$50 Your Way Giveaway March 2020!

Pleaseeeeee somebody tell me spring is on its way!!? Seriously, I wish I could get a good shot of the HUGE snow flakes that float from the sky. The they look fluffy!

We actually had two days in a ROW that was 54° days on the 27th and the 28th of February and then it snowed on the 29th. WhatTHE&%#!

It’s been a very weird winter Idaho.

My only real news for February is the mystery postcard person is at it again. Still giving me one line of the song I hate the most! EVER! HATE! Yes, I loath the song. NOOoooooooooooo I’m not telling you what it is because I don’t need more of these postcards. Some of you have the same wicked sense of humor that I do! SOoooooo NO!! I’m 99.999999% certain that it’s my Son-In-Law Dan. In the YEARS that these cards have arrived at my house he maintains his innocence and he’s got a hell of a poker face and laughs hysterically swearing it’s not him. WHICH only makes him look even more guilty.

The more mundane news is I invested in a dehumidifier for my craft-room. This room is a walk out with one side built into the hill.  Making the room SO COLD, truly too cold to stay in during the winter. It’s always the coldest room in the house normally but winters are horrible. My arthritis is NOT handling that cold very well.  It takes to space heaters to warm it up or turn the furnace up so the rest of the house is an oven. The Husband suggested a dehumidifier and it was A BRILLIANT idea!!
I am blown away at the temperature difference after adding the dehumidifier! Who knew?? In one day. ONE DAY it drew out 5 gallons of water!! My room is craftable now!!!! I am so happy. That might mean I can shake the winter blahs and get my creative ME back!!

WOW! How boring is this monthly update!? I just have the winter blahs!
How was your February?

Now for the real reason you are here!


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

A shout out to Jenny H letting me know that the share buttons in the Giveaway widget don’t seem to work. I have an email out to ask for help Giveaway Tool. Hopefully, it will get fixed or they can explain what I’m doing wrong.

GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!

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  1. Laurie Nykaza says

    Out buying supplies for the family so we can hold up if the virus spreads here which it looks like it is.

  2. Angela Saver says

    My day is going good. Doing some decluttering with my hubby.

  3. Getting ready to go to work so far so good

  4. Brittany Raisor says

    My day is just starting, but so far, so good! My coffee is tasting great and the sun is out. I’ll take it!

  5. Jennifer R says

    It is early still but so far my day is good. I got up before everyone else so the house is quiet, I am currently drinking my 2nd cup of coffee and I have an exercise class planned in about 90 minutes.

    • Jennifer, YEEAH you!! I love a quiet house. I am toying with the idea of trying a zumba class with my girlfriend. But, I am soooo very uncoordinated…… we will see.

  6. Kim Avery says

    So far it looks like March is coming in like a lamb. Today also starts the plastic bag ban in my state! Hopefully I remember to take my bags into every store besides Aldi!

    • Kim, I have a terrible time remembering my bags! LOL I am THAT woman that puts everything back into the cart and puts the stuff in the bags in my trunk. Some day I will learn.

  7. It is the start of a new month, so there is hope for a good day and then month. So far today is hopeful –the sun is shining.

  8. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Lol I was going to say Good Morning but as it is already 12:30, I guess good afternoon! I survived the sleep over and now tomorrow I have my two youngest, 3yr. Allyson and 2yr. Aaron for the day. Mom has jury duty and so I will be getting out the baby gates and locks for the doors. LOL You forget how busy they can be, when they are little like that. Wish me luck!

  9. Diane K. Brimmer says

    February went by! Not sure how to explain it, other than to say it went by! Somedays went quicker than others. Not a lot of sun so it didn’t help with the funk that I was in. Let’s see how much better weather March will bring!

  10. I hope that March is better than February was. I binged watched I’m not ok with this and it was amazing!

  11. Kate Sarsfield says

    Happy St. David’s Day to anyone with even a teeny drip of Welsh blood in their veins!

  12. Robin Creager says

    I work the night shift in a warehouse for a well-known company. On concrete all night and frankly I’m very tired! I’m so ready for spring!!

  13. Our day is going just fine. We went out to eat at a favorite restaurant today and we got some groceries. I am working on organizing my pantry.

    • Nancy, Now that sounds like a productive day! I HAD my pantry organized. Then The Husband ‘helped me’ yup…… I don’t know where things are half the time.

  14. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, things are looking up here. I’m getting closer to leaving here, thank goodness. I’m afraid to even say it because I don’t want to jinx it. I’m just hoping things keep moving forward at a good pace.

  15. Had a good rehearsal for Sage Singers. 125 days until the GALA Festival in Minneapolis.

  16. Jennifer Wilson says

    I never run a fever, as in I had a jaw infection that almost killed me about eight years ago and I never had a fever, but I had a fever this weekend. So I just slept. I don’t like being sick right now. I need to keep my strength up so that I am at my healthiest for this virus that everyone will probably get.

  17. I’m hoping that the weather warms up here! It was fairly nice today, but I’m so ready for spring!

    • Christy, ME TOO!! I want fresh flowers on the table…… and pretty flowers on the porch and I want to rock in the rocker on the deck and knit. Outside. in the warmth. That was a long drawn out ME TOO!

  18. Terri S. says

    March came in like a lion for sure. The wind was so strong. I went to the supermarket this morning and loose shopping carts were blowing all over in the parking lot.

    • Terri, It’s supposed to snow here again tomorrow. The wind makes the trees around our house bend to the point that I hold my breath! Please don’t come in the house!

  19. shelly peterson says

    Today was a good day. I went to Costco and then relaxed the rest of the day.

  20. March is here…got a call from my lawyer this morning have to stop in Wed for more land deed paperwork.. another $300…will it ever end.. NO LOL

  21. Kate Sarsfield says

    Mum’s coughing & sneezing so her biopsy on Wed. is in doubt. Sometimes I think she does these things on purpose … stay well Peanuts!

  22. Tamra Phelps says

    Ugh, today was a bad stomach day. My gut chose today to go into those old painful spasms. Fortunately, it was after physical therapy, so it didn’t interfere with anything. It just knocked me down for a few hours.

  23. Good swimming today. Then a trip to Costco to spend a bunch of money.

  24. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Good evening! Long day as I had those grandchildren that I talked about yesterday. Everything went well and this old woman needs to be in bed as I am definitely feeling it tonight.

  25. shelly peterson says

    Its Monday and back to dialysis.

  26. Terri S. says

    I’ve been reading about shortages in cold medicines because people are stocking up on them from fear of the coronavirus. Hubby went to town and was able to buy some but the stores are running low on them. I already stocked my pantry and freezer. People are getting worried.

  27. Laurie Nykaza says

    Out buying meds and food water etc so will stop going out soon. Make sure to order meds that you don’t have on hand if they are from other countries too.

  28. Very very sad morning.. at 4am got the news that my neighbours grandson passed away.. he was only in his 30’s….

  29. Kate Sarsfield says

    I popped into the nearest decent-sized supermarket last night on my way home. Not a bit of pasta on the shelves. Flights from Northern Italy banned ergo no Italian pasta. I usually buy fresh locally made but like to have some dry in the pantry, just in case. Just one of the effects of the c-virus.
    ps: Please, if you have any symptoms do NOT go to the doctor/hospital, therebye spreading the infection. STAY AT HOME & self-isolate. Check local websites for advice.

    • Kate, that is very good advice! This thing is scary.

    • Tamra Phelps says

      I had no idea you were supposed to stay at home. It is good advice, now that I think about it. But most people will just be so scared that if they get a cold they’ll be high-tailing it to the E.R. I guess if it gets bad enough to go to the hospital, you should call them and tell them so they can get you right in, not leave you sitting in the waiting room spreading it around.

      • Tamra, I’m not sure how to feel but the news just announced they have set up a triage tent outside our hospital for the coronavirus. Hummmmm I hadn’t heard there were any cases in Idaho.
        And of course wouldn’t ya know it I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Would it be bad to come dressed in a bio suit???

  30. Kim Avery says

    I’m having a nice relaxing day . It’s a little damp and chilly out but have a couple windows open a little to let fresh air in.

  31. Shannon Holmes says

    It is nice today and overcast. It is warm enough to just wear long sleeves 🙂

  32. Tamra Phelps says

    So, it seems Google has fixed a few of the glitches their last Chrome update left, lol. I can use the Pinterest button again. And so far, Connie, I can tweet from the entry form again. Knock wood!

  33. Dana Rodriguez says

    Another rainy day in SC. And I was frantic this morning when I saw on the news about the tornadoes in TN. Putnam County was hit really hard with i8 deaths and over 50 injured not to mention it looks like a war zone there last I heard and that is where my brother lives. Finally got in touch with him and he is thankfully ok.

  34. Just a quiet day at home. Made fresh asparagus with garlic oil and sea salt in the oven. Very yummy.

    • Sarah, that sounds great. I found an asparagus recipe to try this weekend. Crispy fry like and I’m going to use my Ninja Crisper. That thing is aweeeeeeeeeesome. All the mess in one pan.

  35. Sarah Letendre says

    Good quiet day , had the house to myself , it was really wonderful 🙂

  36. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Hello Connie! Been a long day. I really hate to mention this because we will sound like country hicks. This morning about 3:30am There is this scratching sound that wakes me up. It’s coming from the ceiling. Few minutes later I hear it again, only this time there are running little feet followed by chirping noises. We have a bird that got under the eves and made a nest between the second floor and the first. If that wasn’t enough at 8:10am while I was making the bed I hear a squirrel playing kick ball in the ceiling above our bed. You just can’t make this stuff up! Did I mention we have 13 walnut trees surrounding our house.

    • Diane, LOL! Oh my gosh farm life just isn’t for everyone is it?? Ummmmmm HOW do you get the bird out from between floors?! When I was growing up we woke up to the HORSE in the front room. Just standing there. Can you imagine being the Mom and hearing your daughter SCREAM Comanche IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Yup. Just standing there.
      Oh my gosh my husband would be at your house begging to go pick walnuts! I think he could eat his weight in Walnuts.

  37. shelly peterson says

    Today I ran some errands. It was a nice sunny day but a little wind.

  38. Jennifer Wilson says

    I didn’t even get out of bed yesterday. Today my husband went to CVS to pick up meds, and he picked his up and forgot mine. Thankfully nothing for this crud that I have. Maybe I can get him to go to Walmart and get some ice cream tomorrow. Believe it or not I found a $25 Walmart gift card we got for our wedding almost 5 years ago. LOL

  39. Still cannot shake yesterdays news but I must get moving with an appointment with the lawyer….While I am out stopping by the post and then the chemist to pick up some extra flue meds and back inside….

  40. Lilly Mae says

    I woke up late today, and in turn the kids almost missed the bus. Somehow we managed to get them out the door with brushed teeth and clean clothes on. Success, right?
    How’s your day?

  41. Kate Sarsfield says

    Mum’s still coughing up yuck so the biopsy’s now scheduled for next Wed. Woke up at 3am freezing cold so got up & cleaned the hob to warm up.

  42. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Hello Connie, Fortunately the birds can get out from under the eves. We just have to wait till they fly from the nest. Oh and get it patched before she does it again. That is very funny about the horse. One time my aunt & uncle were gone away ansk us to feed and check on their horses. Well, low and behold they broke the fence pulled the siding door open and helped themselves in the kitchen. Flour , sugar and lots of stuff all over. Funny now but not at the time!

  43. There are 2 pools I swim at. One closer to my house and one closer to the library. Today I needed to pick up 3 holds at the library so I went to the Whitlock pool.

  44. Terri Quick says

    My day was ok. Just sick of the cold & wet here in New York.

  45. Tamra Phelps says

    I had an appointment with an ear nose & throat doctor. My left vocal cord, it turns out, was injured by being intubated for nearly a month. But, the right one is compensating for it. So, my speaking voice is fine, if not quite the same as before, but I’m not likely to be able to yell loudly any more.

  46. Shannon Holmes says

    Not a lot happened today. I made some tea bread.

  47. shelly peterson says

    I went to dialysis and came home and rested.

  48. Jennifer Wilson says

    Day six with a fever. This is getting kind of old. Thankfully it’s a low grade fever, but still. . .
    Found out my guinea pig didn’t make it into the finals of the Cadbury contest I entered her into. Disappointed about that. Could have used the $5,000 plus would have been super cool to have her as the next Cadbury bunny. I know I’m biased, but I think she was cuter than any of the finalists. :-D.

  49. This is the Mercury Rx of the year that is going to be the most irritating…Rx in Pisces/Aquarius….lawyer got convaluted yesterday and we had to double check her.. the debit/credit card machines were not working communications error…had to dig thru my purse to pay for my purchases.. called the bank this morning and their systems are down…so now I am going to go to the feed and grain and the grocery lets see what fun happens on this shopping trip.. I am prepared!!

  50. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Good Morning! I can’t beleive it is Thursday already. I swear as I get older the days go faster and faster. On the good side I think Spring is just around the corner. We have dead critters on the side of the road again and the birds are back. Sorry about the dead critters but that is life.

  51. Kate Sarsfield says

    Today was a toss-up between heading into town or working outside. Guess which one won? Hint: the sun was shining …

  52. Shannon Holmes says

    Wow this week is just flying on by. I am making some scrap apple jelly today.

  53. Tamra Phelps says

    This place. It can be chaos at times. They ‘misplaced’ one little lady who tends to wander. (Inside the building. Those who might wander off have little bracelets on their ankles that set off a buzzer if they try to go out a door.) But they were searching high and low for the poor soul, looking in bathrooms, closets, etc. I assume they found her, lol.

    • Tamra, It’s not funny but I can’t help laugh. HOW do you lose a person!? Of course, when my Mom was in the rehab center a little old guy in a wheel chair would wait for someone to leave the building and he would catch the door. He would roll away laugggghhhhing while nurses chased. Where there is a will there is a way.

  54. Had fun volunteering at the book sale for the Denver Public Library. I managed to not buy any books (big deal for me)

  55. Jennifer Wilson says

    First day all week I haven’t run a fever. 🙂 Have some cubed steak in the crockpot for dinner. One of my favorite meals.

  56. Laurie Nykaza says

    Hanging out watching movies not going out the stores are pretty empty now that the virus is here

  57. All is well today…bank got sorted and I plan on staying home for the next week.. yes the whole week.. back to Easter cleaning….

  58. Kim Avery says

    I woke up with a full blown chest cold. I’m sure by the end of the day it will be head & chest.

  59. Kate Sarsfield says

    Gorgeous day. cold but sunny, so I’m washing outside windows, the car, the garage door … heading into town later for Mum’s meds. and groceries. She’s still in bed but seems to be better. Hope so, sooner she gets the biopsy done the sooner treatment can start.

    60 staff at a major hospital are in self-isolation; only a matter of time before other hospitals are affected. Please stay away from ER, doctors’ surgeries. Let’s contain this virus & keep our front-line crews healthy.

    • Great advice Kate….stay home.. self isolate and care for yourself at home….Praying mum gets better so she can get the biopsy done and over with….

    • Kate, THAT is scary!! 60?! WOW!! The trouble with some of these people that are SUPPOSED to be in isolation don’t stay home. What the heck is wrong with people.
      I’m sending positive thoughts that Mum get’s her biopsy done tomorrow. Come on Mum, strap on your boots and lets GO!!

  60. Tamra Phelps says

    Yesterday, it was 60°, today it snowed. Geeze, March, make up your mind. They’ve started making visitors sign in and answer a few questions like ‘have you felt unwell or had flu like symptoms?’ or ‘Have you traveled anywhere where the virus has hit?’ They’ve put those masks by the front door and housekeeping has been thoroughly cleaning everything in sight.
    —Hey, Connie, I saw in an email that that Cricut was won by Sonya S. I wonder if it was Sonya the blogger??? It said she hasn’t responded to his emails, so if it is her I hope she didn’t miss the email.

  61. Good swimming with friends on this beautiful Spring day. Hit 71 degrees.

  62. Diane K. Brimmer says

    I am so tired today! I think it reminiscing about a year ago today I got a phone call from my granddaughter telling me my oldest daughter was rushed to the hospital. She then was taken by an ambulance to another hospital that could deal with what was going on with her. She was fine picked up her girls from school developed a headache and a few hours later she has a Brain Tumor. It was pressing on her eyes and scull. It was a team of specialists and 6 hours of surgery. There were complications during the surgery, she had a stroke and still has some problems yet today. But praise the Lord she is okay! I have my 37 year old daughter back.

  63. Jennifer Wilson says

    I got $45 in unexpected money today in the mail. (Overpayment from an old bill from a doctor’s office we haven’t gone to in years.) But I got a bill from my current doctor in the mail today. Thankfully I’m still $24 ahead. lol

  64. Laurie Nykaza says

    Cleaning out the pantry and refilling it with the new foods i bought at the store last week. Such a stressful time for everyone. Stay well .

  65. More cleaning.. got another bedroom done yesterday..today there is baking to be done and veggies to pick mostly eggplants….then into my bedroom and hopefully the study…

  66. Kate Sarsfield says

    Another day, another storm so I’ve done a bit of de-cluttering of books to take to a charity shop. Mum got up today for a while. That’s about it, really!

  67. Shannon Holmes says

    I am going to be making some mushroom stroganoff later today. Earlier we had some neighborhood dogs in the front yard that Chris took back to their house.

  68. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Hanging out with two of the grandkids till Morgan had to go sell Girl Scout cookies at the cookie booth. Now it’s just me and Mr. Hunter. Man I love this kid! It’s no secret that I have the best grandkids this side of the state. Oh and 5 more in Florida!

    • Diane, Alice did her Girl Scout booth last weekend. The pictures my daughter sent HOLY MOLY the kid is growing like a WEED!!! I will concede you have the best Grandkids in Florida and allllllll of a sudden I can’t remember your state….. but I have dibs on the cutest Grandkid in California.

  69. Tamra Phelps says

    Saturdays are usually tedious around here. So, today has just been getting through the day, lol.

  70. Lovely Spring day. Spent 3 hours inside at my caucus. Let’s hear it for democracy in action!

  71. shelly peterson says

    Today I relaxed. My grandson came over for most the day.

  72. Jennifer Wilson says

    My husband was able to get extra hours at work again today, so that’s a good thing. 🙂 I do miss his early at home nights. He gets off at 2 tonight.

  73. Laurie Nykaza says

    Buying more food so if we need to stay home will have it.

    • Laurie, if we could get down the mountain we would do the same. It just started snowing again and our road is a MUD PIT!! It takes some white knuckling to drive down!

  74. Today is a complete rest day.. mass in a little while then the balance of the day is mine.. what do I see?? cooking then read relax reflect….

  75. Kate Sarsfield says

    Let’s see, so far today, I’ve discussed the meaning of life with a Jehovah’s Witness, cleaned the filter on the washing machine, made a veggie lasagne for the freezer, washed the inside windows, prepped tonight’s dinner, spent some time outside (in between the hail showers) and paid some bills. Plan to put my feet up soon!

  76. Diane K. Brimmer says

    I had to repost this from my oldest daughter: Hey everybody! It’s crazy for me to think that 1 year ago today, my daughter took me to the ER, right about this time. I remember picking the girls up from school earlier, but feeling absolutely horrible when I got home. I went and took a late nap, they came in to ask for dinner and I guess I just didn’t make any sense. I am SO GRATEFUL for them pushing through and calling their Dad as to “What do we do? I think she has to go in!” My little Taylor took me to the ER, and that’s where we found out I had a brain tumor. It was a long few days waiting at the hospital. I don’t remember the surgery, or what it was like when I woke up – although my family has some rather silly stories that they share! I guess I told them all I had FECES for lunch!!! Oh my…I am SUPER grateful for so many of you that have prayed for us and helped us out. Thank you! Aaron, I couldn’t have done any of this without all of your love and support! The prayers you had for me meant more than any words I could say to express my gratefulness. I am so thankful for my girls, I don’t know how I would have gotten through it all without you! Taylor and KDJ were great in helping parent the little ones! Jordyn, Sidney, and Kam – the great big hugs and all of the I love you’s…❤️ My parents came down, Jen, and Cristy came to stay and help, I am so thankful!
    Jesus has helped me so much throughout this past year. There have been so many obstacles that I have had to walk through, some still here, but He is with me every moment of it! I questioned so many things after growing up in the church. But Jesus answered EVERY ONE of them! I know beyond all things that He is SO REAL! He is SO GOOD! And for the first time ever, I know that He LOVES ME! It’s been a tough one, but I know He has lots of plans for us! Thank you for all of your prayers and love! Thank you Jesus for your HEALING!

  77. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, coronaviris (COVID-19) has hit my town. Yep, the KY case is from the town I lived in until I got sick, the town my brother’s family is still in. There’s a second case there today, along with one in Lexington and one in Louisville. I’m at a nursing facility about 20 minutes from there. The staff here are getting antsy about allowing visitors. Nursing homes in my town have already locked down, no visitors. My brother called to tell me that he doesn’t want to risk accidently bringing it in here when I’m so close to going home, so being ultra cautious, he’s waiting a week or two to visit. (He knows the lady who has been hospitalized.) So, I’m hoping this disease gets stopped in its tracks by people being more cautious.

  78. Good rehearsal for Sage Singers. Another day of just about Spring with 65 degrees.

  79. My day started off great. Sun was shining and I slept until 9:30 this morning. That’s rare for this early bird usual 6:30 starter. Last night’s strong winds must have knocked down trees or branches causing me to lose my phone service. Verizon tech coming to fix it tomorrow. It’s actually nice to have a quiet day. 🙂

  80. shelly peterson says

    I didnt do much today. I relaxed and picked my son up from the airport.

  81. Monday so lets get moving.. I have pineapple plants to transplant..probably 20 or so ….then on to the rest of the gardening….my daughter will continue the big cleaning for today…..

  82. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Monday! Well, here we go for the week. We have an insurance adviser coming this morning. Not really looking forward to it but this too shall pass.

  83. Kate Sarsfield says

    I’m sitting here looking at the wind and rain and Michele’s transplanting pineapples! I love this funny old world!

  84. We had 3 hours of rain last night. Didn’t have to shovel it…. Must be Spring.

  85. Jennifer Wilson says

    I’ve only taught 6 classes so far, but woke up this morning to see one of the students I have already taught has booked me again. I’m really excited to see the same student again! 🙂

  86. Tamra Phelps says

    I cancelled a dental appointment for Wednesday. They’re telling us to stay home if possible to avoid this coronavirus. I figure being so close to where it has hit (we’ve gone from 1 case to 4 to 6 in KY in two days, 2 of them in my town. All ‘have a connection’ the governor said. )—anyway, I figure I shouldn’t risk going to the dentist if it’s not urgent.

  87. shelly peterson says

    Today is Monday and of course dialysis. So that was my day.

  88. Yes Kate this world is amazing.. I did plant all my pineapples and today I have star apple seeds to plant…the seeds start very well and since I am in no rush after the plants come up the tree takes at least 3-5 years to come to size….also transplanted 2 acerola cherry trees yesterday.. had started them from seeds 2 years ago and they were ground ready….

  89. Kate Sarsfield says

    St. Patrick’s Day celebrations have been cancelled. Hospitals & nursing homes have strict no visitor policy in place. Meanwhile I’m trying to pack for Mum but she doesn’t want to go to hospital. She’s in a lot of pain and frightened. Trying to remain the calm voice of reason but not easy as her short-term memory is poor and we have the same conversation over & over. Oh well, at least it’s stopped raining!

  90. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, they put this place in a sort of lockdown today. Staff can go in and out, but no visitors. And when staff come in they have to stop at the door to have their temperature checked. And, of course, if they’re sick with any type of respiratory or flu-like illness, they’re sent home. I mean, this is a nursing home. People here are not in the best of health to begin with, so they’re desperate to keep it out. Of the 19 people who had died in Washington state as of Sunday (probably more now) 14 were in one nursing home. I’m so close to going home. I don’t want to get knocked down again.

    • Oh Tamra, Sending you a bubble to stay in! Stay well, you are going home this month. Sending lots of prayers your way. Is this keeping you from having PT during the week?

  91. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Well, so much for the financial adviser. Wasn’t anything he could do for us at this time. We fall into the cracks! LOL! Story of my life. I always say it could be worse. Life is what you make of it. I am grateful for everyday that I blessed with.

  92. My day’s going good. I’m continuing to tackle the paperwork, and making some progress. Had a temporary side tracking with a water problem, the plumber could come in 4 days, so I literally bottled up all the water coming out of the faucet and saved it, so it wouldn’t get wasted. The usual turn-offs didn’t work. I felt like an episode of Lucy Ball with the missing plumber. Now that it is done, I’m back to the pen and paper.

  93. Sage Singers Membership committee meeting. Then a nap.

  94. shelly peterson says

    I slept in today and relaxed. I also went to get groceries. They had no toilet paper and no hand sanitizer at all.

  95. First our phone went down the other day and yesterday we lost internet service. But, honestly it was fine to be surrounded by silence again.

  96. My oven is on the fritz and my espresso-coffeemaker isn’t working.. LOL…. called for stove service and awaiting a call back.. I cannot be w/o an oven this week have a birthday cake order to fill!.. as for the coffeemaker it was a present from my son in 2012 and I hold the memory of that visit very close to my heart…. grow up Michele.. you are lucky enough to have an old Mr Coffee put away.. take it out wash it down and use it….you would think Mercury was still Rx…..

    • Tamra Phelps says

      Michele, Istill have a small stone my Grandpa gave me about 30 years ago as a joke, lol. I say you hang on to anything that brings you good memories of someone you love.

  97. Kim Avery says

    My husband and I have been down with the flu since Friday night! I’ve never had it and hope to never get it again!

  98. Shannon Holmes says

    I made sofritas for dinner last night and it was good.

  99. Kate Sarsfield says

    Mum wasn’t well enough to go for her biopsy. The Doc’s put her on antibiotics & something stronger for the pain in her pelvis. We’ll try again next week (that’s if they’re still taking admissions).

  100. Tamra Phelps says

    They’re still on lockdown here at the nursing home.. Every time I glance up I see someone walking by cleaning the handrails in the hallway. Every staff member has to have their temp checked when they enter. Hopefully this all passes soon.

  101. Diane K. Brimmer says

    I can’t beleive you can’t get t- paper anywhere around my area. Lol People are just freaking out! Really! It’s not as bad as some of the tuberculous, Pnemonia, Malaria, Seasonal flu, norovirus or several others. Just be smart! Wash hands, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and pray like heck. Lol

    • Diane, have you heard WHY there is no toilet paper? I can’t figure it out. It doesn’t make any sense. Were these people not using any toilet paper before??? It makes you not want to shake hands with any one. Like ever!

  102. Jennifer Wilson says

    Had a dentist appointment today and needed to go to the hospital to get some routine blood work done. Wanted to get it done before our part of the country gets sick.

  103. I’m trying to figure out how this day flew by! I did manage to get the small “to do” list checked off, so I’m happy with that, and some other small things that I never seem to get around to doing! So all is well!

  104. Good swim with friends. Then eye doctor visit with pupil dilation. Eyes looking good, just not seeing well right now.

    • Sarah, when a girl friend of mine came in for her eye dilation I convinced her she had to wear the paper glasses all day long even inside, minimum of 24 hours. She wasn’t realllllllllllllll happy when she found out she only needed to wear them for comfort. Yes, I am an EVIL friend.

  105. shelly peterson says

    Today was another day of dialysis and then I came home and rested.

  106. Kate Sarsfield says

    If anyone wants me to post them loo roll, just holler! The only things that are in short supply here are pasta, rice & breakfast cereals. On a brighter note, the people of Ireland, having got fed up waiting for Government to do something pro-active, have rallied to the call and have set up volunteer groups to help out the elderly, compromised, medical staff etc. of their communities. Even whole apartment blocks in the cities are following suit. Heartening to see.

  107. Nikki Ooi says

    It’s been such a hot day I don’t feel like doing anything but am here!

  108. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Kinda laying back and cleaning up the house today, as I will be kidsitting all weekend. Starting tomorrow afternoon! Should be fun other than their puppy! She has a thing for my feet, she bites them. They call her Piper! I call her Hyper piranha. LOL May have to start wearing boots. LOL

  109. Had to run into the village today…the shoppes were empty..picked up a few things and since the repair on my stove will not be until late next week I plan on using the stove in mum’s apartment downstairs.. hate to use it because it is electric.. mum was scared of a gas stove but the cost……

  110. Still putting some things back after the plumber was doing things in two rooms. Wow, our local FB groups are starting a sign up sheet if you run out of toilet paper, so now I’m getting nervous. They’ve shut down schools, courts, etc. Going shopping for the first time in weeks tomorrow, I hope there are still some things left! I’ve been trying to convince an elderly relative with respiratory ailments that lemon juice is not a disinfectant for Coronovirus, she just bought four quarts of it to clean everything. Sent her CDC info, you name it, she said a nurse told her that!

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      If she’s got any alcohol in the house that’d do the job but an awful waste! So much dangerous mis-information floating around. Keep well Rosie!

      • yes, it is scary. She won’t interact with me now. Another relative who works in an emergency room has been trying to get through to her to no avail.

    • Rosie, lemon juice? Noooooooooo I can’t even imagine lemon juice would do anything except whiten my nails.

  111. Just a quiet day at home. Snow and sleet coming tomorrow.

  112. Kate Sarsfield says

    Ireland now has 34 cases confirmed, out of a population of 4 million, one death. BUT, there is good news, one patient has completely recovered! All pre-schools, schools, colleges, public offices are closed; sports events, cinemas, concerts, marches, religious services cancelled. Even some pubs have shut their doors (in Ireland!). Shops, pharmacies & public transport still open for business but all staff wearing disposable gloves & masks.

  113. Kim Avery says

    Still trying to get over the flu. I need to venture out tomorrow for more cough meds and hopefully some toilet paper! We were already stocked up on Lysol & wipes since its something I do months before flu season hits. Never would have thought people would be emptying the shelves of toilet paper!!!

    • Kim, I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself. Walmart had NONE and it was the most popular aisle in the store. AND I still DO NOT understand it.

  114. Got in some swim time, then a trip to the library for books to read this weekend, then a stop at the grocery store for corned beef and cabbage and other things.
    Had a busy weekend planned: seeing 2 concerts and the Sage Singer rehearsal. All those have been cancelled due to that darned beer. Oh, right corona is a beer, but that’s not why they cancelled.

    • Sarah, Yes, that did make me laugh. Son Zac sent me a text that said “I’m going home and getting drunk because I saw an article that said alcohol kills corona virus. I only read the headline but I feel totally justified”
      He’s a funny guy.

  115. Tamra Phelps says

    We’re still in lockdown here. My brother said he finally got a day off. (He works at the store where the first case of coronavirus was diagnosed in KY. He was on vacation but got called in. They’ve cleaned that place top to bottom now.) Anyway, the reason we’re on lockdown(no visitors, every staff member has to have their temp checked when they come in) is because we’re so close to the town where it started and a lot of people here are from there and their visitors would be coming from there. All schools in KY will be closed for the next two weeks. (The schools here are closed already, have been all week. Fortunately, they are prepared. The send home packets at the beginning of the year detailing school work to be done if school can’t meet for long periods like with snow days that drag into weeks.) Well, hopefully this passes as quickly as it came but I’m not holding my breath.

  116. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Well, we have no school in the state of Michigan till April 6th. I really feel bad for the kids that are seniors and in sports. That is where a lot of the kids receive their Scholarships. Even Churches have cancelled because if you have more than 250 people in attendance it is mandatory. 2020 will definitely be a year to remember.

    • Diane, Alice’s school is closed until April 13th. So her Daddy is working from home. I’m trying to convince them Alice should be here with me. So far the Daddy isn’t liking the idea.

  117. Jennifer Wilson says

    DH’s work finally announced if someone gets the CV, then they will get paid for two weeks and not coming in to work. I’m really glad to hear that because some of his coworkers wouldn’t be able to afford to take off and they work with food.

  118. shelly peterson says

    Today was not the greatest. I felt horrible after dialysis today and then I was a dummy and ventured to the store. It was a complete mad house and they are closing all our schools for 6 weeks,

  119. Well we now have the first 2 confirmed cases here…Both came in on flights…the government has decided to utilize an old TB hospital from the British days as the quarantine unit…bulk stores here have been inundated and thank goodness I don’t have to go…Tomorrow even though it is Sunday I plan on going to my local grocery and do my normal shopping…Everyone please take care….

  120. Kate Sarsfield says

    News from Ireland re. Covid-19 is much like the rest of the world: increase in positive cases, everything being cancelled. Scary times. Mum continues to improve and I’m hoping to get her out of bed today for a couple of hours. The latest re. her cancer is (hopefully) get her to to St. Luke’s in Dublin, a cancer hospital with family accommodation, for more scans, start treatment etc. That’ll be on Thursday (again, hopefully). She’s a month behind starting treatment already because of her chest infection. Stay well Peanuts!

  121. I have a continuing education class this entire weekend but I am looking forward to having Monday off. It is a nice break from hearing about the coronavirus on the news.

  122. It seems odd to see how most everyone here from all over has these situations with the virus, we’re all dealing with it. It is supposed to get worse here, we aren’t near the peak yet. I have plenty to do, so it may be good our ride service is limited, that curtails going out and possibly catching it. I just went out for a walk, and it was a nice sunny day, even though a little cold.

  123. Quiet day at home. Would have been at the concert right now if it hadn’t been cancelled. Fixing corned beef and cabbage tomorrow.

  124. Val Ledesma says

    My saturday is going well. Did some spring cleaning today and went to the gym

    • Val, I did treadmill time today and as I was doing my “run” (walk 4 minutes run 1 minute) I really got INTO it and slammed the back of my hand into the rail OH HOLY MOLY the bruise is IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!

  125. Shannon Holmes says

    I bought some cold meds in prep for Coronavirus, saw the stores getting picked over. We had the first Chesterfield county person diagnosed.

  126. Tamra Phelps says

    There’s a new resident here, which sort of surprised me. Since we’re in ‘lockdown’ and can’t have visitors I figured they wouldn’t take in new residents. And this poor old guy is a ‘wanderer.’ Like so many people with dementia, he wanders constantly. He’s been in every room here looking for his puppy. He stood outside my door this morning and sobbed. It’s heartbreaking. If he were to have COVID-19 we’ll all have it. He’s been in every room. On the lighter side, he saw a banana I had and said he believed he’d like that. So, he ate my banana, lolol.

    • Tamra, that made me laugh out loud. I’d like to have that banana!! That poor old soul. I think dementia would be the worst to have. I hate the idea of not knowing my family.

  127. Crystal K says

    Wild times we’re living in! We’re staying home, and are grateful to be able to work from home!

  128. Jennifer Wilson says

    I need to whine. Sometimes I don’t always get my voicemails — sometimes they show up a few days after they are left. I just learned I was in the finals — 1 out of 20 to win a trip to Germany. (Probably would be allowed to take it when it is safe.). I needed to be at a certain restaurant on Thursday evening — free meal but I didn’t get the message until today. At the very least, DH and I would have had a nice meal out, and possibly won a trip to Germany, where I have wanted to go to do family history research

  129. shelly peterson says

    I stayed in today. I’m only going out when needed.

  130. Off early today to go to the grocery.. usual shopping lets hope it doesn’t take all day to do.. but things are what they are….

    • Michele, we are going to do our shopping tomorrow. IF we can get off the mountain. We have a downed power line on the road and a ton of workers. 3 days and counting no power. UGH!!!

  131. Kate Sarsfield says

    The sun shone all day. I spent a good 5 hours gardening & pottering about in the fresh air. Feeling wonderfully tired!

  132. Tamra Phelps says

    I noticed several people saying they needed to do some shopping. Good luck. Several of my family members (in Indiana and Kentucky) have been trying for several days to find toilet paper. (Just for normal shopping, not to stockpile.) It’s not just a Facebook meme, lol, it’s real. What are people doing with all that hoarded t.p.??? Do they really think they won’t be leaving the house for six months? Honestly, people are crazy.

  133. My corned beef and cabbage are in the crock pot making the house smell wonderful. Miss my Sunday singing. And now all the rec centers will be closed so no swimming for me (major bummer). I’m glad that I can get books from the library over the internet to my Kindle since all the libraries are closed, too.

  134. I’m seeing that many people are trying to hibernate and social distance. Our mayor told me today they are going to be doing more “controls,” something to do with our ride service for the elderly, I hope the vendor doesn’t cancel it during this situation. The ride service also transports school kids, and the schools are all shut, so their employer may just say no rides for the next two or three weeks. We’ll see.

  135. Crystal K says

    No school for kiddos and working from home for us makes for some interesting days! Lots of board games today!

  136. shelly peterson says

    I stayed in and didn’t do much of anything today. They are shutting almost everything down here.

  137. Jennifer Wilson says

    My husband is home until Friday. He works weekends. Have to say I’m glad that he won’t be coming in and out of the house.

  138. I was so incredibly blessed yesterday.. there was practically no one in the grocery…I guess after the announcement here about confirmed cases everyone ran day and night to the bulk and regular shoppes….yes there were people.. but right to the cashier I went..amazing I was there and back in less than 2 hours with a 1/2 hour ride each way….and LOL there was no TP or paper napkins.. but there was plenty of groceries… I would have thought people would have bought bread, milk, flour ‘canned goods like for hurricane times but no.. just TP!!!

  139. Kate Sarsfield says

    I’m trying to get Mum up & moving ready for her trip to Dublin on Thursday. She’s sleeping 10 hours at night plus naps. Fingers crossed we’ll get there. Spent a lot of time gardening.

  140. I arranged for a ride today to go the grocery store Wed., and by noon I chickened out and canceled. Everyone is saying all the stores are as crowded as the weekend. Our town declared state of emergency, so that might be one reason why they are still cleaning out to the bare shelves. The number of reported virus cases are increasing dramatically every day now.

  141. My corned beef and cabbage are delicious. Will be eating it for the next couple of days. Did most of my exercises, just not in the pool. T-Mobile increased every member’s data to unlimited for the next 30 days. I may start watching things on my phone.

  142. Tamra Phelps says

    They cancelled BINGO today at the nursing home. Do you have any idea how important BINGO is in nursing homes??? Oh, these people are ready to riot, lol. In nursing homes, BINGO is cutthroat.

  143. shelly peterson says

    Just a typical Monday, a day of dialysis .

  144. All of us are staying home to avoid Coronavirus. Restaurants, bars, theaters, schools, etc. have all closed down to avoid spreading it. I pray that when warmer weather comes the virus won’t live in hotter temps.

  145. Waiting for the stove repairman… he called to confirm so I am glad he is still coming…I really cannot do anything outside until this stove business is sorted….unless you are a national or a permanent resident returning no one else is being let off the planes here… my neice was supposed to come to settle some legal issues but she is afraid that she will not be allowed back into Barbados….she is a caricom national but who knows if that applies….

  146. Kim Avery says

    I’m starting to have a little panic with this virus and all the shut downs. We have one roll of toilet paper left and some baby wipes. I’ve been searching all over because my mom and mother in law are completely out! It’s even getting harder to find food but I have faith it will be there when we need it. I’m only low on bread and if I have to resort to making fresh bread I have what I need on hand.

  147. Kate Sarsfield says

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day from an Ireland on lockdown. Very strange, almost eerie feeling, seeing the deserted streets – almost expect tumbleweed to blow across like in the westerns! If anyone’s on Twitter they can check out #RTEVirtualParade to watch people making the best of it!

  148. Shannon Holmes says

    Made some dishpan cookies today, these are good and make a lot. I usually scale this recipe down. https://www.southernplate.com/dishpan-cookies-have-you-baked-for/#comments Today I added some coconut, cranberries (dried), chocolate chips and chopped walnuts.

  149. Tuesdays are usually my day off from doing stuff. It’s just that Saturday, Sunday and Monday were all spent at home. Sigh.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I’m eating corned beef and cabbage again today. 💚💚💚

  150. Quiet day today. Everyone is supposed to be staying isolated, and I hear the center of town is deserted. I spent quite a bit of time online today looking for toilet paper, but did not find any available. If anyone is aware of any from online that isn’t price gouging, let me know!

  151. Tamra Phelps says

    My brother brought me some things I needed today. Someone had to meet him at the door to get them because no visitors can come in. And yet, they continue to take in new residents, even though most nursing homes have stopped doing that right now. Corporate greed trumps resident safety, I guess.

  152. Jennifer Wilson says

    Our state just got its first confirmed case of CV. Some friends of mine in another state are being quarantined after one of them got sick after having contact with someone who is currently in the hospital. In other news, my guinea pigs are asking where veggies are. Not for a while, little ones. 🙁

  153. Shannon Holmes says

    It is scary with the virus now, Chris works from home but we still need to get supplies and I hope they are restocked soon.

  154. shelly peterson says

    I did some cleaning today and watch movies.

  155. Stove repairman came fixed one issue but did not have the part we needed for the oven… Another week wait but the burners work.. have to be glad for small things….today looks grey and rainy but i have to get out and see about the garden so on goes the rain gear…

  156. Kate Sarsfield says

    Mum’s cold/chest infection is much better so logically we should make tomorrow’s 11am appointment in Dublin. However, despite me waking her with breakfast at 9, showering etc. by 10, she’s still in bed asleep at 3pm. I just don’t know what to do anymore … Things aren’t all bad though – I was invited to join a virtual choir of people from all over the country! We’ll have live FB rehearsals etc. and then eventually meet up to perform with an orchestra! Off to get my hands dirty in the garden now xxx

    • Tamra Phelps says

      Kate, I hope you guys get some good news tomorrow. And I’m glad you found a virtual choir!! You need that musical relief, I think. 🎶🎵🎶 As for your Mum, I can tell you that when I was really sick, like after that back surgery, all I wanted to do was sleep. I felt bone tired all the time. I think a lot of it, in my case, was mental exhaustion. Maybe when your Mom gets to feeling better she’ll rouse up a little. Sending her good vibrations.

  157. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, people at the nursing home were not happy to hear BINGO was cancelled due to COVID-19. You have no idea how important BINGO is in these places. It really is serious business, the highlight of their week. (They play two days a week here.) They were ready to rumble, lol. So…they took a suggestion from Kate, lol. They played over the intercom. The ones who play were in the hall, with aides, etc., walking around helping those who needed help, and the young ‘courtesy aides’ (they used to be called Candy Stripers’, remember that???) would run for the office if someone called BINGO! (To let the announcer know who won.) A little disorganized but it made them happy, lol.

  158. Chris Ann says

    It is a beautiful Spring day. My Hubby has been gardening. Our pup loved being outside, too. We are staggering the pups walking time as to not run into others, out walking…keeping that social distance. Every one be careful.

  159. Still looking online for toilet paper, wow, crazy! Did some regular chores, now that I have both my sinks working again I feel a little more back to normal. Trying to stay on top of what is going on in the news.

  160. Diane K. Brimmer says

    I’m baack! Well, I had one of the worst flu s I’ve ever had. The first three days I honestly thought I was going to die. Worst part was the excruciating pain and the body aches. Now left with Tonsillitis and still can’t get in to the dr. It was a bad one let me tell you. Stay home don’t get this, I was lucky it wasn’t worse.

  161. In the mail yesterday I got 2 free coupons for Wendy’s chicken nuggets and chocolate frosty. Today I went out for the first time in my car for 4 days to go to their drive thru and get my free food. Missing my swimming something fierce. I’ve been doing it 3 times a week for the last 10 years. Still trying to do the exercises, but just not the same as in the pool.

  162. Jennifer Wilson says

    My husband got called into work. Need the hours, but afraid to go out of the house. He negotiated to get off at 3 in the morning, before most workers at the local hospital stop in and get coffee.

  163. Laurie Nykaza says

    Ordered foods today on Amazon Fresh didnt go through at first but it did in the evening. Were just in watching movies

  164. Cleaning out the study today.. that is the only room getting done..I want to go out into the sunshine and enjoy the day out of doors….so many people are having such a hard time with the isolation but as for me, gratefully, I am very happy doing what i normally do…My garden research project is seeing if I can grow bulbs here… have done so with daylillies now to other flowers!!

    • Michele, I am having the total opposite. I can NOT get motivated to clean the house. Maybe I will try gardening tomorrow. It’s supposed to be in the mid 50’s! Maybe that will help my mood.

  165. Kate Sarsfield says

    Up early this morning and found Mum crying with pain in her hip. Somehow we managed to get to Dublin on time only to have a 2 hour wait at the hospital due to triage, distancing etc. I couldn’t get over the lack of traffic on the roads with the schools, non-essential shops etc. all closed. Finally got her home & straight into bed to sleep. We’ll eat later/whenever. Anyway, she had another CT scan and the cancer in her hip/pelvis has grown in the couple of weeks since her last one. Starts radiotherapy next week, hopefully.

    • Tamra Phelps says

      Kate, I hope it goes well for her. I hate that she’s in pain.

      • Kate Sarsfield says

        Thanks Tammie, it’s just horrible … now she says she must have broken her hip in the night because it wasn’t like this yesterday … you can actually see the bulge on her hip/pelvis where the cancer is growing. AAAGGGGHHHH!!!! There, that’s better!
        Good to hear pt is still going strong. Keep shakin’ that ass 🙂

    • Oh Kate! I’m so sorry. Poor Mum. I am sooooooo sorry. I swear this month is just cruddy.

    • Kate I am so sorry for the pain mum is going thru…all I can do is pray that she feels better..so very sorry…

  166. Shannon Holmes says

    I am making sofritas. It is sad, the restaurant that Chris and I love was deserted. Our county hasn’t made restaurants close yet.

  167. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, physical therapy has to come to our rooms because they don’t want everyone in the p.t. room together, coming and going. We can go into the hall to walk, but we can’t go to the therapy room. Oh, well, it least it’s going well.

  168. Been snowing since noon and more to come. Ordered some groceries. Will get delivered on Tuesday. Glad it’s not anything I need more quickly.

  169. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Not feeling so hot today. Think I just may have over did it yesterday. Sure be glad when the crud is finally gone.

  170. shelly peterson says

    I didn’t do much today. Staying inside.

  171. Well preschool is officially cancelled for my kiddo for the rest of the school year. Looks like we’re going to be doing a lot of playing and reading!

    • Crystal, Alice has been out a week already and it dawned on her she didn’t have to be home schooled if she had a headache. LOL Sneaky kid!! Her Daddy said it was fine. She has all weekend.

  172. Watching how many people are suffering either with the virus or the ramifications of it….feeling so grateful for my life no amount of empathy can be too much for all the suffering some are going through…as for me bathing the dogs today.. our oldest Phoebe at 15 has back leg problems and mild confusion.. she is the last of the litter and watching her slow decline is sad..

  173. Kate Sarsfield says

    Thank you for the kind messages, girls. You really are very special – take a bow xxx
    Mum’s a wee bit better today, and has finally agreed to take the stronger pain killers prescribed for her. They contain codeine & she was scared of becoming reliant on them. However, needs must. Stay safe & keep your distance x

    • Kate, I am so glad Mum’s at least a little better. I am so glad she decided to take the stronger meds. There is no reason to be in pain.

    • So glad that mum has decided to take the stronger meds.. with the pain and her age I doubt highly addiction is going to be a problem…at the end my husband , who was so against any form of pain relief was begging for more…I can only imagine the pain and to make it easier is a must…

  174. Kim Avery says

    Just taking it one day at a time. We are getting closer to full lock down and that worries me because we still aren’t stocked up on food due to being sick just a week before this started! Now the shelves are bare!

  175. Tamra Phelps says

    They just took one of the older ladies up front to the lobby so she can talk to her daughter through the window. Yep, that’s the only way any of us can see our visitors. I just talk to them on the phone. But for some of the older folks here, especially those who are a little confused, it’s upsetting to not see their families. They say that for ‘end of life’ situations they’ll arrange something, so I guess they’ll usher family in to the room for that.

  176. I had a eureka moment about the TP dilemna – don’t buy food, another hard chore, then there won’t be any eating, so no need for the TP. Yeaa! Just got done watching our governor live, they are trying to be a very conservative state, our state didn’t get much masks, etc. First covid-19 diagnose in our town announced a couple of minutes ago. Staying in touch with relatives via FB, etc!

  177. We had about 4 inches of snow yesterday and a bit off and on today. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are easy for me since they are mostly my ‘quiet day at home’ days. BUT! I want my Monday, Wed, Friday swimming days and my Sunday chorus days. Compared to healthcare workers and other essential people like grocery people I’m in a very good place. Have to keep up my Attitude of Gratitude for what I do have. I’m certainly not spreading the virus…..

    • Sarah, that’s a GREAT way to think about this time… Attitude of Gratitude. SNOW!? We had 50 degree weather today and I took Bear to the dog park. It was amazing!!! The 5 or 6 humans stayed 6 ft or more apart. It was Bears first trip to a dog park she was sooooooo shy. She did NOT want any other Dogs LOOKING at her Mom so she grumbled a few times (seriously, sounded like she was talking and says my MOM, MY MOM).
      Hopefully Monday, Wednesday and Fridays get back to normal. It’s hard not to get depressed being stuck at home. BUT, like you said Attitude of Gratitude! Starting in the morning.

  178. Diane K. Brimmer says

    My symtoms are getting better but still really run down. Hard to beleive how hard it hit me. Sure hope the rest of the family including the hubby doesn’t get this. Stay home Connie, nothing is worth going through this.

    • Diane, UGH!!! Feel better!! I did a bad thing. I went to town, hit the post office, UPS and then the dog park. I practiced social distancing. I didn’t hug my friend Marilee we sat on opposite ends of the bench. I promise not to go anywhere else. Diane, feel better!

  179. Crystal K says

    Adventures in social distancing: the kids have been home for one week today (aside from walks and playing outside). We’ve painted, sidewalk chalked, read, played board games, did puzzles, danced, sang, colored, slept on the floor in sleeping bags, watched TV, baked, cooked, played video games, had a porch picnic, made blanket forts, and more. Phew. Getting short on ideas!

    • Crystal, Great job! I am so glad my kids are grown. It’s got to be exhausting!! I bet other Peanuts have some ideas?? How about a scavenger hunt? Pedicures? Ohmygosh, I have to put my thinking hat on.

      • I don’t know, in that when we were kids, we just played by ourselves. I don’t recall ever feeling bored or saying it to our mom or dad. We did most of these things, and didn’t mind doing the same things again.

  180. shelly peterson says

    Another day of dialysis. Happy Friday!

  181. Up at 5am and the lawn man is here already at the break of dawn! Love this guy getting things done early…If the rain doesn’t come today have to go out with a bucket of urea and do all the fruit trees…then transplants.. picked all the eggplant and zucchini yesterday so new seedlings are ready to take their place…Mixing some calcium carbonate for my tomatoes then in to read and watch some news….

  182. Kate Sarsfield says

    Ha! Michele, I was up at 5am as well but only because I was cold. I fell asleep with the curtains & a window wide open. Then a very hungry and insistent cat bopping me on the nose. I’m venturing out to the nearest little shop today for some bread & milk but shall remain masked & gloved at all times, never fear.

  183. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Gorgeousday out today but it’s 19 degrees out. Don’t really mind being quarantined as not feeling just ready to go out in to the world just yet anyway. Boy the flu really kicked my butt.

  184. I’m going stir crazy, lol. We are starting to irritate each other. We’re all stuck on this hall back here because they don’t want us mingling to much. Honestly, if Mike doesn’t stop singing at the top of his lungs, I’m gonna break something over his head. I feel guilty because he’s singing hymns, lol. But, to be blunt, he’s an attention ‘ho’–you know the type?? He needs to be the center of attention at all times. So, he’s like a giant toddler, constantly yelling, singing, talking. I’m realizing that I haven’t known a moment of just SILENCE since I first got sick. Hospitals and nursing homes are never silent, not even at night.–Connie, I guess I’m stuck here until this virus is over. My family can’t come in to help me get my things out, and the place we were thinking of going briefly for very intensive, sort of advanced therapy, isn’t taking anyone in right now. Well, I’ll just keep doing therapy here, lol. Barry, my physical therapist, is really the best. He’ll find a way to help you learn to do what you need to do even if they don’t have the most advanced equipment.

    • for quiet, I bought some safety ear muffs with high db rating, use them along with silicone ear plugs, Cuts out most everything, ahhh silence! Not as nice as being on a mountain top and hearing the chirping of birds, but better than hearing someone yodeling at the top of their lungs all day!

      • Tamra Phelps says

        Lol, I’ll try the ear muffs. Because I’m not going to be anywhere a mountaintop any time soon!

        • They can cut out up to 36db. I use them with silicone ear plugs, when needed. Instant Bliss! I only worry if there is a crash, etc., I’ll not hear it! The first time I bought them I walked into a gun shot and said my neighbors are making noise at night keeping me awake. And they say, so you want to buy a gun? Looking quite worried. I got a chuckle and said no, I just want the ear muffs!

          • I mean gun SHOP not gun SHOT.

            • Tamra Phelps says

              That’s pretty funny, lol. They probably thought they better not tick you off if you buy a gun to deal with neighbors! They must’ve been relieved to hear you only wanted the ear muffs.

  185. My chorus is going to do an online rehearsal tomorrow. Should be interesting. Have a grocery deliver coming in a couple of hours. I do dislike shopping, but still miss trips to the grocery store.

  186. Crystal K says

    Connie, your scavenger hunt idea is a good one! Today we baked bread and made vegetable soup and read lots of books. Maybe we’ll try a scavenger hunt tomorrow!!

  187. shelly peterson says

    I didn’t do much of anything today.

  188. Jennifer Wilson says

    Our governor had a press conference today and about all I learned is he loved our state. *shrug*

  189. Early morning drama.. the kind I hate.. a snake in the aviary at half six…thank goodness for awesome neighbours..one call and the snake was dispatched…first one this year.. was going to take the day off but mixing malathion instead and spraying the ground and tree base around the aviary….that clorox and black detergent are the only things that keep them away…pray that the day gets better….

  190. Kate Sarsfield says

    News from County Wexford, Ireland: I saw an unusual visitor to the bird feeder this morning & sent off an email to the Irish Birds blog – from my description they said it was a woodpecker!!! I hope it comes back so I can be completely sure – it’d be the first sighting of one in Wexford. Ireland had none until about 15 years ago when a pair were spotted north of Dublin, possibly escaped, and they’re thriving. Dad would have loved this! Oh, and it’s Mothering Sunday here & in the UK – a non-visiting, keep your distance Mother’s Day. So Mum had coffee & toast with birthday candles this morning.

    • Tamra Phelps says

      Kate, did you get to hear him (or her) pecking? I’ve heard one a few times and it’s pretty loud when they get going. It’s really quick, da da da da da over and over. Very annoying, lol.

  191. Today has been fine so far. We got some things we needed at the store. It is still so amazing to me to see empty shelves in stores. Everyone, stay well and wash your hands.

  192. Tamra Phelps says

    There’s nothing like being told not to go anywhere to make you want to go everywhere. My brother called last night as he was leaving work. He said their shelves are wiped out as soon as they can fill them. Even the fresh meat section was bare except for some fish. The human race has been a bit of a disappointment during this, you know.

  193. Sage singers virtual rehearsal was fun. Good to see the other members.

  194. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Really have enjoyed the day today. Just laid back with the hubby and did a movie marathon.

  195. Jennifer Wilson says

    Two people in the town where my hubby works in the most popular convenience store have it. So he has likely been exposed. 🙁 I placed my first Kroger online grocery order tonight. First pick up they had open is on Thursday, might ride along with DH to just get out of the house.

  196. shelly peterson says

    Another day cooped up inside. I thought I would never say I looked forward to dialysis. Least I get out a bit.

  197. up and at um today.. transplants and odds and ends around the garden. trying to make a rock border for some new plants.. in the afternoon checking in via email with my cousins and daughter-in-law….

  198. Kate Sarsfield says

    It IS a woodpecker! Black & white with a red cap & red pubic area (do birds have a pubic area?). It’s a male & my ‘expert’ says he should bring the young to the feeder once they’re old enough!!!!! Doing a Connie there with all the exclamation marks but this is the best news I’ve had in weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. It’s just a cold snowy day here today. Good day to stay inside and bake!

  200. Tamra Phelps says

    My ‘neighbors’ on this hallway are starting to irritate, lol. Geeze, I hope this virus ends soon. My physical therapist basically told me I’m probably able to go home, but how do I go? I mean, the house I was renting before is now for sale, so I have to go through the housing authority, I guess. I mean, are they even working now? They might only be doing emergency situations, like if someone has a fire and needs immediate shelter. Finding a new apartment or house for someone who isn’t in immediate dire need likely isn’t being done.

    • yikes. I hope you find something without much trouble. Our town is closed up, too, there are a few of them working remotely, but I doubt they are able to help much. It often takes a while to sell a house, maybe an investor will want to buy it and have you continue to live there?

    • Tamra, I’m with you. This is just scary. Any chance you can go to your brothers?

      • Tamra Phelps says

        Unfortunately, they live in a split level. Stairs everywhere, lol. It would be really hard for me.

  201. Sigh. No swimming as usual today. I really miss it. This is my 10th day sheltering at home.

  202. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Another gorgeous day! Well, Michigan is officially on lock down, tarting 12:00 am. We may finally get the things done around the house that need done, as there is no place to go.

    • Diane, I finally cleaned the main floor yesterday. But, I am so unmotivated to do anything else. You would think not being able to go anywhere I’d be a cleaning, creative fool. NOPE. This is just making me a big ole lump!

      • I kind of feel schlumpy, too, with all that is going on. But I managed to kick myself in the butt enough to get more paperwork done. That was after both my sisters called me, telling me not to listen what the other one was going to say to me. (Apparently, they had been talking about me, then started arguing about it, and each one was scared the other one would say what they said.) I told them both I already know the bad things they say, and not to worry, and that I won’t tell either one what they each have told me about the other one. I’m the middle child, so am used to that, but sometimes my head spins,

  203. shelly peterson says

    Today was a dialysis day. Its a little chilly here today, I miss the nice couple days we had.

  204. Kate Sarsfield says

    We’re just back from the first radiotherapy treatment. It’s a very high dose and she’s in a lot of pain and vomiting but she’s going to stick with it. We go again on Thursday for another high dose then rest at home for a while before another CT scan & bloods to see how effective it’s been. Sooo tired but it’ll get a lot worse before it gets better.

  205. Tamra Phelps says

    Sometimes, the people who work here get nuts. Today, they told the aides that there was too much clutter, so get rid of some of it. They came in here and started just tossing out some of my roommates stuff. I flat out said ‘keep your hands off my s%$*’ and told them it’s not clutter, it’s my stuff. It’s not our fault that they shove two people in a small room with no adequate storage. I made it clear they better not think about rearranging or tossing ANYTHING that belongs to me. My roommate realized what they were doing and made them go through the garbage and let her see what they had thrown out of hers, lol. The great clean up seems to have halted. They might be rethinking that grand idea, ha!

  206. Kim Avery says

    I ventured out to buy a few groceries for us and my mother in law. I was pleasantly surprised to see the store somewhat stocked! I was able to finally get some meat and eggs!

  207. Got my grocery delivery this afternoon. Had milk and bread (and chips) but no eggs. I’m just glad they deliver and I don’t have to go out.

  208. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Finally got enough energy to walk down to the barn to see my goats today. I think Coger was glad to see me. He just wanted attention. It was kinda cute.

  209. Crystal K says

    More adventures in trying to entertain my kids stuck at home: did a letter scavenger hunt, made oat cookie balls, and went “fishing” in a “pond.” Used magnetic fishing poles and fish, and the pond was a blue blanket. I’m tired!

  210. shelly peterson says

    I did a little cleaning today and that’s about it.

  211. Jennifer Wilson says

    It’s five in the morning and I’m enjoying some time away from my husband. He’s in bed. He doesn’t go back to work until April 10. It’s going to be a LONG time cooped up with him. lol

  212. Kate Sarsfield says

    I’m up since 4am with a pain in my hip – getting Mum up & about isn’t doing my torn tendon any good. It’s another lovely day here. I’ve to go into town later for Mum’s meds & a bit of shopping. Oh, and the female woodpecker was here today! I’m so hoping there’ll be babies!!!

    • I truly feel for you and mum Kate…I out myself in the situation and it is so very hard…been there twice and all I can say is you have to be strong physically and mentally so take good care of yourself…

  213. Yesterday was a physically draining day.. put up wire for my string beans..I am not as young as I used to be but all in all I got it done…today I have to fix some of the wire in the aviary..I cannot leave any spaces for the snakes to come in…

  214. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Going to try to go out again today to see my goats! I really need to get out as on Saturday it will be 2 weeks since I came down with the flu. It has really kicked my butt.

  215. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m starting to miss my family. I’m not usually an overly sappy person, lol, but on occasion you just want to see people you’re related to, lol. I’m surrounded by people here, but they’re not my family. Oh, well, I imagine we’ll get through this. Maybe we’ll all appreciate each other more afterwards.

  216. I got wild and crazy and went out and drove to Wendy’s drive through. I had 2 free coupons for fries and a drink and bought a small hamburger. Lovely outside with temps in the lower 60s. Would have been a swim day. sigh.

  217. Day is going good. I feel like I won the lottery, after several days of searching online and calling stores, I found toilet paper I could order! Yeaa! I never thought I’d be so excited about it, but wowie, zowie, and I just completed the online order a couple of minutes ago, so please excuse my giddiness!

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      Woo hoo! Oh, the relief 😉

      • ehh not so soon. This morning I tried to get through on their 800 number, and they do not answer the phone (all day). It says you can email them, and I did two times, nada. So then I started looking up reviews, all bad, I think I got taken, as they have no address. I want to give it a couple of days to see if they ever respond, and then take it up with the payment company. I feel like a big ‘ol fish that glommed onto that flashy lure. So I’m back to the drawing board looking around for the tp.

  218. Since we are staying in during this awful Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been calling friends that I haven’t talked to in a while to see how they are doing. So far, everyone is well. I feel so sorry for the many people that have become sick, had to be hospitalized or lost someone. Many people are worried and very anxious.

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      While I was waiting for Mum in radiotherapy a older man came in for his turn. The nurse was helping him to fill in his form … no next of kin. Broke my heart having to go through that all alone.

  219. shelly peterson says

    Went to dialysis and came home and took a nap. I hate that I cant go anywhere.

  220. Kate Sarsfield says

    That’s Mum’s second radiotherapy done. Plenty of rest now till she has a follow-up CT scan to see if it’s working. It seems wrong to go to bed when the sun’s shining but I’m so tired … see y’all tomorrow!

  221. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m sitting here watching the news and getting depressed. The news is just so bad these days. I get a lift from watching NY Gov. Cuomo’s news briefings. At least he seems honest and in charge and at work. Our Gov., in KY, is the same, very proactive. Hopefully, it helps.

  222. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Went to town to pick up meds. from the Pharmacy. Sure glad we went when we did because I guess there was several State Police cars doing traffic stops. They were asking people why they were out and on the road. Crazy!

  223. Thursday. Today seems quite normal since Thursdays are usually my quiet time at home. I gave my neighbors the rest of my Wendy’s coupons since they expire on the 31st. I put them in an envelope and left it on their porch. Still social distancing….

  224. shelly peterson says

    I didn’t do much today. I did get outside on for a little bit. I would love to see my grandkids.

  225. Yesterday had to go to the chemist for meds for my Phoebe.. she is going downhill quickly…the last dog from a 2005 litter.. she was my special baby.. her mum wouldn’t feed her so there I was with a baby bottle …slept by my side of the bed on the floor next to me….anyway .. so strange watching people in our little village wearing masks and gloves going into the shoppes… older folks looking so scared…Our Prime minister has called an orange alert and a 6am-6pm curfew… all I can do right now is go out get some work done then come back in and stay by Phoebe…

  226. Kate Sarsfield says

    This was to be a lie-in day after a tough week so of course I was wide awake at 6am! Never mind, we’re safe & well (ish) which is more than so many can say. Count your blessings!

  227. Laurie Nykaza says

    we are in self isolation right now so were watching tv reaching out to friends online and going out in our back yard just to get outside.

  228. Tamra Phelps says

    I found out today that this small town, where this nursing home is, has its first COVID-19 case (that we know of, likely others have it and just think they have a cold, etc.) This is really a tiny town, about twenty minutes from the town I ‘live’ in when I am not here. So, now we wait to see if it gets in here…

    • We have several cases in my town now. My hometown not too far from here the mailman has COVID-19. I’m being as careful as possible, not getting that much done, our town government is shut down, even the police won’t come unless a dire emergency. So far we are surviving, as long as we can get through this, it is worth making sure you do everything you are supposed to. Sometimes I forget, I just realized after I went to get my mail at the complex, I had used handrails, etc., I forgot to wash my hands when I got back. I’m getting better at it, though.

      • Kate Sarsfield says

        Rosie, wear gloves whenever you go out. They don’t have to be surgical ones, then just sling them in the wash when you come home.

  229. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Today was good! Got out for another walk to see my three kids(goats). The sun was nice as it still is a little nippy out for me just yet. Had to make a stop and sit in our gathering place where we have swings surrounding our fire pit. Was truly a nice day.

  230. It was nice weather out today. I walked to a store that has the hour for seniors to shop, first time. Wow, I was amazed at how long the line was, and it was nice to be able to get a few things, that I could carry back home. I still haven’t found any toilet paper, the store aisle was totally bare of anything paper!

  231. Cloudy and a bit rainy. Got a call reminding me to get my blood drawn. Called back and found out they have a 7am time on Monday where there are just the lab people. So I will be getting up really early (for night owl me) on Monday. I do need to get the tests for the doctor to make sure my meds are correct before I get my infusion on April 7th.

  232. Jennifer Wilson says

    I’m in the living room and I sent my husband upstairs to do some chores. I’m enjoying the few minutes away from him. LOL We both are getting on each other’s nerves. LOL

  233. It was a beautiful sunny day today. It got up to 68 degrees. For several minutes I didn’t think about how the world is suffering with Coronavirus. I watched the birds flying to my feeders and returning to the trees. I felt the warm breeze on my face while my wind chimes tinkled sweet sounds. And then I began my daily prayers for all the people affected by this virus.

  234. We got heaps of snow today so I made the kids ice cream from snow, like my Grandpa used to do for me when I was a kid. They loved it!

  235. shelly peterson says

    Happy Friday. I am glad its the weekend.

  236. Kate Sarsfield says

    … and so, ladies and gentlemen, the Sarsfield saga continues. Highs and lows, tears and laughter, music and silence. The sun shines, the rain falls, the garden grows and we are safe. Wishing the same to each and everyone of you xxx

  237. Kim Avery says

    Its a rainy day and I will be spending it relaxing! I’ve had a crazy week of running errands and shopping for my mom, mother in law and their friends. I’m glad to see some things back in stock but toilet paper is still hard to find.

  238. Just came up from burying my Phoebe…she passed away yesterday afternoon right after her bath…dried her placed her down in the drawing room so she could be with us and within minutes she left us…. thank goodness for our wonderful neighbour who came and dug for us….the rest of this day is going to be a sad one…

  239. Shannon Holmes says

    Chris is really worried because his mom works in health care and he is afraid he will lose his whole family.

  240. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m not going to lie, being stuck in this place, not seeing my family, is starting to get to me. I’m definitely not as easy-going as normal, little things bother me. Oh, well, I imagine we’ll eventually get through this.

  241. Kind of quiet so far. I’m thinking spring and burning my Lilac Blossoms scented Yankee candle while doing my paperwork.

  242. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Need to get the John Deere Gator’s water pump fixed so we can at least go for a ride around the farm. I need to get outside just a little bit. So grateful to live in the country where we don’t have to worry about the distancing so much. Just can’t see family. Which also brings up being grateful for FaceTime. Love seeing the grandkids. They are growing up too fast.

  243. Snow last night but sun is melting it today. Did my grocery shopping online. Next delivery time is April 2nd. I have plenty of food til then.

  244. Jennifer Wilson says

    My insurance won’t cover the med I have been taking for a while, so my doc switched me. Of course, I take my first dose on a Saturday when the doctor’s office is closed. You know how you hear on TV “pain at the injection site”? I was in horrible pain for almost 4 hours. Hope the doc can get my insurance to override the ruling I can’t have the first med. I cried for a good half hour. The other med I never bat an eye when I would inject it.

  245. Dreary rainy day today and tomorrow to be the same. Spoke to my daughter-in-law today. I worry about her because she is a doctor in south Florida and the number of Covid-19 patients are increasing.

  246. Mya Murphy says

    To be honest, my life really hasn’t changed much. I’m disabled so I hardly went out before.

  247. Today is definitely going to be a quiet reflective day…Going to watch mass on TV then read and relax.. the garden is well watered from all the rain last night (along with a current outage) so i will not have to do that…Received a few birthday cake orders for May so time to start my baking calendar…

  248. Ann Fantom says

    We have been practicing social distancing, but still plan to go outside for a walk on the local rail trail.

  249. Kate Sarsfield says

    Mum is up & out of bed!! It’s a lovely day but the wind is cold so I’m going to grout another bit of Mum’s shower.

  250. Alyce Poalillo says

    Well today is very rainy and the horses are slipping in the mud so we must move them around to safer ground so pretty busy and wet.

  251. It is windy.
    I am concerned about an elderly parent and the sibling that has been taking care of her.
    Hopefully will be able to go out for a walk today.

  252. I’m just trying to hang in there. This has really devastated my career and industry but I’m lucky to have family to lean on in these tough times. I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and well!

  253. Margaret Smith says

    Going okay so far. It’s a rainy day and being stuck inside has me a bit stir crazy, but all in all it’s not too bad.

  254. Barbara Montag says

    Today is going quite well – getting laundry done and some other necessary things.

  255. So far it is going good; the sun is shining outside and thank God we have a screened in back porch to enjoy. The hardest part of this is missing my daughters & grandkids. I spent a lot of time with them before this began and I miss them dearly. At least we can Skype and FaceTime. We all have to keep the faith and hope this ends soon. Stay safe everyone!

  256. Just another chilly and dreary day today. Getting ready to pop some ribs in the oven. Then make some cheddar biscuits!

  257. My day is going good. Youngest son called and instead of losing a job like my husband did this past week from coronavirus, he is getting extra work on the weekends. A sigh of relief. Going to take a nap now

  258. My day is going well. It has been a stressful time for everyone and we have to settle into a new normal.

  259. Giant Sis says

    Ugh – having headaches lately. Probably weather related mixed with hormones, ya know? Thankful for a sweet hubby who is patient when I don’t feel good.

  260. Susan Smith says

    My day is going good. Spring is in the air and it’s nice to go outside without a coat. We are staying home except for a walk outside and I’m doing some decluttering and cleaning.

  261. It’s a beautiful rainy Sunday afternoon in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve got a bowl of macaroni and cheese, plus a sleeping, snoring dog next to me- life is pretty good. 😉

  262. Tamra Phelps says

    Weekends here are so chaotic. Sleep is getting hard to come by here, too. The guy across the hall (who has the mental state of a five or six year old) has a radio that he’s been playing loudly, day and night, constantly changing the channels. He takes things apart, though, so it’ll tear up soon. Another guy on this hall sings constantly and its getting irritating. In short, we are getting on each others nerves, lo.

  263. Staying in today, dark and rainy, so doing cozy things inside. Made a nice soup with the 16 beans package and ham. Good on a day like today.

  264. David Hollingsworth says

    Just hanging out at home, of course. I’m trying to watch more movies. If not that, I usually clean up a little, like vacuum, mow the lawn, etc.

  265. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Well kinda got carried away with cooking today. I think I may have made enough food for all of next week. Lol

  266. Had a fun virtual chorus rehearsal. It’s fun to see everyone. Put in my grocery delivery order for next week.

  267. Hollie Jahnke says

    My day is going alright. We mostly watched movies all day.

  268. Connected with several family members and friends today using FaceTime. Everyone is spread out all over the U.S. It really helps to see them keeping their spirits up these days.

  269. shelly peterson says

    I’m staying home and its so boring.

  270. Richard Hicks says

    My day or night is going ok. Doing lots of housework being stuck in the house.

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