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663 thoughts on “$35 Giveaway Your Way February 2015!

  1. What made me hopeful…my son is starting to pull his grades up. Last year as a sophomore in high school he was pulling D’s and F’s. Now he is getting B’s.

  2. I got a little mad today when my family was going out for lunch. I had some arguments in the car about which directions to take to the restaurant.

  3. I was happy today that I went to a redemption center for my empty plastic bottles and cans. I had a few trash bags worth of stuff and I’ve been meaning to get rid of them for awhile.

  4. What made me mad is I tried to joke about something and a kid had to have quite a snarky response. I am not fond of kids that have a know-it-all attitude.

  5. i am mad that it is so cold outside and there was alot of snow that fell on the ground today.i ready for spring

  6. im going to see my son tomorrow for the first time in a few months for his birthday party and that has had me happy all day

  7. Today I was upset because I had to go grocery shopping. It’s nice to have food to eat at home, but it makes me a little mad to have to maneuver around people at the store.

  8. I don’t think I really got mad today. I did get flustered while making dinner when everything seemed to be ready at the same time and my husband was too busy with work email for a few minutes to help.

  9. The snow starting to melt made me hopeful today. We have been snowed in for almost a week and I am finally starting to see a possibility of being able to have my life back next week.

  10. My boyfriend keeping us sane through this difficult time is the only thing that made me happy today. No furnace, we are cold

  11. I’m hopeful bad things aren’t going to happen in threes for us. Two problems at once is more than we can take.

  12. A pipe burst last night then our furnace went out. So very mad. Can’t afford to fix but we are freezing. So very very mad

  13. What made me MAD today was reading the post of an internet troll who was attempting to shame a young man who had committed suicide. I try to stay clear of people who have no compassion for the suffering of others.

  14. I’m HOPEFUL today because I got my taxes done today. Yippee! I’m hoping for a modest refund, but hey–every little bit helps.

  15. Today I’m happy because I was MOTIVATED to get lots of things done. Yay! I did laundry, cleaned the bird cage, listed an item on eBay, scanned some old family photos, and cooked up a proverbial storm. I don’t know what’s gotten into me today, but it feels good.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  16. Earlier today I was pretty aggravated when the cable went out, but I got over it, lol, when it came back on. I guess it was bound to happen in this weather, & I’m just glad our electric didn’t go out!

  17. Well, today I guess I’m happy the weather wasn’t much worse than it could’ve been. Yes, it snowed more & we got some freezing rain, but we didn’t get that full-blown ice storm.

  18. What made me mad today was/is Rudy Guiliani being a hateful, stupid, destructive, disrespectful, juvenile jerk. And all the pathetic and cowardly jerks who lacked the courage and the class to do the right thing and disavow Guiliani’s ignorant, hateful words. People like him make this world lousy.

    Sorry for the rant! Just answering the question ; ~ )

  19. I am HAPPY because tomorrow is the day I am going to give my most deserving Honey/Hubby the JORD WOOD WATCH (GC so he can choose his favorite) that I won HERE from YOU! Thank you again so very much. It was so hard to wait until the weekend ~ but I wanted to make it special in a leisurely time.

  20. I’m mad that customers think They can use multiple coupons that say one per customer for $10.00 off $30.00 They should be glad that the store is offering it instead of abusing it. They think that They can complain and act up their going to get as many orders rung up separately. Don’t get Me wrong I love a good deal, but really? Why can’t They be happy their getting a good deal instead of acting like a Fool

  21. I was happy to have a very fun swim class today.
    Hopeful that I won’t have to go out in the snow this weekend.
    No mad today.

  22. What made me happy today is, it’s Friday and I didn’t have any work, so that gives me some actual days off for once, yay!

  23. what made me happy today is learning that the temps are going to go up tomorrow and maybe I can get out of my driveway, we have had 10 incehes of snow and I’m tired of snow, I don’t know how the northern states take this I live in ky

  24. Entering these sweepstakes made me hopeful today. I am hopeful that I will win one of them and maybe be able to give my grandkids something that I have won.

  25. Nothing made me mad today. I am a pretty easy going person. I don’t get mad over the little things. Usually if I get mad it is something concerning the budget.

  26. Playing with my five year old granddaughter, Kaitlyn, made me happy today. We played teacher, tea party and lots of other pretend games. She is so adorable. My other grandchild was sleeping at the time.

  27. Why am I hopeful today? Well, the temperatures are at least supposed to get up in the 30s & 40s this weekend (we hit 22 BELOW ZERO Yesterday morning! In KY! Bizarre!)

  28. I was happy to see that our new little chicks survived the night after realizing the wood burning stove was out and our alarms to go check during the night didn’t go off! It got really cold!!!

  29. Today I am mad because last night’s dinner was a total nightmare. I ordered pizza online. When we got our order, one of the orders of breadsticks was missing and the other one was not what I had ordered. I called them and they apologized and said a new order of both would be out as soon as possible. And hour and a half later, nothing. I called again and the delivery driver had forgotten our order at the store and it was still there. They said they would make me a whole new order again and it would be right out and they were so sorry. 30 minutes later, it arrived. The order was wrong again! I gave up at this point…three hours total spent. INSANE!

  30. Today I am hopeful that all of the wild and feral animals and homeless people are finding somewhere warm and safe to be in this horrible coldness. I worry so about any creature, human or not, having to deal with this cold. 🙁

  31. Today I am happy because the new rosacea treatment that I tried for the first time yesterday does have an odor of sulfur but not enough to bother my husband or me enough for me to not give it a shot. Hopefully it will help!

  32. Happy to have sunshine & 60 degrees.
    Hopeful that we won’t get a bad storm.
    Mad that I had to spend $958 to get my car fixed.

  33. ONE FOOT of snow is making me happy! This is nothing compared to what we had growing up in Wisconsin but the most Kentucky’s had in over 17 years! LOVE SNOW!

  34. Happy: Husband is closer to coming home

    Hopeful: amazon order should come in soon

    Mad: Kids rooms are a disaster

  35. Why be hopeful today? Hmm, I’m really hopeful it won’t snow/sleet like they are calling for this weekend. I might just refuse to get out of bed!

  36. Why be mad today? Well, the snow is starting to get to me. And it got down to -22 last night! That is insane for KY!

  37. Today I am mad because our new bed is a nightmare. I hardly slept last night. It felt like I was laying on a brick. My husband slept better than he has in a long time though. So I hope that it breaks in and I end up liking it because, right now, I hate it. 🙁

  38. Today I am hopeful because I started a new homeopathic remedy for my rosacea. I am hopeful that it will help me manage this horrid condition because nothing else I have tried has helped at all! I am so frustrated!

  39. Today I am happy because a product I purchased to help me manage my rosacea went on easily and did not stink like I had heard some people swear it did. I was fully prepared for it to smell like rotten eggs, but I don’t smell a thing! 😀

  40. What made me MAD today (FURIOUS would be a better choice of words) was our new governor (who is on record for saying he admires and would try to govern like WI Governor Scott Walker and FL Governor Rick Scott) announced his new budget which will ruin was is left of “good and decent” in our state. I knew he’d be bad news ~ I just didn’t expect him to be so destructive this quickly.

  41. Actually getting my Mom to start going to exercise classes made me HAPPY! What made me HOPEFUL is that the results of my mammogram were negative and clean. As a two time breast cancer survivor, every mammogram is scary and unnerving.

  42. What made me HOPEFUL today was that we finally convinced my 93 year old Mom (who is still in independent living in a Senior Home) to join an exercise class that meets three times a week! We’ve been working on this for a year! We’ll see if she sticks with it.

  43. Why am I hopeful today? Well, I heard newscasters discussing the time change, so that must mean Spring is getting closer!

  44. Why am I happy today? Well, I don’t have anywhere I need to go today, so I don’t have to get out in this snow!

  45. What made me Mad? Well….I am a little mad because I won 2 prizes (from another blog), and I still haven’t received them! It has been almost 8 weeks, and I was SO excited that I won them. Now….I’m not too sure I will ever see them. Oh well, it hasn’t stopped me from entering more giveaways! I love them, and I won’t stop! I’m not really MAD, I’m disappointed. 🙁

  46. What made me hopeful? Well…I just read something amazing on FaceBook. It was about Jesus, and it made me appreciate and be hopeful that He will be there for me no matter what. I am very hopeful for my future because of Jesus! I am being kinda “cheezy” today, but it is the truth!

  47. What made me happy? Well…I woke up today! I am living another day. I get to be around my family, I get to smell the air, I get to taste my food! I get to breathe. I get to hug my kids another day! That is why I am happy!!!!

  48. Today I am hopeful that our new bed is exactly what we hope it to be. We will be using it for the first time tonight and I am nervous. I just doesn’t feel as dense or conforming as our current one. ugh. I can’t imagine having to return it. I don’t even know how we would get it into our car! :-O

  49. I was happy to see the sun today and realize that we have an hour longer of sun since the Solstice.
    Hopeful that I’ll have a good WinterGreen program tomorrow.
    No mad today.

  50. Today I ordered a sandwich for lunch that sounded so good…but it was bleh…so that made me if not MAD kinda hangry! 🙂

  51. I guess I’m hopeful that the snow will end! In KY, we are not used to a foot of snow in one day! Our usual is more like 2 or 3 inches, lol.

  52. Today, I’m happy the snow has stopped…for now. Hey, the mail ran today. Who knows, maybe tomorrow the garbage will run, lol. Then, I think it’s going to snow again, lol.

  53. Oh boy…what made me mad today? Well, I just got back from McDonalds. I was getting a pretty big order, so of course I was worried that they might get the order wrong. It was busy because it was lunch time, so I didn’t have the chance to check it. (I should’ve done it in the parking lot!). Anyway…I get the food home, pass it out, and my nephew says they forgot something. Long story short, I drove all the way back up there….and they actually didn’t get the order wrong! My nephew missed it when he was going through the food! UGH!!!!

  54. Thing that made me hopeful today? Let’s see….I was in line at the Quik Shop and the lady paying didn’t have enough, and someone spoke up and helped her pay. How awesome is that? There really are good people left in the world! That made me feel hopeful!

  55. Today the thing that made me happy is finding out my prize that I won on another blog has been shipped….so I will be receiving it really soon! YAY!!!!

  56. Today I am mad because I am cranky, have a headache, and am so VERY tired of this cold, snowy weather. I know that there are others on the east coast that have it worse than I do, but I am still angry. I also know that my anger is irrational, but I can’t seem to stop it! grrrr LOL

  57. Today I am hopeful because a sponsor is resending my prize to me. I am hopeful that she will use the USPS tracking/insurance service this time around so that the package does not get lost. I am also hopeful that she is being honest and she actually did send the prize last time and is not just using the USPS losing the prize as an excuse for not sending it in reality. Either way, I am hopeful I will finally get my prize. LOL

  58. Today I am happy because I finally heard back from one sponsor regarding my prize never arriving. She is resending it. I don’t know what took her so long to respond and she didn’t explain herself, but at least she finally acknowledged me!

  59. What made me ESTATIC today was almost 12 inches of snow! This is nothing compared to what I grew up with in Wisconsin but for Central Kentucky, this is unheard of! Broke the biggest snowfall today for our town. LOVE IT!

  60. I’m hopeful I won’t have to exchange my modem for another one. When I couldn’t access the internet, I was told that the modem was not responsive but I was able to access the internet later.

  61. I was mad that my internet was disconnected and my landline phone had no dial tone for hours. All the wire connections seemed fine and I spoke to a customer service representative who was not able to resolve the issues. Eventually, I realized I was able to access the internet and had phone service again but I don’t know what was the cause or solution to the problems were.

  62. I’m happy that I woke up sore from my workout yesterday. I haven’t exercised in a long time and I wanted to get back into my workout routine.

  63. I’m happy that the snow stopped and they came and plowed my driveway.
    Hopeful that the sun will shine tomorrow.
    No mad today.

  64. I have to admit I am worried about the op. Mum took me aside earlier & asked if I was feeling scared. Well I wasn’t until she asked! There are lots of risks involved in the surgery so I’m just hoping that I don’t through it all only for something to go wrong. If I’m able to walk properly again though it will all have been worth it.

  65. I’m not at all mad today but a bit uneasy about going into hospital tomorrow morning. Dad’s driving me and we have to leave at 7 a.m. to get there in time. He’s 81 & diabetic so it’s going to be a very early start for him. Thank goodness he loves driving!

  66. Well, today was dry & sunny so I finally got around to changing the tyre on Dad’s ride-on lawn mower & clearing up outside after the recent wind. Now I’ve almost nothing left to cross off my ‘things-to-do-before-I-go-hospital’ list. Phew!

  67. The only thing to make me mad today is since its a holiday there will be no mail delivered. I love getting the mail. Poor mailmen this week tho, so very cold.

  68. I’m hopeful today that I can stick to a new budget I am creating. Finances aren’t the best with me on disability so I am going to try to limit my spending.

  69. Waking up from a good nights sleep for a change made me happy this morning. Good nights sleeps are not frequent with me so it was a nice way to start the day

  70. Why would I be mad today? Hmm, well we are in the middle of a snow storm. We have 7 or 8 inches & it is just 1/2 way through. Oh, geeze, I am sick of Winter.

  71. Why be happy today? Well, it just keeps snowing, but I’m inside & fairly warm. So, I guess that makes me better off than too many people out there.

  72. Today I am mad because Papa Johns is greedy. This weekend, I ordered a specialty pizza. What I got was a plain, cheese pizza, that costs $7 less. I called them and they made me give the pizza back to them in order to get a replacement pizza. WHAT? That is INSANE! I had to wait an hour to get the 1st one and then 30 mins more for the replacement. They should have let me keep the mistake. I know that they either just trashed that pizza or ate it themselves. Either way, totally put me out and I thought it was just tacky and ridiculous!

  73. Today I am hopeful because I am making a return via mail of some PJs that tore up too fast. I had already returned one pair for the same reason, so I have no paperwork to include with my return. I am hopeful that the credit will go smoothly. I am paranoid.

  74. Today I am happy because we replaced our new SMART TV with a new dumb TV + HDMI cord attached to our PC and it made our new dumb TV SO much more SMART than the one we returned. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  75. I’m hopeful that the rain will clear up, although I shouldn’t complain, we’ve had a very easy winter so far.

  76. My sister has just driven up and put sack loads of rubbish in our bins as hers got mangled in the garbage truck last week & she’s still waiting for them to be replaced. I don’t mind sharing the bins but now they’re overflowing. She never compacts her rubbish & now, as if I didn’t have enough to do, I’ll have to go out in the dark & pouring rain & try to squish it all down before they get emptied in the morning. She makes me really cross sometimes.

  77. Earlier today I did enough grocery shopping to last for the rest of the month & as I was reaching up to get some yoghurt it toppled over and spilt all down my front, my trousers, my crocs, my toes – ugh! It was everywhere and all I could do was stand there and laugh! Honestly, it was so funny – anyway, that’s what made me happy today!

  78. The only thing that made me mad today was watching the news. Such a sad thing that so many innocent people are getting killed by crazy people!

  79. I had the best time with our 6 year old & 18 month old grandsons today. Their Mommy & Daddy went out on a date. My husband was working so we played outside in this beautiful 75 degree California weather.

  80. I’m hopeful that the weather will start getting better. I know we still have a month of Winter left, but I’ve had enough.

  81. I am wondering if I shouldn’t have put these comments into ONE comment. Oh well…what made me mad? Let’s see….it isn’t just today, but I am still mad about it today! My darn car isn’t working. I think my battery is dead, and I don’t have the extra money to get it fixed! Ugh! I have to remember the blessings in my life when these darn things happen!

  82. Hopeful? Well….I am hopeful that my precious granddaughter gets better! She has been having a high fever for the last couple of days, so I hope she feels better. I also feel hopeful that there really are good people out “there”! I have noticed people doing nice little things for each other, and that is so hopeful! (by the way…when I said I won a Jord watch giveaway in my last comment, it was on another blog, not this one). haha God bless everyone!

  83. What made me happy? Well….I just found out that I won a Jord Watch Giveaway!!!!! I am actually freaking out a little. I have been trying to win one for years. It might be a little “materialistic”, but that is definitely what made me happy and in a good mood today! God bless everyone! (of course my kids always make me happy!)

  84. I am hopeful that a new medication is working well for me. I was able to use the tread mill without having my O2 level drop as quick as it has been.

  85. I am happy that we didn’t get nearly as much snow as was called for! All this snow is really taking a toll on people young and old who have to shovel.

  86. Only 2 more days till my operation & I can feel my stress levels beginning to rise. Tonight I’m going to have a long soak in a bubble bath with lovely oils, candles & soft music or maybe a guided meditation CD. I’m hoping that that will allow me to have a good night’s sleep.

  87. The only thing that’s a bit maddening today is that I had to have a wisdom tooth out yesterday (yes, I know, as if Fri 13th wasn’t bad enough!). It hurts but at least it’s over with. If I’d waited I’d have had to have it removed whilst in a wheelchair & that would have been difficult.

  88. Today I dusted & cleaned my old wheelchair ready for next week. I think doing that has really made me realise what a huge undertaking this operation is going to be for the whole family. And not only my family either, the transplant means that somewhere a family is grieving for a lost one. I’m just happy that more & more people are carrying donor cards or making their wishes known.

  89. I’m hopeful today because I gave myself and manicure and I didn’t mess it up! This gives me hope that I can continue to do stuff today without messing up!

  90. Today, just like every other day this week, we got a telemarketer call. Its the same guy and he just won’t quit. Makes me very mad he won’t quit calling.

  91. Today I am hopeful that tonights first Nascar event of the year is exciting. Love Nascar and looking forward to a new season

  92. My Southern California Rock iTunes playlist (Eagles, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, J.D. Souther, etc) made me happy today

  93. I’m hopeful that the weather for Valentine’s Day will be sunny and breezy. I’m going to a cruise tomorrow and I wouldn’t want to stay inside the ship because of rain.

  94. I’m mad that a recently acquired book has a big tear by the book spine. It’s a brand new book and it was signed by the author as well.

  95. I was happy today that I got to pick up a library book on hold. Normally that library is closed on Fridays but due to a holiday weekend, they were open instead.

  96. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to change the tyre on Dad’s car over the weekend as I’m going to have to rely on Mum & Dad to drive me around after the op.

  97. The only thing that sort of maddened me today was ironing – I HATE it! Why does my Dad have so many flipping shirts? Does any one remember back in the 60s/70s the drip-dry shirts made out of nylon? They were awful but at least it got rid of the need for ironing. And I seem to remember nylon sheets – ugh!

  98. Today the last of the paperwork was finalised ready for my op so unless something catastrophic happens I’m pretty much ready. Phew!

  99. Hmmmm, nothing has really made me that angry today. I had surgery on my ankle and it hurts a lot so I guess that makes me somewhat angry.

  100. I’m happy today because my mom will be bringing my dog over later this evening. (She was dog-sitting while I had an outpatient surgery.)

  101. Today, I’m hopeful I will finally get my hometown newspaper in the mail! I subscribed to it 2 weeks ago, & they claim they’ve been mailing it, but it’s been a no-show so far.

  102. Today I am mad because, after talking and giving advice to my mom for over 3 hours last week, I found out that my mom did NOTHING to better her situation. GRRRR! If you are not going to fix it, don’t complain about it to me.

  103. I am happy that I get to meet my husband for lunch today! Since I went back to work after being out for almost 7 weeks after surgery, I missed having lunch every day with my husband, so now we meet up for lunch every Friday!

  104. I am hopeful that when the repair man gets here he will finally fix the washing machine. They have replaced the same part 3 times and if this repair does not work I will be requesting a new machine instead of anymore repairs. Must I mention the machine is just a year old!!!

  105. I am happy today because my doctors appointment went so well. The testing I had done came out much better than any of us expected! Feels so good to finally have a positive outlook on this diagnosis.

  106. My brother-in-law was recently diagnosed with cancer…he might get into a drug trial as he cannot undergo surgery at this time…this made me hopeful for his future

  107. My husband came home early from work today….knowing he was home and safe and not falling on the ice made me very happy

  108. The weather’s been very damp & misty/foggy lately so I’m hoping for a couple of dry days between now & Tuesday to get some stuff done outside e.g. I have to change a tyre on Dad’s car and I’d like to get the sheets off the beds and washed & dry.

  109. Do you know what’s maddening? I am! Why is it that I always expect the worse? Just because I’m getting things done, I’m starting to worry about when things are going to start going wrong. Stupid!

  110. Still crossing things off my to-do list and actually getting things done – it’s a great feeling when things finally fall into place!

  111. I am a little mad about the enormous amount of homework my youngest child is being given. He is beginning to hate school. I was a top student in school and I really think the amount and scope of his homework is beyond what most kids his age are capable of. I also am aware that some of the other parents are doing most of their kids school projects.

  112. Today, I’m hopeful I can get my nephew to clean up his mess before he heads home, lol. Hmm, I don’t know!

  113. I’m happy I get to spend the morning with my youngest nephew. Even if there are m&ms on the floor and a general mess, I’m happy, lol.

  114. Today I am mad because is snowed over night and is snowing now. BLEH! I am SO tired of snow. We JUST got rid of the last storm and had finally been able to see the ground, too. ugh. 1st world problems, I know. LOL

  115. Today I am hopeful that hubby will make it home safely. We woke up to surprise snow and it is pouring the snow right now. He make it TO work, so let’s get him home safely AFTER work. 😀

  116. Today I am happy because my partner and I have decided to go to the Home & Garden show for Valentine’s Day. How much more romantic does it get than tons of flowers and looking at things to improve your nest? 😀

  117. I was happy to have 2 new people in my swim class.
    Hopeful that I’ll have a great time at the Home & Garden show tomorrow.
    Mad that I got a package that Walmart didn’t open for me and have to go back to the store.

  118. Waking up this morning with a terrible headache made for a poor morning. Makes me mad when I wake up with them so they are harder to treat.

  119. I;m hopeful today I can get a lot done in organizing my computer room getting ready for spring cleaning. Very hopeful I get everything done

  120. Using my organizational skills today made a huge dent into my chores today, Made me very happy, I’m a bit ocd I guess.

  121. More red tape, bureaucrats & paperwork to sort through. Honestly there has to be a simple way to do these things but then I guess they’d be out of jobs so they’re not going to agree to that, are they?

  122. Hopeful that my dentist can sort out this tooth when I see him on Friday morning but it will be Friday 13th so who knows!

  123. I managed to get some decent sleep last night although my wisdom tooth did wake me up once. I took a couple of painkillers & managed to get back to sleep, so happy days.

  124. I’m really not mad about anything today. Well, not yet. Catch me after the mail runs, & I’ve opened a few bills, lol.

  125. Well, we have a cold but sunny day, but they are saying it might snow tonight! Since my Mom has to see a doctor in Lexington early tomorrow, I’m hopeful there is NO SNOW!

  126. Today I am mad as a sponsor that I have been dealing with officially wrote me off without fulfilling their obligation to me. I am so angry. I have no idea if I will ever get my prize or not. I can not imagine treating a prize winner this way. She was hired by the brand and basically said she couldn’t help me any further and for me to just contact the brand for resolution. I am sure the brand will love that, since they almost definitely paid her to do a job and she didn’t do it. SO insane!

  127. Today I am hopeful that my hubby will like his Valentine. The order from Amazon came in the mail today and I just can’t wait until Saturday morning to give it to him. tee hee hee. He has NO clue what I got him. He will never guess it either!

  128. Today I am happy because our new bed was delivered! It will take a few days to unfold it (it is shipped in a big box as it is a memory foam mattress) but then we will have a new king bed! I’ve never had a kind sized bed, so I am excited! 😀

  129. I’m happy that I spent the afternoon at the beach today. I haven’t gone swimming in a long time and I loved watching the sun set.

  130. I’m mad today that I had a difficult time charging my macbook. When I looked closely at the charger end that connects to my laptop, one of the metal prongs has sunken and my laptop wasn’t charging until I moved the charger cable around.

  131. I’m hopeful today that a book I won from a contest may be signed by the author. I just got the message today and I’m excited!

  132. I was happy today to speak before 100 people and tell them how I feel about volunteering for outreach programs at DBG.
    Hopeful we won’t get too much snow tonight.
    No mad today. (I don’t have many mads, do I?)

  133. Hopefully I’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight but one of my wisdom teeth is killing me. Hope, hope, hope it doesn’t flare up again as I can’t see my dentist till Friday morning.

  134. I had to get a form signed by my doctor this morning. My appt was for 8.30am & I finally got to see him at 10am. Absolutely maddening AND I had to pay €50 (about $50) for the privilege of being with him for 5 minutes. Grrr!

  135. Really happy that I’m on track getting things ready for when I’ll be in a wheelchair. I even checked Mum & Dad’s tyre pressure & oil this morning. If it stays dry tomorrow I might start pruning the roses & some other shrubs that I won’t be able to reach from the w/chair.

  136. Why be hopeful today? I’m hopeful that the Post Office will eventually get my mail to me! Ok, I know it’s not their fault…It’s Congress! Budget cuts forcing them to close post offices, forcing them to establish retirement funds for employees they don’t even have yet, lol.

  137. Why be mad today? Well, I’m a little aggravated at the US Postal Service, lol. I subscribed to the paper from our old hometown, which has to be mailed to me. Because of budget cuts, etc., the US Postal Service now routes mail from one town in KY to Knoxville, then to Cincinnati, then Louisville, then on to me! Nuts!

  138. Can’t seem to think of anything that made me mad today. Not yet, I’m sure something will come up around dinner time when we struggle to figure out what we want and them never agree.

  139. I hopeful today that our vet visit this afternoon is a sucess. The kitty get stressed because shes scared and I get stressed because I don’t her feeling bad just like she was my kid

  140. I am getting a little mad because I purchased tablets online for my teenagers for Christmas and all 3 tablets have broken down. I have been trying to resolve this for over a month. Phone calls haven’t been returned and emails I have sent to them have been replied days after I sent them. They seem to have a different story each time they send me an email. I am worried that they are trying to stretch things out until the warranties expire.

  141. I was mad that I couldn’t access the internet for awhile. Normally, I could restart my modem and my connection will be fine but it took a lot longer to get my internet running again.

  142. I haven’t been sick this whole winter. I’m hopeful I won’t come down with a cold or something around Valentine’s Day.

  143. Something that made me happy today was that I won a book giveaway. The book has received many good reviews and I’m excited to read it.

  144. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful I don’t forget anything unpacked.

  145. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy it’s the last work day before my 2-week holiday.

  146. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad the cough is getting worse with stomach twist every time I cough.

  147. I was very happy today when UPS brought my Alamo prize which included $200 AmEx GC.
    Hopeful that we won’t get much snow tomorrow.
    No mad today.

  148. Why was I mad today? I didn’t really have any huge reasons to be mad. I was annoyed that my husband was almost an hour late coming home, but he couldn’t really help that.

  149. I was hopeful today when I thought about this Wednesday. I’m having an outpatient surgical procedure and after that I will be able to start physical therapy on my broken leg!

  150. Why be hopeful today? Well, I’m hopeful that I can drop some pounds & make my arthritic knees feel better, lol.

  151. Why am I happy today? Well, even though it’s a dreary gray day, I’m feeling pretty good, so I’ll be happy, lol.

  152. Hoping for another good night’s sleep as I’m still really tired and I have an early start tomorrow morning. Lots more tasks to cross off my to-do list. This time next week I’ll have had the op so the countdown has well & truly begun.

  153. Why, oh, why, does my Mum insist she hasn’t seen something when Dad & I know only too well that she’s thrown it out? I had left out a letter of referral from my consultant to my physiotherapist so that I’d remember to scan it to my pc. Lo & behold, somehow it ended up in the recycling bin! It took me half an hour to find it and still no-one seems to know how it got there! Infuriating!

  154. It usually just makes me happy to get out of bed and know I am alive. What really makes me happy is when I get that first cup of coffee.

  155. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful today will go well with the remaining tasks before holiday.

  156. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy it’s 2 more days and I’m home.

  157. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad I didn’t have a good sleep last night due to the flu.

  158. 2/8 My grandchildren and the beautiful 70 degree temperatures in the middle of winter made me very happy today!

  159. It’s the last week before my op so I’m hoping to do a lot of cooking over the next couple of days to stock up the freezer with dinners for when I can’t walk or drive.

  160. We’ve been without a landline since Friday afternoon & still no sign of the service being restored. I mean, it’s ok for us with mobiles, but what about elderly people on their own with no other means of communication? Just not good enough.

  161. I won a competition today. The prize was a book & when I mentioned that it will come in handy for when I’m in hospital, the author announced that he was going to send a couple more to give me something to do! There are nice people out there & you don’t even have to go looking for them!

  162. I’m hopeful I can get everything I need done today so tomorrow I can focus on cleaning the house. Hoping to get a jump on spring cleaning.

  163. The first thing to make me happy this morning was that first cup of coffee. Looking outside it is sunny and surprisingly mild, in the 40s

  164. Taking advantage of the warm weather and spending the day at the park with my dog Bailey made me happy today.

  165. Why am I mad today? I’m a little aggravated at myself. I’m not always doing a great job of remembering I need to eat better, like a diabetic should.

  166. Why be happy today? Well, some days you just have to be happy because things are not worse than they are, lol.

  167. I was working on a paper for class when I must’ve accidentally closed the window. I thought I had saved my work but I couldn’t recover it which mad me mad.

  168. Today I was reading an author’s facebook page about readers who received their personalized signed books. I’m hopeful that I’ll receive my signed copy in the next few days.

  169. I was happy to have a second day of 70 degrees – my friend’s tulips are coming up (uh-oh, too early)
    Hopeful that we’ll have a great first rehearsal tomorrow.
    No mad today

  170. Why am I hopeful? Well, I’ve lost a little weight in the New Year & my knees don’t hurt as bad, so I’ll take that!

  171. Why be mad today? I’m not mad about anything today, really. I’m aggravated that I ordered a can opener that doesn’t live up to expectations, lol. But why waste time being mad?

  172. Why am I happy today? Well, it’s a nice Saturday: the sky is blue, around 50 degrees, & no snow in sight.

  173. I had a toothache when I woke up this morning and I’m hoping that it’s from grinding my teeth (anxiety re. my up-coming op) rather than anything else. I’ve made an appointment but the earliest my dentist could see me is this coming Friday and that’s the 13th! Ugh!

  174. I’m not really mad but perhaps frustrated would more accurately describe my feelings. I’m finding it so hard to shift a bit of weight before my op. I know that afterwards, what with having my mobility severely limited I’m going to have to be extremely careful, but I had hoped to lose the extra pounds put on when I was prescribed steroids last Autumn. It is coming off, but oh, sooo slowly.

  175. Today was spent crossing more things off my to-do-before I-go-to-hospital list which, funnily enough, is getting longer & longer! Still, every item crossed off is a reason to be happy!

  176. Piles of paperwork are rapidly diminishing, I’ve even dusted down my old wheelchair so now I’m hopefully going to have a relaxing weekend – time will tell!

  177. I keep tripping over red tape – honestly I could curse them from a height but how do civil servants and Government officers actually work in that environment? It would drive me to drink & worse.

  178. Today, I’m feeling hopeful because I haven’t completely given up on my New Year’s resolution to be healthier!

  179. I guess I’m happy today because I got to spend a few hours with my youngest nephew. He’s 5 & he is a hoot!

  180. What has made me happy today? Seeing my Sweet Face this morning when waking her up for school. I am also very happy that the dog pooped really quick because it cold outside.

  181. Good Morning. What a great giveaway. I love your giveaways. It makes a boring day so much more exciting. Happy Friday 🙂

  182. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy it’s finally Friday and I don’t have to work in the restaurant.

  183. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful I will have some seafood salad today for dinner.

  184. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad it’s Friday yet work is piling up.

  185. I was a little mad today because I was interrupted today by a salesman at my front door from the same company that has come to my door at least 3 other times in the past 3 weeks.

  186. I was happy to have a quiet day at home and a walk around the lake.
    Hopeful that we’ll hit 65 degrees tomorrow.
    No mad today.

  187. My Dad’s stayed in bed all day today (it’s just gone 9pm here). He gets like this in the winter, partly January blues, partly feeling sorry for himself & partly just feeling his age. I need him fighting fit for when I have my op on the 17th so I’m just hoping this is just a phase he’s going through and that there’s nothing more serious going on.

  188. Maddened by the lack of commonsense that appears to be rife in the civil service and Government Departments. It’s like a huge, over-laden train that’s going nowhere fast but has to stick to the tracks that were laid down at the turn of the last century – agh! Spare me from red tape and bureaucrats!

  189. Happy? Well, today I wrapped up to take my sister’s dog for a walk & found a €20 note in my coat pocket! I should walk the dog more often!

  190. Something that made me mad today was the extra several inches of snow that fell overnight. This only seems to happen when my hubby is away on business which is rather irritating! I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, I know people have had far worse than what we’ve received.

  191. So, why be mad today? Hmm, nothing has made me mad today, unless you count my normal irritation at having to get out of bed, lol.

  192. Why be hopeful today? Well, the weather this Saturday is supposed to be nice, up to 50 degrees. That sounds good to me.

  193. Why be happy today? Well, even though it snowed just enough for the schools to cancel class & that means I’m watching my niece & nephew, it is actually a nice day. Sun is out!

  194. Today I am mad my mailman keeps walking thru my yard. It would not be an issue, but he walks the same path every day and it is making a worn spot in my yard. You can’t see it for the snow right now, but come spring, it will look horrible because he is continuing to do it in the snow! What does he have against the perfectly good sidewalks? grrrr

  195. Today I am hopeful the roads will be clear by this evening so that we can do the shopping we had planned to do last night but cancelled due to the snow. 😀 I want my new stuff! LOL

  196. Today I am happy because I took 1/2 a can of food my fur babies like and mixed it with 1/2 a can of food that they don’t really care for but I had on hand and they gobbled it up like it was nothing! Phew! LOL

  197. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy I had a good sleep last night.

  198. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful to get over my flu soon.

  199. I was happy to see the snow melting this afternoon after a good swim class.
    Hopeful that it’s going to be Spring-like weather the rest of the week.
    No mad today.

  200. I’m now in countdown mode until the 17th Feb when I have my big op. So far, so good, but I keep expecting something to go wrong. Fingers, toes & everything in between is crossed hoping that all goes according to plan.

  201. And that’s the maddening part, where has my motivation gone? Like they say, my get-up-and-go has got up & gone! Everything has been put on the long finger lately.

  202. More things crossed off my to-do list so happy-clappy is the order of the day. Isn’t it funny how once you get going you can achieve so much?

  203. My little kitty had to have a cortisone shot on her last vet appt so they couldn’t give her her yearly rabies shot. Said to come back and only pay $10 for tech to give shot. Since I waited longer than 2 weeks now it turns into another mandatory physical costing me much more. Made me mad I procrastinated and also that they have that policy.

  204. Today I am hopeful I can get all my couponing done tonight since I have to out tomorrow. Have a medical appointment which will definitely eat into my couponing time lol

  205. Why be mad today? Well, so far I haven’t found a thing to be mad about today! Maybe, it’ll stay that way!

  206. Why am I hopeful today? I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to keep my New Year’s resolution to be healthier! So far, so good.

  207. Today I am mad because the government failed me and another person. Back in September, I filed a complaint with the gov regarding a HIPPA violation. My RX insurance company sent me 20+ pages of another patient’s personal RX information along with my own. Yesterday, I finally got a response from the gov. They are doing nothing. NOTHING! I am floored. I thought they would at least want the papers I got and would slap the RX insurance company on the wrists with a warning or SOMETHING. But to do NOTHING!!! I am betting they are not even going to let the woman know her privacy was compromised either. DISGUSTING!

  208. Today I am hopeful because we are going tonight to Costco to hopefully get the first new TV we have had since 2002, the first new bed we have had since 2006, and the first new printer we have had since 2004! LOL!!!! Hopefully they will have exactly what we want in stock and on sale!

  209. Today I am happy because I just paid all of my real estate taxes for the year. Did I throw up in my mouth a little bit when I hit “enter” on the PC? You bet! LOL But it is still a relief to have that over and done with for the year! And I am just thankful that my tax return more than covered the LARGE bill.

  210. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful I’d be able to finish the month report early.

  211. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy there’s more translation job to do today.

  212. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad the boss had some quarrel at home and he’s taking it out on people at work.

  213. I was happy to do 3 loads of laundry and have clean sheets on my bed.
    Hopeful that all the snow we get tomorrow will melt when we hit 60 on Thursday.
    No mad today.

  214. In 2 weeks time I’ll probably be lying in a hospital bed & hopefully be zonked out on painkillers. I’m delighted that I’m finally getting my knee sorted but am definitely not looking forward to the pain aspect of the op.

  215. I don’t think anything has made me mad today other than the usual feeling of wanting to strangle someone whenever I have to deal with Government agencies – grrr! Hold me back!

  216. I’m happy today because I saved myself €80 (Euro), about $90 off my car insurance just by haggling. Honestly, do these companies think we’re all idiots?

  217. Why am I mad today? Well, I watched some CNN this afternoon & the news will always depress you & sometimes make you mad. Feeling a lot of anger over the murdered hostages of ISIS today.

  218. Today, I’m happy just because it’s a fairly nice day out there. Yes, it’s still cold, but not gray & dreary.

  219. I am happy because I am getting together the materials for my kids science projects and it looks like we will get it done a little early. They have way too much homework and they have been sick and I have been worried about this.

  220. Today I am mad because I have figured out that MANY of my FB friends are snarky, toxic, negative people. Am I perfect? No. Do I have snark/negative days? SURE! But EVERY day? NO! And I don’t enjoy being on the receiving end of it. I think it may be time to clean house. 🙁

  221. Today I am hopeful that my tax return will cover ALL of my wants and needs. LOL! I am not sure it will, but I know that I will be happy either way to get some needs and wants taken care of, regardless of how many wants are included in that list. 😀

  222. Today I am happy because my tax return direct deposited overnight! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! I am also slightly ashamed to admit that this excited is due to my plan to buy the first new TV I have purchased since 2002. HAHAHAHAHA!

  223. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy I won a book from Amazon today.

  224. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful I could get off work early today.

  225. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad it’s like a blizzard outside right now.

  226. I received an amazon package today and I had no idea what it was for. The package turned out to be an instant win game prize that I had forgotten about and it was a nice surprise.

  227. Happy that I had a great swim class today.
    It’s supposed to be near 60 tomorrow and then snow again on Wed.
    No mad today (previous comment had hopeful and mad)

  228. I happened to look at the tv at the wrong time this afternoon. I was watching Destination Truth and they showed these large spiders. Yuck, so very scared of them and I can’t look at them even on tv. Made me mad

  229. I woke up happy today. No real reason, just one of those kind of days I guess. Good feeling as it doesn’t happen often.

  230. TODAY, I am mad at Punxsutawney Phil because today, he saw his shadow and really, I am over winter….I hate the cold weather, I hate the snow we are NOT getting and today, since the winds are 45 mph…I hate the wind and it’s all getting me MAD.

  231. Today, I’m hopeful that it will be a fairly nice day! It is cold, but the sky is blue & it doesn’t look like snow.

  232. Why be mad today? Hmm, nothing has made me mad yet today. I’m just dealing with the normal everyday aggravations.

  233. I’m hopefully today because I’ve heard back from a application that I sent in with the state of Maryland, I have an interview on February 16 and I’m very hopefully that I’ll get the job…..fingers crossed.

  234. Waking up made me happy….God giving me another chance to “get it right”….the sun coming through the window made me happy, the fact that we didn’t get that much snow made me happy and coming to work, made me happy because I know how many people are unemployed. What would make me really really happy would be to win this giveaway…lol

  235. I got mad at DirectTV, they messed up our bill, they shut off cable. 2nd call, doubled our bill. We called them for the 3rd time, finally got it straightened out, billing is correct, and turned back on. Email came it is finally correct! WOW!

  236. Today is a blessed day! I am thankful for being able to go back online, my computer crashed and we had to reload everything! I lost all of my info and patterns! Just greatful we did not have to buy another computer right now.

  237. One thing that made me super happy today was that I was really organized. I got all of my work done, so that now I can sit down and check out a few of my favorite blogs—like yours! 🙂

  238. Today I am mad because I keep getting into debates with know-it-alls online. Ugh. I know I can walk away and I have, for the most part, but it is SO insulting to have someone talk down to you or treat you like you are an idiot on a topic you actually DO know something about. Why are people like that? Are they really so insecure that they have to be rude? Yes, yes they are.

  239. Today I am hopeful because my hubby found a TV that exactly meets what we are looking for on sale and instock at Target. I am hopeful that it will still be on sale and available when we get the money together to buy it later this week! We have not bought a new TV since 2002! LOL

  240. Today I am happy because I found out that I should be getting my fed tax return direct deposited into my checking account tomorrow! SO happy! Means I will be able to pay my real estate taxes on time and get my 10% discount!

  241. Ignorance raised it’s ugly head today at the funeral. In the eulogy, George, (not his real name), was referred to as being ‘handicapped’. It didn’t take long for one of George’s peers to enlighten the priest and fair play to him, his apology was sincere and heartfelt. It saddens me that disability is still regarded as a handicap – it isn’t. It’s our so-called civilised society that ‘handicaps’ and limits the lives of people with disabilities.

  242. Oddly enough what made me happy today was attending a funeral of a past pupil. I work with people with Intellectual Disabilities and it was such a lovely send-off. He would have thoroughly enjoyed it!

  243. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful the vaccination does not do anything bad to my boyfriend.

  244. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy it’s only 1 week before I take my vacation.

  245. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad the coffee machine at work is always out of order.

  246. I was happy this afternoon to see the sun after the snow we had last night and this morning.
    Hopeful that it will be warmer tomorrow.
    No mad today.

  247. The only thing that got me mad today was a farmer cutting his hedges. It’s legal until the end of next week but the birds are already building nests. I just hope they can rebuild in time for laying. Everything is happening so quickly or it could be that I’m the one who’s slowing down!

  248. I’ve had a really busy day, out & about for most of it and actually got a lot done. There’s a great deal of satisfaction when you finally get to sit down with a cuppa – ah! Happy days!

  249. The only thing that has made me mad is my poor daughter in law pulled muscles in her back. She is really hurting. They went to the Dr and she got some meds to help her out. She is a hair stylist so this isn’t good for her. FEEL BETTER SWEETIE!

  250. Sitting at the computer drinking a Starbucks Mocha is making me very happy. Love kicking back and reading reviews & entering giveaways. Thanks to all the bloggers!

  251. Today, I’m mad at myself, or circumstances, lol, either one. I just hate having arthritis in my knees so bad that I have no cartilage left & it’s painful to walk. This is a bad day.

  252. Why am I hopeful today? Well, it looks like we might avoid the worst of the snow tonight! That makes me hopeful.

  253. Not mad, but a little irritated–this is stretching this type of question out a little too much. If I am happy and/or hopeful, why should I be mad??

  254. Pretty much the same answer as the previous comment. I am somewhat hopeful that maybe winter is letting go–and since it hasn’t been as bad here as in most of the US, maybe it will ease off for them as well.

  255. Early in the day as yet, so nothing special has happened, but nothing has made me UNhappy either! So far, so good–just thinking about wrapping my grandson’s gifts for his birthday tomorrow.

  256. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful these first 10 days of the month will go pass by fast.

  257. Happy to be quiet at home and not having to go out in the snow.
    Hopeful that the weather will be better tomorrow.
    No mad today.

  258. The only thing that made me mad today is the fact I have some cleaning to do. Hate doing it but feels great when its done.

  259. I’m hopeful that I can get everything done today that I need to. That way I can focus on just watching the big game tomorrow

  260. I submitted several receipts to a few different rebate sites and got back quite a bit today. Made me very happy.

  261. The great thing about bad weather is that people pull together – we check on elderly neighbours or those living on their own, we get shopping and other errands for housebound people we’ve never even met and we seem to care more. Long may it last – the caring, I mean, not the cold!

  262. Why is it that the price of heating oil doesn’t reflect the price at the pumps (I’m in Ireland)? I mean fuel hasn’t been this cheap in years but not if you want it to heat your house – I don’t get it – well, I do really: huge multi-nationals squeezing every last penny of profit out of hard-hit consumers. Don’t get me started on multi-nationals, well not unless you’ve got a couple of hours to spend listening to me rant & rave.

  263. It’s really cold today & we’re just not used to this kind of cold in Ireland. But looking at the flip-side (positivity, folks!) it’s a great excuse for bundling up and doing not a whole lot! I’m typing this in a fleecy onesie with fingerless gloves, scarf and a hat on! Bad hair day? What hair day! Homemade soup & the duvet are beckoning!

  264. I’m not really mad, but boy I am tired of being cold! It seems that even inside it is cold! You know it’s cold outside when even with the heat going you feel chilly.

  265. Well, today I am happy because, although it is cold, it is a fairly bright, nice day! No gray, dreary sky today.

  266. My husband had two promising job interviews today. It’s been a very long time coming: age discrimination is a BIG factor here. But for the first time in months, I do feel HOPEFUL (maybe a bit wistfully hopeful ~ but still hopeful ~ and THAT is something!

  267. I haven’t got mad today. There weren’t any stupid drivers on the road, at least where I was driving.

  268. I felt hopeful today when I saw the wonderful things that my students were doing in the classroom today.

  269. Happy today to have a good swim class. Never get bored doing it.
    Hopeful that we won’t get too much snow tomorrow.
    No mad today.

  270. I said something to my husband, and he assigned all manner of ill intentions to what I said. I was frustrated and upset. Then I realized I can not control how people misinterpret what I say, only what I say.

  271. I really can’t believe that January is almost over. I’m hopeful that by this time next month I’ll have had my operation, be home and be rehabilitating (i.e. be trying to walk).

  272. I am sick and tired of saying something to Mum and Dad and getting no acknowledgement, not even a “mmm?” or a nod of the head! Have they heard me? Am I talking to myself? Who knows? Anyway, earlier I decided to start my little piece of news by bashing together a couple of saucepan lids and it worked! I’ve threatened to use them everytime I say something until they both look as if they’re listening and reply to any questions put to them.

  273. Woo hoo! Another day of crossing lots of little things off my to-do list! I’m one of life’s list makers: my to-do list is reviewed, revised and added to almost daily, ad infinitum (or ad nauseum, depending on your point of view!). Lists about lists about lists …

  274. Today I am mad because I can not get a sponsor to return my emails and that is the only way I have to contact her. She sent me the wrong prize and promised that I would have my replacement by the end of LAST week. I have not received anything. I contacted here twice and have gotten no reply. I hate that. Hopefully she is on vacation or something. I have not gotten an out of office replay or anything though. ugh. I hate flaky sponsors.

  275. Today I am hopeful that the weather system they are calling for goes away. LOL If you will recall, yesterday I was hopeful for good weekend weather. Well, as of last night, they were calling for 6-8 inches of snow by Sunday night. BLEH! Go away snow! LOL

  276. Today I am happy because it is date night day! Since the weather is so poo-poo, we are going to have date night in this week. We are renting the movies “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Tammy.” I have heard good things about both of these and they are both supposed to be funny, so I am looking forward to this evening of snuggles and some yummy pizza from a new fav local place I discovered last weekend!

  277. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy we’ve vaccination sorted out before the traveling.

  278. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful to have an easy Friday for the weekend start.

  279. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad at the drunkards who annoy people on the streets.

  280. I got mad today because My children’s room was a disaster. We spent a lot of time together cleaning it. I was livid at how messy it was. We got everything cleaned up except the closet. And then they surprised me by cleaning it. 🙂

  281. Um well I am hopeful that my soldier that I am supporting gets to come home to his family soon and doesn’t get re-deployed.

  282. Well my cat is really annoying lately and it is making me mad. It is like he is always starving to death and he always has food. Ah kittah!

  283. Why am I hopeful today? Hmm, I guess I’m hopeful that we will avoid the horrible weather they are seeing North of us! Here in KY, it’s cold but just a trace of snow. Hopefully, it stays that way.

  284. Why am I happy today? Well, I had biscuits & gravy & bacon for breakfast & I didn’t have to cook it! My Mom did, lol.

  285. Today I am mad because AEP came to trim my tree and I watched the arborist purposely and cruelly destroy a squirrel’s nest for NO reason! He didn’t even cut the branches associated with the nest! He just poked it apart with his saw and then moved on to another section of the tree! I am FURIOUS with this callous disrespect for life. That squirrel family may well freeze to death because of his actions. DISGUSTING! I will be reporting this to AEP.

  286. Today I am hopeful because I filed my taxes. I am hopeful that the refund will be deposited into my checking account in time for me to pay my real estate taxes on time so that I can get the 10% discount. Everything in pairs crossed!

  287. Today I am happy because I filed my taxes and am getting back over $400 more than last year. YES! Going to get a new bed, pay my real estate taxes for the year, a new printer, a new TV, pay off some debt to my vet, etc. Can’t wait!

  288. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful the weather will be warm today.

  289. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy I had a late start at work today.

  290. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad my boyfriend’s eye operation did not succeed.

  291. It made me made to work to make some plans to accommodate someone, and then so have them change their mind about what they wanted after the fact.

  292. Happy to have a beautiful spring day even if it is still winter.
    Hopeful that tomorrow will be as lovely.
    No mad today.

  293. Hoorah! At last she’s just announced that she’s feeling better and has managed to keep down some tea & toast. I’m hopeful that this means that she’s over the worst but I’m putting a bucket by her bed tonight just in case!

  294. When I got home poor Mum had puked in the bed & then slept in it so that took a while to sort out. It’s funny, I don’t mind blood, pee or poo, but vomit – ugh! And it was everywhere & in every nook & cranny imaginable. Yeuch! Not what I had planned for the rest of the day AT ALL!

  295. Well, I drove to Dublin & had my pre-op screenings: 2 hours of poking, probing, tests & sitting in waiting rooms being coughed on as well as the 6-hours drive there & back. Anyway, all went well so happy days!

  296. Doing things that are supposed to be healthy for me, like taking vitamins & drinking green tea made me hopeful today

  297. My boyfriend has a rough day at work this morning then had truck trouble. Makes me mad these things happen when you have no finances to pay for them.

  298. I’m mad that a relative started an argument w/me on the phone today, and then hung up on me. I’m not going to keep it going, by responding in kind.

  299. I’m hopeful my extended family will be OK in the storm. Many prayers for the ppl who have to work in the storm, or be cold without heat or lights.

  300. Why be mad today? Ok, there are a lot of horrible things going on in the World today, but it doesn’t help to get mad over them. If you can change them, do it. If not, help where you can.

  301. I’m hopeful that I can improve my health. I’m trying to drop some weight in hopes that it will help me with the arthritis pain in my knees.

  302. I’m fairly happy today, lol. At least we only got a trace of snow, since we are in KY, on the southern tip of that snow that is about to dump a blizzard on the Northeast. Good luck, you guys!

  303. I was very hopeful when I saw that Stephanie P won a giveaway but I found out it was not me so oh well!

  304. Today I am mad because I feel that the work system in this country is broken. If the government feels that it is too unsafe for children to go to school, why are our adults expected to risk their lives to go to jobs that are not necessary for life/death issues? I am not talking about emergency workers. I am talking retail and office workers whose jobs don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things. If students are off or have a delay then adults should too. Adults are JUST as important as children and are the PARENTS of these children as well! It is just gross how employers expect their employees to risk their LIVES to come to work. BLEH!

  305. Today I am hopeful because the sun came out and I am hoping the roads home from work will be much better than they were to work for my hubby’s commute. We got 6 inches of snow yesterday, so I worry!

  306. Today I am happy because on Saturday I went with a friend to the 20% off day at Big Lots and I came home with 2 buggies full of awesome natural/organic foods/stuffs for $93!!!! I was on a high all weekend! LOL

  307. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful today’s emails are sent without interruption of the bad internet.

  308. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy my boyfriend purchased his ticket to go with me to my hometown.

  309. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad at the neighbor for making loud noise during night.

  310. I’m happy that we hit 60 degrees today and I saw a wonderful concert last night.
    Hopeful that it will be even warmer tomorrow.
    No mad.

  311. While I was clearing up after a bout of Mum’s projectile vomiting I came across an earring that had somehow got lodged between the loo & the back wall of the bathroom. I’ve been searching for that earring for weeks & had given up hope thinking that I’d probably vacuumed it. So just goes to show that good things happen when you least expect them!

  312. So my day of rest became a day of running around making sure that everyone was warm and cared for. I’m hoping that that will be enough to knock this bug on the head.

  313. It’s maddening but my plans for taking the day off & doing as little as possible were completely scuppered. I got woken in the early hours by the sounds of vomiting – poor old Mum seems to have picked up the dreaded winter vomiting bug. She’s having a really rough time & can’t even keep water down. I’ve shifted Dad into the spare room so she can have a bit of peace & privacy and also to lessen the chance of him catching it as well.

  314. Why am I mad today? Oh, I’m not really mad. I’m a little fed up with myself these days. I wish my health was better, & I need to do better controlling my diet.

  315. Why be happy today? Well, we are more than 1/2 way through meteorological Winter, according to the weather guy on TV.

  316. I haven’t felt well lately, so I am super happy that I was able to pretty much clean the entire house this morning. Woo Hoo!

  317. My grand daughter who is smart, funny and very kind. She sticks up for other people if the are being bullied or need a hand. I love random acts and she does too so I am thrilled to see that random acts of kindness in our family are going to continue 🙂

  318. Waking up after another sleepness night made me mad first thing this morning. I’m either tossing and turning or having nightmares lately.

  319. I’m hopeful I can get through the whole day without a headache. Hopefully if I watch my diet a little better it will help

  320. So far the only thing that made me happy today is receiving the newspaper. 4 coupon inserts mean great savings.

  321. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy we are having a nice day outing today with the dog.

  322. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful it’s sunny day out there.

  323. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad the pomegranate fruit is so hard to peel.

  324. We were at a party given by a friend. There was actual entertainment-cowboy singers singing cowboy songs-it was incredible!

  325. I’m going to spend tomorrow doing as little as possible (at least that’s the plan). I’ve got a really early start on Monday heading to Dublin for my pre-op assessment. I just hope all goes well but have to admit I’m getting worried. Crossing everything but trying to remain hopeful.

  326. I was really looking forward to having a healthy veggie omelette this evening but when I finally got home from doing errands etc. the eggs had gone! Out of the blue Mum had decided to bake a cake – something she never does – so no omelette for me. Honestly, it’s like sharing a house with students, the way things disappear! I’ll have to write my name on them next time!

  327. Today I saw my first snowdrops and the primroses are beginning to poke their heads through the leaf litter – isn’t nature wonderful?

  328. My morning coffee made me happy today. After a rough sleepness night, coffee made my day start a little better.

  329. I hopeful my boyfriend will go with me to Walmart today to exchange some Christmas presents that don’t fit. I’m hoping he’ll go with me as its a location I;ve never been to before.

  330. Why am I happy today? Well, even though snow is on the ground, the sun is out. So, it’s not one of those gray Winter days.

  331. Today, I’m not really mad. I do wish the weather guys had been right about that ‘trace’ of snow. Instead, we got 3 or 4 inches. It could’ve been worse, but unexpected snow is the pits.

  332. What made me mad today was a few months ago my husband and I won a raffle basket at a Relay for Life fundraiser that included a $25 gift card to a local restaurant. We went there for breakfast this morning and unbeknownst to us, the restaurant was sold to a new owner and she did not want to honor the gift card! She said she did not have to honor it because her new register system was not set up to take it, plus she said that she had been the new owner for six months now. She also tried to tell me that they had not sold gift cards there since 2013, but I had the receipt that clearly showed the card was purchased in 2014! She finally honored the gift card but gave me such a hard time. I didn’t know the business had changed owners and we won that at a charity event, so it is not like I was trying to swindle her!

  333. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful my boyfriend makes it through a 13km march successfully.

  334. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy though to have something to do while my boyfriend is away.

  335. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad I have to work today.

  336. Actually today was a pretty good day for the most part and I can say that nothing actually made me mad today. I got a little upset because I was waiting for something in the mail that didn’t come but it upset me a little but not really mad.

  337. I had a long talk with my Dad today about alot of things going on in my life. His words are always uplifting and make me hopeful.

  338. I am hopeful that the snow storm in our neck of the woods will end by tomorrow and the roads will be better for driving. Thanks!

  339. I was happy to have a nice visit with a friend.
    Hopeful that tomorrow the temp will be above 50 degrees.
    No mad today.

  340. Our oldest son is applying to colleges and we’re really hoping he gets some merit scholarship help. We found out today that he will be getting some help…just don’t know how much yet. This give us hope that we may be able to afford college for him.

  341. Why am I hopeful today? I’m hopeful it won’t snow, despite what the weatherman says, lol! Just move right along, snow! Don’t stop here!

  342. Why am I happy today? Well, things are looking up health-wise. Most of the family seems to be getting over the flu.

  343. Actually, having just written that, I’ve realised that I have to go to Dublin myself on Monday for a pre-op assessment – wonder if I can get him to come with me and then he can have the x-ray done on the way home. Mmm, here’s hoping!

  344. Well, Dad had a good night’s sleep after the hospital trip yesterday but just now I had a phone call asking us to go back as one of the x-rays wasn’t ‘quite right’. Honestly, sometimes it feels like there’s Dublin and then there’s the rest of us. They haven’t a clue what’s involved in getting him there & back and surely they could have seen that it needed to be redone at the time– absolutely maddening.

  345. Today we had the strangest weather: really still & foggy and with what we call ‘soft rain’ here in Ireland: you know the kind of misty rain that makes your hair go curly! And then the sun came out & sparkled on the rain-covered cobwebs – absolutely beautiful!

  346. Today I am mad because EVERY time I make plans with this certain friend, she has all of these errands we have to run together. For once, I would like our plans to be about the two of us and not her errands. sheesh!

  347. Today I am hopeful that I will score some really big deals at Big Lots tomorrow. I only shop there when they have their 20% off days and I usually come out with a buggy full of natural/organic products for a steal! Everything in pairs crossed!

  348. The idea that fat-free/low fat or low calorie food is always the healthy option made me angry today. Um, ice cream sandwiches, even though they promise less fat than your average pint of Haagen Das, are NOT healthy. Diet Coke is not healthy in any sense. I am not a nutritionist, just rational and sane. Do ice cream sandwiches and Diet Coke taste good? Yes. Chemicals are delicious, but they are not healthy. Please don’t try to convince me otherwise.

  349. Today I am happy because tomorrow I am getting with a girlfriend and we are going to the 20% off sale at Big Lots! I love that! Also going to try a new pizza place, so how much better could it be?! LOL

  350. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful to be eating good meat sauce from the restaurant.

  351. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy the weekend is here and I’m gonna sleep for long long long.

  352. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad I will be having a long day at work today.

  353. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to travel to Asia this summer. Most of my family has never met my two boys, and I’d love for my sons to know their relatives.

  354. Watching my two boys play together for 20 minutes without either of them screaming at the other made me very happy today. Usually, one ends up snatching a toy out of the other’s hand after 20 minutes, but it didn’t happen today.

  355. Today, I got mad about money. There is never enough. I just want to pay my bills! Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  356. Today I read an article about a new treatment that is being tested right now for stage iv breast cancer. I am hopeful because I would really like to see my daughter graduate high school!

  357. My hopeful today was really nothing big, just got back on track with our financial plan. I’ve been so tired all week, I haven’t cooked & that is bad, bad, bad for our financial crisis~

  358. What made me mad today, was the fact that I lost 26 dollars. Not much, but when you go to buy a drink and you dont have the money you left the house with it really makes you mad.

  359. What made me happy today, my friend bought me dinner at a place I havent eaten before. Cheeseburger Bobby’s, pretty good burger, but I think Dairy Queen has better burgers.

  360. Something that made me happy today was, waking up it’s payday and knowing it’s my “friday” and the end of a 6 day stretch!!

    Something that made me hopeful today is I have been able to save some money and it feels amazing .

    Something that made me mad was I had a headache as soon as I got off work 🙁

  361. I was happy to have a great lunch at Red Lobster. Their updated shrimp scampi was wonderful.
    Hopeful that it will be warmer tomorrow.
    No mad.

  362. I was hopeful today because my son has been reluctant to pick a school for high school. He found out that some of his friends got into the same school he just got accepted to, and he was excited!

  363. At least the results were good & the weather wasn’t too bad for driving, so that’s good, isn’t it?

  364. Today I had to take Dad for another hospital check-up. A 6-hour round trip with lots of waiting in between. He’s so tired but I had to get cross with him and make him eat because he’s diabetic. Sorry Dad.

  365. I’m hopeful that I’ll make it through this day of babysitting my 5 yearold nephew, lol. That’s a challenge!

  366. My hubby made me mad today! We were, we weren’t, we were, we weren’t going to a movie. Drove me nuts and pissed me off!!

  367. Even though I would like to stay online all day today I have some household chores to do which always makes me mad. Hate cleaning but love it when its done.

  368. Today I’m hopeful I can create a shopping list within my limited budget. My boyfriend didn’t work a full week last week and my check won’t come until next week so I’m hopeful I will be able to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

  369. I really appreciate that you are giving us this opportunity and supporting your followers in a generous way!

  370. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m hopeful to have half a day off today.

  371. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m happy to have completed my university application today.

  372. Thank you for the giveaway! I am so excited. I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance! I’m mad it’s -20 celcius degrees and the car warms up so slowly.

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