$50 Your Way #Giveaway July 2020

Anddddddddddddd here we are again.  Another month has passed by like a lightening bolt.

Best part of June?  I believe that we can all agree is that Tamra got sprung!! Congratulations Tamra. You are a ROCK star!! Did you get a “goin’ home party’ from the home? I tried my darnedest to get Alice to do a video congratulations video. Yea…. working with a 9 year old takes a lot of bribery and from a different state I have less ‘pull’ than I use too. But, one of these days it may just show up. Fingers crossed.

My June biopsy came back ‘inconclusive’ so the whole lump must go. That will be the 24th of July. Ohhhh the fun I have. NOT!

Weather wise we had all of 1 DAY. ONE. that hit mid 70’s and it’s been raining and chilly all through June. I don’t believe that Idaho got the memo it’s SUMMER!!

Since I don’t have a ton of updates I thought I would FINALLY add the picture of how I envision Kate’s front door.  Each time Kate talks about gardening this is what I see. Am I close?

The last thing I have that I think is very funny. Is my Happy Birthday picture from Alice.  You may ask ‘what’s with the tape??’  Yeah, she was bored.  This kid!!


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC’s would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts.  Stay safe and stay well!

463 thoughts on “$50 Your Way #Giveaway July 2020

  1. My day is going great! We got more painting and work done to get the house on the market this fall.

  2. My most exciting thing today was putting together my groceries list for pick up tomorrow. I splurged on some cream cheese with salmon.

  3. It’s been a rainy week here. Today isn’t looking any better, either, lol. And I need to clean the bathroom, so…yay for me, lol

  4. My day is going quite okay. Finding out your pregnant from a clearblue preg test digital and then having blood work done and it saying negative kinda disappointment a lil bit been a little bleh.

  5. Day is going good. Went to Whole Foods this morning, a couple of blocks away. Whole Paycheck, only got a few things to tide me over. If I had the bucks, I’d love so many things!

  6. The doorbell rang and there was a delivery of the biggest bouquet I have ever seen. Oh, no, not more sympathy and well-meaning condolences – can’t take much more, I thought. I opened the card and they’re for me from the choir, then I noticed they’d left the price sticker on the card and just burst out laughing! Girls, I’ve got my mojo back!!! Been really busy since then going through my list of who to inform re. Mum’s death, her pensions, a/cs etc. and it’s been fine.

    1. You just needed to take a little time. That’s usually how it works, I think. (Oh, I had a great aunt who deliberately left the price stickers on every gift she bought…she wanted to be sure you knew how much she spent. If it was missing, she got it on sale and didn’t want you to know, lol!)

  7. It has been a good day with hubby being off. We bought some new patio chairs that my mom and hubby put together to find out we bought the wrong ones! lol

    1. Ackkkkkk! I let The Husband choose the patio set. [FacePalm] WHAT was I thinking? We have an end table type thing instead of a table to eat on. A BUNCH of chairs that don’t match. I just shake my head.

  8. Day is going good, another hot one! Well, the fire marshal has been told to do another inspection of our complex. He lied all the way up the chain to the town manager and got caught out, as he tried to say he doesn’t recall our complex or the outstanding report of violations, even to his boss, the fire chief (the fire marshal office reports to the chief). However, upon further questioning, he had to change his story. He admitted “some” things on the report (he had just said didn’t exist) were not done (as in NOTHING has been done), and that it started in 2017 (actually 2016). Now I hope the fire marshal doesn’t leave out the violations in his “inspection,” he should be wary of making more misrepresentations. I’m sure the management here will be extremely ticked off at me, but if the holler and threaten me again, I’m calling the police. I still don’t trust these town officials, very sneaky, and it is an “ol’ boys’ club” kind of atmosphere. They don’t want to have to answer to a “chick” who complained about their lousy job they did.

    1. There’s a saying that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, in other words, those who shout loudest get listened to. Keep making noise, Rosie & things will get done x

  9. It’s raining buckets here today. I mean, every little bit it goes from a steady drizzle to a torrential downpour.
    It’s going to be a gray day, but we need rain, so…I’ll deal with it, lol.

  10. Michele’s just given me a possible new project: Spinach! I might plant a couple of containers for myself. I’ve got this genetic ‘thing’ where I can only absorb iron in it’s natural form so supplements are no good and I hardly ever eat meat so …

  11. Worked cleaning trees yesterday and by the time I was done it was collapse on the couch… today is a bit of raking then seed starting….Still processing mangoes and bunches of spinach to clean and frig….

  12. So hot out today so we didnt work in the garden but I’m sure the butterflies will be just fine.

  13. Great! My sister took me out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then to Walmart. Bought me a new outfit and shoes for my birthday August 4. Had a good time.

  14. Occupational therapy has discharged me (they do upper body stuff, mostly, making sure you can use your arms, figure out a way to get dressed, cook, etc.) I knew that would be brief because I can basically do all that–oh, my arm strength is still not 100%, but it’s okay. Physical therapy, walking, is ongoing. It’ll last a few more weeks, to be sure I have the stamina to continue improving on my own.

  15. I just didn’t feel like doing anything for a couple of days so I didn’t. Went to bed, slept, fed the cat, went back to bed … anyway, time to find my mojo … sure I left it around here somewhere.

  16. Yea, the humidity is down today, even though the temps will still be In the heat wave stratosphere. Will try to get some chores done, yesterday was too sweltering!

  17. I didn’t do much today. I ran my daughter some soup and jell-o because she ha d her molars pulled. Then I did some cleaning

  18. Just as my back was getting better to see the chiropractor today, I did something to it again before leaving to see him. I’m still sore but should be better soon!

  19. Didn’t go swimming today. Just not back into going 3 times a week. Made reservation for Thursday.

  20. Kind of a strange day. My Chromebook died, and I was able to get an Apple Air basic, delivered in a few hours! I had been looking into replacing this Chromebook, as it had been started to fall apart. It is very different and I’m just getting the most basic (and important) things figured out, you know, like finding Connie’s blog!

  21. My day is going I would say. I have a few things to do today and shower and go to my boyfriends moms house for dinner and then meeting up with some friends to have a few drinks. I’m hoping the weather cools down by then it’s way to hot out LOL

  22. Well, now I’m wondering what’s up with Kate. I haven’t seen her comment in a few days. Kate, I hope you’re not feeling bad!

  23. Ugh. Upset stomach for a few days, now. It’s just blech enough to make you feel it, lol. Oh, well, this too shall pass…and I’ve had worse.

      1. Yeah, today is okay. I have gut issues from the sepsis. It attacked my gut. I’m still trying to repair it 2 1/2 years later. Some days it goes a little nuts, starts spasming.

  24. Well Ice is strong and she still barks at toads but I know from 3 previous pooches what canine cancer is like.. I do not need a visit to the vet for diagnosis….keeping her clean and tidy and meds for the pain is what I am doing…

  25. Okay, here’s a piece of advice: when you move in to a new place, make sure you find your plunger and put it in the bathroom. I nearly had a catastrophe last night…yep, and couldn’t find the plunger. Had to call my brother and drag him over here at almost 11 p.m. Honestly, I hate those commodes that are ‘low water’– you know, they barely flush. But, last night, the fact that it was low water might’ve been the only thing that kept it from over-flowing! Of course, if it used a decent amount of water, it might not have had a problem at all, lolol.

  26. It’s going to be another hot & humid day so my plan is to stay as still as possible in front of the air conditioner!

  27. I have actually grown to love Mondays! I love setting the tone for a great week by waking up super early and peacefully starting my week!

  28. Our last dog, originally we had 7, has taken ill…Ice is a gorgeous black rotty mix who still has puppy tendencies.. love her so….taking care of her and making her comfortable….my father old me when I was a wee girl that if you do not want to cry or be sad you would have to not care for any person or animal and who could live like that…..so that is the reality of a life lived.. joy and sadness….

  29. This is my alone and coffee time, day will start soon. Soon 7 others will be up and going.We will be home working and schooling.

  30. I tried t relax today. But i went to lunch with all my kids. Then later in the day my daughter’s came over with my grandkids

  31. Connie I hope all went well for you…hope you are given only the best of news…. Well by grace we were spared the tropical storm.. it fizzled out and all we got was an hour or so of heavy rain…

  32. Connie, I hope you’re feeling good today. Here’s a bit of odd news to make you smile: did you know that there is actually an annual get-together for people who collect antlers, like the ones you find in your neck of the woods?? Apparently, they compete (I’m not sure in what type of categories) and people sell antlers, too. It happens in Colorado. I was reading an article in People about a lady who has gone missing, and it mentioned that she and her husband often attended it.

  33. I’m hoping for a nice relaxing day in front of the air conditioner! I’m not handling the heat very well this summer and with everything else going on I just need a day to recharge.

  34. Day is going good, another scorcher, but no rain. I’m watching the weather right now for Hawaii, as I have relatives there, as hurricane Douglas barrels in.

  35. Well up and analyzing the skies.. dark and ominous looking….we are on yellow alert heavy rainfall expected…a stay inside and chill weekend…

  36. I had dialysis today. Came home to rest. Now I’m getting for going to the lake tomorrow.

  37. I GOT TO GO SWIMMING!!! My friend found a therapeutic pool that is open now. Have to make a reservation and only 10 people at a time. There were only 5 other people and it was wonderful. I may have over done it a bit. I need a nap. My hair is so long when I’m in the pool. First time in a pool since March 13th. My friend and I are going again on Sunday.

  38. Been a good day! I pulled a muscle in my back a few days ago, so I’m slow-moving. And it was a bummer that our local Starbucks was closed today, but life is good! No one is sick, and the kiddo is moved into their apartment with their bestie!

  39. Well as of 6 pm this evening we are on tropical storm alert…looks like it will head right between us and Tobago .. Tobago has already put their ODPM on alert after that up the chain to Grenada then Barbados as it heads north.. with all the Sahara dust it seems to have down graded and thank goodness for that….hopefully all we will get is buckets of rain and a bit of wind…I feel bad for people living near water courses and on low lying areas…..

  40. The sun’s out now…but seeing as how it’s rained every day this week at some point, I’m waiting for the storm to arrive. I feel like I want to eat something, but nothing really calls to me. I feel like I ought to make a go at straightening out all these books and getting them where they go on the shelves, but…meh. Yeah, it’s that kind of day.

  41. A G H ! There, did that get your attention? Sorry, this is all about me … Sympathy Cards … I mean there I was watching Ava Gardner in ‘One Touch of Venus’ and the next I’m opening more sympathy cards that Pat the Postman delivered along with a heartfelt message of his own, then our Doc. rang to express his own sympathies and by this stage I was a burbling, good-for-nothing wreck … sorry Ava (and Robert Walker, remember him?). I’m just going to curl up & feel sorry for myself for a bit.

    1. Kate, I definitely remember that feeling. I would leave the radio on the news all night just to hear other voices, lol. The quiet is just overpoweringly loud, you know?

    2. I will offer you the same as I did Sarah. I could sing to you? I could give you my best Cher imitation “SNAP OUT OF IT” (course under the circumstance that seems mean and nasty, which I do NOT mean) or we could all three day drink until you laugh so hard your stomach hurts.

  42. Today’s gone pretty well. I got to spend time in the sun at the pool with my daughter. Currently, my main worry is about her upcoming school year. We’re in a hot spot in California so it looks like we’re going online. Poor kid. 3 months of kindergarten were online and now she’ll be missing first grade. Strange times.

  43. We camped last night and we were supposed to be camping tonight but we got caught in a HAIL STORM followed by a rainstorm, so we packed up our soggy kids and wet tent and came home.

  44. My procedure went well, so I’m happy about that. My results might not be back for 14 days, waiting is going to be a little difficult.

  45. The sky is gearing up for some thunderstorms. Getting a few things done for paperwork today, still in the heat wave!!!

  46. Every day this week we’ve had a brief torrential downpour in the afternoon. Today did not disappoint. The rest of the time, it clears up and gets really sunny. Mother Nature is having some serious mood swings.

    1. I remember Mum when she was on RHT – dear God, she threw a kitchen chair at me! Believe me, Mother Nature has no boundaries!

  47. Just winding down from a busy morning taking my mom to appointments. Luckily I got home before the rain! My plants are happy & so am I since its one less thing I have to do!

  48. As Michele quite rightly points out, Mother Nature often has other plans: I checked the forecast last night – ooh, lovely a nice dry night & day ahead. So of course I hung out the washing on my makeshift clothes line and, yes, it bucketed down.

  49. I woke up super early this morning so I’m hoping to get a jump on the day! I loooove getting up when the house is quiet and the world is still dark! Makes me feel like its bonus time in the day!

  50. Went to the lawyer yesterday.. good appointment in and out on schedule…did some last minute things in the village and home.. Tropical Storm Gonzalo is on its way here so by Saturday we will have rain rain rain.. trying to get started early moving all my pots and plants to the patio and any flying objects put away also…Cannot wait for the last minute.. projections by the MET office are lovely but Mother Nature often has another plan…..

  51. Almost a busy day: trip to the library to pick up a couple of books then I’m going to Smashburger to pick up some dinner.

  52. Preparing for a procedure tomorrow. Hoping for the best, I’m on a liquid diet, so hungry right now. I think it’s just knowing that I can’t eat anything but 40 hours is a long time without food, for me anyway.

  53. Day is going ok. Still in a heat wave. I called the Fire Marshal’s office and enquired about the status of our violations (haven’t called for at least 6 months). So he says they’ve been busy, as in, they’ve done nothing. I gave him the name of our new property manager, he said he would call, but it didn’t sound very convincing. The town doesn’t care, the management here doesn’t care and doesn’t want to spend the money, let’s see if the new property manager gets a phone call from the fire marshal. The property manager can get sued if there is a fire here, they should care….

      1. I just left a message on the Fire Chief’s voice mail. I found a town council person who seems to care more, and she is outraged, and is following up with the town manager. As of right now, the fire marshal (who writes up violations and enforces the code) says he is not aware of any complex in town with violations. BS! I’ve now provided significant detail, even the date of the report, the continued exchanges about it, and he is going to get caught out. My goal is to get these fixed. I can’t believe how much these town employees can get away with and leave residents in terrible danger. Too many fires at the complexes, they don’t care… they get a big fat paycheck no matter.

  54. Well, every therapist and nurse decided they needed to come today. At least it all gets done in one day. One more to go…

    1. … and then you can chill & explore more wardrobe (closet) space … obviously it must be filled xxx

  55. I have slept and slept and slept and still feel tired. And daytime telly! I’ve watched utter rubbish. I suppose it’s better than silence.

      1. Isn’t it wonderful … we’ve never met but I know in my heart that you care … how great is that!

  56. The Giveaway tools form has been having problems this week. Some sites aren’t working at all but at least PBW is letting me do my entries.

  57. Day is going good. We’re still in a heat wave, although I had the ride service to go for groceries. Just got finished putting things away. We’re back to having a tax on plastic bags so I still had my own to use.

  58. Like Michele, I’ve found myself thinking of my Mom. I guess it’s a combination of Kate’s Mom’s passing and the fact that my Mom died three years ago this month. Still miss her. Still talk out loud to her sometimes. Sometimes, I still cry when I think about her, but just as often the memories make me smile these days.

  59. Kate hope you are doing alright today.. Thinking of you as I remember my mum….pouring rain again and let it all go today.. tomorrow have to go to the lawyer and wading thru the puddles is something I do not like to do with my heels on girls!!

  60. Today was kinda neat – I’ve been working on an ebook for awhile. It’s about how I make side income selling used textbooks online. The ebook teaches others how to get started. It’s really easy and it’s been so amazing for me (the extra income helped me pay off my student loans more than 10 years ahead of schedule) and I wanted to share that with others. Anyway, today I self-published the ebook! Here’s the link if you’re interested: https://amzn.to/3eMw2Kj

  61. The physical therapist never showed today. I wonder why. I hope nothing happened to him. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow, assuming the other therapist shows up, lol.

    1. Sarah, do they have a website? Right now, I’d love to just pack a bag & head somewhere different … virtual will do as my own garden /houseplants always need tending … and of course, Idris, the cat ..

        1. Sarah, this is more than I could have hoped for! I love it – thank you so much, what a wonderful place! Really appreciate this!

  62. It was just way too hot here. Over 100 degrees and miserable. I am not a fan of Mondays and this one was exceptionally rough.I am grieving over the loss of a friend to suicide.

  63. We’re still in our heat wave. I’m listening to a live ST Supreme CT hearing about absentee ballots for a primary. Very interesting!

  64. Well, it’s all over and I’m sitting here wondering if I should go mad on the house or garden or just go for a nap. All the hectic phone calling & emails of the last couple of days and now just me and the cat (who’s been in another flipping fight). Time for some music, I think.

    Thank you for all your lovely messages of sympathy. I know I’m not alone and that means so much xxx

    1. In a way, all the calls and details to be worked out are easier than the quiet that comes afterward. You will get through this. It is an odd time, though. Hang in there.

    2. Hey Kate I had been following along with your Mom and I’m so sorry to hear she passed. I know we don’t know each other in real life, but I’m sending you love and light anyway.

  65. It’s beginning to look like another 90+ degree day here in New York! Air conditioners and fans going to make sure we stay cool inside!

  66. Today was another hot one. We had a family bbq and played some games. I sure wish the pool at my daughter’s apartment was open.

  67. Well, the weekend is all but over. Sundays sometimes get me down. I think it’s because it reminds of childhood Sundays when it meant going back to school the next day, lol.

  68. The heat wave has hit. I still have the windows open and fan on, so doing OK. At the board meeting, I see the new property’s manager’s ears picked up when she heard there is a fire marshal report. And she says ‘you have fire code violations?” with concern in her voice. And they had the nerve to say, “Oh no, they are just suggestions.” BS! I hope she isn’t that naive. She now knows they have blown all response dates, and cannot “appeal,” due to missing deadlines. I hope “it” hits the fan! The property management can get sued, too, if there is a fire, so they should care we are in a fire trap.

  69. It happened, and even though I knew it was coming it’s still hard to come to terms with. I’d been visiting Mum and she had ‘changed’. I don’t know how else to describe it. Anyway, I just sat & chatted away for an hour or so, drove home and hadn’t even got out of the car when the hospital rang to say she’d died. I rang my sister and everything after that’s a bit of a blur, just phoning to arrange her funeral, letting her friends & the neighbours know etc. Then today I had to pick her coffin & collect her things from the hospital … she’s being buried tomorrow, no fuss, no service, just some prayers and her ‘pet’ fiddle player to see her on her way.

    1. So sad to lose a parent even when you know it’s coming.
      May your life be easier now even if more lonely.

    2. I think that sounds like a perfect way for a send-off, Kate. It seems like it would suit her, based on how you’ve introduced her to us over the years. I can’t think of a better way to do it, it really seems designed for her by the person who likely knew her best, you.

    3. Lighting a candle today for mum.. sending her off the way she would want….my thoughts are with you….

  70. It’s going to be a hot one today so my plan is to do absolutely nothing! Already have the air conditioner and fans going to keep it as cool as I can!

  71. Today started out rough with my daughter waking up after 5.5 hours sleep. And boy was she up! She wanted breakfast and clothes on and hair done. Then she sort of crumbled. In the end we got in the pool for 3 hours! Perfect way to relax in this heat. I’m surprised she didn’t fall asleep at the pool! 🙂 She went down early tonight and I’ll do the same!

  72. well, it’s been another hot day. At least we’ve been getting some rain, though. Other places in the state seem to be getting kind of dry. Yep, I’ve been reduced to talking about the weather…that’s how boring I am now.

  73. We’re in the start of a heat wave, so staying in so far today. I’m trying to think of things to do with the egg, just made egg noodles from scratch, they came out good!

  74. It’s been a day! Woke up to no water due to a water main break. Then went to put new curtains up in bedroom and the top pane is cracked …no idea how since its over the bed & we never use it! Now having a “discussion” with husband as to the “right” way to run the antenna cable into the bedroom!

  75. Lost all my zucchini and melons to the heavy rains… well back to square one with seed starting and patio buckets…. flowers survive it all so that is a plus….all the rest of the veggies and hydroponics are fine so cannot complain….have to get moving…Happy Saturday to all….

  76. I’m heading in to visit Mum. She’s been in hospital over a week now. Haven’t heard her speak since she was in the ambulance … sorry, it’s a gloomy day so gloomy thoughts. I’ve click & collected a new toilet seat – hoorah! See, there’s always something to smile about, even if it’s just loo seats 😉

  77. Today was dialysis. I can home and tried to telax. My daughter brought me dinner. Which was nice.

  78. We took the kids camping last night and it turned out that there was a hummingbird nest at our campsite!! SO CUTE! We got to watch the little cutie zipping around.

  79. My brother and his family went to Kentucky Lake in Western KY for several days and just got back yesterday. He needs a vacation from his vacation, lol. He says vacations are not vacations for Dads. They have to drive there, haul in the luggage, set everything up, etc. I guess he’s right, lol. He did go zip-lining. He said after his youngest tried it, he felt he had no choice but to do it too. I understand they went fishing and tubing on the lake (well, the kids went tubing, he drove the boat pulling them. Hmm, I guess, Dads do really do all the work, lol.

  80. I’m having a great day! I was able to make quick run to the store to stock up on weekend goodies! Now to relax and enjoy!

  81. I decided not to visit Mum today but to sleep in & potter: I’ve cleaned through bathroom drawers & kitchen cupboards and found things that are not just a bit out of date but up to 17 years out of date. Taking great pleasure at chucking them out!

  82. Poured yesterday as I went shopping..torrential downpours.. perfect day to be inside.. Decided that from this point on my bulk shop is going to be click and go… store shopping is no longer a pleasurable experience..not because of the masks or hand sanitizing just the whole vibration….

      1. Connie rude is an understatement… miserable, aggressive and actually nasty about a shopping cart….what has happened to the public at large??

  83. Nice day out today. Well, my neighbors finally got over their fears and are using their pool, there are huge fences, etc., between all the properties, not much interactions, but if I knew someone I might be tempted to hint hint I’d love to try it out!

            1. I did just start taking that. So far it hasn’t helped. I did just order a new supplement to try. It’s a Melaluca Peak Performance pack. It has tons of minerals and stuff that’s supposed to help. Fingers crossed!

      1. I love the idea of living far north, the short summer, though, but I’d still go for it! I wonder if you are far enough north to see a glimpse of northern lights now and then.

        1. We are supposed to be able to see them and there is a comet that we are supposed to be able to see. I’ve looked but haven’t seen. There are a lot of people on Instagram that have gotten some really good shots though.

          1. I’ve been watching videos of the comet, amazing. I’d love to see the northern lights someday, seems very romantic.

  84. Well, this week has seemed so slow. And it’s still just Thursday, lol. It’s like being back in school, watching the clock tick sooooo slowly.

  85. Yesterday I just sat & chatted with Mum about all the people I’ve contacted who send their love, recent happenings in the village etc. then I told her I was on my way to get my haircut and said “Tada, Mam” and she smiled! Now it could just be coincidence but they do say that hearing’s the last sense to go, so maybe …

    1. When my Mom was in the hospital, my brother insisted that doctors take conversations into the hall just in case she could hear. Because the news was usually not good. I’d say she absolutely hears you.

  86. Well off to the shoppes.. The bulk shop doesn’t open until 10am!! why that is afternoon for me! It will be a long day out…..But I appreciate that I can go out….

  87. I woke up sore but very proud of myself! Yesterday I got tired of waiting for my son to come install my new window air conditioner so I walked it from the car to upstairs myself! Then I put the side vents on myself & lugged it to the window! Had it running all night to finally cool things down and now I’m prepared for 90+ degree heat!

  88. Oops. I realized last night as I was thinking about what I needed to do today that I had NOT renewed my car tags. I got the postcard at least 3 months ago but wasn’t driving my car and didn’t even think about it. At least it was easy enough to do online (for $55 extra including late fees) . Should get the new stickers in about 2 weeks so I have to drive v*e*r*y carefully until then.

    1. Sarah, what are car tags? Like our car tax that goes towards (supposedly) the maintenance of roads? Can you put proof of purchase in the windscreen just in case?

      1. Kate, every so often you have to get a totally new license plate but every year you have to replace the little sticker that goes in the corner of the license plate. It’s sort of a vehicle tax, I guess. They claim it goes toward things like roads, etc.

          1. Only need new plates if they are damaged in an accident or some such. I’ve had the same plates for 30 years so I just get the little stickers every year. I guess that makes me a very good driver…. At least this way I always have my numbers memorized.

          2. Once, my Mom had to get a new license plate because of some computer screw up at the clerk’s office, lol. I don’t remember her getting a new one other than that.

  89. Today, I made cornbread. You have no idea how great it is to be able to cook what you want after over two years spent in hospitals and nursing homes. It just takes cornbread to make me happy, lol.

  90. Getting ready to walk to town. No rain today, we still need more rain, but I’m taking the opportunity to get a couple of errands done that I can carry things home without juggling an umbrella!

  91. Today is St. Swithin’s Day. Apparently if it rains today, you can expect another 40 days of rain. Guess what? It isn’t raining! The hospital say there’s no change re. Mum. I’ll go to visit her later on after I’ve fed the cat & made some calls.

  92. A day to make shopping lists..Going about tomorrow so have to have all my ducks in a row….Shopping, which I used to love, has become a chore.. going to the bulk shop then the grocery and finally the post box…As for today I have hedges to trim and fertilize with urea..

  93. 23 degrees cooler today. 97 vs 74. Cloudy with an occasional passing shower.
    Was going to watch a movie online, but I didn’t like it and stopped soon.

  94. The day has been a long one. I spent hours waiting for a delivery…then I went to the bathroom and that’s when it arrived, lol. Story of my life. Oh, well, I eventually got it inside.

      1. Lol, it was a thing that fits around and over the toilet. It gives you armrests on the commode, lol, in case you need a way to give yourself a boost up. The box was too big for me to get in by myself, which is why I was watching for the delivery guy. But my sister-in-law’s Mother came by and she got it in for me.

  95. It’s going to be a beautiful day today and I have no math students so I am going to catch up on housework

  96. Mum’s weaker but pain-free and as she always said that life is for the living, I’ve spent the morning trying to get electricity, phone, local taxes etc. switched from her name to mine. Actually a hell of a lot easier than I expected. Also, I forgot to mention that my sister turned 60 on Sunday 12th. We have postponed it so she stays in her 50s for another year! This was always a happy, busy (and often expensive) time of year with first Dad, then Mum, then H., and finally my niece all a week or so apart.

  97. Spent the day yesterday processing more mangoes.. and keeping in touch with my cousins….emailing and texting and laughing together….reminds me how great my family is….as for today the garden once again is calling me….

  98. Currently 97 degrees outside. 80 in here so it’s comfortable. But I am very tired of all the hot…

  99. National Fries Day! I’m getting ready to make some stove-top fries with my crinkle cutter. Now I want to try making them with jicama, after seeing a video on Melissa’s Produce. I’ve never tried it before.

  100. Just finished physical therapy. The therapist came a little early today, which is fine by me. Sometimes progress seems too slow, but, I guess, as long as it’s progress, that’s fine, lol.

  101. I just had a call from the head of palliative care. Mum’s doing ok but is weak. They’re going to fit a morphine pump so as to have a continuous level of pain relief. I didn’t visit her yesterday, just spent the day catching up on housework and pottering about. Then in the evening my sister had to go to ER – both her ankles started to swell horribly. She’s got a bacterial infection & is now on 2 lots of antibiotics. Let this be a lesson to you ladies: NEVER use a blunt blade when shaving your legs!

    1. Wow. Definitely, don’t mess around with infections. The infection that led to my sepsis started in my right leg, they think. I never knew it was there. I’m glad she got to a doctor!

  102. After the lake yesterday my three grandsons stayed the night. Today we went to the park for a while and I came home and took a nap

  103. Spent the day running back and forth to Home Depot! Got the wrong size toilet, then a BROKEN toilet, finally we seem to have the right one. Now to get it installed!

  104. I’ve been kind of edgy today for some reason. I guess some days are just like this. It’ll be gone tomorrow.

  105. A friend came by to pick up my Cassio keyboard to use. She brought me a pot of zinnias and one of basil from her garden. We visited on my porch for almost an hour. Very nice.
    I used the keyboard a lot for many years but not in the last couple so I’m glad she can use it.

  106. Yes it is Sunday and I always say I am going to take the day but I have buckets and yes more buckets of mangoes to process….Too many for the kitchen table so bowls on the dining room table also….Processed all but what we are going to enjoy today.. frozen for mousse, and ice cream…in jars with brandy for the holidays….pureed and processed for pudding and jam…. the last few chopped with carambola and cucumbers for salsa…..tomorrow there will be more…when the season is in and the season is awesome one has to move.. tropical fruit does not stay well at all…now to do wash all the kitchen towels and wares and then to relax….

  107. It is a quiet Sunday. Nobody has been using the pool next door, unlike last year. They opened the pool, but nobody has put a toe in it, must be due do Covid concerns. It is a really nice pool, too. Doing a little cooking this afternoon.

  108. Happy Sunday! Today is definitely a day to rest! My hubby his favorite for breakfast… French toast sprinkled with powdered sugar! Now to figure out lunch & supper without moving off the couch!

  109. It’s still early here but I KNOW it’s going to be a great day! No plans, nice and hot! Gonna get some cleaning done and alot of “not melting!”

  110. I went to see Mum yesterday evening and just sat with her while she slept. She’s a lot more comfortable and doesn’t appear to be in discomfort. Then spent a couple of hours emailing & phoning her family and friends. She had said that she didn’t want a church service so I managed to contact a violinist & uileann pipe player she sometimes worked with who say they’d be honoured to play at her graveside.

    1. I’m glad she’s not in pain. She definitely seems to have had a life well lived, and she’s very lucky to have you, Kate, to take care of things the way she’d want.

  111. I had a wonderful day at the the lake with all my family members today. but now I’m exhausted.

  112. The storm Fay veered west unexpectedly, so we had lots of rain last night, but no torrential downpours today. I’m going through some boxes, and washing some things.

  113. I’m just sitting here waiting for dinner to cook, lol. I cut up some potatoes, carrots, onion and green bell peppers and put them in to roast with some chicken. Normally, I’d cook them with a pork roast or a beef roast, but those are too expensive these days…I guess because of COVID-19 disrupting the whole process of, well, processing the meat and shipping it. So many of the big outbreaks in the Mid-West have been at those big meat processing plants. So, chicken will do fine.

  114. Things aren’t good. Mum’s blood pressure is v. low and they’re having to increase the morphine to deal with her pain. Thankfully we have permission to visit her so I went in yesterday afternoon. She was v. confused & looked thoroughly worn out. Last night she told my sister that she didn’t want to go on anymore …

    1. Oh, Kate. I’m so, so sorry you are having to go through this. And I just want to cry for your Mum. No one should have to endure that kind of pain, and no one should have to watch someone they love go through it.

  115. We are finally getting a break from the ridiculous 90+ degrees this week. I’m looking forward to a day of thunderstorms!

  116. Took the kids to the lake today. It was easy to maintain social distance from others, and it was such a nice change of pace to get out of the house!

  117. 101 degrees today. This is not the desert! Just feels like it.
    A friend posted on FB that she was looking for a portable keyboard. I told her about one I have and she said that would be perfect. She texted me that she was not a Mad Dog or an Englishman so she was not going out in the heat. She’s coming by after sunset and bringing me a couple of plants: basil and a flowering one. She’s been growing lots and lots of things since the lockdown started in March.

  118. It can’t decide if it wants to be boiling hot or go all gray and thunder and rain. It just went from gray to bright sunlight in about thirty seconds.

  119. Under a flash flood warning because of TS Fay. Good thing is that it is moving quickly! So the day could be better.

  120. Tropical storm Fay is arriving asap. I spent hours last night and this morning to get the wire hanging down outside several floors secured, and finally got something done, at least to tide it over. One month, umpteen calls, knocking on doors, many people saying they would do something.

  121. Mum is in good hands so I’m not going to worry about her today. That’s the sort of mood I’m in – amazing what 12 hours sleep does for one! She’s in for the w/end at least; it wasn’t a stroke thank goodness. She’s on fluids & antibiotics IV and has eaten a bit and the palliative team have been in with her. I’ll take a bag of clothes etc. to the hospital later. She wants her hair washed and her favourite perfume (Georgio)!

  122. Sitting here at the computer knowing full well I have to get up and moving.. thinking about how stressful other peoples lives are….trying not to complain about my own small hiccups….

  123. I finished painting our bedroom in record time – 3 days! I was just so motivated because I want to sleep in my own bed!

  124. Had to call the gardens and give them back my tickets for next Monday. It’s supposed to be 100 degrees and I’m not going out in that. Having some fresh asparagus for dinner.

  125. I was going through some things in storage and found a couple of pretty items I had forgotten about for decor. Go shopping in your boxes! Wow!

  126. Today is one of those “OK, let’s see what’s gonna happen today” days. Can’t wait to see what it brings. 😉

  127. Mum had a really bad night & this morning I decided to call an ambulance to take her to hospital. She vomited a couple of times and I’d noticed her slurring her words occasionally. Then she dropped her water cup a few times so that made my mind up. She was not a bit happy but if she’s had a mini stroke we need to know. I couldn’t go with her or visit because of the virus. The landline then went but they made contact on my mobile (cell) to say she was resting & was waiting on blood results etc. Now I’m just waiting … I should go for a nap but my mind is buzzing (like the house phone) and I can’t settle. If it’d stop raining I’d go and scream at the weeds! Just tired & worried.

    1. I hope you get good news soon. I know that feeling when your mind just won’t ‘settle’ because you’re worried or upset.

  128. It’s going to be in the high 90s today! Pretty sure my little apt is going to be like an oven! Have a new air conditioner on order but won’t be here til next week! Lots of water & little movement today is what it is!

  129. Another rainy day…
    It is my sister-in-laws birthday today so cake and ice cream is the menu for the day…Very glad that she is in my life….we are both married to brothers who passed from cancer and understand each other completely….we also have each others back in times of crisis or need….

  130. I’m having a bit of insomnia the past two nights. My mind can’t rest and I think it’s because of all the craziness going on in our country and in the world. Life was so much sweeter when I was a child. Now I spend a lot of time thinking of my kids, grandkids and other children having to cope with this out of control world.

    1. Was talking to my daughter the other day.. as a grown woman she asked me what was the best time of my life.. marrying her father.. having 2 children. and honestly I had to tell her that my childhood back in the 50’s was the very best time of my life…..she confessed that with all she has accomplished in her life her happiest days were her childhood also….

  131. I’m BEAT! I’m painting our master bedroom and I’m really busting my butt to get it done because we don’t like sleeping in the guest room! Almost there – just have to do the closet tomorrow. Phew.

  132. Man, it’s been super hot here today. The outside of my front door was so burning hot that we couldn’t stand to touch it when my sister-in-law and my niece were trying to bring some things in.

  133. We’re going through a summer heat wave here in New York. I don’t have AC so I have several fans going

  134. I’m just hunkered down at home, glad that my air conditioning works well. Another day in the high 90s with no rain in the forecast. I sure wish we all could share our weather around so those with too much rain could send it to those like me who need it.

  135. A big storm just came flying through, now everything is sparkling clean and a cool breeze. A light scent of flowers is wafting up here.

  136. Sitting here reading all the comments.. you are really a great bunch of ladies… all so interesting…. The “man of business” came yesterday to see the bulldozed road they worked on days and days ago.. Well shock of all shocks due to the fact that it is rainy season and there has been a tropical wave mud has been rolling down pooling everywhere as the road goes happily as its way….now when I questioned him about when the blue shale and rocks will be coming to start the paving process lo and behold the answer is maybe a month.. maybe…. is there no thought at all to what you do? there are actual people living in this small village….

  137. The Home Support Worker has just been: in the space of one hour Mum’s been washed & ‘creamed’ head to toe, got a clean nightie on, been moved in the bed (her bag burst while all this was going on so I saw to that), she’s finally got the caggles out of her hair and no complaints! It would have taken me all day to achieve that on my own. I’m enjoying a little bit of down-time while she snoozes then breakfast & meds. It’s really chilly here – had to get the winter woolies out again – what is this weather all about?

    1. So happy that you have gotten help sorted for mum.. you can now see about yourself a bit with no worry about her care….

  138. More rain and same for the next 4 days. Yesterday’s severe thunderstorm, heavy big hail and fierce winds left my entire house swathed in leaves. Hubby used his pressure washer to wash them off. Same for the driveway. We were very lucky not to have damage.

  139. Connie I’m sorry that we can’t send you our HOT weather. We hit 99 today and forecast for about the same temps for the next week.
    I went downtown for my infusion. All went well. Glad I have good air conditioning in my car.

  140. Here’s a shocker for you (and it might explain how screwy the American medical system is): The wheelchair that was delivered to me when I left the nursing home is nothing extravagant, a basic wheelchair that can be bought on Amazon for a few hundred dollars. So, how much did they charge Medicaid? $2000. And Medicaid paid it. Today they switched out the basic leg rests for ones that will raise so I won’t get swollen legs. Those cost $500. Medicaid paid it. These crazy prices are what cause outrageous insurance costs. My sister-in-law commented that that should buy a great motorized chair.

  141. Nice and cool out today, and I walked to town to pick up a few things. Our condo mgmt changed, they manage the complex next door, and wires have been hanging over the building down two floors for weeks. Same thing at my complex, right outside my window, after a few weeks they haven’t fixed it. I doubt the new mgmt knows about all the fire code violations, either. If there is a fire, they can be sued, too. Should be interesting.

      1. I’m probably going to wait for the next board meeting. Altho they could be really mad at me, b/c there is a town council public safety committee meeting tonight, and the town councilman I spoke with is bringing up our fire code violations, that it has been 4 years. Do you know our town is one of the highest taxes in the state and highest taxes in the country??? And can’t even get basic safety. Crazy.

  142. Well, Mum’s made it to 87! At 7 minutes past the 7th hour on the 7th day of the 7th month I sang Happy Birthday & brought her a slice of toast with candles! The ‘girls’ we taught with sent a huge bouquet of sunflowers and yellow roses that has been hush-hush for over a week (they normally come down from Wicklow for lunch) & they’re beautiful. Of course she wants to give them to Dad, but the weather’s too bad.

    Mum’s nurse brought the new carer out for an introduction – she starts tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed all goes well. They changed the bedding & gave her a bed bath and sang H.Birthday. Very tired now (both of us and it’s not even lunchtime) so we’re both going for a nap.

  143. I am starting my day super early so I’m expecting to get a lot done! But I’ll probably crash early tonight!

    1. I have managed to get my treadmill in, phone calls returned, a few emails answered and all before noon so I’m happy. I’m also ready for bed! I think it’s the cold weather. I am really ready for some summer warm days.

  144. I’m up bright and early in anticipation of grocery shopping before the extreme heat hits today. Tried finding a new air conditioner yesterday and the stores within a 50 mile radius are sold out! Best I could do was order one to be delivered Monday!

  145. It is July 6 Th, 2020 and it is a Monday after the holiday. back to business and my website. Looking to join some contests. It makes a fun hobby.

  146. We got a sudden weather warning on the TV about 5 pm announcing severe thunderstorms, 60 mph winds and it said 1/4” hail that will damage vehicles lasting to 6:30 pm. There was no time to protect anything outside. I’ve never seen such heavy rain, strong winds and huge amounts of hail ranging from golf ball size to softball size. The noise was so loud that when my son called I couldn’t hear his words. Then we were disconnected because the power went down several times. When it was over my driveway, road and porch were covered with hail and leaves from the trees. My son called back and said he couldn’t believe how loud it was on the phone with the winds and hail hitting the roof and everywhere.
    Tomorrow morning we’ll check outside for damage. Keeping our fingers crossed.

  147. Today was Monday and I was not feeling motivated at all! I cut myself some slack and relaxed today!

  148. Did a quick visit to the botanic gardens. Didn’t stay as long as I planned because it was 95 degrees and I got too hot. Did have fun showing several people around the sensory garden.

    1. Sarah, when I get back to Denver to visit family I’m gonna need a tour of the sensory garden as well. That sounds wonderful. Is the botanic gardens in the park…… dang it I can’t remember the name of the park it had a lake in it. Dang it, let me come back with the name. It was close to our house on Emerson Street.

        1. I go to the Denver Botanic Gardens on York Street. Wash park is quite a ways away.
          For sure I’d give you a personal tour of the sensory garden.

  149. I’ve had my Starbucks caramel ribbon crunch frappicino so pretty good. However, my day is now frustrating as we are putting in a Lockibly Venti Smartlock but it is NOT locking. VERY frustrating as Lockibly has minimal instructions, no number to call on their site, and although they say they will respond to emails within 24 hours, they don’t!

  150. I’m feeling tired today. I guess I’m just worn out today for some reason. It does take some getting used to learning to do for yourself again, lol.

  151. I’m going to try and stay cool today and the rest of the week. It’s suppose to be in the 90s all week and since we are down an air conditioner it should be interesting.

  152. Not a bad night at all! Mum’s new anti-nausea tablets are working a treat, thank goodness (she was prescribed them in April but has refused to take them till now). I ‘clicked & collect’ my groceries for the first time so will pop into town later to get them. Why spend time queuing up to shop when I could be in bed!

    1. What color did you decide on? Our house in California was so dark that I wanted light in this house. So I have a vanilla color on all the walls and white on the ceilings. I’m loving my brightness.

  153. Having a thunder storm right now. Heavy rain with some coming in my open window. Closed the window and got out a beach towel to mop it up.

  154. Well, I caved and cut my hair, lol. I say I’m going to let it grow out but it gets to looking like an ugly mullet, lol. So, of course, I cut it.

    1. Did ya do what I did and use the clippers on yourself?? Thankfully, my hair is growing out. I don’t believe I will ever do that again. Now it’s a big ole choppy mess but a whole lot of hairspray and BAMB I got a style. (Perhaps not a GOOD style, but a style none the less!)

  155. Yesterday seemed like a Sunday, so this feels like an extra day. Sunny right now, and some thunderstorms later. Nothing exciting planned, being a senior, still social distancing and being careful.

  156. Today I’m slightly sore! The air conditioner in the bedroom ended up leaking all over the floor & soaked the rug! Yesterday was spent mopping up as much as I could & using floor fans to dry it out. Today I will be looking for a new one before they are sold out thanks to the heat wave we are to get this week!

  157. Rainy dark Sunday morning.. perfect for more coffee and my book.. Taking another day off today….

  158. Sunday, a day of rest – ha! I’ve been asleep for a grand total of 2 hours & 15 minutes. You do not want to know, believe me, let’s just say an excess of bodily fluids EVERYWHERE …

  159. I’ve been here a little over two weeks and the whole time someone has been setting off fireworks every night. It happens every year around July 4th, someone starts it weeks early, and it goes on for weeks afterward…no matter where I’ve lived, lol. I thought they had decided not to do it on the 4th for some bizarre reason, but it turns out they’re just getting a late start. It just started.

  160. Happy 4th of July! There have been so many fireworks over the last month that we don’t need any more.
    The bobby pins are working great. No more hair in my face.

  161. It is a beautiful July 4th and we are spending the day with our kids. Wonderful day and we are feeling great.

  162. Happy 4th of July! Getting ready to whip up a macaroni salad and some cole slaw! Going to throw some ribs & burgers on the grill later!

  163. To all in the states Happy 4th and I do hope everyone has a better situation going forward..It has been such a rough year so far for so many …. Trying to get my chores done early so I can get the BBQ going…planning on taking the day to enjoy myself….

  164. Well we ordered a new refrigerator but the soonest we can get one is….SEPTEMBER. So we went out and bought ANOTHER fridge (a kitchenette type thing) to hold us over until the big one gets here. Oof.

    1. Crystal, I told my sister-in-law about your fridge saga and her jaw just dropped. This week, their’s died and they spent two days searching half the state of KY for a new one, but they found one. She said she about went nuts without one for just a few days. She can’t imagine going as long as you have.

      1. I can’t really believe it either!! Fortunately this little kitchenette fridge is amazing after having no fridge for so long. I’m so glad to have a place to put fresh veggies and leftovers!!

  165. I am sorry for all the troubles people here are having. It just makes me more grateful for what I have.
    Going to the grocery store for pick up tonight. I’m getting bobby pins! I didn’t even know if they still made them. My hair is getting so long that it falls in my face so I thought: BOBBY PINS! See, I had to stop in the middle of writing this to push my hair back. Little things that make me happy.

  166. Actually feeling a bit down lost my mother and brother in law the last several months really horrible both were wonderful people big loss in my life

  167. Well finally have a moment to get back online…Between going around to the shoppes and no current due to line and pole work it has been hectic.. I had some cake orders to get out last minute so that added to the frenzy…since there has been an upsurge in flue cases in Florida here we have to be very careful with planes coming in again…

  168. Yesterday, I couldn’t help but think of the refrigerator saga I’ve been following here. My brother’s family’s fridge died a few days ago. They spent a few hours in the local appliance store before the guys there realized they actually only have one fridge model in stock, lol. It wasn’t what was needed. So, my sister-in-law spent most of yesterday calling nearby towns only to find out nobody has fridges in stock. Things like that are still not readily available. My brother remembered a guy who used to work with him but went to Loewe’s in Frankfort, so he took a chance and called. Turned out they had one! So, my brother made a trip to Frankfort to get a fridge, lol. Boy, the issues that come up these days that ordinarily wouldn’t be such a long, drawn-out saga. When I told my sister-in-law about the fridge that hasn’t worked for a month, her jaw dropped. She said ‘oh, my goodness, I barely made it through two days!’

  169. My day has gone pretty well. My husband stayed home from work today and has been with me running around all day.

  170. Busy day of preparing salads and running to store for things I forgot. Weird that it’s just two of us this year but still want the usual picnic foods. The test will be if I can make smaller portions!

  171. I had a nice day with a walk down by the Whangarei waterfront. It was nice and sunny for a change too.

  172. Yesterday was manic! The nursing team came & checked Mum all over for bed sores etc., then the hospital bed arrived so the room had to be cleared … phone calls galore to up her pain relief & organise more equipment. She’s now settled in the bed & getting used to the handset. It’s got an air mattress which is brilliant and can be adjusted remotely to keep her comfy … a proper hospital table to go over the bed is being delivered by a man who lives down the road on his way home from work in the Hospital, rather than having to wait till Monday, so she’ll have all her bits & bobs to hand … the palliative care team have been alerted … I’ve got my sister & niece running around town collecting meds, sheets … honestly it’s been non-stop! And all of this is free 🙂

    ps: Anyone want to buy a super-king size bed (slightly soiled)!!!!

    1. Those over the bed tables come in handy. I kept a pink bin on mine that help everything I might need. I’m glad she’s come around to getting a little help. I think it’ll really ease her pain, and I hope it’ll give you some assistance.

      1. That’s a good idea re. the little bin – got one somewhere. She’s sleeping so much better now (and so am I!).

  173. My grandson was over today. My son got offered a job at the hospital so we went to dinner to celebrate!

  174. Finally a day full of sunshine! We’ve had so much rain. Hubby cooked a pot roast and it was so delicious. He is a really good cook. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. I do the baking and for dessert I made a lemon meringue pie. Whenever I make a lemon meringue pie I flashback to this being the first pie that I made as a newlywed. My mother-in-law taught me how to make it.

  175. Wish I were packing for my trip to Minneapolis tomorrow. Chorus convention for 8 days, but it was cancelled back in April.

  176. It’s been a good day. I picked some tomatoes, peas, radishes, and spinach from my gardens. YUM!

  177. My day is going well, thank you! I plan to enjoy the long weekend because it’s back to working every day on Monday.

  178. I walked to town today to pay my taxes, and then realized when I got there I forgot my face covering. Whoaaa! I stopped at Whole Foods and they gave me three masks! So I was able to get my errands done, and got some nice strawberries. Now I looking to make a strawberry cobbler in the slow cooker.

  179. Connie, I just finished reading your post on the self-tanner, and I have to ask: what is the tattoo on your foot? You know I have to be nosy, lol.

    1. I actually have several tattoo’s. My daughter and I have matching LOVE tats. On the other foot I have a sunshine with my families first name initials in the flames of the sunshine. I also have wrist tats. One on the back of my neck as well; it’s an open heart. Mine are all pretty small. I would very much love to have a sleeve but ummmmmmm ouch. LOL!

      1. I swore I would get my first tattoo when I left that nursing home, but now I guess I have to wait for this virus to vanish, too, lol. I still have no idea what to get. I might try to work in the date I got out, June 18. It sort of feels like a new birthday. But I need something more, too…I don’t know, a phoenix??? Or a quote of some sort?? Anybody have any ideas?

        1. I love the idea of the phoenix!! I got my first tattoo when I turned 50. I figured that number needed to be celebrated. 60 got me my heart wrist tattoo. Once I get down to my goal weight I plan to get another tattoo. Come on over, we will go get our tat’s together. Ohhhhh maybe I will do a phoenix as well. That’s a great weight loss tattoo.

  180. My morning so far has been pretty good! I started working about an hour and a half ago and I’ll work for about two and a half more hours. No complaints!

  181. My day has been good but very cold today. I hope you get better soon, everything will be ok xx

  182. Oops, forgot what day it is again! Not a bad night for both of us – managed about 4 hours continuous & then bits and bobs of sleep in between getting up. Yesterday we had rain like it was the monsoon season in India. Hours of it bucketing straight down. The birds are playing catch up on their food gathering and there are blue patches up there now. We’re due more rain later though. This is July, yes?

  183. Just a quiet day at home. Made egg salad sandwiches. I love my little Negg. It makes shelling so easy.

  184. I never realized results could come back ‘inconclusive.’ Bad enough to have to wait for results, then more question marks, another long month. But you have been a soldier about it. I’ve used tape like that, it is supposed to erase brow furrows. Only thing is then I’d forget I have tape across my face and go out. Oiii. So I stopped using it, but it works! But too easy to not realize it is there, and don’t want the people at Stop & Shop to wonder what kind of whacko I must be. So no more tape.

  185. Oh, by the way, Connie, I know the best thing would’ve been a quick ‘nothing to worry about’ with that biopsy, but I’m going to look on the bright side and say with them removing the whole lump, it’ll be gone and there will be nothing to worry about. Sending you lots of rainbows!! With all the rain you guys are getting out there, you’re due a few rainbows! 🌈🌈🌈

  186. Today’s any post comment: Yesterday, I saw a school bus go by, which confused me. 1st, it’s Summer. Second, school hasn’t been in session since March because of COVID-19. My physical therapist, who comes by a few times a week, told me they’re using the school buses to deliver meals to the kids who ordinarily were getting free meals at school. (They continue doing that in the Summer every year, not just during this dang pandemic.) But, because so many families are out of work, etc., they have to deliver a lot ore meals than usual, so they’re using school buses. Good to know that kids in need are getting at least one solid meal every day.

  187. Connie, when I left the nursing home, they blasted Celebrate by Kool & the Gang. Remember that song? And the people who work there lined the halls and clapped. (Maybe they were just glad to see me go, lol.) Family still couldn’t come in, so when I got out the door my brother was like, ‘what the heck is going on in there???’ You could hear the music and clapping outside. Actually, people don’t usually leave there, so they enjoy seeing someone go home.

  188. So sorry about your upcoming surgery.. It’s been super hot & humid in Indiana – I’d trade you for your weather!

  189. Today I went to the grocery store. Fresh cherries were $1.99 a pound, and they are $4.99 at other stores. I also got two pork shoulders for 99 cents a pound!

  190. It is the beginning of t he month and hopeful that things are looking bright.
    It is quite warm already but it is summer. 🙂

  191. It’s a normal first of the month day… Paying rent and grabbing a few groceries. Forecast here says its going to be hot with showers possible but we probably won’t see any…it’s been super dry here. I’m patiently waiting for a good thunderstorm!

  192. Today’s ‘any post’ comment: I can’t stop laughing at what you have in your head! You’re nowhere close! That’s like a jigsaw or Victorian sentimental painting. And as for Alice? Now I know where she gets it from!

    1. Well, I still call that “my friend Kate’s house” No one has to know. It was actually a post card and I feel in love with it years ago. Yes, Alice is the nut that did not fall far from this tree.

  193. Another month gone in this strangest of years. One day we’ll look back and say “remember when …” but right now it’s too real.
    Mum’s now on morphine & our Dr. has referred her case to the local Hospice Home Care team so fingers crossed things will get a little easier.

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