$50 Your Way #Giveaway October 2020

October Giveaway

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I am still alive and kicking. Whining all the way!
Here is my quick update for October.

September 21st I had carpal tunnel surgery.

  • 1st, did you know that is now an office visit surgery!??!
  • 2nd did you know you can WATCH if you want!?! *YES, I  DID watch! It was equally awesome and gross.  I was so fascinated I couldn’t get close enough! So weird to watch without actually feeling anything.  It was VERY cool!!

Of course after all the feelings came back to my hand. ….well, OUCH!! Fingers are still numb. Slowly getting better. Y’all know how patient I am (NOT!) I want full function like yesterday.

Friday the 2nd (yes, this Friday!) I get my right hand operated on. I see relief SO CLOSE!

Right now it still hurts to knit, type (this post alone took 3 days to write!) Basically USING my hands hurts (whine, whine, whine)

So, no crafting updates. No trail cam updates (mostly because I don’t want to hike down to the cameras)

I can do an Alice update! Check out the MERMAID hair!

I also have to share (because it is HYSTERICAL!!) This is Alice’s idea of a BEAUTY mark! I still laugh when I see this picture!) Man I miss that kid!  Ohhhh and did I mention permeant marker??

So, if your feeling fancy (and adventurous) I know a gal she can get you a big ole beauty mark as well. (AT NO CHARGE even!!)

That’s my monthly update, what’s yours??  Stay well little Peanuts!

Okay, now for the real reason you are here!


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC’s would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts.  Stay safe and stay well!

415 thoughts on “$50 Your Way #Giveaway October 2020

  1. Happy October everyone! So glad the carpal tunnel surgery went well & good luck tomorrow. BTW, Alice’s hair is amazing!!!

  2. Day is going good. Walked to town to do a few chores. Glad the hand surgery has gone well! I hope you can enjoy being a lady of leisure for a little bit! I might be tempted to milk it to be waited on hand and foot! But no, just fun for a thought! Alice is so funny, she got that “funny” gene from you!

  3. Still nursing a broken ankle that keeps me unable to drive – but was fortunate enough that a fellow birder took pity on me and we went and scouted a Black Vulture. Perfect start to October/Halloween

  4. My day is going okay I guess. Sure wish it would rain I am sick of the heat and sick of the wildfires in our area I am praying for rain lots and lots of rain.

  5. Glad about getting your hands both done. I’ve been around here long enough to watch Alice grow up from a baby to a young girl.
    Good swim today with my friend. She brought her husband who had shoulder surgery.

  6. My day has had it’s ups and downs, right now it’s pouring rain here and my arthritis is kicking in, ugh!

  7. I want Alice’s hair! When I was 13 or so, in the late 70’s, I’d use that spray on blue glittery stuff and I loved it. But it was nothing compared to what they can do with color now.

  8. My day was ok, I helped my mom get organized which is a good thing but also frustrating. We take one step forward and two back.

  9. I can’t believe it’s 4th Quarter already! I’ve been at home since Q1! And Q4 is my busiest time of year because that’s when all the holiday sweeps are out, and I’ve been selling on eBay full time since 1998, so busy, busy, busy.

  10. 3;30am currently…doin alright. spent the dau4y cleaning my grandmas house of dog fur bc shes practically senile so that sucked lol

  11. It’s well and truly Autumn with a really cold wind. I’m back in my fingerless gloves full-time to try to keep them warm (Raynaud’s syndrome). Have to pop into town later so that means getting showered & I’m too cold to get undressed! Brrr!

  12. Today’s 2nd. comment: Good luck with the surgery today! Any chance you could video it to show us? I find the human body absolutely fascinating – only good thing about the recent colonoscopy!

  13. My day is going pretty well, enjoying my morning coffee and then out to go shopping for winter boots for the kids (ahh who wants to think about winter!!)

  14. Today, I hope to start off on the right foot, since it is Friday. Have to go food shopping and need to do some cleaning. Making this weekend to be a time to relax and a little more to myself of time.

    1. That’s fantastic. Congratulations. How long is it for and how long to you have to redeem it?
      I won $15 Paypal this week and was thrilled.

  15. It’s a beautiful, sunny Autumn day here so it will be a good day, no matter what. I’m making soup from veggies from the garden – always a good thing. Thanks for asking.

  16. Not much going on today; my utility company replaced my gas meter – highlight of my day. Will hobble out to the mailbox on my walking cast for the afternoon highlight

  17. Had to get up 3 hours earlier than usual to take my car in for an oil change and inspection. My new (to me) car has to get the expensive kind of oil but only once a year or 5,000 miles. Ha! I think I’ve put on 400 miles this year.

  18. My day is going quite well actually… Compared to yesterday. I thought I was coming down with the flu but I am feeling a lot better. Turns out I was just overtired.

  19. Well, I’m writing on a Friday, which makes for a great day for a teacher! Additionally, my daughters and I had great conversations, which was refreshing after a very busy week. So I would rate this day fairly high 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I had a good day – cooler weather to work outdoors. Got the lawns edged and mowed, Had lots of cold water for a shower and found this great giveaway at your fabulous site while ending my day – WONDERFUL!

  21. My day is going ok. I drove over a big piece of cement and not sure if my car is okay. It really scared me and now I’m a big afraid to drive. I hate when I’m scared to drive…I don’t want to be a nervous nelly!

  22. I’ve been loom knitting away. I’m getting a lot faster at it. Going to be lots of hats for Christmas gifts this year since DH hasn’t been to work since March. 🙂

  23. Saturday & the rain has finally stopped but never fear, tomorrow’s due to be a complete washout. Ah me, the joys of Irish weather – not for the faint-hearted! Great to know your right hand op. went well but I still want to see a video!

  24. Thanks for asking. I spent the day avoiding construction traffic just to get to the store. I loved the weather. How are you?

  25. My day has been great! I went to the farmer’s market with my husband and our fur baby.
    We bought a lot of neat treats and even some for the fur baby!

  26. I turned on the heat last night to make sure the furnace was working and all. Then I set the thermostat to 59. Told DH we will have to bundle up this year to save money on heat. Mom and I went all one winter — through blizzards and such with the heat at 58 back in the 1990s.

  27. I also love Alice’s hair.. I want it.. all is well here in paradise if it would just give me 5 minutes w/o rain….Connie glad that you are healing…Getting my lists together for tomorrows shopping….

  28. Hope you are having a great weekend. The leaves are quickly changing here in Michigan. I enjoyed a long ride to see them.

  29. Its 10am on Sunday morning. Today is my nephew’s first birthday and we are going to start getting ready to decorate because we are having a small party at my house today for him.

  30. And it’s pouring again & flipping cold with it 🙁 At some stage I have to put the recycling bins out by the gate & I’m not looking forward to it. Perfect day for some tomato soup & snuggles!

  31. It’s a great day so far. Lots of timely errands to do but at this point, they’re all doable. And, hopefully, a little time with friends.

  32. Today is a good day. Was greeted with the favorite breakfast and newspaper without even asking! Gotta love this family. Thanks for asking.

  33. This is a chilly day. It’d be great for chili, but I’m too lazy to make it, lol. Oh, well. My right knee is feeling better. That makes it a good day.

  34. Here’s a second comment: I hope your surgery went well. I know how carpal tunnel hurts. I had it years ago–fortunately didn’t need surgery. It’ll be great to be able to just use your hands, right???

  35. Hi! I hope your day is going well! So far, I had a bowl of Raviolis and watched some TV! It’s boring, but I rather it be boring than unsafe 🙂 Have a great day and be safe!

  36. Last night I found out that a very close friend of my sister, who lives in Arizona, woke up with no sense of smell or taste. He had the Covid test & now we wait. He has an auto-immune disease so is particularly vulnerable. Just keeping everything crossed for now. In Senegal, Africa, they get their results in 8 hours; he has to wait ‘a couple of days’.

  37. Egh I mean my day has been going A okay I guess, just struggling to meet dues. Which is never an easy thing to do. Still waiting on the $300.00 from unemployment but I don’t think I will be getting it so I am trying to look for work. Blah.

  38. Sigh. I hear of other people’s troubles and remember with gratitude that mine are very small.
    I had a reservation to visit the botanic gardens today, but the wildfire smoke is just too bad to be out and about.

  39. My knees are really causing me pain. It’s the typical arthritis stuff but irritating when you have trouble getting around anyway and need to ‘practice’ walking several times a day.

    1. Maybe some Bengay and some Advil can help you…like you don’t already know this.. can’t take the mum out of me….

    2. Any chance you could get in a pool? At least then you could do your exercise without putting weight on your joints.

  40. My day was ok. Work, 3 kids home remote schooling, meals, cleaning, shopping and finally rest. Then, we do it all over again tomorrow.

  41. Another day of crazy news and remote learning with four kids from 18mo to 10yrs old…so…but overall we’re all happy and healthy here!

  42. Yesterday went shopping and around to the shoppes and made quick work of it.. in the grocery at 7am then the feed and grain and a dry goods store…. home before 10 .. had time to sit before the Minister of Finance read the 2021 budget… why do they never seem to care about the disenfranchised people of the country….anyway aside from the usual more tax on imported goods, cigarettes and luxury items we are still waiting for the property tax increase… cleaned the property of debris after last nights bruhaha and this mornings torrential downpour…now to relax and enjoy lunch…

  43. I woke up this morning and said “Bugger this, I need to get out of the house!” So I did. Just sat in the car on the main street in town & watched people going about their day!

  44. Just a day-and-a-half til my Ortho check-up (broken ankle). Hoping to advance out of the walking cast into maybe just a slip on sock type brace.

  45. I have literally been singing Christmas music all day, just to get a shock about Van Halen passing 😣 2020 just never stops..

  46. Quiet day at home. I’ve got to stop reading the news. Just makes my blood boil. Will get my mail in ballot next week and will put it in a drop box the next day so I can just ignore the news. Colorado has had mail in only for many years with no problems.

  47. My husband and I went to our storage unit tonight that is filled with stuff to list on eBay. We brought 4 tubs home to work on this week.

  48. The whole country is now under increased restrictions due to the increase in Covid cases. And yet the anti-masker, anti-vaxx brigade can protest in large groups, with no social distancing, face masks etc. Believe me, I am completely in favour of free speech, but when they put others at risk … it makes me so angry.

  49. Good afternoon! Hope all is well! 🙂 Today has been pretty smooth! I cleaned my room and looked online for Christmas presents! Can’t wait for Christmas! 😀

  50. Got the best birthday present today from my friend: A HAIRCUT!! 7 months since my last haircut and I can see my neck and ears again. Will be fun swimming tomorrow without hair to get in my eyes.

    1. Wow. When I first read that you F up with your ortho, lolol—I thought ‘is the doctor that bad???’ Then my brain kicked in and I realized it’s follow up. Ha!! Hope you get good news.

  51. I had a good day today. I managed to go to three appointments and still go to work this afternoon! I got lots done this week.

  52. Received a call from our lawyer yesterday…more paperwork.. have to go in on Monday.. the trees are crying!!!

  53. I woke up singing “Polly Wolly Doodle All The Day”. Where did that come from? What on earth had I been dreaming about?

  54. Geeze, a radio station I listen to a lot (they play 70’s oldies, lol) has already switched over to round the clock Christmas music. So, yeah, 2020 just got a smidge worse, lol. My right knee is doing a little better, possibly due to eating Aleve like candy, ha!

  55. Swimming was much more fun with my short hair. Then return book and video to the library. Then a blackberry shake and green chili from Good Times. (shake puts out the fire of the chili).

  56. Today was a nice day out. I went to lunch with my daughter and then later in the day I went to my other daughter’s for a bbq

  57. Food deliveries today which takes a while to do it everything and put it all away. Now watching a great movie with the family.

  58. Absolutely nothing interesting on the agenda for today! Story of my life lately … sorry, must snap out of it!

  59. I’m just sitting here listening to old 70’s stuff –Jean Genie (Bowie) is on–and messing around online. And it’s on to Tom Petty, Here Comes My Girl.

  60. Spent the morning running around with Miss Delilah then finally got my transplants done…Picked peppers and a bunch of basil to make pesto….yard man coming tomorrow so had to pick up all the coconut branches that came off….he will be here at half 5 am so I had to get them picked up today….

  61. I’m just recovering from successful back surgery! Painful, but I have to be patient..some wine and PB would be very much appreciated and enjoyed! Thanks for the chance….

  62. Yard man wacking away so time to bake.. a German Chocolate cake… in the oven and the dog and cats fed so a little me time before the rake comes out…..

  63. My husband is planning on making stuffed cabbage soup, and I should be finishing a baby blanket I am crocheting this weekend.

    1. Aw, Shannon, I’m sorry – it’s so hard when this happens but kitty knew nothing but love from you. You couldn’t ask for a better life.

  64. Sunday, yes Sunday.. a day for myself….well the furbabies say a day dedicated to playtime…but there are some chores to attend to first.. bake a few loaves of bread, set the roast in the oven and water the garden.. then book, music and the gallery….

  65. It’s beautiful, if a little cold, so some manic laundry going on before a week of rain. Went to the grave yesterday, that was tough.

  66. First day “walking” in my new ankle brace. I’ve forgotten how to walk naturally … and it’s a bit sore this evening (didn’t really walk all that much either)

  67. Today was a fabulous day filled with turkey and family. I forgot how much work a Thanksgiving dinner is, but it was great seeing my family, although is was only half of them as we keep our bubble pretty small.

  68. I had an awful night hence me being up at the crack of dawn – awful tummy ache! Serves me right for eating most of a jar of pickles.

  69. Well, this week has gone from freezing cold to back up to 80° to normal temperatures, lol. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

  70. Went to the lawyer yesterday and have to go back again on Wednesday to collect more paperwork!!anyway today is a gorgeous cool , for us, sunny day and I am off to do some weeding…

  71. Some of my friends are all excited about prime day and the deals they might find. I’m like “I need guinea pig pellets”. So that’s what I ordered on Prime day. lol

  72. Well, My doctor’s appointment today was changed to a tele-appointment because my doctor is COVID positive. Good thing I had to change last week’s appt. to today. I’m sure he had it last week but didn’t know it yet. A relative of mine who works for him has also tested positive. I haven’t been around her recently but I’ve been around family who have been near her, so bottom line: we’re all isolating for two weeks.

  73. Went downtown to the hospital for my infusion. My blood pressure was high at the start – no surprise since I get anxious to go down there. Infusion went fine and I stopped at Smashburger for sweet potato fries and a salted caramel shake.

  74. Well tomorrow is the condo annual meeting/election; with any luck we’re finally turning the corner … made a lot of strides this last year

  75. Off to the lawyer and it should be quick.. pick up papers then back home….Cases here have become very serious with some being re-infected for the second time.. death toll has also risen… back to my animals and garden….

  76. Well, my sister-in-law tested positive (she’s a nurse at my doctor’s office.) So far, my brother has been tested twice, both negative. Still, everybody is quarantining now, just in case, including me since I recently saw him and the kids. (When he’s here, we try to keep 6 feet distance just because I have underlying health issues and he’s in contact with a lot of people in his work.)

  77. Quiet day at home enjoying the last of summer. Got up to 82 degrees today, but fall is coming tomorrow with a high of 55. Usual high for today is 66 degrees.

  78. So far, my day has not started the best. My allergies are going nuts and dealing with kids zoom classes is not for me today.

  79. We’re gearing up for even tighter restrictions in Ireland. Five people died yesterday & infection rates are on the up all over the country. I know five doesn’t sound like a lot but there’s only 4 million of us in the whole country. The North’s rates are exploding as are the border counties in the Republic. It’s so depressing.

    1. Reading about the surge in the UK and Irish papers.. this is awful… here this morning more nurses from the General hospital are positive… please take care…

  80. My day is going great. It’s actually pretty nice out today the weather is lovely and me and my sister just got back from having lunch at HoneyGrow. I hope your day is filled with peace & joy(:

  81. One step forward, two steps back – literally – with this broken ankle healing. Does help that I can look back at photos from days/weeks ago and at least SEE progress (even if I don’t feel it)

  82. Good swim today. Then dropped off my ballot at the ballot box (I can now ignore all ads and requests for money -which I really already was doing). Then a stop at the grocery store to pick up my order – still haven’t set foot in the grocery store since March 13th.

    Please remember to VOTE! (unpaid, non-political ad)

  83. Home Health’s physical therapists are going to start coming to help me with this right knee. I had some sort of pinched nerve that lingered for a good two weeks behind that knee and really limited my walking. When you’re not 100% already, being off your feet for any time is not good, you start to lose endurance. So, they’ll come in and help me build it back up.

  84. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain in my hip so got up, had a shower & am heading into town to get more masking tape. What a high-flying life I lead!

    1. Oh Kate there must be something to help you with the pain… even if it only takes the edge off… hope today is better

    2. Kate, have you tried a TENS Unit? I got one recently on Amazon. It helps with my pain a little. The one I got was less than $30, so affordable.

  85. Well when I got motivated yesterday I went nutz and by evening I was pooped! LOL.. anyway today I plan on baking then getting all my holiday recipes out and hopefully will start getting some Christmas cake/cooky orders….

  86. We had to take the last of the veggies out of the small garden this week. Now to figure out what to do with so many green tomatoes. . .

  87. so glad I got up and out this morning. it’s cold with the wind and now I’m home, I can stay home as the wind gets even stronger. thanks

  88. Beautiful day today, on the cool side but invigorating. Our basement storage units got broken into, 26 broken into, and 13 had the locks pried off. They somehow get into the building without breaking the outer doors, but break the fire door to the basement. My door is all in splinters. We’ve been broken into about 5 times now, so I don’t keep anything like my power tools down there any more. One time they came 3 nights in a row. The police have told us not to go downstairs at night, as they probably hide behind the stairwells lying await to break into the bins. My neighbor had 4 cases of good champagne stolen, he should have known better! I don’t know what else they got…

    1. I was getting worried about you! That’s really scary though. Is there CCTV? And if they can get through the outer doors, they must have access. And 4 cases of champers? Hope he had them insured but what a loss!

  89. My grandkids stayed the night last night. I made them breakfast. I ran and got coffee and later went to dinner for my sons birthday

  90. Plan on having a total “me” day today….Mass on utube then music, reading and playing with the furbabies…Oh and making a weekly to-do list….

  91. We’re expecting the country to go into total lockdown again this week in a bid to a) keep the numbers down and b) free up hospital and especially intensive care beds. Oh well, here we go again …

  92. My day is great so far! Considering I broke my wrist last week and surgery to fix it, I am doing real good one handed.

  93. Postage rates increased today so we took a couple days off of listing on eBay so that we hopefully wouldn’t have any sales where they paid a lower postage rate. Guess it’s time to start listing again. The break was fun while it lasted. I read a whole book yesterday.

  94. Good swim today. It’s really my only fun thing that I do anymore.
    Smoke was not bad here in Denver this afternoon, but northern Colorado is having terrible smoke from all the fires. More evacuations again today for two of the fires trying to reach eastern plains.

  95. My son and his sisters were supposed to go sky diving for his birthday today but they canceled due to the weather so we had dinner and game night.

  96. We are living in strange times…yesterday one village here with a high temp of 35.5 degrees C had an afternoon thunderstorm with hail.. yes ice balls and a funnel cloud…it was close to the airport .. cloud to ground lightening.. this was the second funnel cloud in last few weeks….

  97. We’re in for a week of heavy rain, wind & cold plus the whole country is on edge as to whether we’re going in to total lockdown again. Not a whole lot to look forward to but on the plus side my blue Himalayan poppy have sprouted!

  98. It’s gray and rainy here. What a blah day. I actually turned the heat on yesterday for the first time this year. Just to ‘knock the chill off’ as my Mom used to say.

  99. Over 15 new Covid cases in our rural area. I’m afraid it’s going to get really bad here. I’m high risk and have been staying in since March, did go out the other day to get my flu shot.

  100. Went to an appointment with my eye doctor for the field of vision test. Boring test. Not too much smoke here today but the fires continue north of here.

  101. Well the inevitable is here.. time to bring up the ladder and clean all the groove ply ceilings and the ceiling fans.. blah…. can’t I go outside. please!!!

  102. Rain and yet more rain but it’s Ireland so we’re used to it. The country is going into the highest level of lockdown for 6 weeks starting midnight Wednesday. Here we go again!

  103. And suddenly, we’re back up in the high 70’s, and I’m turning off the heat and back to the a/c. October is crazy.

  104. My day is going pretty good today just doing stuff around the house today and the sun is out and the temperature is perfect today. I still can’t wait until it rains we need rain for like a month straight here.

  105. When we were out the other day we found some Maranatha nut butters on clearance. My husband used the banana peanut butter to make cookies, and they are the best peanut butter cookies I’ve ever had!

  106. Off to the village shoppes this morning…I used to love knocking about but now I only run in and out and no window shopping.. stay to the list and move….

  107. I popped into town early for my flu jab & my regular blood tests and surprise, surprise, there’s no panic buying this time round – phew! No queues, no empty shelves, we’re getting quite good at this!

  108. Today’s ‘second other’ comment: I can’t get over the sudden surge in your participants, Connie. 499 today!
    Where did they all come from?

  109. I’m dealing with an eBay buyer claiming that something I bought new and never used isn’t as described. First he said wrong color (but I never stated a color). Then he said it wasn’t insulated. (I never stated it was insulated). Then he said it was used, which is difficult for me to prove I never used it after I bought it new. I could be out as much as $95 over this. 🙁 I hope it gets ruled in my favor. I have over 8,000 feedback on eBay and do everything I can to make my customers happy. But this was NOT used.

    1. Stick to your guns, Jennifer. I’m a long-term buyer and know how difficult it can be from ‘our’ perspective, but this seems pretty clear cut. Try to sort it out yourself but arbitration is always available.

  110. Got 2 birthday cake orders so that is really nice in these times….rainy and dark this morning so I think I will have to sacrifice work for playing my Delilah and doing laundry…

  111. I just can’t seem to concentrate on reading any more so I’ve started listening to plays on the radio while I decorate/do housework. Anything to lift the spirits.

  112. Good swim today. My friend brought me a swim noodle since the pool won’t let their noodles be used. And it’s purple, my favorite color.

    Wildfires keep expanding and evacuations for Estes Park. Snow expected on Sunday with much colder temps.

  113. It was a nice day out today. The maintenance man was repairing all the doors and locks that got broken in the breakin this weekend. I gave him a blind stitch machine I had gotten for $800 40 years ago, to sell, or for scrap or whatever, as it was too heavy for me to move it, and I’m not going to try to sell anything during covid.

  114. I’ve finished Mum & Dad’s room, the ensuite, the main bathroom and today (hip & knee allowing) I’m starting on the hallway. There are 8 panelled doors, that’s 16 front & back and 3 coats each. Have I mentioned how much I hate painting doors?

  115. I’m having an iffy stomach day, lol. Those pop up now and then because of what sepsis did to my gut, but it’s actually much better. It used to be every day, very painful. Now it’s occasionally and kind of blah not painful.

  116. It has bee a dark and rainy day today, but I do love those, as I don’t feel guilty about being home and cooking and doing anything cozy!

  117. Connie got snow and cold today. Colorado is hoping for LOTS of snow and cold to help put out all our dangerous wild fires. The cold is coming Saturday night with snow on Sunday and Monday.
    I even cancelled my swim for Sunday with a high of 23 and snow. Made another one for Tuesday when the weather clears up.

  118. Spent part of today coaching a friend of mine who is a nun about setting up an Etsy shop. She’s planning on donating the money she makes to an animal rescue and her order. :). She is amazing all the stuff she does.

  119. I’m cold and right now just want to make a mug of tea and gently ease myself into the day. To do that I have to go buy some milk … can’t win.

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