$50 Your Way Giveaway August 2020! #Giveaway

AUGUST!?! I know you will groan at me but do you realize that Christmas is 146 days away?! I know that was mean. Sorry. (not really! Cause if I have to know this crap so do you!)

Well, if this is your first time here some of my update news won’t make much sense. I’m hoping you will become an official Peanut and come back often. We are a FUN and CARING group. Honest!!

So, starting off (Kate look away now because I don’t want to be responsible for you in the fetal position today) Kate is one of the Original Peanuts. I think she has been with me for the last 11 years. She lost her Mum recently and we are all so sorry for your loss. Kate you are an amazing daughter. You cared for and tended to your Mum every hour of every day, there is truly a special place for you in heaven.Β NOW, how about I come over, we hit some thrift stores, buy cheap plates and drink vodka and smash things?!?!?! I know it would make me feel better!

Last month I went in for surgery to remove a lump from my boobie. I have a follow up appointment on the 12th. NOW, I know this is going to be a good follow up for 2 reasons. It’s Sarah’s (another original Peanut) birthday. AND because if they haven’t called me before the 12th it’s nadda. Just a lump to be a lump. Right?! RIGHT!! Thank you all for the texts and messages. I love you guys!!

My son Zachary and his family arrived just after the surgery. I LOVE hangin’ out with my now 40 year old kid. FORTY!? I tell ya what, this kid is a crack up. I want to share a picture from the trail cam.Β  Since the deer weren’t eating the corn….

That's my son Yes, that is my son. Yes, that corn in his mouth is OFF the ground. Yup, that’s my boy.

Last but not least; remember just last month how I whined about summer never arriving in Sandpoint Idaho? Welllllllllll let me tell you KARMA…. we are in triple digits and no air conditioning. Yup me and Karma are great friends anymore!

Okay, now for the real reason you are here!


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC’s would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts.Β  Stay safe and stay well!

415 thoughts on “$50 Your Way Giveaway August 2020! #Giveaway

  1. Our freezer is stocked up and we’re ready to stay in for the second part of the first wave of this. I wish my husband could go back to work. We need the money and we’re sick of each other after five months! LOL

  2. My day has been a little stressful, but good! I started online school with my 2 elementary age girls. Between that and working from home 30 hours a week, I am very tired. Made some progress though, which is good!

  3. Ah, cool weather. Since tomorrow is September it’s time for cooler than 97 degrees. Got groceries and gas. (maybe someday I’ll get brave enough to go INTO the store, but grateful for curbside pick up)
    Tomorrow a trip to the botanic gardens. Missed the last 2 weeks since it was so hot. Tomorrow’s temp is 78 degrees, just perfect for walking through the gardens.

  4. My day is going well so far. My three kids all started their first day of remote learning for the year. Hoping for a healthy school year!

  5. Today is a public holiday here so I think I will take the day off..It also is gray and gloomy so that confirms it.. day off!! Making some naan later on with a curry and thats the sum total of work done today…

  6. I survived having my granddaughter over for the night. She actually was good and slept all night. Today I relaxed and then did my son’s senior pictures.

  7. I won a giveaway for some round knitting looms about five years ago. I’d always wanted a set as I made a 4 peg one as a kid and loved it. Well, I started having a lot of problems with my shoulder/arm about that time and never had been able to use them — had physical therapy last year and am getting to do stuff I enjoy again. I dug the loom set out yesterday and made a hat. I’ve been happily adding more and more crafting supplies to my Amazon wish list! πŸ™‚

  8. Since this whole illness journey started, my right leg has been an issue. They think the infection that went septic started there, when I woke up in the hospital that leg was turned out to the right, probably due to the way I had lain when I was out of it, and it has had varying levels of numbness ever since, likely all due to nerve damage from the infection and the way I laid in the hospital bed. Today, it’s much better compared to back then, and I can walk on it. But, it still has some numbness and the knee wants to bend in slightly. I’ve decided to really apply myself to ‘fixing’ that bend. It reminds me of having one knee that looks a little ‘knock-kneed.’ I’m going to try the exercises they use to fix knock-knees. Hey, it can’t hurt.

    1. I want a live stream of you doing these exercises!!! Don’t worry too much about the numbness (unless it starts to spread, of course) – I’ve got a numb patch from my knee to my foot from when I dislocated my knee. I got bitten by an ant yesterday & didn’t feel a thing!

  9. It started out a little rough because the internet was down for hours. However, it came back and, in the meantime, I was able to get some chores done. So, not too bad of a day after all.

  10. Really nice day out, it has that touch of coolness that says FALL! Getting a few things done for decluttering, I’m heading to the trash bin and then to the storage bin to toss out a couple of boxes. I try to do a little every day or so, rather than tackle it in one big swoosh.

  11. I spent the morning in the garden then the sun went in & it got really chilly so I moved back indoors for a bit. I managed to get someone to fix the puncture on the lawn mower but the grass is still a bit squishy underfoot so it’ll have to wait. My book and music are beckoning!

  12. Well Ice still being with us was the surge.. she passed away last night…both my daughter and I were with her holding her paws and easing her in …Oh gosh we are going to miss you so…..

  13. Today was a busy day. I did some running around, had a family bbq. And have my 1 year old granddaughter over for the night. Wish me luck. 😁

  14. Got to go to my regular, nearby, library. It finally opened after 8 months of renovation (slowed down, of course, with the virus). Currently 73 degrees and some sun. Much better than those weeks of 90+ days.

  15. Having a good day other than the smoke that is so thick in Northern California….it lingers from all of the fires we have had. Feel so badly for the havoc it caused and is still causing. Thank you to all the first responders!

  16. So my husband often leaves things where he last used it. And last night a very heavy wrench fell on my big toe. OUCH!

  17. There’s not much going on today. I need to get some cleaning done around here, so we’ll see if I do, lol.

  18. Well looks like I will have to go to the hardware on Tuesday for this hinge.. none in any secret hiding place of my husbands.. LOL…Ice is still with us and honestly I cannot believe it… Daily care goes on as usual for her…taking the rest of the day off.. baked bread and cookies …did a bit of weeding and dead heading the flowers and now I plan on sitting and relaxing for the balance of the day….

  19. We had a black bear come into our basement last night so today has to be better, right? Pouring rain going to be lazy…

  20. Finally able to get some laundry done as there’s no rain forecast foe a couple of days. Popping into town later to buy more paint then homemade pizza! Yay for Saturdays!

  21. We are getting the remants of hurricane Laura today, thunderstorms and heavy winds that could be a tornado. Not going out today! It is nice and cool, feels like fall has arrived but I’m going to wear my shorts as long as I can, while I’m inside, anyway! Some of the people in my building late yesterday were talking about why nobody can understand how they expect the maintenance man to install the self-closing hinges on all the doors. I know the complex hasn’t submitted their plan yet to the fire marshal, who doesn’t care about anything except getting his $165K pay, plus overtime on other things more high profile. When both the complex management and fire marshal don’t care, it is hard to fight. At least now the retired architect is paying attention and getting involved. I saw her having a blowout a couple days ago outside with one of the investor owners on the board.

  22. Ahhh, cool…. 97 yesterday and right now it it 66. Thanks to a cold (cool) front that came through. We’ve had 67 days of 90 or above and I think were just about done with that. The front also scrubbed most of the smoke from the air and the sky is blue.

  23. It was rumored that early this morning our (former?) mayor who is out on bond was at the two local businesses buying up all the newspapers they had which had the above the fold news article about him getting arrested during the town counsel meeting. From what I have heard he was in his pajamas doing this. About the same time, all the newspapers were stolen from the post office and that felony is now under investigation. It’s a weekly paper, and so this is the first paper that has been published since his arrest.

  24. A nice day out today, sunny and cool! I’m getting ready to walk to town. Many people are still without power, a bad storm with tornados came through last night, and winds to 90 mph took down trees. I got my new radio yesterday with AM and the batteries, so if I lose power, and the cell towers don’t work, I can listen to the weather updates. Lots to do today, tidying up and last gulps of coffee. Our library is still closed, but will start letting people make appts to use the computer for a short period. Many people are concerned about their kids going back to school with Covid.

  25. More FLIPPING rain – what happened to the summer? And the lawn mower has a puncture & I can’t get the wheel off and, and, oh poop!!!

  26. Friday already.. jeez where did this week go and August is done…well Sept here we come….nothing to do today in the garden but I need to go thru all my “coffee cans” in the garage to find some hinges…the barn door needs a new closure and I know there are some somewhere.. LOL…as soon as I find them getting my hammer and off I go….Happy Friday all….

  27. Will I day has been Ok , I have knee pain and I still have to yake care of my husband . The pain makes it hard to have a great day. πŸ™

  28. Had a great swim with a friend I haven’t been swimming with since March. We had a lot of catching up to do.

  29. Ever have one of those days when you wake up more tired than when you went to bed? Yep, that’s me today.

  30. Exhausted and I just got up! Found out 18 year old needs a lot of dental work when previous dentist said his teeth were “great”. Now wondering what my 20 year olds teeth truly look like. Thank you for the giveaway.

    1. You’ve got this! It’ll get better mom. Just tie a knot and hang on (mom used to tell me that). Take one step at a time, breathe, and step back if you need to or look at it from a different perspective/angle.

  31. Got my car back from the mechanic & thankfully an affordable bill – phew! Yesterday it actually stopped raining so I spent most of it outside pottering about. It’s pouring down again today so I’ll busy myself painting & might go for a nap – v. tired lately.

  32. Talk about days of memories….dreamt about my father last night….it was crystal clear and he looked wonderful….he spoke to me in Hungarian and I asked him to speak English but he wouldn’t…very interesting dream….woke up feeling calm…love you dad….

      1. the cases have exploded here…today for instance there are 47 new cases…masks are mandatory with a fine attached for non-compliance….you be safe also there Katie girl….

        1. Our cases are climbing again especially amongst the young. Remember feeling indestructible? Those were the best years!

  33. whoa, when I checked the weather late last night the big storm wasn’t coming until later, now it is 9am! Good thing I found out, as I’ve been getting ready to walk to town and get home before it started. Onto plan “B” for today, although I haven’t figured that out yet! I have a close relative in Lousiana in the hurricane’s path, so I’ve been watching the updates and hoping there are no tragedies for anyone. I just ordered a new AM radio, as we are only mid-hurricane season, and my current one didn’t work anymore. Trying to be prepared!

  34. Tamra, go put on some loud music that you like to drown out the fridge noise.
    The only sound I hear is the air conditioner fan (now that’s music to my ears)
    Another 98 degree day – here’s hoping that Friday will be only 80.

  35. I swear listening to the noise the fridge makes these days is driving me round the bend. That has to be fixed soon!!! 😡

  36. Thankful for the last few cooler mornings! (low 50’s) I am tired today…4 hours of sleep last night. Will be a nice 85 out in the garden today. Harvest veggies, need to check the apples and plums too.

  37. Here’s a strange one for you: I was due to get up at 7am to take the car in for a service. Of course I had my phone on charge in the study & forgot to take it to bed with me. Never fear, at 6.50am I was woken up by Mum’s alarm clock that’s still unpacked in the suitcase from the hospital and that was switched off. Cue the theme music from Tales From The Dark Side!!! Thank you Mum xxx

    1. That is awesome! I heard my Mom hollering for me one morning a few days after she died. I still can’t explain that. I swear, they’re still looking after us, lol.

  38. I’m very sorry for your loss. May God walk with you through this time. People mean well with saying things, I think they don’t know what else to say sometimes.

  39. Today is 3 years since my husband passed away….Has it gotten easier as all my family tells me.. no of course not..even though I try and stay as busy as I can and as upbeat as possible everyday I think about him and have to sit in the memory….This October would have been 50 years…after my father this is the man I know…of course there were high school boyfriends but when I met him in college at 18 he was it….have to get moving….

    1. Oh, sweetheart, what can I say … of course it doesn’t get any easier, we just find ways to adapt to protect ourselves from further heartache. Thinking of you xxx

    2. I saw a Facebook post today from a cousin who lost one of her Grandmas, and it said ‘how lucky am I to have had someone that meant so much to me that I know I’ll miss them forever.’ I thought, yes, there’s truth to that. But it doesn’t make it hurt any less. I don’t know if you really ever find it any easier…seems unlikely to me. Maybe we just learn to cope. Hang in there, girl.

  40. Well, my day is going much better than our mayors. He was arrested (for the third time this month) during the town meeting. This time charged with a felony. So MAYBE that will mean he is no longer our mayor. πŸ™‚

  41. It didn’t hit 100 today after all. ONLY 98. But we had few clouds so my house heated up more than it’s done.

  42. The fridge has gone bonkers. The ‘thingie’ (technical term, lol) that controls air going between fridge and freezer is kicking on, making a Hod awful noise and won’t kick off. It’s so loud it woke me up twice last night. Maintenance came to fix it but it’s still doing it. It’s always something, lol.

  43. Storm Ellen’s just passed over Ireland and now we’ve got Storm Francis to deal with. This is August, supposed to be the hottest & driest month of the year and we’ve had more rain in the last week than we’ve had since February to date. Idris is getting back to his old self, thank goodness!

  44. Oh no! I had called the senior center to find out more about a “File of Life” and Knox box (a box only the fire department can get into that has the keys to the complex), in case paramedic fire department get called by 911. Oh no, it is not something “voluntary,” but a requirement we are amiss about (the Knox box) and they are sending it over to the fire marshal office. I want to be in compliance, but now our complex is going to be angry about a new requirement from the fire marshal! This one has my name attached! Yikes, I was begging him to please leave my name out of it. I was only worried about the people in our complex in their 90s if they had an emergency, who are all alone and nobody to help the paramedics get in without batter-ramming the locked sets of doors (outer and inner). Our complex is so amiss about so many things, it is like a land mine, I had no idea I was starting something; however, since it is an important safety issue, still glad I called to get this done.

    1. You were absolutely right! Sounds like management needs a swift kick in the rear to get them on top of things.

      1. I never realized in a condo complex that has been pretty much taken over by investors (so mostly renters), how hard it can be to get bad directors off the board. In fact, ANOTHER investor owner is getting on the board, they are already allowing this person to attend board meetings even the secret executive sessions without actually being a director.

  45. Smokey SoCal, Veggies are infested with aphids and are dying. So bummed. But, at least I have my hummers to keep me entertained.

  46. I did some of my physical therapy exercises, cooked some fish and basically spent the day messing around online, lol. Yep, still pretending I don’t need to sort through hundreds of books. That’s not an exaggeration. I’ve never thrown out a book, lol. I’ve occasionally given some to libraries but I usually keep them. I have them double stacked on my bookshelves. It’s a little of an overwhelming job.

  47. A quiet day at home. Had a long phone conversation with a friend I hadn’t heard from for a long while. I’d left her a message the other day about our swimming pool opening back up. So now I’ll see her on Thursday at the pool. (still doing the record heat thing, maybe 100 today)

  48. It’s not the best, got home from a 3 week beach vac. last night, missing the beach already. Had to go to the Dermatologist today to have some skin cancer removed, but I am still a beach lover.

  49. We’re back and Idris behaved impeccably! The vet thinks it’s either an allergy to something or harvest mites (but she couldn’t find any). Anyway, she gave him a long-lasting steroid injection which will help. If it flares up again it means it’s an allergy rather than seasonal (the mites) so he may need more treatment. Other than that he’s in excellent health & weighs almost 7 kilos (15 pounds). That’s like 2 bags of potatoes and not a bit of fat on him!

    1. Good! I do think you’re right about him missing your Mum, though. Changing his behavior makes me think he’s a little unsettled by the change.

  50. Day is going good, since it is cooler, I hope the heat wave is over. My two sisters are duking it out, and they both email me about the other, I’m trying to not take sucker punches. They have a love/hate thing, probably not that unusual. I start worrying about them, then next thing I know they “kissed” and made up and I’m the last to know!

  51. Good luck at the vet today Kate….the storm clouds are gathering and in the distance I hear the thunder…making a butternut squash parmesan casserole to utilize the time then I plan on going out and seeing what I can do outside…with all the rain I am sure I have lost some veggies….

  52. I had a really nice time today, my sister & brother-in-law dropped over to bring me a surprise present for my birthday!

  53. Had a good time swimming with my friend. Another record heat today: 98 degrees. And so much smoke in the air that you can’t see the mountains. Heard that the smoke is not just from the Colorado fires, California is being generous and sending us some of theirs.

  54. My day went well. It’s my oldest son’s 17th birthday, we ran 9 miles together this morning and swam this afternoon. He’s on the high school cross country team and his first meet is next weekend…I can’t wait!

  55. I’ve just been filling in small holes in walls where there used to be shelves, washing a pair of curtains I found at the back of Mum’s wardrobe that will be perfect for their room instead of the old dark ones and dead-heading/feeding plants outside & in. Idris has now taken to sleeping in M&D’s room on an old cushion I’m using to sit on while painting skirting boards.

  56. Wow, lots and lots of comments! I was going to make a mile-high apple pie, but a heat-wave started today, so that is getting put off til it is over, but now will have more time to find a perfect recipe, maybe something new and different. It is on the bucket list to be able to enter a pie in a country fair (and dream of winning a blue ribbon).

  57. Rainy stormy Sunday…perfect for cuddling up with my book and a cup of coffee…already did my morning duties and Ice is sleeping so I am on my own! that is a scary thought….Happy Sunday all….

  58. I didn’t do much today. It wad a lot cooler than it has been. I did try and find outfits for my son’s senior pictures

  59. Another day of record heat: 98 degrees and air quality restrictions due to smoke. Staying inside. I know that we don’t get hurricanes, but some rain to put out all the forest fires would be good.

  60. I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole yesterday, lol. I think I spent most of the day just listening to/watching old 70’s videos…like The Clash, Sweet, Slade. I must be getting old, y’all. I’m missing my ‘good ol’ days’—which weren’t that good!

  61. Well I took the day off yesterday and listened to show tunes while chilling out with Ice… she liked them but really likes old school R&B better…I have my scrubber and my chlorine and off to whiten the walkways! the rain coming later will help wash it way…

  62. I’ve just told Idris, the cat, that he’s going to the vet on Monday – I swear he looked at me with utter contempt! It’s probably nothing but usually when he comes home with bad scratches etc. he heals really quickly. This time though he’s just looking very sorry for himself, sleeping, moping about & generally looking a mess. He may be mourning & missing Mum but better safe than sorry. Wait till he finds out that I won’t be able to go in with him (Covid precautions) – expect all hell to break loose!

    1. Oh, poor Idris. I hope he’s okay. I bet he is missing your Mum. Animals can definitely get depressed, just like we do.

  63. It’s going to be an extremely hot weekend so I’m up bright & early turning all the air conditioners on to keep it cool inside. I would rather freeze and bundle up for a few hours than melt later on!

  64. Getting organized, I try to be quiet until about 9, when the elderly lady who lives under me gets up, so it is coffee and emails til then. I’m starting to see leaves fall from the trees, a shocking reminder summer will be over soon. A heat wave is starting today, so I will try to not go out to walk to town. The other day someone called the police on my neighbor (who is elderly) she was out walking, and they were worried about her, the police stopped a huge line of traffic on a main street and made her get in the police car and take her home. I’m glad people care about the elderly, she was embarrassed about it, but I was glad they did it. Hope she uses common sense in these heat waves.

      1. thank you. I don’t want to make someone else’s daily existence not so good when it is avoidable. She will be moving by October, as the owner of her unit is selling it. I feel bad for her b/c she moved here after losing her husband and biz, after 40 years. She thought she only had to move once and would be set. Now she has to move again, it is hard for people in their late 80s.

  65. Just a quiet day at home. Really pretty noisy since the lawn crew is very busy with the mowers and blowers.

  66. My day has been bittersweet. We dropped our oldest off to college today. His younger brother went a week ago. We are now empty nesters for the first time. They boys will do great, but this will be an adjustment for us.

  67. So far, so good. My hubby retired 4 months ago and since become a “piddler”. He will take a tiny project and work on it for hours or til he frustrated, lol. It is making me crazy!

  68. Storm Ellen has died down a bit and it’s finally stopped raining. I don’t have enough paint to last over the weekend so will probably pop into town later.

  69. Bright and sunny today.. the calm before the storm…removing things that can fly around the place then who knows. I just might take the day off and read next to my Ice as she is snoozing…..

  70. Today was a nice day. Sunny but not too hot. I got to see my older nephew and together we made fun of his Dad, my brother, lol. So, we had fun. Not sure my brother had fun, lol.

  71. Today’s excitement: going to the grocery store to pick up my groceries. A tad cooler today, only 93 degrees. No end in sight for the 90s.

  72. Watching the storms all over and grateful that I have a few days to prepare for our tropical wave/storm coming on Saturday.. this is a precursor to Lauren and Marco going up the chain to the states! Everyone please be safe and prepared…

  73. Nice day out, today. I have the slow cooker going already, and have begun restocking after the hurricane. We have tax-free week this week, and I had been waiting for it to get a few things online. I love Connie’s diamond paintings, and I had to admit up to being a total fail at embroidery, but this I think I can do. So many cute pictures to choose from – right after tax-free week need to get a couple. I haven’t done any crafting for almost a year, so I wouldn’t be side-tracked from things I have been avoiding and crafting is a good excuse!

  74. This storm is due to last till the weekend but so far apart from a couple of hundred thousand without power & some damage to buildings, blocked roads, localised flooding etc. there have been no serious injuries. I’m not budging till we run out of cat food!

  75. I’ve been selling bulk PPE on commission (masks, etc) and I woke up to a good sale today. Was much appreciated to find that!

  76. Nice day today, I walked to town to get some chores done. The latest fire marshal report says our complex will not have to install fire-rated egress doors, due to a nuance in the code, so we could keep having fires. A nearby complex that has had two big fires in three years isn’t required to have sprinklers that would help put out the fires. Of course, the residents prefer the fires instead of spending the money, and that is how it will be here, very foolish. However, our complex still has a list of many things to do, and some are expensive, and the town is going to immediately hand it over to the state prosecutor if they do not submit a plan on time. Yea! In the meanwhile, our complex needs to implement many safety precautions to help keep a fire from spreading, since we won’t have fire-rated doors – be VERY careful when you move into an older building, you may be walking into a fire trap that unless people will voluntarily pay for it, the code will not require it. We’ll be much better off than we are now, though, once the abatement has been completed.

  77. My old swimming pool opened back up this week. One of the friends I used to swim with found out about the opening and let me know. This pool is much closer to my house. Only 94 degrees today.

  78. Oh, I think I could have had a better day. I was up until 6 am waiting on the husband to get home from work and then back up at 10 am to start the day. Needless to say, I am beyond exhausted, but hey tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.

  79. I have a list a mile long of things I need to do. So, naturally, I’ve been on YouTube watching old videos, lol. Yeah, I got my priorities straight.

  80. The rain’s back and it’s getting really windy out there ahead of Storm Ellen (120 mph winds!!!). Top of the to-do list is to have a shower then cook food for a few days, get a couple of buckets of water for flushing the loo, check torches etc. and charge the phone & toothbrush. Then move or tie down anything that might blow away, do a quick vacuum round the house & hunker down. Oh, and check in here of course!

  81. My grandson got married and even though I know there are people all over who are suffering because of this pandemic.. financially, physically and mentally I am loathe to admit I am selfish enough to wish I could have been there…..I miss him very much and the memories I have of him spending time on vacation here are so wonderful…

  82. I had a reservation to visit the botanic gardens today, but I called and cancelled. 97 degrees and air quality warning for smoke and ozone. We have 4 active forest fires raging right now. 2 of them entirely too close to the front range.

  83. It is a really nice day today, I’d like to can it, and open it up in January. Getting some chores down around here. I found out the town is issuing its new fire report, and if they don’t comply within the 30 day deadline, they are now going to go to court, no more delay. They could pursue it in criminal or civil, and they they will go the civil route, at least at first.

  84. We’ve had 2 months worth of rain overnight but the sun’s shining for a couple of hours so I get to use my new rotary clothes line – whoop de doo! As you can probably gather, I’m desperately trying to count my blessings πŸ˜‰

  85. My day has been filled with a lot of stress.I have some good days and bad days.I will get through thisπŸ™πŸ™

  86. It is raining ( not pouring thank goodness) and I am off to the village…have to get everything done quickly and in one fell swoop. post box, pharmacy, feed and grain and the variety dry goods shop….then back inside….if I leave by half 7 I should be home by 11 if the lines aren’t too long…

  87. We’ve been trying to figure out if we should buy some stuff that would get DH started on a new etsy venture or if we should save the money and not put anything more on credit cards. This year sucks. . . we have only brought in about 1/4 of what we need for the month so far, so need to really get cracking the rest of August.

  88. I think this is the first-time I didn’t want to leave dialysis. They have a/c and my place is miserably hot.

  89. Connie, I just looked at the Sandpoint weather and you are only one degree cooler than Denver. (96 vs 97). Shouldn’t you be cooler in Idaho?

  90. I seem to have gotten absolutely lazy, lol. I go through spells of seeming to just be bone tired for no good reason. Yeah, I know it’s likely my anemia or another issue related to my health and it has gotten less common since I got home and in charge of my own meds. Still, it irritates me when it hits.

  91. My relative made it to Virginia Beach, she said it was hard to drive in that kind of traffic. I’m way to spooked to drive on those interstate highways. It was nice out today, but couldn’t go out, but tomorrow is supposed to be nice, too.

  92. I’m anxious since one of my dogs, Kenji, is at the vet right now getting chemo. He was diagnosed about a month ago with lymphoma. Today is his 4th treatment of 20. Its going to be a long five months.

  93. It’s absolutely pouring down out there and it’s due to continue for most of the week. Hello, August, can you hear me? Where the hell are you?

  94. Today’s a good day. Not too hot. Did A LOT of gardening today, lots of horrid sweeping though. Looking forward to new plants growing bigger!

  95. It’s so hot today and my a/c went out. I am miserable. I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight.

  96. Good time today swimming with my friend Sherrie. Last night was interesting. Good to see my friends again. Headliner was very funny. Unfortunately we had to sit through 3 not very funny guys before she came on.

  97. It is nice and cool, but rainy. Wow, the first time it has that feeling of fall being around the corner. Did a little baking and trying to catch up on some phone calls. It has been in the 90s, so this is so nice!

  98. I’m up & about but still not washed or dressed. Just cleaned the kitchen ready for bin day tomorrow – highlight of my social calendar! Now something to eat, a HOT shower, some painkillers & I’ll try a little bit of sitting down decorating.

  99. Taking the whole day off today…We have a yellow alert for weather so no watering…seeing about Ice then watching mass and relaxing! Back into a semi-lockdown due to rising cases..will have to make a village run early this week for bits and bobs….my image of this afternoon.. reclining in the gallery with my book and at the proper time a single malt on the rocks…

  100. I’m giving all these books the ‘side-eye.’ Yeah, I know I need to get started on them…and I will. Not today, though, lol.

  101. Major event happening tonight. A friend invited me to a patio comedy show. My first time out in 6 months. Still scary…..

  102. It feels good to be back to normal again, and got some groceries yesterday. My sister is moving to North Carolina today, and I’ve been concerned as I have almost no relatives here now. I don’t want to, and not practical, for me to move where she is going.

  103. Thanks Michele, I’m alright. Just still can’t do anything inside or outside so went to bed & kind of did nothing but eat pizza and watch telly for a couple of days. Glad old Ice is still with you xxx

    1. I was wondering about you. I thought your hip might’ve been worse. Put your feet up and rest, if you need to! Meditate, lol. I never could manage that. Trying to clear my mind just fills it up quicker.

      1. Oh, Tamra, I see the house getting dusty, the weeds overtaking the garden, M & D’s bedroom 1/2 painted and I can’t do a flipping thing. Hurts if I stand, if I sit, if I lie and so tired.

  104. Well for all the lack of motivation I had today I made up for it…half eleven and I did laundry, baked 4 loaves of bread..made 2 quarts of ice cream for tonight…made meatballs for the the freezer and steamed all the string beans I reaped and froze them also….cleaned the kitchen and now I plan on checking on my baby girl downstairs and making sure she is comfy then relax for the rest of the day…

  105. My day is going great so far despite the highs this week supposed to be 100+ degrees from last Thursday to this Thursday.

  106. This place always reminds me to be grateful for what I have. It may be hot, but I have air conditioning. I may be afraid to go to the grocery store, but I can go there and they bring my groceries out to the car. I am not in pain, just a couple of creaky knees. Therefore: An Attitude of Gratitude!

  107. I’m sitting here thinking that I need to rearrange my books. My youngest nephew is the one who put them on the shelves, with no order at all, lol. The shelves are scattered among the living area and the bedroom…and there are still boxes of books in the closets, too. So, it’s going to be a big job. Can you see why I’ve put it off, ha!?

    1. Tammi this could be a great project! Take your time ..look at all the books you forgot you had…get a nice cool drink and enjoy…


  108. This week did go by quickly, but most meagre survival with the big storm. I’m finally able to get groceries today after having to throw everything out last week! I’ve survived on canned beans and chips and jarred peanuts. No luck with losing a couple of pounds from not having anything yummy!

  109. Where did this week go? Still having trouble believing it is Friday…Took the day yesterday so I have to get moving today…laundry and some house odds and ends cleaning…I am so grateful that having my daughter here with me she handles all the daily cleaning.. amazing…do I sound like a wicked step-mother?? LOL

  110. I’m surprised I’m saying YEA!!! You have a wart on your boobie! It doesn’t sound right, but it is so good! Yea! I’ve been out of commission for a week with Isais storm, no power, no phone, no food, no internet. We had a fire, it was small, but the fire dept first went to the wrong building, then to ours. Half the dept came, banging on all the doors, to evacuate. The fire alarms were going off, and I had finally gotten a mobile phone, and I thought it was my phone, trying to get it to stop. When I realized what it was I grabbed what I could and ran out. The entire building was smoked. They still haven’t fixed our fire code violations, but over the past month I’ve been getting some help from town leaders to fight our complex. They have 30 days to comply or the town is turning it over to the state prosecutor.

  111. So good to get back to swimming regularly. I’ve missed it so much. 97 degrees again today – this is getting old. 2 big forest fires in Colorado this week. The most troublesome one has closed I70 (main E-W road through Colorado.

  112. Well to tell you all the truth I have no energy, no motivation at all today…the to-do list will have to wait…after I give Ice a sponge bath and her daily meds i plan on doing nothing but sitting with her and my book…well maybe some music also.. going to try some jazz and classical on her today.. lol….

  113. Today will be my relax and recoup day. It’s been extremely hot and I’ve been running errands go everybody . My poor body needs a rest!

  114. My younger nephew stayed here last night and he beat me at Scrabble. Yep, I got beat by an 11 year old, lol. And he decimated the pantry, lol. In other words, a normal kid.

  115. We have an all clear on the lump. Benign intraductal papilloma which is basically a wart!?!? A WART in my BOOB?!?! Thank you all for the positive thoughts and prayers! I love my Peanuts!
    a wart. IN the boob. Wart. Ewwww

    1. I’m glad you got good news on my birthday. Guess you can’t just use Wart-Away on it. Does it need to come out? Does it hurt? So glad it wasn’t more serious.

  116. Another day here in paradise…not being cynical really grateful for the life I live ….our UPS service here is delivering Amazon goodies today. oh yes Tamra that makes me happy ..nothing exciting but things I just cannot get here….then I believe I will change curtains downstairs for a new look …. after that who knows! wait changing the shower head to the new one I just bought.. exciting times….

  117. I didn’t get much sleep last night so I was lazy today. I did go to a doughnut shop and got huckleberry doughnut and huckleberry lemonade

  118. I got a package today that had obviously gotten drenched in the rain over the last few days. The box was falling apart. And inside, those boxes were disintegrating, too. Fortunately, the stuff in the boxes was sealed in plastic, so I just had to take everything out of the boxes. (It was just snacks.) Oh, well…first World problems, as the saying goes.

  119. Well just came up and I can honestly say I did a good mornings work..within sight of my precious Ice on the lawn there is an exact circle of grass that is just gone.. dried up for the longest time.. so decided to make a wire cage and plant some multi coloured zinnias…peppermint stripe and some red and white…then I looked at it and said nah it needs more so I put a circle of some succulent that grows here that I have no idea the name of around the wire and now I am pleased…Ice is hanging on but she is medicated and comfortable and seems to still be the only one who really loves to hear me belt out Aretha!!

    1. I’d like to hear you belt out Aretha!! Okay, now I have a mental picture of you gardening while singing ‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me…’ lol.

  120. Today has been boring…and I’m good with that, lol. After a few years of drama, boring is just fine by me.

  121. The electricity shut off last night and there were severe storms with hail. I am pretty tired today because I got 2 hours of sleep, but I am still doing okay.

  122. The past few months haven’t been so great. Every day I’m in an enormous amount of pain but I try to get out of bed & do some things but mostly I’m laying in bed reading or watching tv.
    Thank you so very much for the incredibly generous giveaway!!!❀❀❀ This is so kind of you!! 🌹

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re in pain, Jessica. I’ve definitely been there and it’s no fun. (I had MRSA that got into my spine.) I know that when you’re hurting, it doesn’t help to hear someone say ‘hang in there.’ But…well, here I am saying, ‘hang in there.’ And you can vent here, like we all do, lol.

  123. Here we are at Monday. Have my plans for the day and hell or high water I am going ahead with them…putting on rain gear and away I go….

  124. It’s now a weekly thing: Sunday afternoons with my friend at the pool. Used to be Sundays at Sage Singers. Too hot out again today: only 96…

  125. Ick. Ick. Pooh. Helper came and I had a bath. Laid down for a few minutes,,,,,,,,,,4 hours later,,,,

  126. It’s kind of a slow day. I’m sitting here eating grapes, and that’s about the most exciting thing to happen today.

  127. My blooming hip really hurts and I’ve been warned not to even think about going up a ladder so painting’s out. It’s too hot to do much outside other than a good soaking for the plants.

      1. Oh, Michele, I’m trying … but I wake up to the same thing …an empty house …. You know, you understand … And I am so thankful, you have no idea although you, of course do… as does Tamra … and Connie. Ok, the cat is demanding attention … oops, Idris, is demanding attention …

        1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Kate}}}}}}}}}}}} I miss my Mom too. It’s coming up on 3 years and I still can’t believe she is gone. You’ll like this though. My Mom gave me a nudge on Facebook last week. Ummmmmm Mom? So, I know she is still with me. (and facebook!)

    1. Did the shots not help? I finally have an appointment for the nerve specialist but the earliest he has is the end of SEPTEMBER!!!!!! My fingers hurt so much it’s hard to type and KNIT!! Dang it. I just spent a fortune on yarn!

  128. It’s still early but my Sunday is going good. My husband and I decided that on Sundays we would try one new recipe. Today I will be attempting crock pot macaroni and cheese!

  129. Connie you make me laugh.. you Kate and Tamra are a boost to my day.. you are my friends…. to spend the day out with Ice I puttered around the garage area and cleaned the patio over and over just so I could talk to her….by the way all my pooches always were such good listeners…have music playing for her old school R&B with some pop thrown in ….cleaned out some flower beds and collected some heads for seed….re-planted a planter with some sweet peas and finally worked out all the sadness…today UTube mass. LOL. then my roast goes in the oven…..

    1. My sister actually used to buy old crockery just so she could smash it! These days I just visit the glass recycling station in the village! Work it all out x

      1. Sounds like a good idea to me, Kate, lol!! Michele, reading about your days definitely gives me a sense of calm. Even when you have a tropical storm coming at you, you always seem calm and ready to take the situation in hand! Where, I’m that person who’s doing something that should’ve been done yesterday, lol.

        1. I’m right there with you. Sooooo many projects I should have done last week. (Don’t tell the others but I have a pile of dead weeds sitting in the garden from before Zac and family came for a visit. ACKKK)

  130. watered my veggies, made my adult sons breakfast for the week, watching amazon prime videos, and just trying to relax.

  131. It looks nice and sunny out there today. I haven’t been out, though, so I don’t know…it could be muggy, for all I know, lol. Still, after raining all last week, the sun looks nice.

  132. It’s been an absolute beaut of a day here but cases are on the up and localised lockdowns re-imposed in 3 parts of the country.

  133. It’s going to be a very relaxing Saturday for me. The weather is cool and I have no plans or need to work in the gardens.

  134. Whew what a day. Got lots of prep done for the upcoming semester, put up some drywall in the laundry room, played Candyland and Chutes & Ladders with the kiddos.

  135. I went to dialysis and then took my grandson for ice cream for his birthday before he went to his dads.

  136. Today was my last physical therapy. I’m trusted to be on my own now, lol. The head of p.t. will come next week, but just to discharge me. I just have to keep that old adage in mind: move it or lose it. I don’t want to lose it!

  137. It’s gone 1 o’clock in the afternoon & I’ve only woken up. Listening to the news; Covid-19 cases are on the rise (please stay at home) after the long weekend. It’s very worrying.

      1. Oh, Connie, how wonderful it was! Went to see the grave this evening – shouldn’t have – been bawling ever since.

        1. There are times when I suddenly find myself crying, even after three years of Mom being gone. But, some times, I find myself laughing out loud because I remember something funny or I just know what she would say about something. I say, if you feel like crying, cry. Let it out. I’m not a stiff upper lip person, I guess, lol.

          1. OH MY GOSH I am right there with you. You know I still hike thru the woods talking to Mom out loud. Sometimes I have to yell at her for leaving me. Sometimes I’m nice to her and tell her things I remember. Of course then I yell again when I can’t remember something that she would know and now I’ll NEVER know. Yup…… I do look insane.

  138. Must admit feeling very sad and down today….have to “shake it off” and get moving.. there is weeding to be done and seeds to start…

    1. {{{{{{{{{{{{Michele}}}}}}}} Ya know my offer to sink, drink and throw things is open to you as well. Michele, I have to tell you when I was out weeding the garden before Zac and family arrived I kept thinking “if you would have weeded every time Michele did you would be out here for HOURS and have it still look like…. well do do.”
      I swear next year I WILL have a garden. A pretty garden that I will weed.

      1. YAY!!! Sounds like an extremely good reason to have a party!!! You know we’re going to count down the days!

  139. Today I went to lunch with my son and then dropped him off at his friends. Then I did some cleaning. It rained today and was nice it cooled down.

  140. Found a stray dog this evening, super fat pupper that I dubbed Meatball. My awesome small town police department helped me reunite him with his owner.

  141. We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day today with temperature around 70. It was great after the 2 days of torrential rain and wind from the tropical storm, Isaiais.

  142. Well, I’ve put on too much weight since I got out of the nursing home, lol. Just being able to cook and eat what I want was too much temptation!! So, yeah, time to rein it in. Ugh. I hate dieting.

    1. My girlfriend Marilee and I joined Weight Watchers together. I was putting on ‘oh poor me’ pounds like crazy. We joined and then a month later all meetings went to Zoom. Ackkkk!! But at least it’s helped me be more mindful. Now someone bring me some m&m’s.

      1. I did Weight Watchers several times over the years. It works. I remember the weigh ins, lol. You’d see ladies taking off their shoes, jewelry, jacket, etc. Anything that might weigh an ounce!!

          1. This reminds me of high school, the wrestling team, they would even not drink water and spit to try to make sure their weight was low enough to stay in their weight limits. I find that being a senior, it is soo much hard to lose a few pounds, ok, more than a few, they creep up when you are not looking or sleeping, very sneaky.

  143. That was one long day … left around 10 and back at 7pm. Anyway, I’ve had my ultrasound-guided injection into the joint area – you should have seen the length of the needle!!! He swamped the area with a painkiller & steroid so here’s hoping. AND he was gorgeous! If I was 30 years younger and he hadn’t been wearing a wedding band, I’d have been very tempted. Who am I kidding, I was very tempted πŸ™‚

    1. When I was in the nursing home, they always sent someone with us if we went to a doctor’s appt. They fought to go to the dentist with me, because he was referred to as Hot Dentist, lol. And, boy, he was!

  144. It’s been a quiet day so far. Now I need to start thinking about what we’re going to have for dinner.

    1. Some days it’s so easy to plan and make dinner other days absolutely nothing sounds good. Today is one of those. I have a half a chicken left over in the fridge that HAS to be used today so at least I know it will be centered around chicken.

  145. Well another tropical wave is due this morning…moving fast to bathe Miss Ice then putter around in the garden and wait for the rains to come….I am so grateful for the e-book phenomena..our library room couldn’t hold another set of shelves if I tried and I would hate to have to pay for and ship in all the books I want to read..Buying books in e-form and then reading in a reader has truly. enhanced my life.. it is strange though that tech has changed all of our lives for the better but we still have homeless hungry people that never seem to end their suffering.. we can do one but never the other….

    1. I know what you mean. I really prefer a real book in my hands. But, e-books are so much more affordable!

  146. Our cars had to be jumped today both had dead batteries because we dont drive them often. It was a really nice day cool outside.

  147. Well, I’ve done diddly-squat today. And I don’t even have the grace to feel guilty about that. Oh, well, maybe I’ll be better tomorrow. Maybe.

  148. Such fun today: went to the library to pick up 2 books and then stopped for chicken. I miss going to Costco and getting their chicken.

  149. Not planning on doing anything much today – may have overdone the painting – bloomin’ hip hurts like hell.

  150. Very surprised that Ice made it thru the night.. but here she is wanting her bath…It is a very rainy day so some inside chores and letting the garden self water….

  151. Today was a busy day with food deliveries and it takes so long to wipe everything down and get it put away but we did it.

  152. I had a doctor’s appt. today, just a follow-up. On the way there, we pass a yard filled with old junk cars. I mean OLD It’s where every old ’57 Chevy goes to die. My Dad would love it.

  153. I’m having a good day. I visited with my 90 year old mother. She’s in a nursing home. They’ve only been doing outside visits since July 24. Before that I had not seen her in person since early March.

  154. Well spent the last few days shopping I believe another shut down order will be issued… new cases every day….and taking care of Ice….she is slowly moving toward the inevitable…she doesn’t seem to be in any pain just the total zone out and wanting constant attention… so guess what? we give it to her! a bath every morning just because she loves it..her medication in a little treat…a calming pill to ease her day and then sit and rub her until she falls asleep.. when she awakens we are right there again….when she goes it truly will be hard to have another dog…I know we will but each and every one has that special something that sets them apart..

  155. My day has been good, I can’t complain. Normally I would be looking forward to back to school but not so much this year. My elderly mom also lives with us and I am afraid what my son might bring home from school.

    1. That’s scary. The school that my granddaughter attends has decided to distance learn until 2021 and then they will decide how to continue then. Alice will be going into the 4th grade she is missing her friends something awful. BUT better safe for all than not.

  156. I’ve got an appointment on Thursday to get an ultrasound-guided injection into the tendons in my bottom/hip. Just hope to goodness it works – this pain is constant and no fun at all. Meanwhile the painting continues although at a much slower pace than usual. My boobs send your boobs much love!

  157. Thank you for the giveaway. My day went quite well! My daughter and I went to a few stores to look around. Then we went to visit with my son. We stopped by and grabbed a bite to eat on the way back home. It was really nice to get out of the house for a few hours! Keeping you in my thoughts! I pray all goes well with the lump in your breast.

  158. Wishing you luck with your boob lump. Gotta tell you: I had a horrible scare a few months back and had to drive almost 3 hours to get to a big enough city to get a mammogram (my small town wouldn’t schedule one b/c of COVID). It turned out to be absolutely nothing. Hoping the same for you!!

  159. My day was terrific my daughter & grandson came over, it was wonderful spending the afternoon with them.

  160. Really really hot in SC. I am looking forward to Fall so it cools down. Thanks for all you do. I am praying you get good news gf.

  161. It’s a public holiday in Ireland and usually a busy, fun time of year in town. This year I’m staying put & staying safe.

  162. Today we will be fiddling around with our antenna. We cut the cord months ago and still haven’t been able to get & keep many channels. We need to figure out a way to raise it another 10-15 feet.

  163. I didn’t do much today. I was going to watch my granddaughter while my daughter’s and grandsons went to Silverwood but she went with her dad. I did go get ice cream with my son.

  164. My day went well, picked up a few things we needed at the pharmacy, did a few chores around the house, now I’m looking forward to seeing my grandson tomorrow!

  165. I’m being lazy today! I went out with a friend last night to see a country band out doors and we did a lot of dancing. I’m tired lol.

  166. Lol, Kate is right. You should have used the photo of your son in your trail cam Friday post! We would’ve marveled at the strange new wildlife eating your corn, lol. Today has been kind of slow and rainy, nothing much happening.

  167. Today is a good day. Lifetime is running their true crime Movies all day. Right now Drew Peterson. Have a good day. Thank you also for the giveaway. Good luck to all.

  168. My day is okay so far. One of my dogs was diagnosed with cancer recently and started chemo last Monday. He goes in for a second treatment tomorrow but he’s definitely doing much better.

    1. So sorry your pup was diagnosed with chemo. On facebook I see several dogs going through it but they are doing GREAT and the parents see so much improvement in their precious fur babies. I pray that happens for you also.

  169. I’m commenting here re. your wonderful son. The acorn definitely fall far from the tree in his case! You should have used this for one of your Friday trail cam posts!

  170. Today’s my niece’s birthday so as is the family tradition, I picked up the phone to sing Happy Birthday and then it hit me: no more 3-part or 2-part harmony. Today it was a solo effort. Then I stopped feeling sorry for myself & started prepping Mum & Dad’s bedroom. Now that it’s empty I’ve decided to decorate it, so the ceiling starts today with covering & sealing some old water stains from when Dad put in the shower.

  171. It’s August? How can that be? We’re only 2 months from Q4 and I haven’t really been out of the house since March.

  172. It’s morning here, I only just woke up and I’m having my cup of tea and trying to get my brain to work.

  173. How did you remember that August 12th is my birthday? It will be a good day for you.
    Glad your son and his family got to visit. He even has the ‘deer in the headlights’ look with the corn.

  174. It’s relatively cool in St. Louis today, so I’m enjoying some fresh air with the windows open.

  175. Loving our cooler weather (80Β°) today. Strange to think it’s already August – time is such a blur anymore because of COVID quarantines…

  176. My day has been okay. For some reason I haven’t been feeling good. Going to doctor on Tuesday to hopefully find out!

    1. I used my Ninja cooker to make a chocolate chip cookie. SO weird but OHMGEEE so good. Extra walnuts. Crunchy on the sides and brownie like in the middle. So good. That was the extent of my cooking this weekend.

  177. Today is a great day so far. I slept in and woke up to find out I won your giveaway!! 😁

  178. Well, our weather has gone bonkers. The sky was incredibly dark but the sun was out, lol. Then, it rained cats and dogs but the sky has gone bright blue with white fluffy clouds. Crazy.

  179. My day is going smoothly so far – assisted hubby putting in a new light switch, doing laundry now, then going to clean the bathrooms (my least favourite job!).

    1. I caught up with all the laundry over the weekend. It felt so good!! I’m waiting for the bathroom (also my least favorite job) perhaps The Husband will do it. (she typed and then laughed and laughed and laughed.)

  180. My day is going well so far. We ordered take out from our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was delicious. However, they forgot to include the guacamole with my meal … again! I am sending happy August thoughts your way!

  181. Bless you, Connie! I went shopping for one (well one human) today – very strange but I’ll get the hang of it no doubt.

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