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I have to say last month was BUSY!! Between my kids Selena and Zac coming for a visit. Alice spending 3 weeks here IN THE MIDST of remodeling. (BTW I do not recommend entertaining and remodeling at the same time. It’s stressful!)

Remember just last month I complained it was HOT outside?? Well, a mere 30 days later it’s COLD!! I know whine, whine, whine! It’s weird, not really freezing but unpredictable. One day it will be in the 60s and today? 63! Then yesterday it bad it to 80’s. Everyday is different. I’m learning that this is Idaho. However, the nights? In the 40’s, which is amazing sleeping weather. 

Yesterday I updated about the remodel, it’s still coming along nicely. Today I learned my counters could be another 6 to 8 weeks. SAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY what?!  Yup, in Idaho a remodel takes about a year. October will be one year. We won’t be even close to being done.

I do have some NON whines! I have a MOOSE!! Actually a mama and baby! Let me tell you; they are GINORMUS!! Did you know they can reach over 1000 pounds?! A THOUSAND pounds!? Holy Guacamole Batman! It was around 8pm, I snuck outside (on the balcony) and took a couple pictures, then called my daughter on DUO (It’s like Facetime for Galaxy phones) at first I was whispering then I tried a little louder then normal voice, then shouting. That moose could have cared less that I was there. I guess at that size they are more like “Bring it ON BITCH!”  The pictures are bad, but squint and you can see her.


On to the giveaway!

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GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

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325 thoughts on “$50 Your Way Giveaway! Single Blog Giveaway! PayPal, Amazon, Starbucks

  1. … and here’s my daily ‘journal’ entry: It’s cold! There’s a very definite change in the air, leaves are starting to change colour and it was dark by 9pm last night. Last night the White House announced that President Trump intends to visit Ireland in November – well, we’ll have to see about that! No more politics on here I promise, Connie!

  2. Woke up with a terrible headache but is slowly getting better. I’m going to have to house to myself tonight since my boyfriend is going on a fishing trip. Gonna love the quiet since the TV won’t be on.

  3. woke up ,turn on my television and I sat and watched the funeral for senator john Mccain for 2 and one half hours! I was a very moving funeral! Now I am checking my emails! happy September 1st! This is my my birthday month- september 17th, I will be 72 years old!

  4. And here is my home page comment. I love your moose, lol. The only thing that would make it better would be a squirrel on his back…and maybe two Russians named Boris and Natasha following them, ha.

  5. Starting on the skirting boards in my room today and then I’ll be ready to start the ceiling tomorrow. In other news, well actually the only other news from Monamolin is … um, no, there is no other news from Monamolin! It’s only a tiny village, after all!

  6. Took the whole day off today….made roast chicken and the trimmings and thats it.. read, listened to music and relaxed….tomorrow is another day and I have my week planned out workwise….Happy Sept to you all….

  7. It was a crazy Sunday here. Apparently, no one wanted to work today, lol, ’cause they were really short-staffed today. I never wanted to know this much about nursing homes.

  8. After bucketing down all night it’s now glorious outside and the air is fresh – perfect for getting rid of paint-induced headaches – so I’m potting up my aubergines (egg plants) and peppers that I’ll grow on window sills inside. I’ll get back to painting later.

  9. Eggplant casserole in the oven for lunch… finishing up inside chores then out into the garden….lots of hydro and aqua ponic work to be done……

  10. I’m nervously awaiting kidney surgery in the morning. And then I have just a few days to recover as I’m off to Hawaii on Sunday!

  11. It came a torrential downpour here yesterday and we discovered rain is pouring in the side door just outside my room, lol. Well, it’s not my problem to deal with, thank goodness.

  12. Oh’ how I envy you Connie. sigh… Getting to start over in a new state and a new home. I know it’s work but it sounds like a lot of fun too. Most of all, I envy that you get to experience real fall weather. Living here in Jacksonville, FL (N.E. Florida, close to the Georiga border), it’s still in the 90’s. I’m dreaming of fall decorating and cool crisp breezes. It gets cloudy & I’m thrilled just imagining how cool it is outside. Then I open the door and the heat and humidity knock me down flat! Okay enough of my whinning. 🙂 Thank you for letting me enter your generous giveaway. Stay warm and enjoy your moose family!

  13. Hope you guys all had a nice long weekend! All I’ve done today (apart from painting) is visit Dad’s grave and ‘try’ to fix the printer. I’m not having much luck with it and I do get so impatient … I’ll try again later.

  14. This has turned out to be a wonderful day Connie!! Cleaned out the garage for the last time.. this is the 4th and final.. it has taken me this long to go thru all my husbands tools and junk….It now is spotless and organized and Kate I found a huge box labeled jubilee clips and it has so many of every size imaginable…I can repair pipes until the next century…..

  15. Some months I feel like I live at doctor’s offices. Today was my yearly dermatology appointment. OK, truly not complaining since these have all be checkups with no problems found.

  16. It’s a glorious September morning (yes, Michele, I did say morning!) so I’m doing a bit of gardening and then I’ll paint in the afternoon. Got a musical society meeting later this evening to prepare for as well.

      1. Late Sept. & October should be fine but depends on your climate in Idaho! They’re so easy, only thing to remember is to plant them deep enough and they’ll be very happy 🙂

  17. Sunny and bright here today so off to do some transplanting and then decide what color I want to paint my plant stands inside the patio downstairs….have to also buy paint to give the outside of the cistern and pond a touch-up….should also give a touch-up to the columns of the plant conservatory…. well no quarts looks like gallons!!!

      1. It did thank you! Retired?You are so lucky! Idont think hubby and I will ever retire,especially since we emptied our 401k to pay for daughters school 😮

  18. Good swim class, but when I came out of the building it was raining very hard. So I didn’t do the errands I was planning on.

  19. Pouring right now but who cares.. off shopping! Yes it is just groceries but I do love food shopping….up and down the aisles…thinking of new recipes I can dream up…not diamonds or furs ( God forbid.. fake fur only ) but other than interior shoppes I am happy in the grocery….

  20. Twitter has locked me out 🙁 Mega bummer going on! I was tweeting an contest entry & got locked (it happens) so clicked the button for my unlock code to come through to my phone … no code. Tried again … still no code. Then, typical me, I got impatient & just kept clicking … and now can’t get in at all. An hour later I got a load of codes through to my phone – agh! I’ve contacted Twitter support but no joy. Ah well, it’ll get me away from the screen & back up the stepladder!

    1. Oh wow that happened to me and Mom on Tuesday! And the cell numbers we always used for twitter are no longer supported by them. So we couldn’t even get the code. We messaged them about it and it took 24 hours to respond and unlock us. The last time it happened to me it took me 5 days to get a response, so 24 hours is practically instant in comparison… lol.

  21. Tomorrow I have an ‘evaluation’ appt. with the gastroenterologist. No one here seems clear about whether they’ll actually do the endoscopy then, lol. I hope so. I’m going no food/water after midnight just in case.

  22. Friday again.. where did the week go?? am I the only one who believes that there is an acceleration on the time space interval.. quantum physics or science fiction who cares I think time is moving quicker then ever…..have to get outside to do some work then back up to change the curtains in the dining room to fall colors. after that who knows but it does include music and today a nice cold Guinness…. makes me think of my husband.. he did love them…..

  23. … and Twitter has very kindly to use their services again. Still painting but taking a break for now to head into town for some groceries. I didn’t get much sleep last night – besides Mum having a bad night, the female foxes were shrieking for hours, signalling their ‘availability’! Judging by the noise they were making I’d say they’re pretty desperate 😉

  24. Day from hell, is all I can call this. The ambulance came to take me to that endoscopy. We got to the ambulance, the stretcher is raising and getting to the point where it slides on to the thing it rolls into the vehicle…and it stops. Battery dead. They call for new battery, meanwhile notifying doctor we’ll be about 15 minutes late. Dr. says I’ll have to reschedule. I figure another two weeks like this. But, my family doctor called that doctor, and it’s rescheduled for Monday. So, my missed appt., subsequent meltdown (yep, I had a real sob fest, lol.) and day of killer hip pain (told my doctor I want the Aleve back, it can’t possibly make the stomach any worse than it is) is almost over.

    1. Oh flippin’ heck Tamra – it’s like it’s never-ending. HOWEVER … think of the money that will pour in when you write that ‘journey’ bestseller!!!

  25. Today was ok… I finished work on my bedroom, but I think I may take the weekend off… I don’t have a lot of energy…. I feel like taking it easy.

  26. I’m sitting here trying to gee myself into doing a bit more painting in my room. This is me all over, I start a project then go off on a tangent, like the new bathroom mirror needs fixing to the wall and I’ve never drilled through tiles before so I’ll have to Google that & then, since I’m in the bathroom anyway I may as well paint the window sill … All things that need to be done, but I find it hard to stay focused. A touch ADHD, me thinks.

  27. Just sitting here half watching TV, doing not much. Waiting for physical therapy to show up. Don’t usually have it on Saturday, but they had to cancel Thursday, so it’s on today.

  28. Happy Sunday everyone! Ready to put some chicken in the oven for a Sunday roast then relax.. tomorrow is a go to the bank day arghhh cannot wait to stand in line be attended to by a young person that speaks in a whisper and usually has to go find a manager for what I need to do.. what happened to training new hires or updating older employees….and why is it only 1 or 2 clerks know everything !!

  29. Roast chicken here as well Michele – a happy chicken from a free-range farm just down the road. The sun is shining again so much laundering has been done and more painting – honestly I’m going snow blind from all this white but it’s best for my dark room and shows off the artwork, plants and books.

  30. Today is our granddaughter’s 16th birthday!
    Her mom had a birthday party for her yesterday. It’s always nice to see friends and family! I have mixed feelings about her turning 16. On one hand, I’m so happy that she is becoming a beautiful young woman. On the other hand, I feel sad, because I wish I could stop time, so we can keep her with us! I know I am being selfish, but I can’t help the way I feel.

  31. Worse than anticipated in the bank.. Have 2 accounts there already but need a new savings for lawyer reasons.. wake up at 5am.. leave at half 6 to reach for 7:30 -8 when they open…. Local branch office has closed..Stand in the reception line to make sure I go to the right teller….no no no to open an account you have to make an appointment..to give you money I have to make an appt.. ok wow this bank must be flush…I will take next Monday then early as possible.. no no no the earliest appt is mid November….I by this time am incredulous!! plus the young lady has attitude…now I want to make a complaint..I called prior to coming in to see if any banking rules have changed and there were none I repeat no mention of an appt needed….you are now telling me what to bring for this and it doesn’t match what is online.. oh really says she..oh really says I… would you like to see it on a printout? yes says she with more attitude … I pull it out of my oversized tote and all of a sudden she becomes this sweeter than pie young lady and asks if she can make a copy..make as many as you would like says I…..Made a complaint and left said bank with a headache…..where is the cocktail shaker????

    1. Banks tick me off no end. The only thing worse is dealing with a government office, lol. I spent over a week just trying to get a call back from the Social Security office…after sitting by the phone for a phone interview that they set up and never happened, and calling them 3 times to find out why and then being told oh, it has to happen in person. I said I’m in a nursing home trying to learn to walk again buddy, so an in person interview is only happening if you come here. Suddenly, a phone interview was quite possible, lol.

      1. I totally understand Tammy…When I had dealings with SSI it took 7 months of back and forth back and forth….the best part is someone will call you back LOL… what a joke…Glad you had your phone interview….

  32. Up & out for 9am appointment with Mum’s doc to discuss her upcoming review with her colostomy surgeon & for blood tests. Now having breakfast then she’ll probably snooze while I do housework & sort myself out for the AGM/rehearsal of my choir tonight.

  33. So glad to only have to deal with dogs, plants and a sheep.. other than CJ no human interaction…LOL….so glad to be home and not to have to leave for the rest of the month….must admit I do love my home….

  34. Did some more work on the livingroom… and then watched the finale of SYTYCD that I recorded. No spoilers but I was surprised by the winner. The person definitely deserved it based on talent, but I was sure someone else was going to win.

  35. Thank you Connie for adding the vote for Caitlin button to your giveaway!!!
    I have been so busy promoting her I havent had time to enter any contests LOL

  36. Stopped at the pool (on a Tuesday?) since they’ve been closed since Thursday. Then helped at a campaign office for my choice for governor.

  37. Going to the dentist at 8.30 in the morning is not my idea of fun and adventure. Ah well, at least the rain has stopped. Stay safe if you’re in the path of Florence xx

  38. spent the morning painting old buckets to make into planters.. they look very nice.. put a few more baby trees down the driveway then came up to wait for my Amazon order to arrive.. have to have all those cans of pumpkin Tamra to make all those fall goodies…

  39. I have to source filters for the well as Dad’s usual supplier no longer stocks them. What do I know about filters? Absolutely nothing! Oh, Dad…

  40. I hope that things start going a bit better.
    I had a great day the other day but I have a few health issues that I have to make sure turn out well in my favor so I am worried.

    1. Thanks Michele. It’s just that all the DIY I’ve been doing lately are things he would have done, with me as gofer (go for this, go for that). Now it’s just me … I’ll have to go and have a chat with him tomorrow/Sat. depending on the weather.

      1. I totally understand.. I am an only child born when my father was much older then the usual father was at the time…I did everything with him work wise holding the tools, carrying the things he might need, having to anticipate what he might need next.I also worked along with my husband BUT when I now have to do any fixer work I look to my fathers voice in my ear telling me what to do….he will guide you Kate trust me….

  41. Spent the morning out in the garden as usual….starting to make my holiday lists.. got to get a jump on the game..also have to try and anticipate what people will order and have those ingredients on hand….

  42. My day so far has been good. We are watching the weather a lot on television. We are hoping Hurricane Florence becomes as weak as possible to minimize damage.

  43. Well, I’ve been trying to stand upright in physical therapy. There’s still a bend in my back…but it’s getting stronger. Hoping to accomplish upright standing in the next week, lol.

    1. Wowza! I know it seems like it’s taking forever but only a few months ago you couldn’t have even imagined doing that! How did Monday go?

  44. I had a doctor appointment today. It went well and really enjoyed the sunshine since its been dreary and raining for the last several days.

  45. Its my Friday 🙂 Took my daughter out for a driving lesson and she makes a right on red, without looking or stopping a bronco almost side swipes us and lays on his horn and my daughter drives up on the curb and almost hits the stop sign..I said THATS IT..I cannot do this , sold a necklace I had and am buying her driving lessons lmao!! Let someone else stress out

    1. AGH! You did right, Tammy, if you can delegate, do! And it’ll cut down on mother/daughter arguments that can go on & on …

  46. AGH! You did right, Tammy, if you can delegate, do! And it’ll cut down on mother/daughter arguments that can go on & on …

  47. Finishing painting my room today and later collecting my sister to get her car from it’s annual service. Other than that, not a whole lot going on …

  48. Today is one of those days that no matter how much you think you have gotten done there is so much more that needs to be done

  49. I totally understand.. I am an only child born when my father was much older then the usual father was at the time…I did everything with him work wise holding the tools, carrying the things he might need, having to anticipate what he might need next.I also worked along with my husband BUT when I now have to do any fixer work I look to my fathers voice in my ear telling me what to do….he will guide you Kate trust me….

  50. Sorry Kate the reply posted here not under your comment.. anyway had a great day working outside and what we thought was a leaky gas canister was just one that wasn’t tight enough….neighbor used a wrench and we are all set….drama averted….Have a great weekend all….

  51. Well, last Monday’s doctor’s appt. turned out to be just a consultation. This Monday will be the endoscopy. I’m really hoping this doctor can figure out what’s up with my gut, lol. It would be so much easier in physical therapy if I feel great and have eaten right.

  52. Getting a seriously early start today so I can quit early….Coffee in one hand, cereal in the other and trying to get my work clothes on at the same time…..

  53. While I, on the other hand, haven’t done anything yet (it’s noon) but will keep at it till the early hours! Painting, shopping, go see Dad, maybe a bit of gardening then pizza!

  54. This is so not my week… Bad headaches, I fell in a hole and hurt my ankle and on Thursday I pulled something in my neck. I took it easy today, my body needs to recover from this…

  55. Feeling blech today. The same old stomach nonsense. Thinking of just doing nothing on Sunday, lol. There’s no physical therapy tomorrow, so I might just watch TV and chill.

  56. Well what to do what to do??? It is Sunday and after watering the garden my day is my own but which of the things I love to do shall I do?? Guess I will figure it out as the day goes but music, books and cooking are at the top of my list….Glorious Sunday to all.. the one thing I truly miss is mass but with the schedule here if I miss the morning mass I am out of luck so I do my own thing and know that God understands…..

  57. Our little RC church has just started doing podcasts of it’s mass for those who can’t attend in person. Podcasts, in Monamolin – who’d have thought it?

    Anyway, on to my day. It’s pretty much like Michele’s: music, books, my house plants & garden and then a roast dinner. I’m starting the skirting boards in the hall or maybe Mum’s room next so I’ll start putting masking tape on the carpet/flooring.

  58. My day is going great just waiting for the Raiders game to come on Im a little tired from a big baby shower for my grandaughter yesterday It was a great time .

  59. My day is going good. Nice weather. Watching about Florence, have relatives where the rain and flooding has been going for days and the high school is destroyed. They evacuated, but have no idea what will be there when they get back, had to leave vehicles and most all possessions, if the employer will open back up, they’ve been out almost a week already. She is expecting, too. But I’m glad they left.

  60. It’s getting really windy out there as Ireland gets hit by the tail end of Storm Helene so I’m tidying away anything that might get blown around then I have to go out to buy more paint.

  61. Today we have a tropical rainy day.. that means.. oh how sad.. I have to stay indoors and suffer through another day off….I think I will manage….

  62. Day is going good. Nice weather today, tonight and tomorrow will be the remnants of Florence. I’m keeping an eye on it, as I still don’t know if my leaks are fixed, and we could get the torrential rain for hours. Getting towels, more buckets, containers of water if we lose power, checking the batteries, etc. I have to laugh b/c the guy on the board who insisted we not get a professional to check my leak bought the condo under me to rent out. If there is a water catastrophe (seeing the lst time over 2 1/2 gallons came down), it will go down into his prized unit. I don’t need this drama, hope to move next year.

  63. Have no idea what the day will be like as yet.. still dark outside….up at 5am drinking coffee and looking for some trouble to get into…if there is sun today have to do some clean-up after the torrential rains….

  64. I’m trying to organise someone to look at our shower – the power booster ‘thingy’ stopped working so we’re just getting a drizzle … probably have to fork out for a new one, hey ho … Tropical Storm Helene came & went and now Ali is on his way tomorrow. Was it always this stormy?

  65. Day is going ok. We’re getting hit right now with one of the rain bands from Florence, so a little nervous, watching the buckets. I got up at 3:00 am as we were supposed to get a rain band then. Not feeling well today, not typical for me, so having lots of tea.

  66. We had a problem with a gas tank leaking, I was grateful my neighbor could come and fix it for us. The rest of the day was good… I still have some neck pain though..

  67. Today was a terrible day. I got into a car accident. No one was hurt thank goodness and was not my fault. but the car is messed up pretty good.

  68. One storm has gone now we have Ali who’s doing his damnest to cut off power & blow down trees. One poor woman lost her life when her caravan was blown off a cliff in the west of Ireland – can you imagine? I’m making sure all the torches are working & that the phones are charged and Dad’s cordless drill as well. There are plans afoot!

  69. Well, a bad few days. The ambulance service had to cancel at the last minute Monday, so I still haven’t had the upper GI test to figure out this stomach issue, which got pretty bad early this week. It’s rescheduled for tomorrow. This time the nursing home arranged a service that takes you in a wheelchair…fine by me. Yesterday, I finally stood upright, completely straight. And the last two days I’ve been able to sit side of bed to bath and dress myself. Yay, me!! lolol.

  70. Went downtown to Fieldwork Denver to give my opinion. Got $75.
    Good swim class then pancakes at Village Inn with some pie for later.

  71. Well today I’m not feeling so good. I have a swollen face and I’m on two different types of medication. I absolutely hate taking medications.

  72. Day is going good. Going shopping a little later. Found out my relative who had to evacuate from the hurricane the employer is giving them full pay while they were closed, which is really nice because the company obviously had no business during those days. But I think they are lucky they can open, when so many are delayed or destroyed.

  73. It’s raining with a vengeance so I’m getting ready to paint again. No other plans for the day, just trying to stay positive about being almost 59. I mean, how can that be?

  74. Yesterday all of sudden I felt weird.. well weirder than usual so I quit for the day before noon…find out my fever is 101 and I am cold and bleh….taking meds and am being ruled bu the iron fist of my daughter….still feel off today with a fever so taking the day off.. I have to rest read and reflect….

      1. Oops, I just accidently entered my brother’s name, lol. I was using autofill and not paying close attention. That was from me, Michele, in case you’re thinking ‘who is Robert Phelps??’

  75. A snake got in my bird house and killed one of my birds. 🙁 Luckily a friend was nearby and got rid of the snake for me. This is the third time this happened in a year. I really hate snakes….

  76. Day is going good. I’m enjoying the cooler weather, and the last day of summer. Have quite a bit of chores to do today, getting organized.

    1. Oh, you’re still a happy go lucky young chick!!! Happy birthday to you… (I sang that, in case you didn’t hear it that way.) ???

  77. Happy Birthday MsKate!!!!!!!!!!! You’re almost catchin’ up with me! Enjoy your day! Do something FUN!!!!!!!! 59 is the new 29!!
    I love you!!! Happpyyyyyyyyyy Birthday! (be thankful that we aren’t close enough that I would sing!)

  78. It’s pouring rain and supposed to rain all weekend. Well, it’s not like I was planning any outdoor activities. Finally had that stomach test yesterday…’here drink 4 glasses of barium without throwing up.’ Geeze. Nasty. Well, I haven’t heard what, if anything, it showed them

  79. Mom is still unwell… high fever… I told her to take the weekend off to rest and recuperate. She wants to fight me on it, but I am more stubborn than she is and I will wear her down. lol.

  80. My day is now nighttime, but both are going great!
    It’s finally cooler out and great sleeping weather!
    I hope yours is going wonderful!

  81. I went to a beauty salon & had a spray tan to cheer myself up – I do have rather lovely legs, even if I do say so myself!

  82. Finally feeling better….that fever kicked my you know what….up and moving but under strict orders taking today off also…tomorrow I will go back to work…hope you had a great birthday Kate and I wish you a year filled with peace, love, joy and all the chocolate you want.. when my tummy is back to normal I shall raise a glass to you!

  83. It just keeps raining and raining. It’s been a pretty slow Sunday. The test on my stomach that required drinking all that barium showed them nothing, so I guess I now have the endoscopy done. I thought that was what I was having, but insurance requires the barium thing first, I guess. Meanwhile, the stomach growls at me, lol.

  84. My day has been okay. I like to spend my Fall Sundays just watching football, and the games were pretty enjoyable today! Hope your weekend has been fun!

  85. I had to take Mum for a blood test this morning as they forgot to do it last time & it’s the most important one (tumour marker test). I’ve had to delay Mum’s hospital review until that result comes through. I didn’t tell Mum it was important as she’ll only worry and now I feel guilty about that. Anyway, we both got our flu’ jabs so I can cross that off my list of things to do.

  86. Day is going good. It is nice and cool and took out my red plaid flannel jacket. Reminds me of wood splitting days. I’m not so sure my maidenhair fern likes this cooler temp, I can’t make it warmer, they don’t turn heat on at the complex until later in the year.

  87. Beautiful day… My neck is finally recovered from my fall so I was able to do some work. Now I am going to enjoy the rest of my afternoon…

  88. Spent a great morning outside in the garden.. so good to be up and out working….yesterday afternoon I did bake…oatmeal cookys and a batch of currant almond shortbread…. this morning planted pots of lovely zinnia plants and a few giant marigolds….re-did the planting station with wooden planks for all the hydroponic greens and herbs under the semi-shade and away from pouring rain… Now making a breakfast for lunch and then a restful afternoon….

  89. I smell like Bio-Freeze, lol. It smells like Bengay or other arthritis creams. I don’t care, though, because it definitely helps the sore muscles.

  90. We had to get a new shower unit so Christmas may be have to be postponed or cancelled. Who knew they cost so much? Still the guys were very professional & pleasant and tidied up any mess. More painting, prep lunch & dinner, have a nap and then off to choir tonight.

  91. Oh Kate….Christmas might be a bit down scaled but I believe you and mum can still have a great holiday season on the thrifty side….

  92. Still have not gotten outside as yet and it is half 9….got some neighborhood news this morning concerning a 17 year old who fell into the sea and drowned….believe me on the NorthEast coast here you do not want to find yourself in the sea and unable to swim.. swimmers don’t always make it.. so sad…have to get up and get moving….

  93. Day is going ok. Lots of rain today, so watching the buckets. Budget approval meeting tonight, the complex insurance went up greatly b/c of claims, so our fees are going way up.

  94. Today was so bleh. I’ve had better. But anytime I want to scream and complain about everything that is wrong. I have to remember about everything that is right. A neighbor of mine lost his teenaged son yesterday. Puts everything I was complaining about into perspective. I am grateful to God for everything that I do have. I am blessed. 🙂

  95. Hair cut this morning then a couple hours volunteering for my candidate for governor.
    Today is National Register to Vote day. Hope you are all registered.

  96. Trying hard to get up and out but the weather looks blah.. might storm.. might not..already cleaned out some junk drawers and swept now have to decide whether to make a go of it outside in the garden or work up here….

  97. We had a scheduled power outage from 9 till 4 today so nothing much got done and we thoroughly enjoyed it too! I couldn’t get the camping stove to work so no morning coffee for Mum which was the only setback, although as she drinks it weak with plenty of milk and decaffeinated, I don’t see the point!

  98. Got to see my brother today. He brought in my list of things I need (okay, want, lol.) My lists can get long, and he says I can’t give directions at all (like ‘it’s in a blue bottle, and I think it’s in the kitchen, maybe the livingroom’ lolol)

  99. All well here; beautiful Indian Summer for the next couple of days, yay! Hard to believe we had the heating on on Tuesday.

  100. Getting ready to go out this morning.. feed store and a few other stops….have to pick up some paint at the hardware for a new project I am starting…

  101. Day is going good. Weather is holding, will be getting senior ride to grocery store, so that takes up most of the day, as they go around and pick people up. I’d like to watch the hearing, but I’ll have to see what happened later.

  102. Glorious sunshine again – hope this lasts for the weekend so I can get some serious gardening done. Today is ‘you-know-where-the-kitchen-is’ day, so no cooking for me 🙂

  103. Pouring torrential tropical rain and a severe weather alert from the met office.. Glad I spent the morning working outside…. got lots of transplanting done. yesterday had a lovely chat with the plant lady in the village I might just be selling flower seedling to her…. every small bit of change adds up and I always have too many cups of seedlings anyway….

  104. Day is going good. Watching the Judicial Committee getting ready to vote on nomination. Not sure how long I’ll hang in waiting. More rain today! Ahh! Doing some chores, in between looking at the live coverage.

  105. I’m having a good day. I’m doing laundry and cleaning and watch a movie or two on Netflix. Today has been the first day that it feels like Fall as it’s in the 60’s.

  106. I’m not sure how it happened but I go up a little earlier today than usual to get some stuff done and here I am behind instead of ahead. Ugh

  107. Today was a good day. My order from Amazon came today. I have a new outfit and it looks really nice on me. So when I go out I could look halfway decent for a change…. LOL. 😛

  108. Pouring again….my idea of painting outside today is a wash so to speak…will do laundry and putter around….have a great weekend everyone..

  109. I am having a wonderful day – fun at the farmer’s market.
    And meeting a good friend for lunch.
    It doesn’t get any better than this.

  110. Had a nice ultrasound massage on my neck and shoulders. My neck was so tight and tense it was popping when I did exercises in physical therapy. They decided it needed to relax because it was inhibiting therapy. It really has helped. My right arm is lifting much higher. Left arm is very close to full mobility.

    1. Love a good massage! I’ve got an infrared massage thingummy that gets real deep heat into all those tight shoulder & neck muscles – highly recommend it! Can you swim? That’s so good for helping build strength and relax at the same time. Hang on, how come it’s Rob posting?

  111. It’s 6 in the morning and I woke up with the foxes yowling & now can’t get back to sleep … maybe I’ll read for a while …

  112. Where in hell did September go?? This month has whizzed past me at a rate I cannot believe…..The holidays are right around the corner so I better get a move on.. but not today.. today is for the usual Sunday agenda.. reading listening to music and relaxing….

  113. Day is going good. Just looking at a local FB group, another car “breakin” last night video seen on their Ring. People don’t lock their cars and leave valuables, including the keys (many stolen from this). Crooks are coming deep into the heart of the burbs finding treasure very easy to steal. They almost never get caught. You can see this guy walk right up to the car at the top of a long driveway, open the door in a nano-second, reach in, take something that looks like a wallet, and leave. Easy pickins. The police are begging people to not leave their car doors unlocked, no valuables, no keys/fobs in the car.

  114. Well, good-bye September. I look forward to October. I really believe that in October I will be walking again. It feels like it’s going to happen soon. I’m standing straight and for a little longer. Here’s hoping October is my month! ⤴??

  115. I cannot believe today is the last day of September. Seriously… it went so fast! August was long and laborious and I couldn’t wait for it to be over, and September just whizzed by! Today is my Sunday. I relaxed and enjoyed myself. 🙂

  116. My day wasn’t as good as it could have been!
    We don’t have our TV hooked up again until tomorrow when Direct TV comes. We missed the Bears game and they won!

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