3 Tips for Freeing up More Energy to Invest in Developing Your Brand Identity

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Digital entrepreneurs are taking the world by storm, and ever greater numbers of people are taking advantage of the amazing opportunities provided by the Internet, are moving away from their conventional and unsatisfying day jobs, and are becoming remote-working entrepreneurs.

Setting out on this kind of career path can be absolutely exhilarating, in a variety of different ways. For one thing, it allows you to start forging your own career destiny in a way that might not have been possible before. For another thing, due to the fact that you are web-based, you have a degree of flexibility in your routine that many people can’t begin to dream of.

There are many different pieces of advice that get passed onto digital entrepreneurs, and many different suggestions on how they can best develop their businesses. One thing, however, is quite clear. You need to develop a strong brand identity if you want your small business venture to thrive.

The problem is, developing a brand identity can take time, and a good degree of work, as well – and this can be difficult in light of all the other responsibilities you are bound to be juggling.

So, for that reason, here are a few tips for freeing up more energy to invest in developing your brand identity.


  • Automate whatever administrative processes you can


When you’re running a small business, and are the primary driving force behind that business, you are bound to be spending a lot of time doing administrative work that could better be outsourced or automated.

Luckily, there are many tools available to help you automate these kinds of processes, and to free up time to spend on developing your brand identity, and considering the “big picture” of your business.

If, for example, you employ a few staff members, AP Automation Software can help you to handle accounts payable and other related tasks, in a much more efficient manner than you would be able to if you were trying to do so without the right tools at your disposal.

You are already working digitally, so why not take advantage of the best digital tools, in order to streamline your business and reduce some of the innate inefficiency involved?


  • Work on clarifying your message for your own reference, so that you can convey it concisely through your marketing


Customers and clients respond well to companies that have a clear brand identity, that can be understood easily, and that doesn’t lead to confusion.

The thing is, in order to project this kind of clear, concise, and positive brand identity to your prospective customers, you first need to work on clarifying your message for your own reference, so that you have a crystal clear idea about what it is your business does, the benefits it can offer, and the reasons why it stands apart from the competition.

This requires a good deal of introspection and time spent at the “drawing board.” Consider posing yourself a series of questions, from the perspective of someone who would be in the market for what you are offering. Or, try and view your product or service with the critical eye of a consumer, as if you yourself were viewing it from a third party perspective.

Among other things, you could ask questions like “what makes this attention-grabbing?,” What about this thing inspires hope and enthusiasm?”

You should aim to come to a point where your brand message is concisely distilled down to an “elevator pitch” – in other words, a short and crystal clear summary, of no more than a couple of sentences.


  • Systematize and organize all your potential projects and to-dos, and cut out everything that is expendable


If you aren’t organised in how you track and manage your potential projects and to-dos, you are inevitably going to be inefficient, forget things on a regular basis, and will struggle to identify the most meaningful things to work on at any given moment.

This, then, leads to a significant amount of wasted time and energy, and doesn’t leave you much for working on actively developing your brand identity.

The key solution here is to systematize and organize all your projects and to-dos, using a tried and tested system such as David Allen’s highly acclaimed “Getting Things Done” method, a digital tool such as Todoist, or even a paper-based Bullet Journal.

The important thing is that you find a system that you can stick with and use reliably, and that allows you to “capture” your tasks and thoughts. Once you’ve done so, ruthlessly cut out everything that is expendable, and focus only on those things that offer a high return on investment.

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