$50 Your Way #Giveaway! May 2020

Here we are with another monthly giveaway. I did it! I made it a full month of sitting at home. THANKFULLY, I have plenty of room to hike and walk and not see a single person. Now, I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I am dangerously close to being out of chocolate and vodka. AND NO ONE wants to see that!!

The trail cams had nothing except a couple of dear. HOWEVER! I did snap a couple of pictures of a beautiful tree. Anyone know if Honeysuckle bushes can grow into a tree?? That’s what the flower looks like to me anyway. What do you think this??

My list of things that I wanted to accomplish?? I did NOT cross a single item off. Not a one.

I’ve watched a ton of TikTok videos, Netflix and Hulu (soooo should have put that on the list!). Stayed in my PJ’s or sweatpants every. single. day.

Along the lines of the virus thing is anyone else having some very WEIRD dreams??

How y’all holding up? Is anyone else basically a vegetable? Just blah?


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts.  Stay safe and stay well!

528 thoughts on “$50 Your Way #Giveaway! May 2020

  1. Re-reading this after a year and can’t get over how much things have changed & how we have all adapted to the new norm. Tamra so close to getting ‘home’; bittersweet memories of cutting Mum’s toenails! Give anything to have that horrible job again. Ah well.

  2. As of tomorrow all shoppes will re-open…not bars or churches though…borders closed until Phase 6..well lets go looking at furniture on Thursday!!

  3. Even the birds are resting – too hot to do anything much but lovely all the same. No rain expected till the end of next week! I’ve put another big bowl of water out & they’re having a ball, splashing about!

  4. I started on another cross stitch tonight. I forgot how much it helps to de-stress me. Also, before bed, I should hit my 2,000th item listed on eBay — live listings — I’ve sold way more than that over the years.

  5. Well, I’m going to go watch Netflix before bed tonight. In fact I’ll wind up watching too many episodes of The Great British Baking Show and be tired all day tomorrow, but I’m addicted to that show, lol.

  6. Just a quiet day at home. Yesterday I got brave and picked up my groceries at the store in the delivery place. I didn’t realize how afraid I have been to just go outside. But being able to go down to the gardens this week has made me braver. I got another ticket for the gardens for June 8th.

  7. Remember when the experts told us computers would do away with all the paperwork? That was such a lie, lol. Everything I have to do to leave this place, from finding a new apartment to financial and bank stuff, has to be in writing. Paperwork. If they need information from anyone, it has to be mailed or faxed paperwork not something can be exchanged by computer. If anything, we create more paperwork than we did before computers, I think. Well, anyway, the papers are being pushed by those who push paper for a living, lol. I think my brother has found an apartment for me close to their home. Now, all I can do is wait for the paperwork to end.

    1. That sounds nice if you can live near your brother. I’ve been going through old files a little at a time, so much shredding, and amazingly, there does seem to be a new batch to make up for each piece of paper I’m managing to get rid of!!!

    2. AGH!!! One more step nearer home!!! Keep calm, Kate … this is so good to hear, Tammie, I’m positively beaming from ear to ear … “Joy To The World” (that was me singing!).

  8. im doing ok. a little under the weather but i finished my months work yesterday so i have a few days of break!

  9. It’s hot (for Ireland!). Same temp as Rome, for crying out loud! Not doing anything strenuous till this evening.

  10. The electrician is coming this morning to finish up the job he started last w/e…Glad the new switches will be in.. After that looking to get outside and do some work ….

  11. We had to find room for the food delivery so cleaning out the closets to store items is what we did all day.

  12. My husband is learning to sew. He called his family earlier asking if they would want him to make them any masks. They wanted him to take photos of all the fabric we have. It took him well over an hour. I told him he should have just said he would make some and send them instead of letting them choose!

  13. Forecast called for severe thunderstorms tonight. Torrential rain and very strong winds began about ten minutes ago. I pray the power doesn’t go down.

  14. The graduation car parade for my friend’s grandson was a big hit. About a dozen cars were decorated and then drove around the block 2 or 3 times.

  15. Day is going good. Walked to Whole Foods today, and got a few things. First time there wasn’t a long line, but when I left there was a line, so I timed it right! I have to take out a few summer whites, I realized I’m wearing dark gray and navy and now seems so blah for spring! Our state is relaxing some restrictions again today, now can have groups of 10 and 25% at church. I haven’t changed to doing much, since the mean, not very intelligent new health district leader still won’t relax restrictions on the ride service.

    1. Rosie our state is relaxing too. Then the Sandpoint Mayor said we are going to just fully open and be damned what the Governor wants. Then guess who got 4 new cases confirmed yesterday? yup, yup Sandpoint.

  16. Hmm, it occurs to me that I need to see a Trail Cam Friday, lol. Connie, I miss seeing what the deer are up to or what strangers are lurking in your woods, lol. Not much going on here. I live vicariously through your trail cams, I guess.

    1. I am so disappointed in my trail cams! NOTHING!! We had ONE deer. O-N-E!! So that leads me to believe that the bears are up and around where the trail cam is located. Of course they are camera shy and won’t cooperate. The most action is The Husband and Fur Baby Bear walking around the house together.

  17. finished the drawing room yesterday.. Walls washed then paint touch ups…Polished the molding and the wainscotting….Set up a quasi sitting room.. cannot wait to buy new furniture for this room especially….The Prime Minister is holding a news conference tomorrow about Phase II re-openings..hopefully furniture stores will be on the list….

  18. Another lovely day – driest May in donkey’s years apparently. I’m heading in to the pharmacy & bread, milk kind of shopping & looking forward to getting behind the wheel!

  19. My guinea pig crawled entirely into her hay bag earlier. I had no idea she could get in there, but there she was, having a ball!

  20. Day went good, another town committee meeting on live video just ended, I’m getting hooked on these, even though it may have been a little bit boring, although if my sound goes off even for a couple seconds I start freaking out I may be missing something they are saying!

  21. Well, for the first time in about two months, we were allowed outside. It was three at a time in the courtyard, supposedly for 15 minutes but we were out there about thirty minutes.

    1. Whoop! Just that feeling of fresh air on your face, in your lungs & all that vitamin D – can’t beat it 🙂 And you didn’t have to take up smoking!

      1. Kate you crack me up. This group of Peanuts makes me think of this sign I saw:
        If you trip and fall
        A friend will ask if you are okay.
        A good friend will help you up.
        A best friend will laugh and say “Walk Much Dumbass?”

        I’m the best friend kinda gal.

  22. This dumb computer is got issues! I think it is about to kick up it’s keys and puke on me. I am having a hard time getting one here everyday. I think it has dementia as it’s tells me,” I am out of memory!” I have deleted everything possible on here and it still says the same thing. Time to take it out back and put it out of its misery!

    1. I’ve missed you!!!!! I was really scared this morning when I turned on my computer it made a horrible noise. A noise I’ve never heard before. Scared me! I turned it off waited a few minutes and rebooted. Thankfully it came on without any hiccups. I can’t lose my computer! Alice will never call me again.

  23. Another lovely day. Just enjoying all the different shades of green and the birdsong before I start doing anything …

  24. It poured early this morning…the sound of the rain makes me want to snuggle in and read.. but it stopped.. LOL.. now the day is grey with bouts of rain so after coffee downstairs to start…ceiling and walls first.. Kate I will watch my neck…

  25. Would you believe today I found out someone I nominated to win a pair of slippers was picked as a winner. Now if I could win something for myself. Ha ha!

  26. We went on a hike to a waterfall and it was such a great break from all the working from home!

  27. Had a wonderful visit to the botanic gardens. Took lots of pictures especially of all the different kinds of iris.

  28. There’s not much to report here today. There are two new coronavirus cases in this county, and they’re in their seventies, so that’s worrying.

  29. Beautiful day here today and no rain forecast for another week so the hose pipe will be much used – just as well I mended it. Mum’s resting after her bed bath so time for me to scoot around the house with a duster.

  30. Yesterday afternoon my neighbours came to take the sofa suite so now I have the downstairs drawing room to re-do!! Have the paint and the decorating ideas so lets get started.. Today vacuuming the ceiling and the walls and doing paint touch-ups.. taking it slow between gardening so this will take time + furniture shoppes are not open until after the 15th of June….

    1. I’d love a whole room to re-do from the bottom up, or the top down (mind your neck!) x

      1. Zoe’s Extraordinary Play List looks like an interesting series. I love the Gilmore Girls – Lauren Graham to begin with, so now I am really curious about this show. I think my husband will love it too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT9mQqZ0wwA He loves musical type of shows.
        (BTW somehow I lose threads for comments, not sure how best to follow) Happy Trails to you, in treadmilling! We used to have one, but our place is a little too small and the great outdoors is nice and big. Yay! Tomorrow is the End of Turkey season, so free to walk in the woods!

  31. We got some fun news last week. JetBlue was doing a giveaway where they gave away 100,000 pairs of airline tickets to people on the front lines. Someone I nominated and someone my husband nominated won. How cool is that? They both said they are wanting to go to Arizona. Will give them something to look forward to when this is hopefully just a memory.

    1. Wow! And what if they meet and fall in love and everyone lives happily ever after … sorry, got a bit carried away there!

      1. Yeah, you did get a little carried away. LOL. The doctors are totally opposite. One has been married for over 20 years to his high school sweetheart — who were both a year ahead of me in school. 🙂 Will make a nice vacation for the two of them. The other doc is everything the first one is not. You could not find more opposite people. LOL

  32. I’m feeling a little blah today. I take antibiotics every day because of that MRSA deal, and sometimes it just gets to you. Anyibiotics sometimes make me sick to my stomach or just draggy feeling. Hopefully it passes soon.

  33. Well, so much for my little beauty session me-time yesterday. Today I’m back to dealing with poo and soiled sheets. I have to go to the pharmacy on Friday for supplies so at least that’s something to look forward to! If anyone dares tell Mum that I could easily get them delivered there’ll be Trouble 😉

  34. Feeling very energized today…have some cabbage plants to place in the grow box and some flower transplants.. then back to working on the border plants…..

  35. I’m beat! I made homemade dinner rolls and cheesy vegetable chowder for dinner and it was hard work…but worth it!

  36. We are trying to figure out how to garden, and thus far some bugs have had some good dining on our work. :(.

  37. Kind of lousy weather, but was able to catch up with some relatives I haven’t been able to in a long time!

  38. Well, they’ve eased up a little in some states, opening beaches and restaurants–with requirements for social distancing and masks. But of course, people are idiots, they’re not wearing masks and restaurants are getting caught allowing more than 50% capacity. Yep. In a week or two, I’m afraid we’re going to see huge numbers of COVID-19 cases.

    1. It’s just such a weird time in the world. Who would have ever imagined?? Our little town eased up and BAMB we have a ton of other states coming in. More out of state license plates in the parking lot than Idaho ones.
      I think our numbers will soar soon too.

  39. I’m just hoping the wind calms down so I can fire up the grill & make burgers. It’s suppose to be in the 80s & the wind isn’t a cool one.

    1. The wind was NUTS over here a few days ago. We lost another couple of trees. I guess since we didn’t do it, mother nature is thinning the trees out for us. Gesh……. we were getting to it… honest. (sorta)

  40. I couldn’t sleep last night so spent the early hours de-fuzzing my top lip & legs, used a foot mask (bliss) and watched/listened to the dawn chorus. Time well spent in my opinion.

    1. I just bought myself that machine that lasers off your leg hair. It takes forever. We will see how it works. Now I’m eye a dermaplane, yes, I am bored. Yes, I am dangerous with my impulse buying.
      BTW I love the foot masks. Is this one that takes a week or so for the dead skin to peel off? Those are my favorite. Although that shedding phase it kinda embarrassing.

  41. Memorial Day in the states…used to love watching the fireworks over the bay…Getting ready to start my day…yesterday I did 4 loads of laundry, and changed the curtains/drapes in all the bedrooms and the gallery.. so today I am free to go out and play in dirt!!

  42. Rain, rain, rain. Been raining all day. Connie I think you sent it to Colorado.
    Good Sage Singers virtual rehearsal.

  43. Geeze, the fire alarm went off here and kept screeching for a good thirty minutes. I assume it was taken care of since they’ve opened the doors back up. That noise will rattle your bones, though.

  44. It is a beautiful day, one of the kind you want to “can” and open in February and let that warmth and lightness out! Going out for a walk soon with a neighbor.

  45. Pretty relaxing day. Hard to believe it’s Memorial Day weekend! Seems odd no parades or fireworks or big celebrations. I’m going to go to a local road side stand later for some flowers & plants to liven up my deck.

  46. Another beautiful day out there but still a little windy. Great for blowing away the cobwebs in my brain! No plans other than the usual but I’ve noticed some guttering has come loose. I’ll have to get up the ladder someday soon. Our county hospital is Covid-free for the first time since early March!!!

  47. A year ago today my husband and I got to eat at our favorite restaurant for our anniversary. Tonight we are getting pizza hut. LOL

  48. It’s been raining again. I’m so sick of rain. It’s like the weather feels the need to keep pace with the general mood of the people in this quarantine thing.

  49. The key lime pie is very good. I will be eating it for several days.
    Went for a quick drive, mostly to keep my battery charged. Nice to see the iris blooming.

  50. Cool and rainy, a good day for the Campbell’s tomato soup and sandwich. Managed to get some chores done. The new health district director, who is very inexperienced, is keeping seniors on lockdown, even though biz is opening up, etc., and keeping our ride service extremely limited. I’ve been trying to communicate to get it changed, but she has to prove she is right kind of thing. It is a freaky feeling, like being locked in a compartment and can’t get out, because after three months, you think you will be able to go to a couple of places, like everyone else. I’m trying to get ahold of the senior advisory committee, but they have been inactive since they shut down the senior centers and their committee meetings.

    1. Campbells tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Always a good idea. I’m sorry you don’t get to go out, but really I’m glad you are safe. I’m hoping real life starts again here soon.

  51. Enjoy your special weekend as best you can, America! As for Ireland, not a lot happening apart from the weather of course, that’s always a topic of conversation! Today it’s quite windy but an awful lot better than the last couple of days when we had a couple of branches down in the village.

  52. Waiting for the electrician.. hopefully he will come this morning…cannot do any garden work so I shall enjoy the off day….

  53. Here it is Memorial Day weekend and it’s eerily quiet. Normally our 2 kids, their spouses and 2 grandkids would be together enjoying a barbecue and playing outdoor games. Instead I’m binge-watching another Netflix series (“Intersection”) and missing my family.

  54. WOW I drank way too much coffee today and got a ton of stuff done…but now I’ve come crashing down from my coffee and I’m grouchy.

  55. Got my grocery delivery. Looking forward to the key lime pie tonight.
    Good think I check your instagram so I found out about the mask giveaway.
    It isn’t on the sidebar or even on your home page???

  56. Getting ready to relax and read the newspapers.. It has been a long day working outside…But with the new moon time to set my intentions ….

  57. I’ve just got back after shopping in town (masked & gloved of course). Two supermarkets. It took me 5 hours between queuing, social distancing etc. I am pooped. The only reason I don’t shop online is that it would be next week by the time it got here because everyone else is doing that. There’s also click & collect at most supermarkets now so you don’t even have to go into the store but I like to see what I’m buying. And, the only reason I have to go to 2 stores is that the cat is picky about his food – can’t win!

    1. I can see why you are pooped.. 5 hours what a day.. rest and relax now…If I could I would send you a piece of the chocolate cake I baked this morning!!

      1. I did manage to get a couple of treats – baked cherries (no idea what they taste like but no added anything so …). If I really like them I’ll cover them in melted chocolate!!!

  58. My day is tiring. I just went grocery shopping which is not easy right now with the masks and social distancing.

  59. Well, miracle of miracles, it looks like everyone here tested negative for COVID-19. That’s amazing in a nursing home. I hope it stays that way for at least a week or two, until I leave. (I hope it stays that way after I leave, too, obviously.) I just want things to go smoothly for once, lol.

  60. So the latest in our town drama (lots going on for a town of about 1500) is someone signed a petition to remove the mayor and then said they were lied to about what it was about. *sigh*

  61. I’m just sitting here, half watching one of those home remodeling shows, half flipping around online. In other words, not being too productive, lol.

      1. Thanks! It surprised me. I’m hoping it helps arthritis. I’ve heard a lot of people say it helped them.

  62. The farmers are silage cutting in the fields around us (grass for winter fodder). They start at 8 and keep going till 2 in the morning. I don’t mind the noise, but much as I love it, the smell of cut grass has me reaching for the anti-histamine 😉

    1. I started taking Xyzal allergy. You take a small tablet at night before bed. I haven’t had an allergy attack at all. I am impressed. It takes care of itchy watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing….. the whole allergy thing.

  63. Have to get out there early today.. the sun is hot hot hot!! Cleaning drains before the heavy rains come…

  64. Food delivery today so cleaning up the items and putting it all away now takes so much time.

  65. News from our town keeps getting weirder and weirder. A town official reported a town employee for assault. The town employee was arrested, and then got a restraining order on the person he assaulted! If all this stuff was in a book or movie I would say it’s too ridiculous to be true. This is why I prefer non-fiction because truth is stranger than fiction.

  66. Quiet day listening to all the wind. Sun is shining and I had a good night’s sleep last night.
    When I came home yesterday there were 2 packages on my porch. I am wearing the lovely blue bamboo PJs that I bought at Amazon. So very comfortable.

  67. Well the day was wonderful.. found paint that matched the rooms downstairs so no hardware store.. As soon as the lovely people come and take away the sofa etc I can start in there..
    I did transplants and a tray of seeds…then I started more land clearing and composting of green manure.. A good bit of bush yet to clean but everyday a bit more.. then I have some border plants to put in….

  68. Nice day out, but I am not venturing out too much, and I’m intending to listen to a special committee virtual meeting in a couple of hours on reopening in the town. I sent off some emails to legislators, and responded to a zoning appeal application. Got a few chores done, too.

  69. I was all geared up to go into town today as we’re running short of most things but it was very warm (for here!) and I ended up sleeping for a couple of hours instead. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  70. It looks like the weather is finally going to improve. It’s like Mother Nature has been in quarantine, too, lol, because she sure has been in a miserable, rainy, chilly mood.

  71. Phew, I am exhausted. Every day my husband and I are just crossing our fingers that we don’t get laid off. We made it through another day with no bad news, so I’ll call it a win.

  72. Went downtown for my infusion. Does it make me nervous to go there? Well, my blood pressure was sky high when I first got there. After 15 minutes of just sitting and listening to classical music it was back down to where it usually is.

      1. I totally thought Turtle would take it, too. I guessed wrong on Night Angel. I thought it would be Taraji Henson not Kandi Burress. I didn’t know enough about Jesse McCartney to guess him. I’m worse than Ken Jeong at guessing, lol.

  73. There are at least three TV’s blaring and competing with each other on this hall. And, one belongs to my roommate. She’s not even hard of hearing–or at least she says she isn’t. I have my doubts.

  74. I’m just waiting for Mum to wake up from another nap to start phase 2 of my day: colostomy bag, lunch etc. wash her hair … then she’ll sleep again till tea time. I’ve just spent a lovely half hour outside with a book, watching my seedlings grow! Life goes on 🙂

  75. Finally after 15 years going to re-do the rooms downstairs.. Still looks like my mums….Giving the sofa set away and then to work.. Have plans for the living room and the breakfast nook.. now all I need is to budget in the furniture and the stores to re-open… First to begin doing paint touching up….

      1. Maybe it is because my father in his Eastern European way raised me with the thought of no work no food!! So even though I was told by my mum to just study and relax I started working at 14.. after school.. on weekends….during NYU days I worked part time evenings and got married…after that I worked until we retired 20 years ago…So now I cannot get this work, work work out of me!! LOL…I actually feel the need to work whether baking or gardening or painting whatever ..BUT I have toned it down a lot….

  76. Had rain today so we just hung out watched tv and caught up on phone calls too. Not much else going on with not going out right now.

  77. Word on the street is our mayor didn’t want to address stuff tonight and used the excuse after an hour of meeting that town council “looked like they have the coronavirus virus”. *sigh*. Our mayor also has a lawsuit against our town. Conflict of interest?

  78. My day today has been very nice! I finally got to see a couple of my grandchildren and one of my daughters,Its been months.

  79. Hubby has a follow-up appointment with his doctor tomorrow. Their office called to say it will be by phone tomorrow morning and not in the office. It’s the first time and I’m guessing it will be like this for awhile.

  80. Rain, rain and more rain! We have a lot of leaks showing up, guess we are going to have to be doing some patching on the roof. Quite musical to listen to the drops falling into the different metal buckets. Just wish we had planted the seeds in the garden before all this rain came.

  81. Nice and cool today, overcast but no rain. Started dishes from making a big batch of whole wheat pasta with sauce with mushrooms and green peppers. It sure made a lot of dishes, but it came out good.

  82. They asked about what sort of walker I want for home. (I use one of therapy’s walkers here.) These are the first steps toward actually going home, getting the equipment to go. (Insurance doesn’t want to pay for equipment while you’re here because you can use facility walkers, wheelchairs, etc.)

  83. Sat down with a cup of tea & a book last night – woke up 6 hours later – my body clock’s haywire! Now to sort out the chores I should have done before I start on today. It is Monday, isn’t it?

  84. Sitting here knowing that I have to get up and get going.. but.. the rain is falling and I am so comfy…think I shall stay put for awhile….

  85. I’ve finally got the outside of the cross stitch I am doing for my niece finished. I need to fill in the heart but I’ve had to stitch and rip out so many stitches lately I figure I can fudge the petals if need be to make them fit. I’m getting tired of this cross stitch but hopefully I will have it done this week.

    1. Jennifer, I started a cross stitch maybe 10 years ago, it’s a glass beaded Santa that you eventually end with a pin. Yeah…. I’m just speeding thru it one year at a time. Maybe I should work on it. Since it’s in my night stand and I see it staring back at me every night…… taunting me.

  86. Fun Sage Singers Zoom rehearsal.
    I’m sad that I couldn’t go to the Cirque du Soleil show yesterday that I’ve had a ticket for for months. I go every year for my birthday present to myself. Sigh.

  87. I’m glad the weekend is nearly over. Sounds crazy, huh? I remember how bummed I’d be when Sunday rolled around. It meant back to school or work on Monday. But, here, Monday means back to normal. Weekends around here can be chaos.

  88. Started prep for a vegetarian manicotti. Now cleaning up, and only about 1/4 of the way done! Lots of prep. Nice to have the windows open, nice temperature and everything is GREEN! yea!

  89. April showers, brought May icicles. What will MAY bring? It may Rain, it MAY snow, the sun MAY shine or it May not, it May just do whatever it chooses! Hoping the snow part and cold temps are done for awhile.

    1. Looks like a nice day to get outside, my neighbors elderly dog passed away so need to make something to share in my condolensces.

  90. Laundry, Mum, cat, me, Mum, … garden, more laundry, lunch, Mum, gardening, dinner, Mum … get the picture?

      1. Before Covid-19 I had a woman come in to do 3 hours housework once a week & I’d head into town for a wander round, go for a swim or whatever but that’s not possible now. Perhaps when my sister’s a bit better … the good (?) thing is that Mum sleeps so much I do get to be on my own a LOT, otherwise I probably would crack!

        1. Good. I’m glad you get your breaks. AGAIN, you are an amazing daughter.
          After (will there BE an after!?!?) Covid-19 I am hoping to have a cleaning woman come in once a week as well. I’ve never had one before and I think it’s time!

  91. One step forward one step back.. Fixed the leaking bathroom pipe ..now one of the switches in the kitchen has gone through… it is a 3 parter that has the chandelier light, the overhead light and the ceiling fan….so anyway lets open the curtains all the way and get some light in! Tomorrow will call the electrician and see how soon he can come see us.. Never a dull moment.. LOL…So utube mass then a day filled with reading and music….I have a lovely scotch and will definitely have one before lunch….

    1. Now that’s an afternoon I’d love rather than changing Mum’s colostomy bag! Any chance of a swop?

  92. My antibody test came back negative so back to worrying about what to do when DH has to go back to work since I have such a high risk factor of dying.

  93. We had a beautiful day here. Did some gardening and then took a walk as a family over to the Little Free Library in our neighborhood.

  94. Well, the day started off with two of my grandkids, 2 and 3 yr olds. I thought it might be nice to have the daughter bring out her three and they could help me chase them around. We had a lot of fun, even got the grass cut on our three acres. Bad part of it was we ended up getting quite sun burned.

    1. I feel like I’ve been grounded forever. It’s not as much fun relaxing at home as it use to be. I’m getting REALLY, REALLY snippy with The Husband. His face annoys me. (ooppps, did I type that out loud?? Damn good thing he doesn’t read the blog right???)

  95. I managed to get Mum out of bed for a couple of hours today. Not much but at least I could freshen up her bed & make her a bit more comfortable. Not much else happened!

  96. I actually nodded off in my wheelchair this morning and slept several hours. Honestly, I think most people in these places are sleep-deprived. The noise level from other TV’s is bad (a lot of elderly people don’t hear well, so they crank those suckers up.) And the employees are always moving around, waking people up to check something–and they forget people are trying to sleep, so they can get loud.

  97. My day is going great. It’s sunny and 66 degrees. It felt good to be outside and see how quickly the leaves are now growing on the trees. It had been so cold for so long that we’ve had a very late start to things blooming.

  98. So far a relaxing day. Between 2 & 2:30 a couple of old military planes will be doing a fly over at the hospitals. We are right in the flight path so hoping to get a few good pictures.

    1. Did you get good pictures?? I love all the stuff that people are doing for the essential workers. I wish I lived somewhere that did the noise at 7pm but no one would hear me up here on the mountain.

  99. A good amount of hard rain last night and it looks like sun today, great for the garden and other plant growth! Only have Kale planted from last years seeds that came up on it’s own.. Ordered some plants from Troy, PA. We have had those inside and now hardening off outside in our mini=greenhouse. We took a storage rack used zip ties as my husband calls them, along with washers of the rack. So now we wait a week before we plant them in the ground. Anyone else do any type of food gardening? ( We also planted Sunflower seeds from last year’s flowers and put Marrigolds in to deter carnivorous insects.

    1. If I had a green house I would absolutely do a food garden. As is from flowers to mint the bears and deer eat everything. WAIT! I take that back. They do not mess with the rhubarb. I have 2 extremely healthy plants. Anyone have any rhubarb recipes that don’t require weird ingredients? (ya know… the whole trying to stay home thing)

  100. We survived intact the tornado warning last night, and wow, what a storm! But today is sparkling fresh and bright, sunny and warm. Need to go for a walk later!

    1. I’m glad you are okay. We got a warning that very very seldom does Idaho get a tornado but that all the circumstances are such that one may actually touch down up here. I mean not to anger Mother Nature but we’ve just about finished getting this house fixed up……….

  101. Good evening! I hope everyone’s day went well. My huband grafted 25 Queens today. Hope they take and we can increase our bees from 8 hives to at least 15 more hives.

  102. Whee! I got in the car and drove to the bank. I was wearing my mask and the bank clearly had the 6 foot rule in place. Then I drove home. Debated on getting some fast food, but I have plenty of food at home.

  103. Well, overall, it’s been a good day. Yes, I still have some hurdles to jump over but I’ll get there. I’m doing well enough that my physical therapists agrees that I can go home as soon as I have a place. I can see that light at the end of the tunnel…and yeah, I hope it’s not a train, lol.

    1. It must be so tantalising, being so damn close & yet … but it WILL happen some day soon xxx

  104. Well, I spilled a bunch of Diet Pepsi on some stuff I was going to list on eBay first thing this morning. Ugh. And then I got my covid-19 antibody results. Negative. Double ugh! I was hoping I had it in early March and DH could go back to work. We’re going to have some hard decisions to make soon since I haven’t had it.

  105. It’s 5pm and Mum’s just eaten & slept all day. I’m going to have to wake her soon to get her washed etc. Oh, and I have to cut her toenails – have I mentioned I hate feet? UGH!!!

    1. OMG Kate, my Mom’s toes……… ugh ugh ugh…. that truly was the worst part of caring for her. I didn’t have a problem with changing diapers……… but the toes……… Insert all over body shudder here.

  106. So far a little wet out, yet a great day to go outside! Hope everyone is well?
    May you have a healthy day!

  107. Heading out to get groceries soon. Never would have imagined that this simple task would make me so scared, also b/c I use a ride service. I have to ask the scheduler to please make sure the driver wears a mask, they don’t like that, and then are snippy to you. So taking as many precautions as possible. No other option has really been practical for me. Going as early as the ride service can pick me up the store is not crowded, so that is good.

    1. Good for you Rosie, in that you ask they wear a mask! I know grocery shopping can be a nightmare at times. I am glad that it is at least warm enough and dry enough for the most part when we have taken groceries home. We get the warm soapy water out , outside and wash everything down before bringing it inside, what a task that is! Can’t imagine having to do it out in freezing snowy weather, though! Hope it’s not crowded for you!

  108. Good morning Suzanne.. just getting around to answering your question….Born in 1951..NYC girl after childhood in Newark NJ… NYU met my husband and married him 10 months later.. 18 to his 22!… moved to Trinidad and Tobago 20 years ago to retire early… He passed away 3 years ago and here I am!!
    Today I have to go back out onto the land and do some more raking and clearing…Taking it slow and carefully so that my daughter doesn’t stand in the gallery and yell at me to take it easy..Gotta love that girl…

    1. Glad you try not to worry your daughter. Sorry to hear of your loved one’s passing, Michele. We have yet to get the mower deck on our tractor for the season. Hope you stay well!

  109. We dug out old flowers today and put in the new ones we had already before the virus came. I will finish it this next week.

  110. Pulled weeds, then pulled some more weeds. Ugh. Also repotted some of my plants that needed a little more room!

  111. My niece had hip replacement surgery at 11 am yesterday. After she was in recovery they brought her to her hospital room for several hours and then sent her home the same day. They said they didn’t want her to stay because of the Coronavirus cases that were in the hospital. Thank God her daughter-in-law is taking care of her. I just couldn’t believe how they could send her home so fast. But the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc everywhere.

  112. Thanks Connie! I think you took a fan and blew the rain back over here. Well at least it isn’t white any more. Lol

  113. Had the call from my rheumatologist. She’s had a call from the pharmacists who are asking about reducing the amount of anti-inflammatory medicines that she gives her patients. The Remicade I take is an immune-suppressant and makes it easier for me to get infections (including virus like Covid19). What it does best for me is to keep the Rheumatoid Arthritis from eating at my joints. We (she always gets my input and opinions) decided that rather than reduce the amount of medicine I get, I’ll just get my infusion every 7 weeks rather than the current every 6 weeks. But she assured me that if I have any flare ups we will go right back to every 6 weeks. I love my doctor.

      1. No, my injections are easy. No side effects. I’ve been getting them for 12 years now and have it down to a science with my neck pillow, earphones, music and a blanket.

  114. It’s supposed to be warming up significantly today. So, it will be good if the administrators here come through with their promise to begin letting everyone go outside for some time everyday. I’m not holding my breath, though, lol.

  115. It is glorious out there today, after what was the coldest May night since records began apparently. Anyway, I’m not complaining, well, not about the weather, anyway! Plenty of other things to whinge about but hey, what’s the point?

  116. Another nice day – and not too cold, so windows are open, and taking it all in while doing chores!

  117. So far so good, a great day to go outside and play! Not supposed to get rain til after 9 pm here in Wilpo, PA!
    Home of the Little League World Series!

      1. Yes, Connie,
        Sad to say, there will be no camps for them or Series games. That would entail international travel for World Series.
        Hope the kids find ways to practice! What’s the weather like for you? It’s cloudy here today. So far a little wet out, yet a great day to go outside!
        Thanks for asking.

        1. So many things have been cancelled. I am so ready to be over all this Covid stuff.
          Weather is raining here in Sandpoint. Tomorrow is supposed to have sunshine and I’m hoping to head out for a hike. Fingers crossed.

          1. Hope you had a nice hike, I was out walking for about an hour myself yesterday, Connie. Then had some yard work. Weed wacking, and weeding done, still have more to do. Love all the colors. Especially the purples of the wild violets. Even some white ones. I will be glad when Turkey season is over, so I can walk more IN the woods, than on the roads skirting them.

  118. Had phone calls to catch up with everyone today. We did some cleaning in the kitchen and will finish it up this week.

  119. Cleaned out and organized my linen closet, my hall closet and my kitchen cabinets. I’m running out of places to clean and keep myself busy while we’re still on lockdown. All the while I do it with my music playing.

  120. I had an online doctor’s appointment today and my doc has already sent me a note to give to get out of jury duty. She was flabergasted when I said I was summed to jury duty.

  121. Finally going to get some warm weather here in Michigan. I can’t wait! I would love to start the garden but we have to wait until Memorial Day to plant, too many frosts. Hope you have a great day!

  122. Got my groceries delivered today. Nice day outside 78 degrees with clouds. The nurse called to set up a telephone appointment with my rheumatologist for tomorrow. She wants to talk about my infusion next week?? Hum.

  123. Working from home. Escaped the house briefly this morning to get my oldest registered for kindergarten. Exciting!

  124. weather is nice and cool but they are closing our street and turning our electricity off for a few hours, so this should be fun…

  125. Hello Suzanne and welcome! I’m Kate, born in England, lived in Wales and now in Ireland since the last century! I’ve been ‘journalling’ here everyday for years. They’re a great bunch and have seen me through some of my toughest times – they’ve shared my joys and sorrows and helped more than they’ll ever know. Hope you & yours are keeping safe x

    1. Kate one of these days I’m going to do a post that shows you EXACTLY how I picture your front door. It’s a picture that I had framed and when you talk about your home this picture is what I see.

  126. I guess I’ll try to answer Suzanne’s question, too. I’m originally from a town in South-Central KY but I live in Northern KY now At the moment, I’m in a nursing home doing physical therapy. I’ve learned to walk again after having sepsis that left me flat-o-my-back for months. There’ve been setbacks since then, like getting MRSA in my spine due to an infected IV Picc line. But, I’m ready to go home now. I’m just waiting for the World to open up again, lol.

  127. Yard man has been here since half 6….He will be done by 9am then I can get out and do serious raking!! Yesterday I found an old concrete 2 bin compost set-up that my husband built years ago.. grown over blah blah blah.. Cleaned it off and today I am going to get it ready again to start another compost system…Have to also start clearing out all the leaves and debris from the upper land before the rains come…

      1. Connie believe you me I never thought I would be doing this.. a little girl from NYC….

  128. Chilly weather is back, 26 degrees tonight with frost coming midnight to 9 am tomorrow. I miss the warmer, sunny days. When the weather is nice it takes my mind away from this terrible Coronavirus.

  129. Hi Suzanne, I’ve been following Connie’s blog for many years. I’m 71 and used to swim 3 times a week, sing with a chorus and volunteer at the botanic gardens. All of those are stopped right now. I used to have cats but gave up after the last one died 4 years ago. I live in Lakewood, CO.

    1. Suzanne, Sarah is another one that is so modest! She is a GO GETTER!! She has way more energy than I do! She is another ROCK STAR!! She’s also my part time editor. Yeah, my links won’t work or my giveaway tools has the wrong date…. she reminds me. She’s a LIFE saver!! ALTHOUGH she hasn’t broke me of my love of !!!! and my ALL CAPS yelling.

  130. I thought I would answer Suzanne M Kutz’s, question on where at least I am from. I am married to my wonderful husband of 42 1/2 years. We have three children, two girls and a son. With those three we have 9 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. We have 2 cats and one had kittens under the house somewhere, have no idea how many but they should be just about 3 weeks old. One dog, 15 chickens and 3 goats. My favorite thing is watching the grandkids and doing some kind of crafts. I am from a small town in Northern lower Michigan. So many things here have been cancelled like we have a big Mushroom Festival in May that won’t happen. Hugh Cherry Festival has also been cancelled. Pray you and your family is doing well in this Quarantine.

    1. Suzanne, Diane is another ROCK STAR!! She raises bees!! ON PURPOSE! 11 Grandkids and I swear the woman would have them everyday, all day at the same time. Diane, the 12th we celebrated our 35th anniversary… which as of this year will also mark when The Husband’s dad passed away.
      BTW I really want a chicken coop ever since I started watching the show Bless This Mess. It’s hysterical. Now I want chickens. REALLY bad. I just have to wonder if the bears would attack them.

  131. Windy day here, not great for the yard work we have planned! But fine for all the online teaching I need to do today 🙂

  132. The day’s just getting started, so not a lot to report here. My roommate is driving me bonkers. She sleeps all day, then wakes up at night and cranks the TV volume up (her TV stays on 24/7, but she turns it up at night.
    I suspect she doesn’t hear well, though she denies it. Anyway, I’m feeling sleep deprived lately. (I ask her to turn it down, but it creeps back up, lol.)

      1. I doubt it. She’s a strange character, lol. I have headphones but they’re not noise cancelling. Right now, she has her TV cranked up to the point that it blares over mine. And she’ll just fall asleep. (Then I ask an aide to turn it down.) She sleeps all day and watches TV at night. I just can’t wait to get out of here. When I get home, I’ll just sit in silence, lol.

        1. I would sit in quiet too. When The Husband makes a grocery run I just sit in the livingroom or on the patio with dead silence. SERIOUSLY, I think the man is afraid of the dark and the quiet. If he just looks in a room the tv has to go on. WHY!?!? He too turns it on to go to sleep and before the first commercial he is out like a light and then I can turn off the tv and finally go to sleep. Weird man.

  133. Sitting her wondering how this blog was birthed and where all it’s followers come from. I am a permanently quarantined minority, I like to draw go for walks in our most awesome neighborhood, married , with 2 children and one grandchild. We have four outdoor cats, free range wild turkey and deer and I have heard of Bear roaming about. I am from Williamsport PA. Home of the Little League World Series, which has been cancelled for this year. Praying for our Nation and it’s economy, plus the strain on relationships I have seen.
    Thank you for reading and I hope you are well.

    1. Hi Suzanne, I’m Connie the head peanut. Born (61 years ago) and raised in Colorado (go BRONCOS!) then moved to California. I have two grown kids. 1 amazing Granddaughter Alice who will be 9 on June 1st. I miss her SO MUCH!!!!Thank heavens for Facetime.
      My husband has MS. and retired after a heart attack. We knew we could retire in California without both of us going back to work. (NOOOOO don’t make me go!!!) So he gave me a list of states to choose from. I found a house on top of a mountain in Sandpoint Idaho that has a view to die for. I picked the house not realizing that the house had been empty for 10 years and in some serious need of love and attention. (long story… shortening). We had planned to come up and check the house. My Mom fell. Hip broke. The Husband came up and feel in love. TRUST ME when I say I would NOT be living here had I seen the work this place needed!) Put in a ridiculously low offer. Accepted. Start moving. Mom has a heart attack (which this group helped through!) The Husband is here for 7 months and I still hadn’t seen the house. So now we are constantly working on the house. The yard is a mess. The deer eat all my flowers. We took have bears, turkey’s (which I had NO IDEA could FLY!) we have moose and elk too. 1 dog named Bear a big ole 100 pound Bernese Mountain Dog.
      Ohhhhhhhhhhh btw I do loveeeeeee to talk.

  134. Rained last night and still here in the early morning hours..Have to bucket all the rainwater overflow into 6 gallon buckets for storage if it gets dry again…Still about a month and a half until Hurricane/Rainy season begins so this bit of rain has to be saved….My garden loves rain water as opposed to pipe borne ….. After that cleaning the aviary and moving things off the lawn for the grass man to come tomorrow..I have decided to expand my hydroponic set-up so getting the pvc in place and filling them with solution…

  135. Not much happening yet. I’m feeling a bit lazy and cold so I’ll have a cuppa and then think about moving.

  136. Worked in the garden replanting orchids today and saw a lot of different birds so we put out the feeders too.

    1. I put up my hummingbird feeders and dang those little guys showed up within an hour. Orchids are MY FAVORITE flower! Laurie do you know what those little weird things are that grow out of the base?? They look like little worms. What are they? What do they do? AND more importantly if I plant them will I grown another Orchid?

      1. They’re aerial roots looking for somewhere to settle. If you spray your with an orchid feed spray them as well. I’ve no idea if they’ll propagate though – check Google!

  137. A good day with my kiddos. We read lots of books, cooked some yummy food, and went for a walk.

  138. We got our absentee ballots in the mail today. I also am listing a bunch of my grandmother’s stuff on eBay from her estate — and I found 288 yards of elastic. Sending it off to a friend who is a nun who has made at least 500 masks for medical workers.

    1. I’m sorry but I have to ask, what did your grandmother do or intend to do with all that elastic, Jennifer?

      1. My grandmother was a hoarder of craft supplies. She could have been on TV. I had previously sent that much to another lady. I also sent off about 80 POUNDS of fabric that my grandmother had, and that was a SMALL fraction of what she had originally.

        1. Oh yeah, Grandma is my kind of lady! LOL! My kids will be cussing at me after I’m gone and they have to sort all this stuff out. Either that or they’ll just burn the house to the ground and start over.

  139. Today was another day of waking up to snow! Just super glad that it didn’t last very long. Still in the mid 40 s.

  140. It’s just another day around here. I was told by one one of the nurses that they have the tests to test everyone here for COVID-19. They’re waiting to get the gowns, est., they’ll need if anyone tests positive and has to be moved to isolation. They had those supplies but gave them to another facility in Louisville that had a bad outbreak.

  141. Just finished putting everything away from making a big batch of Spanish rice in the slow cooker. It comes out really good that way. It is supposed to be thunderstorms right now, but it is bright and sunny – I’ll take it!! Yea! Wires are hanging down from the roof over my windows, I reported it over the weekend, nobody did anything. I just called the superintendent, he said he will look at it, nobody informed him from the weekend. I hope they aren’t live wires…

    1. Rosie I hope they get the wire situation fixed. I would be kinda worried. YIKES! Spanish rice sounds so good. I was thinking of chicken burritos for dinner so I’m thinkin’ Spanish rice here too.

      1. chicken burritos sound good, too! They are changing property management companies at month’s end. But, the real reason is the property manager started to close in on them about the fire code violations, they still haven’t come up with a plan to remedy them over 2 years ago. They like property managers that do their bidding, and not what is right. Investors taking over and don’t want to spend money to fix violations, even though they raised our fees to do so over a year ago. I hope I get out of here alive, literally.

          1. I went to the meeting last week. It is open to the public but they had the door locked, so I had a neighbor call them to make them let me in. They are trying to appeal it, but they were supposed to appeal it 2 years ago, when they would have had 90 days to appeal, and the appeal is suppose to outline the alternate method of complying that is at least as compliant as the stipulations, not that you just want to get out of it. They said at the meeting they think even if they lose the appeal, the town will probably never check up on them (which could be true). I don’t think they can win the appeal, but since our town’s fire marshal is on the state committee board that reviews the appeals, he is so lazy to not want to deal with enforcing the code, that they might grant the appeal out of sheer laziness. I hope that the other people on the committee won’t allow him to get it appealed, they have no legit reason.

  142. I had such a lovely day yesterday that getting back to work today is bleh…have to get moving before I take another day off….I have buckets of lemons and limes to juice..coconut to grate and freeze …then on to transplanting some flower babies…

  143. Awake with the dawn chorus this morning & feeling much more energetic than of late. I’ve just been watching the female woodpecker at the feeder and having mug of tea. Might do some laundry for a change 😉 Hope all you American Mum’s had a lovely day yesterday x

  144. I had calls from my kids, grandkids, sister, niece and 2 friends wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day. We all miss each other with this lockdown still in place.

  145. Having a great Mother’s Day – we planted two apple trees, my kids made cards, and my husband cooked one of my fave dinners (veggie and tofu stir fry with peanut sauce)!

  146. I am kinda on here late tonight as my husband and I watched movies all day. Hey like with the lockdown and the snow there wasn’t anything else to do. Okay there was but I didn’t want to work it’s Mother’s Day. Oh by the way Happy Mother’s Day to all you fine women out there.

    1. Ahhhhh technology is the greatest thing. I’m so glad you do rehearsals still even if we can’t do it in person. Today Alice had both G’ma’s on Facetime so we could exercise together. That kid is a hoot!

  147. I want something fast food so bad! No place delivers where I live. I don’t care if it’s Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonalds, whatever, just something different from homemade food. I might fix a frozen pizza later to help me get rid of this craving. lol

  148. Happy Mothers Day! I woke up with a pounding migraine! It’s going away thank goodness! Just a lazy day at home.

  149. Happy Mother’s Day to the Mothers out there. I’m not a mother, but this place brings in a meal from a local restaurant on Mother’s Day, so maybe it’ll be better than the usual stuff. Hey, a girl can dream, lol.

  150. Happy Sunday everyone! Yes, it is Sunday, another week over and a day of rest for me as soon as I’ve fed the cat, the birds, the mother and me, hung out laundry, given Mum a bed bath, washed her hair, cut her nails, prepped the lunch, fixed the loose kitchen cupboard, cooked the lunch, sent off a couple of emails, paid a few bills, vacuumed the house, washed the kitchen floor, eat lunch … and that’s without looking at my to-do list!

  151. Today was another beautiful day. I took my grandsons to buy their mom’s a Mother’s day gift today.

  152. I wish Spring would decide to come in and stay awhile, lol. Last night, we had a hard freeze and tonight it’s supposed to do it again. I feel for those people who’ve already planted their gardens.

    1. Yes, but if Spring really did pop it’s head over the window sill then you’d feel even worse being stuck indoors. Always 2 sides to a coin!

    2. Oh my gosh same here. I’m glad I haven’t planted anything yet. I did put up my hummingbird feeders and my little guys were back within an hour. I guess they were just hanging out waiting on me.

  153. I’m making some homemade baby-size bow-tie pasta to go with some soup. It snowed out last night! Glad we are supposed to stay in!

  154. Beautiful day out today, little cold but really nice. My brother called to tell me that (here in Michigan) they are predicting a Polar Vortex! How fun is that! The little blue birds, humming birds, flowers and I am not really happy to hear this. Oh well, won’t be long and we will be complaining about the heat.

  155. I sent a letter asking to be excused from jury duty, but I cry every time I think about it. Not only am I *very* high risk for dying if I get Covid (haven’t been out of the house for exactly 2 months today) but the fact that we could very well end up homeless because of how much jury duty would affect our finances is terrifying, too. At least with the first I have a hazmat suit (and I will wear it if I don’t get excused!). I did one of those legit surveys online to see what your chances of dying are if you get it. Hubby has a 95% chance of getting it due to where he works, but a 0.5% chance of dying. I have a 61% chance of dying if I get it. So hazmat suit it is, but that still doesn’t solve the financial issues.

    1. Jennifer, I would think you have very good reasons to be excused from jury duty! If they don’t excuse you, you definitely show up in that hazmat suit! I bet that will get you excused, but if it doesn’t it’ll protect you and that’s what counts.

    2. That is horrible. They don’t have any jury trials right now where I am, but I think they are still sending out jury mailings. You can call and ask to be excused, you have a good reason. You can also delay it as far out as possible, then ask to be excused when that date comes up, or I think you can delay it one more time. See, this is what is so scary, when the people who need to be extra careful have to leave a decision to someone else who may not understand or not care. Very scary.

  156. No plans at all for today … getting Mum sorted takes a couple of hours – she’s beginning to get pain again unfortunately so can’t shower anymore & hasn’t got out of bed for a couple of days. She’s missing the best time in the garden – lots of bluebells, lily of the valley & ginesta so the scent is wonderful in the mornings & evenings.

  157. Yesterday it was a good laugh here in my home.. leaking bathroom pipe gushed water all thru the hallway and one bedroom.. of course if I had been alert and not baking I would have heard it…shut off the water line, called our plumber ( who came immediately ) and rectified the situation..today I just have to wrap cake orders for tomorrow and have people come and pick them up….after that nothing! Reading and watching old black and white favourites of mine….

    1. Oh no! At least you can laugh about it! Reminds me of when we went on holiday as children to arrive home to chaos. ‘Someone’ had left a heater on so Dad’s gallons of homemade wine & beer burst in the spare bedroom & ran down the stairs – we had mushrooms/fungus growing out of the hall carpet & the house stank!

  158. Time to clean up the back yard for summer so planting sunflowers seed in the morning it was a nice day.

  159. This does not feel like the month of May. It’s been colder than past years. Going down to 24 degrees tonight.

  160. I had a fun day. Went to the botanic gardens to pick up the plants I ordered. They just put them in the trunk. I got home and realized that I didn’t get all the ones I ordered. Seems I made 2 orders and they just gave me one. I called and they said sorry, you can come back and get the others. So I drove downtown again. That’s more driving and more outside time than I’ve done total in the last 8 weeks. The sun was shining. I now have basil, lemon verbena, rose scented geranium and a house plant.

    1. Sarah, That was a great way to get out. I was just looking at some geraniums. I’ve heard they repel mosquito’s and fly’s. I may have made that up…… I’m not sure but they are going on my patio either way.

  161. Dreary, rainy very cool day here but at least it isn’t snow. Just did laundry.. as in tons of laundry.

  162. Glad to finally be back on here! It was a real hard week last week, as my daughter’s best friend that I have spoke about on her for the last month didn’t make it. Her baby seems to be doing fine inspite of everything else. Hard as it is life must go on.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear she didn’t make it. I’m really sad for the little one, being without his (or her) Mama. I hope the baby does well. Many prayers for the little one.

  163. Great day – working from home with the kiddos. Planning to get done early to have time to play some board games.

  164. I found a new use for my one and only N95 mask. My downstairs elderly (more than me) is always smoking up my place with her cooking, she must be searing everything black. Stinks and fogs it up so bad up here I can’t escape. I found wearing this mask helps, along with opening windows as much as possible. The neighbor on the other side, the pot head, moved out, and that gave me a break from it being filled up with pot smoke, you don’t get high from it, when it comes through from another unit. He got a letter complaint one of his neighbors complained, so he packed up and left.

      1. I notice less smoke the past week, she is going out to eat more. Today I saw her and two others (looked like grandkids) eating outside at the picnic table with lunches that were bought (in clamshells). She’s 86 and shouldn’t be gallivanting, but the more she eats out and not cooking, a big relief for me!

  165. The roommate runs her TV 24/7, and it’s kind of loud. (She must have hearing problems, though she says she doesn’t.) She falls asleep but it blares on. Last night, it was on one of those church channels. TV preachers asking for money are not anything I want to listen to. I finally asked an aide to turn it down, so I finally got some sleep. I don’t know if I can make people really understand the noise level in these places. There are a lot of older people who don’t hear well, so TV’s blare. And of course people are always working here, so that brings a certain amount of noise. Call bells are going off, day and night. You sort of get used to the call bells, but other noise just gets to me. I haven’t had real silence in two years. I can’t wait to experience silence again, lol.

    1. Tamra, I can’t even imagine. The Husband has to have the tv on to fall asleep. I need quiet. At least the minute I hear his steady breathing I can turn the tv off. UGH!! You have to put up with soooooooo much in this place.

  166. My sister just rang – the chest infection she’s had on & off for months is getting worse. The Dr is sending her for x-rays but before she can have that done she has to have a priority Covid-19 test as part of protocol. Anyway I have to pop into the pharmacy in town to collect more antibiotics & steroids for her so that’s my day taken care of. Uh oh, I’ll have to pluck my eyebrows!!!

    1. I hope your sister feels better, Kate. I’d hate to have to go to the doctor or hospital during this COVID-19 thing.

  167. My guinea pig tried to climb into the bowl I was eating a chocolate sundae from last night. She was not happy when I wouldn’t let her eat any. I was drowning my sorrows because I was selected for jury duty. We are barely making ends meet now. I don’t drive, so my husband would have to take off work to take me. He wouldn’t get paid since he isn’t serving on the jury. So we both would lose income for 2 1/2 months — and have to pay out of pocket for another year of insurance at $1229 a month since jury duty is in two insurance pay periods. I’ve requested to be recused because I actually had a panic attack yesterday looking at the financials. How important is running water, heat, electric, etc, anyway? Because we would most certainly not be able to afford them if I don’t get excused from it. 🙁

  168. I had my grandson for a bit so my daughter could get a covid19 test so she start back to work. And then ran to the $ store, again.

  169. The day went by so fast! I heard we’re in for a cold weekend. I’m planning to FaceTime my 2 granddaughters.

  170. I like the new typeface! I just finished listening to the third budget workshop, a total of 7 hours for all three. I can see our mayor is selling the town manager down the river over the budget, so she can get re-elected, as she is scared a different person is getting close to her in votes in the last election.

  171. Got my car problem solved. My friend used her AAA card to get me jump started. Then I drove to an auto store and they put in a new battery. I learned something very important: Newer cars have bunches of electronics and will drain a battery if left without driving for more than 4 days. Who knew? I’ll just have to get out and drive a little bit every few days.

  172. Sunny, cool and breezy here. Nothing new or exciting going on here today. Going to cook up some fish for dinner in a bit and binge watch shows when my sweetheart gets home.

  173. Left this morning at 6 and finished all my shopping by 10:30…Grocery, post box, hardware, feed and grain and a second grocery…Now to put it all away until next month!

  174. The lady down the hall who had been moaning and yelling with pain had gone quiet for a few days, so I assumed she had gotten worse. And, she died yesterday. So, that was a release for her, I’m sure. She didn’t seem to have any family, so it’s sad.

  175. Work work working, but it’s nice to be doing so from home. I get to have lunch with my family, work with my dog by my feet, and enjoy the smell of the fresh-cut lilacs from my backyard!

  176. I feel sad today – nothing in particular, just sad. Well, I shall allow myself these emotions and then take a deep breath and get on with the day.

  177. So hot here almost 90 could plant flowers till late afternoon today. We had groceries come today to. \

  178. OK, today was not boring. I went out to the garage to make sure my trunk was empty enough for the people at the gardens to put in the plants that I ordered. Supposed to pick them up on Friday afternoon. Hmm, why no light in the trunk? Get in the car, put the key in, and nothing. Battery seems to be dead. Trying to figure out what to do.

  179. Yeah I finally got back on here! So glad to be back! Connie Gruning, I didn’t even have to do anything, it just finally loaded. Today was perfect outside. My daughter’s cow had twins too. Like I said perfect day.

  180. Busy and back breaking day for me today. I shampooed the carpet. With 3 indoor cats it is a must. On a bright note today was beautiful. Breezy, sunny and low 70’s.. perfect!

  181. Starting a bunch a passion vines in cups today finished 20 will make a bunch more today the butterflies lay eggs on them so it helps them out.

  182. Not a lot going on here. I guess I’ve ‘graduated’ from physical therapy, lol. They’re putting me on what they call ‘restorative’ until I can get out of here. Basically, that means someone just comes in and works with you a little every day, making sure you don’t lose what you’ve gained. Hopefully, I can leave here soon.

  183. My appointment with my therapist was yesterday, then I had to stay up for a work meeting at 9pm. After that I went to bed and actually slept 9 hours straight! That’s a first for me in a while!

  184. Another early start to help Mum so now I’m having a sit-down 5 minutes before starting the clean-up of laundry, clothes etc. Apart from all that, the weather’s beautiful but due to change tomorrow so I’m making the most of it. My sister rang last night and the only bit of news she had from the village was that she’d had a bath! Strange times indeed. I mean look back a couple of months and who would have guessed that this would be the new norm …

  185. Loving the new blog design! So sleek! We’re good here. I worked (from home, of course) most of the day, then took a walk with my family.

  186. Happy Cinco De Mayo. I placed an order online for food and still waited almost 3 hours for our food to be ready.

  187. I has been hot and sunny here today. And pollen everywhere so Claritin has become my friend.Nothing new or exciting has been happening really.

  188. Finished up my outside work early…Made gallons and gallons of hydroponic solution and set up all my pipes..before he passed away my husband had made all the holes in pvc piping to hold the net cups some small and others large…did 4 12ft pipes with bok choy.. cauliflower and tomatoes along with mixed salad greens… Set up 2 6 gallon buckets of herbs one for basil and the other for cilantro… Rainy season is rapidly approaching and dirt gardens are very hard, even with drainage lines, to keep everything from getting soggy and bleh….tomorrow I have to set up the covered grow beds for zucchini, cucumbers and squash…Now I am going to sit down and watch The Last Kingdom..

  189. Hey, it looks like you did a change-up on the blog, Connie! I like it. Well, it’s early here so not much to report, but they eased up on restrictions here slightly: family can drop off items again, but they can’t enter the facility. Items must be in paper bags or cardboard boxes, no plastic. (Apparently, the theory is the virus survives longer on plastic??)

  190. The government has introduced an easing of the restrictions: we’re now allowed to travel for 5 kilometres rather than 2 but still must observe social distancing etc. It will make a huge difference for those in cities and towns but not so much here when the local shop is 25 kilometres away! And anyway, who needs to travel when you’ve got glorious countryside all around you?

  191. I am so stressed about a work project. I will be so glad when it is done. One more week.

  192. Mondays are always slow going for me. It’s hard to get started after the weekend. I didn’t get much done today.

  193. I like the new layout and sunset picture behind it. Now you need to put the links in the sidebar for your contests.

  194. From my order yesterday with Red Lobster I’m having shrimp scampi alfredo and more biscuits. The lobster was very good and I ate it standing up at the counter in the kitchen. It was still hot when they delivered it and I just ate it all up and a biscuit.

    1. Thought you said you hadn’t done anything lately? I like it, especially the sunset background! Keep well and have a re-think about hanging baskets … won’t they just be eaten?

  195. sigh. it’s not great, so far. gave my daughter a bath and in getting her barth bomb box down (which turned out to be empty!), i shattered my cbd tincture i use for my back. all before 8am. kids are focused on school now, though, and i’m working, so im chipping away at it all!

  196. My stomach has felt just blech for the last few days. It gets that way sometimes. It’s something still going on from the sepsis, which attacked my colon and intestines. They still haven’t completely figured it out because they’re afraid to do another colonoscopy–the last one went bad, a perforation in the colon let air they were pumping in escape into my chest and my right lung collapsed, left one tried to. I wound up intubated again and with chest tubes in both sides, all because of a colonoscopy. Now, they’re very leery of doing one until I’m completely up and about and home. So, once in a while the gut goes ballistic.

  197. I’m having a ‘don’t feel like doing anything’ kind of day so nothing planned. I shall just potter about, read & listen to some music.

  198. Well the day is so pretty and I am so motivated to get out and do some yard work.. Seedlings to transplant and some hydroponic solutions to make…All the fruit trees are flowering so lovely and the perfume in the air is intoxicating…

  199. I haven’t gone out of the house in over 50 days because I am at high risk for bad complications if I would get this stuff. I had someone unfriend me on Facebook today saying that was my opinion. Yeah, I wish diabetes and lung problems were subjective, but unfortunately they aren’t.

    1. Wow. Some people have lost their good sense! I’m with Kate. You’re better off without people like that. I guess, in times like this, we really do find out who we can depend on.

    2. Jennifer I’m with everyone else. You don’t need people like that. We don’t leave the house ’cause The Husband has MS and heart problems. Not a good mix. I will be so happy when this is all behind us.

  200. It has finally arrived – warm, sunny weather. It has really helped to lift up everyone’s mood. I baked an apple pie for hubby, his favorite. I love how good the aroma is in our home when I bake this kind of pie.

  201. Good virtual rehearsal with Sage Singers. Good to see their faces. And I just ordered dinner from Red Lobster delivery. They had a special where I get a free lobster tail with order. YUM!

    1. Michele, our weekend went quick. Saturday cutting up the downed trees, moving the logs, stacking, cleaning up and getting everything cleared because tomorrow we get gravel delivered and our driveway is getting grated and pot holes fixed. Finally all the neighbors agreed. (well, not all the neighbors some opted not to pitch in…….. like what you don’t drive this road??? Grrrrr)

      1. We had some logging done around our property to keep trees from coming down close to our home and because loggers were in the area. Great for getting firewood! Can’t believe we are still burning the woodstove! Mother’s Day is coming close, but I think I will have to wait another 2 weeks before I can plant outside items I normally plant right after Mother’s Day. Times like this when I wish we had a hot house to extend the growing season, since it has been cooler than usual.

  202. It’s been a long day. Sundays are like that sometimes. Nothing else to report, lol. Just that it’s been a long day.

  203. Another day, another blocked toilet! Deep breath and start again … the swallows arrived last week & are busy fattening themselves up before breeding … it’s a long holiday weekend here and thankfully most Dubliners have stayed away. Still see the occasional Dublin-reg car on the road though so the message isn’t getting through to some that we’re trying to stay safe. The weather’s lovely, everything’s greening up beautifully & my tree hay fever has started, hey ho!

  204. It’s going to be a beautiful day today and I can’t wait to get outside and cleaning up the yard & gardens. Then firing up the grill for the first bbq of the season!

  205. I have been busier since not going out of the house than before. I’m going to need a vacation from this “vacation”. Did take the time to do some cross stitch last night.

    1. I am totally 100% the opposite. I haven’t done a dang thing. I haven’t cleaned. I did finish knitting a sweater. It was my first attempt and ummmmmm it’s ugly. So many missed stitches, backward stitches and well unique stitches. It’s ugly. BUT it will be warm at night on the porch.

  206. It’s a nice day outside…but of course, I can’t go outside, lol. Man, I’m getting cranky. I snapped at a young aide today when she walked in without knocking. (They are supposed to knock even if the doors open, but it was closed…for a reason. I was on the bedside potty, lol.) I can’t get to the bathroom that connects to this room. The roommate has her wheelchair sitting in front of its door. It’s not her fault. They cram two people with lots of big equipment like wheelchairs and walkers into a room too small for one person,really. There. That’s my gripe for the day.

    1. Tamra, you have to be just going nuts! I would hate having to stay inside. I can’t believe they won’t let you guys outside. ESPECIALLY if the smokers get too. Not cool. NOT COOL!

  207. I think the Weather Gods heard me yesterday. Today it’s 74 degrees with clouds. Suits me just fine.

  208. It’s a beautiful Spring morning, birds chirping away, the apple tree is in blossom and the weeds have loved the rain of the last couple of days. I’ve got to head into town to collect Mum’s meds but other than that, guess what? No plans! Keep safe everyone!

  209. Just found out that one of my favorite shows is back. So today I’m binge watching Season 4 of The Last Kingdom. Hubby made a delicious homemade pizza for us to enjoy while watching the show. I couldn’t ask for anything more. 🙂

  210. My cousin who hasn’t spoken to me in 6+ years asked for my phone number last night and gave me hers! 🙂

  211. Lord have mercy, there’s a guy down the hall who’s having anxiety because of being stuck in his room, so their answer to that was putting him on valium. Geeze, he’s very mellow now. But, it might be better to address the craziness of keeping us in our rooms when they could let us go to the courtyard a few at a time once or twice a day. This sh** is for the birds, as my Momma would’ve said.

  212. Today was just fine. Usually one day seems to blend into the next one. We had fun with the kids today.

  213. I feel like a vegetable with unruly hair sporting pjs too. I am literally going stir crazy.

  214. Good heavens it’s Summer: 90 degrees right now. I’d prefer 74.
    Thanks for the contest.

  215. It’s a pretty good day. It’s gorgeous outside – sunny and 65°. And the Indiana governor gave us info on the rollout of the state re-opening. Good news!

  216. My day is going okay, but my brain feels like mush! I never know what day it is and now it’s a new month! I probably will forget what month it is too! This staying at home is making everything run together.

  217. doing ok, trying to get the month off on a good note. finanaces are really hard but spirits are high!

  218. Not sure what kind of tree you caught on camera. Could it be a flowering Dogwood or Cherry blossoms? https://www.naturehills.com/white-flowering-dogwood I just googled Dogwood and came up with that link. Not any special endorsement on my part. Honeysuckles bring up quite a bit of fond memories as a child and learning about tasting the flowers to get the nectar. Looking forward to being out in the garden, more. We started tomatoes inside and some squash I don’t know where we will transplant yet. Life’s a mystery, eh? 😀

  219. I can hope that May will be better than April.
    I woke up to sunshine so that is a wonderful place to start.

  220. I was able to order toilet paper on Amazon Fresh this morning! That’s a win for me today!

  221. Good morning, or Happy Lunch here in Ireland! I went a bit mad with the housework yesterday so having an easy day today with nothing major planned. I do have lots of saved seeds from last year to get started but that’s hardly heavy work! Here’s hoping things will start to improve worldwide re. Covid-19.

  222. Too early to tell how today is going. It seems ok so far, but I haven’t had my morning coffee yet. I guess that means things should only be getting better!

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