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Trying a little something different with August’s $50 Giveaway. Let me know what you think. I’m going to put the Giveaway Widget at the top of the post. For those that don’t want to read about my monthly blurb? gossip? update? Whining!! That’s it my monthly whine report then you can enter the giveaway and be done. If you are interested it’s all under the giveaway widget.

So the Cliff Note Version is: This giveaway is hosted by me alone so all the entries are only about me and my social media wants and needs. You can find more information about this giveaway if you want to scroll all the way to the bottom.
This is a very strange layout for this giveaway. Since I really want your opinion about the layout I’ll make it an entry. MAN! Am I sweet OR WHAT?!?!

Whine Report for August:

Just when I think this particular giveaway has run it’s course I am reminded that we are a little family on this particular post. We’ve been through a lot together. Good, bad, happy and sad. With sad; in July Tamra lost her Mom; so for just a moment send out a little prayer, or send good thoughts out into the universe; like sending her a warm virtual hug, of peace and love to her and her family.

Our house, crazy as ever. I’ve shared before that I had two large Oscar fish. They were about 20 years old. HUGE guys, but one got sick then the second and both went to live ummmm at Sea World. With other big fish.  Alice’s big watery eyes did me in when I explained the fish might be at NaNa’s house next visit… well……. Sea World …. YES! I LIED. I lied through my teeth! So big fish gone. Alice and I dismantled and scoured the 60 gallon tank. Let it set for 2 weeks with fresh clean water and then went shopping.  Alice explained to the sales lady that she wanted a fish that ate poop and a fish that has babies.  2 Plecostomuses and 6 Mollies later we headed home. LITERALLY THE NEXT MORNING we had babies.  2 weeks later?!? We have a good 50 fish in the tank!! Did you know Mollies can have babies every 28 days?! Did you know that Mollies can have EIGHTY BABIES every 28 days?!  I did not.

Anyone wanna come over have a cup of coffee and maybe take home a fish or 12?? 30??

I did take the little figurines from last months COMET TV giveaway and hide them in the rocks of the aquarium. They do make me laugh.  I did try and take a picture of the babies…. but they swim fast!

Of course, also spent time playing with my Cricut machine. Alice wanted a t-shirt for art camp. It came out so stinkin’ cute!!!!! George Rodrigue was famous for his Blue Dog paintings. Yes, the blue dog on the t-shirt is sparkly! As are all of the paint splatters! I do go through a LOT of sparkle vinyl!!  Alice had learned about Mr. Rodrigue in her Kindergarten art class and loves to tell the story about the “blue dog” paintings.

ZacharyMy BABY turned 37. He’s single ladies!! Never been married. No kids. I should stop here ’cause I’m in BIG trouble if I keep trying to find him a nice girl…… apparently there is nothing worse than having YOUR MOTHER fix you up.  He’s REALLY gonna hate this part!! But the WORD of the DAY is all about Zac. I am a funny girl!!

So that’s pretty much my update from August. Now on to the same ole’ same….. just in case you are new here and have no idea what is happening with this post!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you stop by. THANK YOU!!! (Yes, I do just copy and paste the remainder of this post. I’m lazy! AND tired!! I hang out with a SIX year old ya know!!)

The August Giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements and of course going through PBnWhine for your regular Amazon Purchases is always appreciated. Going to Amazon from my blog does not cost you any additional money!!

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Since I’m the sole sponsor of this giveaway, you can expect that all of the entries are about me, me, me, me and of course ME!!

I am so thankful for my wonderful followers here on Peanut Butter and Whine!! I really do feel blessed that you stop by!!

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334 thoughts on “$50 Your Way Single Blog Giveaway! August 2017

  1. The funeral went well yesterday, I was able to get through my eulogy without completely falling apart. My mom’s been quiet – then she has crying spells. I can’t imagine how much pain she’s in. My parents have been married for many years. I am trying to help her the best I can.

  2. It’s been a hectic week with school starting. Running around trying to get the last of the supplies needed. This is the first morning I’ve had time to enter giveaways.

  3. Woke up early this morning, couldn’t get back to sleep, so I just got up. Not sure if I was having nightmares or what but oddly my phone had been knocked off the nightstand & a few other things were knocked askew on the table, lol. I must’ve been swinging my arms in my sleep.

  4. Day is going good, nice weather to get things done. I tried calling several numbers at the fire marshall’s office and also zoning, about all the violations and unlicensed contractors, but nobody answers, way after their hours they are supposed to be there.

  5. I’m till up to my armpits in tiles & grouting (not my fave job). Just as well I don’t have beautiful nails!

  6. Good swim class. Then a quick trip to the grocery store for some soy milk.
    I won a $50 Amazon GC this morning.

  7. The weather is slowly starting to change here. It’s not really looking like Fall–not quite there yet. But it’s not hot & humid outside, either. I love this kind of weather.

  8. My condolences to CJ, the loss of your father. A prayer for you, your mom and your family. My day is going ok, it seems like fall, which is nice, I’m getting that pumpkin feeling!

  9. My father’s suffering is over. Early Saturday morning, he passed away. He was 69 years old. I was the one who found him. The past few days have been so hard for my mother and I. Today is my father’s funeral, I will be the one to give the eulogy. I pray to God to give my mom and I the strength to get through this day…

    1. I’m so sorry for you & your Mom. It’s clear there is a lot of love between you, your Mom & your Dad, so I know this going to be big loss. All I can say is you have my prayers. I do believe you’ll see him again one day (I don’t know how I’d get through the days if I didn’t believe I’ll see Mom again someday.) I’m just so sorry C.J.

      1. Thank you so much Tamra… This summer has been hard for both of us. I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes. It means a lot to my mother and I! <3

        1. This Summer has sure knocked me sideways. I guess everything really can turn on a dime. I think it’s going to take a lot of time for me to even begin to understand why these things happen…if I ever do.

  10. I had to laugh when I saw today’s post. That’s me (minus the Adam’s Apple) as I try to sort out the shower tray! I’m getting to be a dab hand at all these repairs (thanks Dad x)!

  11. It’s just been a typical day here. Woke up more tired than when I went to sleep, which seems to be normal for me, lol. Made lasagna for when my nephews came in after school. (OK, that;s not typical, but I wanted lasagna!) Now, I’m just doing nothing & relaxing online.

  12. Nothing much happening today apart from taking Mum for her monthly doctor’s check-up, oh and the shower tray shifted so there was water everywhere. I’ll have to start mixing cement tomorrow & hope I don’t make things worse!

  13. Day is going good. I called the fire marshall’s office about our complex the fire code violations, so the inspectors will be checking. I also want to call zoning they have unlicensed contractors doing HVAC with electrical work, very dangerous, no permits pulled, etc., could also start a fire. And they haven’t fixed the leaks.

  14. I’m sitting here feeling so sleepy. I keep doing that thing where you nod off for a few seconds & then jerk awake. I’m so sleepy because I had a bad night; sore throat & tossing & turning. Ugh. Well, it seems to be getting better.

  15. I spent a while this morning on the phone organising appointments for Mum so we’ve got a busy week ahead! Otherwise not much happening other than I’m tired, which, let’s face it, is not the end of the world!

  16. My day is so-so. Got the kids off to school on time but that is about all I did so far. Cannot get into my email again today because ever since Spectrum took over Time Warner my email is down more than it is up

  17. My day is going well so far. I am watching Mickey Mouse with my 2 year old daughter watching her sing and dance around making me smile. She is such a joy to my day that would other wise be filled with nothing but sadness.

  18. Very HOT day in Northern California. Just staying inside and catching up on reading. Making Beef Stroganoff for dinner and it smells so delicious!!!!

  19. Nice sunny day here in Kentucky, but not humid, which is great. Made brownies with my youngest nephew and that’s pretty much the only productive thing I’ve done today.

  20. The weather was overcast but lovely & warm so I spent most of the day in the garden. All that fresh air has made me sleepy!

  21. It is a gorgeous day out, cool and just perfect. Finished my hat last night, did a little embroidering early this morning on a picture with cardinals in birch trees, and made a pillow form. Out and about today.

  22. It’s just me & the youngest nephew around here today. His Dad has gone to work, & everyone else took off to his brother’s baseball tournament.

  23. Doing good. Nice weather all weekend, yea! Windows open, getting ready to make a pear pie with windfall pears.

  24. Agh! Last night’s blow-out is going to cost about $80 to get a new tyre. There’s always something, isn’t there? But if that’s all I’ve got to worry about then I’m doing ok.

  25. I was busy all day catching up on household & garden chores so didn’t head into town till it was almost dark. Fine, nothing wrong with that but then I had a blow-out! Brand new set of tyres as well – poop! More money I don’t have!

  26. Wish I could be there to offer some kind of practical help but all I can do is let you know that my thoughts are with you.

  27. Well we sure found out.. at 10 pm the doctor called from the ward to tell us my husband pulled all his tubes out refused care and apparently was yelling and carrying on.. jumped up and my dear daughter and I rushed to hospital….of course there was a mini scene .. we could not talk him out of leaving could not reason with him so we brought him home.. he cannot walk, cannot sit upright, cannot eat… thank goodness I have my mom’s wheelchair .. this is not going to be easy but who said life is…set him up in the guest room.. trying to adjust to his moods and saying over and over who is this man ???? We will get into some kind of routine we have to….

    1. I can’t even imagine what your husband, you or your daughter are going through. I do know he is blessed to have two people who care for him so much, and the fact that he so wants to be home with you right now really speaks volumes about how much he must love you.

  28. My Dad refused care at the hospital. We tried to talk him out of it but he is legally of sound mind, we didn’t have any choice. It was against doctor’s advice, but he came home. We’re taking care of him to the best of our ability. It’s just so hard.

  29. It’s Friday! Friday is always popular around here, lol. I remember how much I loved Friday when I was a kid, so I get it. My nephews are always in a good mood when they get off the bus on Friday!

  30. I slept almost all day today. Last night was hell, and once Dad started vomiting blood my mother and I called the ambulance to rush him to the ER. They have him comfortable now, and we will visit him again tomorrow. Cancer is just…. there is no word for how horrible it is.

  31. This has been a long day already & it’s not even 5 p.m. yet. Went to the doctor (just a normal appt.) was sent for an ultrasound of right leg (she wants me to have some kind of therapy on it because it swells, ultrasound required to prove there’s no blood clot.) Then on to blood work at the lab. I hate hospitals.

  32. Well this inevitable day has come.. called the ambulance early this morning to take my dear husband to the hospital….An upper and lower GI bleed very low pressure and O2.. partial kidney shutdown …..I tell you when people talk about evil the only true one I see is cancer…still waiting to be warded but in good hands in casualty….sitting here at home wondering what this night will bring….

    1. My thoughts are with you all, Michele. I don’t know what to say. I hope they are able to ease his pain & help him in some way.

  33. Day is going alright. Started off rough but is leveling out so, not too bad 🙂 Thinking about my great niece being in kindergarten and hoping things are going good for her as it’s only her first week! She was very excited to start going and I hope she’s still happy 🙂

  34. Day is going good. Walked to a store yesterday a ways away, having a sale on eggplant. I felt I hit the jackpot, unadvertised sales on peppers, tomatoes, etc. Now I’m thinking what I’m going to make. I got all that for the price I would have paid for one eggplant at whole foods, right near me. Yea!

  35. Nice quiet day today. Mind you, it’s only lunch time so all hell could break loose before it’s bedtime!

  36. I would like to say thank you to all of you PB&W readers who have sent prayers and well wishes to my Mom and I. We really appreciate it. Today was another hard day… I think my Dad is going to have to go back to the hospital very soon.

  37. Could not even dream of sitting behind the computer yesterday…..It takes a lot but I do have a slow burning temper and when you happen to be the one for that last straw you do get it…..I guess I was even impolite.. who are you as a distant in-law to question why I don’t have help taking care of my husband…blah blah blah it is hard.. you need professional help…. I just let loose….first of all you do not know ME..I took care of my father and my mother until they took their last breath….and believe me my father was not easy at all….to suggest that if you are able to, taking care of one’s own family with love isn’t the best possible scenerio….right now I do not need any suggestions from a family that is not close …. and the fact that he does not want to see any of them should tell the story….My rant of the day….Wow now I feel lighter and better….

    1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH people are thoughtless!! NOT even close to the degree you have but The Husbands family is the same way. They are not welcome in my home. NOPE! I sure do hope that Karma takes care of the mean people!! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Michele}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    2. You’re right, Michele. There’s truth to that old saying that the less someone knows about something the more likely they are to have an opinion. I heard a lot of ‘opinions’ when Mom passed away. Fortunately, I’m not shy about telling relatives to butt out. –Don’t worry about those people. They don’t deserve one second of your time right now.

  38. Day is going good. Yea, no rain! I’m looking up some recipes to use summer veggies. Checking out google express, they are adding walmart (but it isn’t added yet).

  39. I’ve decided that this is the day to try and clean the carpet in the spare bedroom. My youngest nephew hangs out in there sometimes & it is amazing how many things he can spill, lol. I mean, it may not ever come clean.

    1. Boys are GROSS. My sons carpet was soooooooo bad!! Soooooooooo gross, when I took over the room as my craft room (I did wait for him to move out. Honest!) We didn’t have the cash for new carpet so I put down a beautiful area rug. I swear though what 19 years later I still smell boy! LOL!! Might just be the images in my head from we he moved…….. maybe

      1. Lol, I tested some carpet cleaner on the worst spots. It worked, but now I have 5 or 6 glaringly clean spots on really filthy carpet, ha!

  40. Just back from taking Mum for a hearing test. She really didn’t want to go but I kept telling her the tv would explode if she had it on so loud! She has have a hearing aid in one, possibly both ears which she’s not at all happy about but the modern ones are tiny & her hair, now that it’s grown back will cover them. We’ll wait & see …

    1. I can’t wait to hear how Mum did. I will probably have to sit on my Mom to make her get hearing aides. She won’t even go to the doctor. MOTHERS!!! When they live with you…. is it okay to ground them??

      1. Well, since her stroke she’s not allowed to drive so I’m her wheels, so to speak, so I guess if I don’t go out then neither can she! I’m just relieved she actually went – I’ve spent all summer trying to convince her!

  41. I had a busy-ish day what with taking Mum to a dental appointment, queuing in the bank, dashing round the supermarket & taking some of Dad’s CDs & books to the charity shop. The weather’s turned humid with a feeling of storms in the air – not the kind of weather to be running around in!

  42. So far today is going ok, getting ready to go for my first appointment with a chiropractor. I am hoping he can help my back pain.

    1. Madonna, how do you feel today? Friends tell me they are sore the next day. I’ve never tried a chiropractor although I should my back is killin’ me!! Could be the 50 pound kid that I think I can pick up all the time?? I am SO not as young as I think I am.

  43. Well, I just finished making some chicken & mashed potatoes & green beans for the kids. Not sure why, lol. It’ll ruin their appetite for dinner, but they’re always hungry after school because their lunch is really served too early, I think. (If you have that many kids to serve lunch to, somebody winds up having lunch around 10:45, lol.) If I don’t offer some ‘real’ food, they’ll grab junk food.

    1. You are so smart! Alice doesn’t start school until Tuesday. So I’m not sure what time her lunch is. I am impressed though that the school requires that she brings a snack AND a lunch. I’m sure she will come home famished though.

  44. Doing ok. Supposed to have thunderstorms today so I will probably need to go home early to manage the buckets. Called the property manager, he is one of those kind of ppl who never answers the phone, so I left two messages about my leaks. Again. This is a new property manager to replace the one who was bad, this one seems worse than the other.

  45. Last night was a horror… An absolute horror…. My father was vomiting and in pain. It has never been this bad before. It makes you feel completely helpless. And sad.. Just so incredibly sad.

    1. Ah CJ, your poor Dad. That helpless feeling is so awful but at least he’s at home where you’re all supporting each other as best you can.

  46. Finally persuaded Mum to have a hearing test and managed to arrange one for the day after tomorrow (that’s if she doesn’t change her mind!). I’m sure they can hear her telly down in the village!

  47. Well, I’m a little disappointed by the eclipse, lol. It got slightly odd outside (the sun’s rays were just shining through here and there, it was like a combo of high noon and twilight.) But I was hoping we were close enough to get close to full darkness.

  48. Day is going good. I’m getting psyched about the eclipse, won’t be in the path, but hoping to see some good pictures, see if it will get dark at all.

  49. My day is going great. Woke up to see the sun is shining which always puts me in a good mood. Sunshine has been extremely rare lately here in upstate NY where it’s been a very rainy summer. Looking forward to watching the solar eclipse on the news later (I didn’t get special glasses to view it outside).

  50. So here we are on a Monday morning no current.. now the vacuum really knows I have no intention of cleaning….guess I will have to read and relax all day…..

    1. Mom and I skipped all the eclipse stuff and stayed in the house and watched tv. LOL. Not very exciting but we were tired…

  51. Well, as it was raining all day I got back to sorting through Dad’s papers and guess what I found? A nude photo of Mum that he took when they were living in their first flat in Liverpool! My mother (now 84). Naked. And looking extremely attractive, I might add! She had a good laugh when I showed it to her!

    1. Lol, that’s wonderful! It’s good to know the had a, uhm, ‘healthy’ relationship! Also, you gave me a good chuckle!

    2. OH MY GOSH Kate, This is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!! OH my gosh!! This made my day. Several years ago we got the family together for the “TALK” we had just purchased our cremation packages so we wanted the kids to know they stuff…. who to tell, what to do all that horrible stuff that kids (no matter how old they are) want to hear. So it was getting somber and I told the kids (both in their 30’s) that there is an orange tape that they need to just BURN!! DO NOT WATCH IT!!
      The look of sheer horror on their faces makes me laugh to this day. What’s on the tape? The husband and I sitting on the bed fully clothed and I look straight into the camera and say “I told you these little bastards would watch the tape!! THAT’s WHY we aren’t doing this!!!”
      I’m a funny bitch.

    1. Ewwwwwwww migraines are the worst!! Hope you are feeling better.

      ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I hit reply. Then when the comment posted I just happened to glance up and saw the p didn’t show up. ACKKKKKKKKKKK!! I have GOT to type slower or get spell check.

      All better now!

  52. Having a good Sunday, nice weather. Opened the windows before I left. Looking for pillow forms for my next project. Won’t be done with the hat until I order nylon netting that goes inside the bow to keep it puffy, so it won’t flatten like a pancake.

  53. This has been a ‘heavy sigh’ kind of day. I think the emotions that come with doing the paperwork, sorting, etc. after a death have started to hit me. I’m not doing anything today. I quit for the day.

  54. Trying to make the day a happy one.. playing all the music from when we met back in 1970…the minute I saw him in the hall from my next class I knew it was HIM….the him that I would spend my whole life with….started going around in May Central Park..all over the city.. took him to see the Boys in the Band and he thought it was a musical .. lol…. wanted to see Zabriskie Point could not find the art house it was showing in and thank God years later we realized it would have been the end of us what a horrific film…married that same October…. everyone said it would not last… here we are 47 years later and I still love him so…..I know I am losing him and I am so incredibly sad….

    1. I have no idea what to say. Just that I’m happy you have had 47 years with someone you love so much, and I’m equally sad that you might lose him.

      1. Thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughts..I have to stop muddling about and get strong and grateful for all I had with him…

    2. Oh Michele, I have no words. I wish I could just hold you and tell you it’s going to be all right, but it isn’t, is it? I wouldn’t wish what you’re going through on anyone. Just know that we’re thinking of you & wishing you the strength to get through this awful time.

      1. As I said to Tamra thank you so much for the kind words and thoughts….When I think of how my moms cousin her closest one lost her husband when she was 42 and never ever fully recovered from it….she never even went out with another man after that…she raised her children and had him in her heart to this day at 95 years old….she always told me no other man could come up to the level of her husband…she made it and so can I….

  55. Happy Sunday… I am so emotionally and physically drained. Gonna rest and enjoy my day, because before you know it Monday will be here and it will start all over again.

  56. Quiet day at home. Short trip to the library to pick up a hold and a stop at Cold Stone Creamery for my birthday treat.

  57. This has been a really slow day. And it’s still just 2:30, lol. OK, I guess it’s going to be one of those days. I need to get busy, I think, so time will pass quicker!

  58. Day is going good. I’m looking up recipes for pears, there is a pear tree I’ve been getting quite a few. They are hard, not sure if they will soften up in baking. I made a pear pie once, I was amazed at how good it was.

  59. This mercury retrograde could be worse.. I have seen many really annoying, but no current today.. no water…thank goodness my husband set up a solar alternative system for us.. still ugh and the eclipse on Monday…..what goodies are in store…..

  60. Earlier we met Dad’s old friend & business partner and his wife for lunch and had a lovely time. They’ve lived in San Diego for 20+ years but are thinking of buying an apartment back in Ireland so they can get away from the summer heat. Just as long as they bring a brolly!

    1. I probably KNOW them!! (LOL!)

      A long time ago I had put a cartoon on my bulletin board it showed an alien talking to a human on Mars. The alien said something close to “HEY! My friend Adam lives on earth! Do you know him?”

      Yes, I really do crack myself up sometimes!!

  61. I’m just sitting here half watching TV, on the computer, thinking I might fry some bacon for my nephews when they get off the school bus. Hey, it’s Friday, bacon is a reward for finishing the week!

  62. Day is going OK. Supposed to have heavy rain, wind and t-storms, so I’m keeping an eye on it, as I will need to run home to manage the buckets. I put extra layers of towels, plastic, etc. down in case it starts before I’m there. Will be done with the hat soon, did a lot of hand sewing on it last night, now will need a bow. It is supposed to have netting inside to keep it fluffed. I can’t believe I I had some and threw it out, that is why I keep so much stuff, I always wistfully wish I had it back. Thinking about my next project…

  63. I am so trying to be upbeat for my husband today but it is rough…he cannot really bathe himself anymore and is in terrible pain….my man.. the strongest and most in control of every situation is looking at me like a child…my heart is breaking.. so when in doubt start working.. laundry, sheep and goats, anything to keep moving….

    1. I know that feeling. When Mom was in the hospital, & things were so up & down, I was constantly looking for something I needed to do. The kitchen was never so clean, you know? Well, if it helps, I say do it. You know you have all of us praying for you guys!

  64. My forearms are a bit sore from the pruning I did the other day. I don’t think gardening is for me… LOL. Anyway.. it’s a bit overcast so I think I will work on a project inside the house today.

  65. Went out to the store today but moving along quickly so I can get back home….My husband is having an awful 24 hours….. so tired that he can barley stand and in a great deal of pain….My mom passed from cancer but it was never like this…..

  66. An old friend & business partner of Dad’s rang completely out of the blue this afternoon. They’re over from San Diego for a couple of weeks & are taking Mum & I out to lunch tomorrow!

  67. One minute the sun is out, the next it’s overcast & looking like rain. Then…oh, there’s the sun again. Well, at least it’s not an all day rain, lol.

  68. I am home taking care of my Dad while my mom is out to the stores… It’s hard to see what this horrible disease is doing to him.

    1. I’m so sorry all of you are going through this. Sending prayers for your Dad’s improvement, strength for you and your mom and all the good vibes the universe can muster in your direction!

  69. Day is going good. Nice weather, getting things done. Packed up the buckets, tarps, and plastic no need for them today.

  70. It’s a nice day outside. (Might storm tonight, but looks great now!) Nothing much is going on today. I’ll be watching my nephews later, so I need to think of something to cook later.

  71. I have got to get to the grocery tomorrow so making all my lists and checking them twice…Am I thinking about Christmas yes I am….I am praying that my husband is here for the holidays….he can watch me struggle with the lights…..

  72. My day is going great! Sun is shining and things are humming along. Picking husband up today after knee surgery yesterday. Hoping his pain is under control and he won’t be too cranky but I will understand if he is.

  73. I’m stuck indoors as we’ve a gale blowing so I’m getting everything electronic out of the way in case we have a power cut. I actually made a lasagne at 9am & cooked it so we can have it hot or cold later. Now it’s time to get back to the shredder!

  74. I had a pretty good day so far. We are having chicken wraps and watching Bates Motel tonight so I am looking forward to that.

  75. I started shredding Dad’s files today. He kept every payslip, tax return, official correspondence & copies from the time we moved to Ireland back in the 60s! I’m up to 1983 so only another 32 years to go!

    1. All of my grandparents did that! I found notes people had written them in the 1930s!! (Not important letters, I’m talking little notes, lol.) Old bills, pay stubs, you name it…I think it must’ve been something to do with when they grew up, you know? You never knew when you might be able to re-use something. (My maternal grandmother had an entire room packed full of old material, clothes, etc., because she might decide to use it for her sewing—she hadn’t sewed in decades, ha!)

      1. I suppose we forget how it was pre-computer & internet. Also you’re right, those who grew up in the War or possibly in your grandmother’s case the Depression had to mend & make-do or do without.

      2. I love finding treasures like that. This is where my hoarding comes from! My Dad saved everything!! So did my Grandfather. My poor kids; they will have a horrible time going thru all my stuff. (insert evil laugh!) It is payback for their teen years!

  76. Got nothing done at all today except the sheep and goats…they looked at me and said thanks Shel at least you still love us……the dogs said the same… the vacuum cleaner thinks I left the country….

  77. My day is going OK. Watching in case of rain. Went to condo bd meeting last night, property manager has done nothing about my leak, going on 7 months now. Called him again this morning, after talking to him last night.

  78. It’s a pretty nice day here. The sun is out (for now, anyway.) I plan to spend my day procrastinating, lol. Yep, putting everything off until tomorrow. I do not feel like ‘adulting’ today.

  79. If the weather remains nice I want to grab some shears and do some pruning. There are bushes that are getting out of control with all the rain we’ve been having.

  80. Funeral home called to say they have Mom’s death certificates (official copies, needed for a few things.) And it’s kind of a dreary day outside (definitely going to rain.) It all adds up to an iffy day for me, emotionally. well, after school the nephews will come in & that will brighten things up!

    1. Tamra, I know it’s horrible but try to just get the official stuff out of the way while you’re still on automatic pilot. Make a list of everyone you send copies to & make sure you get them back. Honestly in a couple of months all this will be like a blur & you won’t remember who got what. It’s important and it’ll give you time to come to terms with your loss later.

      1. That’s pretty much what we’re trying to do: just get it all done as quickly as possible. I try to put myself on ‘automatic’ when I fill out forms, etc. I’m a fairly practical person, I think, so I can do that. I don’t know how people who are more, for lack of a better phrase, ‘given to emotion’ manage to get through it. I’m the type who makes lists and tries to cross things off quickly, lol.

  81. It has rained non-stop since 7pm last night. That’s almost 24 hours. Dark, dreary days bring me down but at least I don’t have to go out in it!

  82. My day is going good Sunny, no rain, no hassling with the buckets. Got more done on the hat. I’m happy with it, as it fits good, yea! it be hard to get just right. I want this to be a workhorse hat, to wear all the time to keep the sun off. I cut out the lining, dupioni silk, a pretty black check that I’ve had for a while. The hat has interfacing, lots of top stitching and some haberdashery tricks to help the shape. It is a discontinued Vogue pattern. You can make a nice sunhat as an easy project, but probably not as a beginner.

  83. A wonderful day in my little world.. feeling much better but not getting crazy relapses have happened to me in the past.. my husband ate and it stayed down and the sun is shining…now all I need to make my day complete is hearing that my sister-in-law is doing better….

  84. Not 100% better… but better than I was yesterday. Did some work today but I am still feeling a bit tired. This flu is a doozy….

  85. Lovely brunch at the Fresh Fish Company. I ate crab and crab and shrimp and crab and mussels and mussels and crab and key lime mousse and creme brule and some more crab.

  86. I’m just enjoying a quiet day at home doing lots of little jobs, or pottering about, as Dad called it! Thankfully my wasp sting is getting better …

  87. Day is going good. Couldn’t get to church, but did a few things at home. Got some more done on the linen sun hat I’m making. Maybe more later.

      1. I’ve been getting good deals on fabric with Joann’s their emails have special coupons, even better than their mailings. Fun!

  88. Just a quiet Sunday around here. My older nephew is here, but he has his headphones on, watching YouTube, laughing to himself, lol. I’m just waiting for laundry to finish —& I’ll get him to go put it in the dryer, ha ha.

  89. Fever going down.. I am so happy…All is going well today.. husband ate a little and kept it down …what more can I ask for??

  90. We managed to fix the a/c ourselves without calling the repair guy! Yay for small victories. Inexpensive ones too!

    1. DOG GONE IT!!! I even had it written in my calendar to wish you a happy birthday!! Insert a very un-lady like word here. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY To youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Happy Birthday To YOU Dearest Sarah!!! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. My niece got back from Croatia safe & sound. She spent a couple of weeks with a friend from College & they even took her on a day-trip to Venice for her birthday! Have to say I’m a bit envious!

  92. This has been such an odd day. I woke up feeling more tired than when I went to bed. It’s nice & sunny but all I can do is yawn. I’m just patiently waiting for bedtime…at which point I will probably be wide awake.

  93. Day is going good. I think I have worked up the courage to go back to Crate & Barrel where I had unknowingly walked around with toilet paper trailing me behind. I couldn’t figure out why they were looking at me so funny, but they didn’t say anything. I finally realized what was going on when I was leaving & I saw my reflection. So em-bare-assed!! I never thought I’d do that, that is only for other people to do! They have something on clearance I must have, so I will pull my sunhat down and hope they don’t recognize me.

  94. A dear friend called to see how I was feeling……I called and you weren’t there.. you have pneumonia where were you??? Mucking out stalls is my reply….oh.. you have to do that?? Well yes last I looked I don’t have a stable boy…LOL…gotta love people….Now after a cool shower and alcohol rub down I see the couch right nest to my husband..Frick and frack…Once again I must say that I have the most wonderful, fabulous, self sacrificing daughter on the whole planet….

  95. Mom has a fever and is gonna rest. I don’t have one but my throat is sore and I feel tired and a bit weak. I am only gonna do what I have to do and then rest for the rest of the day.

  96. Not too good today, the A/C went out! Thankfully it’s mild temps tonight but we’ve gotta get someone out tomorrow. 🙁

  97. Ended up going to the doc with this sting as the glands in my neck & armpits were swelling. I’ll be on steroids for a few days which plays havoc with my weight but the swelling is already coming down.

      1. It’s not the worst sting I’ve ever had. That was when someone lashed out at a wasp & it ended up stuck inside my bra! MEGA-ouch & not funny at all!

        1. OUCH!!!!!!!! Several years ago I was following my husband as he was driving his motorcycle I was in the car, he pulls over and starts peeling off clothes. I have to say I was intrigued enough to pull over….. he had driven into a swarm!! Never had I been so glad I was in the car and not on the back of that bike. OUCH!!! (However, funny to witness if you don’t know what’s going on!)

  98. Well, the niece & nephews are back to school (as of yesterday), so in a way, it feels like Summer is over. When I was a kid, we didn’t go back until the day after Labor Day (early September.) I know, they get out a little earlier & they get breaks during the school year that we didn’t get, but it still feels like Summer is cut short.

  99. Well as it happens I have pneumonia…So pills, syrup and instructions to blah blah blah….plan on resting all day though.. cannot take fevers anymore so this one has to go down…..

    1. Oh, my gosh! It certainly is true that stress will have an effect on your immune system, I guess. You must be worn down. It’s easier said than done, but try to take care of yourself, too. (I bet you get tired of hearing that?) I do really hope you feel better quickly!

    2. Auntie Tamra & I know best – you can’t look after and support someone else if you don’t look after yourself. Listen to your body & put your own needs first for a while.

      1. You and Auntie Tamra are so smart…As I told Tamra I am so glad that I have met all you ladies here on Connie….

  100. My wasp sting was about the size of my thumb nail now half my arm is roaring red, sore and so, so hot. I’ve been taking anti-histamine but now my asthma is kicking in so if it’s not better by the morning I’ll go to the doctor.

    1. Holy moly! My oldest nephew has asthma, so I know what it’s like when that kicks in. I hope that arm gets better!

  101. My day is going good. I’ve been walking more, and now have been googling around to see if there are a few stores I can walk to, how far they are. Found a small grocery store, so I signed up for their newsletter.

  102. First day back at school for the kiddies in our neck of the woods. That means I’ll be hit by 3 hungry kids (niece & nephews) about 3:30, lol.

  103. Called out to sick to the household today.. bad cough.. believe it or not I cannot talk!! Now you know I am sick….Tea.. honey.. lemon and a good shot for medicinal purposes only….

  104. Sun is out but I don’t feel good today… I think I caught my mom’s summer flu so I am gonna take it easy today….

  105. My day is going great, it a quiet if not boring rainy day. I do love a rainy day even if I have to go to work.

  106. Today I took a solemn vow never to underestimate the inevitable quirkiness of fate. See, a couple of days ago I posted on Connie’s FB about how wasps are flying a**holes and today one of them got his revenge. Bloomin’ typical. The one day I ran out of anti-histamine. I am now in quite a lot of pain so if you’re listening dear wasps, message received and completely understood!

  107. My day is going good, I’m enjoying the nice weather. Hope to get some things done that it has been too dark to do.

  108. School starts back tomorrow for my niece & nephews! This Summer started out just like any other, but turned horrible in July, when Mom fell & then passed away. I feel so bad for my niece & nephews. In less than a year, they’ve lost their maternal Grandpa to cancer (it was a very aggressive, quick one), their maternal Grandma’s house burned down (& this poor woman had just lost her husband a few months earlier) & now they’ve lost their paternal Grandma (my Mom.) As adults, we know these things happen, and somehow we must endure and cope—but I worry about the kids. Yes, they seem resilient, but are they doing OK, really? We encourage them to express whatever they need to. I just hope we are helping them in the way they need.

  109. All scheduled to go to hospital to visit my sister-in-law then came the pouring rain, thunder, lightening the whole drama.. not going out in this….will re-schedule and try to keep up by phone with my niece…

  110. We had an emergency vet visit today. Our malamute started vomiting and there was bone in it – oh no. No idea where he picked up bone but he needed checking out. All is well after a $250 vet bill, x-rays and the whole nine yards …but he seems fine now. 🙂

  111. Went to the grocery store today and to the bank then came home and then took care of the animals. Next thing I know it’s 3pm and I just sat down. LOL.

  112. Nothing much happening in downtown Monamolin, County Wexford today apart from rain storms. I’m no good in humid weather. Everything starts to droop!

  113. My day is going OK. It was raining before, but stopped, so no need to manage the buckets. Whew! I can think about other things.

  114. We got the strangest letter ever yesterday. It was addressed to Mom (who died a few weeks ago.) It was from Medicare. What did it say? It informed her that she would no longer receive Medicare because ‘you are deceased.’ Wow. It’s not that it upset me, I’m doing OK. It just struck me as a prime example of government lunacy.

    1. I’m still getting letters from Dad’s health insurance & when I phone to explain that he’s dead & that it’s upsetting I’m told that even as his executor I can’t take his name off their mailing list??? Who thinks these things up? And think of the cost – any wonder premiums are so high – grrr!

      1. It’s crazy. I can’t believe the stories I’ve heard from people since we started dealing with this stuff!

  115. As I always say eclipses are awful portents.. the phone rings.. you know I hate when the phone rings.. it is my niece….my sister-in-law is so ill that she collapsed and is warded at hospital…today I have to organize to see her to represent my husband who is in no shape to go……and the beat goes on….

  116. well so far I have only been awake for about an hour so the day is going well. Of course I haven’t left the house yet and you know how fast that can change the day.

  117. Sorry, but where did summer go? My niece is in Croatia where they’re having a heatwave & I’m sitting here with a scarf & woolly socks on!

  118. OK. We are supposed to have torrents of rain this afternoon and tonight, so I’m trying to hustle so I can run home and manage the buckets and leaks.

  119. OK garden here we come…I HATE yard work….but I have painted a smile on my face and here we go… the sooner we finish the sooner I can move on to other things I love like laundry and cleaning the bathrooms… I am a secret stand-up comic you see….

  120. Boy, this is way too early to be up, but Monday is here & I have phone calls to make (trying to settle some things about Mom’s passing) & I expect my nephews will be over soon. (Their Mom & Dad head back to work.)

  121. Today I help my mom in the garden. Gardening isn’t really my thing BUT I can assist. She just tells me what to do and I follow her orders… haha. 😀

  122. Good day! In the middle of a new novel that’s calling my name, and i spent an hour with the garden, doing maintenance. Lots of tomatoes!

  123. Off to the FACE concert at Red Rocks with friends from my chorus to see the small group of singers from my chorus sing on stage with the headliner.

  124. My day is going good. I got up early, which isn’t unusual, but it was nice to see it won’t rain and is sunny. I was able to get some sewing done for an hour or so as it was nice and light, I’m making a new sun hat (among other things), the thread arrived yesterday, it is made of linen and the color is muted, a Vogue pattern.

  125. Mum & I didn’t even wake up till 2p.m. It’s now 6.30p.m. and we’ve just had Sunday Brunch. It’s really quiet outside; apart from the rain that’s guaranteed on a Bank Holiday Weekend, a lot of the harvesting is coming to an end so the roads & fields will be much quieter from now on.

  126. It’s sort of overcast today, so I’m just hoping the sun peeks through sometime today. That always cheers me up a little. Well, my brother’s family will get back home today, so I expect kids in the morning. (School doesn’t start back until Thursday.)

  127. Sunday.. I truly miss going to mass but I know God understands that there are just not enough hours in the day….plus I really don’t like leaving my husband for too long….I say my rosary right here and do a daily novena.. that is the best I can do…sunny and bright and that will bring me happiness today……

  128. Wow.. it was really hard to read what my Mom wrote yesterday. Well today is Sunday… I have zero plans but to sit down and do fun things. I try to find happiness and contentment where I can.

  129. My brother’s family has gone to Somerset (our hometown, actually–a few hours South of here) for my older nephew’s baseball tournament. Normally, I would think ‘Oh, I can sleep in” lolol–but now I just feel at loose ends. Two days alone, no kids crossing the street to pop in & out, etc. Well, I’m a big girl. Time to put on my big girl panties & deal with it!

  130. Prayers for you, your husband, and family, Michele. I hope and ask God for a miracle and for fortitude for you all.

  131. My day is going OK. There was heavy, heavy rain and thunderstorms this morning, and I got out all the buckets, plastic and towels. I had to leave for a bit, not raining right now, hope all is OK.

  132. I miss the chatter and activity that company brings… Tired but cannot afford to get depressed.. this morning my husband took my hand and put me to sit next to him holding my hand all the while..with his other hand he touched my face….no words.. tears started coming down my face but I stayed put….I know all we do is talk positively and never gloomy but he knows what we are all feeling… if he makes it a miracle would have taken place…..he vomits daily and the only thing he gets down is ensure and ovaltine once a day…better get up from here and start moving.. thank you all for listening…..

    1. Oh, I just feel so much anger about the injustice of good people possibly being taken. It makes me want to rage. (Yes, I know being good or bad has no bearing on such matters…but it should.) I’m glad you get to have this time with your husband (because of the ventilator, Mom didn’t get to speak to us)–but you hold out for that miracle!! You have all my thoughts & prayers & hope!

  133. Another beautiful morning! Sun is shining. I am gonna bathe my dog and spend some time finishing cleaning up the kitchen.

  134. Really fun swim class today. Then grocery shopping. Got some yummy crab cakes that were on big sale. Ate them already.

  135. I had a good day today. The weather is nice, not too hot and I got a lot of things I needed to get done.

  136. I’m almost back on my feet after a couple of days under the weather. Ever had a violent tummy bug but been unable to use the toilet because storms mean power cuts and they mean no well water. I improvised (think kitty litter!). Change the subject quick!!!

    1. I’m torn between feeling incredibly bad for you…and laughing my butt off (I’m sorry!!! It’s like some nightmare scenario on a sitcom!!) I’m glad you feel better. I noticed you weren’t commenting here & wondered if you were ill.

  137. It’s a gray, rainy day here in KY. A week ago today we buried Mom. I’m doing OK, at least I haven’t completely fallen apart, so that’s something, I guess. I know I will get through this. I also know she has left a huge hole in our lives…& there’s no filling that.

  138. The rain has stopped and the sun is shining… I will make an attempt to finish the work I started Wednesday today. 🙂

  139. Well after a few days here my husbands best friend left this afternoon.. we are all going to miss him so much….he needed to come because he is as afraid as we are.. what a great couple of days.. now back to normal….

  140. It’s been a slow day, so far. I’m just sitting here on the computer, half watching TV. That’s pretty much my plan for the day, lol.

  141. Day is going OK. More t-storms predicted again! in the afternoon, yesterday I just about made it home severe t-storms. I have a sewing project that I started, so if I have to run home to manage the buckets and leaks, I can work on the sewing.

  142. So far I would have to say my day is going well. Got a good night sleep. My appointment for the day was canceled so now I am just gonna stay home and get caught up with my emails and reviews.

  143. It is POURING this morning and it’s making me lazy. So I think I am just going to sit around, drink coffee, and veg… LOL. I will think about all of my work tomorrow…

  144. Feeling tired today… Spent a lot of time cleaning and I am still not finished. Hopefully by the end of the week….

  145. My day is good! I made a new dish for supper that went over well! it’s a take off on cabbage rolls, but is a casserole. Very good!

  146. I’m mostly doing OK. It takes some getting used to, being alone, when you’ve lived with someone (Mom) for years, & suddenly they’re gone. My brother & his family are right across the street, & the kids are over here often, which helps a lot. Just having voices & noise & something to do helps. Yesterday, I told my brother “I’m mostly OK, until suddenly, I’m not.” He said, “I know what you mean. I mowed the yard the other day, & I think I was the only 47 year old man who was mowing his yard, like (he made sniffing/crying noises.)” Lol, we miss her. Which I guess is a sign of a life well-lived & well-loved.

  147. Day is going OK. More t-storms predicted today, means I will have to run home to manage the buckets and leaks if it starts.

  148. I can’t believe it’s a beginning of another month. August. Year is flying by. 2017 hasn’t been the best year for my family with my father’s cancer diagnosis, I am hoping for better days ahead.

  149. My day is good! My daughter, who has been overseas, spent two hours catching me up via chat. I’m happy about that.

  150. OK. It is a nice day. I just did some online research on our property superintendent, as he seems to have a bad temper. He was arrested for larceny and on another occasion smashing his son-in-laws head into a table – disorderly conduct. He scares me.

      1. All the fire doors still have door openers on them. I am going to complain to the fire marshall, but I have to wait until they fix my leaks, as they will retaliate.

  151. We are having a very nice day today. Our little granddaughter is with us today. We love having the grandkids with us.

  152. Thanks for the prayers & virtual hugs, Connie! And for the place to vent a little. I’m still at a place where I find myself constantly thinking “Oh, this is the first _____ (fill in the blank) without Mom”– it could be anything from that first morning without her to something silly like the first time her favorite show was on without her. But I’m doing OK. I was raised by a lady who dealt with her share of loss & taught us to pick ourselves up & move forward.— And I have to add, you are going to be overrun by fish in a few months, lol!! (Fish that eat poop????? Alice needs to make a video showing us that!)

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