A to Z April Challenge Letter P

Pants. My daughter Selena is an officer of the law. Police officers always have the funniest stories!!  My favorite has to be “These aren’t my PANTS”

Selena says that more times than you could ever imagine possible when a suspect is being frisked, the suspects will say “These aren’t my pants.”

Really??  Where is this magic pile of pants that suspects can find?  Is there a pile of missing socks too?

Where can I find this mystical pile of pants?  Do they come in my size? Is there drugs and money in each pair? Do you have to leave a pair to pick a pair? Does it take money to get these pants?

So, in our family if something is missing…. or sometimes for no reason at all, you’ll hear “These aren’t my pants!!”

P is for Pants.

A to Z Challenge: Blog everyday except Sunday (per the rules) with my theme being what makes me happy, what inspires me and what makes me ME!!!  So be prepared for more information about me than you ever wanted to know!!

44 thoughts on “A to Z April Challenge Letter P

  1. Connie,

    Crazy story. I want to read more of your posts so will do so later. I see you have them all listed, so easy to find.

    I’m impressed that you’ve commented on 180 blogs. Wow! I’ve been doing quite a few too, but not near that many. Too much going on at my house, but then recovering from surgery is no fun either.

    Get well soon. Thanks for visiting me. In fact, I’m going to follow so I don’t lose track of you.



  2. I loved your post Connie. That is a funny story and I bet she has a bag full of stories waiting to be heard. I also congratulate you. 800 blogs. You are amazing. I hope you are recovering from surgery. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Happy A-Z. Only a week or so left.

    Your Sherlock buddy,

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog (http://janiceperson.com). I am impressed with the posts you are doing! great topics and to do them along with so much other content…. well, you are spurring me to get on the move with my catching up since travel this week left me a bit behind.

    Not my jacket… I can see that but not my pants? Too strange!

  4. That is hilarious. It would be nice–since they’re obviously not concerned with the believability of the lie–if they put some creativity into it. Perhaps an alien abduction during which their pants were replaced with an exact replica pair that happened to be unfortunately full of contraband?

    As someone who works in a halfway house for recovering addicts and alcoholics, I’ve heard some doozies, too, believe me.

  5. It must be hard for a police officer not to laugh when hearing that! Love your description, very funny!!

    1. I can’t imagine keeping a straight face! Not to mention keeping myself from rolling my eyes! A slap on the back of the head and WHAT?!?! Ya… not police material here!

  6. Funny. I used to watch “Cops” and saw them say that a lot. I never pictured a big pile of pants though.
    Visiting from AtoZ.

  7. That is such a weird thing to say as a defense. It really does make you wonder about the supposed pile of clean pants that the culprit managed to not wear that day. Thanks for sharing! It really did make me laugh. I’m sure your daughter has many more funny stories up her sleeve.

  8. LOL that’s funny! I bet she’s heard some really good ones. I pray,”Lord, keep Selena, safe by night and by day! Thanks fro sharing some of her funny stories.

  9. Im sure being a police officer she has heard many a funny answers. Cute story.
    She could probably write a book on dumb responses from criminals .

  10. Funny but sad. I’ve watched a few of the COPS shows, and it’s just ridiculous what they think you will fall for – like the excuse that they didn’t know there were drugs in the car that their friend let them borrow, but they don’t know their friend’s name, and no these pants aren’t theirs either…etc., etc..

  11. I used to teach life skills classes in our local jail, before I had kids. I would be locked in a room with twenty inmates and then tell them why they needed to take responsibility for their life. All of them had the most ridiculous excuses for why they were locked up, and they were all naturally innocent. After I would leave I would laugh and laugh at the creative and completely idiotic explanations those guys would come up with. If they put half of that effort into being a productive member of society they would never want for money.

  12. That is HILARIOUS! I’ll bet you get a lot of funny stories. Which seems fair, given her line of work, I’m sure she gets more than enough of the other kinds.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to meet you through the A to Z!

  13. And I thought excuses I heard for folks not paying their taxes on time were funny! Like, ‘my mother-in-law moved in and I can’t seem to concentrate.’

  14. That is a great story, I will have to remember it. I would also like to find a mystical pile of pants.

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