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Happy New Year 2017Congratulations goes out to Kristen, the winner of my December 2016 Giveaway. Kristen requested a Target Gift Card. Have fun shopping!

2017!!! WOW! It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. I hope 2017 brings us all peace, happiness and much JOY!! ALL year long!!

Closing out 2016 my big MYSTERY is still a mystery. Postcards are still arriving scattered throughout the month, no one will fess up. Now I think my girlfriend Sherry is behind this. So my suspect list consists of my oldest Daughter Selena. Or Dan. Or Sherry!! NO ONE will fess up!! Yes, it’s making me CRAZIER than ever!!  These mysterious postcards arrive in the mail with one or two lines written out for a song that I hate! I HATE the song!! The postcard picture and lyrics are just enough to get that song playing in my head again. For DAYS!!! The plan is brilliant. It’s funny. The cards are postmarked from different states and COUNTRIES!?!? Still a funny, brilliant gag.

I’m getting ready to head to Las Vegas on the 5th (yes, just 5 days away!!) I will be at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) I have been asked to speak at the ZMODO booth. So nervous. So excited. Mostly nervous. However, I am excited because it’s a Mom/Son trip. Zachary and I have never done a road trip before and if I ask too many questions it might be the last one!

So, that’s my monthly update and now in to the Giveaway!! My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! (Yes, I do just copy and paste the remainder of this post. I’m lazy! AND tired!!)

The December Giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements and going through PBnWhine for your regular Amazon Purchases is always appreciated. It’s also very appreciated if you like any of my reviews on Amazon. (I AM the queen of subtle hints!! I just can’t make it an entry because of Amazon’s terms of service. But I will be forever grateful AND able to continue to afford this giveaway. See??? Subtle!!)

Win $50 Your Way!  Tons Of Ways To Enter The $50 Your Way Giveaway!! Comments!! I LOVE COMMENTS and SHARING!! Hint hint!! Okay, so technically, I love all the entries and I’m thrilled you do any of them! Every once and awhile I may add a new entry so be sure to double-check occasionally.

Since I’m the sole sponsor of this giveaway, you can expect that all of the entries are about me, me, me, me…. and of course ME!!

I am so thankful for my wonderful followers here on Peanut Butter and Whine!! I really do feel blessed that you stop by!!

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Didn't NEED An Easel. Got One Anyway!
Happy New Year!! 2017!!

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  1. My day is going great so far! Had a nice breakfast and now I’m reading to get started on cleaning around the house soon.


    After a wild & windy night the sun is shining, the air is clean & crisp. A beautiful winter’s day, in fact. I’ve made one NY’s resolution: to (try) to finish what I start. I’ve an awful habit of getting distracted (I call it multi-tasking) and it means that, for example, sorting out the spare room never gets finished. Well last night it did!

  3. bianca roman says:

    my day is just starting..well it started when i woke up at 538A on a non work day (we have today off in observance of new year’s) and then drove back home from my boyfriend’s house. i hope today goes well. i could use some sleep, but target is ever so softly calling my name haha. i hope you have an amazing trip with your son and good luck with your speaking!!!!

  4. I promised myself I would get going today on all the projects I have lined off for myself this month.. Well I am doing laundry and started the closet downstairs but is my heart in it?? Work… NO.. until the epiphany I am still in holiday mode.. music and decorations up until then….

  5. I am a bit tired this AM as I had a very choppy sleep. Hopefully things will get better thru the day.

  6. clojo9372 says:

    I feel like last night was New Year’s Eve… I could barely get out of bed this morning. I just feel really tired.

  7. Jerry Marquardt says:

    My day and my year are both off to a pretty good start so far. We will soon see.

  8. My day is going well. I’m going to run errands today 🙂
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  9. Cathy French says:

    Today is going quite well so far. I’m getting more done than Ihad anticipated.

  10. Stephanie Phelps says:

    My day is going okay. I am sleepy and have my granddaughter so laying back down is not an option. lol I am going to be taking down the tree in a little bit and putting the house back together!

  11. Ellie Wright says:

    So far it’s a lazy day, but I have to get busy soon and pack away Christmas.

  12. My day is going well, last day of school break, so we are a little sad. The weather is cool, damp and foggy, but not inside.

  13. Debbie Penney says:

    I didn’t get much sleep last night so I feel like I am dragging 🙂

  14. Judy Thomas says:

    Its January the 3rd here and very early so my day hasn’t gone anywhere yet but I am hoping that it is not hot and humid like yesterday. Happy New Year!

  15. Tamra Phelps says:

    Well, it’s a rainy & dreary day, but the temperature is in the 60s, so I’ll take that. Seriously, I just can’t take the freezing temps these days. I used to love Winter. But now, no, not so much.

  16. Happy New Year! It’s a quiet day today – taking down Christmas decors and packing them up.

  17. just got home from work tuff day today so came into enter a few contest.

  18. I am having a great start to 2017! I have the day off of work and I slept in!

  19. 2017 is off to a great start – after celebrating News Year’s Day yesterday, today if the “official” holiday and we’re using it to rest up before everyone’s back to work/school tomorrow!

  20. Sandra Watts says:

    I have been quite busy today. I have been trying to clean out my son’s room. It was a disaster!

  21. Mostly quiet today since the pools were closed. Went to Costco, Vitamin Cottage and got my last Bronco Deals from McD’s and Arby’s.

  22. I read a book in the library.

  23. I’m having a lovely day….escaping the rain in a quiet little coffee shop with my best friend and a white chocolate peppermint mocha. And we saw 2 rainbows on the way here 🙂

  24. Audra OHara says:

    Not a good day; the poor hamster died. My daughter has cried and cried. I just hate things like this; feel so bad for her.

  25. Not a great day so far. My grandson woke up very cranky and I’m exhausted because I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

  26. Today I go back to work and I am anxious because there are a lot of new changes in regards to documentation. I guess I will wait and see.

  27. Feeling a bit sad today… I will have to give up Christmas this week and I do get post holiday blues… cheer up Michele

  28. Cathy French says:

    So far so good today but I’m not quite as energetic as I was yesterday. Not much is getting done today.

  29. It is raining and gloomy here. This weather doesn’t help my bone pain! I am trying to be positive and happy, but it is so hard!! Plus it’s been one week today since my sister-in-law died!! I’m still hoping for a better year!

  30. clojo9372 says:

    Before I began my day I did some 15 minute ab work and then a 25 minute hiit workout. I thought I was gonna die.

  31. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    Another busy day finishing off jobs that I started ages ago! Oh, the joy of ticking things off my list! Seriously, I love that feeling – how sad am I? 🙂

  32. Tamra Phelps says:

    Well, it’s another rainy day, but it’s in the 60s again so I don’t care. Tonight it’s going to get cold again, though–snow by Thursday. Ugh. We are going to be in the single digits by the weekend. Anyone who doubts that climate change is real & our weather is getting weird, just spend a few weeks in KY.

  33. jenn sparks says:

    This day has been a struggle for sure. Woke up early, couldn’t get back to sleep. Found hubby left the juicer dirty so we had a little spat about that. Then I find a cat puke on my spot on the couch, luckily before I sat in it. Then after I took a bath, the pipe burst!! I couldn’t get the water shut off so hubby had to rush home to save the day. I think I’ve had enough for one day. My body is bruised and beat up. Tomorrow will be better.

  34. This is great! Thank you for doing this. Have a fun and wonderful 2017!

  35. Audra OHara says:

    It’s official…I’m never going to get back on schedule after the holiday break! lol It’s my own fault; I was staying up until 2am for a week and now I need to hit the hay around 11:30. How much longer until summer break? 🙂

  36. Quiet day at home with a few flurries outside and cold temps.

  37. I am finally lying down and relaxing- so it’s ALL good 😃

  38. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    I was up with Mum a couple of times last night so I’m starting the day tired! However, onwards & upwards; there’s work to be done, appointments to be met & Pantomime rehearsals tonight – sigh!

  39. I am fascinated that people are still talking about Mariah and her debacle on NYE….as a comedian said, and I agree you are a performer and a singer.. sing for heavens sake.. you do know the words to your own songs right?? look I am a fan always have been and aside from her diva behaviour always will be….

  40. clojo9372 says:

    Gonna do some light cleaning. My Christmas vacation is coming to an end soon…

  41. Just cooked dinner! Have a healthy dinner to you!

  42. clojo9372 says:

    Today’s the 12th Day of Christmas! This is the last day we hear Christmas Carols on the radio. We plan to take down the tree tomorrow. I am going to enjoy the last day of holiday fun! 🙂

  43. Well first banking deposit of the year and it is all fouled up…where are all the competent workers?? Do your job please….aggravation today

    • KATE SARSFIELD says:


    • KATE SARSFIELD says:

      Mum & I both had medical check-ups earlier & guess what? We’re still here!! Other than that. I’m frantically trying to learn music & lyrics. Another rehearsal tonight …..

  44. bianca roman says:

    i’m doing better today than i was yesterday. had to sleep off the god awful ocular migraine.

  45. Amanda lea says:

    Today is one of those….I cant wait for dad to get off work days!!

  46. We got up to a high of 6 degrees today. Only had 6 inches of snow instead of the 12 they were predicting. I stayed indoors.

  47. Tamra Phelps says:

    We got the first snow of the year today. About 3 inches has fallen today, just enough to cancel school, lol. So, I spent today with my nephews.

  48. I don’t know why but I’ve had a stomach ache most of the day. YUK!

  49. Audra OHara says:

    We’re hoping for snow! My daughter’s so excited. We haven’t seen snow yet this year and we want to go sledding. I’m one of those people that love it, even as an adult. Been really busy with work, and that’s always a good thing.

  50. Jerry Marquardt says:

    My day is going indelibly untouchable. I just cannot seem to get the ball spinning right yet for the first week. Nothing bad, just not the best.

  51. Today we are taking down Christmas.. I must admit when I do this I get very depressed.. all the lovely decorations.. the 2 trees… the linens and dishes… oh well better get moving…

  52. I am having a great day so far but I am not too happy that I have to work this weekend.

  53. Cindy Merrill says:

    Greetings from Grand Marais Michigan. Both pf my cats are elderly, Fred missed his aim on his litter box this morning. Also Ginger is losing fur on her back. Other than that, my day is ok.

  54. Cathy French says:

    Woke up with a horrible headache and if it wasn’t for my kitty pestering me for food I may not have gotten out of bed this morning. Now, however, I feel a lot better and am trying to get some house cleaning done.

  55. clojo9372 says:

    The Christmas season is officially over and we took down the tree and decorations in the house. But before you know it… it’ll be here again! 🙂

  56. Oh my day has gone well….very cold here. I think we finally are above zero today! Yeah!

  57. Just cooked two dishes for lunch and I don’t know how to cook! Exhausted. Lol!

  58. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    We started the day with the funeral of an elderly gentleman from the village; Mum played the organ & I sang. And it rained all day. Need I say more?

  59. Had a good swim class with a new person. Still too cold outside.

  60. Tamra Phelps says:

    It’s freezing cold. There’s snow on the ground. How long until Spring?? Lol, that’s my attitude today!

  61. Today went well and was very relaxing for a Friday!

  62. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    It’s been a bit of a spooky day! Another funeral this morning in the village. I guess it’s the time of year that hits the elderly the hardest. It was so foggy, it was like something out of a Gothic novel and then a piper played at the graveside; sad but very atmospheric!

  63. Getting back to normal here… changed all the drapes and curtains did laundry and now I guess I wait for the Easter bunny……

  64. clojo9372 says:

    Rainy and chilly and I want to curl up in bed and read and then sleep. Then drown myself in chocolates…. lol. 😉

  65. Terri Quick says:

    It’s very cold and snowy here in NY so I’m staying indoors with my dogs lol

  66. Quiet day at home. Still eating on the pot roast I made this week.

  67. Hope you are having a great day! I’m staying home and watching the Seahawaks game!

  68. Our day is going well. We are having the first snowfall of the year. It is a great day to stay at home by the fire!

  69. Comet TV sounds like a great channel. I have seen this movie before. I’d like to see Futureworld again.

  70. Jennifer Hedger says:

    I am doing okay. Trying to stay warm inside while we have a snow storm going on outside

  71. Angela Saver says:

    I am looking forward to watching Stargate Atlantis!

  72. Angela Saver says:

    I am having a good day with my hubby, watching Netflix together!

  73. My day is superb!! My husband made me breakfast and did the laundry!! What did I do to deserve him?? Thank you Dear Lord!!

  74. It is a lovely morning here and I am enjoying sitting in the gallery having coffee with my husband….I shold go to mass but I can pray and give thanks right here right now…

  75. clojo9372 says:

    Feeling no bueno… Gonna stay in bed and rest. Read some books and magazines and do nothing.

  76. Sunday is quite productive – did chores and now just relaxing and catching up with my shows on Netflix.

  77. Glen Hough says:

    Freezing outside. Going to relax today and enjoy food/football

  78. Oh we are cold again today….-4 right now…feels like -20! Brrr….I am ready for it to warm up just a bit!

  79. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    Today was a long one: almost 7 hours of rehearsals, then did the big weekly shop. I’m now ready for bed!

  80. Quiet day at home and now off to rehearsal.

  81. Tamra Phelps says:

    It’s still freezing cold here in KY, but at least we escaped that ice & snow storm farther South. This has just been a long day. I’m ready for it to wrap up, lol. But, it’s not 7 p.m. yet.

  82. Just had a filling lunch! Have a great day everyone!

  83. Today was a wonderful football watching day of Fun! A good day!

  84. Up and moving.. feeling great and motivated to do something .. what I don’t know as yet!!

  85. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    Another busy day ahead of me. After I look after Mum I have to take my niece for an appointment in Dublin (6 hours round trip) then home, shower, eat & rehearsals till 11pm tonight …

  86. clojo9372 says:

    Christmas Vacation is over so back to work. Boooo! Aaah well it couldn’t last forever….

  87. I know today will be a very busy day at work, but I got a good nights sleep last night so I can handle it.

  88. Day is going good, kids off to school without a meltdown, 3yr old up, happy, fed, playing, so I say good day.

  89. Barbara R. says:

    My day is going great because it is a fresh start with new possibilties

  90. Oh so beautiful outside today, we are getting a very pretty snow! So pretty out!

  91. Flu season now and I’m feeling under the weather. Hope you are doing well!

  92. bianca roman says:

    i was done with my work in less than 6hrs today, so i would say i had a pretty good day 🙂

  93. Nice swim with my friend. Then had to turn in a form for the $100 Visa that I won.

  94. My day’s been going fine. A normal Tuesday routine like any other week day with nothing to expect exceptionally. I look forward to the evening with Netflix.

  95. The day is absolutely glorious here…. bright sunshine, clear cerulean blue sky…definitely an outside day today….

  96. Driving was really terrible today. It has been sleeting and snowing all night!

  97. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    I slept till almost midday! I did need it though, so I’m not too cross with myself. Catch-up on housework day & cooking a couple of dinners for the freezer ready for when the Pantomime run starts, then rehearsals from 7pm.

  98. clojo9372 says:

    Had a good day today, got a lot accomplished. Now I am gonna relax! 🙂

  99. Cathy French says:

    Went to Kroger for the second time this week to get items from their mega sale that weren’t in stock on Sunday. Got most of them. always love couponing and saving money

  100. Oh we had a snowy day today…not the wind is picking up so its getting pretty cold out! More snow tomorrow! 🙂

  101. Feeling under the weather today. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. Have a great day!

  102. Haircut early this morning. Quick lunch then 3 hours getting my infusion.

  103. Tamra Phelps says:

    Well, it’s kind of a dreary day (rain, 40 mile per hour winds!) At least it’s not freezing cold, though. I really had nothing to do today, unless you count spending an hour trying to get my nephews to do their homework, lol. You know, they can get it done in 20 minutes, but will spend hours trying to avoid it.

  104. Heavy meeting during day time with managers. However, having a job is such a blessing. I want another vacation.

  105. I read about all the nasty weather all over the world so I guess I cannot complain that it was 77 ° here this morning…I know for sure that I could not deal with cold ice and snow anymore…. everyone please be careful on the roads…

  106. Started the day with a delicious meal! Hope your day is going great!

  107. Oh having a nice day here….weather is a bit warmer today! Looking forward to a quiet dinner tonight!

  108. clojo9372 says:

    I had a hard time getting motivated to work, I just wanted to sit, drink coffee and blab to my BFF. So… I did both. 😉

  109. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    A guy I used to work with arrived on my doorstep just out of the blue this afternoon. It was such a lovely surprise! We spent an hour catching up then I had to go for the Dress Rehearsal.

  110. Good swim class. Got gas for the car. No errands to run.

  111. Tamra Phelps says:

    This was just an average Wednesday. My nephews were here after school for a few hours, we ate Ramen noodles & I tried to get them to do their homework. They did because they had to go to baseball practice later, lol.

  112. I have a wisdom tooth growing in a not-so-wise place. It’s hurting at the moment & I need surgery to get it out. Money is pouring away again, I see.

  113. Today is a dreary do nothing day so.. I shall do nothing just read.. listen to music and cook…..

  114. Off today. did nothing but surf the net and work on some fun projects. It was a good day. 🙂

  115. My day is going ok today. My back isn’t hurting as much and that is a good thing. Unfortunately, the weather will go back to freezing again really soon.
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  116. Tamra Phelps says:

    Well, tomorrow is Friday. That’s the most exciting thing about my Thursday. This has been a pretty average day. Raining & windy outside, but at least it’s not cold—BUT we might actually get an ice storm tonight. (We’re right on the line, so hopefully we’ll miss that!!)

  117. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    We’ve had sleet & a little snow today – in Ireland? And it’s got bitterly cold & windy, chill factor & all that, so sleeping in socks tonight!

  118. Still feeling under the weather. Hope you are having a great day!

  119. Had to go and get some blood drawn for a couple of tests. Great phlebotomist, no hurt.

  120. Big day today. Wisdom tooth removal is nearing. I’m nervous at the moment and wish for it to be over very quickly.

  121. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    Friday 13th. Why would anyone pick that date for our Opening Night? Other that that little Whine, all’s well in my little corner of Ireland 🙂

  122. I am having a great Friday so far, except is is very cold here!!

  123. The contractor is back today to finish the pond.. it is HUGE…better get the husband a fishing pole!!

  124. Cathy French says:

    Went to bed early last night and layed in bed til late this morning. Should have enough sleep now to get me thru today. Hopefully I’ll get a lot done.

  125. Friday the 13th was a good day for me! Got some work done… can’t complain! 🙂

  126. Good swim class but only 3 people in it. Now off to dinner with my friend.

  127. Had a late lunch! Wanted to eat more. Enjoy your meals today!

  128. Things are going well! We have a new puppy in our home.

  129. Saturday and I have piles of laundry…. going to move things around in the freezer to aid in getting more room available.. so grateful for veggies to freeze… I don ot garden well but my husband does and for that I feel blessed….

  130. Kathleen Whitney says:

    A little bit of back pain. But I think I will be all right. Mainly from working long hours.

  131. Day going good,one kid up sick until dawn, but much better today.

  132. I am feeling under the weather and recovering from a cold. Postponing to do chores till tomorrow when I hopefully feel better.

  133. Had a good day today! Did my 30 minute cardio session before work, finished work, and now I am enjoying the rest of my afternoon.

  134. HI! Hope your day is going great! Still nursing a flu. I’m on antibiotics now. Hoping to feel better this weekend.

  135. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    Today’s matinéeof Snow White & The 11 Dwarves was brilliant! Some of us went for a meal afterwards which was scrummy!

    • Tamra Phelps says:

      Well, I have to ask: what are the names of the extra 4 dwarves???

      • KATE SARSFIELD says:

        Sniffy, Twitchy, Disney & Spooky! The children are amazing especially Disney. Harry is just 6 years old & steals the show every time! A proper little showman!

  136. Tamra Phelps says:

    This has seemed like one lonnnnnng day. I used to love weekends, but now I just want to go back to weekdays, with regular programming & things to do, lol. It has poured rain all day, it’s dark by 6 p.m. & I just want Spring to get here.

  137. Had a meeting with a potential house sitting person. Then went to a knitting party.

  138. Dawn Monzu says:

    My day went pretty darn good! I hope you had a great day as well. I tried to sign up to start driving for Lyft (car ride service), but I had some problems. Hopefully I will figure it out tomorrow! God let me wake up today….so it was awesome! God bless everyone!

  139. I had a great day and it’s even greater for asking me about it! I was supposed to have a 3 day weekend but decided to go into work to help out my fellow co-workers and it felt great.
    Deborah Cochran recently posted…The Growing Sweater by Jason J. MarchiMy Profile

  140. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    I was in bed by midnight & slept for 10 hours so I feel great! Another matinée today then I’ll go grocery shopping. Goodbye fantasy, hello reality!

  141. Grateful for this glorious Sunday morning….Planning to make Sunday lunch then spend the day with magazines, newspapers and my book!

  142. Sunday started off great with breakfast in bed and A Series of Unfortunate Events on TV. Good day!

  143. clojo9372 says:

    Good day today. Slept in and read all morning. Then I watched some tv. Total relax day.

  144. Tamra Phelps says:

    It feels like it has rained for a week straight, lol. It has been just consistently raining all day, every day for so many days…but at least the temperatures haven’t been as cold.

  145. Sunday was busy with a trip out of town and some shopping. Was also able to catch up with an old friend and that was nice.

  146. Good concert this afternoon. We sounded very good.

  147. I am doing Okee Dokee today. Watching football with my hubby and relaxing!

  148. Wisdom tooth removal went well. Some swelling is still here but at least I’m chewing my food. What a relief now that it’s gone.

  149. Monday and a great deal of energy… going to get going soon… steps to be cleaned and a walk to be had…..

  150. My day just started but I am glad that it is warmer outside than this weekend.

  151. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    I’m trying to catch up with housework & laundry today and cooking a decent dinner, then off to another performance tonight – phew!

  152. It’s the MLK holiday, and I don’t have to go to work today. Therefore – today is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING day! 🙂

  153. My day is going great so far! I hope your day is going great too!

  154. clojo9372 says:

    OMG I did the Amy Dixon Breathless Body dvd and I swear I need a new heart. That workout is hard and horrible. High Intensity Cardio fan, I am not.

  155. Had a great concert yesterday and today I’m staying home recuperating…

  156. I had a happily productive day today 🙂

  157. First dance lesson was awesome but too crowded. Dancing helps me feel free & relaxed. I should’ve discovered this earlier.

  158. The weather is changing back to rain…no outside for me.. I shall leave the gardening to my husband..

  159. I am having a pretty typical Tuesday so far. I am glad that the weather is warming up where I live!

  160. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    Christmas has finally been packed away! Well, apart from some little white twinkly lights that are so pretty I’m going to hang them in my bedroom!

  161. Oh going okay today, got an ice storm and snow last night so school was 2 hours late today. Was a nice peaceful morning getting ready!

  162. Cathy French says:

    My boyfriend stayed home from work today sick with a bad cold. Feel bad for him but damn, I like it quiet in the house during the day. He has that tv so loud I wanna scream.

  163. Tamra Phelps says:

    Honestly, it’s just the usual around here. My nephews are here while my brother & my sister-in-law go to my niece’s volleyball game. It’s actually in the 60s today but rainy & gray. Just normal for January, lol.

  164. A rainy day, as usual, in Seattle right now. Have a great day!

  165. Quiet day at home. Have a chicken cooking in the crock pot.

  166. clojo9372 says:

    I can barely move. I am so sore. Man, I hate exercising. Besides that, I’m pretty good! 😀

  167. Lissa Crane says:

    I always say positive things, but today I’m not feeling so well! I have the stomach flu and have been home in bed for a few days! I’m hoping to get back to normal very soon!

  168. My day is the bomb!! Great day with the family! Played Scrabble!

  169. Another rainy day.. Tomorrow is my big shopping day so I shall spend the morning making lists and doing inventory then read in a cozy chair somewhere

  170. Cooked rice porridge and reading a great book. It is a nice day. 🙂

  171. clojo9372 says:

    Talk about lazy day, I had zero energy and I could barely get any work done, I was like a zombie…

  172. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    Tonight’s audience was tough to begin with but by the interval they were loving it! Another standing ovation! I am tired though but we’re half-way through the run already.

  173. Had a great massage this morning then a good swim class. Now I’m off to hear a concert with a free ticket.

  174. I want to attend all dance classes but I’m out of energy. Working 12 hours a day is not really a good thing for a long time period. What to do what to do!

  175. Off shopping today.. first to buy a new washing machine then groceries.. Where are my diamonds and fur coats?? LOL

  176. I am super happy that it is warmer outside! I am going skiing with my mom this weekend.

  177. Today is going well so far. It is warmer and that’s nice!

  178. clojo9372 says:

    I’m home alone working on projects. I am happy and content.

  179. My day is going good, everyone has eat, clean, warm and no fighting going on. I got this today!

  180. My day is not going too well. I fell down yesterday and am sore today!!
    I hope everyone else’s day is going great!!

  181. I’m having a rough day today….lots of aggravation! Still smiling though 🙂

  182. You don’t want to know…. Just ordered pizza to make me better.

  183. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    Another brilliant performance tonight & the audience were really appreciative, which makes it all worth while!

  184. Tamra Phelps says:

    This has just been a blah day. I think I have that ‘fed up with Winter’ syndrome, lol. I need daylight that lasts past 5 p.m., lol. A little sunshine would be great. At least our temps have been above normal; supposed to be in the upper 60s tomorrow, which is bizarre. But it just keeps raining. OK. End of my whine, lol.

  185. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    Ugh 🙁 Woke up this morning all bunged up & feeling miserable. Boo hoo, pity poor old me struggling to smile when there’s a beautiful Spring day going on outside!

  186. Oh having a fun day today…kids are off school today…so just a nice relaxing day at home! Think the kids want to go outside and build a snowman this afternoon!

  187. Cathy French says:

    I’ve been in a funk all week. Today seems to be getting better. Heres to a great weekend

  188. clojo9372 says:

    Today was a good day. Sun was shining, blue skies, and I have nothing to complain about! 🙂

  189. Good swim class. Now off to our Dress Rehearsal for tomorrow’s two concerts.

  190. Tamra Phelps says:

    I was up early to get Mom’s portable oxygen ready for her trip to the dentist in Lexington. So…I’ve been kind of draggy today, but now that it’s getting close to bed time, I’m wide awake. Of course. Lol, story of my life.

  191. Excited for the weekend! Going to watch movies and read a book! Have a great one too!

  192. Had a good Dress Rehearsal tonight. Now on to the two concerts tomorrow (later today really)

  193. Darcy Koch says:

    It is %:30 in the am and here I am on my computer. I had a rough nite. I had abdominal surgery 2 weeks ago and have not yet fully recovered. I awoke with pain and took some of my pain meds. I am sitting up waiting for it to go away.

  194. My new washer arrived yesterday.. These new appliances look like something out of the Jetsons as my daughter says.. LOL.. going to try it out today….

  195. Michelle L says:

    Im feeling very lazy but so far so good.

  196. Woke up late this morning. Now just catching up on TV shows via Netflix but will do some chores later.

  197. today was good. I got my chores done and sat down to a delicious feast of BBQ chicken wings. YUM. 😀

  198. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    Well, I’ve just got home after the last Panto performance & the ‘wrap’ party. The audience were up on their feet & dancing all the way through the show – what a night!

  199. Carrie Barron says:

    My day has been great because I was able to get time to myself for the whole day. It has been especially nice because I’ve been awake with sick kids all week. Thanks!

  200. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    I’m up after only 3 hours sleep: who/whatever created adrenaline had obviously never accounted for women (I was going to write middle-aged) in their prime! Toes are still tapping and I can’t stop smiling almost 12 hour later and that’s why I do Panto every year!

  201. So glad to be retired and in good health….Planning on helping my hudband with some gardening today.. not much though it is Sunday!

  202. clojo9372 says:

    No plan Sunday! Just rest, relaxation, and reading! YAY!

  203. I am having a very relaxing Sunday. I wish my team was in the playoffs, but oh well.

  204. We had two great concerts yesterday with almost a full house for both. Had many friends who marched in the Women’s March. I couldn’t because we had an early call for the chorus, but my pink pussyhat marched with a friend.

  205. I listen to alot of retired people saying they are BORED… how can you possibly be bored?? There are so many things for you to do now that you have time….Hobbies,, volunteering….events to go to.. I don’t get it….

  206. I am having a good start to the week. I hope that the weather remains this warm!

  207. clojo9372 says:

    Monday comes by so quickly… Did the horrible breathless body workout and then began work. Man, I hope I can lose these 10 pounds quickly… 🙁

  208. Tamra Phelps says:

    Well, I knew the great temps in the 60s couldn’t last forever. We are headed back down below freezing this week. Did I mention how much I hate Winter??

  209. Good swim class then off to Costco and came home with their roasted chicken. Yum.

  210. Kind of a so-so day for me. I am feeling irritated by everything! lol

  211. clojo9372 says:

    I wish i could stay in bed all day. But I can’t. I must get up and get working! 😉

  212. My husband just brought in all the lettuce and greens from the hydroponic garden.. lovely and such bounty….

  213. Cathy French says:

    I am sick today with a terrible cold. My boyfriend had it for a whole week last week and missed work but I think I’m gonna be over it sonner than he was. Here’s hoping anyway

  214. Just a quiet day at home. Will be having the Costco chicken for dinner.

  215. My day was very lazy – uneventful.
    But that’s OK with me! No drama for momma!

  216. A lazy day today.. middle of the week and everything I wanted to get done is done so bake some cookies and chicken parmesano for dinner and thats it for me!

  217. clojo9372 says:

    Got my work done today, but feel a bit groggy. I think I am gonna take a nap.

  218. Good swim class. Then to Target to get a bunch of stuff with my gift cards.

  219. I am excited because I only have to work a half day today. However, I have to work this Saturday.

  220. All my work is done for the day… planning to change into loungers and read for the rest of the day…

  221. Oh an interesting day here…our snowplow took out all of our mailboxes today! 🙂 So…probably no mail for us today. LOL

  222. Good day off today. Did my yoga and mellowed out.

  223. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    My first day up & out of bed since the weekend. I’m on antibiotics for a sinus infection and have lost my voice as well 🙁 Feeling well & truly sorry for myself.

    • Tamra Phelps says:

      Let yourself wallow a little! My Granny used to say “Never look better than you feel. Someone might expect more from you than you’re able to give!’ Ha!

  224. Quiet day at home with a quick trip to the library for more books.

  225. Had a great time working out earlier. Had dinner and now catching up on my shows.

  226. Tamra Phelps says:

    well, had to do the paperwork to renew Mom’s medical stuff today. So frustrating, having to dig out paperwork. Why can’t I just write on there: ‘nothing has changed since last year!!’ lol

  227. Krystal Waters says:

    My day went terrible, my husband hit a raccoon today and it cracked the front bumper on the car and it’s going to at least cost the deductible. The raccoon was fine by the way.

  228. So far it has been a pretty typical Friday. I am not looking forward to working this weekend however…

  229. Another day that I feel so grateful for.. Doing what I want when I want… retirement is the happiest thing for me…

  230. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    I’m still ill: head, nose, throat, chest … think guacamole 🙁

  231. clojo9372 says:

    Got a lot done today. I am glad it’s Friday! Gonna try to have some fun this weekend! 🙂

  232. Cathy French says:

    Today I’m pretty much playing catch up since I had that nasty cold going around. Feeling a bit better enough tho the cough doesn’t want to go away so maybe I can get something done today

  233. Good swim class with few people (sigh). Now off to dinner with my friend.


    we spent the day having coffee with friends and then working on our car we put new blue lights under the rear end it looks sooo cool.

  235. Had a long tiring day at work and felt a bit sick when I got home. Now just trying to relax after a later dinner and waiting for sleep to come.

  236. Here it is the weekend.. what most people wait for…..laundry to do and some light cleaning then lets see what trouble we can get into!!

  237. I am having a really good Saturday so far. I am meeting a friend for coffee at noon!

  238. clojo9372 says:

    Did some interval training and I am so tired. Wish I could lose weight by eating cookies!

  239. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    I went to bed with great intentions of getting up early to take advantage of a good weather forecast. I woke up at 3 in the afternoon, the day half gone, too late to do laundry etc. So I chucked a pizza in the oven & made an apple pie and that’s all I’ve done today!

  240. Quiet morning at home. Now off to a Sound Circle concert in Boulder.

  241. To tell you the truth, I am glad this day is over! I am beat and over tired! We’ve had 5 grandkids spend the weekend and I M TIRED!! Good night everyone!

  242. clojo9372 says:

    It is Sunday and my FUN DAY. I am gonna sit back drink coffee and read my book.

  243. Well we finally saw the latest episodes of Sherlock.. Even though I am a traditionalist and Basil Rathbone will always be Sherlock for me I do like this modern take…For me it was a great season…

  244. Sunday is my rest day. I had a late breakfast, did a little cleaning and now just catching up on my e-mails.

  245. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    A very quiet day today, just reading & cooked a nice dinner. I’m feeling a lot better & my voice is gradually coming back, but now I’ve gone deaf in one ear!

  246. I am having a relaxing Sunday but I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

  247. Quiet day at home. The concert last night was wonderful and I got to see lots of friends.

  248. Jerry Marquardt says:

    My dayy went pretty well. It was a cool day but not too cold and a little depressing as there was no sun today.

  249. clojo9372 says:

    Bleh! Monday comes too soon. And can you believe January is almost over already?? Gotta work on some projects today.

  250. So much for fun back to working today.. the garden needs work the husband needs assistance and there is wine making work to be done…. off I go

  251. My day is going great so far. I hope everyone else’s is a great day too.

  252. I had a very busy day at work today but it went very well!


    My day is going good me and hubby went on a bike ride its 80′ here today the sky is blue no clouds and a light breeze SoCA !!! yay

  254. Good swim class with on new person. Then treated myself to Smashburger, but they’ve raised their prices again. Bummer.

  255. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    Our little village has been like something from an old B movie: so much fog there was no sound at all … very weird kind of day.

  256. Tamra Phelps says:

    Well, my niece came over last night & said, “Dad sent me to borrow Granny’s wheelchair.” (Mom uses it when she has to go to the hospital, where she can’t walk all those long hallways.) Turns out my sister-in-law was carrying some new floor tiles downstairs & she fell. Off to the emergency room &, yep, her foot was broken. So, the day that was supposed to be about putting new flooring down ended in the ER. Thankfully, it wasn’t worse, though.

  257. laurie murley says:

    I don’t do much but clean so thinks has been being wiped and polished all day

  258. clojo9372 says:

    I feel kinda bleh… I think it’s all this cardio that I am doing to combat holiday weight gain. I feel energy zapped. I will push forward though. I have a goal.

  259. My day just started but so far I am having a pretty typical Tuesday.

  260. Carrie Barron says:

    I’m recovering from a sinus infection but feeling pretty good at the moment. I should probably do some housework while I have the energy and no sinus headache. 🙂

  261. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    I’m still croaking along & can’t hear much either – the house has never been so quiet!

  262. Had a good massage from a friend. Now to finish entering the 1/31 sweeps.

  263. My day is going better than yesterday!
    I feel better and received some good news about my granddaughter!

  264. Jerry Marquardt says:

    My day has been very busy today. Tomorrow has a lot better hope than today.

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