A to Z April Challenge Letter B

Fancy B

B obviously has to be for BLOG! I started the blog as part of Channel 10 San Diego weight loss challenge. I kicked butt!  I won! The challenge ended and well, you might say I’m highly competitive I only lost weight during the challenge. The challenge ended, there was no one to race, and…..well, that lost weight (As well as the other contestants lost weight!!) found me!  Uummmm hummmm very competitive!!
I enjoyed writing my blog and never stopped. I blogged about day to day stuff, jokes, just about anything that I wanted to with no real rhyme or reason.
My LogoAfter a few months, a company reached out to me with my very first review. A children’s Halloween costume and I was HOOKED!!! I love every aspect of reviewing.  Taking the photo’s. Making sure to look at the product as if I were in a store thinking of buying it.  I love taking photo’s of the product in use. I write as if we are sitting at my kitchen table. You won’t get great grammar (drives my daughter INSANE!) I use spell check otherwise you wouldn’t get great spelling either! I’m having a great time!! I’m making some great friends and trying out some fantastic products! Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to be able to hold a giveaway and make someone else’s day.  It’s a great job!!
Do you blog? Why do you blog?

A to Z Challenge blog everyday except Sunday (per the rules) with my theme being what makes me happy, what inspires me and what makes me ME!!!  So be prepared for more information about me than you ever wanted to know!!

 I could use a click!  

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25 thoughts on “A to Z April Challenge Letter B

  1. I love my blog too. Not to everyone’s taste I know, but the world would be boring if we all liked the same things. Keep it up. =)

    Dale @ Smurfin’ The Web

  2. Firstly, I love the look of your blog 🙂

    I Blog cos I love writing, and people reading my stories, having a place where I can be a little silly and alot creative!

    Best of luck with rest of the challenge

  3. I’m so glad to meet you on the A to Z! It’s cool that you can participate in reviewing products and have such fun blogging about it.

  4. As someone fighting the weight loss battle, I feel your pain. I hope you haven’t given up because, well, that’s never any fun. It’s great that you’ve found a writing/blogging niche in doing reviews 🙂

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

  5. i blog to learn discipline in writing and to share my opinions with the others. I love blogging! such a great way to connect with others! i love internet! 🙂

  6. I still have not entirely worked out why I blog, but I do and everyday even when not in the A to Z (well for now anyway).

    Thanks for calling by and good luck getting to Z

    Rob Z Tobor

  7. I am not a blogger but I love entering contests and giveways! I have met wonderful people along the way, learned many new things, gotten some awesome recipes and made many friends from far away. I enjoy your blog so much and hearing about your love and passion for your grandchildren. Our paths have crossed right in the same direction many times in our love for family and life. Good luck with the Challenge.

  8. My daughter challenged me to set up a blog and write, since I was writing all the time anyway.

    Good for you! As a North County resident, I may actually have seen you!

  9. Sounds like you’ve hit the jackpot, a jackpot that I envy. I’m a tragic blogger and doing the A to Z Challenge to try and find my way in the world. Hopeless really to be saying stuff like that at my age. I’m not so good with grammer or spelling either. My husband is an editor and proof reader and well, what can I say I drive him INSANE too. I like your sense of humour – consider yourself ‘bookmarked’. Cheers

  10. I love your writing, Connie! Seriously I think all your reviews are much more attractive because you are the one that’s writing about them! I used to blog for myself (aka online journal) but these days, I’m not even doing that. Maybe in the future, perhaps. It was nice to read a bit about your journey. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Sounds like fun! I will have to read some of the reviews you’ve done. And I love your daughter’s art work! 🙂

  12. I started blogging because there was so much crap going on in my life that sucked, and I was sick of boring my husband with all my complaining. So I rant, and I rave, and I complain…and somewhere along the way, it because not only my outlet for the bad, but my tool to focus on the good, too! I still rant and rave…but I love to write, and I hope that all the writing I do in the Bloggiverse will one day pay off and help with my offline writing, too. 🙂

  13. I love my blog too! It is such a big part of my life and who I am now. I totally get what you mean. But every once in awhile I have to step away from the laptop and take a break…

  14. Blogging is such a cool way to be creative, make friends, and learn a bunch of great stuff!

    I love your theme and look forward to visiting more! 🙂

  15. I love your blog! I want to start a blog so badly but I’m a bit afraid to get started. I already have a name for it. I just don’t have a clue how it all works. I had NO idea that a whole world of blogging existed until my first giveaway I entered and BTW, won! Beginner’s luck I guess. Anyway, I really want to know one thing that has me curious, and that is; WHY is EVERY review I read a positive, rave, review? Doesn’t anyone come across a product they were less than ecstatic over? If I do blog, I would be the real me, and that is completely honest (to a fault, some would say) But would companies NOT use a blogger that had a negative review now and then? I personally read the reviews because I want to know what others REALLY think about a product and what was their experience like with using it? Thanks for the story of how you got started! If you have a spare moment and can or want to help me with the “nuts and bolts” of getting started, I’d love to hear more!
    Kathleen Manthey on Facebook or kmanthey(at)charter(dot)net

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