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Welcome to my monthly $35 Single Blog Giveaway. I have decided to make the next two months prizes $50 instead of $35.  It’s my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower AND Happy Holidays!!! Last month was another very successful $35 Giveaway!! Congratulations goes to: KV.   KV be sure to check your email to claim your winnings!!  Thank you all!!

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901 thoughts on “$50 Giveaway! Fan Appreciation Giveaway! YOUR WAY! Target? Amazon? PayPal?

  1. What made me happy today? The beautiful weather! We traveled 3 1/2 hours to a friends house this weekend to enjoy better weather! It was 72 outside and sunny! I got to enjoy reading on their porch. So very nice!

    Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! =)

  2. I was happy today as I talked to my grandkids who live out-of-state. It was good to talk to them as I have not talked to them since they started school this fall.

  3. I was hopeful today as I was able to get out of been with not as much pain as I’ve had all week. I was also able to do some grocery shopping.

  4. It made me happy today just to get out of bed and not hurt. I have fibromyalgia and this week has been bad.

  5. I was happy that it was such a beautiful day. I’m hopeful that I’ll get a good night’s sleep.
    You take off the Mad comment just when I needed it. I got a new laptop and I’m having trouble getting it set up the way I want.

  6. It made me happy this morning to get up and watch Charles Stanley. I am so glad I have Jesus in my life and He is guiding me

  7. I am hoping to have Gods Light shining thru me and others may see Jesus when they look at me. Our job is to bring others to Jesus each day.

  8. I chose PayPal on the final entry to this giveaway and it said to leave my email addy but there was no place in the form to do this. If I win, just email me and I will give you my paypal addy! Hope that is OK! xoxo

  9. Today I am happy because I have another full day with hubby getting ready for our Halloween home haunt. Yesterday was WONDERFUL and so gorgeous outside and today looks like it is going to be even nicer, if that is even possible!

  10. Today I am hopeful because a trick hubby suggested to help pull me out of my depression over losing my two cats in the past month is working! I am feeling less depressed! I am so hopeful that I am on the road to recovery from all of this grieving!

  11. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy we had Tex Mex today for lunch.

  12. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful we might have a chance to move to a new apartment next year.

  13. Hi. I love your appreciation giveaways. Thanks! 🙂
    Just a note: in the prize selection form I’ve chosen “Paypal”, but it doesn’t let me enter my Paypal email that you are asking. If I win, please send an email asking for the PP email and I’ll send it to you. Once again, thanks.

  14. Finding this amazing giveaway made me happy today! Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance!

  15. I’m hopeful that my son will do well in school this marking period…he did his homework this weekend, so that bodes well!

  16. What makes me happy today is that the shrubs I planted have grown into beautiful lush plants and make the house look like a welcome to a warm place to visit.

  17. What made me hopeful today is that I am getting out of debt and my credit is getting better. Being frugal and taking the time to shop around has made things easier for me and my family.

  18. What made me hopeful today… I woke up with a headache & it is finally going away – there IS hope for the rest of the day!

  19. What made me happy today is knowing that it’s my brother’s birthday tomorrow. We always make a big deal over it. Happy Birthday, Steven! We love you!

  20. What made me hopeful today? Well…..hmm….tough one! OK, I am hopeful in thinking that the gas will get turned on within the next 3 weeks. (Or so my neighbor says). It’s been off since Sept. 18. Nothing like paying over $1,700/month rent for no gas! OMG!

  21. What made me hopeful today? Well we had a big family get together today after not really seeing each other for pretty much the whole summer and it felt like we had been together the whole time.

  22. I got mad today when our cab driver didn’t know an alternate route to the hotel where we were attending a charity event and he kept circling the streets without stopping to ask for directions!

  23. It was a beautiful fall day I had my whole family home and I made Sunday dinner for everyone 🙂 Sorry couldnt pick just one 🙂

  24. I was happy for another beautiful day. I am hopeful that I will learn the music for our concert. I am frustrated by the slowness of my new laptop.

  25. I was mad when I looked out the window and saw all the leaves covering the lawn. I just had them cleaned up yesterday!

  26. Today I am happy because I got FOUR awesome packages in the mail today full of freebies and prizes! I love getting free stuff so much! One thing was a mermaid costume for my cat! OMG hilarious!

  27. Today I am hopeful because of the weather forecast for Halloween. Right now they are saying in the high 40s with only a 30% chance of rain. I hope it stays that way or improves so that hubby can do his home haunt on for trick-or-treat!

  28. Well I did it! Today I finally got around to sorting out the loft & chucking out/taking to the charity shop loads of stuff. We’ve moved house a lot but have been here for about 10 years now & why, oh, why, did I think I needed to keep those broken chairs, my niece’s cot (she’s 18 now and anyway, why isn’t it in my sister’s loft) and more besides? Anyway all sorted now & I’m filthy so going to soak in a hot bubble bath with a glass of something – happy days!

  29. Had to take one of the cats to the vet today: you know how it is when you just know something’s wrong with a pet? He’s being kept in overnight so fingers crossed there’s nothing serious. He’s got a great character & the house just wouldn’t be the same without him.

  30. As usual, the only person I’m mad at is me: I was sorting out the winter woolies from the loft & found my favourite big chunky cardi. Smelt a bit musty so chucked it in the wash but didn’t check the pockets/sleeves. It came out of the wash smelling lovely & fresh but COVERED in bits of tissue. Maddening!

  31. I was mad today when I had to get tough with my grandkids for misbehaving and so they could not carve their pumpkin today

  32. Today I was happy that both my toddlers took a nap at the same time. This gave me time to play with the baby without the others trying to get my attention away. It was nice and he gets so excited when you play and talk with him.

  33. Oh my goodness. My two yr old is a monster and will not play with toys. He will play in the fridge, behind the tv, in the closet with all my stuff, tear their bedroom apart. But today he decided to put toys and paper in a slot in the dishwasher where all the hot air comes out. So it is in the door. We will have to take the door apart to get out whatever he put in there.

  34. I am happy today because it is my 3rd son’s birthday. He is 27. Wow. I still remember the wild rush ride to the hospital. He was born 15 minutes after we got to my room.

  35. Today was my brother’s birthday! That made me happy – we’re going to a steakhouse on wednesday to celebrate! Woo-hoo!

  36. What made me mad today? LMAO! Let’s see…..we STILL have no gas, going on 6 weeks now – there’s MOLD in the bathroom, I found a large spider in my room……shall I go on? OMG!

  37. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful to know there are active organizations to save animals from product testing.

  38. Today I am happy because the weather has cooled down to a comfy temp. Yesterday it was so hot and the power went out twice. Today it is breezy and cool and the birds are singing like it is spring! Much better! LOL

  39. Today I am hopeful because we got invited to join my hubby’s family for a vacation at the beach in June. I am hoping that my knee will allow us this trip. We have not had a vacation since 2005!

  40. Today I am mad because the weather for trick-or-treat on Halloween keeps getting cruddier and cruddier. It is now supposed to be cloudy (which is great) with a 40% chance of rain (which sucks) and a low of 28 that night (which sucks too!). GRR!!!!

  41. I am hopeful today that this week will go well. My son is starting a new sport, trick or treating is coming and the weather is getting colder! Hopefully we have a great week!

  42. I can’t say I’m mad, but I guess the word would be disappointed that the weather here turned so cool so fast! Yesterday was 77 degrees and today we’re struggling to get to 45!

  43. Today I went to a friend’s farm & picked out the Christmas turkey: she’s free-range and enjoying herself (for now). I’ve named her Doris (don’t ask) and she will be humanely killed about a week before Christmas. I’ll pluck and prepare her myself at home & she will be served with as much pomp as I can muster. A happy bird AND it’s keeping the local farms in business.

  44. Still no results from the vet re. Tommy the cat. The house is so empty without him. Still fingers crossed & here’s hoping it’s nothing serious.

  45. Mad at myself again – what’s new? Got up in a bit of a rush to answer an early phone call & caught my little toe under the bedroom door. It’s all squished & bruised & hurts like hell but my own fault as I should have been wearing slippers. Personally I blame my mum for my clumsiness – she slipped down a couple of steps when pregnant with me & I’ve been clumsy ever since the day I was born!

  46. What made me mad today was my cat puking all over everything which would have been bad enough and I know that he can’t help it then pooping in the middle of the floor, then pooping in the litter box immediately after. WTF???

  47. What made me happy was finding out that my husband’s hard work is going to pay off for us since they said when everything is over he is getting a really nice bonus!

  48. I have been waiting to hear from a potential PRN job for over a week. They finally called me today to set up my test I have to take to get started training. That made me really happy! Awesome giveaway, BTW.. also you are so sweet for all of the entry options you create! 🙂

  49. I was happy it was slow at work and I got to leave early. My stomach was upset and I was in a bad mood. It was best for me to leave early. Have to work tomorrow so hope it is better.

  50. What made me hopeful today was seeing how many people are sharing about different charities and issues online today. I’m glad I know so many caring people.

  51. What made me happy today is that Toronto has a new mayor who will not embarrass the city like the last one did !!!

  52. I bought first Christmas ornament today -it made me so happy!))
    Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance!

  53. What made me mad??? We STILL have no gas! Since September 18!!!!!!!!! WTF?! I hope the owners of this building rot in hell !!!!!!!! (…..think I better re-take that Anger Management class….)

  54. What made me happy today was that I sent the laundry OUT, instead of going down to basement with the roaches and doing it there. Thank You, Jesus!

  55. Hopeful…..um……let me think for a minute…hopeful. OK, I got it! I am hopeful that the gas will turned back on before the year 2050! How’s that? ………no. I’m not bitter… I’m HOPEFUL!

  56. playing with my daughter made me happy today. she was thrilled to put her dino wall decals up and that made me so happy to see her have so much fun

  57. reading in my devotional book and knowing that God knows my needs and will always provide for me has made me hopeful today. I hold on to the hope that things will be better one day soon

  58. i guess the closest to being mad today is that I havent won anything lol. I also cant seem to get past wins in the mail in the time period their supposed to be sent :/ I just need better luck!

  59. The poor old cat is home. He had to have a small op to remove a huge hairball – yeuch! Hopefully he’ll make a full recovery. At the moment he’s curled up in the bottom of a wardrobe, nice & dark & private.

  60. Another put-on-the-long-finger job got done today – finally sorted the spare bedroom so it’s official: we no longer have a dumping room. Phew!

  61. Awful pain in my knee all last night – own fault again – overdid the going up & down the ladder to the loft (dislocated my knee a couple of years ago). So frustrating as I used to be really active.

  62. Today I am angry because my 1st pap smear in 6 years went horrible. I ended up on the table in very bad pain and crying. I don’t know what happened or if the people working in the clinic didn’t know what they were doing or what. I mean it is alway uncomfy, but I have never experienced pain like that in over 24years of having this done!

  63. Today I am hopeful because I had my first mammogram ever and the first pap smear i’ve had in three years. I am hopeful that all the results will be negative and I will have the all clear for another year with the mammogram and 5 years with the pap!

  64. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful that people are more aware of animal testing in cosmetics nowadays.

  65. I was hoping to have a good report at the dentist today and I did. The appointment was also under one hour which was good

  66. Mad today because Dad’s glucometer suddenly stopped working, spent 20 euro on a new battery & it still isn’t working properly. He’s insulin-dependent so needs his equipment to work. It’s going to take 48 hours to be replaced – makes me so angry.

  67. Happy today because the awful pain in my knee is finally subsiding a bit. I’ll have to strap it up tonight for Pilates just in case.

  68. I need a new headlamp for my car & I’m hoping against hope that it doesn’t cost too much The evenings are really drawing in – it’s dark by 5.30pm – so I really have to get it sorted. Always something isn’t there?

  69. I was upset today with the way some people were driving in our subdivision today for the garage sale. So disrespectful

    1. Mai, Teenagers!!! I use to say that at 13 they should be sent to an island “Lord of the Flies” style until they are human again!!! My 3 we’re MONSTERS at 13!! Thankfully they are awesome now….. I want full credit, because I let them live!!
      : )

  70. Eric Liddell: I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. … We are here today to give thanks for the life of Harold Abrahams. … our eyes and remember those few young men with hope in our hearts and wings on our heels.

  71. Um? Well despite the fact that pretty much every relationship fails for me I still remain hopeful and I have asked someone else to hang out with me. I usually don’t hang out with people because it always ends in failure.

  72. My husband works out of state as a Lineman so he’s only home a couple times a month. Because of this, he misses out on soooo much with our 3 children who are 11, 4, and 20 months. He is home this weekend and I got up early and let him and the kiddos sleep in. I heard our youngest crawl out of her new toddler bed and run right to Daddys bed. Not 5 minutes later I heard him reading her a story and she was giggling so loud.. it brought tears to my eyes and made my heart melt <3 It's moments like those that make me the happiest 🙂


  73. Today I have a major migraine. This makes me mad. I just do not see a purpose in having a headache. I was excited to watch football, but not so much fun being in a loud room, when I have a headache. Ugh.

  74. I went to church earlier today. That always makes me feel very hopeful. A light at the end of the tunnel. Not to mention, fellowship with some wonderful people, just reminds me what life is about. It is not the stress, the deadlines, the work conflicts, nope it is about friendship, kindness and love.

  75. The poor old cat is really not well again – bacak to the vet, I fear. Hopefully this time all will be well though.

  76. Have spent the whole weekend (well, on & off, if truth be told) sorting my bedroom out – I’m afraid I’m a bit of a magpie, and whereas Mum always says ‘tidy as you go Kate’ I tend to leave everything then do a major blitz that leaves me covered in dust & cobwebs and wheezy! Still clearing the decks is very cathartic & always leaves me feeling good.

  77. Well, maddening isn’t really the case here but a bit embarrassed. Was putting the wheelie bin out on the road just now when my pantie elastic went ping and they ended up around my ankles! Thankfully it’s dark & we’re in the middle of nowhere so actually I could have been naked & no one would have known … now there’s a thought …

  78. Let me see what made me happy was I didn’t break my leg. Just a very bad sprain. I did get to spend more time with my adorable little women. That’s what I call my 8 granddaughters.

  79. What made me hopeful today was that I can still walk on my leg. I am not suppose to but, Shhhh I am. I can’t stand just laying around doing nothing. Besides my sweet darling husband made breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was grilled cheese sandwiches every time. I don’t mean to complain but there has to be something more. LOL!

  80. Let see what made me mad today was that I fell through my daughters old deck and now I am suppose to be off my leg for 7 to 10 days. Right! I babysit my 2 yr. old granddaughter everyday plus the other things that need done. Guess I will cancel that physical therapy this week.

  81. I’m happy I purchased 3 board games today for Christmas gathering: Battleground: Fantasy Warfare, Summoner Wars: Master Set, and Small World. This Christmas is going to be fun.

  82. I visited my parents and my sisters today. We had a nice dinner together and hung out. It’s something we try to do every week, but it still makes mehappy!

  83. realizing I had a big sinkful of dirty dishes this morning made me mad. I need to start taking care of that before bed.

  84. I was made happy this morning when I remembered that there are only 5 more days before we can embark on our holiday!! Cannot wait for some R&R.

  85. Today a black cat was not lucky for me – he pulled a bag of rubbish to bits & I had to go out in the rain to pick up the bits to stop them blowing everywhere. Of course, my own fault again – if I’d gone to get the wheelie bin in from the road it wouldn’t have happened Mea culpa.

  86. This week is Dad’s first follow-up after weeks of radiotherapy this summer – everything’s crossed. Here’s hoping for good results.

  87. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad at my man right in the morning since he left the toilet light on all night.

  88. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful to receive a thank-you email from a dog shelter I donated to. I hope they use the money for a good cause.

  89. finding this blog made me happy because it is so interesting & fun!!! Also going to a local cafe I don t go to often

    what made me hopeful was thinking about future improvements in life

  90. while driving the guy in front of me rolled his window down and threw his Fast Food cup out. Why Litter ? just take it home and toss it in the trash … made me pretty mad

  91. My husband has a lawn care service and it’s the time of year for leaves and I help him daily. This morning I woke up to rain so WooHoo no yards to do today. That actually made me smile @ 3:00 am when I could no longer sleep from the body aches.

  92. Hopeful for today would be that my grand kids (who live with us) do not wake up in a bad mood. That way we can get a few things done around the house.

  93. What made me happy today is I am finally getting my hair cut. After begging my beautician daughter for a couple of weeks now. I have given up an made an appointment with someone else.

  94. Today I am hopeful to get my health under control and take back my life. Not sure I can do much with my constant falling over things but Hey it does make for some good laughs for the family.

  95. Let me see what made me mad? I don’t really like to post about being mad. It is such a negative thing. I try to concentrate on being more positive side of things.

  96. Happy as my choir is back rehearsing after a week off for half-term (Ireland). I’ve only been involved for a couple of weeks but can’t wait to get back. Just a bunch of ordinary people getting together to make wonderful music together – lovely.

  97. Had to take Tommy the cat back to the vet (his face when having his temperature taken was priceless!). He’s had more injections & I have to give him drops twice a day for the next week. I’m used to dosing the animals so hopefully I don’t end up with more scratches & scars!

  98. I thought people were supposed to mellow as they go older; not me. I get so mad at other people, especially arrogant people. Those people who have never worked hard for the little things in life & think that because they have money they are somehow superior to the rest of us mere mortals. Well, sorry, that’s not the way life works and we should all take time out to be thankful for what we have and what we are, even if we’re grumpy middle-aged grouches like me!

  99. I haven’t seen my therapist in a few months and today she called. This made me hopeful today because I will be able to see her in a few days.

  100. receiving automated phone calls on our home line made me mad today, I can’t wait for this election to be over to stop these annoying calls.

  101. I was happy that the sun is shining today. Don’t like cloudy, rainy days like yesterday. I’m hopeful that we’ll have sunshine the rest of the week.

  102. Today, I am happy today because Maleficent was released and I was FINALLY able to watch it. It was amazing! I want to grow up to be a fairy 😉

  103. Today I was taking a nap, and the phone rang, which woke me up. I grabbed the phone and it was a telemarketer. SO frustrating! I know they are doing their job, but they could at least be nice, but he was not nice. I was quite mad. Now it seems quite trivial, but at the time…

  104. What made me happy today? That would be my Yorkshire Terriers. My two girls welcome me home with such excitement that they end up fighting each other. Too cute! Such bad girls. Love them. Thanks for the chance!

  105. What made me hopeful today? That would be the sunshine. Today it was 67 when I got home from work. Unfortunately due to daylight savings once I changed it was already getting dark outside. At least I got to drive home in it.

  106. What made me mad today? That would be the morning driver that had to pull out in front of me then go ten miles an hour slower than the speed limit. Augh! Why do people do that? If I pull out in front of someone I get going. I would not slow down and make them go slow. That is just plain rude. Thanks for letting me vent!

  107. What made me happy today? Hmm, well, nothing went wrong today, lol. That is saying something for someone who has dealt with shingles and diabetic issues this month. Yay! Nothing went wrong today. Boring can be good! LMBO!

  108. My mom’s oncologist said that the cancer treatment is going very well, so that made me hopeful that she is going to recover.

  109. Getting caught in rush hour traffic on the way home after taking my grandmother to her bridge game this evening made me mad.

  110. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful there are more dog shelters in my home country than I thought. I hope they do a good job for the homeless animals.

  111. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m a bit (bit only) mad at this reply system (not at you, Connie). Sometimes, replies of 2 different days have the same date stamp (for example, I now have 6 replies for 3 Nov and non for 4 Nov).

  112. Goods News phone call @ 4:30am. Can get my computer cleaned up and a lifetime security program for a reasonable fee.

  113. I am hopeful that the weather will hold without any rain or to high of wind. That way we can get more of the yards done that are on our list

  114. Today I am happy because I get to visit with my fav neighborhood doggie at lunchtime! My friend and neighbor is going out to lunch instead of coming home to let Rusty out to the bathroom, so I am going to take care of Rusty for her. 😀

  115. Today I am hopeful because it has been two weeks since my fur baby, Meeko, used the bathroom on the floor. Ever since two of our fur babies died in the past two months, he was grieving by peeing on the floor by the front door. But he has not done it once in two weeks. I think he is healing, just like we are. 😀

  116. Today I am mad because my friends are really letting me down lately. People who I thought enjoyed spending time with me are ignoring me and not inviting me to do anything with them anymore. I guess I am more hurt than mad but regardless it sucks. I don’t want to chase them anymore and have stepped back to see if they want to still be a part of my life. I guess I am getting my answer.

  117. Mad at myself again today (what’s new?): I woke early with the alarm, switched it off & woke again at lunchtime! Half the day gone & it’s dark at 4pm these days so no time for gardening. I suppose I must have needed it, but I’ve been feeling dopey all day & can’t wait to go back to bed.

  118. Today I’m happy because Mom & I spent a good hour singing together. She’s a wonderful pianist & plays every day otherwise her hands get stiff (she’s 81). She sang the melody & I harmonised. It’s guaranteed to keep us cheerful.

  119. Driving Dad up to Dublin tomorrow morning to get the results of his last batch of tests – fingers crossed all’s well. It’ll get him out of the house as well – he always slumps at this time of year – so we’ll stop off on the way home for lunch & make a day of it.

  120. I was disappointed today when I heard who is going to be our new governor. I feel he is all for the rich people

  121. Today was my weekly Bible study. I cherish these meetings and they always make me hopeful for becoming a better person. I always feel such kinship with those in my group, and we have such fun.

  122. Today I had friends come over to my house. Prior to them coming, I made a bunch of Snicker-doodle cookies. When I served them everyone was so pleased with how good they tasted. It made me happy 🙂

  123. Today I was watching the news and there was a man that was just sentenced to prison for committing such a heinous crime against a very young girl. It made me so mad. How dare he scar a child with his disgusting act. I find it really hard to not judge people like this. I had to turn off the news so that I could avoid hearing (and judging) all the recent crimes in my area.

  124. Oh, not much made me mad today, lol. Possibly, I get fed up with political news still being on. Can we have a break until the next elections?

  125. Happy for another beautiful day and a good swim class. Hopeful that the weather will be nice for our trip to Estes Park. Mad that I tilted over while getting the dog’s ball out of the garden and then smashed my thumb in the car door (but not badly).

  126. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful to know one of my friends came out as gay today with his family’s support.

  127. Today I am happy because we are getting four new tires for our car. I was afraid we would not be able to afford them before winter hit and one of them is already leaking air. I am so thankful for 3 paycheck months! LOL

  128. Today I am hopeful because my college aged niece and nephew (twins) reached out to my hubby and I for the first time in their lives. We have always wanted to be a part of their lives, but their mother discouraged it because she thought we were too liberal, so we never had a relationship with them. They are coming to our town this weekend and emailed us to get together. This is a first. They come up her often but have NEVER reached out for a visit with us.

  129. Today I am mad because last night our neighbor’s kid hit our house with a frisbee. I am so tired of them coming into our yard and stuff when they play in the circle. Their parents have just not taught them about boundaries and respect for other peoples’ property and it is getting really old.

  130. I was happy to have a great laugh over Alice and her brother & sister. Hopeful that the lovely weather will last at least til Monday. No mad today.

  131. Lately the thing that makes me happiest each day is the school not calling me. My son has apparently decide to go into comedy. The last call his principal told me he has very strong opinions on Obamacare and gun control for a 10 year old. I think the 26 year old was just too easy and everyone has to pay their dues, or something.

  132. Happy, happy, happy: Dad’s results are excellent. Big relief for the family; he’s 81 & good for another couple of years (tough wood).

  133. Mad at other drivers: had a 4 hour round trip to Dublin & back down to Wexford. A rotten day, pouring rain, mist & windy and still there are drivers with no headlights on – utter madness.

  134. I am working on a crocheted pair of baby booties and have been having a hrd time with the pattern. I am now hopeful that they are going to turn out, I really think I figured out what I was doing wrong.

  135. What made me happy today was to be able to get out of the office and go on a lil adventure and see something I’ve never seen before!

  136. I didn’t realize that my comments needed to be longer. I’m sorry about that. Nothing really made me mad today except having to wait an hour to see my doctor.

  137. What made me mad today was discovering I have little to no budget available for groceries this week after adding up all the bills due.

  138. Happy happy day: My new glasses & frames are being picked up out of town by one of my best friends … cannot wait for something new!!

  139. Today I woke up and it was snowy outside. I know the rest of the world dreads snow, but I just love it. It is so beautiful. It is so peaceful. It made me very happy. 🙂

  140. Today I prepared for a craft fair that I am going to sell at. I am very hopeful. I hope we do really well and make enough to cover our costs.

  141. I can say with some happiness that nothing made me mad today. My nephew was sick, but that made me sad, not mad, lol.

  142. I felt hopeful today whenever I was practicing singing earlier. I recently quit smoking and was afraid that I had lost my voice, but since I’ve quit, it sounds like I’m getting it back. I’m hopeful that I’ll be singing soon the way I used to!

  143. I have been mad today because my husband and I have still not received a phone call from our apartment complex. We will be moving at the end of this month and we are waiting for them to let us know our move in date. In the meantime, we can’t make any moving arrangements because we don’t know when we’ll have to move! It’s frustrating!

  144. what make me happy today was being able to walk better. I did something to my foot the other day and have not been able to walk very good but I think I am finally on the mend.

  145. I am hopeful that my part time job that I go last month will help me pay for my kids Christmas and help on some bills. It has been a hard year but I don’t give up, I just keep trying to stay positive and know that tomorrow is a new day.

  146. What make me mad today was my phone ringing when I was trying to sleep. I know that telemarketers have jobs to do as well as anybody else but they also seem to call when I am trying to sleep.

  147. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful to have a nice Father’s Day this Sunday. I hope my dad receives my wishes.

  148. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m angry at a drug addict teenager who tried to steal our car today. I hope he dies in pain.

  149. When I woke up this morning I realized that I did not have to work either of my two jobs today. That made me happy.

  150. Today I am happy because it is Friday, my hubby is off for the weekend, and we don’t have ANYTHING Halloween related to do! Just get to do whatever we want! LOL Don’t get me wrong, I loved our Halloween build weekends in October, but I am ready for a break for a year! LOL

  151. Today I am hopeful because we were able to afford to get new tires last night for our car. My hubby commutes 90 mins a day and I worry so much about him out there driving with all the other people who may not be as careful as he is. At least now I hope that he won’t have a blow out or flat during his commute!

  152. Today I am mad because I have been waiting for a response from my student loan company since the beginning of October and have gotten nothing other than phone calls and overdue email notices threatening to turn me over to collections. I emailed them and they informed me that they denied my forbearance on October 8th. I never got ANY notification.

  153. I was mad today because I felt a little sick this morning. I would at least like to wake up feeling good at the start of the day.

  154. I’m happy that I’ll be going up to Estes Park this afternoon for my chorus retreat. I’m hopeful that we’ll get a lot done and have beautiful weather. No mad today.

  155. What made me mad is that people are consistently assholes. Like don’t say you can do something if you cannot. I had this whole debacle with this guy on Listia yesterday and it really pissed me off.

  156. I am hopeful that they will find a cure for diabetes. They are doing trials on a new drug on humans that worked on mice (it cured the mice).

  157. Another long drive today as Dad goes for more tests – why, oh why don’t people use their headlights? Cannot understand the mentality of it at all, or talking on their mobile – I even saw one woman texting as she was driving – what the hell?

  158. Something made me extremely angry today but rather than reacting or biting my tongue I tried my latest go-to mindfulness technique: I thought of penguins! Hand on heart, it’s impossible to be angry with visions of Pingu et al waddling about!

  159. Well, the cat continues to improve & giving him his drops has been scratch-free so far but now I’ve caught him eating cat litter! Just googled it & it seems to be a symptom of anaemia. Have to ring the vet in the morning & keep my fingers crossed.

  160. Today my dog decided to track chicken poop though my entire home. Had to scrub all of our hardwood floors. I was so very mad.

  161. Today my dog tracked chicken poop through my entire home. I am SO happy I have hardwood, and not carpet! The hardwood was hard enough to clean, carpet would have taken days and a carpet cleaner.

  162. Tomorrow is a craft fair that I am working at. I am hopeful that people will be excited by what I am bringing, and are in the mood to buy 🙂

  163. Today Happy for me is the leaves are just about done falling. Hence we are just about done cleaning up others yards. Woohoo!

  164. Mad today would be that hubby’s oldest son got out of jail and was threatening the new tenants of his last address. Had a big argument about it.

  165. I am not mad at all today. I try every day to get up and be thankful for everything God lets come my way. He is in control and will help me through everything

  166. Today I am hopeful because I have made my Thanksgiving meal grocery list and I am slowly whittling it down via sales and freebies to a manageable expense. I think we will have the cheapest but most organic Thanksgiving ever this year! 😀

  167. Today I am mad because family can never be simple. Our niece and nephew are visiting from WV and contacted us for the first time EVER to see us when they were visiting other family members. Well, we had planned to just see them for a 4 top dinner and catch up and get to know them as the adults they now are. Enter the rest of my husband’s family AS USUAL! They tried to hijack our gathering with them by texting and inserting themselves in the dinner we had planned etc. My husband made it quite clear that he only wanted to see our niece and nephew as planned, but now I am betting the rest of the family is mad at us for this. They shouldn’t be. We should be allowed to get with family members a few at a time and not a whole houseful where it is so loud and annoying you can’t get a decent visit in. But I know them and I know that they will be mad at us. Makes me very angry.

  168. Opening $40 worth of ribs to find that they are rotten & stinking up the house made us all mad! lol (They were soon replaced!)

  169. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy we had a sushi fest today at home. Everything was perfect: salmon, hamachi, unagi, and shrimps!

  170. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful my man’s dad will like the cake I made for him to celebrate Father’s Day tomorrow.

  171. Mad at myself again for not getting up earlier – grr! So little daylight these days & I wasted it in bed (mind you my dream was worth it!).

  172. Well, the cat is still eating his kitty litter – ugh. Rang the vet & I’m to keep an eye on him over the weekend & update the vet on Monday morning. Hope he’s going to be ok.

  173. I got mad today when a nosy neighbor came to visit and started going through our mailbox when she got out of her car.

  174. Today I went to a craft fair and had a wonderful day. Everyone was very vocal about loving our products. It meant a lot to see people excited by our product. It made me very happy.

  175. At the craft fair today, I met a man who has a consignment store. He want’s to carry our products, and was very excited by the high quality items. I am very hopeful that this will be a good business contact and we will increase our sales.

  176. Last night I was sleeping and was awoke by a mouse crewing on some newspaper we have in our room. It was very annoying. I tried to find him but he would hid each time I turned on the lights. I only was able to sleep for about 3 hours. It made me mad.

  177. I woke up feeling at peace even though the last 3 months have been non sto p stress. I also did an hour yoga class and took a short nap. Even wrapped a few Christmas gifts one of my least favorite jobs why I start early to do a little at a time

  178. I had to keep praying and saying Bible verses to myself because right now the future looks pretty scary. I ook to the Lord from where my help comes

  179. Thinking about my mother in law and sister in law and thinking of the holiday’s looming and having to endure them and all the stuff they have said and done to me over the years.

  180. I feel hopeful now that we got things out of storage. Now we won’t have to pay for the storage each month and it will save us money.

  181. Nothing made me mad today. I had a pretty good day. Other then my ankle hurting from twisting it a couple of days ago.

  182. Let’s see, What made me happy today….. Well, My hubby made dinner tonight! But, as usual, I had to do the dishes! He made hamburger helper (eh not a big fan!), but he did it and I didn’t have to cook! Oh, and he went with me to the grocery store today too – Probably because he wanted to keep an eye on how much was going to be spent! But, I had company so that made me happy. And, of course, my 2 “fur babies”, Maxie and Summer, always make me happy! I think I’m getting a cold too and I didn’t get a flu shot yet! YIKES! I’m still standing so that makes me happy! Entering giveaways in hopes of winning Christmas gifts for my kids here at home and my 2 grand babies that live in KY I guess makes me happy – if I win that is! Thanks, Michele 🙂

  183. Now you want hopeful….. Well I guess I’m hopeful that I can win some Christmas gifts because we had a rough year and money is tooooooo tight! I’m hopeful that this situation will soon rectify itself! I’m hopeful that my son-in-law won’t get sent to Africa like an awful lot of ARMY men are. I’m hopeful that my grandson will have a Happy Birthday on the 15th of this month (even though we can’t be there!). I can’t think of anything else!
    Michele 🙂

  184. Now you want what made me Mad (I think that’s what you meant)….I was pricing Walnuts at the grocery store and the prices they want made me mad! I wanted to make nut rolls again this year, however, at those prices I don’t know! My husband asked me when the last time I combed my hair today and that made me mad! (at least I HAVE hair! his is falling out!) Also, when I get done on this computer tonight and go up to get a shower and go to bed, I know my husband is going to gripe that I spend too much time on here and I enter too many contests, and it’s bad for my eyes, and yatta yatta yatta and that’s going to make me mad! Michele 🙂

  185. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy to hear from dad on Father’s Day. It’s comforting to know he’s happy and doing fine.

  186. Today I am happy because hubby made me breakfast in bed as a surprise! It was SOOOOO good too! Scrambled, local, organic eggs with organic cheddar cheese, whole wheat toast with black current jam, and veggie maple sausage patties. Topped off with a glass of OJ! MMM!

  187. Today I am mad because it appears that the knee medication that I started less than a year ago is no longer fully working. I have a lot more swelling and pain than I did this time last year, and that is ON the medication for inflammation and pain. Looks like a visit to the doc is in order, again. grrrr! I am SO tired of being in pain.

  188. Um? I just woke up so not a lot has happened as of yet. I guess I am mad since I about to give up on trying to have any real friends.

  189. I suppose I am still hopeful that something good will happen to me although I am for the most part pretty doubtful. I guess there is always hope????

  190. I am hoping today that I have a good day at work and I do not get any admissions. I am hoping all my patients have a wonderful day

  191. I am not angry today. I try not to get upset because I know God is guiding me and directing me. He never leaves my side

  192. Today I am happy for the strength in my Moms’ voice.She had a feeding tube placed last week that really set her back,but to day is a new day!

  193. The thing that made me happy today was just waking up and being with my family. Other then that I had a pretty horrid day sadly.

  194. Today I had the oven on automatic with a gorgeous casserole in it for dinner. Took Mum & Dad out for the day and when we got back it was to discover that I’d set the oven to come on at 3 in the morning instead of the afternoon. Grrr! Cheese on toast for Sunday dinner then!

  195. Today the weather was glorious apart from one heavy thunderstorm so I got up early and pottered about in the garden till I got too cold. Always happiest in the garden & in the open air.

  196. Hoorah! Last day of antibiotics for the cat & (tough wood) not a single scratch. Hopefully he’s on the mend now.

  197. Today I woke to 2″ of snow. It was so nice. I was able to hot tub and sit and listen to the morning. It was so quiet, and peaceful. I was very happy 🙂

  198. Tomorrow we are supposed to get a ton of snow. I am hopeful that it will be a wonderful day, filled with the kids playing in the snow, and making snowmen 🙂

  199. Well, it didn’t exactly make me mad, but having to get up early kind of aggravated me, lol. That’s why I’m so tired right now!

  200. I was sooo happy to get to sleep in today! It was the first time in over a week where I had a day to rest and it felt great!

  201. My hubby and I cleaned out our crawl space together today and it looks so much better—made me very happy to get organized!

  202. My Mom broke her wrist yesterday and my Dad just had back surgery. I’m hopeful that he’ll be off of pain medicine soon so that he can drive, because one of them needs to be able to do that!

  203. I wasn’t really mad at all today. If I had to make something up it would be that I couldn’t eat popcorn with my hubby while watching a TV show (I’m dieting so the popcorn with butter was off limits!).

  204. I talked to my daughter today who is away at college. We are planning to have dinner tomorrow night just for a quick visit. I’m happy!

  205. Today being the last day I work before I am off for 7 days is what made me happy today. Also, I think I am going to try and help feed the homeless this year so that made me very happy too. Hope you had an awesome day!

  206. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful the shoes I ordered online would arrive this week for the weekend’s party.

  207. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m angry to know that someone hit my mom’s dog. I hope such people die in great pain.

  208. Today I am hopeful because the visit with our niece and nephew went amazingly well, so much better than I could have even wished for or imagined. I am hoping that this is a new phase in our relationship with them and that, as adults, we will be able to have a relationship with them that was kept from us when they were children.

  209. Today I am mad because of the passive aggressive neighbors I have. When hubby was leaving this morning, there was a huge pile of leaves shoved up against our front curb. We don’t rake our leaves as we have an organic yard. We allow the leaves to naturally break down to feed the soil over the winter as nature intended. By putting that big pile of leaves at our curb, it is obvious that our neighbors are trying to pressure us to comply with the mainstream fall leaf raking scene. Well, it is not happening. We will just spread those over our lawn!

  210. Today I am hopeful because I am currently unemployed but last week I got a phone interview and and hopeful that they will call me back.

  211. Um? I am hopeful that things will start to get better for me although everything seems to be going to shit right now. It has got to get better, right?

  212. Realizing I have several dr appts to keep this week actually makes me mad. When I have to leave the house a lot I get behind on my couponing and contest entering. Lol

  213. I took my sister’s dog for a long walk today – it’s very wild, wet & windy, great for putting a bloom on your cheeks. I thoroughly enjoyed it but I’m afraid I ended up carrying the dog home as she just gave up! Should have seen the look on her face – if she could pout she would have!

  214. Tomorrow I’m taking Dad back to Dublin for another check-up – hate driving in this mad weather: I end up squinting & with a pain in my back – grr!

  215. Hopefully Dad gets on ok tomorrow with another round of tests. Anyway, it’s choir tomorrow night so whatever worries I have will be sung away!

  216. Today we got about 5″ of snow. It was so beautiful. The snow is so pretty, it makes me happy. I know it is hard for other people, but while I am safely in my home, I really enjoy it!

  217. As i sit watching the snow plows plow the road, and see an occasional car drive by the house, I am hopeful that people all stay safe and sound. The roads are getting really bad and it is now “rush hour”. Hopefully those people are all able to make it home safe.

  218. Somehow my computer browser has become corrupt. It is so frustrating. I don’t understand why people will knowingly mess with people. It makes me mad.

  219. I’m mad that I could not find a document I need. I’m not very organized and I know it’s here, just not in the 300 places I looked for it today.

  220. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad to read news about my country being famous for dog meat trading. What a disgust!

  221. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful to know my man’s eyes are getting better and no more checkup is needed.

  222. Today I am happy because that big winter storm that is hitting the midwest is NOT hitting me! LOL I am in the midwest, but in Ohio, so it is only going to be rain here. SO happy!

  223. Today I am hopeful because my husband is going to Whole Foods after work to get our Quorn Turk’y Roast for Thanksgiving. We always run the risk of them being out of them because the store never orders enough for everyone who wants them. I am hoping that going this early in the month will enable us to get the four we need!

  224. Today I am mad because I am being ridiculously sensitive with my husband. For the past few months, he can’t joke with me like he normally does without me getting hurt or pouty or just bratty. I don’t know what is going on, but it is really getting on my nerves. We had a fight this morning over what shirt I picked out for him for work! It was totally my fault and I feel horrible. I’m just so mad at myself.

  225. I’m just happy that I’m home and in out of the pouring rain. I had to drive to Dublin & back (5 hour round trip) earlier & couldn’t see 100 yards in front of me because of the heavy rain. Just to get indoors with my hands wrapped around a big mug of tea was heavenly!

  226. Dad had more tests today & we’re all hoping that that the reaults will show that his tumour has shrunk. We’ll have the results by the end of the week so fingers crossed.

  227. I purchased an ebook on Kobo over a month ago and despite emails etc. am still unable to download it. Now Kobo wants me to ring them so that they can talk to me – I’m sorry, but why on earth should I have to pay for the call? I can’t really afford to lose out on the book but I’m so mad at them, I just feel like telling them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  228. Um. I was in the grocery store and this old man was reading the packs of carrots. Like different brands. Hello they are carrots….just pick one! So that made me mad.

  229. Hopeful? I am not really hopeful about a lot these days and I have been pretty bummed out about these people that I know. So I guess I still kind of hope there are nice people but it seems doubtful most times. I do meet nice people but there are always in another state, across the country or something and never here where I am.

  230. I understand it is a holiday and I believe a very important one but have to admit I am a little mad there is no mail today. Always love getting the mail.

  231. Seeing a group of teens carry an elderly lady’s groceries to her car definitely made me feel hopeful! Their parents should be so proud!

  232. I am happy that I have a warm place to be: snow & 15 degrees outside.
    I’m hopeful that Spring will come again.
    I’m mad that the dogs want to fight each other today.

  233. Hmm, what made me hopeful today? Well, we bought a new heater which makes me hopeful our heating bills will go down this Winter, lol.

  234. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy my man’s Christmas gift arrived without damage.

  235. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad at my man for ruining lunch again. I can never count on him for making a proper meal.

  236. Today I am hopeful because last night my cat, Piggy, started treating her brother, Meeko, like she used to treat her now departed brother, Gus. It is the first signs of healing I have seen in her behavior and it gives me hope that my fur babies are starting to heal from the loss of their brother, Gus.

  237. Today I am mad because my RX insurance company CSRs are idiots. I sent them an email asking for clarification on what a symbol beside my script online pricing meant. Their response? They didn’t answer my question and gave me pricing on the wrong dosage of the drug I am on. I didn’t ask for pricing. I had to write them back and tell them AGAIN what I wanted the info on. ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS A LOST ART! UGH!!!

  238. I have not been mad today. I try to pray each morning when I first get up and it helps me to stay on the right track

  239. I got all the Christmas cards written today so that’s another job crossed off the list! Honestly, all this fuss for just a couple of days off. Still, wouldn’t miss it for the world!

  240. Not mad today Connie but sad: I was going through lasy year’s Christmas cards, to make my own gift tags & found cards from family friends no longer with us, especially Aggie. Such a quirky, wonderful woman who decided last January that she’d had enough of 3 times a week dialysis and chronic arthritis (she’d been a ski instructor and travelled the world) and so refused any more treatment and died a week later at home with her family. So typical of her, always doing things on her own terms and I think of her every day. Wherever she is I bet she’s enjoying a gin& tonic (or three) and dancing on tables!

  241. I’m taking Dad to the doc tomorrow for his latest batch of test results. Hopefully it’ll be good news, he’s down in the dumps again and raging against the world and his own mortality, his aging body, you name it, he’s got a reason to grouch. We’ve just had Rememberance Day over here (your Veteran Day) and it’s the anniversary of his little brother’s death AND he hates Christmas and New Year … Hoping for a couple of dry sunny days to raise his spirits a bit.

  242. What made me hopeful? Well, I’m hopeful that this nasty cold spell will end in a few days & we will go back to normal Fall slightly chilly days!

  243. it made me happy that I unexpectedly ran into some old friends at Starbucks today. Sat down and enjoyed coffee with them.

  244. I’ve been following an awful news story where a local woman got attacked and beaten badly just because she objected to another woman letting her child have a tantrum in a store. I feel so bad for the poor woman who was beaten, and felt awful that a lot of people seemed to want to protect the criminal in this case. I just heard that the criminal was finally caught and will be charged for her crime today. that makes me feel hopeful!

  245. I was talking about how high my rent has become for my one bedroom apartment today. The landlord has been raising it every year and it’s hard to save anything even with 2 jobs when my rent keeps going up. Just thinking about it made me so mad today.

  246. Today I was so happy to see the plow go by our house. I am so thankful that those road workers get up so early to make sure that the roads are safe for me and my family to travel. It made me happy.

  247. Today I am hopeful that I am able to get to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving, or at least if I stay home that it is a warm, wonderful holiday.

  248. I was very happy today because I got to go out to a steak restaurant with my dad; as a late Veteran’s Day gift. The food was great.

  249. I wasn’t really mad today, just frustrated. Having to wait for 90 minutes in a government office to get some paperwork straightened out just shows how chaotic dealing with legal stuff can be. Plus I had to sit next to a woman who was coughing the whole time. Thank goodness I got a flu shot. But, I got it done.

  250. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy I received positive comments from boss today on my monthly reports.

  251. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad a co-worker is not cooperating in the project and now the whole group is late for result.

  252. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful to know many dogs are rescued from dog meat traders.

  253. I was mad today when my car wouldn’t start. It made a weird noise, but as soon as I had someone look at it, it worked fine and made no noise!

    1. I did not click on the “What Me Me Mad” Button today because I had done this last week (or I thought I did) and clicked on it then — but it never showed up. So this comment is for that.

  254. I am taking my sons schnauzer to the vet this morning. She has some small growths on her back. I am hopeful that he is ok

  255. Today I am hopeful because after my hubby not being able to find the Quorn Turk’y roasts we need for Thanksgiving after shopping in two stores we have ALWAYS been able to find them, I contact Quorn to make sure they were still making these products and they are. I am hopeful we WILL be able to find these roasts and our Thanksgiving meal will not be ruined!

  256. Today I am mad because two local stores that have ALWAYS carried the Quorn Turk’y Roast we have used for YEARS for our Thanksgiving meals are NOT carrying them this year! I was literally in tears last night thinking my Thanksgiving meal was going to be ruined the one year that I have family coming for the meal! Every year these two stores have sold out of these roasts, so I am at a loss as to why they are not carrying them this year. I will be heartbroken if I can’t find what I need for my meal. It would be like a meat eater not being able to find any turkey!

  257. Today what has made me happy is the feeling of gratefulness I have after reading some of the other peoples’ comments – I do not have 5″ of snow to deal with (just more rain) and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so don’t have to worry about what to serve. Completely understand the previous commentator re. Quorn products though – I don’t eat meat/fish at all so rely on Quorn-type products if I’m looking to reproduce the ‘meaty’ texture and it is annoying when they’re suddenly unavailable. Hopefully she’ll be able to sort something out.

  258. We’re still waiting for Dad’s latest results to come from his consultant. Dad took one look at the weather this morning and decided he’d stay in bed – just not like him at all. He’s always on the internet. Mum’s just taken him out for a pub grub lunch so hopefully he’ll cheer up a bit.

  259. Mad, yes, today I was mad. I knew I could smell cat in the kitchen but thought maybe it was another cat spraying the back door. I was making a big apple crumble (some to freeze & some to have tonight after Pilates) and found the biggest cat poo I’ve ever seen in one of the kitchen cupboards – ugh & yeuch! It’s taken me over an hour to scrub the cupboard & wash all the casserole dishes etc. I know he hasn’t been well but honestly, this thing was enormous and so untypical of him. Ah, well, not the end of the world.

  260. I’m happy that the sun is shining this morning and it’s a tad warmer up to 20 degrees.
    Hopeful that next week will be warmer.
    No mad today.

  261. I guess I am mad that my cat finds it necessary to stick her paws in the back of my head when she lays behind me on the couch. Ah kittah!

  262. Even though I was happy to spend the day with my nephew today, his Dad is off tomorrow so I am hopeful I can spend tomorrow not watching SpongeBob, lol. I can only take so much SpongeBob.

  263. Well, nothing really made me mad today. I did watch a news story about the death of Carol Ann Susi, who played Mrs. Wolowitz on Big Bang Theory. Cancer sucks. Cancer can make me very mad!

  264. Today I was able to work on crocheting a blanket I am making for a Christmas present. It always makes me happy to crochet. I love giving presents that I make with my own hands.

  265. Today I am hopeful that tomorrow brings smiles, and fun. My husband has been such a great guy this week, while I recovered from a back injury. I am hoping to spend tomorrow doing something special for him.

  266. Today my daughter lost her cell phone and we later found it. The case had been run over by a car. But, the phone is o.k. I am happy about that.

  267. I was happy today, i saw a great deal on bread flour so i went out and got a couple of bags. I made a nice loaf that im eating now.

  268. I got mad today at Windows 8…why does it have to be so complicated? All I wanted to do was print a document, which I did finally, but it came out formatted all wrong. I had no more time to work on it so I sent it out anyway. Hopefully the content will make up for the fact that I am not a computer guru.

  269. What made me happy? My dog, who is going through chemo, seemed to have a good session. The oncology vet said he was doing well and looked healthy.

  270. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy my man bought me a gift card to Bikbok for no reason.

  271. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad at the sub-zero temperature that makes it hard to start the car every morning.

  272. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful to go visit my favorite Weimaraner Ebba this weekend.

  273. I love your site and usually enter more giveaways from here. I was disappointed today to try to enter the solar panel giveaway only to find its not available in my state. Why have a giveaway to enter in and not have it available to everyone not just people in 4 or 5 states?

  274. Today I am happy because my order from Amazon is FINALLY showing up. Nothing like waiting until the last possible day to get it here! LOL But I am just thankful it is going to arrive today before I run out of my cat’s special food. 😀

  275. Today I am hopeful because my husband decided to go back on his low dose of prozac. He went off of it several months ago and has been really cranky. He saw the light and is on the way to getting back to being happier.

  276. Today I am mad because even after cleaning my mattress and treating it with enzyme cleanser, it is still stinking. It is over 7 years old and I know I need a new one but I don’t have the money to get one yet. I am hoping to use my tax return to get a new one in February but need this one to last until then. It smells so badly and I am at a loss as to what to do to make it not stink. UGH!!!!

    1. Hi Angie,
      Hope you don’t think I’m being nosy but have you tried baking soda? One of our cats had her kittens on my bed & I didn’t think of protecting the mattress. I’m allergic to lots of detergents so try to stick with natural products when I can. Just sprinkle the powder & leave about 6 – 10 hours then vacuum off. Also you can make a paste by just adding a bit of water for stubborn stains etc. Don’t rub, just let it dry & vacuum. Good luck!

  277. I woke up happy today because the weather is a little cooler. The family is all healthy and things are good. God is so good.

  278. Happiness is seeing the weight of worry lifted off Dad’s shoulders. His tumour has really shrunk so he should be around for a while longer (he’s 81).

  279. I’m hoping that the rain stops soon. We’re not directly affected but the neighbouring town is badly flooded & they’ve switched the power off just in case. The river rose 2 feet over night & it’s tidal as well so got a lot worse at high tide. It’s still pouring down & an amber alert for tonight has been issued.

  280. While I’m not exactly mad, I am angry at drivers who don’t slow in the storms we’ve been having. It’s so easy to aquaplane on the flooded roads. So stupid to risk everything just for the sake of being a few minutes late. Can’t understand the mentality of some people.

  281. Oh, boy, just having to get up this morning made me mad, lol! It’s going to be one of those days! I just feel a little ‘yucky’ today.

  282. Well, I got some Christmas shopping done this morning. So, I’m hopeful that I will actually get it done before Christmas gets here!

  283. Today our neighbor came over and brought some pickled carrots that he had canned. I love our neighborhood. Such caring, kind, neighborly people. It makes me Happy.

  284. Today I went to the store to buy a heated dog bowl. The price was twice that of Amazon. I unfortunately needed it today, so I had to pay the money. It made me mad that I had not planned better.

  285. I was happy today because I didn’t receive 5 phone calls from the same telephone number. They never leave a message, and the few times I answered, they said nothing. I looked up the number and others have said it’s a telemarketer. They didn’t call today!

  286. What made me mad today? NOTHING. I don’t think I ever got mad at anything, big or small today. It is Friday so maybe that had something to do with it.

  287. I was hopeful today when the UPS guy dropped off a package and he was friendly, professional, and he looked like he was enjoying his job. I’ve seen all those videos where delivery guys are tossing packages and being unprofessional, but the UPS guys who usually work this neighborhood always seem friendly and I like that.

  288. It made me happy today to see our little kitten 10 weeks old play and frolic about like a little flying squirrel, she’s so cute!

  289. I won a package with some sauces awhile back. It came today via UPS and one of the bottles was broken, even though it was wrapped very well. What did they do? Throw it down and stomp on it????

  290. Today I am happy because my husband is finally getting the yard ready for winter. He is mulching the leaves in the front yard and took the rotten, Halloween pumpkins to the compost pile. 😀

  291. Today I am hopeful because I think that I found a place to get my Quorn Turk’y Roasts from locally. I placed a pick-up order online yesterday and am hoping to pick them up at the store tomorrow when I am out running errands.

  292. Today I am mad because of another bad customer service experience. I placed an online order with a local natural grocery store yesterday and was told that they would let me know that day if the order came thru and if they had what I wanted in stock or not. I have not heard a thing. I emailed them, as their site says to do, and still nothing. I am so frustrated. I am just sure I will end up having to call them tomorrow to see if my order is ready for pick up. grrrr!

  293. So happy to be safe and warm and dry. Many families have lost everything in the local floods, heartbreaking scenes on the ‘net & telly. And still more rain forecast.

  294. Hoping against hope that the flood waters recede so that people (and animals) can get some normality back to their lives. Some people have lost everything, but luckily no lives lost.

  295. Really angry for a change. One local man keeps his horses on common ground by the river and everytime it floods, the rescue services have to save these animals (twenty or more, including foals). He gets taken to court each time, pays the (pitiful) fine & waits till the next flood. Not only does it cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands, he does not deserve to own these beautiful animals.

  296. What made me happy today? Well, the basketball shoes I ordered for my nephew (for Christmas) arrived & they look great! Right size, no issues, yay!

  297. I’m happy to be home after 3 weeks of house sitting.
    I’m hopeful that the sun will shine tomorrow instead of all this snow.
    I’m mad at drivers who drive in snowstorms WITHOUT their headlights on.

  298. Today I made squash soup. I served it for dinner for my family. Everyone loved it. It made me happy, they were so pleased with it 🙂

  299. What made me mad is a hard one. Seem that the only person I am ever mad at is me. Today I let the fire in the fireplace to go out. Then a big gust of wind came down the chimney and blew ash all over my living room. I was so mad at myself.