucky enough to do reviews and giveaways with them since 2013. I STILL love this store. I STILL love the quirky things they have. Once again I declare it’s the BEST Ugly Christmas Sweater store in the WORLD. Yeah, I said it. IN THE WORLD! HA! I dare you to argue with me…… but DENIED. This mama Peanut declares it so.

If at all possible I’m more excited about this years giveaway than previous years because ya know Christmas in Sandpoint, Idaho is way different than Christmas in Southern California!! 60 miles from Mexico vs 60 miles from Canada (do I know how to go to extremes or WHAT?!)

I’ve been telling you since 2013 that the has an amazing selection of funny, UGLY, silly, and sweet sweaters too.  There are t-shirts, lounge pants and pajama’s. Yes, again this year one very lucky Peanut will be able to shop for their perfect Christmas sweater (ugly or not). With the HUMONGOUS selection I imagine you’ll have as hard a time as I did!  Start shopping now!

This site just makes me giddy!!

Every size, every style, every design of ugly Christmas sweaters you can imagine! I can’t say enough about the selection. Light-up sweaters, sarcastic, seriously twisted, sequined, too cute to be ugly and even 3D sweaters that have a stuffed moose coming out of the middle! Ugly Christmas Sweater has them all!!

This past weekend The Husband and I went to the Christmas Craft fair in Sandpoint and I wore my super cute sweater. Yes, I went cute this year…….. it was a toss up between the sweater and a sequined jacket.

Seriously, this jacket cracks me UP!! Sequins people SEQUINS!!

What I did pick is a cute Christmas cardigan with snowflakes and candy canes AND A BOW TIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, isn’t this cute!?!? How could they say ugly about this sweater?!

Extremely well made, WARM as all get out and dare I say it again, CUTE!!

A sweater that will last for YEARS and years! There is nothing cheap about this sweater!

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Now for the real reason you are here!  The folks are giving one very lucky little peanut their own Ugly Christmas sweater!!! Good LUCK!!!! I can’t wait to see what you pick!!

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92 thoughts on “Annual UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER GIVEAWAY!!! #GIVEAWAY #Uglyxsweater

  1. Wow, your “ugly” sweater is actually pretty darn adorable! It would be so fun to have one! And locally, they have ‘ugly sweater’ contests, too!

  2. I really like you Christmas sweater! You really look good in red, red’s your color. Love the bow tie to set off the attire.

  3. I love the “SANTA I KNOW HIM” sweater from Elf. It would be perfect for winning my husband’s work contest for ugliest Xmas sweater!

  4. I am sorry about my earlier post, I was trying to say that I really like your Christmas sweater. I know that they call it the ugly Christmas sweater but some of them are really cute. Oh and you really look good in red. I love red!

  5. I’ve heard that some crafters make quite a bit of money selling ugly holiday sweaters, they can go for quite a bit! I want one! This one is adorable on our big peanut!

  6. I would pick the All I Want for Xmas is Butts – Tina from Bob’s Burgers Ugly Christmas Sweater because my partner would think it was hilarious and would love to wear it to family holiday functions.

  7. I love the Women’s Let’s Get Baked Happy Gingerbread Ugly Christmas Sweater because my gingerbread cookies are famous. And possibly for other reasons.

  8. I just noticed the new sweater, The Office Dunder Mifflin Ugly Christmas Sweater. It’s great for a fan of The Office.

  9. If I were picking one for my partner, I would get him the Red 3-D Ugly Christmas Sweater with Stuffed Moose. It’s so absurd, he would love to wear it in public just to see people’s reactions.

  10. This is a must do! Although I’ve been going through things, I probably have at least one old ‘n ugly sweater and a bunch of silly trims I haven’t used in years! I could make my own, but know I won’t get around to it!!!!

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