$50 Your Way Giveaway April 2018!!

Happy April my little Peanuts!! I can’t believe we are 4 months in to 2018 already. Holy MOLY my life is on fast forward!!

My Whine Report is pretty much the same as it’s been for all of 2018. Packing and moving….  blah blah blah…..  I have to admit I am getting excited about the idea of laying around on my outdoor hammock in the trees outside my craft room door. Can you imagine how quiet and relaxing that would be?? Yup, all I need to do is remember which box I packed the carabiners are packed in. Yup, ready to relax in my ultimate hammock and never, ever see another moving box. Ever. Please? I really hate moving!

We also need to keep sending our healing vibes and lots of prayers  to Tamra P she is out of the hospital but into a nursing facility. Tamra FEEL BETTER QUICK!!!

On to the giveaway!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you stop by. THANK YOU!!! (Yes, I do just copy and paste the remainder of this post. I’m lazy! AND tired!! Moving is exhausting!)

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated.

Win $50 Your Way! Tons Of Ways To Enter The $50 Your Way Giveaway!! Comments get you the most entries!! I LOVE COMMENTS and SHARING!! Hint hint!! Okay, so technically, I love all the entries and I’m thrilled you do any of them!

Every once and awhile I may add a new entry so be sure to double-check occasionally.

Since I’m the sole sponsor of this giveaway, you can expect that all of the entries are about me, me, me, me and of course ME!!

I am so thankful for my wonderful followers here on Peanut Butter and Whine!! I really do feel blessed that you stop by!!

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Thank you all so much for your support!! GOOD LUCK!!! Don’t tell the others but I really hope you are the WINNER!!!

Good Luck!!!


  1. Kate Sarsfield says

    My day so far has consisted of ducking in & out of the rain, so nothing new there!

  2. Kate Sarsfield says

    And here’s the home page comment: Does anyone know where one quarter of this year has got to? It passed me by so quickly!

  3. Debbie P says

    My day is just starting and going so so. Having more pain than usual.

  4. my day just got started1 I am trying to wake up!

  5. Christina Englesakis says

    Nice day today. Sun is shining so all is good!

  6. My day is going OK. I had called the property manager to let him know more water is coming in. I got a call back from a new person taking his place, and he could hear the water coming down in the message I left, and could hear it when I was talking to him. I could tell he was concerned, and he is going to bring it up to the board, so maybe this new person can convince them to fix it.

  7. Connie I love the “flower” – do you have extra seeds would be fun to plant some!!!

  8. Kami Sundstrom says

    My day is going great! My kids are on Spring break so I was able to sleep in, yay! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  9. My day is going great. The sun is out. The weather is warmer. The flowers are blooming.

  10. Good swim class. 70 degrees today before the cold front tomorrow.

  11. Judy Thomas says

    I am sick with a bit of a head cold and tummy ache at the moment so my day is not going too well…. and my son won’t do the dishes…arrrgh 🙂

  12. shannon fowler says

    My day went okay. I started a new job last week, so at least this week I seem to be better able to get through some of the paperwork things quicker.

  13. shannon fowler says

    Happy easter! thank you for hosting these giveaways! its fun getting to go to so many of your blog posts along the way.

  14. Kate Sarsfield says

    I was up a lot in the night with Mum, she just couldn’t settle, and finally got to sleep around 6 this morning. At 8.30 a ‘phone technician rang about a fault on our landline that I’d reported & said it was fixed. I rang the support line & got the ‘divert’ taken off it only to find that the fault is still there 🙁 You do not want to mess with this sleep-deprived woman!

  15. Sab Edwards says

    Yesterday, monday, I did my shift and went home after 8hrs…I’m supposed to be the last supervisor to leave but they sheduled someone for a 4pm shift , 5-6 hrs of work for them to do and I was not staying til midnight….so I have no idea if I have a job or not (but they can’t force people to work their 8hr shift, how on earth can they force me to do a 12hr one, right?)

  16. Easter was a bit distressing as my dear daughter had tooth problems… So we muddled through and today it is back to the dentist…..Trying hard to be positive and not think root canal….

  17. khennyzee says

    i just can do without you,yes YOU!

  18. Day is going OK. Going to rain lots, so watching the buckets. I got a call from a government funded agency who helps ppl sign up for Medicare – but I had called for assistance in January! They said funding was cut and they now have only have two people to handle the current and a huge backlog. She said I should file a complaint with the Insurance Dept, about Anthem’s screwing up my insurance, esp if I end up having to go to the doctor before mid-month when they think they will be done with my application (third time they messed up, not me).

  19. Christina Englesakis says

    My day is going just ok. Its so ccccold outside and its beginning to rain.

  20. Had a good SPARK group at Chatfield Farms today. First we went to the barn and passed around some plants that make teas. Then we had bowls with the dried herbs and everyone got to make tea bags to take home. Then we walked and saw 2 pigs, 2 ponies and one sheep.

  21. Sab Edwards says

    VERY tired but probably not as tired as my co-worker. The reg gal who works with me is on vacation so they have to take a production person and put them on my shift. On monday he worked by himself until 11pm (not sure how many labor laws they broke doing that) and last night they asked him to do extra cleaning because of the audit. I left him at 8:30pm when my shift was done. I estimate he maybe got 5hrs of sleep last night because they have him scheduled to work 5am (they asked and he agreed) He is going to cook and then clean the machine (5hrs to cook if the weather does f it up) and then another 5 hrs to clean the machine (YES THATS RIGHT 5 HRS TO CLEAN ON MACHINE LOL)

  22. Dentist visit was not as bad as anticipated so that was a positive…. my lawn fella is scheduled to come this eek so went out this morning and tried to p/u anything that might hinder him.. started raking up in the barn area until the sun got way too hot.. back inside and will start a pasta lunch soon….

  23. Just a short note that if I miss a letter as in eek not week or misspell anything I struggle with close typing so please give me a slide!!!!!

  24. Christina Englesakis says

    I’m having an exceptionally bad day. But I have something to look forward to so I’m trying to stay positive.

  25. I didn’t enjoy Easter much at all this year. I had problems with my front tooth and the gum surrounding it so I spent Easter Sunday and Monday in bed. I went to the dentist yesterday. Luckily my teeth are healthy and strong – but my gums are the issue. Gingivitis unfortunately… So now I have to be even more vigilant about oral care than I was before.

  26. My day is going ok, cold and rainy. Water is dripping down in the buckets. A maintenance man filling in for the usual one I had him here looking at my leaks, and he is following up with the new property manager, also. 6 1/2 cups of water went into the buckets yesterday, I measured and emptied them at 10:30 pm yesterday. I called Anthem, and they are not calling me back. I wonder if they are always this bad. I will try them again in a while, but it probably means they don’t have a member ID for me.

  27. Good swim class. Quiet evening at home.

  28. Kate Sarsfield says

    I had to go for blood tests first thing, then pushed a trolley round the supermarket, went to the bank, got bird nuts, picked up Mum’s meds … and all on 4 hours sleep. I went back to bed after lunch & didn’t wake for 6 hours!


    My day is great so far. I have a million things to do today so I wanted to get my entries in really early its 4:21 here You all have a sweet & happy day too.

  30. Sab Edwards says

    ONLY TWO more days til the weekend lol, but the damned weather says two more WEEKS of ugly weather for my neck of the world..snows not yet gone down in the back yard, but I think there was a high of ……PLUS SIX..YES FOLKS plus six…OMG

  31. Day is going OK. Anthem never called me back, the guy I was supposed to call on Wed works until 11:00 pm. So I called this morning and got trafficked to their customer service, ended up on phone over an hour. So annoying! Round and round, so now it is being elevated. But all I needed is a simple answer to one question! How many people at Anthem does it take to screw in a light bulb? at least 100 – one to hold the lighbulb, and 99 to move the earth under it.

  32. Kate Sarsfield says

    Today I took Mum to the ‘care of the elderly’ dept of our local hospital. ‘I AM NOT ELDERLY’ is Mum’s response whenever I mentioned the trip so I just let it go … anyhow, they’re quite happy that her memory loss isn’t deteriorating so don’t want to see her again till next year, for which I am very grateful 🙂

    • That is good to hear. That is cute your mom is still a ‘spring chicken,’ chuckle!

  33. Kim Avery says

    Today I found out that some of my menopausal symptoms may be heart related so Dr has me heading to a cardiologist.

  34. Terri Quick says

    My day was good. I went out shopping with my mother.

  35. Today was kinda meh… I feel like I am becoming addicted to Anbesol and Advil….

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      Aw, sympathies! I’ve never had gingivitis but the sister was a dental nurse & recommends plenty of specialised mouthwash & go easy with the toothbrush until things heal.

  36. Took Steve to his club. Packing for my trip to Estes Park tomorrow.

  37. Christina Englesakis says

    After a crazy windy day yesterday, I spent most of a very cool day outside cleaning up. Good exercise and fresh air. I have to look at the positives!

  38. Sab Edwards says

    hARD week for me, cried all day long, having lots of issues, really miss my pet that I had to put down…. gez is it week over yet, I just can’t take much more

    • Trust me the week ends a new one begins and it does get better.. sometimes slow and plodding but we do move forward.. wishing you the best..

  39. Off to Estes Park for my chorus retreat. Why is there snow in the forecast?

  40. Day is going good. Yesterday when I got through to Anthem, I let them know I had the phone book out and was getting ready to call the Insurance Dept. Magically, the problem they couldn’t resolve due to their multiple errors til mid-month was suddenly fixed within a couple of hours. Yeaaa, I finally have the insurance!

  41. Sab Edwards says

    have to figure out how to be happy

  42. Christina Englesakis says

    Weird day today… sun, cloud, snow, rain, heavy snow, cloud, supposed to have sun later. Weird.

  43. Kate Sarsfield says

    For once I was able to sleep a couple of hours without having to get up to help Mum so feel almost human again! My new dancing shoes arrived so I’ve spent the morning pretending to be Shirley Temple!

    • Glad you could get some sleep. My mom had to be watched and cared for 24/7, it was not easy, my sister was the main caregiver, and nobody in the family realized it was a hard job for her. What kind of dancing shoes are they. I have a bunch of cute heels, but don’t wear them anymore, but they are all still in my closet.

      • Kate Sarsfield says

        It is tough & my sister only lives 5 minutes away but seems to have enough on her plate & hardly ever offers to take Mum for a drive or out to lunch, anything to break up the monotony of getting older! Families eh? Thank you for the little rant!

  44. Today was slightly better than yesterday. I am giving myself the rest of the week but I am determined to be back to my old self by Monday. I can’t really take much more of this constant aching all the time..

  45. CJ doing a bit better so for that I am grateful…it is funny I feel like my main purpose is to nurse people and I truly like it.. when I told my father I wanted to be a nurse he flipped out and said NO NO NO a doctor maybe but not a nurse…..so no nursing school for me.. when I told him I wanted to join the peace corp ( remember the 60’s) he said NO NO NO and would not sign the release papers…..so here I am planting and working in a garden I hear him telling me NO NO NO I didn’t send you to school to play in dirt.. God I miss that man!!

    • I miss my dad, too. It is funny the things you miss, it can be things that seemed annoying at the time!

      • Kate Sarsfield says

        We were just having a laugh about some of Dad’s funny ways; like always blaming Mum for washing his favourite trousers when he couldn’t fasten them, instead of admitting that he could do with shifting a couple of pounds! “You mother’s washed my bloody trousers again!” Can hear him now …

  46. LAMusing says

    It’s my day off – but jeez I’m tired! Wish I had more energy, wither to get things done or just to enjoy the day

  47. Laurie Nykaza says

    Such a beautiful spring day so we just worked in our garden today watering plants.

  48. Kate Sarsfield says

    I woke nice & early this morning then thought to myself, hang on, it’s Saturday, no rehearsals … woke up at lunchtime!

  49. Day is going good. It was raining before, but just stopped. Haven’t gone out, but keeping an eye on the weather. I’m getting ready to start on my drapes again, now that I feel OK to be up and down on the ladder.

    • Be careful on that ladder.. I fall walking up the steps….LOL

      • Thank u. I’m trying to be extra careful. I’ve read so many people ended up losing their freedoms from falling (or even died).

  50. Sab Edwards says

    HORRIBLE loss for our Province. Fourteen people gone due to a traffic accident on the highway. The whole province is grieving. So many parents are hockey parents so this touches home to a lot of us…no matter how bad my day might be, it is NOTHING in comparison to the families that are going thru this. Things I think are big in my life are nothing when confronted with the loss of a child/loved one.

  51. Done for the weekend!! Moon was good for planting today so I did just that.. now I plan on doing NOTHING except cooking until Monday….so lazy that we are having sandwiches today with wine of course……

  52. stacey mccrary says

    Its a stay in the bed kind of day. Very chilly out.

  53. Christina Englesakis says

    I’m having a good day. Ran so many errands with hubby. Feels like we accomplished a lot today.

  54. Feeling a bit better today. The antibiotics I am on make me tired though.

  55. Susan Smith says

    My day went ok today. It’s still too cold for Spring so I spend most if it inside doing laundry cleaning and reading.

  56. Well, our day started in the teens, snow on ground, COLD, COLD. But sunshine in afternoon, so getting better.

  57. I feel better but I still have some pain. I wonder if this is just something I have to learn to live with. I am determined to enjoy my Sunday! 🙂

  58. What a glorious Sunday.. did my chores, made lunch, called my gal pal and made arrangements for a beach day in May.. now to do nothing until tomorrow…..

  59. Sab Edwards says

    achy, but I’m alive, tired, but I can nap this afternoon. Decided to take myself off my meds from Thur night til tonight in case its the meds that are making my tongue so horrible. SAd about spring no longer being a real season

  60. Day is going good. It is sunny finally and I’m noticing those dust bunnies I didn’t see when it was dark and overcast! Still really cold so going to stay in and not go out for errands until another day. Looking online for a lamp (or a lamp base). I had knocked over my lamp and broke it, I had covered the shade with dupioni silk, and I’d like to use it, but so far I haven’t found a lamp base so would work. If you know of online sites with a lot of lamp bases, pls let me know!!!

  61. Going ok. Listened to church online and am going to have pizza night, YUM! 🙂

  62. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m back…lol. After a UTI that went septic, several weeks unconscious and intubated, over two months in the hospital…I finally feel human again! I’m in a physical therapy rehab right now…haven’t been on my feet since early Feb., so really have to learn to walk all over again. But, glad to be in the final phase before going home.

  63. Kate Sarsfield says

    I have just got home after the longest dress rehearsal ever. My feet are killing me so I’m going for a soak with bubbles then straight to bed. Last chance to sort things out tomorrow evening and then opening night.

  64. Had a great chorus retreat in Estes Park. Snowed on Friday, but the rest of the weekend was nice.

  65. My day is going very well. I had family visiting.

  66. Christina Englesakis says

    Too early to tell! LOL

  67. Sab Edwards says

    MONDAY so I can head to the towns pharmacy and ask q’s about my drugs and the possibitlity that is whats causing my dry mouth (tongues literally drying out)

  68. Day is going good. I’m heading out to do errands. Still really cold – until Thurs, but no snow or rain! Was going to wash my down parka before putting it away for the winter, but instead going to wear it!

  69. Day went well. I am feeling almost back to my old self again. I did my chores outside, and I felt good doing them. 🙂

  70. Tamra Phelps says

    Another day here in physical therapy, lol. Oh, my aching back!

  71. Kate Sarsfield says

    The last rehearsal was due to start at 6.30 but there was a power cut that delayed everything till 8.30 pm. It’s past midnight and I’m only now getting my dinner! Just as well I like cold lasagne 🙂

  72. Good swim class, trip to the library then home to find I won a $15 Starbucks GC.

  73. Laurie Nykaza says

    We hung out indoors today it was 95 outside to hot to work in the garden.

  74. Sab Edwards says

    I feel well rested, like I might have gotten a really good nights sleep (vvery weird for me)

  75. It has been snowing this morning, now it is snowing wet snow. Staying inside and see if I can get a couple things checked off the “to do” list!

  76. Kate Sarsfield says

    I’m cold, tired and want to go back to bed but tonight’s opening night so gotta get a move on & get ready to strut what little stuff I’ve got left that’s struttable!

  77. Christina Englesakis says

    Having a great, productive day… making bags for our kayak paddles.

  78. Went shopping today and gosh how spending money always makes me feel better… so lazy that I made breakfast for lunch…. tomorrow is another day.. I will do better with an Indian meal of Sahiena…..

  79. Went out to the store with Mom… Not a lot of people out today…. Came home and enjoyed the rest of my day. 🙂

  80. Shannon Mitchell says

    My day is going better today. I’m getting my strength back from having the stomach flu.

  81. Just a quiet day at home.

  82. Tamra Phelps says

    well, tomorrow I’m having a talk with someone here at physical therapy. Physical therapy says ‘have the nurses and aides get you into the wheelchair so you are sitting upright.’ Nurses and aides say ‘physical therapy has to be here.’ long story short…I spend the day in bed feeling like I’m making no progress. This is not ok. An explanation is required, lol.

  83. Sab Edwards says

    SNOWING… I was actually scared we’d run out of snow before june….

  84. Day is going good. I got all the drapery hardware and drapes up in one room, now I have fabric out to make tiebacks. Can’t move all the furniture back til that is done, and can only do a tidbit here and there, but little by little, it is getting done. Then I have the pillows to finish, then it will be onto another room.

  85. Christina Englesakis says

    All good. Got some yard work done, completed a few chores around the house and off to a preview of a new show later.

  86. Kate Sarsfield says

    It’s the morning after opening night & I ache all over! Just taking it easy then a hot shower & back to the theatre for round 2!

    • Katie sorry Kate you are a star….Cannot help the Katie….that name is deep in my memory for a dear friend… so hey I guess you are a friend!!!

    • Wow sounds like hard work but very fulfilling!

  87. Today would have been my sons 44th birthday….My goodness to think that he has been gone now for 6 years….heart disease has no age requirement… so in his honor because he loved it.. making sahiena and aloo mattar.. when I made Indian food he said that I impressed him.. even though he had wonderful Indian food when he lived in London moms was always best.. smart boy!! Miss him so bloody much….

    • Tamra Phelps says

      It must be so hard to lose a child. Happy birthday to him.

      • I’m sorry for your loss. My brother hadn’t been sick a day in his life, at age 40 one day he didn’t feel good, then he really didn’t feel good and so started to drive himself to the hospital, and had died on the way from a heart attack. It is very hard to lose your child, and he had a wife and young teen son. Life can be cruel.

        • Kate Sarsfield says

          Sometimes life really is a bitch. I’ll raise a glass later on to his memory.

  88. Kami Sundstrom says

    My day is going great!! I hope you’re having a good day!?

  89. Molli Taylor says

    this has been a pretty emotional week for me. my past abuser is up to his old tricks, and i ROCKED court, stood up for myself, but it was HARd. but then… then… i met my favorite rockstar in a meetup … in a strip club… my life! gotta love it!

  90. Fun swim class. Then treated myself to a truffle mushroom swiss at Smashburger with a $10 GC.

  91. Tamra Phelps says

    Did physical therapy right after breakfast this morning. Happy to do it cause it brings me one step closer to walking. It’s slow but sure, I guess.

  92. Sab Edwards says

    omg BEST news for me is that the student cleaner CAN come in today so not only will we be able to get our work done, there will be NO OT ….(without him there would be 5hrs worth of dishes left for the production people to do Friday morning as I am willing to work til 10pm (2hrs OT) but not an additional 5hrs

  93. Day is going good. The sun is out and it is warmer. I plan on trekking to town. The town had a public meeting for the budget yesterday, 16 seniors got up and expressed concerns. Also ppl wrote letters. I wrote in, too. They had a lot of coverage in the local media today about it. I wonder if it will change anything. We’ll see! It is good to try.

  94. Robin Creager says

    So far my day is going well. Today my work week starts in which I will put in a 12 hr. night shift. I can say one thing. I LOVE MY JOB 🙂

  95. Kate Sarsfield says

    I had a busy morning catching up on laundry & paying bills (T.G. for my new internet provider). Heading for a shower then hopefully make it through the roadworks to the theatre on time!

  96. Tamra Phelps says

    Had physical therapy this morning, practiced getting out of chair…no, I can’t do it yet, but this gets those muscles moving and stretching. Have to relearn how to do that. After Over 2 months flat on my back, all those muscles have just gone weak. Got to go outside a while, too. Other than transferring hospitals and traveling to nursing/rehab, I hadn’t had fresh air since early February.

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      Oh I still remember that ‘free’ feeling the first time I got to sit outdoors after dislocating my knee! Wonderful simple pleasures.

  97. Got some neck pain today… I am starting to think this is more than just a dental problem and possibly my jaw. I didn’t wake up in pain today which was a relief, as I have found myself grinding my teeth in my sleep. No bueno! I am not under stress, but I have read that people can grind their teeth in their sleep when their jaw isn’t aligned properly. I just want everything to go back to the way it was…. 🙁

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      CJ has your dentist checked your ‘bite’? Our teeth wear down at different rates so it might be that that’s causing the pain. I’ve always ground my teeth & use a bite guard at night (when I remember!) and it definitely helps!

      • I am going to ask my dentist about it, because I believe the problem is my bite. I plan to buy a nightguard (bite guard) to help me.

  98. Dana Rodriguez says

    Beautiful Spring day in SC. I aired the house out and got caught up on a few things I had put off. I hope you had a safe trip. Love your new car!

  99. Quiet day at home. 75 degrees but with lots of wind. Snow tomorrow. Crazy weather…

  100. Christina Englesakis says

    Had some dental spring cleaning done today! So I’m having a great day – no cavities!! 🙂

  101. Kate Sarsfield says

    It took almost 40 minutes to get my sorry ass out of bed this morning – I’ll just hit that snooze button one more time … Anyway, now I’m up and just getting house chores out of the way and answering emails etc.

  102. Sab Edwards says

    Slept 4.5 hrs then the pain woke me up..have a doc apt on monday to check out whats going on…got hurt at work and ever since then have basically had limited use of my left hand

  103. Day is going good. Going to trek all the way to the post office. It looks like rain, but it is warmer, so won’t have to be bundled up, that is nice.

  104. Very tired. Did a lot of outside work today, so my back and neck are hurting a bit. But the yard looks great! 😀

  105. Dana Rodriguez says

    Another beautiful day here and I am so glad it is Friday so I can spend time with my guy. I hope you are having some time to relax after that long trip. I know how drained I am when we drive to Long Island from SC and back. Takes me a couple of days to recoup.

  106. Tamra Phelps says

    Hmm, they tell me that the plan is to try real standing on Monday. Okay. I guess it has be attempted at some point, lol.

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      Atta girl! The important word here is ‘try’. Just put your heart & soul into it and try 🙂

  107. Good swim class. Then went to a friend’s house for her sale since she’s moving away.

  108. Kate Sarsfield says

    Well folks, this is it. The Wicked Witch is almost dead! A matinée then just over an hour off & then final performance and PARTY TIME!!!! Phew 🙂

  109. Day is going good. Finished putting up drapes in one room this morning, and have been putting everything away. Now getting ready to work on the throw pillows I had started a while ago.

  110. Didn’t do much today recovering from all I did yesterday. SO I am going over paperwork and working sitting down. LOL. 😉

  111. Sab Edwards says

    TOOK a tylenol 3 last night with the hopes of getting a good nights sleep but was up after 4.5 hrs due to the pain (Its a work place injury and I am seeing a doc on monday)

  112. Had a few really bad days but it is over now.. back up and ready to stop feeling sad and sorry for myself…..

  113. Long day being a delegate to the state convention. Had to get up TOO early.

  114. Sab Edwards says

    basically all’s I did yesterday was REST..slept and slept, still in pain but knowing i’ve got the doc apt on monday is helping lol…slept 4 hrs last night..prob nap all day long again

  115. Sunday… do nothing day! I hope everyone enjoys their day. 🙂

  116. Day is going OK. Supposed to have hard rain starting soon, and right into Tues also cold. Nervous about the leaks, also is supposed to be icy, and trying to figure when will be OK to walk to town between now and Tues.

  117. Oh yes Sunday….and Mercury is going direct so all systems go….making lists for tomorrows bulk shop.. haven’t gone for awhile so the list is long….honestly I do love this type of shopping day…when my home is stocked to the gills I feel secure and I am grateful that I have enough room to store everything …wine is always cheaper by the case Kate….

  118. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, it’s been a slow Sunday. Just laying here watching true crime shows on TV and doing the exercises I can do in bed.

  119. Susan Smith says

    My day has been cold. We have snow here now so I had to find my winter clothes to wear. I’m spending the day streaming movies inside where it’s warm,

  120. Quiet day at home, then chorus rehearsal in the evening.

  121. Diana Corlett says

    Today has been a warm day. The snow is melting. None left on the roof and there are many bare patches in the yard. I’m not convinced yet, but I am hopeful. Maybe spring is actually on its way!

  122. Sab Edwards says

    yay I slept til 6:30am..way better then getting up at 4am, can’t wait for my doc apt today to get things rolling

  123. Day is going bad and good. The bad part, by 10 am, 22 cups of water leaked into the buckets starting last night. It is still raining hard and probably another 10 cups already. It was sleeting and freezing rain, now rain, so between the leaks and the ice, not going out. I called the property manager, he is new, but had no recollection of my talking with him 3 weeks ago and his commitment to talk to the board, he was supposed to bring up my leaks at the board meeting, and but they canceled the meeting for this month. Whew, the good part, is someone is filling in for our superintendent, and he is GOOD! He looked thoroughly at my leaks and has a good idea where they are coming from, tomorrow he is going up on the roof (can’t do it now), he is following up with the property manager to let him know in more detail. Our normal superintendent has been out, and he is nowhere as ambitious or good as the one filling in. Typing with fingers crossed it finally will get fixed, it has been 13 1/2 months going on. Board does not care, they are tight on money, saving for a roof for a different building, our building has a newer roof.

  124. Good swim class today with a substitute teacher. Quiet night at home.

  125. Tamra Phelps says

    Today, I sat on the side of the bed and held myself upright, lol. Hard to believe the day has come when something so simple previously is now a big accomplishment.

  126. Good day. Went shopping and we had good deals all day! Can’t complain! 🙂

  127. Day is going good. Getting ready to walk to town, still pretty cold so going to add a few layers.

  128. Sab Edwards says

    My co-worker is also my neighbor. I can literally see her house from mine, its two houses over on the corner, op side of the road. She’s been with me cleaning now for almost 2 yrs. She’s got a teen so she needs to have a family friendly shift. The two people they finally hired yesterday will replace her. She will be moving to day, and I’ll miss her like crazy, she is my age and such a nice person. One of the other ladies is very young and also lives near me. She just moved into the rental and I can also see her house from mine LOL. (and believe it or not, the house directly across from me also has a young lady in it that works at our plant!!)
    The new cleaners have one week to learn all the equipment and then they are on their own. I think the older lady who’s 59 will last, but not the younger girl. My boss was very open about it being a heavy duty job.
    Last person we hired lasted ONE DAY. so we’ll see if they both show up today

  129. Had a great day yesterday shopping and guess what?? stayed in budget which is always a good thing….Today is a baking day but no ambition so just did odds and ends and plan to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with a film and a bowl of ice cream!

  130. Today was an April shower kinda day… Didn’t want to do anything…. just cozy up and enjoy myself.

  131. Busy day. Steve to his club, haircut for me and infusion.

  132. Sab Edwards says

    Day two of the new hires…the one lady is older then both myself and my co-worker (the one who’s moving to the day shift on monday) My supervisor told me last night that the two ladies had to re-assemble the pot machine… ..welp, the older lady flat out said there was no way she could do it..we’d already done 1.5 hrs OT and she was totally wiped out. My plant manager did warn them both that the job was heavy lifting, was not easy etc. I have always stated to him that we need a man/guy to do quite a bit of the heavy lifting there but he’s insisted that women can do the jobs (I can’t, I’ve gotten hurt multiple times trying to do these jobs, had to have surgery to a rotarty cuff where they put 4 bolts into my arm and had 4 months off, had a hernia from trying to lift things that were too heavy and ended up in emergency and off for 4 months 2 yrs ago for that as well as my left arm with a tear to the rotary cuff, which was hurt again in jan)SIGH, BIG SIGH, not sure how well my summers going to go if my boss won’t listen

  133. Well after 2 1/2 months of back and forth and this and that I finally got a call from the bank that all has been settled….To the bank tomorrow and then I won’t be carrying the phone around with me waiting for a call.. I HATE being tied to a phone…happy happy ….one last stop after that to get some bird seed and can stay at home and do my thing…

  134. The superintendent put the caulking on the roof (this is about the 5th time). He is saying he did not say yesterday the metal plate was very dipped and holding at least two inches of water – I know he is afraid he will get in trouble, as the management is pushing back and doesn’t want to pay to have it fixed. So now I have to figure out what to do. The board, the property management company and the superintendent are in denial. The property management co has 72 lawsuits (I looked it up in our judicial website) – I can see that in order to get something fixed you have to have a long drawn out lawsuit. If I had the money, I would sue their sorry ass.

    • He says it won’t collapse from the weight of the water that collects in the huge dip a large amt of square feet, but I could tell he was really nervous yesterday when he discovered it and told me (oh, that’s right, he never said it)…..

  135. Good swim class. Got home to a package that I won from Peaches.

  136. Tamra Phelps says

    It’s been a long day. They are currently understaffed here at the nursing home, rehab. Hard to get littele things done.

  137. today was a good day got some more outside work done, but didn’t do much that… lol. 😉

  138. Off to the bank… the earlier we leave the earlier we get home…. it is a lovely day here with lots of sunshine and a cerulean blue sky….just want to sit and watch the grass grow….

  139. Sab Edwards says

    I woke up at 6:30 am yesterday and didn’t go to get the bloodwork done (could not last 2 hrs without coffee) ..managed to sleep in today and went and got it done today…..havent’ been for bloodwork for 2 yrs since I had the surgery. Tomorrow is payday, friday and I have to try to get in for xrays for my work related injury (back in jan). I have $160 worth of free groceries with my PC card so will head there as they open at 7am ..also, CHINESE food either friday or saturday, hopefully friday if we’re done reallyearly at work

  140. Day is going OK. See an article in the local news they may not do the entire proposed increase in taxes, so that would be good.

  141. Took Steve to his club. Then the Summer Sensory Garden guide training. Lots of new people and a few returning for the summer.

  142. Went to the bank today and everything went very well… i can’t complain…. Watched the movie Disney’s Planes today. Just as adorable as Cars… 🙂

  143. sheila ressel says

    It’s early and I am just waking up, having my coffee. So far so good!

  144. Sab Edwards says

    Today my cleaner moves to a 10am shift, I’ll still do the noon shift although if they do finally hire someone , I have no idea who’s going to train them now. Did the bloodwork yesterday for my tongue and today I’m up at4:30am due to the pain in my arm from my workplace injury back in jan…headed to the city for 7am shopping and then to minor emerg for my xrays on said arm

  145. Kate Sarsfield says

    We’ve had a couple of days of beautiful weather so I made the conscious decision to go internet-free for a couple of days and just get out in the fresh air. That’s after sleeping about 2 days after the Wizard of Oz finished up last Saturday. Today’s the 3rd anniversary of Dad’s death so Mum & I cleaned & tidied the grave and just had some quiet time with him.

    • Tamra Phelps says

      Glad you were able to spend time with your Mum at your Dad’s grave. I always find cemeteries peaceful rather than sad.

  146. Day is going ok. The maintenance guy was supposed to drop by yesterday, never did, so I’m staying put in case he decides to stop by today. That is OK, I have a ton of things to do, and it is freezing out! At least it is sunny!

  147. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, I can see some progress in physical therapy. Legs and arms moving better. Still not standing. Progress is slow but steady, I guess.

  148. Good day today…. I am feeling better than I had been in a while.

  149. Good swim class. Trip to the grocery store. Home to cook some fresh fish.

  150. Day is going good. Going to walk to town later get a few chores done. Trying to learn how to do an invisible zipper for the throw pillows I started.

  151. Kate Sarsfield says

    Another glorious day here. Hard to believe we were up to our waist in snow only a few short weeks ago! Plenty of gentle gardening getting done.

  152. Sab Edwards says

    Finally got the xrays done !! Had a short workday yesterday and it was payday so my reward for my shit job is takeout , which is Chinese from our local restaurant. Finally wonderfully nice out, was actually +16C on my walk home last night at 6pm…Got up at 6:30am and did three walks already today…waiting for my phone to charge so I can go for another (LOL I play pokemon go, since it started and it motivates me to get my fat ass out the door, even when its -30C outside) … need to do yard clean up today (The transfer station or town dump is only open two days a week) the snow is almost all gone out back, and with a temp of +18 today it should be toast — funny how warm weather makes me such a more happy person

  153. No energy kinda day… I am going to get back to working on Monday… 🙂

  154. Out in the garden again this morning….What has become of this city born and raised girl playing in dirt all morning.. must admit I do love seeing seeds grow.. anyway.. breakfast for lunch today.. ham and cheese omelettes with cheddar chive muffins and home fries….. and wait girls wine with that!!!!

  155. Quiet day at home. Had a dusting of snow overnight and a grey day today.

  156. Tamra Phelps says

    A slow Saturday here in the nursing/rehab home. My cousin visited with her daughter and son-in-law, so that was nice.

  157. Hey! Today I went to the church and then I’ve gone for a stroll with my bike. Now I’m waiting and then I’ll prepare lunch (which is actually pizza from yesterday so yay hahah) ? what about yours?

  158. Benedetta says

    Hey! Today I went to the church and then I’ve gone for a stroll with my bike. Now I’m waiting and then I’ll prepare lunch (which is actually pizza from yesterday so yay hahah) ? what about yours? ❤️

  159. Sunday is my Fun Day! I hope everyone enjoys their day! <3

  160. Day is going good. Getting ready to leave soon. Finished one pillow yesterday, hope to start the other two later. I want to cut the squares a little bigger, I took some feather stuffing out of the first one to fit. Feathers everywhere!

  161. Sab Edwards says

    My phone and I walked ten km yesterday so prob did 15 in actuality … getting the yard cleaned up and cant wait to splurge and buy baskets and what not for outside (needs to not have over night frost though)

  162. Happy Sunday everyone….Sunday lunch is made and I plan on relaxing for the balance of the day….reading, listening to music then a movie in the afternoon…missing my husband badly today…..

  163. Kate Sarsfield says

    Today I’m really feeling tired and achy all over. An executive decision has been made (by me!) and it has been decided that I shall not get out of my pjs, nor do any manual work other that getting something from the freezer into the oven. I might peel a banana but that’s all!

  164. Happy Earth Day! Got a free grocery bag at Natural Grocers today.

  165. janetfaye says

    I am having a good day except for tree pollen allergy.

  166. Sab Edwards says

    Today is the day the cleaner moves to the 10am shift, and I will be by myself in the plant for 2-3 hrs. We’ll see how well that goes this week. Next week I start my physio for my work place injury back in Jan. Pretty sure its the rotary cuff that healed up two years ago on its own. Hopefully we can find someone who needs to work for a living and wants a job. (the last 3 hires, all for cleaners , all quit within the first two days)

  167. Kate Sarsfield says

    So much for the lovely sunshine of the past couple of days; we’re back to cold, grey & windy. I’m afraid that may well have been our summer! Oh well, back to the grindstone …

  168. Day is going good. I sent at least 12 emails today to legislators, senators, house leaders, pres pro tem’s etc, regarding state level changes to our medicare savings program, all sent before 10:00 am. Guess how many responded so far? Zero! Let’s see if any answer me at all, ever. Also, I send informative, detailed concerns, not just a general comment that would not need a response. So time consuming. I also said I was responding for the people who have no internet and no newpaper and no smartphone, because they are too poor to afford it, and have no idea what is being taken away from them. Sooner or later, they will get a letter from the state, informing them, by then it is too late, they will have already implemented the take away.

  169. Well back to work today.. moved bags of old cement.. gosh are they bloody heavy…cleaned out the garage not too bad…. scrubbed the downstairs bathroom and decided to finally change the bedroom down there… move the furniture and change the curtains.. have not done it since Christmas….

  170. I am having a rotten day…..will work to make tomorrow somehow better!

  171. Made a phone call that I was absolutely dreading and it went really well! Made my day better once it was over… lol. 😉

  172. Good swim class. Then off to the gardens for the volunteer appreciation party. Lots of good food.

  173. I am so tired. The worst part is the mattress I have to sleep on sucks so I cant even look forward to bed! Lol

  174. Sab Edwards says

    OLD employee is coming back to do the heavy stuff, the potatoe machine cleaning (generally 5 hrs) the CMI machine (its a macaroni cooker) , also a 5hr job…my cleaner leaves now at 6:30pm and this other older lady will come in at 6:30 and take over until 9:30. Should be interesting because TErry said this woman orignally quit because it was too hard on her… not sure how lifting 40-50KGS is going to be easier (cleanings harder and you have only 8hrs to do 28 hrs worth of cleaning between two full time staff and 2 pt who are in for 3hrs, basically we are forced to do OT every day because of this)..anyways…. I SAY she quits by friday (oh and she is only in 3 days a week, one of them she is the only cleaner)

  175. Day is going good. Working on two other pillows. I didn’t hear peep from any of the 12 elected officials I sent separate emails yesterday. I did manage to get through to my state representative and talked with his legislative assistant. Spent more time trying to find out where I can complain about the gallons of water leaking in. The new property manager is as evasive as the other, they won’t have a professional look at it, I think because they know it will cost them something to fix it.

    • my emails to the legislators has to do with the budget takeaway for low-income seniors coming up.

  176. Had a good cry today…. feel better now and there is work to do so get on with it I tell myself……so I did .. now I can sit and enjoy a nice Italian lunch and a glass of wine…

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      It does help, doesn’t it? The good cry, I mean, oh, and the glass of vino! It’s hard to let go though.

  177. Kate Sarsfield says

    Just one word sums me up today: TIRED. And yes, I meant the capital letters. Mum and therefore I have had a couple of really disturbed nights and all we want to do today is sleep. I was due to go to choir practice but my eyelids are closing & I can’t keep them open.

  178. Took car in to get ‘check engine’ light checked. Wasn’t too bad: $123.

  179. Today was kinda meh… not a bad day. Just okay.

  180. janetfaye says

    I had a nice calm and quiet day.

  181. Sab Edwards says

    YEAH SO KIM demanded that the two ladies assemble the pot machine (guys usually do it , its so hard to do)..they quit (And i assume because of this, they were the ones that lasted two days and didn’t even give it a week)..Kims wife comes back (prob been gone for 5 yrs) she’s gonna clean BUT i’m informed NOT to do the pot machine (hence she doesnt have to assemble it for her husband) She also gets to do the two machines that are the easiest in the plant, one hr each (she’s there for a min of 3hrs)..but lucky me, I still get to do all the stuff that my doc specificall said to stay away from after my surgery (due to one of the many gazillion injuries at work)
    LE SIGH… If there was such a thing as retirement I’d do it in a snap, but I’m only 54, have zero for savings AND hubby is still unemployed (since oct) bigger le sigh

  182. Kate Sarsfield says

    Mum & I have both slept for hours but are still tired. I had to go out for a couple of hours & she was fast asleep in the armchair when I got back. Funny how just one or two bad nights can really set you back. Not much else happening & I might go for a nap myself!

  183. Day is so-so. Trying to count my blessings. Raining, so watching the buckets. I called the Dept. of Health late yesterday, they can come look at the “waterfall” in my place. I’m trying to be careful before I go “nuclear,” as the managers and board will take it out on me, and the maintenance man is violent (having been arrested for larceny and for violence against his son in law). I so need this fixed, they are playing games. Walked to town early before rain got going.

  184. Good swim class and a quick trip to the library. Sunshine today after yesterday’s snow.

  185. good day… got my chores down and watched Finding Dory. That movie was adorable! 🙂

  186. Laurie Nykaza says

    It was so pretty out today we worked in the garden and hung outdoors all day.

  187. OK so I have stopped feeling sorry for myself and yesterday trimmed trees and filled up my leaf/clippings compost…. More of the same today.. want to get out there before the sun gets too hot… gearing myself for the end of the month when it all began last year and the memories just flood back…. I know it isn’t 50+ years but being married to someone for 47.. its rough not seeing them everywhere and hearing their voice and just being with them everyday……

  188. Day is going good. Supposed to be a little warmer and a little bit of sun, so expect to be heading out to town later. Ran out of trim for my pillows, so ordered more, I was so glad they still had some of the right color!

  189. Kate Sarsfield says

    There is light at the end of this particular tunnel – I saw the first swallows of the summer early this morning! If those tiny birds can make that enormous & perilous journey then what the heck have I got to feel glum about? 🙂

  190. Sab Edwards says

    it is extremely strange leaving someone in the plant and telling them to lock up (do my job lol)

  191. Tired today did some outside work and inside work, and i didn’t sleep well last night. I feel good though at least I got things accomplished…

  192. Drove Steve to his club. Then the bank and grocery store. Then home for a nap.

  193. Tamra Phelps says

    Another day in paradise…NOT, LOL. Feeling a little bored here in the Henderson nursing andrehab. Tired of not being home. I’ll get there,eventually.

  194. sheila ressel says

    Today is Friday so my day is going great! Looking forward to the weekend.

  195. Kate Sarsfield says

    I’m just heading out into the garden. Mum & I are going to attack the weeds that have seemingly popped up overnight and as I won’t use chemicals at nesting time that means getting physical!

    • Take it easy though… your back and knees especially….

      • Kate Sarsfield says

        We’ve got raised beds so she was in her wheelchair & I used a stool – lazy way but gets the job done relatively painlessly!

    • Get a deer. Those little ummm critters eat every thing!! I did have a couple of flower that peeked out of the mulch, those must have been REALLY tasty because the deer dug around the area for more. So, we have taken to calling the deer “our gardeners”

  196. Sab Edwards says

    I look forward to my daily vent LOL, life is not pretty,why pretend it to be? so third day for new girl, I left way earlier then usual as I had this huge headache and I literally did NOT want to do extra cleaning for 4 full hours..I did it for 2.5 but that was enough and I was in bed before her shift even ended…I SUSPECT this will end soon and they will ask to put me on a 130pm shift instead of my noonshift..I will STILL be leaving early if there is no work for me (She’s doing my job and I can’t see myself sitting inthe staff room waiting for her to do her job)

  197. Weeded and re-potted a few small trees to go down the driveway….they will have all sorts of other plant friends there….on a side note just watched a short video with a woman with a 3000 square foot closet going up 3 floors in her home….all I can say is wow!! all that money is clothes, shoes and bags… everyone has the right to their life but for me no…..

  198. Day is going ok. Walked to town and back two times, first was to go to library and print off forms. Then went home, filled out forms and walked to town again so they would fax them out, and also to sign up for dial-a-ride and pay for it. Starting July I can get a ride to the grocery store and to a doctor’s appt. Sometimes they make one trip to the mall. It will be nice to have that. Rainy today, and probably won’t do more on the pillows til tomorrow. More trim for them should be arriving soon from Etsy.

  199. Tamra Phelps says

    Getting a little frustrated with the nursing home here. They are understaffed and overworked right now, which means they put off getting me out of bed into wheelchair…and I don’t get to physical therapy. Yes, p.t. comes in here but you can do much more in p.t. room. My brother has called to complain, and he called again today. I hope they get some new hires soon.

    • Kate Sarsfield says

      Hang on in there – getting impatient is a sure sign you’re on the mend and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  200. Great swim class – had 9 people. I got an award!! Volunteer of the year from the botanic gardens. Yea me!!

  201. Today was a good day. Can’t complain. It was beautiful sunny and very springy. I was happy. 🙂

  202. Laurie Nykaza says

    It was a good day when the sun came out so gloomy this morning but so nice by lunch time.

  203. Trying hard to move early.. bathe the dog, add compost to the garden and feed the trees with urea…. then relax for the rest of the weekend…

  204. Sab Edwards says

    High of plus 25C today, BUT there are days ahead where its going into the minus C so I can’t head to the city this weekend to start buying up bedding plants . I did a “pinterest” thing of my old wheel barrow …its got a broken wheel and the body is starting to split so I put flowers in it and have done this for a few years now. PLus I buy too many hanging baskets. LOL ohhh I can’t wait, every morning I’m outside hopping to see something popping up from the ground

  205. Day is going good. It is sunny so I can see pretty good for working on my pillows. Spooked again at the invisible zipper and have been watching youtube vids, but they are skipping the part I get stuck on, so far, so keeping at it. My trim arrived yesterday – yea! One Stop Trims on Etsy, very good at responding, quality, and fast turnaround.

  206. Aaron Palacio says

    Hey, my day is going okay…. it would’ve been better if I bird didn’t drop a number two on my car but other than that it’s been great

  207. Kate Sarsfield says

    Wow! What a beautiful Spring day we’ve had over here! I spent the day gardening & clearing moss and then tackled the cattle grid which was full of leaves and pond weed after the winter (2 wheelbarrow loads). Then a spicy pizza & a hot bath with bubbles – ahhhh!

  208. Audrey Stewart says

    A young mommy cat found her way to my yard. I finally can touch. Monday we got a screen doors form Lowe’s and got her to come into the bathroom. I set it all up for her, and I do think she is now in labor.

  209. Quiet day at home. Tried to post this on my blog, but the Add this giveaway to YOUR Blog still has March not April.

  210. This weekend marks the one year anniversary from when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer…. The year really went by fast. And we’ve been through so much. Remembering it all has been overwhelming…

  211. Very quiet today…remembering walking up to the nurses station and the doctor telling my daughter and I that the news is not good…..after that everything is just trying to be the best caregiver I could be….I knew that it was going to be a matter of time but thought it would be longer than 4 months…..my daughter was so so wonderful about 5 minutes ago.. mom what can I do to make you feel better.. make you smile….just being you is all I need I told her…..have a great Sunday ladies….I am going to cook and bake and stay as busy as I can….

  212. Sunday is my Fun Day. I hope everyone enjoys their day! <3

  213. Was dark and rainy until a little bit ago. Finished the second pillow yesterday, and now going to start on the last one.

  214. Kate Sarsfield says

    Another day spent in the garden then I’m going to have a quick shower & get the glad rags on for a concert in town 🙂

  215. We’re having some Spring today 83 degrees (wait! that’s Summer temps).
    I like the new update to your blog.

  216. My day has been good. I did some baking and I Facetimed with my cousin to wish him a happy 6th birthday.

  217. Tamra Phelps says

    Trip to wound care tomorrow, which I dread because those ambulance stretchers scare me. They seem so likely to tip over. I know I’m being paranoid, right?? Still, they freak me out. The wounds on my back, from laying in bed so long, are almost healed, thank goodness.

  218. Had a good visit with my Rheumatologist. She agreed to go back to a previous medication for my RA since the new one wasn’t working.

  219. My day has been going quite good, actually. Got a lovely visit from my son and grandson. Always a good day with babies around!

  220. Stacey A Smith says

    really I’m filling sore all over but it’s probably my Fibromyalgia acting up it’s making a little moody.don’t know if I spelled that right it’s a long word.

  221. Today was a good day.. Worked and got things accomplished… 🙂

  222. Eileen Boyce says

    My day is not going good. I have chills, upset stomach and my breathing is very bad.

  223. Jerry Marquardt says

    My day has been a long one, but it truly warmed up day like spring should be, finally.