$50 Your Way!! March 2019 Giveaway!

My monthly update includes snow. A lot of snow. PILES and PILES of snow. I’ll try to remember to take a picture next week of the piles in town. Some are taller than the 2 story apartment buildings!! DAT’s a whole ALOTTA Snow!!

Still going to physical therapy, except now it’s only once a month (When I can get out!!). Yup, the foot and lower back continue to hurt after the fall down the stairs way back in October. I do like actually seeing PEOPLE!! It’s so exciting! Last week I even managed to hit some thrift stores!

Crafts! I am on a roll. Finished a series of three Diamond Art canvases. I’m very pleased with the outcome.





I have my next one set up and ready to work. It’s a sunflower. I just love the colors.

If you aren’t in any hurry to get your projects I highly recommend AliExpress. Super low prices, free shipping. HOWEVER, it does take almost a full month for your items to arrive. For me the time isn’t an issue. I always have a backup project.

My regulars know I’ve had a rough time keeping this site updated, Mom’s passing just through me for a loop and I can’t seem to get and STAY motivated for a daily post. Soooooooooo I decided I am going to try (optimal word here is TRY) to post everyday for the month of March with pictures! So, that may get back into the swing of things. Let’s see if that works!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts!


  1. Going well! Getting ready for work and the weekend! 🙂

  2. I’m not craft and live far away, haha! Sorry I’m not artsy 😉

  3. Happy St. David’s Day to all Welsh people everywhere! I made up a little basket with flowers from the garden & moss for Mum. It looks just like a little garden and she loves it!

  4. As for crafting, does DIY count? No, seriously, I don’t really do anything other than flower arranging & does that even count as it’s not permanent?

  5. shelly peterson says

    My day is ok so far. I am getting reading to head to dialysis. 🙁

  6. I like to latch hook & bead loom.

  7. Michele Soyer says

    Connie I do not craft at all unless you consider fancy cake decorating as such…I am all thumbs when it comes to any crafty thing….

  8. Michele Soyer says

    Well it is March 1st new month…carnival festivities are in full swing as the weekend starts tonight… after many years of celebrating “on the road” give me a cocktail, the couch and the parade of the bands!!

  9. I do plastic canvas, cross stitching, crochet, painting.. Just about everything.

  10. Tamra Phelps says

    I can’t believe it’s March. But I’m excited by March. I get to go home in March. FINALLY!

  11. Tamra Phelps says

    Crafting? I like crafts. I start crafts. Then I get frustrated and start a different one, lol. So…I don’t finish crafts.

  12. Dana Rodriguez says

    I love counted cross stitch.. the really elaborate hard ones that take forever but that is about as crafty as I get. No I am on the other end of the country as in SC but I know you must be a blast to be around.

  13. Dana Rodriguez says

    It rained buckets today.. but that is what it does here in the winter. On the bright side it was warm and it is FRIDAY!

  14. Nope, no crafts. I’m a singer and volunteer. Happy March – it’s almost Spring (but you couldn’t tell from the weather report of snow for the next 3 days)

  15. Kim Pincombe-Cole says

    Having a goos day bc it’s Friday! So ready for Spring , but more snow is expected this weekend in the Great Lakes – boo!!

  16. Kim Pincombe-Cole says

    I’m somewhat artistic/crafty. I usually see something in a store or online and try to make it myself!

  17. I do not currently do any crafts, but I’d like to learn mosaics and felting and real rug hooking.

  18. Laurie Nykaza says

    We like to do crafts scrap-booking and making jewelry too.

  19. Laurie Nykaza says

    We were inside today the weather is cooler. We have rain coming so it was day to watch old movies.

  20. Michele Soyer says

    It is pouring today!! Serious “umbrella won’t work” tropical rain….I feel sorry for the children for today is the children’s parade …. maybe my 8-9am it will let up…..have a great w/e all….

  21. Storm Freya is on her way so I’ll have to battle it into town to get Mum her meds. My cold finally seems to be lifting – yay me!

  22. shelly peterson says

    Well I am up earlier than I was wanting but glad its the weekend.

  23. Alison King says

    I’m enjoying a lazy Saturday, so far. Although, I wasn’t feeling so well this morning. Hoping to have a fun time this evening spending time with my hubby.

  24. Alison King says

    I do enjoy crafts. I used to make custom tumblers and sell them, but I have stopped for the time being.

  25. Ashley Trail says

    Today, I am having a pretty good day. It’s the weekend so I am enjoying my down time.

  26. Tamra Phelps says

    I had a rotten morning, lol. I told them several times that I thought my IV line was coming lose. I had noticed leaking when it was going and there was some blood. Well, this morning they hooked up the antibiotic and boy, it hurt. The entire hour I was thinking about calling the nurse to take it out because it really hurt, but Bi gritted my teeth and did the hour. It was dark in here (6 a.m.) so I couldn’t really see my hand (where the IV is.) As soon as the thing finished and beeped, I hit the call button. The nurse was like, ‘Why is your hand so puffy??? I think we have an infiltration.’ (Apparently, that’s what they call it when the med goes where it shouldn’t.) It wasn’t going into the vein at all. It just filled up my hand! Now, I’m sitting here wondering how long it’s going to look like this. Geeze.

  27. I love any craft that includes painting. Sorry I do not live close to you.

  28. Got up early to go to my friend’s house to feed her cats because snow was predicted. Got home before it started snowing but now it’s been snowing all day. I’m not going anywhere.

  29. Laurie Nykaza says

    Lots of rain today but still we went shopping which is always fun when we find wonderful things to buy which we did.

  30. Michele Soyer says

    Well here we are my daughter and I on Dimarche Gras bundled up on the couch with the flue….I do not handle this well at all!!.Taking meds and lying around…where is my book?? Tea with honey, lemon and a shot of whiskey is next….

  31. Oh Michele, just pamper yourselves & feel better soon.
    Tamra: Dad had that happen to him in one of the most expensive private hospitals in Dublin & suffered nerve damage in his hand. They were just about to settle when he upped & died. Be very careful. Take photos & keep wiggling your fingers. Hopefully nothing permanent.
    Kate: I’ve just slept & slept but after nights of coughing & sneezing I really needed it. I’m heading into town later for a choral practise and it is absolutely bucketing down.

  32. Alison King says

    Just ate some breakfast: grits with cheese and sausage. Watching a new show on Netflix, Working Moms. Pretty funny.

  33. Brrr, Brrr, Brrrrr. Wind chill warning for -15 to -20 tonight. Been snowing lightly all day. Glad I don’t have anywhere to go. Current temp 8 degrees with -3 wind chill.

  34. Laurie Nykaza says

    Nice day to bbq had fun with the family today outdoors by the pool.

  35. Michele Soyer says

    Here we are again….lying around with no energy and this flue will not leave…spent an awful night hacking and feverish…have to hope today is better…
    Tamra… hope your hand has settled down…what type of staff lets your iv become infiltrated…sorry but there is no excuse for that….
    Kate….stay dry!

  36. We’re singing at the opening of the regional 3-act play competition and it’s on Thursday of THIS week. Not next week as I had thought – agh! Time for some serious singing without actually using my croaky voice!

  37. shelly peterson says

    I am exhausted. I spent 30 hours at the hospital waiting for my grandbaby to come . She is here and is so beautiful.

  38. Tamra Phelps says

    It was past 1 a.m. last night when the nurses finally got a new I.V. line in me…and by today, it was out. Lol, I’m just a hard stick…veins’ roll, they blow, they disappear. Today, about 5 nurses have tried. Finally, the director of nursing said she was going to call my doctor and see what he wants to do. Maybe, he’ll send someone from the lab. Sigh, it’s a good thing I’m not squeamish about needles.

  39. Alison King says

    This day has not been good. I have felt sick to my stomach all day long. It’s been awful. I’m really hoping I will feel better tomorrow.

  40. I had a wonderful day with some of my grandkids.
    They had the day off of school, because of Cashmir Pulaski Day. Poor kids, it was too cold 🥶 for them to play outside.

  41. I used to be artsy when I was younger and my hands worked better. My grandkids are. I don’t think I live near you at all – not with that beautiful scenery!

  42. shelly peterson says

    Today has been a long day. I got to see my beautiful new granddaughter again so that was nice.

  43. Laurie Nykaza says

    We just stayed at home today and cleaned the kitchen nothing exciting today to do.

  44. Michele Soyer says

    This is insane still ill…only thing I am grateful for is reading all my magazines and papers that piled up and my books….went out quickly this morning and watered my veggies and they wanted t know along with the flowers where the hell I was?? Yes I do talk to my plants and they do answer…. Happy Carnival Tuesday all!

  45. Not a lot happening today … I’m a lot better though. I have to drive to Dublin & back later this afternoon & I might make some pancakes this evening for the day that’s in it, as we say here!

  46. Alison King says

    I’m still feeling sick today and had to call out of work. Hoping I feel better soon. For now, I’m just trying to take it easy.

  47. Tamra Phelps says

    Went and had the PICC line put in my left arm today. It’s kind of a bloody mess, lol, but it’ll be easier to get the I.V. antibiotics I need. I’m ready to get this done and get home.

  48. Had a good SPARK program at the gardens this morning. The sign-up software is not working right so when we got there this morning it said we had 25 people coming. Turns out we had 4 people. whew.

  49. Michele Soyer says

    Have to try and get back to normal today….this flue just hangs on and on….honestly I have no ambition and no motivation….the gallery divan looks so inviting…..

  50. It says ‘Speak You Mind’ but right now my mind’s blank with nothing happening between my ears that I’m aware of! Oh, wait a sec, go back to bed … my first thought of the day …

  51. It says ‘Speak Your Mind’ but right now my mind’s blank with nothing happening between my ears that I’m aware of! Oh, wait a sec, go back to bed … my first thought of the day …

  52. shelly peterson says

    My day is just starting so we will see how the day goes. Think I am getting a cold.

  53. Tamra Phelps says

    I had a CT scan today. With contrast. They shoot that contrast in your vein, you smell something ‘burning’—then you feel an odd heating sensation that starts in your throat and works it’s way down until, I am not joking, you feel like you’re peeing!! Lol, you are not…but it feels like you are! They warn you beforehand, thank goodness. Just another day of weirdness.

  54. Hello Connie! I am going to try to enter again. It has been a long time but my life has been chaos. Now that things are starting to hopefully calm down. I can try and get back to my life. I have enjoyed reading your personal page. I hope you are feeling well after your fall.

  55. Diane Brimmer says

    I love to paint crafts and dabble in different holiday projects. It is a little something I can do for my grandkids and kids.

  56. Erin Ellis says

    My day is going awesome! It’s rainy, but hey, it could be snow.

  57. Alison King says

    My day is okay. I’m feeling a little better today, but still pretty tired.

  58. Good time at the pool with friends. Still miss teaching. Then a trip to Sprouts.

  59. My day went great!! I got good news from the doctor!

  60. shelly peterson says

    Today was an ok day. I am just really tired.

  61. Michele Soyer says

    To Tamra.. all I can say is that you are in my prayers…may there be one excellent IV therapist to get a line in you that remains….Getting ready to go shopping this morning.. chemist for more cough meds and the feed and grain.. a few misc stops then the grocery…..hopefully I won’t go into a major hacking spell in the shoppes….

  62. Michele, will you get a cough bottle for me too? I only got about 4 hours sleep. Just tossing & turning all night. Just before I got up I had the weirdest dream: Mum was browsing an ‘adult’ catalogue and bought Dad something. When it arrived he held up the item: Giant golden silk boxers that were … wait for it … crotchless! Now where the hell did that come from and what could it possibly mean?

  63. I love to draw pencil drawings if that counts as crafting, but I don’t live by you! My mom likes to do stained glass and paints.

  64. I am having a good day so far! The roads are clear from snow but we are supposed to get more snow this weekend.

  65. I am so far from crafty, that gene skipped me. I will however, to save a few bucks, get creative when it comes spring & summer and upcycle bits & bobs for planting & plotting.

  66. Tiffany S says

    My day is going okay, I didn’t do much today but tomorrow will be a lot busier.

  67. Had my annual physical today. I’m in pretty good shape for 70.

  68. I got my hair cut short and I love it 🥰
    Easier to take care of and it looks fuller!
    Plus it was very sunny out and I loved it’

  69. shelly peterson says

    I didnt have a very good morning. the roads were icy and my car spun out and I got stuck in a berm, luckily some one helped push me out.

  70. On my way back from our concert last night (we sang like animated angels!) I stopped for petrol & there was a young woman I hadn’t seen for 10 years. We used to work together but had lost touch, as one does. Well, we fitted those 10 years into 3 minutes as we held up traffic but forgot to swap numbers! I’ll search FB later to see if I can find her.

  71. Tamra Phelps says

    About 6 last night it was decided I had to go to the E.R. to let them establish an I.V. line and give me my daily antibiotics. (PICC line still not working.) I was there until after 11. I hate hospitals. I’m fed up with this. Oh, and after they gave me the antibiotics, they took the line out!!! Why??? Geeze, just leave it and keep using it. But they said the doctor intends to fix the PICC line. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  72. Michele Soyer says

    Kate hope you are feeling a bit better….Tamra I still cannot believe the hell you are going thru…..spent the morning baking churros and pecan shortbread cookies….should have done bread also but I needed to go and do some garden tending.. not much just picked Blue Lake string beans and some lovely zucchini.. moved my tomatoes ….eggplant, cauliflower and broccoli needed some spraying so now I can sit back and rest….Lovely weekend to all…

  73. Alison King says

    TGIF!!! I’m so happy it’s Friday. I’m feeling much better today than I did earlier this week, so I am happy. I’m excited to kick off a good and relaxing weekend.

  74. Good massage this morning. Then a good dip in the warm water pool with friends.

  75. Dorothy Boucher says

    Hello, hope your friday is going wonderful, didn’t think to be popping in at 9 pm here but here I am, Still freezing here in MA. hope its warmer where you’re at.

  76. Dorothy Boucher says

    I enjoy doing paper mache, I am actually working on two rabbits and 3 eggs for the up coming Easter , They should be posted on my instagram in a couple of weeks.

  77. shelly peterson says

    Today was a long day but I did get to see my new grand baby so that was nice.

  78. I’m still sniffling but feeling better, thank goodness. I potted up some colourful spring bulbs to take to Dad later today. Spending €5 – €10 Euro on weekly flowers just seems mad when it could be going towards the cost of heating and I’m sure as hell that Dad wouldn’t mind. Anyway, rugby in an hour so best get moving!

  79. going good! Getting ready to run errands and catch up on weekend chores.

  80. Terri S. says

    My day started with the sun shining brightly and the sky totally blue without a cloud in sight. Temperature is 40 degrees. Yay! Feels like a heat wave compared to the single digits we were in. 👍

  81. Terri S. says

    No, I am not a crafty person. My sister tried to teach me how to knit and crochet but I couldn’t get the hang of it.

  82. Kim Pincombe-Cole says

    Happy Saturday! Went to the winter farmers market – such a good morning…

  83. Tamra Phelps says

    So, I’m finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. On the 14th, I have a home visit with my therapists, to just see if there will be any issues we need to address before I go home. We need to know if there are any things we need to work on before I actually leave. So, home is just a matter of weeks away.

  84. Diane K BRIMMER says

    I am do ok. I am on my way to a hospital in the southern part of too see my daughter before she goes in for serious brain surgery.

  85. Michele Soyer says

    Pleasant day all around….worked a bit in the garden but caught up on laundry and changing linens…planning my order for a birthday cake and a St Pattys Day cake…..

  86. Karen Propes says

    Doing ok, getting over an MS relapse where I couldn’t eat or drink for 3 days. My throat was closed off. But now I’m eating again. “Yah”. Just still having the spasms in my legs and hands. This weather is not helping, but we don’t have the snow like you. But it rains here like a rain forest and everything is so soggy. The dog goes out and we have to clean him up before he can go in the house. We had a little pond like area in our driveway and it was so strange, it was like there was a hole in the earth and the air was bubbling up. Just never a dull moment here in NC. But love it and my beautiful family more and more every day. I thank God every morning when I wake up. Well, better stop, you said we could ramble, but I’m on disability and don’t get out much. Every time I go to the store I find myself rambling to the cashiers. But that’s ok because nowadays most cashiers don’t pay attention to you anyway. (LoL) Hope you are having a good day and you feel better. It’s hard because most times if ever have been injured the cold just seems to go into your bones. Also, I love Ali Express. Make sure you read reviews because I had a package lost in the mail. I tracked it all the way to the sorting center and they couldn’t find it and I didn’t get my money back or another shipment mailed out. But all my other transactions have been great, and there have been a lot. I’ve had some get to me in a couple of weeks. Take care. 😊🌼

  87. Angela Saver says

    It’s Saturday so it’s been a good day! It’s rainy here, but I’m happy to report it’s warming up.

  88. Had fun at a party for my friend who turned 100 today. Lots of family members flew in from all over (one from London) to celebrate.

  89. Let’s put it this way – I am glad this day is over!
    Plus I ‘m glad I am going to lose an hour of it!
    Even though I don’t like Daylight Savings Time.

  90. Laurie Nykaza says

    We went out shopping and ate at a place that made crepes we had not been too. It was such a great time when it was not raining

  91. shelly peterson says

    Today was a good day. I slept in and did a couple errands.

  92. Michele Soyer says

    When I read all the challenges others have I am truly grateful for my life.. my woes are truly small…..enjoying my coffee and planning my ” do nothing but relax” day…..

  93. Robin Abrams says

    My day is going great so far. No snow on the ground now. But it is raining. Nice day that the grand kids and I are sitting here getting ready to watch the Lion King.

  94. To all those in pain or troubled, worry not, you are not alone. We are peanuts and we stick together (especially when coated in chocolate!). Sorry about the last bit but I got a present of some for Christmas and they’ve been taunting me ever since. Today might be the day I give in to temptation.

  95. My day’s going great. I got stuff done this morning and now we have fun plans for the afternoon.

  96. Tamra Phelps says

    Kate, you mean you’ve resisted chocolate covered peanuts since Christmas???? You are the Queen of Resistance!
    My home visit is scheduled for the 14th. We’ll find out if there are any potential issues, what we might need to work on, etc., then. My brother has knee replacement a few days after that and they want we to wait until he’s on his feet to go home. Okay. So, I guess I’m looking at the first week of April. I guess I can last that long, lol.

  97. Quiet day at home. Fuming over this: Your account has been disabled for violating our terms: http://instagram.com/about/legal/terms/. I have no idea what I did that Instagram hates me. I can still look at people’s accounts but can’t comment. Neat pic of MOOSE!

  98. Karen Propes says

    Having a pretty good day. It got up to 70 today and I walked outside a little. Hope you are feeling better.

  99. My day was full of awesomeness 😎
    My girlfriend’s son is doing better and it was my nephew’s birthday 🎁

  100. shelly peterson says

    Today was a very busy day. I ran errands with my daughter and went to lunch. I saw my new grand baby and then went to see Captain Marvel with the family.

  101. Michele Soyer says

    Alright the ” I am too sick to work” days are over… up and out as soon as breakfast is over….first hose and sanitize the aviary then off into the garden…

  102. Tamra: It is so heartening to get some good news at long last & best wishes to Rob xxx

    Michele: don’t catch bird flu and don’t try to do too much!

    As for me, I’m taking Mum to see Dad in a while – she hasn’t been out of the house in ages and I want to see if she might be more comfortable in the back seat as we’re heading to Dublin on Friday for a CT scan & tests. Her recent bloods were excellent but there’s always that little niggle of dread.

  103. Erin Ellis says

    My day is going awesome so far, but I admit this time change is making me slow, slow, slow this morning.

  104. Tamra Phelps says

    Kate, I hope your Mum’s tests are all good!
    As for me, I’m so tired of everything being one more hurdle to get over. I’m ready for something to just be easy, lol.

  105. Lazy person here. Did not go swimming. Did not go out. I did get a new Instagram account so I can comment on your pictures.

  106. different day same stuff

  107. Karen Propes says

    Good Day, What company do you use to buy your Diamond Painting. I have so many other things going, but I want to try this also. 😊 Hope you’re feeling better.

  108. shelly peterson says

    Today was ok. It was another sunny day.

  109. I am getting together some things for my husband’s birthday tomorrow, on March 12th. It’s getting harder and harder to get him a gift after 38 years together!
    He’ll be 71 years old! He’s a good man and I am very happy to be spending another year with him!

  110. Michele Soyer says

    Kate.. hope all the tests turn out well for mum..
    Tamra.. after all you have been thru you deserve a break and it is coming!
    Feeling very upbeat and energetic this morning…going to put music on and get moving outside…

  111. There’s a major storm heading for Ireland later today & into the week. Did we always have this many storms or is just that we remember them more since we started to name them? Anyway I just hope ‘Gareth’ has gone by Friday.

  112. Erin Ellis says

    I sew and create daily!

  113. Tamra Phelps says

    Today, I just got fed up with depending on people who think taking people out to smoke is equally important as helping someone who needs to go to the bathroom. So…I just said ‘this sh$# is for the birds.’ and I took myself to the bathroom, lol. There was no doubt in my mind that I could do it, but I try to go by their rules about having an ‘assist’ there in case needed. But I’m fed up with some of the silliness around here.

  114. Alison King says

    My day is going well. Work was a bit on the boring side today, but I am happy to be home now and excited to spend the evening with my sweetie.

  115. Sad but true about our weather: Currently 63 degrees; tomorrow a BLIZZARD!
    Good swim then did 4 loads of laundry.

  116. Karen Propes says

    Slow day today, sleep too late and have been trying to catch up all day. 🙁 Hope you are having a good day! 😊😊🌼

  117. shelly peterson says

    Today was a good day. I got a lot accomplished.

  118. Laurie Nykaza says

    So nice an sunny outside today in the garden. Nice to be outside without the rain coming down.

  119. Michele Soyer says

    Another rainy gloomy day.. perfect for baking…cleared away the outside work yesterday so it is an inside day all day.. special Black Forest Birthday Cake first then some St Patty’s goodies….a nice little income…

  120. Nice one Tamra! Turning frustration into positivity.
    Storm Gareth has more or less blown out & while there were some power cuts and localised flooding thank heaven’s it was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. I’ve been up since 7am to make sure I’ll be able to get up on Friday at six. The housework’s done, the dinner prepped and now I’m bored so I’m going to practise some new pieces for the choir. What did we do before YouTube?

  121. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, we are in an area affected by the Facebook issues today. So, can’t post on Facebook (I’ve managed to comment on a few posts by trying repeatedly, lol.) Also can’t even comment on Instagram. (Makes sense. Didn’t Facebook buy Instagram?) Just sent Facebook a message on Twitter, lol. Do think that’ll embarrass them into fixing it quicker??

  122. Today is my 8 year wedding anniversary. I am sick with a cold, so we are holding off on celebrating it. However, I am very thankful for my husband and the 2 beautiful daughters that we have together.

  123. I am not crafty at all, but I do silly pre-school / kindergarten crafts with my daughters that I find on Pinterest. I am more of a cook / baker.

  124. We’re having a blizzard here in Colorado today after yesterday’s 63 degrees.. I’m staying home nice and warm.

  125. shelly peterson says

    Today was a bit tiring. I hope I can get to bed early.

  126. I’m on my way into town to check my tyre pressure and get a few goodies for the trip to Dublin. Mum has to fast so I’ll get her a snack bar or something as a treat till we get a proper meal on the way home.

  127. Michele Soyer says

    Today is a dear friends birthday.. will have a short visit and chat this morning…. some people come into your life to give you great joy!

  128. Alison King says

    I’m enjoying the beautiful weather we are having today! I’m getting ready to go on a walk.

  129. Whew! Yesterday’s blizzard was tough around Colorado. Stayed home again today.

  130. Tamra Phelps says

    Today, I had my home visit. I had some issues with the step up onto the porch, because the walker is up on the porch and I’m trying to sort of pull up, lol. Inside I get around fine. Anyway, it definitely let me know exactly what I need to work on during these next few weeks. ‘Cause I want to go home!

  131. Shannon R Mitchell says

    My favorite craft is sewing, I like making pillows and things like that.

  132. shelly peterson says

    Today was a pretty good day. I realaxed for most of it.

  133. Laurie Nykaza says

    Watching tv and the shootings in New Zealand so its a very sad day for us.

  134. Michele Soyer says

    Hooray for you Tamra!! So happy you are going home soon…. It is Friday and I cannot believe the week is gone by so fast once it is Saturday it is already the next week for me…. Have a work plan for today so I better get moving.. weather looks like it will cooperate…

  135. Oh, Tamra, what wonderful news! I’m punching the air with delight 🙂

    Mum & I are back from Dublin. Honestly, leaving the house at 8.30 and all that driving … poor Mum’s ‘knackered’ as we say over here (in other words if she was a horse she’d be fit for nothing but the knacker’s yard and the glue factory! Anyway, it’s Paddy’s weekend & Monday’s a holiday as well so we can take it nice and easy.

  136. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m feeling a little under the weather today. Hopefully, it’s nothing and will straighten itself out, lol. I’m tired of things going bad.

  137. Erin Ellis says

    My day is going awesome! We are suppose to be in the low 70’s today and I can’t wait!

  138. Alison King says

    I’m happy and excited it is Friday. I’m glad my husband is off all weekend and we will be able to spend some fun, quality time together.

  139. Sunshine and blue skies are back again after the blizzard. The blizzard knocked out power to the pool so it wasn’t quite as warm as usual but still felt good to get in some swimming.

  140. Karen Propes says

    Beautiful morning, but rain this afternoon, but it’s ok because we are watching the ACC! “Happy Happy”.

  141. shelly peterson says

    It was a nice sunny day today. I am glad its Friday.

  142. Laurie Nykaza says

    Such beautiful weather in the high 70’s and the yard is full of butterflies

  143. not really crafty but you can come to Florida to visit

  144. just getting ready to go to work hope we get through it fine my wife and I clean houses for a living each day is a challenge

  145. Italy are beating France in the 6 Nations Rugby so I’m dashing out for the papers & to take some flowers to Dad before Wales take on Ireland … I’m such a busy bee (not)!

  146. Kim Pincombe-Cole says

    Happy St Patty’s Day weekend! The sun is out in Indy – which is a great thing!

  147. Tamra Phelps says

    It’s a slowish Saturday here. My picc line (an I.V.) is bleeding and the whole arm hurts, so hopefully it can be removed early next week.

  148. Took the light rail downtown to the Elle Caukins theater to volunteer at the DGMC concert. Excellent, high energy concert with great dancers.

  149. I enjoy scrapbooking.

  150. I am a very crafty person, but I am no where near you~I’m in NJ~sorry! If I was closer I would be happy to teach you how to make wreaths and how to repurpose almost anything!

  151. Lissa Crane says

    I am a very crafty person, but I am no where near you~I’m in NJ~sorry! If I was closer I would be happy to teach you how to make wreaths and how to repurpose almost anything!

  152. Karen Propes says

    Good day, we have a little stomach virus, but all is feeling better now. Hope your day is good! 😊🌼

  153. My day is almost over and I spent most of it binge watching Masterpiece Theater’s series, Victoria. It wasn’t my most productive day but sometimes it feels good to spoil oneself. 🙂

  154. shelly peterson says

    Today was a fun day. went to chuck E Cheese with the family.

  155. Paula Pennachio says

    Well I’ve been up all night entering sweepstakes. I keep seeing things I want to win. I keep running into sites I really like too

  156. Paula Pennachio says

    I do crafts I love making things for my home. I live in PA. I buy craft books and look at sites like this to get ideas

  157. Michele Soyer says

    Got all my gardening done yesterday so today is a true day of rest….Corned Beef dinner of course and then relaxing with my book.. Happy St Patty’s Day all!!

  158. Well, Wales won the 6-Nations so Mum’s delighted! Happy Paddy’s Day if you’re Irish! In all the years I’ve lived here I’ve only once been to a Parade. I also drank green Guinness that day; never again, my tongue was vivid green for days – not a good look 🙂

  159. Alison King says

    My day has been great so far. We had a fun night last night with friends, so we have just been taking it easy today. I’m enjoying spending time with my husband. I’m so glad he’s been off work all weekend.

  160. My day is going great! It’s St. Patrick’s Day! A leprechaun visited our home today and left a trail of coins and goodies for my daughters. I love creating magic on holidays for my little girls. They were so excited.

  161. Karen Propes says

    Having a good day today, the sun is shining here today. Even though it’s chilly the sun makes up for it. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you! 🍀

  162. Tamra Phelps says

    Just got back from a run to the E.R. My right knee has been painful for about three days, but Saturday night it got excruciating. It was centered behind the knee, radiated up and down, the rest of the lower leg was getting numb…then today it was putting off a lot of heat. First thought was blood clot. So, they did a blood test that showed something was elevated, which can mean blood clot…but it can mean other things, too. Tomorrow I have to have a doppler ultrasound to check it out. They did give me shots of blood thinner which should keep it under control for 24 hours. Meantime, it still hurts.

  163. Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀🍀🍀🍀. Had good chorus rehearsal and even sang an Irish song.

  164. Laurie Nykaza says

    It was a wonderful day beach weather here to we hung out there all day

  165. Michele Soyer says

    Off to the shoppes today.. a day out woohoo!!!!

  166. shelly peterson says

    My day has just started so we shall see how it goes.

  167. OMG Tamra, whatever next? At least it’s being dealt with properly, you poor thing.

    I’m on super duper strong painkillers since Thursday last. I’ve done something to my hip & have to have an x-ray. I don’t remember wrenching it so it could be arthritis 🙁 . It’s meant that I can’t do very much and sleeping is very haphazard as every time I move I wake up shouting. Bit of a bummer.

  168. Tamra Phelps says

    I feel your pain, Kate! Sleep is hard when pain never turns off.
    Sometime today, I’ll have that ultrasound on the right knee and hopefully find out what’s up. I did manage to stand in p.t. today but man, it hurt.

  169. Alison King says

    It was my first day back at the school after spring break. It was a pretty good day, but moved a little slow. lol. What can you say, it’s Monday. lol.

  170. Good swim with old friend at other pool. Regular pool closed today due to heater problem.

  171. Karen Propes says

    Good Day, feeling dizzy all morning, but feeling better now.

  172. shelly peterson says

    Today was definitely a Monday. I hope tomorrow is better.

  173. Michele Soyer says

    To Tamra.. hope you got thru the ultrasound alright.
    To Kate.. hip pain is unbelievable…hope it eases some and you find out what it is exactly….
    everyday brings new and challenges things girls!….Well since I went out yesterday work today and the sun is shining which helps….

  174. I dug out my TENS machine late last night – sick of taking painkillers – and oh, the blessed relief!

  175. I looked busy running here and there on errands but in the end forgot a lot of things. So, I need to go out tomorrow and I will definitely bring a list this time and check off things to make sure I get it all right this time. 🙂

  176. Last infusion at the Englewood Infusion center. I’ve been going there for 14 years and know all the nurses very well. I will miss them. Kaiser is consolidating their centers and starting next time I have to go to downtown Franklin building.

  177. Karen Propes says

    Good day, I got to walk and feel so much better. Can’t wait till the weather lets me walk again every day.

  178. Laurie Nykaza says

    Such a wonderful day out for lunch and to the garden center to buy flowers

  179. Michele Soyer says

    Full Moon so better get going planting some coconut plants and flowers….Feeling so energized today.. To Kate what is a TENS machine??

  180. Michele: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation: pads with electrodes that you place on the affected area & then switch on the electrical stimulation to whatever level suits you. Much like acupuncture, it disrupts the ‘messages’ of pain to the brain. I got mine when I dislocated my knee but it can even be used during chiildbirth! Cost about €50 over the counter in Ireland & worth every penny. If you’re thinking of getting one make sure you can replace the pads because they do get icky after a couple of months!

    As for me, I had a better night (thanks to TENS) and am off to get my hair cut!

  181. shelly peterson says

    My day is just starting but its a nice sunny day!

  182. Happy Spring! 🌹🌺🌷🌸🌷 – Good swim with friends. Lots of sunshine on this first day of Spring.

  183. shelly peterson says

    I am not feeling very good today. I am heading to bed and hope I can sleep.

  184. The birds woke me at 5a.m. so I got up and did the housework (very quietly!). Mum’s CT scan & bloods all clear – yay! One in the eye for cancer!

  185. Michele Soyer says

    Kate… sounds wonderful…have to investigate here if not amazon I am sure….Today is plant pest kill day so off to make Neem Oil spray and let them know who is boss!!

  186. Robin Abrams says

    My day is going good. I got to sleep in today and it felt so good. I am usually on the go with the grand kids and get very little sleep

  187. Beautiful first full day of Spring. 60 degrees. Got a haircut and stopped at the library. Have dinner cooking in the crock pot.

  188. Karen Propes says

    Strange day, started cutting fabric for a quilt and misplaced one of the fabrics. I spent the rest of the day looking and it was laying on the sewing machine. I’ll do better tomorrow, it must have been the weather. 😊

  189. It was raining all day so it was a good time to clean out and organize my kitchen cabinets.

  190. Michele Soyer says

    Looks like a glorious day outside.. really have no motivation to work.. might just take a seat and enjoy the fresh air, flowers and birds….

  191. Michele: don’t get your neem oil anywhere near your fish!

    It’s a grey day today with drizzle, the sort of day that makes your hair curly! I don’t feel like doing much but have to get on and do it anyway …

  192. shelly peterson says

    My day is just starting and I am still tired. I am glad its Friday.

  193. Good swim with friends. Expecting the first Thunderstorms of the year today. At least it’s not snow….

  194. Alison King says

    I’m glad it’s Friday. I went for a mani and pedi after work today and it was so nice. I haven’t done that in a looong time and had forgotten how relaxing it could be. I’m looking forward to going to bed early tonight and getting some much needed rest.

  195. shelly peterson says

    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  196. Sarah Oswald says

    My day was cold and snowy I guess the groundhogs was wr not about early spring were getting a late spring training n PA.

  197. Sarah Oswald says

    I love crafts and I love learning new crafts anyti.e I can my favorite crafts are jewelry making .

  198. Saturday morning and I’m doing laundry. Sometimes I’m reminded of that Peggy Lee classic “Is that all there is?”!

  199. Michele Soyer says

    Thanks for the tip Kate…I was not aware of it affecting fish…. Spent the morning baking.. all done.. then watered the garden and now relaxation time…

  200. I’m having a nice day today so far, thanks for asking 🙂

  201. Alison King says

    I had a fun day shopping with my sister and nephews. My nephew is having his first middle school dance tonight. We had to search several stores to find him a good fitting pair of dress pants, so I am tired now. lol. Luckily, we found some though and got him sent off looking handsome.

  202. Day going good. It seemed like spring today, even though it was still chilly. It got light early and stayed light later, and the sun is brighter, too. I made some bread, too.

  203. I do crafts, I used to do more types of crafts, but I had try to pare down. I mostly do sewing now, it is tempting to try new crafts, but the only one I can’t live without is sewing. Lately I’ve been making sleeveless tops by taking the sleeves off of tees, etc. One tee I made cuts into the back with a design, came out cute. I’ve made all kinds of things. I know Connie started doing some sewing and using those fancy schmancy attachments. I’d teach you, but I did learn on my own, a little at a time, try to not overwhelm with something too complicated when learning.

  204. Quiet day at home. Busy week ahead.

  205. Laurie Nykaza says

    My dog died today he was 12 a rescue mutt that was so sweet we will miss him:(

  206. shelly peterson says

    Today was a pretty good day. I got up earlier than I wanted but spent time with my daughters and grandkids.

  207. Michele Soyer says

    Glorious Sunday… it is a lovely day with bright blue skies and sunshine….where is my coffee.. book.. music and a chair??? Happy day all!

  208. Bright blue skies & sunshine … mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble … here it’s grey and that’s not helping my mood at all!

  209. Day is going good. Nice weather. I’m going through some things, to declutter and throw out or sell, donate.

  210. My day’s going okay, but I’m exhausted already! Got up too early for a Sunday.

  211. My day is awesome! I’m celebrating my daughter’s 6th birthday! 🙂

  212. Karen Propes says

    Slow day, not feeling good. I wish my neck would just give me a break from the pain. Watching NCAA basketball all day.

  213. Laurie Nykaza says

    Just watch tv all day day

  214. Paula Pennachio says

    This is a really nice Giveaway. I would love to win it

  215. shelly peterson says

    I spent most the day doing nothing but relaxing. So it was a good day.

  216. Michele Soyer says

    Kate may you have blue skies and brilliant sunshine today!! I will be having a plumber over in the next weeks so today it is a garage search for all plumbing things to set out for him…I have all parts labeled in bins but need to anticipate what he will need and separate them.. then on to the garden….

  217. Thank you Michele, your wish worked(ish)! I have to pop into town later on – just hope the hip holds out …

  218. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I am having a pretty good day. It’s spring and its not snowing! Only bad thing is one of my dogs fell and hurt his leg, so I’m keeping an eye on him.

  219. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I can crochet, live in KCMO if your close! I also color, not sure if thats crafty or not.

  220. Day is going good. Opened the windows to let some air in today, still cold but seems spring. Made bread with roasted scallions, garlic and olive oil. It came out good!

  221. Sarah Lehan says

    Regular sort of day: swimming and then a trip to the grocery store then fill my car’s tank with gas.

  222. Karen Propes says

    Walk, Eat breakfast. Then Sew, sew, sew all day and stop when my husband makes dinner. Then back to sewing and then stop to enter some contests, while my husband is rearranging my quilt blocks to the way he likes them. It was a good day.

  223. shelly peterson says

    Today was an ok day. Just a typical day of dialysis.

  224. Michele Soyer says

    Why is it when I start one thing another pops into my mind and there goes my day…arranged everything for the plumber and was set to go into the garden and pow.. I looked at the shelves in the garage and saw a brand new way to organize so by the time I was pleased and satisfied over an hour had gone by and the garden wept!!!

  225. I was supposed to drive to Dublin today but that was cancelled last minute so I have absolutely no plans whatsoever. I did all the laundry, prepped dinner and even made mince pies (Mum’s fave) late last night so out into the Spring sunshine for me (thanks Michele)!

  226. Cleaned the bathroom. whee. Now a trip to the library.

  227. My day is going good. Another sunny but chilly day, so I did get some things done. Also made a big batch of cheddar cheese rolls, they came out so good. I used dried powdered cheddar cheese that I had bought for popcorn, but wanted to try it, it works good for bread, too.

  228. Karen Propes says

    A nice calm day in the quilt room, finished piecing my top and on to another quilt I need to finish, so I started cutting pieces for it and another. Then watched some basketball. Our little dog was not wanted to sleep much last night. Poor little guy, he’s getting old and the cold just makes him feel bad and he just whines because he doesn’t understand. So I took a little nap today too. I hope you had a good day and some of that snow melted. You could sell it, but I think that idea failed when areas that don’t get snow did so the supply and demand are down. We will have to think up another plan. Have a great evening.

  229. I’ve had a good day today. Everything went just fine.

  230. Michele Soyer says

    Kate enjoy the weather….well whatever I managed to do yesterday has me out for the day today… straight from my hip up and down my lower back PAIN…. LOL…did it good…so good in fact that sleep was in one hour bursts before it woke me up…..so slowly I will clean out my closet today maybe to stop every now and then to look at all the pics I have never put in albums…..

  231. Michele, why not investigate a TENS machine while your on down-time?

    Another last minute change of plans today: had to take my niece into College in Dublin. She’s working on a project that had to be in for today so was up till all hours finishing it. That’s the worst part of living so far away – she wastes so much time commuting. Anyway, her Mum decided to let her have an extra 2 hours in bed this morning and then wasn’t well enough to drive her in. Auntie Kate to the rescue again, ta da!

  232. Day is going good. My neighbor gave me a two-drawer file cabinet, so I’ve been moving files from boxes to the cabinet, also shredding. This is great for my ongoing decluttering project!

  233. Had a fun event at the gardens. 100 employees and friends from ARC thrift stores came, ate a catered lunch, decorated pots and planted basil and pansies in them. Then off to the 29th floor of an apartment building to feed and pet a cat.

  234. Karen Propes says

    Ok day, Just feeling kinda bad, so I rested and caught up on some paperwork and my planner. Hope all is well with you.

  235. shelly peterson says

    My day has been a long one. I am really tired today.

  236. Paula Pennachio says

    This is a nice giveaway, I love this site

  237. Paula Pennachio says

    I am not having a good day. My poor dog Sandee has a bad cough and the lady who was supposed to bring the medicine didn’t come yet.

  238. Michele Soyer says

    Kate will do on Tuesday….for now rubs and pain meds…. this is crazy .. anyway today I plan on going out in the garden and just tending to small things no heavy work.. my calla lilies need cleaning and yesterday I picked all my hydroponic bok choy and lettuce so have to set up the seedlings in the system….sitting down hurts more than moving around….

  239. I’m lying here looking out at the beautiful Spring morning and all I want to do is stay in bed. I think I may be feeling a wee bit sorry for myself and there’s no harm in that … pop the TENS on, take another painkiller & my mojo may reappear …

  240. Dan Dykstra says

    Just got to our spring break destination. Now it’s time to relax. Soooo hopefully great.

  241. Day is going good – it is flying by, and I’m getting a bunch of small things done. Enjoying the sun, went outside for a bit, it is still cold, but you can tell spring is coming!!!! Yea!!

  242. More clouds than sun but still got up to 63 degrees. Rain tonight, snow tomorrow night.

  243. Karen Propes says

    It seemed like a long day. I had a dr. appointment and then we went to get groceries. Seems it takes so long to get back home. Finally home, I was so tired, I just sat on the couch. Overall Happy.

  244. shelly peterson says

    I was hoping to have a relaxing day but I had my grandson today and sometimes my son and him fight like cats and dogs. 🙁

  245. Michele Soyer says

    Glad I did my lillies yesterday pouring rain today…have lots of basil to make pesto so that is first on the list….my back and hip are greatly improved so if the weather clears might go out and putter about…..

  246. Michelle L says

    I really am looking forward to the weekend… So can rest a bit and recover for all the busyiness.

  247. It’s almost like a summer’s day out there but I’ve spent 5 hours stuck in traffic and all I want to do is sleep!

  248. Day is going good. It was dark and rainy most of the day. I’m finishing up a teddy bear, and added little pantaloons and a bow for her head. I redid eyes, nose and mouth to safe ones. I need to go over my stitches tomorrow in the sun. It came out cute, but it was more work than I would have thought, but glad it came out good!

  249. Trip downtown to the 29th floor to feed and pet the cat and clean the cat box. Then off to the pool for some exercise and talking with friends. Snow expected tonight.

  250. Karen Propes says

    Another slow day, not feeling up to par. Just resting and watch the NCAA and checking out the internet. 😊🌼 I want it to get warmer, but having some hot flashes today and thinking maybe I don’t want warmer weather.

  251. Tamra Phelps says

    I just spent the last 10 days in the hospital. That PICC line that was put in for I.V. antibiotics was infected, like I had been saying for days. Staph infection. Blood clot in arm, too. Horrible pain in back of shoulder blades, making it hurt to breath. Finally, it started to clear up. I’m back at Johnson Mathers now, and I’m terrified this will set back my p.t. (Also, I’m kind of quarantined in a room until they decide I’m definitely not contagious.)

  252. shelly peterson says

    Friday was a busy day. I am up late trying to catch up on things.

  253. Michele Soyer says

    Tamra…. so sorry to hear this.. wondering where you were… please get better and chin up… I am 75% better with the hip nonsense so not going crazy but back to work… today is baking day so I better get on….

  254. Tamra: Good to have you back – onwards & upwards xxx
    Rosie: I want your bread recipes! They sound gorgeous!
    Michele: Glad you’re almost back to ‘normal’!
    Kate: Oh, wait, that’s me … I’ve got an appointment for Friday coming for scans on my hips and the pair of us have fasting bloods again on Monday so this weekend we will indulge especially as it’s Mothering Sunday tomorrow … I’ve been baking!!!

  255. Day is going good. Nice and sunny today, so I could finish the embroidering of the eyes, nose and mouth on the teddy bear. I just rolled out lemon thyme egg noodles. drying for later.

  256. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m just feeling so tired and down. It starts to feel like the Universe doesn’t want you to secede. This has taken a toll on me like nothing before. Aww, well…it is what it is.

  257. Quiet day at home. Done with cat sitting. Busy week ahead starting tomorrow.

  258. I’m a bit bummed because it’s supposed to snow here again this week 🙁

  259. Karen Propes says

    I walked today and enjoyed it so much. The dog kept up so my husband was able to walk with me. We live in the woods too and have a long driveway. I walk up and down the driveway if I do enough I have walked a mile. Not quite a mile today but 3/4 mile.

  260. shelly peterson says

    Today was a pretty good day. I spent time with my daughter before she left for a vacation and then I attended my grandsons Baptism.

  261. Michele Soyer says

    Got a wee bit of a setback with my hip but today I will remedy that with rest…ready for another cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun and some Sibelius on the stereo…. Happy Sunday all…..

  262. Happy Mother’s Day if you’re in the UK or Ireland! Cappuccino and home-made strawberry tartlets for brekkie, crosswords galore & prosecco – how to make my Mum a very happy lady indeed 🙂

  263. Nikolina Vukelic says

    No, I never was a a crafty person really…

  264. Awesome! I’m about to go watch my daughters run in a race! 🙂 As a runner, this makes me so proud! Also, my daughter has some physical setbacks and I didn’t know if she would ever walk. Now, it’s amazing to see her RUN!

  265. Tamra Phelps says

    Here’s hoping for a truly amazing April for all of us. I think we are all due a few great days in a row, lol!

  266. Day is going good. Raining, and I went to town today. Now making the pasta I rolled out yesterday. Looking for a candle online, not sure where is a good site.

  267. Karen Propes says

    Dreary Day, just laying around trying to get rid of my sinus headache, and deal with my neck pain.

  268. shelly peterson says

    Today was mostly a relaxing day. I went to the store for a while, other than that I have been home

  269. Busy day. Dropped of the keys for the cat sitting and got a check. Then a good rehearsal of SAGE Singers. Then I attended a class on salve making and came home with some.

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