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Seriously? February is already here. The older I get the faster time speeds by.

Before I do my update I have to be a good G’ma! It’s Girl Scout COOKIE time!!! BTW, Girl Scouts have come a LONG way!! You can now order on line and have them shipped to you! (If you don’t live in Carlsbad California you do have to pay for shipping. I thought I would be funny and I selected “Have Girl Scout Alice hand deliver” apparently I am NOT funny!! Now my daughter has to pay shipping. Sooooooooo BAD MOM on my part!!! So, please if you do order don’t choose that option. My kid is poor.

Troop 1506 wants to go camping, the zoo and a lock-in overnight at Sea World. I am most looking forward to doing self-defense, archery, and animal encounters. My wish is to take our troop to the snow.  I like to be creative and funny in my videos because people will laugh and be happy and buy more cookies. When going door to door I know people may not be there so I leave my business card.

Update for last month. Snow. Then more snow. Then rain. Then freezing temperature and more snow. So in common core math this adds up to: TOO DANG MUCH SNOW with ice underneath. It also means the muddy ruts in the roads can swallow a car. AND basically has! The Husband with the help of the tractor, has had to rescue 3 trucks and 1 car already this year.  We aren’t even in the Season of The Mud yet!

The snow is so heavy that it bent the smoke pipe in HALF on the roof of the modular home that we rent out. IN HALF people!! The contractor (bless his heart!) got his truck stuck in the mud down our driveway and he not only trudged thru hip high snow but did so with a LADDER!!! As soon as my tires started spinning I’d said “Peace OUT! See ya in the spring!” (Basically, I would make a terrible contractor!)

We also lost all the snow breaks off the roof of our house, so those need to be replaced. Thankfully, no leaks anywhere. Wait, I take that back the windows leak. ACKKKK! The deck flashing wasn’t installed correctly so the windows around the deck ALL leak. ACKKK!!! So, again water damage on the window frames and the window sills. We have to wait for everything to dry out before we can repair it…… so the hillbilly in me shines again!! Cute mugs and cute towels line the window sills. Might as well make it cute if I can’t stop it. Right??

Okay enough WHINING!! (YES, I really do crack myself up!) The reason you are really here:


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!
GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!

616 thoughts on “$50 Your Way #GIVEAWAY

  1. It’s been really cold today and very windy. Only 5 degrees right now. Our power went down for a minute and then came back. It was a good day for baking cookies and serving them with hot chocolate.

  2. I’m having one amazing day.. I’m getting needed peace and quiet, my boyfriend is drinking with a friend, I have the house to myself. It’s nice and serene..

  3. Getting ready to go to the Gala dinner. Steamed the wrinkles out of my purple silk blouse. Painted gold sparkles on my fingernails. Should be a fun evening.

  4. Well, I had quite a night as I stayed over night with two of the grandkids while Mom & Dad took the oldest (10yr.) to her baseball game in Grand Blanc. about 4 hour drive. They play in a inside field. Lol with the snow we have here you might understand why I explain where they play. She was asked to try out for this elite team called Fusion! They are a traveling team! I just know after watching the puppy with a thousand teeth and sleeping on the couch, I will sleep tonight.

    1. Diane, that’s AWESOME!!!!!! I hope she makes the team. VERY cool!! And uh uh is this a teething puppy? Thankfully, Miss Bear is done teething; those puppy teeth are SHARP!

  5. My day is going well. We played out in the snow and now I’m squirreled away reading blogs, sorting photos and checking my email while hubby watches a movie with our girls. He even brought me a hot tea. We’ll swap soon and he’ll play video games while I make dinner and blueberry muffins with our oldest.

  6. My day is going well. Relaxing before going to a talent show this evening at the clubhouse. My wife and I will be performing “Who’s On First” so it should be fun!

  7. Well, I’ve set laundry people to looking for a few of my clothing items that have gone missing. It happens now and then. Either they accidentally go into the wrong person’s closet or they get tossed out by accident. It’s just another reason I want to go home!

    1. Tamra, I had a heck of time with my Mom’s clothes when she was in the rehab place. Grrrrrrrr. Hopefully, the items show up. More than that hoping that This MONTH you get to go home!

  8. It’s absolutely horrible out there. Squally wind, hail, sleet, rain, thunder … Trying to get some ironing done to stay warm!

  9. Finished the dining room yesterday up to and including the windows and new drapes.. by evening time I also finished the kitchen windows and put up the new curtains.. it is dark and pouring right now so while I am still in the mood I will finish up the gallery and put up new curtains there also..then downstairs to reap some veggies and start some seeds ….full of energy today!

  10. Had two classes tonight. The one little girl had her stuffed rabbit “talking” to my stuffed toy Norman guinea pig from Secret life of Pets. 🙂

  11. It is Saturday…the sun is shining….a great day for a bbq….so that’s what we are doing for lunch….just a nice chill day with some friends

  12. Good swim with friends. Painted my nails so they will be pretty for the GALA tomorrow. (I do this about once every 5 years)

  13. The weather is cold for Florida and the wind makes it even colder. Frost warning for the night. Had to find some gloves and scarf. Waiting for the warmer weather to return.

  14. My day has been quiet and relaxing today which is nice. The rest of the week has been pretty stressful so it was nice to have a better day.

  15. Our day is going fine. The girls are with us so it is a fun day. We read lots of Dr. Seuss books to get ready for his upcoming birthday.

  16. Oh, boy, today I was able to put all my weight on my right leg (the ‘bad’ leg, lol, it’s weaker) and lift the left foot on to the stair step. That’s the beginning of the last phase in therapy! I’m afraid to say it out loud, lol. I might jinx it.

  17. Continuing Diane’s storm theme, we’re in for another one this weekend. Lots of outdoor events being cancelled because of the weather & flooding in some parts. The powers that be are also considering cancelling St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Dublin because of the C. virus.

  18. Day 2 of your winter storm! Had a lot of things planned for today and I was secretly hopping we would have to cancel. Funny how having a storm can sometimes come at conveinent times. Guess I want a lazy day!

  19. Going to go do some shopping everyone getting prepared if virus hits here shelves are empty of items already .

    1. Where do you live, Laurie? I’m in Ireland and some goods like paracetamol, disposable gloves, masks are getting hard to find.

  20. I relaxed today and watched several movies on Netflix while the winds were howling and snow was falling. It felt like it was the weekend already and it’s only Thursday.

  21. Walked the entire hallway in therapy today, second day in a row. That’s sixty feet. I’m really thinking that I could be out of here by the end of March…but I’m afraid to say it out loud, lol.
    I mean, I was headed home last March, when, boom, MRSA hit. Fingers crossed everything goes well.

  22. Not much going on here today. Hubby is home — his work week starts on Friday, and to be honest, I’m a little bit looking forward to it. LOL

  23. Good Day y’all! We are in the middle of another winter storm! Mostly white outs. I thinking homemade Hearty Chicken n Noodles! Maybe need to bake something just to help warm the house up and make it smell wonderful too. As it is now reached 66 degrees in here. I keep thinking in a few months I will be complaining about the heat! Ha, never happy are we.

  24. Spent some time helping get ready for the Democratic caucus on March 7th. Finished all the tasks and we’re ready!

  25. Counting down to getting out and cleaning up the yard for spring. It’s still cold and wintry but soon, soon, I hope.

  26. Mum has to go in to hospital for a couple of days next week for a biopsy on her hip & pelvis so they know exactly what they’re dealing with. I’m under strict instructions to buy some pretty underwear rather than the Bridget Jones’ big knickers she usually wears!

    1. Oh, Kate, I love your Mum. She reminds me of my Mom…always put on good underwear if you go out. You never know when you might have an accident and the doctors/ nurses might see your undies.

  27. Well March is almost here and that is Easter cleaning in my home… walls, ceiling.. blah blah blah….changing all the drapes/curtains.. bedroom looks etc.. BUT it is still February so not yet…. outside into the sun..

  28. Had my 3rd class teaching English tonight. Glad there were three girls and I was able to give them each a chance to read individually or class would have ended way sooner than it should have. :). They were only 7 and spoke English better than some native English speakers! :-o.

  29. Well, my brother finally came home from the hospital this afternoon. He was in there a couple days. Usually they send you home the same day. I hope his healing goes better than it has so far. He is a great brother! Don’t know what I would do without him.

    1. Sarah, My girlfriend and I were on the hunt for a swimming pool in Sandpoint. There are NONE!! I did spot a fancy house with an indoor pool…. I could do what the kids in neighborhood did when we had a pool. Knock on the door “Hi do you have kids?” “Can we come play if we bring our own towels” Replace kid with ‘do you wanna be my friend and I WILL bring my own towels.

  30. And there’s a resident here standing right outside my room staring at me. Okay. She’s one known for having ‘sticky fingers.’ She’s probably plotting what room she could sneak in and grab something. She’s not suffering from dementia, though, she just seems to like taking stuff. I’m telling you, you meet all kinds in here. Not all little old ladies are sweet, lol. If they were hateful in earlier years, they probably still are in their older years.

  31. Well, the news isn’t good. There’s cancer in Mum’s pelvis & hip, ‘something’ blocking her kidney on the same side and possible growths in her stomach. Not what we wanted to hear but the consultant is quietly confident that a lot can be done. He’s meeting with the clinical team in the morning so we’ll know the plan of action then. I’ve just eaten a whole bar of chocolate and now I feel guilty about that as well … time for bed.

    1. Oh, Kate, I wish it had been better news but I’m glad the consultant is confident they can help. Eat all the chocolate you want! Don’t ever feel guilty about eating something that gives you pleasure…especially when you need it. Your Mum has lots of good vibes being transmitted in her direction from Kentucky!

  32. Went to mass for 6am got my ashes and am already back in the house….the beginning of lent and what that means to me….breakfast then out into the garden to do some transplants.. cauliflower and peppers to reap.. want to get this done right now as the rain might start….

  33. Today went well. Almost the end of February, and other than the odd cold day, we’ve had a mild winter. Lots of snow, but I’ll take that over cold any day!

  34. We were at the Burger King drive through tonight and my husband announced, “I have a Frosty keychain”. I started laughing like crazy.

  35. Tomorrow’s the day we find out what’s going on in Mum’s insides – dreading it. Anyway, early start so I’m off to bed. ‘night all x

  36. Therapy is going pretty well so I’m starting to think about actually being home again. It will be such a big change, but in the best possible way.

  37. Well, I am excited! A woman called today and is going to help us with my hubby’s medicare. You have until sometime in March to change if you don’t like it, so I am so glad she called. We had an appointment pryer to this but not until the 19 of March. I think I may have to sign up as this is making me older with all the stress! Think I better go find that felting project I bought. Oh by the way Connie, why is it called felting when it is wool?

    1. Diane, I get to start my Medicare paper work in March. WOO HOOO me!! I don’t know why they call it felting. It’s weird. I’m trying a new felting project. I bought wool yarn I’m one skein away from being done knitting a long scarf. THEN throw it in the washer in really hot water (with a pair of jeans for agitation) then it’s suppose to felt up. Then I’m going to felt hearts on the ends. In my head it looks cute. If it’s not it will be on the big wooden bear on the porch. LOL

  38. Carnival Tuesday.. Feathers, beads, sequins…..taking the day off….raining so the garden doesn’t need me and the weeding will be there tomorrow…have a great book..great music and a movie for after lunch.. what could be better than this!!!

  39. I wish I could take a huge eraser and erase this day from my memory. I got so many phone calls today but each one was about sad events in the lives of friends and family members – death of my sister-in-law’s sweet mother, my sister being admitted to hospital with pneumonia (this is same sister battling brain cancer) and other sad news. I don’t want to answer my phone anymore and just pray all day.

  40. We learned that my husband will be able to take the vacation he earned that we were afraid that he couldn’t because we were afraid that it wouldn’t count towards hours worked, but he will be able to take vacation. Not that we will be able to afford to go anywhere but at least he will get the time off.

  41. I am wanting to start a little felting project. I have never done this before and no one will probably ever see it if it doesn’t turn out. It is so hard to find wool! Really I have gone to 4 different material or craft stores and they don’t carry it. We it was a good thought though. Maybe if I win a gift card, I will be able to buy it on line. LOL

  42. I dreamed last night that I had explosive poo! It was everywhere & everyone was covered in it. Any insights, ideas what on earth that means?

    1. Wow, I’m going to say you are letting everything go…apparently, all over other people. If the bad things in life are like poo, maybe you just want to get rid of them. But I stink at dream interpretation, lol.

  43. Therapy went well today, which makes me happy. They’re talking about taking me off the ‘lift’ and letting me just stand up and use the walker to turn, etc., in my room just like in therapy. That would be nice since it frees you up to do things when you want to without depending on an aide to bring in the stand-up lift.

    1. Brilliant! That’ll give you a lot more freedom & build confidence/muscle strength as well – you’re getting there, girl!

  44. J’Ouvert morning….as the cock crows the Merry Monarch opens Carnival/Mardi Gras….gone are the days when hubby and I chipped behind a steel band.. it was great fun ….then we got on a plane and back to reality…it is a 2 day holiday here but I have gardening to do and that is how I will spend my morning….later I might watch Monday parade on TV….

  45. Chris had his birthday today and I made him a special meal! I know he really liked it and I hope that he enjoyed his day.

  46. 4 birthday’s to celebrate today. We had a big bbq for all the birthday boys in our family and it was so much fun. So many great foods to eat today and a wonderful cake that our mom baked.

  47. Had my first class teaching English last night. The previous teachers warned future teachers the student was one who really didn’t want to be there. I couldn’t even get a smile out of her the whole time. I sure tried, though, and the parents were pleased, so that’s all that matters. Have another class tonight. My Internet has been wonky, otherwise I would have lots more slots open. Go figure. Just when things are a bit more desperate financially my internet isn’t as reliable. :(.

    1. Jennifer, YEAH!! It sounds like your fist class was a success even if the student didn’t smile. I hope the internet clears up soon. Is it the weather that is messing with yours? Snow makes ours go nuts.

  48. They don’t give you a specific time table for when you will be ready to go home. Basically, they tell you what they think you need to be able to do and you decide when you go home. I’ve seen people leave before they met the things they wanted them to do.,.and often they were back in a few weeks after a fall. I need to be able to walk a ‘functional’ distance (which I can), get up, pivot, sit, get up again, etc. (I can) go around obstacles (I can)—and take a few stairs (which I can’t.) So, we’re doing the stairs these days. We just started last week. Last time it took a few weeks, so maybe it’ll go like that this time.

  49. Oh Connie, I hate to say it but I only had hot flashes when they had me on this dumb medication. I mean I couldn’t even run the vacuum without breaking out in to a sweat! They took me off and I haven’t had one since. Don’t tell anone but I don’t think I am normal! The doctors tell me I am in menopause but I havn’t had any of the things I have heard of. Yahoo!

    1. Diane, Between hot flashes and night sweats it’s a no wonder I’m grumpy and sad. I’m so glad you don’t that these symptoms. They suck. You don’t need any more stress in your life!! I’ll take yours. Maybe if the hot flash starts I will run outside and melt some ice!

  50. I spent a good 3 hours in the garden today, just pottering about. Great to have a bit of fresh air & exercise. The robin kept me company & got a lot of worms for his trouble! Thank you one and all for your kindness x

    1. Kate, Our snow has melted into solid blocks of ice. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!! We are supposed to hit 54 on Wednesday. I’m hoping some of this ice will melt away. I’d REALLY like my rocking chair unstuck from the ice so I can put it on the patio…… I plain on rockin’ and knittin’ and enjoy the sunshine!

  51. Up and going.. have to get to the village for 8am mass.. light some candles…then my day is my own.. After cooking all I plan on doing is reading and music…no need to water the garden there has been a good bit of rain overnight.. Today is Dimarche Gras I remember all the times we went to see the show.. my favs were always the King and Queen costumes…now there is no way I would be out and about at midnight.. LOL.. how times change… Glorious Sunday all…..

  52. My day was pretty good. I keep telling myself that I’ll try to get more sleep by getting to bed earlier but here it is almost midnight and I’m doing laundry. Probably be up for another hour. I’m averaging about 6 hours a night and just find it hard to change.

  53. I’m having one of those days where I’m feeling aggravated by every little petty thing. I’m tired of the smells you can’t escape in a place like this, tired of the food always being cold by the time it gets down this hall, tired of the noise level with all the call bells going off. But I’m being petty and I know it. It seems the closer I get to leaving here the less patience I have.

    1. Tamra, it sounds like it’s time for you to go home. Are they giving you any idea how much longer? We could smuggle you in foam dart gun and you could shoot at the annoying things. Or I’ll come you point and I’ll shoot!??

  54. Been listing on eBay like crazy, entering giveaways, opening up teaching slots, etc. etc. to make extra money. Then hubby came home from the store last night with a bunch of soda claiming it was cheaper than milk and would save us money. (Actually, no it’s not cheaper than milk.). Had to have a bit of a discussion about what we can and cannot buy in the next 6 months with another $900 a month going out to cover insurance. He is autistic, and it’s going to be a long time until October. . .

  55. Had a wonderful day today.. made it so with memories of my husband.. today was his birthday…made his favourite meal as if he was still with me…Raised a glass to his memory and then bathed the dogs and went out into the garden to talk to him….this October would have been 50 years married….miss him so…

    1. Oh Michele, {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}} 50 years! It sounds like a nice celebration for his birthday. I talk to my Mom all the time. Every. Single. Day. Their still here with us.

    2. I’m glad you keep him a part of your life. I think, to me, that helps me cope. I still sometimes talk, aloud and just in my head, to my Mom. I think in a way he was there with you and he knows you cooked for him and heard your toast.

  56. Well today is just gorgeous out but still cold. 67 is just too stinking cold in the house. Everytime I tell him I am freezing and he needs to check the stove again, he tells me I am getting sick! My hands are blue, eyes are glassy and nose is falling off. So I must be sick! Sick of the Cold house! Come on 67 degrees!! Really! That’s even chilly when you are outside in the spring! I guess I will have to leave this computer for a while as my fingers won’t type with mittens on. LOL Got to laugh! Not like there is anything else I can do!

    1. Diane, we finally have something total opposite. The Husband would have this house set at 75 24/7. In the meantime my inner child is playing with matches, so lately I am ALWAYS HOT!! The Husband is freezing has to wear his hat inside along with a scarf ……… Menopause is not for sissies!!

  57. I got a phone call yesterday evening from Mum’s oncology team. Something’s showing up one of her kidneys so they want to discuss their findings/plan of action on Wed. Trying to keep calm.

    1. Aw, I am sorry! I am praying for you and your mother. Praying things will go well and give you peace & comfort.

    2. Oh, I was hoping it would only be good news. I’m putting out all good vibes into the Universe that anything has been caught early and the plan will quickly get her on the road to good health.

  58. My neighbor’s daughter stopped by to visit me today. I haven’t seen her in many years. It was such a nice surprise. She has grown into a fine young woman. We reminisced about the days she played with my daughter when they were both children. It was so good to share beautiful memories with her.

  59. Well, Twitter let me tweet the tweet, Connie, as long as I didn’t ‘fix’ it, lol. I usually get rid of the two // at the beginning of the URL so that people can actually click on the link on Twitter. (Ever since the Entry Form people changed the form a while back any tweet from them that starts with those two slashes doesn’t actually let people click through from Twitter. I use my Twitter feed to keep track of any giveaways or recipes I want to get to, so I like to be able to just click through.) I guess I could try adding the https: before the //, lol. Maybe that’ll go through.

  60. At the Dermatologist getting my skin check out and spots frozen. Beach weather is here so taking care of my skin from the hot sun is so important.

  61. This morning I headed up to Dublin yet again, this time for me to see the consultant about the torn tendon in my hip/buttock area. The schools are on their mid-term break and it cut an hour off the journey.

  62. So glad to finally be back on here! My computer keeps telling me I have low memory! Now I think that is rude! I maybe 61, but I still remember quite a bit of stuff! Laying a jokes aside it tells me to close some of my apps. The only ones on here besides Facebook are apps that can’t be shut down or removed because they are installed by the computer. Grrrrrrr!

  63. It is half ten and I am finally going into the garden.. Up at 5am to bake… 6 loaves of bread..4 dozen assorted cookies and some Mardi Gras/Carnival King Cakes for customers… now I am ready to get moving!!

  64. Yesterday I made popsicles from tofu (and other ingredients) that my roommate couldn’t tell there was tofu in them! Yay! We got the snow that was in the forecast and it was pretty but thankfully it did not stick (just to the grass).

  65. I had a good relaxing day. I went to my grandsons concert at school today and then took him for ice cream.

  66. Twitter still won’t let me tweet from the entry form. I have no idea why. I tried writing it myself on Twitter but it still said no. And if I try to click through from another tweet to this page it gives me a crazy warning that it might be to a dangerous link. It’s not doing this to anyone else as far as I can tell. I just click ‘ignore this warning,’ lol. It’s only doing it with this page. Twitter has lost it’s little computer mind. Ugh.

  67. Happy Love Your Pet Day! No, I didn’t know either – I thought everyday was LYPD! Anyway, conked out last night and a day off today so all I’ve done is play in the field with Idris the Wonder Cat. Well actually I’m the one that’s playing, he’s hunting me with that look in his eyes …

  68. Feeling unusually bright and energetic this morning..this is how I know I am a bit off…anyway breakfast then out into the land to do some clearing, cleaning and weeding…I have a plan to do some planting down a small hill it will add another look to the place…

  69. I went shopping for a gift for my son’s birthday. No luck today. I couldn’t find a card that I liked for him either. He’s the hardest one for me to come up with ideas for his birthday gifts. More errands to do tomorrow. Hope I find something for him.

    1. Terri, I am right there with you! My son turns 40 this year and I can not find the PERFECT gift for him. I have no idea what to get him. Good luck finding your ‘perfect’ gift too.

  70. Been a long couple days. Hubby fell 40 minutes / week below full time at work over the last six months, and we’ll have to pay hundreds for the company share of insurance for the next six months. We can’t go without insurance.

      1. Not just doctor appointments, but our meds are more than double our dual income if we had to pay out of pocket. Somehow, some way, we’ll get through these months.

  71. Good swim with friends then a quick trip to the grocery store. Been spitting snow flakes all day. Current wind chill 8 degrees.

    1. Sarah, I was watching the Denver weather, you guys are gonna get slammed. YIKES! We finally have blue sky!! AND we hit 38 degrees today. We’re having a heat wave…… a tropical heat wave…….

  72. I have been trying to get my husband’s medicare insurance figured out. We were told it was a great plan when we signed up for this one. Well so far and we are only into the second month, he has had to pay way more in a month than we ever did before. Not sure what can be done at this point but it isn’t good for us. Think I will go do some craft to stress out. Maybe start making the grandkids pillow cases again! LOL

    1. Diane, that’s exactly what they said about my husband’s medicare plan. I sure don’t see where we have a GREAT plan! You make pillow cases? What a cool gift that would be. Today at my knitting group one of the lady’s brought in a pillow case dress! It was the cutest idea. Of course, Alice has just informed me that she doesn’t like dresses anymore. Figures.

  73. Mum’s having a well-deserved snooze after our trip to Dublin & back. Hoping to have the results/plan of action by the weekend. I’m going for a lie-down now.

  74. Customer coming any minute for their birthday cake.. at least it is after 7am!! What to do today.. first is scrubbing the floors then out into the garden with a load of wash in…

  75. Well another late evening on here! I found muscles I didn’t know I even had. I think I picked up 1000 and 1 little pieces to Hunters games, legos and little dinosaurs. I think I am getting old!! I did have the thought of using a shop vac to get all of those little things but Hunter wouldn’t go for it. I told him, “Think of all the battle damage that could be done to them dinosaurs?” He wasn’t impressed with Grams logic. I didn’t even get fired though!!!

    1. Diane, I know exactly what you mean. Alice loves those little Lego kits and those pieces are tiny. AND THERE are just so many!!!!! I love the idea of the shop vac……. what if you NAMED the shop vac Dino?? We named ours JAWS.

  76. The second antibiotic they’ve got me on is making me feel blech. I mean, it drains the energy right out of me. (Connie, Twitter won’t let me tweet from the entry form. Keeps saying it thinks it might be automated??? Twitter seems to have lost its mind lately.)

    1. Thanks Tamra & you hang on in there. You’re a warrior, remember? No problems re. Twitter at this end. Try cutting & pasting?

  77. I managed 3 hours sleep last night then up v. early to take sis to hospital in Dublin. Thankfully all went well but she still has to wait for biopsy results, but it’s looking good – phew. Home by 3pm to get Mum up & showered (I’d left her a picnic of breakfast/lunch). Now to get ready to take her for her dreaded CT scan tomorrow – cross everything ladies!!!

  78. Have no idea what happened to my comment from yesterday.. Mercury Rx I guess.. lets see what happens to todays…Carnival fever is high here but with the fear of viruses arriving during this time the cruise ships are being turned away…believe me a serious flu here would inundate the public and private hospitals….staying home and occupied until Ash Wed…have some orders for Mardi Gras/ Carnival desserts so will stay busy….

  79. Our car needed some repair today so we spent time there at the garage and then went to go shopping for birthday gifts too

  80. Had a mammogram today and now I’m feeling like I’m getting a cold. I hope not. And I hope I don’t catch anything from being in public today. Seemed like everyone was coughing or sneezing. When I had to sign for the mammogram, I used a tissue to pick up the pen. LOL

  81. I am on here kinda late today as I was up to the daughter’s house helping her. She has surprise guests coming and needed so help tidying. I was helping little Morgan (she’s 8yrs. old) clean her room. Afterwards she said to me that she was just exhausted. I said ” If you think your tired what about me? I am 53 yrs. older than you!” She said “That makes you 61!” I said yup! she looks at me with a very serious face and said, ” You must be really tired”. Oh the honesty of kids! LOL

  82. I was at the doc this morning for blood tests, then went to the bank to lodge a cheque, then the week’s shopping. I’ve to be up at 5am to take my sister to Dublin for a little op – UGH!!!

    1. Christina, Do you get good at math when you can’t sleep? I do. As in “IF I fall asleep right now I can get 5 hours of sleep”
      “IF I go to sleep now I can get 4 hours and 16 minutes of sleep”. I hate nights like that.

  83. I had a hard time going to sleep last night. Made some overnight oats last night and some Earl Gray Tea bread.

  84. I have about 1 foot left to crochet on the sleeping mat I am making out of plastic grocery bags. :). I had problems with my arm for a long time so I didn’t get a lot done on it, but after physical therapy last fall, I am able to work on it again now. However, I’m out of plarn (yarn made from plastic bags) so I’ll have to make that before I can finish crocheting. 🙂

    1. Jennifer, that is the coolest sounding project! First the grocery bags and then the sleeping mat. SO COOL!!! I am knitting a doggie-danna. Dog bandanna. HOLY moly I picked the worst yarn! It has no give so my fingers hurt. I also forgot just how big Bears NECK is!! But, it’s gonna be cute….. eventually.

  85. Good day my web family! I have been going through papers for taxes and insurance purposes. Well one thing about it I am throwing away just about everything in the file cabinets. My husband saves literally everything! I am not kidding. He calls me the fire bug as I start burning and burning! I tell him he might want to get out of the way as he may be next! Lol! He is a gem! but a Gem in the rough!

    1. Diane, WE ARE so the SAME person!! Ohmygosh I save everything!! AND I call The Husband my diamond in the rough. There was an article my Mom saved about turning ashes of your loved ones into diamonds and from that moment on….. diamond in the rough! I tell him I have to fatten him up cause I want A BIG DIAMOND!! LOL!

  86. This Dennis storm is odd – mad crazy for hours, then a lull and then back to squally winds, hail & sleet. Anyway, it’s ‘supposed’ to improve before tomorrow. Sincerely hope so as I’ve got a lot of driving to do this week.

  87. Well as much as I do not like go out on a Sunday here I go.. out early to mass and to light some candles.. then off to the garden shop to p/u dove food that I ordered.. 2 grocery stores for my lists then back home…. figured I might as well do all my errands today then I can stay put for the rest of the week…I am back emotionally finally….all the grey skies cleared up and I am smiling again.. as mum would say all things do pass….Happy Sunday all!

  88. I didnt do much today. I did go to dinner with family but holy moly it was a 3 hour wait. Some family members dipped out.

  89. My husband texted me and said he dealt with the most impossible customer he’s ever dealt with in all his years working in retail. 😮 . I need to be deciding what to fix for dinner.

  90. Had an excellent concert/dinner last night. I do like Olive Garden’s Alfredo sauce. We sang real purdy.
    Today I went to Caucus training which will be for selecting State positions. I turned in my ballot for the Presidential Primary.

  91. Well, so far the day has been pretty low-key. I just got my daily shot of antibiotic, which they decided can go in the arm because it’s barely over the amount you usually put in the arm. So, it hurts at the moment. It always does just after, for about fifteen minutes.

  92. Well, I am off to go kid-sit! Really cold with blowing and drifting here today! I would rather just stay in the house. Lol

  93. The winds are getting quite strong as Storm Dennis approaches so I’m off for the papers. We can do crosswords by candlelight if the ‘leccy’ goes. FYI: leccy is Liverpool scouse (the local dialect) for electricity, ditto prezzy, piccy, ciggy … when I was little I was always confused as to how LiverPOOL turned into LiverPUDLian, how could a pool become a puddle? I’m beginning to lose focus here!!!

  94. Well 100% better today.. we old girls bounce back quick…have years of sad behind us so this one was just a minor blip….up and out in a few…did not plan on going out tomorrow at all but got a last minute birthday cake order for Wed so have to go to the grocery.. tomorrow will be an outing day even though it is Sunday….

  95. The sun made an appearance all day today with a beautiful blue sky. Just like the words in John Denver’s song, “Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy…” it does put me in a happy mood even if the temperature was in the teens most of the day. It’s currently 7 degrees going down to zero tonight. Brrrr…

    1. Terri, when I was in high school that was my favorite song!! I was crushed when John Denver died. The sun came out here too. I saw blue sky!! It was beautiful. It’s supposed to start snowing tonight and all weekend. UGHHHHHHHH

  96. Still going through some of my grandmother’s stuff. Found a beautiful handmade piece that my husband thought was from the 1920s. It dawned on me what it was today — it didn’t have any hair with it, but I think it’s mourning art made from my great-aunt’s clothing. My great aunt passed away when she was 5 months old. So if this is what I think it is, it was made by my great-grandmother who died when I was only 3 months old . I’d never seen any mourning art like this before, but found something similar (only that one had hair) on eBay. It’s beautiful. My great-grandmother was quite the needleworker. I have a photo of her in her 80s knitting, and I have more items my great-grandmother handcrafted than I have photos of her.

  97. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!! I did so surveys and I finally got up to 7000 points. With the points I had just enough that I could redeem themFor a $50.00 E-Gift card to the Outback Steakhouse. Well, that’s where is took my sweetie. We met my brother and his wife there. We had a blast just the 4 of us.

    1. Diane, that’s AWESOME!!! Hook me up with some survey’s!! I wanna go out to dinner too. How many survey’s did it take for you to get to 7000 points?
      I’m glad you had fun!
      We are going to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate Valentines Day.

      1. Love doing paid surveys! It’s not much but it does mount up. Last year I ‘earned’ enough to cover the cost of my car insurance, Christmas prezzies etc.

  98. We’ve started trying to take steps (as in stairs) in physical therapy. It’s hard. There’s no other way to put it. It was hard last time, too. But it will come eventually. The issue is my right leg. It’s where the original infection was, where the sepsis started. It’s a little weaker than the left one, so it has to be strong enough to hold all my weight for that moment when I lift my left leg off the floor. It will take a few days to get there.

    1. Tamra, you are REALLY kickin’ now. It’s gonna be a boring two days for you now isn’t it? You don’t do physical therapy on weekends right? Course, you could probably use a little rest.

      1. You can still exercise even lying in bed – obviously it’s not weight-bearing, but it keeps those muscles & joints working!

        1. They only do therapy on weekends if they miss a day during the weekdays. Kate, at night I lay in bed and do those muscle tightening exercises, lol. During the day, I sit in this chair and do exercises, or grab the walker and practice standing, getting up, putting weight on the legs. I’m just trying to get home as soon as possible!

  99. My day is going fine so far. It’s early here on the west coast. Welcome back! I haven’t seen you in a while.

  100. Right, here goes: It looks like Mum’s cancer might be back. Her bloods last week were not good & the hospital wants her to have a CT asap. So next Wed. we’re heading to Dublin & should know more by Fri.

    On a lighter note, it’s stopped raining (for now) so I’m taking it all out on the poor weeds!

  101. Made-up and dressed at 6am? The only way that would happen here is if I was heading home after a night out! Long as you don’t hit the wine at 6am, I reckon you’ll do just fine xxx

  102. Have no choice but to put a smile on my face today…customers picking up their cakes so cannot look down in the dumps….One already cam for p/u at 6am.. thank goodness I was made-up and dressed!!! Going to make a special dinner open up some wine and try to get thru the day…This will pass it always does!! More music maybe Broadway show tunes…Happy Valentines Day to all….

    1. I have those days, too, Michele. I’ve been told that if I really think about it, I’ll discover some bad event in my past that happened around that day…like somewhere in the back of your mind, your brain knows that happened on this day years ago, so you’re blue. I’m sorry, I just don’t buy it, though. I think if something made me that blue, I’d remember it, lol. I think we just all have those days.

  103. We have been having some nice weather here. I am going to my last appointment with my doctor and I am sad that I have to find a new one.

  104. My day is going well. I went to my strength training class even though it is 1 below zere here with the wind chill factor.

  105. Yesterday they said I didn’t have a UTI. Okay, then what’s with the constant need to pee and pain in the left side??? Today, they said oh, okay, the culture did show some unpronounceable bacteria, you do have a UTI. We started Cipro. On top of my usual doxycycline that I have to do at least 6 months of due to the MRSA. Then the nurse comes in and says ‘turns out it’s Cipro resistant. We have to switch to Invance (spelling???) and it’s a shot.’ A shot you have to take in the bottom because it’s too much for the arm. Do you know how long it’s been since I had a shot in the butt???? Since I was a kid, probably.

    1. Sarah, That reminds me I need to make an appointment to get my haircut too and thinned out. How was I lucky enough to get stick straight hair, thin hair AND YET so much of it that It needs thinned out?

  106. Well, poor Morgan went to the doctor after having a temp over 102. for 4 days. They aren’t sure what it is! They ran some tests and we have to wait and see. Not sure if she has the true influenza! REALLY! Well, now little Hunter (Morgan’s brother) has come down with it. They are both so bummed because they couldn’t go to their Valentine’s parties. Breaks my heart to see them both so sick. Poor mom & dad! I have to kid sit there on Saturday, hope they are better by then.

  107. Haven’t we all had “blue days”.. days where we are not really depressed but just down..today is one of those type days…if my mum was around she would tell me to smile and stop it! wish I could…this does not take away from being grateful for all I have.. so much much more than so many people…but that being said I just can’t seem to pick up the mood.. so I will put on music not the blues for sure and get a move on…..

    1. Michele, The blue days are the worst. I’m with you, I have so much and I am so grateful for all of it. The Husband, The BEST Granddaughter in the world. Perfect kids. But, when the blue hits……. I think for me it’s just all the gray skies and no sunshine. It’s gonna get better soon. Right?? RIGHT!!

  108. I finally began filling out my new address book. It’s a chore that I have been putting off since I bought the new address book about six months ago knowing it would take a while to complete. I finished about a third of the addresses so far.

    1. Shannon, I saw a recipe a while ago for chickpea pasta. I may have to try. Today was pretty good over here. I went to my ‘knitting’ circle. I love these ladies. Lots of fresh ideas for cute things to knit.

  109. Walked 45 feet today on the first walk. We’re starting the steps now, which means you lift one foot and tap the ‘step’ just to practice putting all your weight on one leg or the other. Yep, you have to relearn all of this crazy stuff.

      1. It’s crazy, isn’t it? I mean you just think that oh, I know how to walk … forget it. You’re like a toddler starting all over again.

  110. Good swim with one friend. The other 4 usual people didn’t show. Snowing again. sigh. But weather will be good on Friday for our concert.

  111. Starting a bit late today but packages came and had to be opened of course!….ready to go out and check the green compost and do a bit of cleaning and using urea around the trees…

  112. One storm’s died out but another’s on it’s way. Storm Dennis – bit of a wimpy name for a storm! Anyway, taking advantage of the sunshine to catch up on laundry. The glitter & glam of Panto seem very far away!

  113. The weather is supposed to change again and get into the teens. Below -0 wind chill factors. Think I will hibernate for the next few days. Maybe clean out a few junk drawers.

  114. My day was really good. My 2 granddaughters (sisters aged 14 and 9) did FaceTime with me. They’re growing up so fast. They were showing me some of their new moves from their acrobatics classes. I kept saying ok that’s enough because I kept getting nervous for them.

  115. I’m trying to get approved to teach English online and I did my 3rd mock class tonight, and I think I didn’t pass — it was close, but I’m not sure, but I’m going to think I didn’t so if I did I will be pleasantly surprised.

      1. I was amazed when my phone sounded a notification and I logged in and saw I passed. I knew within two hours. I actually taught English in China one summer, but doing so online is a bit different. 🙂 So now I’m in the middle of uploading all my paperwork and them doing a background check on me, etc.

  116. Had a fun WinterGreen outreach. We had about 15 people. Passed around some plants and then everyone made their own tea blends to take home.

  117. Feeling a little under the weather, but physical therapy went well. Walked 40 feet, practiced transfers from chair to bed. One of the therapist was watching and she said that for the first time I reminded her of how I was when I was ready to go home before. Hopefully, it continues that way.

    1. This IS good to hear! You’re probably not feeling great because of the flu jab. It gets me that way too. Couple of paracetamol, plenty of liquids & rest, you’ll be grand!

  118. Not much happening today – just trying to stay warm & keep the wild birds fed. Choir’s cancelled because although the snow isn’t sticking here, the roads are like glass.

  119. We have several schools closed do to illnesses. My son’s 5 are all sick, Oldest daughter had 3 sick in Florida, n now my daughter who lives just 6 miles from me had 2 at home. I feel like a germaphobe! Stay away! I use to roll my eyes when older people would say that but I now understand. Yes, I did say roll my eyes! LOL

    1. Diane, WOW ALL 5!? Bless you Son’s and Daughter in Law’s I can only imagine what they are going through! That’s a lot of sick babies!! I’m adding them to my prayers tonight!
      You ARE staying home RIGHT?!?!

      1. I am so affraid I am going to get it. I did stop and see little Morgan. She is so small, she doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her. She is my little gymnast. I took her so Seven-up and chicken soup. Little Hunter thought he should help her with it as that was way too much for just her.

  120. Today was my deadline for Valentine cake orders.. Have all my orders lined up according to complexity and pick-up or deliver…. The house is spotless due to my awesome daughter only laundry and making lunch…Off into the garden for an hour or two….

  121. Woke up to see about 5” of snow fell overnight. The tree branches on the pine trees are bent down from the weight and look beautiful. Watched Parasite movie that had taken best picture at the Oscars. It was in Korean with subtitles. It deserved the Oscar.

  122. My husband dropped the stuff off at the accountant today — and they asked him some questions, and instead of calling me, he guessed with the answers. ARGH! I e-mailed them and told them not to rely on what he said.

  123. Mondays are always ugh, lol. And the flu is going around here, double ugh. I had the flu shot, so I hope it covers this strain.

  124. Good swim today. After 10 inches of snow this weekend, we saw the sun for the morning and now more snow in the forecast for tonight. Sigh.

  125. My husband had an appointment this morning and I tagged along for the ride. We ate breakfast out. It has been a good day so far.

  126. I want to first of all thank all of you ladies on here for your openness and kindness. Connie, Thank you for having a place where we can speak our mind and know that there are others who share our same concerns for one another. God bless you all!

  127. Monday Monday..I have a new lease on work right now… I am retired and there is no reason for me to feel like I have to work my you know what off everyday like a lunatic…so as of today i plan on taking it a bit easier.. yes chores and gardening must be done everyday but if I don’t get all my list done there is always tomorrow.. lets see how long this lasts…LOL

  128. I had my checkup done a few days ago. My husband came with me. In the waiting room there was a woman who never stopped coughing. Yesterday hubby had a sore throat and today he feels like he has the flu. He’s had the flu shot but there are various strains of it. I feel so bad for him.

  129. I have all my tax stuff ready to take to the accountant. Not exciting, but I hope I get a refund this year.

  130. Well, not much is going on here today. It’s been a boring day. I did get to see my youngest nephew, which is always nice.

  131. Kinda a hard day as I poured my heart out on your one post. The guilt I carried for 5o some years of thinking I would be responsivable for hurtting my mom and changing what happened to my family. Living in a small town and everyone knowing what happened. Wow this is too heavy to put on here. I am sorry! You said to speak your mind. But probably not that much. LOL

    1. Diane, you were not and are not responsible for the actions of your family. Let’s start chipping away at that huge load of guilt on your shoulders so you can stand tall again xxx

    2. I read your comment on the other post and it was not too heavy! Kate is right. You have nothing to feel guilty about, yet when things happen to us as children, we tend to continue to feel them as we did back then. As adults, we know we have nothing to feel guilty about, but that child inside still feels it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, DIANE! And I’ve gotten a little heavy on here at times. Don’t let that ever stop you from letting it all out.

    3. Diane, you know we would never judge. It’s not your fault! Small towns are absolutely the worst for gossip mills. I truly wish I was rich, I would get a plane ticket, knock on your door, give you a hug and come back home. Okay maybe see the bees then go home. Maybe a glass wine too. THEN I’ll go home.

  132. Oh boy, that was one wild night! Winds off the Atlantic blowing at 250 miles an hour – the west coast got it really badly. Thankfully it was only up to 80+ here. Time to get back to grouting the ensuite!

  133. It is Sunday and a true day of rest here.. After mass and remembering people on the prayer circle making lunch then read read and relax… I do not plan on even making lists for the week….that takes up too much reading time.. Glorious Sunday to all….

    1. Shelly, I’m the absolute happiest when I have Alice around. I wish I could get her Mom and Dad to just move here!! I tried the “Because I said so” line. Didn’t work.

  134. I spent most of the day sleeping. I don’t know why I am so tired. My cpap said I slept 12 hours, and I know I slept for a while having taken it off in my sleep . Hopefully will keep me from getting this crud that is going around to rest up.

  135. So, I decided to go back to the posts from February 2018 to comment on because I missed them. I was busy almost dying, lol. Connie, did you redecorate that green and purple master bath? I must’ve missed those photos. If you haven’t posted photos of that, you should! If you have, I’ll find them during my stroll through posts past this month, lol.

    1. Tamra, This bathroom is still UGLY!!!!! It’s still PURPLE!!!!! THANK HEAVEN’s The Husband is as handy as he is and the green toilet went bye-bye and I have a white one. Which stands out like WOOOOOOOOOOOOO in my green and purple ugly bathroom. The steps into the tub are so tall, 9.5″ tall each one. THEN it’s one 19″ drop into the tub! There is no stair or seat to stand on to balance! IT’S WEIRD!!!!!!

  136. We did get about 8 inches of snow yesterday. Today sunshine, swimming and errands. Tomorrow rehearsal and more snow.

  137. General Election day here in Ireland so voted, got the weekend papers and back in time to watch Ireland beat Wales in The 6 Nations Rugby. We’re in the middle of Storm Ciara (pronounced keera) as well so we’re indoors for the weekend. I grabbed this opportunity to start re-grouting & sealing the ensuite. I may come to regret starting but I’ll take a big messy job over dusting & polishing anyday!

  138. Sorry about yesterday not finishing what my grandson said to his mother. He jumps off the bus and yells ” I hate it when people call me Hunner! It is Hunter with a “T”!” Lol 4 years old and he notices how people pronounce his name. He is just the greatest thing since sliced bread!

  139. Today I spent a good deal of time looking out of my windows watching the snow come down. It was really windy and I just kept hoping no electric lines would go down. Drank hot chocolate and listened to a variety of music. It was a beautiful peaceful day.

  140. I had my husband get a flu shot this week. Hope it’s not too late. First time I’ve ever heard of our local school system taking a day off for flu.

  141. Today has been a good day. It was supposed to rain, but it didn’t rain so very much like yesterday. Also we had called for a service man to come out, but my husband figured the problem out ahead of time. It is nice to save having a service call.

  142. Hello there! I think I am getting old! I find more and more little things like a stiff neck, hobble on the foot or even slept wrong and have a sore back. I couldn’t be getting old!! Not with Hunter (4yr. old) around! Oh have to tell you this one. He comes home from school and tells his mom, ” I hate it when people call

    1. Diane, OH Hunter is sooooooooooo cute!!! I saw his picture on Instagram. He is a hoot and a half!!
      Old? I HAVE a arthritis lump on my thumb and on my index finger. They just POPPED UP!!! WHAT THE?!!?!? And my knuckles are killing me. Old is NOT for sissies!

  143. Not much here. It’s snowing, and supposed to keep snowing until there’s 4 or 5 inches. We haven’t had much snow this Winter, which is fine by me.
    Oh, hey Connie, thought I’d point out that to order Girl Scout cookies from Alice, we need to click on the red ‘My Cookie Story’ line. It took me a few days to figure that out, lol. Yeah, I’m that slow. Or just lunk-headed.

  144. Oh golly, it’s cold! We’re due another storm at the weekend that’s heading from Texas! What did we ever do to them? Anyway, Texas aside, I’m heading into town this afternoon for a Dr.’s appointment, collect Mum’s meds, grab a bit of shopping …. blah blah …. & home asap for a big mug of soup to warm up!

  145. Went out to the shoppes yesterday and enjoyed the morning out.. Up at 5am out the door by 6am.. Feed and grain opens at half 6…..then to the 7am openings.. Home before 9am.. Still had time to work outside and reap some basil to make a fresh pesto with pasta for lunch…Today is a seed planting day so up and at them..I had a father who was up everyday at 3am to get to the bakery for 4am so I guess between him and my mum who at 9am wanted to know who was going to bring her coffee I favor him….

  146. One of my nieces has been searching our ancestry. She called me today and filled me in on both of my parents’ relatives. It is something I have always wanted to do but just never got around to. She traced the family back pretty far and it was so interesting. She plans to send me a copy of everything.

    1. Terri, That is so cool! One of my cousins did this for one side of my family. It was really interesting! I even look like my Great. Great G’ma. I really wanted to tell my late brother “NAaaUHHH I wasn’t adopted!” He’s in heaven just laughin’ and laughin.

  147. Getting better in physical therapy. My second and third walks are almost as long as the first, which is what you want. That means you can walk around your house and safely get back to where you started, lol.

      1. Great news Tamra! But will you remember where you started out from? Sorry – couldn’t resist that 😉

        BTW Connie, is that an angry face, or are you showing off your latest dental work?

  148. It has been very rainy and thundery all day. It is supposed to continue tomorrow too. We have been having fun with the kids today in spite of the rain.

  149. Good morning! No snow today but the ice is treacherious. I don’t like ice skating like I did when I was a kid. Of course I don’t land as gracefully as I did either. LOL

  150. I had trouble sleeping last night, so, I’m pretty tired. It is early in the morning so I hope that I have a good day despite that.

  151. Today wasn’t the greatest. I still dont feel great and it seems like things just aren’t going right 🙁

  152. I had a pretty good day. I did my food shopping and my laundry is done. I made hubby his favorite (baked ziti) for dinner.

  153. All I wanted was a simple sundae. I wanted ice cream, and was going to get some from Kroger but figured with my blood sugar problems I shouldn’t have it in the house. . . so I went to a place that has a make your own sundae station — $2.99. But they discontinued wet toppings (chocolate, caramel, etc.) So on to Burger King. The app pulled up my closest, I ordered, went to the drive through — had to wait 12 minutes on the single person ahead of me to get their food, and then was told they couldn’t find my order. Turns out the app said a BK 20 minues in the opposite direction of home was the closest one to where I was sitting in a different BK parking lot. So I lost my money from ordering on the app and came home. Still no ice cream. Told hubby that he can pick up some for me tomorrow since he’s headed to town.

  154. It has been a long day. The bus they sent to pick me up for my doctor’s appointment had a problem with the wheelchair lift, so we had to wait an hour for another. Fortunately, the doctor was able to work me in later. But that meant we had to wait longer at the doctor’s office, then we had a TWO HOUR wait for the bus to head back here. And it was raining like mad. And there were about six stops to pick up others because people were getting off work from the first shift. Ugh. The whole time I was, well, busting to pee, lol. When we finally got back, I was like, ‘Can’t talk, gotta pee, NOW!’

    1. Tamra, OH MY GOSH what a day you had! I bet you sleep like a log tonight. We are so alike! I run into the house chanting ‘gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee’. You’d think I would learn to pee before I head up the mountain. But, noooooooo I never learn.

  155. Today is Michael’s day off, which really means he is helping me, lol. He’s picking up a Walmart grocery pick up right now and went to pick up some paperwork for me. He’s a big help. I’m going to work until it’s time for Church tonight. Then it’s Chicago night on TV- I love Wednesdays!!!

    1. Sonya, bless you! When The Husband helps me I cringe. It’s soooooooo much more work. I have A Knitting circle on Wednesdays I was so sad that I couldn’t get out. Too much snow and ice to drive to town. So I sat on the couch and knit and Netflixed.

  156. Good morning! Just got back from getting my hair cut and now I am freezing! High of 26 outside and a high of 68 in the house! I am glad to see that bright round thing in the sky. I think I remember it, I think it’s called the sun. Lol

    1. Diane, that SUN THING you hear of?? I saw it!! FOR REAL!! With my own 2 eyes!! IT IS REAL!!!!! We got a high of 33 here.
      I need to get my hair cut soon. But, I can not get off the MOUNTAIN!!!!!!!! I need FREEEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!!!! (That was my best Mel Gibson from Braveheart)

  157. The house phone rang at 7.30 this morning – I got to bed at 3.30 – wrong bloody number, grrr! Got some laundry done then a bit of weeding until it was time to bring Mum her breakfast. I’m hoping for a nap some time this afternoon …

    1. Kate, WHY do people call so EARLY! That’s RUDE!!! You made me remember, middle of the night last night I got a phone call from someone I don’t know ON THE FACEBOOK app…. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I blocked him and went back to sleep. Why?! Why would you call someone you don’t know? In another country?! WHY!?

  158. I read all these posts about the cold weather and the snow and do not relate anymore…Gone for me for the past 20 years are those kind of winters…In 2013 I visited my daughter-in-law and was so cold that I walked around a heated house with 2 pairs of socks and all the jammies and robes I could find….the only cold and snow I can handle is in pics and books!! Out into the warm sunshine right now.. just talking about the cold makes me shiver.. lol

    1. Michele, I swore I would never live in the cold again. I SWORE NEVER AGAIN!!
      Yeah, yeah, yeah….. The Husband is pretty persuasive and here I am. With kitchen are work saying “when pigs fly” and lots of small flying pig knick knacks. In IDAHO.

  159. Call me crazy (my relatives in Florida do) but I love when it snows. We’re supposed to get some tomorrow. Saw my doctor this morning for my annual checkup and all went well. Results from the blood drawn (4tubes) to follow.

  160. Didnt do much today. I did run to the store, after it started to snow. The roads were like an ice skating rink.

  161. We didn’t get quite as much snow as forecast, but only 5 inches or so. Still today’s high was 18 degrees, tonight below zero.

  162. We went shopping and bought some nice things. Came home earlier than usual because I think I’m getting a cold.

  163. My foot appointment went well. I did have to have a thing called a seed removed. Little sore today but I can walk on it much better now. Just wish they wouldn’t keep coming back.

    1. Diane, a SEED? I’m gonna have to Goggle that. I have a planters wart (they grow into the foot) that little sucker comes back year after year. They tried burning it. Cut it out. Stubborn little so and so……… shhhhhhhh I don’t want to jinx anything but apparently it doesn’t like Idaho winters cause ya know…….. shhhhhhhhhhhhh

  164. I had a dentist appointment today. No cavities, yay! Genetics gave me good teeth, at least. I was in my thirties when I had my first cavity. I was so upset, lol. The things that upset us sometimes are ridiculous. Do you ever look back and think ‘boy, if only that was all I had to worry about??’

    1. Tamra, Oh my gosh! Yes! Boys that I thought I would DIE without. I don’t know if you listen to country music but Garth Brooks has song Unanswered Prayers and I always think this line is amazing and SO TRUE!! “Some of Gods greatest gifts are unanswered prayers”

      BTW I do not have good genetics. Sooooo many cavities. On a upbeat note Alice is 8 and doesn’t have any! I’ll go with that win.

  165. Spent a couple of hours trying and eventually succeeding to get Mum out of bed. Honestly, sometimes I could … … instead I come on here and pass all my frustrations on to Connie! Nothing personal 🙂

    1. Kate that’s what I’m here for. WHINE away!!!!!!! My goal the next time The Husband goes out on the tractor and a way from the house, I want to scream. A full on Jamie Lee BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM. I’ve never done that. I think it might be a stress reliever? AND no neighbors anywhere, so no one would hear. Want me to scream for you too??

      1. Ha! Mum & I used to teach in the same school (Special Ed.) & often travelled in together. Every Friday evening on our way home, we’d pull over on the side of the motorway & yell and swear our heads off! Our take on ‘never take work home with you’ 😉

  166. My day dragged on so slowly. For each step forward I felt that I took two steps backwards. I didn’t accomplish much. I think it’s because I have too much on my mind.

  167. Ice on the roads when I went out to swim. Snow coming down and 4-7 inches predicted. Got to the library and Costco so I don’t have to go out tomorrow when there will be more snow.
    Yesterday we tied the high record of 74 degrees. Tomorrow night 5 degrees BELOW zero.

    1. Sarah that’s NUTS!! 74 to 5 below!? Yup, time to sit at home and read. Or nap! We had sunshine and snow at the same time this afternoon. I went to town and met my friend Marilee for a Knitting gossip visit. After being cooped up it was HEAVEN!! Now it’s supposed to snow until the weekend at least.

  168. Cleaned out drains today.. whoppee does it get any better than that.. what an exciting life.. too bad all my old NYU chums can’t see me now.. what happened to all our grandiose dreams LOl….kettle singing so better go and make tea….

  169. Good morning! Today I am off to the foot doctor. Man it seems like the older you get the more doctors you get! LOL Oh I have to laugh as did you see that on your giveaway form it says “Open to everyone none”! Just too funny!

    1. Diane, I didn’t see that ………… gminnycrickets……. I will go fix. Thank you for the heads up. I think my arthritis is showing in earnest now. I have two lumps on my joints. One on the thumb and one on my index finger. This getting older……… grumble grumble and WHINE!!!!!!!!

  170. Not much sleep again last night, but hey, the sun’s shining! Have to collect my niece from Dublin later so running round like a headless chicken doing all the chores I didn’t do yesterday!

  171. Good rehearsal with Sage Singers. Only one more rehearsal before our concert on the 14th. CONCERT IS SOLD OUT!!

  172. So good so far, started out my day making reheatable meals. (I made chicken fajitas and baked chicken).

  173. Connie, I noticed you said you were going to put the archive back on the side of the page. Think about putting the links to social media sites back, too. And the share buttons. I know if I want to share a post I can just copy the URL and paste it on, say, Facebook, but it’s so much easier to use those handy share buttons,lol.

      1. Yes! Thank you! I thought about mentioning it before but I always thought of it when I was doing something else, never when I was here saying something, lol.

  174. My morning is going good so far. Gonna get some errands done with this super bowl day I hope its not packed everywhere.

    1. Valerie, Today is blue sky with NOT a cloud in the sky after weeeeeeeeeeeeks of snow and rain so I’m headed outside to just be OUT! Enjoy your day and I hope you got your errands done easily and quickly!

  175. i literally just woke up, but i have an ear infection, we’ve got some pretty big family stuff happening that is causing stress, so it’s one day at a time.

  176. It has been kinda gloomy here for quite a while now! I think I need a sun lamp or hit the vitamin D3 1000. Lots of stuff going on and it is hard to stay cheery! I will press on but Lord you know I need at least the sun shining.

    1. Diane, 1st day in over 2 weeks and we have clear BLUE sky and A SUN!!!!! I stood out on the deck for a good 30 minutes this morning just standing there. OHHHHHH MAN this was nice!

    1. Kate, I KNOW!! I’m slackin’ here. I’m going to remove the “must be a post you haven’t commented on before” clause. I also put the archive widget BACK on the side bar. (I SWEAR my site is haunted!! It use to be there!) That may help. Right?? And I’ll try and whine more. LOL!

  177. I had yesterday evening all planned out: pizza, watch my favourite detective show (Montalbano, set in Sardinia, with English subtitles) then a bit of solitaire. Reality: Woke up 10 hours later lying on cold pizza, missed most of the who-dunnit, all the lights on, central heating still on, cat outside demanding to be let in …

    1. Kate, I read this and started laughing. THIS is how MY mind works. Your in curlers (dunno why, you just are) a slice of pizza stuck on your face and the remote control in your hand and a random ace in your bra. I see Garfield the cat at the door with that LOOK!!
      See?? My mind is a completely wacky place to be.

    2. I laughed, too. I just got a visual in my mind of you splayed out on the couch, pizza scattered everywhere…I’ll have to look for your detective show. I love those shows! But I hadn’t heard of Montalbano. I wonder if it’s on Netflix???

      1. The actor who plays him has the most sexy bandy legs! Or perhaps I’m the only one who finds them attractive? Looks like he just got off a horse/motorbike or maybe he plays the cello! The series is based on books but I love the scenery and the sunshine!

        I was on/in my bed, the pizza slices were all over my top half, face included. Had some cold for breakfast!

  178. I am glad that we haven’t had the snow that you have had. You need your sense of humor. Got enough Girl Scout cookies to last until Spring?

    1. Karen, I have enough Girl Scout cookies to get me to Tuesday!! LOL! Today we had wind. Thankfully no snow or rain. However, the wind was as high as 40mph at times. Of course, lost power along with 5000 other Sandpoint residents. And a trailer park was destroyed by fallen trees. Am I the only one that thinks Mother Nature really has it out for trailer parks??

  179. My day is doing good. The weather is in the 40’s and the snow is melting. Did some cleaning and went out to dinner with my family.

  180. I discovered that Alexa can read books I have in Kindle. I’ve “read” half a book so far since discovering this yesterday. I think this is going to be a game changer for me. lol . I mean, I only read 63 books last year. 😛

    1. Jennifer, I LOVE ALEXA!!!! I have her reading to me all day. I LOVE it. I also love messin’ with the family. The Husband asks about 20 times a day “Alexa, what’s the weather” So I reprogrammed her to respond “I’m tired, go outside and find out for yourself. Then I did one for when the kids are here and ask “Alexa who is Dad’s favorite child??” Alexa responds “He likes the dog best..
      She does great jokes and she will wish you a good sleep in all different ways. My favorite is “Enjoy your beauty rest, not that you need it. You are PJ Fabulous. (seriously, I am just a big kid!)

      1. My husband was trying to figure out how to reprogram her to instead of her saying “okay” to say “okily doakaly” Ned Flanders Style. Thankfully he didn’t figure it out.

      1. Sarah, you are AMAZING!!! Thank you!! I can’t count the number of times that you save my butt. THANK YOU!!!
        I didn’t realize GoDaddy wanted money, like RIGHT NOW……. So, it’s officially the first of February and I am already broke!

  181. My day is going well so far. We went out to lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. I am approaching the end of a very big project and making great progress.

  182. As for me, well, Mum had a bad night again so I only managed about 2 hours sleep. However, on the bright side, the 6 Nations Rugby season kicks off today and Wales and Ireland both won their matches!