$50 Your Way Giveaway! April 2020!

$50 Your Way Giveaway. PayPal, Gift Card or?? You choose.

Here we are with another monthly giveaway. This months update though is gonna be super boring. Truly, could our lives get any weirder??  This is like being sent to your room (which is where I always wanted to be anyway!). Going outside feels like I’m doing something wrong. (okay mostly it felt like I was in my own episode of the Walking Dead!) We did do a Walmart run for food on Monday and now we are settled in with supplies for at least the next month (if needed).

Today (March 31st) it was easy peasy to stay home. It’s snowing BIG huge flakes of snow.

I know I should be using this time to deep clean the house, update the blog, I don’t even want to craft! (WHO AM I?!?!)  BUT, I have been so unmotivated to do ANYTHING! So! I made myself a list (holy moly it’s a long list!) of things I need (want) to do. I am seriously hoping that gets me out of my PJ’s and moving.  I’ll let ya know next month.


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts.  Stay safe and stay well!

420 thoughts on “$50 Your Way Giveaway! April 2020!

  1. Still can’t get on the Giveaway Tool! I have tried everything, not sure what I’m doing wrong. I had this trouble once before but never this long. I hope to be back on the giveaway section again!

  2. My right bicep is strained from taking too much weight over the last year or so. Because my right leg was weaker than the left, I tend to put extra weight on my right arm with the walker, and now it’s decided to say ‘stop it!’ Lol. They’re doing ultrasound and ice therapy on it, trying to help it, but right now it hurts with every movement. It’s just an aggravation, though. It’ll get better.

  3. So dreary looking outside. Rain yesterday, rain today, rain predicted for tomorrow and Saturday too. Well, they do say April showers bring May flowers. Every May 1st the mayflies appear. I wonder if they’ll stay on schedule after all the late snow we’ve had (up to April 28th). Been on lockdown too long…worrying about mayflies now. 😟

  4. Day is pretty wonderful so far! Went for a long walk through the forest with my husband and enjoyed hearing the birds sing.

  5. I am doing okay. I have been having troubles sleeping lately so I am already ahead of schedule today since I woke up two hours earlier than intended. I hope you and your family are doing well.

  6. Quiet day so far, hope it stays that way! Rainy and dark out, but I’m fine with it, not going out today. Yea! Trying to stay home as much as possible.

  7. End of another month, and quite honestly, if all I have to grouse about is getting up to yet another blocked loo, well I’m the one who needs to take a good hard look around me and thank my lucky stars. I’m so used to being isolated, I often forget there’s a whole wide world out there struggling to come to terms with this new ‘normality’. Families and whole communities bereaved and grieving. I need to remind myself more often … and that ends the sermon for today.

  8. My day is going pretty well! I’m pretty tired but I’m feeling some sort of hope now for the future!

  9. Our plumber came last evening to ascertain what is going on with both our toliets…Diagnosed the problem gave me a list for the hardware and sorted us out with a ratch until I go out next week…Gave him a bag of cement that he needed for a project for payment!

  10. My husband finally drug down my grandmother’s sewing machine. It’s an old work horse — from the early 1950s. Going to make some masks with it and then likely sell it (it sells for good money) and get myself a more basic machine.

  11. Got my grocery delivery today. I asked for soy milk and they sent oat milk? Anyone tried oat milk? I haven’t. Guess I will now. I did get 2 kinds of guacamole they had on sale for Cinco de Mayo. (see my post today on Connie’s FB page)

  12. Day is going good. I used the ride service to go out and get groceries, and I was surprised it wasn’t bad at all. Not crowded, and most items in stock. The driver wore a mask, and I did, too. I’m listening to 3-hr. town meeting on Finance Committee, all about the budget.

  13. Another fantastic day! Just finished lunch and shared a few tidbits with my pup. Now on with the rest of the day

  14. Just another day here in paradise lost, lol. TV’s blaring way too loud. I’ve got one up the hall blaring what must be FOOD Network, one has Gunsmoke going and in the room with me the roommate has the Kardashians arguing way too loud. You know how hard it is to sleep in hospitals because of constant activity and noise? Well, nursing homes are worse. I haven’t had a moment of silence in over two years. When I get home, I want to have a moment of complete silence, lol.

  15. I started the day with another blocked toilet – lucky me! I’ll have to get the septic tank emptied soon at this rate. On the upside, I’ve finally managed to track down a couple of decent ‘posture’ bras, you know the ones that fasten in front & have extra elastic across the back. The daft thing is most only go up to a D cup (don’t know what that is in America). What about us big-boobed women who need them the most?

    1. I had a Great Aunt who would’ve sympathized with you, lol. She wore a FFF, I mean a size she had to special order. The woman ‘built’ as they say!

  16. Phone calls and food deliveries are what filled our day . Watching movies now which we enjoy indoors its been so hot outside here.

  17. I just received a package today that my daughter had mailed to me on March 31st. It was filled with Easter treats and handmade Easter cards from our 2 granddaughters for me and hubby. It took 4 weeks to get here. Maybe it was in quarantine?

  18. We’re good. Nice long walks with my dog while listening to podcasts (and staying far from others) have really kept me sane!

  19. I am doing okay. I have been feeling a little depressed staying away from family and my boyfriend, but doing my best to stay busy. I managed a 5 mile walk around my house today.

  20. I went shopping at the Denver Botanic Gardens Plant sale this morning from the comfort of my computer. I miss being able to see the actual plants. They were out of a couple of the herbs I wanted but got some: Basil – Spicy Bush (Ocimum basilicum var. minimum ‘Spicy Bush’); Scented Geranium – Attar of Roses (Pelargoniums capitatum ‘Attar of Roses’);
    Lemon Verbena (Aloysia citriodora) and Tradescantia Zebrina (Inch Plant). We get to pick them up next week in a drive through loading zone. The staff will load them into my car and keep good social distancing.

    1. Ooh, luck you! Are there any ‘virtual’ parks or gardens you could visit online like over here? Although that’d just be more frustrating I guess! We have virtual tours of museums and historical sites, exhibitions etc. as well. Passes the time.

  21. Today, I spoke to the 2nd in charge here, putting forth a logical argument as to why we should be able to at least leave our rooms at appointed times to go to the courtyard. If smokers are allowed to, it’s not okay that others can’t. People are beginning to go downhill mentally. We are all basically trapped in about half of a small room. And once your mental health begins to suffer, often your physical health suffers, too, And we are not allowing visitors of any kind, so anyone I pass on the trip to the courtyard would be someone who would come into my room anyway. It makes no sense to confine us to these rooms. If it’s safe for smokers, it’s safe for us too. He agreed but said he doesn’t expect the Health Dept. to agree to it. But he’ll take it up with them. (By the way, the person actually in charge here isn’t here because she has gone to a sister-nursing home in Louisville that has so many sick with COVID-19 that they need outside help. She’s acting as a nurse there. She is a registered nurse, though here she’s the administrator. She will have to pass two tests showing she doesn’t have it herself before she can come back here.)

    1. I think you’re going to come up against a mountain of red tape, Tamra. Everyone agrees that it doesn’t make sense but no-one will take the initiative just in case. Can you order ciggies online and just pretend to be a smoker? Makes as much sense as the rule!

      1. Oh, I’ve thought of claiming that I’ve taken up smoking! Whoever is making these rules hasn’t thought it through. They mean well, just want to keep us alive…but the rules are not really helping. They need to talk to the people who actually live or work here.

  22. My first job of the day was to unblock Mum’s toilet – what fun! I could only buy 3-ply loo roll last week & she uses lots when she empties the bag. Anyway that took over an hour of flushing etc. Didn’t feel like making breakfast after that!

    1. Hey, you have to grab whichever toilet paper you can find!! My aunt said all she could find were those ‘regular’ sized rolls, where she usually buys those ones that say one roll equals two or three of the regular. Her little 2 year old great granddaughter was helping her unload the groceries. She pulled out the 4 pack of that regular t.p. and she giggled and said ‘Oh, look, Nanny got baby toilet paper.’ Lol.

  23. So many transplants to take care of today…sitting here drinking coffee isn’t getting anything done! My daughter sat me down yesterday and very kindly told me that I should start taking it a bit easier…. the eclipse in June is conjunct my sun. so re-evaluating how much heavy outside work I do..a broken hip will not do!!

  24. Out working in the garden for a couple of hours and then caught up on phone calls i needed to make.

  25. I am so tired. I’m so looking foward to life going back to normal so I can get some rest. With people buying, I need to hit eBay hard. My husband is underfoot, and I am not having the time to relax like I did before. Thankfully I have a work project that finishes next week and things will be a little less hectic.

  26. Today’s highlight: ordering groceries to be delivered on Wednesday. Currently 83 degrees! Is it summer already and I missed Spring?

  27. My day’s going okay, we had to run some errands earlier & got lunch at McDonald’s. I just wish it would warm up! I’m getting tired of dreary days!

  28. Day is going good. Another rainy day, and right now I’m listening to a virtual town public hearing about the budget. I finally emailed the president of the company that delayed my toilet paper again, and wowie, it worked, it got transferred to their unit that handles issues from his office, so they canceled that order and have an order they are promising is in stock. Hopefully now it will only be a week – typing with fingers crossed!

        1. this is so true! I see it has a tracking number, so I’m going to dare to believe it is actually going to be shipped! Now I just have to watch for the porch pirates. Who knew tp could be so exciting and “hot”! Next “hot” item to secure also after two months of trying – flour!

  29. I’m in real pain now with this blooming tendon in my bum/hip. No amount of TENS or painkillers seem to make any difference. Come on body, don’t let me down. I promise I’ll be nice to you, pretty please?

  30. I’m fed up with the fact that smokers get to go out to smoke in the courtyard several times a day, two at a time. The rest of us are stuck in our rooms. I registered a complaint today. I’ve not left this room in a month. I think the mental health of the rest of us should be as important as the right to smoke. No visitors are allowed in the building so I wouldn’t pass anyone in the hall who wouldn’t be allowed in my room anyway. They could take us out once a day, two or three at a time. They do that with the smokers two or three times a day. I’m ready to lead the revolt…does anyone have a pitchfork I can wave??? lol.

    1. I was going to do an awful pun on the lines of ‘you’re already revolting!’ but decided against it. You’re right though, it def. is not fair.

    2. That is so not right!! WTF!? Sorry. That’s just not fair. Borrow a cigarette and tell them you decided to take up that nasty habit and demand to be wheeled outside.

  31. Not quite sure what’s going on but my form to enter hasn’t worked in four 4ays. I can’t even get Rafflecopter to load. Grrrrr

    1. Diane, I’m so sorry. Did you try refreshing the page once you are on it? For me it was having to do a defrag. I’m not sure why. Let me see if anyone else has registered a complaint on GiveawayTools and see if they have an answer.

  32. Up and dressed.. I believe the plumber might be coming today…Taking out all the tools and plumbing supplies…do hope it is an easy fix…..anyway outside into the sunshine until he comes….

  33. Been super busy — been listing on eBay like a mad woman, but still taking too much time to windowshop online. Amazon, etsy, eBay. . . so many fun things. . .

    1. Ahhhhhhh my entire life has become one long weekend. I’m BORED!! I just wish I could say I’ve been productive. I haven’t been. I don’t want to be on line. I don’t want to clean. I don’t want to answer emails. I don’t want to enter sweeps. ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  34. Hubby trimmed my hair for me today. It was getting too long. He cut off 4” from the ends. I was a bit nervous as this was new for him but he did a good job. Hair salons are closed so we all have to improvise.

    1. Terri that’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! At least you didn’t do what I did. I borrowed The Husbands clippers and shaved my head to about an inch all around. Plus side I found I look great in a hat. AND will for at least 6 months!

  35. It is cold and clammy, rainy. It doesn’t matter, since not going out. Our quarantine is going to last at least another month, and I’m hyperventilating about the basics still having a problem getting. More delays from online. When we’re done with this, I’m not using any site or store who wouldn’t help me out, as a senior with no transportation, I can’t run here and there to get stash before it is gone any place that doesn’t care won’t get my biz.

  36. They’re talking about letting a few things, like elective surgeries, start back up on a very limited basis, if the hospitals and outpatient offices can present plans showing it can be done with little contact (other than the obvious.) But, obviously, nursing homes will be the very last places they let throw open the doors. We’re in lockdown here for a while yet. Maybe the Housing people will start back up, though, and I can find an apartment or house.

  37. Another week come & gone in Lockdown Land. The doc prescribed some anti-nausea tablets for Mum – she won’t take them. Well, there’s a surprise! THUD – Ouch! THUD – Ouch! That’s the sound of me banging my head against a wall 😉

    1. Oh, boy, Kate. I’m glad you keep your sense of humor. I feel some empathy for Mum, too, though. I admit, I sometimes I bow up and refuse to take all these meds they throw at me. Then it’s my brother that has to try to talk me back around, lol. But I just hate taking meds. Even when I know they serve a purpose. Mom always said I’m mule-headed, ha.

  38. Nice rainy day.. the cistern might not fill but it will get a good bit of water…. Have to make lists for the projects this week and grocery shopping soon! Our sat at home has been extended to May 15th ….

  39. The day went by so fast. I called several relatives and friends to check on them to make sure they are well. I also received several calls from friends and relatives that were checking up on hubby and me.

  40. I’m tired of being inside. We have our days and nights mixed up. I don’t even know what day of the week this is. I’m confused. I need a burger and fries. I haven’t been out of the house for about 5 weeks now. Even my guinea pigs are sick of us being home all the time.

  41. I am on here kinda late tonight as I had company! Shh don’t ell anyone I wasn’t social distancing. It was my brother and his wife, does that count?

  42. I always used to know what day it was: M-W-F swim, Sunday chorus. Today I had to look at my computer to know it was Saturday.

  43. What a day. Two guys up the hall argue like toddlers. They’re roommates and can’t get along. One cusses like a sailor and the other is holier-than-thou, lol. Who thought that was a good set-up???

  44. Day is going good. Sunny and cold, getting things done. Looking for a good recipe to make today, with the oddball assortment of things I still have! Good way to use up things that I don’t use that end up in the back of the shelves or refrigerator.

  45. The weather is looking fine … and I have a few fun projects lined up for the day … so things are going great!

  46. We just cleaned our bathrooms today nothing to exciting over 2 months in great movie on tonight.

  47. It’s pre-dawn and I’m awake so what should I be doing? Cleaning, laundry? NO! Letting it all out on Connie’s blog, of course. You do know that you’re an absolute shining star for keeping this going, Connie! Thank you x

  48. Great day – beautiful sunshine, so I took the dog on a long, meandering walk. She’s conked out on my feet right now!

  49. The lady down the hall is dying and she’s in pain. The moaning and yelling is pretty much constant. Yesterday, I actually lodged a ‘resident concern’ as they call it. I wasn’t sure they had actually taken note of the fact that she is obviously vocalizing much more often. Only pain makes anyone do that. If it were just frustration (because of being locked down in the room) she would eventually get tired of yelling. Only pain makes you cry out all night and most of the day. Anyway, they can’t talk about someone else’s medical issues, obviously, but I was told it had not gone unnoticed and it was being worked on. Privately, I was told by an aide that they’re trying to get her stronger pain meds. Either it isn’t working or hasn’t been done yet because she’s crying out now. Not going to lie, it’s disturbing to hear someone in pain like that.

  50. Well now we have 2 leaking toliets..LOL…not bad but I know I can’t fix them even with my new found plumber skills..Ha! calling the plumber again on Sunday.. glad I sent over more baked goodies!!

  51. Today is my son’s 42nd birthday. Because we have to distance ourselves from him and the family we will drop off his presents and talk to all of them from afar. Can’t wait until I can hug them again!!!! Stay safe everyone!

  52. … and she vomited again so first thing I rang the doc for advice. Now she’s not talking to me for going behind her back. I just can’t win. Just a moment while I silently scream … … phew, that’s better! And the swallows are back!!!

    1. She knows you did the right thing…she just can’t admit that, lol. I hope she’s feeling okay.

      1. It’s so bloody frustrating! My sister keeps on at me to call the community nurse for help, aids etc. THIS is why! Thank you both, you really do keep me sane xxx

  53. Not sure what happened on my post for the 23 but I did post. Any way Up and at it today! It has been raining so at least we will begin to get some things growing. We have Morel mushrooms growing here, so maybe we shoud get out there.

  54. Every day seems to run together into a non-stop guessing game these days. LOL Some days feel productive, others not so much.

  55. It’s 11:32 at night here. I am so bored that I can’t get to sleep 💤 I haven’t done anything to get me tired 🙃

  56. I started out my day watching YouTube videos of cats doing funny things. Then I watched videos of birds at different feeders. I finally ended on videos of young kids doing funny and remarkable things on Steve Harvey’s kids show. I prefer tuning into these things now than watching the depressing daily press releases on the virus.

  57. I’m doing okay. I have been cleaning, reading, watching movies and TV shows, baking and playing board games too.

  58. Looks like a lovely rainy day…Truly just want to take the day off from the garden and clean out the china cabinet..been looking at the dining room and I just may move the furniture around for a new look….has been on my mind since Easter….

  59. We woke up to a light dusting of snow and flurries swirling around. It’s April 22 and still getting snow – this is crazy!

  60. It’s 4 in the morning and once more the dawning … I’m sure that’s a song … anyway, my sleep patterns all topsy turvy so I thought I may as well get up & do anything that requires electricity as it’s due to go off at 9. I may be losing the plot, girls!

  61. Honestly, the noise level here is about to drive me around the bend. So many TV’s just blaring. (Remember, a lot of these residents are elderly and don’t hear well.) At 2 am., I’m usually laying here listening to what a lady down the hall is watching (Bonanza or Gunsmoke mostly) because she cranks her TV us on 70, lol.

  62. Got the $25 Barnes and Noble Gift card in the mail yesterday. Bookstore here I come (online of course)

  63. So my day was all planned out.. did my garden weeding and had on my list planting some lovely pineapple slips around the cistern…I have no idea who was more surprised me or the baby tarantula….now let me say that they he was kinda cute and rather small but where there is a baby there is a mama….packed it in for the day and decided to bake a few dozen banana nut muffins from the overripe ones sitting on my counter….Sent a box for my plumber and on to my book! I will look into the pineapple plants tomorrow…

  64. I finally found something to clean with and after 2 days the bathroom is done. It’s hard when your body only let’s you work for a certain amount of time before you can’t push any more & need to rest.

  65. Another DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU’VE JUST EATEN POST from me! Last night Mum called out – she was vomiting. No idea what caused it. Finished washing her & the bedding, electric blanket, floor, slippers etc. & got 3 hours sleep when the phone woke me. Her colostomy bag had burst. Start the whole process over again … Oh well, look on the bright side, I said … if it had happened tomorrow the electricity would have been off (pre-scheduled maintenance)! The next person who asks me “but what do you do all day, Kate?” will get a slap on the head!

  66. We have lots of branches and limbs down after all the hit winds. Guess I will have to go out with the hubby and clean up the mess. Later going to drop off at the porch, our 5yr.old grandson’s birthday gift.

  67. So, today we started talking about me going home. I’m pretty much there physically, just need to build stamina. I have to arrange a new place to live, though, because back in December I had to let go of my previous place. Still, it finally feels real. So, coronavirus…stay away!! I have to wait for people to go back to work, lol, so I can start having my family look at places.

    1. Oh, Tamra, I’m afraid to breath in case something goes wrong. So bloomin’ close to freedom and on Earth Day too! See, the world is (almost) your oyster xxx

  68. Today was yard day so we worked on cleaning up leaves. Phone calls to catch up with family and a fun movie with the kids.

  69. I had a great night’s sleep and am typing this at 7.30am (unheard of!). Lots of energy so far, let’s see how long it’ll last.

  70. The Activities Director threw up her hands and quit today. I mean with everyone confined to their rooms setting up activities for everyone had to be stressful. But I really liked the one where she took Häagen Daz and Dove Ice Cream bars around to everyone, lol. That’s my kind of activity!

  71. It says something for my state of mind that I look forward to Tuesdays because that’s the day I take the trash can out to the curb.

  72. Well hello there! Hope your all having a great day. This is the third day of high winds for us, but it has been very sunny and beautiful out. That is if you don’t step out to see how cold it is. I will still take this over the long winter we have had.

  73. Doing good today even though this is day number $#@ of shelter in place. Oh great, as I am typing this the weather gal says rain tonight with thunder and possible hail BUT possible snow on Wednesday. Yes….I live in @PureMichigan

  74. A great surprise this morning…my plumber came by around 7am…mask and gloves… he told me that he knew I was trying to fix the pipe myself so decided to come even though I told him to come after all the drama is over…fixed my pipe and replaced a new spigot that he saw dripping…. no charge!! he told me that whenever I bake I send some goodies to his home said this was his goodie to me….

  75. I had to venture out to the laundry mat today. Luckily I was the only one there and it was so peaceful! Can’t wait until it’s nice enough to hang the clothes out to dry!

  76. Today is Dad’s 5th anniversary. It’s weird, sometimes it seems like yesterday, sometimes forever since he was here. The world and this little family have changed so much in those 5 years.

    1. I know that feeling. Sometimes it seems like Mom has been gone forever but other times I feel like I could just walk into the next room and she’d be there to talk to. I’m sorry. You must miss him so much.

  77. Beautiful weather we hung out at home and planted flower seeds milkweed is so important for Monarch butterflies to lay eggs on .

  78. Yesterday’s snow melted away today. It was a sunny day but still chilly. Running out of these to do to keep busy during this lockdown.

  79. Well, when we took the silk plants out of the rock shed, we found that they were completely covered in dust. It was so windy that my husband looked like “Pig-pen” from “Charlie Brown”. He actually had a cloud of dust all around him. Once we got them up to the house I sprayed them off with the hose. I told my husband I think that is the first time I have ever watered silk flowers! LOL

  80. Remember school days, when weekends flew by (same for work days.)?? These days, weekends seem to just drag by. Well, this one is almost gone. I hope everyone had a good one.

  81. Had a wonderful day today.. Rained so no watering to be done…Ice (our only dog now) spent the day sleeping with one eye open….cooked then read and finished my book.. started another one.. Great day.. Could not have asked for more….

  82. Just made some bread, perfect with the homemade soup. The phone keeps ringing today, hard to concentrate on anything, hope for a quiet spell!

  83. My day’s going okay so far, I have a cute playing napping next to me. 🙂 I just wish it would warm up!

    1. My day, so far, is going great! Drinking my morning coffee and listening to my do snoring. Love!
      (I meant DOG … snoring. 🙂

  84. It’s so quiet (well, apart from Mum’s gentle snoring!). Sunday is usually busy around here with people going to Church, sports matches and of course the farmers who are busy everyday. Well, I love it! I’m good at being anti-social and alone!

  85. Woke up to 6” of snow this morning. It was a beautiful winter wonderland! This is the latest date that we ever had snow.

  86. Just another boring day here, which I guess is a good thing considering the current situation. Drama is not wanted!

  87. Had a wonderful day in the garden today..lots of transplanting and seed starting.. All my lilies are flowering and they gave me the best boost.. Orange, white and the pink stripe make the yard so lovely.. Tomorrow other than cooking nothing but relaxing.. Have a good weekend peanuts!

    1. Michele, I had the prettiest purple and white! So pretty… I thought I would take a picture to post today. NOPE. The four legged gardeners ATE them over night. Oh well.

  88. Today it’s 55 out and windy as all get out! Still really nice and sunny though. I even went out and planted some silk flowers! Yes, I did say silk flowers as I can’t kill them with my lack of green thumbs. Besides our governor has closed all green houses in Michigan and you can’t buy any plants right now. No Joke! Guess they are considered non essential.

    1. OMG… your planting of silk flowers reminds me of the I Love Lucy episode where she and Ethel plant wax flowers to have perfect tulips for a flower first prize….brings back memories that make me smile…

      1. We moved down here in the winter of 2000 so had no daffodils in the garden for St. David’s Day, March 1st. I found some artificial ones on eBay & ‘planted’ 100 of them outside Mum’s bedroom window!

      2. Michele Soyer, Loved that episode! 🙂

        Connie Gruning, We have fed the raccoons for years with our planted sweet corn! We no longer plant it as we never got any for ourselves.

  89. Day is going good, it is snowing pretty hard, and I have a soup going in the slow cooker. Good comfort food for a dark, cold and dank day!

    Idris the cat has been developing a huge abscess on his leg and spending the nights on my bed feeling very sorry for himself. Well, last night as I was putting ointment on it before I went to sleep, it burst. All over him, the bedding, me … this was at 2 in the am. I had to wash him, strip the bed, change my clothes … by the time I’d sorted it all out it was almost 6 and Mum was calling out for help to go to the loo. Anyway, to get to the point, I made breakfast for her, had a quick shower & headed into town to get some groceries. Actually I just needed to get away!

  91. It’s bad enough that we are stuck in the house, but now snow and no sun??!! This bites!! At least the sun and the warmer weather made me happier!! Be safe!

  92. Well the cat that showed up here in the middle of the winter had kittens during the night. We haven’t found them but she definitely had them and has been nursing already. Guess we will have to do some sitting out by the barn and watch her.

  93. Exactly 5 weeks ago I went swimming for the last time, went to the library for the last time, and went to the grocery store for the last time. I miss swimming the most since I can get ebooks from the library and the grocery store delivers to me. My bathtub is NOT the same.

    1. Sarah, You’ll be swimming soon. I hope. How much longer do you think we will be ‘sheltering in place’ thing? I’ve watched so much tv. Played so many computer games. Slept too much.. and well basically had a big ole pity party.

  94. This is getting to be really stressful. People are having anxiety attacks here. That’s what happens when you won’t let people leave their rooms, I guess. I honestly think the guy up the hall here was just creating a scene this morning because he wants out of his room and he’ll do anything to get what he wants. He’s kind of an attention hog.

  95. Starting to get super grouchy! My anxiety is going through the roof! But I will keep pushing on and taking care of our elderly parents and their friends until this has passed. Many props to Instacart people who do shopping all day every day!!!

  96. Day is going good, may have snow tonight! I’m seeing online where people are alerting where they can get flour. I haven’t been able to get any, as I don’t have a car to hightail it to wherever it is available for an hour or so, then it is gone already. Trying to figure out how to get my mitts on some, haven’t found it online, except for the weird gluten-free blends, and I’d rather go without, after trying some.

  97. Right, so that’s the ensuite grouted, the kitchen worktop sealed, years of brambles cut back, the garage tidied & swept, now I’m starting on the cupboards in the utility room. I’ve already discovered shopping bags dating to the 1980s not to mention a big bag of old Tshirts etc. that Dad kept (“never know when they might come in handy”)!

  98. Today was a nice day out. I actually went and sat outside at my daughters house to see my grandkids play

  99. Listening to Kenny Rogers songs today. I just learned he passed away March 20th. He had a beautiful voice and sang so many great songs. My favorite is “Lady”.

  100. I feel like it’s “14 First Dates” around here, with going to bed every night with no snow and waking up every morning to 1 in or 2 of snow. It really is gone around 12:00 every day! LOL

  101. It’s just another day here in paradise, lol. We’re all just trying to tolerate each other and hope this lockdown ends soon. As long as it hasn’t gotten in this building, that’s something to be grateful for.

  102. I’m looking around through my stash to see if I can make some masks. They are going to make an announcement later today, the rumor is they will require masks for going out in public. I have one cloth mask, and that is enough, but many don’t have any yet.

  103. Going to try and fix a pipe that goes out into the land…I will make as best a patch as I can until this crisis is over and can call a plumber in….
    this dry season is particularly bad.. cannot tell you the last day it rained….

  104. I’m still brambling – can only do it early morning or late evening as I’m bundled head to toe to protect me from the thorns. The cat, Idris, has begun to thin out the local rabbit population again but I manage to rescue most of the babies he brings home & release them further down the road. Other than that, just enjoying the sunshine!

  105. Sun is shining today. Snow starts tonight through tomorrow. I am tired of being alone. I miss swimming.

    1. Ah Sarah, as a fellow water baby I know exactly what you mean. Don’t worry, ‘this too shall pass’. Take care of yourself x

  106. I was able to help my niece get her paperwork done. I just made some hummus, got a few things done, and wow, it is late afternoon already!

  107. This day has been pretty normal. Woke up, did physical therapy here in the room. Last night, I was up way too late (after 2 a.m.) watching that weird Netflix documentary, Tiger King. Wow. Weirdness. If you haven’t watched it, do. I sat through 4 straight episodes and would’ve kept right on but figured I had to sleep at some point, lol.

  108. Well not sure what to do with the garden as our Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, said we can not by seeds, plants or soil. We can’t even go boating if it has a motor! Not sure what this has to do with the Covid19 but I would think planting gardens would be considered essential. Oh well!

    1. Diane, I’m hoping that they don’t close the nurseries in California. Otherwise son Zac and his girl friend will be out of jobs. Ewwwwwwwww of course, ON THE other hand…… maybe they would have to move up here to live. Things that make you go hummmmmm

  109. Yesterday I went outside as soon as I could to start repair work on the garden…weeds.. reaping tomatoes… cleaning out flower beds that dried down…Today it is re-plant day.. makes me smile more than yesterday… I have lovely flower seedlings to handle and happy to report all my lilies are coming up…

  110. Last night I stripped the old sealing from the back of the kitchen sink, scrubbed & bleached it. Now to reseal it before I open the kitchen ‘for business’! Other than little bits of DIY I’ve been brambling, i.e. cutting back a couple of years growth on the wild brambles at the bottom of the garden. The sheep in the next field are fascinated by this wild-haired woman hacking away to the rhythm of ‘When the red, red robin comes bob, bob, bobbin’ along …’

  111. Weird day here. Girl Scouts donated 500 boxes of cookies because they couldn’t sell them due to the lockdown. It’s always nice to eat Girl Scout Cookies. A nurse brought me new headphones she bought herself. She knew I needed some and my family can’t visit because of the lockdown. A guy in the room across the hall doesn’t understand that he can’t leave his room, so he keeps rolling out of his room and down the hall. He’s moves very slow because of his condition, but we cheer him on, lol. ‘Go, Stevie, go.’ Lol. Of course, the staff intercept him and wheel him back. Spoilsports.

  112. Sage Singers Membership committee meeting today. Trying to figure out the way forward.
    Sun is melting the 6 inches of snow we got, but Colorado is on a winter storm watch for Wednesday and Thursday (after it hits Idaho).

  113. I’m very anxious today. My daughter-in-law is a doctor in Florida. She was sick with symptoms of Covid-19 and took the test yesterday. We’re waiting for the results.

  114. Well, seems like an end to spring again. We had really high winds and got more snow to boot! Ha, funny thing is it won’t be long and we will be complaining about the heat! Some people are never happy! LOL I am so grateful for the computer, Face Time and the phone to at least keep in contact with family and friends, especially this blog. 🙂

  115. Mum & I visited Dad’s grave yesterday. The last time she got out of the house & into the car was 2 weeks ago for her last radiotherapy treatment. She could barely manage to walk then but this time, although slow, she was able to take a few steps unaided! Things are looking up! Ireland’s lockdown continues and people are adjusting to this new, strange way of life. It really does make one thankful for all the little freedoms we take for granted. Keep well, keep safe & we’ll beat this.

  116. After a 40 degree drop in temps (70 to 30), snow, snow and now more snow. Is it Spring yet? Got my grocery delivery today on my porch. Bit of snow on the bags, but was cool enough.

  117. It’s been a crazy couple of days. Due to the shut down our landlord had to cut costs to his business. Unfortunately one cost was cable & yesterday it was shut off. Today we found out that our cable lines were never connected to the new line & still on the business one. So today I had to go buy antennas for the tvs! Not much to watch but it’s only for a few more weeks…I hope & he’s promised to upgrade for us. Guess it’s the downfall of having everything included.

  118. The weather here is bonkers. I mean, it’s April. Why is it getting so cold?? And it hailed the other day with crazy winds. There were tornadoes last night in Mississippi. Man, I’m ready for Summer.

  119. The sun’s out but there’s a cold wind out there. I’m hoping to get Mum to come with me to put flowers on Dad’s grave. It’ll be 5 years next week. How our lives have changed in those few years!

  120. The big storm is coming in. Getting some jugs of water together. Trying to do some online paperwork with my niece several states away, they are having gale force winds, trying to get some important things done in case lose power – no smartphone to have charged, can’t do anything w/o power! Hope we don’t lose it, glad I don’t need to go out today, stay safe!

      1. We are OK, at least what I could see out the window. They had an arborist take down a few trees and any questionable limbs, that would help minimize damage from storms like that. There was a good amount of damage locally, though, I’ve not had a tree come through the roof like some did.

  121. Easter Monday? Is this something new? I honestly never heard the term before, I like it though. Off to pick up more drugs from the Pharmacy. Man I am getting old when that’s the high light of my day! LOL

  122. Easter Monday still on vacation…just eating, listening to music and reading….My garden is crying where are you?? i told them relax I will be back tomorrow.. the dog thinks I am nutz!!

    1. Terri thank heavens for FaceTime! I at least got to hang out with the kids that way. I’m worried now that I won’t get to have Alice for the summer. That thought makes me so sad.

  123. Had a great day today snuck out for a drive. Went and dropped stuff off at the son’s house for the kids and then to my daughter’s house for her kids. Also got to go check on our bees out back. Nice day but I am definitely read to hit the sack!

    1. Diane, that might be what I need is a drive. Except today we are expecting high winds before the snow. Now that I’ve seen what a 70 foot tree looks like when it falls, I think I will wait.

  124. Happy Easter. 🐰🐰
    Sage Singers met via Zoom today. Not a rehearsal, just a meeting to decide on where to go from here since our June concert was cancelled and our big trip to Minneapolis in July for the Chorus Festival has also been cancelled.

  125. I hope there is someone out there spending Easter with their family, watching kids hunt for eggs and eating too much chocolate and an Easter ham! Oh, well, next year!! Happy Easter.

    1. Oh Tammi… sorry you had to spend Easter where you are…I spent Easter with my wonderful daughter, ate ham and chocolate bunny…wish I could send you a piece of my blueberry cheesecake for dessert!

  126. As good an Easter as can be, and now settling down a little, just had linner – that is lunch and dinner at the halfway mark, like brunch, only in the afternoon, heh. Supposed to have big and scary storms tomorrow, with heavy winds and downpours, so I’m enjoying the sunshine while we have it.

  127. It’s 5 in the morning and I had to get up ‘cos Mum was hungry! Anyway, since I’m up I’m doing all the things I should have done yesterday evening but couldn’t because our power went off at 6pm. It came on again about 2am. So we had a candlelit dinner of sandwiches and salad. I’m sorry, but Saturday night is pizza night so the chocolate biscuits I ate don’t count! Happy Easter to all who celebrate xx

  128. I slept in and then watched some tv. I ran to the store to get stuff for a Eater dinner for my son and I.

  129. Hello! I am so exhausted tonight. My daughter came and helped us rake up some more walnuts while we social distanced our selves. It is a lot of work and we haven’t even touched the front of the house. I am talking about two acres of just walnuts! Still think that the $80. would not have been such a bad thing right now. That’s how much it would have cost us to rent a lawn sweeper to remove them. Grrrr

    1. I’m fascinated by all these walnuts! We don’t have them in Ireland. What weight do you harvest & what do you do with them? Hope you’re feeling better!

      1. We use walnuts mostly at Christmas. I put them in the chocolate fudge, maybe in some cookies or cakes. I love walnuts.

      2. Kate Sarfield, Mine are black walnuts! My husband eats them as they help lower his blood sugar. The kids and I are allergic to them. We can pick them up just not eat them. The rest we chip them and our chickens devour them. As far as harvesting them, they are ready when they fall from the tree, ounce the husks around them is dried and brown. You have to be careful and wear gloves that won’t seep through as the husk will dye your hands. They use the husks for staining.

        1. Typical! You get to do the work & can’t even eat them. Have you ever had pickled walnuts? They’re yummy! Done in a sweet brine as opposed to vinegar. Had them on the continent.

          1. Wow, sound very intriguing! I might even try this for the hubby as like I said the kids and I are allergic to them. Thanks Kate!

          1. We chip the whole nut but they only eat the actual nut. The acitic part of the shell is called Juglone, it leaches into the soil in the fall. After about a year you can use it in your garden. You can never use it before that. We found out the hard way as it kills everything!

  130. I’m all messed up on knowing what day it is. I forgot that yesterday was Friday when I’m supposed to take some pills. One day late will not matter. Today 70 tomorrow high of 30. Brrr.

  131. If the guy up the hall doesn’t stop singing at the top of his lungs, I’m going to leave this room no matter what the rules are and bop him over the head. I’m tired of it. He loves attention, and can’t stand having to stay in his room. So…we all have to listen to him sing and carry on. I just want a solid minute of silence.

  132. I made a quick dash into town today for a few groceries and locked my keys in the car. Thankfully, I’d left the sunroof ajar & it was just enough for a young man to reach inside and, using my walking stick, unlock the door. There are still nice people in the world.

  133. My hubby went to the supermarket yesterday during senior hour (6-7 am). As he was about to pay, a lady from one of our local heating oil companies offered him a $50 Visa Gift Card to help pay for some of his groceries. We use a difference vendor for our oil so he declined it. The store manager told him it didn’t matter and that it was that oil vendor’s way of helping seniors. It was such a nice surprise for my hubby and other seniors who received the gift card.

  134. Here we are on Glorious Saturday…. baking a cheesecake then the kitchen will be closed until baking the ham tomorrow…Today would have been my sons 46th birthday.. he was born on holy Thursday and we brought him home on Easter Sunday those years ago.. there are times I cannot believe that he has been gone 8 years now….still hear his voice over the phone…

    1. I’m so sorry Michele. It has to be the hardest thing of all to live through. I hope you have lots of happy memories with him to make you smile some, too.

  135. Hello again! been kinda cold today but I have checked on quite a few friends on the phone, to check and see how they were doing. I even got to do a little painting done today. Yeah me!

  136. Another quiet day at home. Nice weather today and tomorrow: high 60s, low 70s; then BAM! Snow and cold temps for the next few days.

  137. Tried to get a few things for Easter at the local meat market and people were lined up around the building. Forget that.. we will have whatever I get out of the freezer.

  138. Walked to Whole Foods this morning, for the senior hour. I thought the line was about 4 people, until I saw it stretched around the corner, must have been 40 people or so. It was good to have that hour, though, I just got a few things, as I had to carry it home. They are practicing all the safe distancing recommendations, which is nice. I still can’t find flour, everyone is baking, I guess!

  139. I just read Connie’s Trail Cam Friday, which had a pic of boulders. Now Amazon thinks I’m interested in buying boulders, lol. Those ads that you see from Amazon are all for Faux Boulders. Oddly, they’re blue or purple, lol. Pretty boulders. Well, state law says we can no longer leave our rooms. That’s silly. If it comes in here, it will be from staff going in and out, and they obviously come in to our rooms.

  140. People heeded my “early p/u call” and by 6am all had come and gone.. started at 5am I think…. so here I am everything is done for the holiday weekend except the cooking .. Plan on watching mass then reading for the balance of the day.. of course with SuperStar playing!!

  141. We had hail and snow last night. Expecting snow flurries today. You wouldn’t think it was already April 10th. Spending Easter with hubby. We’ll miss our son and daughter-in-law, our daughter and son-in-law and 2 granddaughters but we rather know they are safely in their homes preventing the Coronavirus. We’ll connect with FaceTime.

  142. It’s Good Friday, the start of the Easter weekend and what a difference a year makes! Our pharmacist couldn’t get all of Mum’s drugs so is trying to source them from other suppliers/pharmacists. There’s also a shortage of stoma products as companies switch to making PPEs for frontline staff. Strange times indeed.

  143. Well, I did it again! Only I can walk down a set of stairs and tear a ligament. I was trying to hurry and came down on the step in a weird position and wham. I have the greatest luck lately. Hey but look on the bright side. I will be house bound for quite a while anyway. Foot up and bring on the old movies marathon. Might as well laugh as to cry!

  144. Put in my next order for groceries. Will be delivered on Monday April 13th. I added some chips and onion dip just for fun.

  145. Work is still trickling in for my guy but barely. Getting a bit concerned it will dry up if this continues.

  146. Made one mask today, sewed it by hand. Peapod canceled my order, who knows why, but they’ve canceled many peoples’ orders like that, after two weeks almost to the day of delivery. Some people on social media said Peapod canceled on them more than once. So onto plan “B,” I’m planning on walking to the store tomorrow, and get a few things, then try to figure out what to do long-term, our area of the state will have the peak late May – early June, so this will be going on for a while.

  147. To be honest I am getting really concerned about my income because I am down to working only one day a week. I am looking into filing for unemployment insurance.

  148. AGH!!! I am very angry – had to pop into town to get meds for Mum & there were dozens of Dublin-registered cars on the roads. Haven’t they heard of the lockdown? Staying home? You are not wanted here in the sunny south-east this Easter long weekend. Go home & take your germs with you!

  149. Things keep getting a little more strict. Only one person from a household can go into a grocery now. ‘Traffic’ in the aisles is strictly one-way, no passing each other in the aisle that way. Limited shoppers in a store. Here, obviously, no visitors has been in effect for weeks, but now families can’t even drop things off. Every staff member has a N95 mask now and has to wear it all the time. But they just have the one, and a brown paper bag to put it in if they take it off to eat, etc. Not sure how sanitary that actually is. But masks are needed more in other places, obviously.

  150. It’s a nasty rainy day today so I think I’m going to make us some comfort food and do a little mental recharge.

  151. Finishing up with emails then into the kitchen.. baking all my traditional Hungarian Easter goodies then on to the cake orders… no delivers everyone must come tomorrow morning early and collect…

  152. My moods are like a yo-yo, lately. I’m trying to stay busy, and so I’m baking, doing crafts, crocheting, and started spring cleaning. But I’m also eating…my stress-release. By the time this is all over, I’ll have 15 added pounds. Sigh…

  153. We’re starting to get on each other’s nerves a little here, lol. When you’re stuck in a building with people who are not family and no visitors are allowed and there are way too many people and you really just want to go home…well, nerves are strained.

  154. We are under a curfew now. No one out after 5 pm unless you need to get food or something like that. My stress is stressed.

  155. Wednesday is supposed to be swimming. I miss it like the dickens. (what exactly does that phrase mean anyway). I did get email saying I won $50 Paypal. Excellent news.

    1. https://writingexplained.org/idiom-dictionary/like-the-dickens
      Origin of Like the Dickens
      Believe it or not, this phrase actually has nothing to do with Charles Dickens, the famous English writer.
      Dickens is a substitute for the word devil. Some people try to avoid saying the word devil for religious reasons.
      One of the most common phrases using like the dickens is to say that something hurt like the dickens. For example, that hurt like the dickens. Other synonymous expressions that religious people might avoid include that hurt like the devil or that hurt like hell.

      Dickens first appeared in the English playwright William Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor, from the year 1600.

  156. Well all went surprisingly wonderful today….lined up at the grocery before 7am and was in the first 10 to get in.. everyone so orderly and pleasant… Out by 8am…to the feed and grain.. in line for about 15 minutes then I was in the next 5 allowed in.. now there personalities were a bit darker.. hmm….atmosphere between the owners and the employees were a bit strained.. yes you cannot make as much money when you can only be opened for 4 hours and there can only be 5 people in the shop at once but that is life…and for the love of God you make enough money surely! home for the duration and thank goodness for that…

  157. Spent most of the day helping my niece with some paperwork, oh wow, my head is spinning, but we were able to get it done. whee! And I was finally able to get an online order for toilet paper processed, since most are out of stock. I’ll never look at toilet paper the same, now those huge packages look sooo good.

  158. I’m re-potting house plants & preparing boxes for salad veggies & greens. I’m a bit anaemic but can only absorb iron in it’s natural form so supplements are no good. Looking forward to some crunchy leaves! Hope everyone’s ok in Peanut Land?

    1. Kate, that’s a great idea (repotting) I have so many plants that need it.
      I don’t want to jinx anything but WE HAVE BLUE SKY today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO happy! I think I will head out and weed the garden in a few.

  159. My day is going great so far! The weather is fairly nice here so we can get outside and take walks 🙂

  160. Beautiful sunny day here – 61 degrees. No sign of spring here yet. But the wasps were out everywhere. Poor hubby is allergic to them and bees too. He has to keep his epi pen on him.

  161. I got to go outside and enjoy my crocus’es. I also got a project painted today before we had thunderstorms with hail. I guess we are suppose to have snow again later this week. Yuck!

  162. Went out downtown today for my infusion. Lovely day, 72 degrees, and at the lower elevations (I live a bit higher) there were some trees in bloom and I saw a daffodil. I was very anxious about going to the medical facility and being around people but my infusion went fine and I drove through at Good Times on my way home and got an Oregon Blackberry milkshake and some onion rings. I usually treat myself to dinner after my infusions. Now back to my solitude…..

  163. This has been sort of a slow day. I’m not sure why, lol. I had physical therapy this morning. We have to do it in the hall outside my room because the therapy gym is on the other endof the facility and they shut the door between the two ends, no one shall pass, lol. It’s a little nuts but they think it’ll lessen the chance of any virus spread if it hits one end or the other. But of course, some staff go back and forth, so…

  164. Gorgeous day today. The temp got into double figures for the first time this year so I’ve spent the day outside giving all the houseplants a shower & tidy-up. Could do with a shower & tidy-up myself!

    1. Kate, I am thinking a nice hot bubble bath for me later tonight. It’s so beautiful outside right now. Not a cloud in the sky! The weatherman promised me 70 degrees on Friday and HE BETTER NOT have lied to me!

  165. Masks all made…the pink one is very pretty with pink ribbons attached.. I probably am nuts but one has to laugh….venturing out to the grocery tomorrow at 6am.. my lists are ready.. after that a trip to the feed and grain .. back home hopefully before noon…believe it or not I still have cake/sweet bread orders for Easter…

    1. Michele, I found a great mask pattern that I can use with my Cricut machine. I promised The Husband a new mask this week before we head to town again in a couple weeks. We are trying really hard to quarantine until May 1st. (haaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa I made a funny. But I promised I would try)

  166. It was nice to go outside today for a short bit, I have been staying in, it was nice, so much like spring, sunny and a warm breeze. Our area is nowhere near the peak, it won’t be for about a month, but already many are dying. It is very scary, and there are all kinds of shortages of PPE, trying to get ready for what lies ahead.

  167. I found a good video on how to make a mask out of a t-shirt with no sewing. Now I just have to do it. Beautiful day with 72 degrees and sunshine.

  168. Monday again. They tell us this week will probably be the worst one in the U.S., the apex of COVID-19 deaths. I have no idea what’s going to happen. Kate, I’m so glad your Mum is feeling bright-eyed and bushytailed, as my Granny used to say.

  169. Mum managed a shower last night all on her own! I can’t believe the difference the radiotherapy has made but know that I have to keep level-headed about this. It’s not a cure and after 3 cancer diagnoses in five years, the long-term outlook isn’t great but as long as she has some level of independence and is pain-free then I say YIPPEE!!!

  170. I’m full of anxiety today. I want to be able to get my laundry done but need to go to laundry mat to do it! Plus I want to do a huge shop and stock up for the rest of the month but with limits on different things I’m not sure how to do it!

    1. Ackkkk Kim, I totally take for granted the washer and dryer in my house. I hadn’t even thought about laundromats OH MY gosh!!! ACKKK!!! Stay well my friend. Maybe just do laundry in the tub.

  171. As per the health ministry directive last evening I will spend the morning making a face mask……yes the morning.. I do not sew well at all.. LOL…now there is a “no sew” one that is right up my alley….I have lived thru a polio scare back in the late 50’s which created the mass vaccination of all city school children.. the measles and rubella scares of the 60’s , the Hong Kong and swine flue scares… but this one.. it is like a bad science fiction movie….105 confirmed cases here and the island is small….

  172. pretty boring honestly! I’ve cleaned all there is to clean, read my books, and have even got sick of watching television!

  173. Good virtual chorus rehearsal. It’s good to check in with everyone and see their smiling faces. Tomorrow’s project will be to make a mask to wear on Tuesday when I go out for my infusion.

    1. Sarah, We had a Zoom birthday party for Selena on Saturday it was awesome! Seeing all Selena’s friends and all our family. Of course Alice in the background dancing like a crazy caged animal made it hard to concentrate on Selena. But, it was so much fun.

  174. Found out I have a whole new infection! Yay, me, lol. I have a tiny little spot on my back where they’re still trying to heal an old bedsore from when I spent a week in bed when I had MRSA. But somehow, it has acquired an infection. So, I’m now on yet another antibiotic. Boy, if COVID-19 were not a virus but an infection, I’d be covered!!

  175. I couldn’t get on Rafflecopter at all yesterday. So glad to get on today. Enjoying the sun but still a wee bit cold out. Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful Palm Sunday!

  176. I don’t want to tempt fate but it looks like Mum might be heading for a shower today – eek! No more back-breaking bed baths 🙂

  177. Palm Sunday so strange not being able to go to mass.. Well that is what TV is for.. as soon as I make breakfast on goes UTUBE.. then as usual i make our traditional Palm Sunday lunch…

  178. We opened the mail today we collected all week made sure it sat for the virus to be gone 7 days then opened it.

  179. I called several friends today to ask them how they are coping with the quarantine and to let them know I’m thinking of them. They are with family members which I believe helps. I feel bad for those that live alone. The isolation is hard for them. That’s why it’s important to keep in touch with them by phone, FaceTime, cards or letters to tell them we love them and we’ll get through this.

  180. Well, it’s been a long day. Had to put a cat down as he was hit by a car. Then had to dig a place in the pouring rain. After all that we didn’t even mind being confined to the house again. It was nice to hear the birds and the geese are back from down south.

  181. Yesterday our governor said we should all wear masks when out. I’ve been looking at some of the easier patterns since I don’t sew. Will need one on Tuesday when I go downtown for my infusion. If all else fails I have a scarf that I will wear cowboy style.

  182. I made a very quick trip into town for meds & some groceries. Very weird not seeing children out & about, families etc.

  183. Now anyone who goes into the hallway is supposed to wear a mask. whatever. I’m not convinced it’ll help when they have to wear the same mask all day. Now they’ve given the staff those N95 (I think that’s what they’re called) which fit better, but they only have two masks each! They’re supposed to put it in a brown paper bag if they remove it to eat, etc., then put it back on. Craziness.

  184. Jupiter conjunct Pluto today one of 3 times this shall happen this year.. Have to get out into the garden today and pick weeds and see what I can gather up…also I have an old wheelbarrow that would look good painted and filled with flowers…

  185. I spent a good part of the day organizing photos. Going down memory lane was so enjoyable. I plan on giving my grown son and daughter a lot of them. They will enjoy seeing themselves growing up over the years.

  186. Going to bake the asparagus I got delivered yesterday. Pour a little garlic flavored oil on it and sprinkle with sea salt. I’ll eat half of it today and then reheat the rest tomorrow. Asparagus means Spring to me.

  187. I was just commenting on the Trail Cam Friday and thought I might as well just leave it here.
    To be honest I think quite a few of us could get in line with you on the undone lists. I still have 13 walnut trees of walnuts all over my three acres to rake. The husband doesn’t want to rent the lawn sweeper at $80 a day. So he thinks we can rake it! I laughed! We went out and I raked for about an hour and had to come in.

  188. Well all Easter clean-up work done.. all rooms cleaned and new linens up… Have a short list for the grocery next week… want to get out before Holy Thursday…here they have ordered out the police and defense force to monitor groceries… what a world….

  189. Listened to a conversation outside my room this morning. They were discussing how they would cut off the duct work from various rooms if someone actually got sick. Hmm, shouldn’t they do that before someone gets sick??

  190. My sister arrived to mow the lawn but damn thing wouldn’t start even though I’d had it on charge. Tried jump starting it from my car & it almost got going but fizzled out. If I knew where the spark plugs were I’d take them out & clean them … find the book or search Google. However I did manage to get the filters in the well cleaned & replaced while she kept an eye on Mum, so the morning wasn’t completely wasted.

  191. I’m anxious today. Our small county has only 5 positive cases but found out one was a Wal-Mart worker. Today I have to go shopping for my mother in law and I’m unable to shop for ourselves until next week. I’m using all precautions but I’m still on edge!

  192. Had to get up early but it was worth it. My groceries delivery had all the things I asked for including eggs. Took a nap this afternoon.

  193. I finally got fed up with all the glitches with Facebook lately and went ahead and let them switch me to ‘New’ Facebook. I hate when they decide to change everything. But for two days I haven’t been able to get my notifications. And they’ve been hounding me all week with messages every time I open Facebook asking me to try it out. So, I did. Good news is I can get my notifications. Bad news is I have to get used to New Facebook, lol. It is faster, I have to admit that.

  194. Went out and did a little raking today. I am so out of shape from this flu I had. One day at a time one step at a time. Hope your day is going well.

  195. I was hoping to sleep in today but just couldn’t for some reason. So I am starting the day off tired.

  196. Good morning from lockdown in Ireland. Actually for some of us this really isn’t any different from our usual routine! I’m still grouting Mum’s ensuite (has to be done in between her naps) and looking out for the woodpeckers!

  197. I am at home for 3 weeks now but your blog in one of the great thinks making my day a bit better, cheers from Portugal!

  198. Winter has made a temporary comeback a few days ago. I wouldn’t mind if there was more snow; at least there’d be something pretty to look at from the window.

    In other news: I’ll be working my way through a long list of movies & anime and looking for new and easy vegan recipes to try out.

  199. Made some progress on my project – trying to paint all the interior doors in my house. Nowhere to go, might as well get something done!

  200. Hubby went to Shoprite to replenish food. Seniors can go 6-7 am which is good time for him as he always starts his day at 5 am. We try to go every 2 weeks for milk, eggs, bread, fresh fruits & veggies. The other items we are stocked up on.

  201. We are under lockdown in New Zealand and only leave the house to go grocery shopping. Only chemists & supermarkets are open for the month so I guess I am saving money in a way.Keep safe .

  202. I can’t even get up enough energy to think of a good April Fool’s joke or prank.

    You got snow, now it’s coming to Colorado tomorrow after 68 degrees today. I just like the phrase “the Warm before the Storm”. Fun to say.

  203. Having a hard day today. I’m becoming some nocturnal creature that stays up until 3am now. Don’t think it’s good for my psyche…

  204. My day is going okay. These days, one day is very much like the next. The weather has been a little cooler here.

  205. This has been a bad day. I’ve been irritated by every little thing. I’m just going stir-crazy, I guess. Connie, I heard last night that Idaho had a good size earthquake last night! Did you get all shook up?? I’m looking forward to your Friday trail cam pics–maybe they caught some shaking, lol. Seriously, though, I hope it didn’t cause any damage in your area.

  206. Good afernoon Connie! I hope you are getting some much needed things done. I have 13 Walnut trees of walnuts around my house that needs raked up. This 3 acres seems like it’s 10 miles long right now. It has to be done before the grass starts to grow. I guess I better get at it!

  207. My day’s going okay. Like you, I have a long list of ideas of things to do around the house…..trying to get to it….soon! 🙂

  208. I ran a bunch of needed errands today. Wal-Mart is 100% enforcing the 6′ rule. They are making us stay outside until the person ahead of you has their cart and is inside the store.

  209. Mum’s just found out that Wimbledon’s been cancelled – this is going to be a very long year. Keep safe everyone & let’s look out for each other xxx

  210. meh. stressed because the government will take my whole tax refund and probably the stimulus, at least thats money i will pay back sooner i guess?

  211. It is the beginning of a new month, in a world that was different from the beginning of March. I hope that there is promise.

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