$50 Your Way #Giveaway September 2020

September $50 Your Way Giveaway

September? I can’t tell if 2020 is screaming by or if it’s crawling by. (Okay, that makes absolutely NO sense!)
If you are new here the monthly giveaway ways starts with an update on life on a mountain in Sandpoint, Idaho. So not knowing if 2020 is going slow or fast could be just lack of oxygen to my brain! Hopefully, you will become an official Peanut and come back often. Peanuts are a FUN  group.
Need some encouragement? Wanna whine? Or share a triumph? You have come to the right place! I’ll go first (every month!)
I’m going to start with it’s COLD in Idaho. I believe I actually got a whole week of summer and we went straight to fall. SO NOT HAPPY!
The cold is aggravating my RA something awful. Gesh old age ain’t for the weak!
Ahhhh now the whining starts. (continues?)
My hands have steadily gotten worse. A couple doctor visits and a nerve conduction study the diagnosis carpal tunnel. Hopefully surgery gets scheduled ASAP! I’m crying uncle.
It’s hard to type (not cool for a blogger!)
I can’t knit for more than a few minutes at a time (I can hear the ohhhhhh from knitters and crocheters out there)
Sleep? Ummmm no. AND I LOVE SLEEP!
So, I am very anxious for surgery and some relief.
Results came back from the lump removed from my boob. Benign! The lump (golf ball size) was a intraductal papilloma which is basically a wart!?!? A WART in my BOOB?!?! Yes, a wart. IN the boob. Wart. Ewwww I asked the surgeon what causes a wart in the book? With a straight face “bad luck” was the answer.  (I guess sarcastic attracts sarcastic huh?)

My sweet Granddaughter Alice deserves a shout out. 9 years old and just starting 4th grade via Zoom.

Alice 4th grade

How well is that going!?!? Check the picture! Alice reads her book waiting for the other kids to catch up. I have to wonder how kids will catch up when schools open again.


That’s my monthly update, what’s yours??  Stay well little Peanuts!

Okay, now for the real reason you are here!


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC’s would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts.  Stay safe and stay well!

317 thoughts on “$50 Your Way #Giveaway September 2020

  1. Happy September to one and all! Hopefully this will be a better month than the last, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Today’s post comment no. 1: Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the simplest surgeries out there – Dad suffered for years before getting his first hand done & couldn’t believe the difference. Immediately signed up to get the other wrist operated on & basically never looked back, so please don’t worry about it , Connie!

  3. I’m not doing much at the moment, just trying to decide what to do for dinner. I’m torn between wanting to eat something good but not really wanting to, you know, cook, lol.

  4. Alice is Too Cool for School in those shades, lol. I know what you mean about kids not being in school. Hopefully, when it’s finally safe to go back, they’ll catch up quickly.

  5. How is my day going…………… Got a summer cold have not been out of my apartment for over a week. BUT I think I am starting to feel better.

  6. So far my day is going OK. We went out and got what we needed to hopefully stop the constant water from the thunderstorms from getting into our window wells — water used to run around them, but since we are getting about 2-3″ of rain each time and it does that at least twice a day — the ground is saturated and it’s not cooperating any longer. In the back I have “gulleys” where the water has been running down to the stream. Heck, I am glad the house is “up” but still it’s a lot of water!

    1. Ohhhh NO! I am right there with you on leaks.
      All last Fall and Winter our windows leaked so bad! Walls had water damage, it was such a mess! All because the flashing wasn’t installed correctly by the contractor. Ugh! Good luck!

  7. My day’s going pretty well! It’s been busy, as we are in the process of a move. So it’s been a lot of selling off stuff we don’t need anymore and going through closets, etc. We went over to the townhouse today to take a look at it & do some measuring to help decide where furniture is going & the layout. That type of thing.

  8. …and the rain’s back so a perfect day to head to town. I’m paying the funeral bill and posting off copies of Mum’s Death Cert. to the Dept. of Education etc. Might just take it easy for the rest of the day. I managed a couple of hours digging yesterday & my hip, though sore, is holding up!

  9. My day is overwhelming as they usually are but more so lately. Among a mix of mental health issues I suffer from chronic pain and now large blotches have been appearing and staying all over my body. They are such a deep purple that they are almost black with lighter specks throughout. I have agoraphobia so going to the doctor is actually more stressful than whatever this is. I refuse to look it up online as that is not a way to get answers. Ugh, I’m definitely whining. Lately I’ve stopped taking care of the apartment and myselfm I know I’ll get back on track eventually but lately I just crawl into bed and lay there unable to sleep. I know so many people are doing really bad and I wish for everyone to feel the best they possibly can given their own issues and I appreciate this space to vent.

    1. Oh dear, Kim. You’re really going through a tough time, aren’t you? Is it possible to do an online/video appt. with your Dr.? Sorry, I don’t mean to worry you but it sounds like purpura which definitely has to be checked out.

    2. I was going to suggest the same thing Kate said, a tele-appointment. Several of my doctors do them. I’m doing one next week. You can do them by regular phone or, since you might want to show the doc your blotches, by Zoom or Facetime. My Grandma had agoraphobia. I know how she agonized if she needed to see a doctor. Hang in there!💙

  10. I was changing my bedding last night & sat down to catch up with the news on telly – woke up at 4 this morning! I finished the chores I’d meant to do but now I’m getting cold so I’ll go back to bed (now 7am)!

  11. Happy September…On Monday one day after we buried our Ice..our neighbour said that his dog gave birth 5 weeks ago and he is selling all but one girl to gift to me.. Oh my a sweet German sheperd mix .. was I disloyal to Ice to take this precious pup.. my daughter reminded me that we didn’t go looking to get a new puppy it just happened and apparently was meant to be….also on that same day in another of my neighbours barns a kitty abandoned her week old kittens….I took 2 that were clinging to each other…gray and white cuties…spent Tuesday at the feed and grain getting all my supplies..mostly a crate and bags of pet milk…puppy chow and collars and such….I still look for Ice and feel her loss but these new girls are making me smile….

    1. Oh, sweetheart, you just weren’t meant to be alone! And kittens as well? I really envy you … their little tails and those teeth that are like needles! Ice would most definitely have approved xxx

    1. and when you say biscuits, that’s your American biscuit, I presume not like ours that are sweet and taste best dunked in tea! How’s the leg/knee coming along?

      1. Yep, American style biscuits. Not ‘cookies.’ The leg is aching, so I guess it’s feeling the exercises. Hoping I get some results! Compared to when I first started therapy, it’s a lot better. Back then, the foot and leg turned out about 30 or 40 °, I’d say. Apparently, it was due to a combo of the infection and the way I laid while unconscious, plus likely pinched nerves led to slight ‘foot drop.’ (The left leg is fine.) Now, I still have slight numbness in the right leg from the knee down, slight foot drop, and the foot turns out maybe 5-10°—if I could just get that knee to straighten up, I’d be hunky dory, lol. I’m going to ask my doctor to refer me to a specialist to see about having injections that might help the arthritis. I’ve been told it’s literally ‘bone on bone’, no cartilage left, so that doesn’t help matters.

  12. Hey, Connie, I meant to ask: did you mean to make the Tweet and the Instagram comment a one time entry and not the usual daily thing??

  13. Connie, I also noted no daily for Tweet/Instagram? Also Why is the icon list of things showing up at the end of each post instead of in the sidebar where it usually is?
    Trying to change things about since you can’t knit?
    Had a good swim with my friend today.

  14. I got a lot of text to day. I need to go to bed early though because I have to take my daughter to the airport at 3 a.m.

  15. Last night I went for my car’s annual road-worthiness check up and it passed! Phew! Yay! In Ireland every vehicle over 2 years has to go through this test and it’s like taking your child to the dentist!

  16. I really don’t know yet how my day is yet. It’s too early to tell. I had to take care of my hungry dog who likes to eat early and has no regard to the time. Oh well, he’ll go back to sleep and I’ll be a tired zombie for a while.

  17. Our new little fur babies are doing quite well.. Delilah is going to be a princess I can tell already…the kittens are just so sweet.. forgot how nice a purring can sound… explained to them that I have to get to the garden.. Delilah can come with me in a carrier.. one thing i don’t have to worry about on a sunny day is keeping her warm….

  18. It’s going to be a busy day! I have to take my mom to a doctor that is almost an hour away. At least we get to treat ourselves to Starbucks when it’s over.

  19. Our day is going well! It is a little cooler and the pups are feeling frisky! Great day to be outside and enjoying mother nature and appreciating as the plants and trees are preparing for there nap!

  20. My day is good so far. I went to grocery store for chicken breast at $.89/lb. so I got a bunch. I have to cut it up and freeze it. It should last a while. The sun is out which is really nice.

  21. I got brave today and went to Costco. Have not been there since March. I really wanted to get their roast chicken and it tastes so good. Crazy weather: 90+ days then a 50 degree drop in temps with snow possible?????
    I think Connie sent it down here….

    1. What? Snow? Dear Lord, is that why Connie’s been quiet lately? Is she in that huge barn of hers cooking up a literal storm? I can just picture her all ‘hubble bubble’ over a cauldron!

  22. I’m watching a documentary about the Son of Sam days. Boy, I remember those days, back in the late 70’s, when NYC was terrorized by that nut. I didn’t live there, but I think it was the first time I really became aware of serial killers. Scary stuff for a teenager.

      1. Uh, Connie, it sounds like you and I may have have the same problem: watching way too many of those true crime shows. Lol, I swear, there’s not a serial killer, missing person or strange crime that I haven’t watched on ID.

      1. Basically just make bread dough, then wrap it around pepperoni and cheese and bake it. 🙂 It’s a West Virginia thing because it was a sandwich the coal miners could take with them and eat with one hand. Some places in the state will add tomato paste, some chili. It’s funny because I have a friend from the southern part of the state tell me I made them wrong because I put chili in them, he said tomato paste. My mother told me I made them wrong when I picked up on chili when I went to college in the central part of the state. LOL

        1. Oh, I’ve heard of that. It sounds good. And I bet you could use store bought bread dough, too, lol. That would be necessary for me.

          1. Yes, you can use store bought bread dough. That’s how my mother always made it but I’m high risk and we’ve been holed up in the house and have our freezer stocked full with things that have more nutritional value than bread dough so we’ve been making our bread dough in the bread machine. I think I’m the only person who uses their bread machine regularly.

  23. Lemme think … what’s going on here … not a lot to be honest! Oh, I know, a couple of us from the choir have arranged a socially-distanced picnic (Irish summer weather permitting) for next Wednesday! Not sure how I feel about meeting up again – I know people mean well but I can’t handle any more sympathy.

  24. Lawn man came at half 5 so he is almost done.. Get out the rake!! Puppy and kittys are sleeping quietly so all is well.. Later on I plan to make a chocolate cake for dessert….

  25. There’s not a lot going on here. I had to get my niece and nephew to stop by after their gym workouts…why? Well, I dropped my lotion bottle, it bounced off my foot and rolled under the sofa…so far I couldn’t get to it even with the broom, lol. Ah, life with a ‘disability.’ Do you try to stand on your head go get deeper under the sofa? Will you wind up on the floor? I tend to be cautious.

  26. 101 degrees! Bleh. I’m not going out. Then SNOW on Tuesday. I’m not going out. Very crazy weather. I did make a reservation to go to the botanic gardens on Monday before the snow – 85 degrees then.

    Connie: thanks for fixing the daily tweet/instagram and putting the icons back on the side bar.

  27. I am extremely tired and upset! I had to call a company for support and had one of the worse experiences of my life! I wish I can get those two hours back! I hope your day is better 😎

  28. You’re back! Connie, I/we really do worry when you go quiet – is she ok? What mischief has she been up to? Anyway, glad you’re here x
    I’m hoping that this is the day I can fix the gutters – a whole portion came loose during the last storm & if it doesn’t get fixed soon it’s going to twist and have to be replaced. With money I don’t have. All I’m waiting for is the sister or niece to hold the ladder and pass me things.

  29. Yep, Kate’s right, we get worried when you go quiet for a few days, Connie. I was worried your carpel tunnel had gotten worse. I’ve had that and I do not remember it fondly!

  30. I had a brilliant day.. relaxing and doing practically no work at all….I will have to see about a to-do list for the week…

  31. I hope you find a way to help your hands with out surgery. Many, many years ago I had to give up guitar playing (classical), as I had a job that required typing all day on the old-fashioned typewriters. After giving away very nice guitars, it was hard to do, but my hands felt better.

  32. Good swimming today with my friend. Only 97 degrees today -HA!

    Connie, I have a nit to pick with today’s word.
    Verses are stanzas in a poem or the bible.
    Versus: against; as compared to; in contrast with..

  33. My niece arrived yesterday and held the ladder while I managed to fix the loose guttering. Gave them all a good clean out while I was up there as well.

  34. I’m pretty tired today, but we had a lot of fun this weekend. Saturday we traveled to visit family and yesterday we played in a corn hole tournament all day.

  35. Got a lot done today to make up for yesterday! Washed windows in 2 bedrooms and put up new curtains for the fall.. I know we don’t have fall here but I am still an American at heart from the East Coast ..loved autumn..changed the dining room and the kitchen.. had already washed those windows so was not fanatical about doing that again…then trooped outside to do some weeding and flower transplants… Now ready for a drink , my book and the sofa!

  36. I’ve been watching old videos on YouTube today, lol. You know, YouTube throws up other possibilities you might like based on what you’re watching…I’d been watching glam rock, early 70’s stuff, so it threw up something called ‘Kookookachoo’ by Alvin Somebody or other. Wow. Some kind of cross between Elvis and Gary Glitter…but kinda entertaining, lol. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

  37. Record breaking heat and wildfire smoke outside and I don’t have A/C but I’m happy today. It’s Labor Day so I have a paid day off and getting some things done and some much needed rest.

  38. I did go to the botanic gardens today. I forgot to take my phone so no pictures. And I only stayed about 45 minutes because the wild fire smoke is so bad. SNOW tonight.

  39. I finally pushed myself back to doing painting; skirting boards this time so sitting/lying on the floor which the cat thought was great fun. I’m sore today though!

  40. Tomorrow I have to head out early very early to do some business than to the bulk shop and the grocery….that means today I have to get everything I want done in the garden…so off I go…

  41. It’s snowing! Good for all the wildfires in the state. I don’t have to go out for anything.
    Hard to believe it was 101 degrees 3 days ago.

  42. Today was a nice day. It’s my Birthday. I was delivered Starbucks this morning and went to dinner at my favorite place.

  43. I had the most enjoyable hour last night! My choir had already organised a ‘drumming experience’ and thank goodness it was able to go ahead as the hall is large, well ventilated etc. and masks/sanitisers used on us & the equipment. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to meet up with people again but it was fine & it really was fun!

  44. Wow, so many comments for this month already – nice! Just as an update, the town has been doing good at tackling our fire code issues. I got a call last night from the board president, who has been resisting abating, let me know he blames me if it is going to cost anything to remedy the violations, and intends to send me a bill for repairs and his lost time to meet with the fire marshal, etc. He has tried this on other people, sending them a bill for something the association is responsible for, so I may need to hire an attorney. This guy is nuts!

  45. I woke up today to the sound of thudding snow. What? The snow was falling off the trees in clumps onto my roof. Today’s high: 37 degrees. All the wildfires got 8-12 inches of snow which will help.

  46. My mom was a prolific writer, just hated trying to get things published. So last night I decided I was going to get one of her middle grade books up on Amazon KDP. I had trouble with formatting, but it’s up at this point. Yeah. This is her 5th book / story I have published. This one is about a 5th grade girl who has a plan to get her parents out of debt by winning the lottery.

  47. I got out again yesterday! Met up with 2 other altos in a nearby garden centre for a picnic – gorgeous sunshine, great chat & lots of laughter! Back to DIY today …

  48. Went to Port of Spain yesterday…Spent 4 hours there and the vibrations .. the hustle.. could not wait to get on the highway and head east! by the time I got to the bulk shop it was past the early morning frenzy so got in and out quickly.. then on to the grocery and the feed and grain…by 3:30 was back home…now for 2 weeks I can stay put and do what I want to do.. raise my new kittens, play with the puppy, garden and read!!

  49. Good swim with my friend. What wasn’t fun was the high was 47 degrees so had to wear extra clothes over my swimsuit and a hat over my wet hair. I do miss being able to take a shower and dry my hair at the pool after swimming. I guess it was a rehearsal for when winter really does come. Should be up to 80 degrees when I go swimming on Sunday.

  50. I got my pralines that I won today and they did not disappoint, lol. Soooo good. I did not resist temptation. Ate two (they’re pretty big.)

  51. I took great pleasure today in chucking out all Mum’s colostomy stuff then the post arrived. I’m due a colonoscopy on the 28th 🙁 Just routine because of family history but there’s a little voice telling me maybe I should have hung on to Mum’s supplies! Other than that just gardening, peeling & freezing what felt like a ton of cooking apples I was given and painting.

  52. Wonderfully productive day….worked in the house, the garden and baked…Feel so grateful to have the life I do…..If my husband was here with me he would say look you worked from the time you were 14.. after school..summers..all thru university and the week after you graduated… up until we decided to early retire
    you at 47… being retired for 21 years.. wow.. I am truly grateful….

  53. After fighting for hours with the cover of my mother’s book and then having Amazon reject the cover, I finally got it uploaded and ready for sale!

  54. Just one more door to do then I’m finished Mum & Dad’s room. Then I’ll start motivating myself towards doing the hall. The very long and dark hall with 8 doors – god I hate painting pannelled doors.

  55. Sitting here at the computer with Miss Delilah running around by my feet.. the kittens are sleeping…. lovely scene.. spent the day clearing bush. I am bushed! LOL

  56. Quiet day at home. Weather is lovely at 83 degrees with sunshine all day.

    Connie, how can a bear be Hardly? Today’s word makes no sense. (friendly nitpicker here)

  57. We were remodeling the house when we got married. I found a wedding gift today. $100. Unfortunately it was a check and we were married 5 years ago. 🙁

  58. It is a glorious Sunday here. lovely breeze, blue sky and the air smells of flower blossoms.. Have to get some laundry done then the day is mine.. I plan on a roast lunch and my book.. Happy Sunday peanuts!

  59. Nice quiet day so far. I’m trying out dried giant corn in the slow cooker to use in recipes like soups and stews, never had them before. Went to an open house in my complex today. Nobody had showed up, so I guess they were probably glad a nosy neighbor stopped by, they can say at least one person came. LOL.

  60. Just back from the dentist & thankfully all is well! My niece is at College in Dublin doing a pre-term meet & greet with new students. She’s thoroughly enjoying her new role as Education Officer for the student’s union & is really busy.

  61. Wow another day of really nice weather. I should be outside hiking instead of doing chores. But the windows are open and a nice breeze, and it is energizing.

  62. Spent a productive day out in the garden…did transplants and stepped up some container vegetables.. Have to take a run on Wed to the feed and grain for some hydroponic solutions.. used to buy them online but between customs duty and vat it makes it impossible budget wise so i have to adjust to whatever they carry here…the kittens have progressed to small doses of pureed cat food so slowly weaning them off formula..they are doing very well…as for Delilah I sing for her every day and tell her I am no Tom Jones but this is your song Lila…

  63. Another quiet day at home. Weather is hot again after last week’s snow. Hit 90 degrees. This year now has the record for number of 90 degree days.

  64. I’ve spent hours with my sister trying to sort out probate etc. Unlike her, I can’t think in numbers. Think I need to lie down!

  65. Why don’t they sell mushrooms in smaller packs, lol? I just needed some for pizza so I wound up freezing the extra. I don’t use mushrooms a lot, I guess, just in pizzas, spaghetti sauce, maybe in a casserole now and then. Actually, I can’t believe I’ve spent this much time thinking about mushrooms, lol.

    1. You could grow your own? Really simple! Or buy ready frozen ones to cut down the waste OR have them raw as a snack OR dip them in chocolate!!!!

  66. I am in a daze the last few days. My mom’s birthday was September 11th and she died on September 14th. She died back in 2005. Ever since then, these days, every year, are rough on me! So I am still a little bummed.

  67. Spent the early part of the day in the yard doing guess what?? yard work! LOL…It was 93° with humidity of 71%.. glad to be inside cooling off…..

  68. Busy day. Had my yearly dermatology exam (check up due to meds I take). Everything hunky-dory but she still zaps me with the freeze stuff in lots of places. Ow. Ow. Ow. Then I got my old lady extra strong flu shot at that office. Then downstairs to the pharmacy for some ointment on some eczema that’s been bothering me. Then a stop at Smashburger for a truffle mushroom swiss burger and a salted caramel shake. yum. The freeze places are still a bit owie and the flu shot site says ouch when I raise my arm.

  69. Settling in for the evening here. Another gorgeous day! I had arranged for the senior ride service to go to Home Depot. Wow, I haven’t been to the store in at least 5 years, so it was fun to go through almost every aisle. I only left with a couple of things, but it was a nice break from getting necessities online.

  70. The guinea pigs’ play center my husband won for them on Twitter arrived. They love it. Also I received a (very) late birthday gift from my in-laws — $50 to Amazon. I was wanting some yarn. 🙂

  71. my day went good i took my son to school it was his second day and it was an success, and watched minions with him later on,

  72. Dressed and ready to head out to the village..Pharmacy, feed and grain, post box and a small dress shoppe to find a caftan to throw on after my shower.. all mine have seen better days….

  73. Another amazing weather day. It is a little overcast the air we’ve gotten some smoke from the fires, all the way to the east. Saying a prayer for everyone out there, and all the animals, too.

  74. More smoke in the air here today in Colorado. Not as bad as the West coast. Today my freeze places don’t hurt but they ITCH! Flu shot arm is still sore. Grateful that all I have to complain about are just minor annoyances.

    1. Sorry about your ouches! Still, that truffle mushroom swiss burger you had yesterday sounds delish & I haven’t had a burger in years!

  75. I’m so mad listening to the news! I don’t know why I do! I just heard a man was visiting his family. His family looked in some of his luggage and found body parts! They think they are of his girlfriend. How disgusting!! I can’t even imagine doing something like this EVER!!

  76. The nights are uncomfortably warm lately so I was up and about really early (for me!). It seems like only last week that dawn was at 4.30 and it was still light at 10pm. It’s now dark till 7am & dark again by 8pm.
    I did a lot of digging yesterday & left the piles where they were as I was tired. They’re now being picked over by lots of birds including 2 HUGE wood pigeons. Right, time for a shower, brekkie & then attack the day!

  77. My husband is making corn chowder and we’re making a shopping list to order at Walmart for pick up. Hope to not have to leave the house again for a while. With schools back in session and teachers and kids going to school with Covid I don’t think things are going to look good.

  78. My day has started with a dead battery in my car. At least that is what I’m hoping! My son is suppose to bring me one later this morning. We have been looking for a newer vehicle and this pushes me harder to look. Past experience has me knowing that it starts with something small and simple then snowballs!

  79. Wow, the weather changed on a dime here. The last three mornings, when I opened the door, there was no heat wave hitting me in the face…just a chill.

  80. By the time I got outside today there was only about 3 hours of outside work time…could not stop playing with the kittens and the puppy…severe weather is on the way so I had to also batten down the hatches…If tomorrow is a stormy day I have baking plans….

  81. I am so thankful that I can swim again. Had a good swim today with my friend. My itches are less and my flu shot arm is much better.

  82. I am so excited!! My granddaughter told us today that she is being induced Sunday night. I’m going to be a great grandma on Monday!
    Yeah!! Praying that everything goes well 😍

  83. I had my grandson over for the day because his school has been delayed because of the smoke. Then I had to pick my other 3 grandkids up from daycare so my evening was quite busy.

  84. Walmart was out of graham crackers and cheese. *sigh*. I bought cream cheese in plans on making cheesecake. . . I guess I’ll be making crustless cheesecake.

    1. Make a cookie crust! You just turn your favorite cookie into fine crumbs and use it the same way you’d use graham cracker crumbs. A cookie like pecan sandies works well and has a similar texture to graham cracker crumbs but any cookie works.

  85. I woke up & counted my aches & pains, starting from the top: sore neck due to bad posture caused by big boobs, constant ache in thoracic spine due to the above, right buttock/hip because of the torn tendon, ache in the knuckle of my left thumb from when I had a blow-out 4 years ago, ache in right knee from the dislocation and for some reason the bunion on my right foot is sore. Honestly, who’d have me!

  86. Up bright & early because I have to take my mom for surgery. I am despising the covid regulations that I can’t even go inside and wait in the waiting room! After driving for an hour I have to wait in the car for who knows how long! I’m just hoping they allow me to use the rest room because there’s no way I can hold it for hours!!!

  87. Today really feels like fall! It is cool and overcast, but it is nice to be able to get a few things done and no sweltering. UPS is coming any minute now, I have a timer from Home Depot coming, items arrive in multiple shipments.

  88. Started the day with a 6am run with the puppy.. I pooped her out.. then weeded until 10am and gave her another run…did some transplants and re-did an old wheelbarrow into a planter .. then another 12:30 run with puppy…She looked at me at 1pm and said please please enough play.. time for rest! This will be the new schedule to give her exercise …

  89. Dublin is in lockdown again after a huge rise in cases (thankfully very few deaths). Not total but very restrictive. I’m honestly not a bit surprised. As for this tiny corner of the country, cases are rising, especially in tourist spots. And we’ve lost Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and now I’ve just read that one of our President’s beloved Bernese Mountain dogs has died. Can this year get any worse? DO NOT ANSWER THAT! I don’t want to tempt fate, thank you very much.

  90. Today I am relaxing. Yesterday was a long day with my mom’s surgery. After an hour of waiting in the car they called to tell me they never received the results of her covid test and it would be an hour before they even had the results of a new one! Add in surgery and recovery it could be 3 hours all together! They suggested I go home and wait. Even though I live almost an hour away I did! Dr calls at 1 p.m that they are going to start prepping and should be just over an hour. Finally around 4 he called that she’s in recovery and should be released in an hour or so. Head out & stop at Starbucks for her , get there and still have to wait another half hour. Finally got her home around 6:30! Good news is they don’t think it’s cancer just a huge scarred ovary.

  91. I’ve had a sort of ‘catch’ behind my right knee for a few days. It happens now and then. It hurts when you stand on it but it’ll pass in a few days. I don’t know if it’s a pinched nerve or what but it’s a recurring thing. Well, bummer, the Notorious RBG has died, I heard last night, and that is depressing. She will be missed.

  92. Well the storm came thru in the wee hours of the morning.. by 4am I was up and just bided my time til the little ones eat at 6am…then a full garden day .. yes.. in the rain with my gear on…sandwiches for lunch …tomorrow I plan in relaxing all day after I cook….

    1. I love gardening in the rain! All those wonderful smells that you just don’t get on a dry day, especially at this time of year (well, here anyway) and a great opportunity to collect slugs and snails by the bucketful!

  93. It’s a good day just about any day. Today we’ve had everything Mother Nature had to share – sun, wind, rain, clouds, a bit of hail.

  94. When did yarn get so expensive and so hard to find? I mean, why is every place sold out of white and black yarn? My inlaws sent me a $50 Amazon card for my birthday but yarn is more expensive there than at Michael’s, so I’m trying to figure out if I want to buy yarn off of Amazon where it is “free” or pay for it and get a better price at Michaels.

  95. The old hip is playing up and there was a chilly breeze so I didn’t do much outside. Instead I removed grouting from the rest of the tiles in Mum’s shower (had to stop half way when she ‘took to the bed’). I’ll re-grout today so hopefully it’ll be dry by tomorrow.

  96. Had a lovely day today.. after morning chores I did only what I wanted to..Miss Delilah had her first day of leash training..not bad for the first time…she has to understand that she is not the boss….

  97. Day is going good. Make a nice chili, using dried giant corn for the first time (you have to pre-cook it), with chunky beef, and all the good stuff. Good for a day like today that screams FALL IS HERE!

  98. Had a good swim without my friend today. She went to her grandson’s soccer game. Hadn’t seen the family for several weeks. Still have smoke outside.

  99. We are on a total schedule messed up time again. About the third time since my husband hasn’t been to work in March that we are up at night. My husband slept until 2:30 this morning and I ate the leftover corn chowder before he got up. So far he hasn’t. noticed. LOL

  100. Today’s my birthday & I have to remain unwashed because the grouting in the shower isn’t completely dried. I could have timed that better! Never mind, I’ll manage with a quick ‘spit and polish’ and get on with the day.

      1. Thank you both! Michele, one of the reasons Mum wanted a no church funeral was that “No choir is better than a bad choir”! Well, she was Welsh!

  101. Day is going good. I’m amazed they turned the heat on at the complex. I have to say it was getting cold, but I don’t think they’ve ever turned it on in September! Wow! It seems like just a wee bit ago we were sweltering. Nice day out. Catching up on odds ‘n ends!

  102. Day 2 of leash training.. not bad at all….I did extreme cutting work on the land today and boy do I feel it.. time to take some medicine ( single malt) and relax on the sofa….

  103. Errands today: library for curbside pick up of books I ordered online. Grocery for curbside pick up that I ordered online. Do you see a pattern here?

  104. My day kind of sucks.. I’ve been up since 3:30, I’m super tired.. have so much work it’s not funny…I’m literally running on fumes.

  105. Our absentee ballots arrived in the mail today. I’m glad I can vote on paper this year. Last presidential election my electronic ballot changed all my votes to the other party (if I hadn’t already voted for some of the other party) — glad I double checked before I hit submit 4 years ago. I have a feeling that a paper ballot would be safer than that. (Plus after my husband voted I was still waiting in line and the poll worker came back and announced to everyone who he voted for!) So I know that won’t be happening voting by mail either!

  106. Thank you all who wished me a Happy Birthday for yesterday! I had planned on going to the grave but in the end, couldn’t face it. So I painted, gardened and generally just pottered about.

  107. Day is going good. It is warm out and have the windows open, enjoying it while it lasts! Looking online at inexpensive late model cars, any ideas? I keep chickening out.

  108. I can honestly say that today was hot.. hot even for me….so I worked outside until noon then gave in and came up…so I wound up spending the afternoon changing kitchen curtains up and down and then looking online to buy some more.. the time got away from me….

  109. Got out and had a nice visit to the Botanic Gardens. Got to help several people who were in the sensory garden. I miss volunteering there. Some of the delicate plants were gone after the snow and freezing temps we had 2 weeks ago but there were lots of blooming ones. And the bees were very busy.

  110. It was a gorgeous fall day, today. I spent most of the day outside, collecting seeds and harvesting some Swiss chard from the garden.

  111. I had to take care of some long overdue business and I was pretty much stressed all day until everything ended up going in my favor.

  112. It was so cute earlier — my husband went to take a shower, and the guinea pig was so worried about him because she hates baths! LOL.

  113. There was an almighty thunderstorm last night so I didn’t get much sleep. Don’t plan on doing much as I have to go out later on.

  114. Such a nice day! One of those kind you think of in the middle of winter, and sigh! Walked to town today, and stopped at Whole Foods, it doesn’t take much to spend $20, but I managed to do OK with getting things on sale, that I’m still putting off going to the grocery store, now that Stop & Shop changed their rewards system, that I keep losing my points before I can use them, so they lose my biz.

  115. We went to Sam’s Club today. Got toilet paper, but no cleaning wipes and no toilet cleaner. I did find vinegar, though. And they have LOTS of junk food.

  116. another broiler here.. worked outside until I could not take it anymore.. I did clean a long sloping runoff drain and plan to plant some pumpkins or squash down it….

  117. Free 8×10 Photo Print From Walgreens – TODAY ONLY
    Get a free 8×10 photo print with the Walgreens! Add the item to your cart and enter the promo code: FREEFALL to make it free! Plus, choose in-store pickup, so you’re not paying shipping! Limited to 1 per customer. Valid today only 9/23.
    I got a free print of the autumn crocus I took yesterday. Picked it up already.

  118. I had a good day. I went in at 11 a.m. instead of 7 a.m. I did a trade back in August for someone, so they came in early for me. The day wasn’t crazy or stressful, and thats always nice, lol.

  119. My husband is making tomato soup. What I call “half homemade” — from canned tomatoes. One of my favorite foods. YUM! He’s making a triple batch so we can eat off of it for a few days!

  120. Another nice day that seems like fall is here already. My chicken & rice soup is almost done in the slow cooker. Getting a few things done here, didn’t go out today, but very tempting!

  121. Good swim with my friend. Good news that the showers are now open at the pool. Much nicer than coming home in a wet swim suit and then showering. Next time I’ll take dry clothes to change into.

  122. I made chocolate chip cookies today. Yep, I ate a little of the dough, lol. I sent the cookies to my nephews and niece, and the boys just called me to say thank you, I love you, lol. They love me when I send junk food!

  123. I’ve been enjoying YouTube so much lately. There’s so much great content on there. My husband and I were watching a few shows last night and he said he never plans on paying for cable TV or Netflix again because of all the great stuff that is on YouTube, not quite sure I’d say I never want Netflix again, but I sure do love YouTube. I especially love the channels where it’s pretty much art as well as learning. I watched a beautiful episode this morning from The Green Witch about how to make blackberry jam. Just wish I had blackberries. lol

  124. What happened to my comment from yesterday, Connie? It was definitely here but now it’s gone.
    Today’s comment: I have to go for a colonoscopy on Monday so nothing but bland, fibre-free food on Sunday. Yuck! Until then though, bring on the fruit & veggies, the seeds & grains and I intend to indulge myself with chocolate-covered peanuts & raisins!

  125. Another gorgeous day, I’m going to get spoiled! and lovin’ every minute. Hmm I’m trying to figure what the heck did I do today, seems I was busy every minute. Hmmm no cooking or cleaning, did make a couple of phone calls, I guess my day fell into the Bermuda triangle!

  126. Can honestly say I have been tired.. more tired than usual… worked on the land again today and thank goodness I did my Meyer Lemon tree was inundated with vines and hiding there were 2 buckets of lovely lemons..pruned and cleaned the area and will urea salt it tomorrow…later this evening i will juice all the lemons make some drinks then freeze the rest…

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